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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by darthsasquatch, Apr 17, 2014.


Want pets?

  1. Nooooope

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  2. Sure, it could be done well

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  1. Ha, ya pets are a slippery slope
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  2. I would be ok with that as long as it was limited to one cherub per strike force or squad and only in non combat areas.
  3. in addition to battlefield clutter, any flying pet/ground based AI could alert your position to the enemy. In Spacemarine, using cover to flank is critical, and if a squig or servo skull was jumping around trying to stay within a certain distance of me, i could expect a charged PC shot to land at my feet while i manoeuvre around crates.
  4. Rabilon Karukuz Subordinate

    Some of the races have no room for utility pets.
    Eldar don't generally have any unless we are getting back to that terrifying idea of pet wraithguard for warlocks which should never come to be.
    With space marines some things have to be said:
    We are not expecting techmarines at launch so no combat servitors.
    Servo skulls are generally not deployed by SM themselves and have even less use in the middle of a warzone(no the dow games don't count). Assassin servo skulls are a thing the inquisition use, not SM , and definitely not mid warzone.
    Warp entities for chaos sorcerers to draw power from make perfect sense however these are different in nature from other other lesser daemons mostly because they avoid becoming fully physical.
    About nurglings :
    *Nurglings are tiny, mischievous daemons, resembling a miniaturized version of Nurgle himself. They normally appear in monstrous swarms which accompany armies dedicated to Nurgle. Occasionally very dedicated champions of Nurgle will become infested with Nurglings, which will live in gaping wounds and orifices on the champion's body; when the champion comes under attack, these will help defend their host.*
    These would make a perfect defensive skill to choose from your loadout and still without being something running around behind your back.
    Orks have numerous option but hopefully we can get around the wow type pets by having gretchin appear only when using vehicles and squigs being deployable and with short use.
    As for cosmetic ones on the ships : I'm against them but since they don't affect the gameplay anything goes. Just hopefully it won't get too over the top.
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  5. Khanistrello Forum Beta Tester

    Just lag creating junk that is totally not needed, I hope they don't do it :(
  6. FabricatorGeneral Unbihexium Forum Beta Tester

    I'm hoping the pets are only for your ship. I just don't know how to work them into a shooter like this.
  7. Vanity pets don't interest me overly much, but combat ones do. If anyone played City of Heroes / Villians, think of the Mastermind class. I could easily see Summoning being a Chaos Sorcerer speciality, bringing a horde of completely expendible deamonic minions onto the battlefield to attack and harass your foes, or cover your *ahem* tactical redeployment elsewhere.

    Similiar to Titanfall, you could have combat servitors, cultists, PDF or grotz/squigs (deployable by the players or otherwise). I'm not entirely sure what the Eldar would have that would fill a similar role. Maybe Ghost Warriors? (RT era Eldar constructs, about 1/2 to 2/3s the size of current Wraithguard and less well armed)

    Implemented properly I think all races could have a summoning / combat pet speciality.
    Chaos - Sorcerer with deamons / Chosen with Cultists
    Imperial - Techmarine with Combat servitors
    Eldar - Warlock with Ghost Warriors
    Ork - Mek with grotz / Nob with grotz/ weedy boyz
    or something along those lines
  8. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    People is comparing pets to TitanFall npcs, stop, TitanFall npcs are one of the worst ideas in a fps I've ever seen, they add nothing to the gameplay, they are just there looking at you waiting to their death without shooting so you can feel you are good and can kill stuff.
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  9. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    No pets, no matter how much lag they cause. If you think that this is a theme park mmorpg you'd better check out the information we are given about the game again.

    (But yeah, just think about lag... and how you probably will not be able to play the game above 2 fps.)
  10. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    What people tend to forget, I think, is that EC is not some sort of MMORPG like World of Corruptioncraft, but a TPS. Not quite like Cawadooty, of course, but still nothing where vanity pets would make overly much sense.

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