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Petition for Pacific Servers Poll

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thraxus, Oct 15, 2017.


Which Pacific Server Region Would You Choose

  1. Asia Pacific (Seoul)

  2. Asia Pacific (Singapore) - this was talked about by the devs

  3. Asia Pacific (Sidney) - god like low levels of latency

  4. Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

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  1. Lutek Lutek Steam Early Access

    I got better idea, let's put servers in Africa.
    Nigeria for example... :OrkMoon:
  2. Better still just uninstall the game its not worth the time anymore its practically on maintenance mode anyway. Ive asked repeatedly in the past for servers but the silence confirmed that there no chance.
  3. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    I'd love a closer server, but I don't think the population would support it. The number of players would be tiny, and I'd end up playing on other servers just to get a decent game.
  4. To be fair, more distributed servers might bring some players back who left due to bad ping. The question here is how much potential the asian region has for EC. That's probably the question you want to ask the devs, since they should have some kinda player/owner numbers for asia.
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Sure why not in asia , but we will never get sydney servers , its useless
  6. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    The below was sourced from: Leroy "the Exploiter" Twizzlers Content Thread for the purpose of aiding the petition for Pacific Servers to be added.

    Proof that low latency both low and high hold huge game breaking advantages and disadvantages that drastically increase or decrease game experience and enjoyment.

    Proof that more regional servers need to be added to give fair consistency of gaming experience.

    Why do this? because people don't play games with unfair inconsistencies. If you want people to stay and new people to buy in, latency needs to be of a reasonable level. And discrepencies of 29ms for some to 200ms - 500ms latency is just not acceptable when some of the population are experiencing 29ms.

    Perhaps without realizing it you've shown us why you get above average results.

    Your latency has proven to me without a shadow of a doubt that you absolutely do not hack.

    I mean why would you need to when your version of EC is half a second faster than I wager most of the EC community?

    I'm sorry but you and me experience COMPLETELY different versions of EC:

    Here's the world I live in:
    the lag.png

    And here's your world @ 4:11 (There are few things I wouldn't do for game changing latency like this)

    You cannot tell me that a connection with only 29ms latency does not have an absolutely god like advantage over someone with a connection between 408ms to to 514ms latency. I mean your version of EC is literally 17 times faster than mine.

    I do well enough despite the OVERWHELMING handicap I have to work under because I've had to adapt and handle it regardless. I could only imagine the carnage I could reap if given the chance of experiencing the world of 29ms. Regardless it's just fuckin' depressing.

    If your ever in New Zealand (or in that general vicinity) I'd be very interested to see you pull off the same stuff. You'd have to learn to predict your enemies moves half a second ahead of real time though because without that half a second advantage people do actually respond.

    Till then as far as I'm concerned, no offense but your playing a much easier version of EC than the majority of it's player base.

    I don't care what anyone says, this is just criminal, they need to do away with regional severs and go back to the Pico server idea where there is fair and consistent latency across the board no matter your region.

    Apologies, but after 2 years of this crap you might get an understanding of the absolute seething rage that has dug it's way into my weighted soul.
  7. As much as i can understand your frustration, which is by the way totally justified, i am afraid with current playernumbers there is no good reason to make this investment.

    Especially when the fate of EC has yet to be decided...
    Sorry mate :( (Did i do oceanish right?)
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  8. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Lol we use "Chur Bro" - (Chur = a mixture of Cheers / Sure) but mate works.

    I dono why they cant scrap the whole EU / NA server and go for the Pico cloud server that distributes latency evenly across the board.

    Maybe it needs to be built in to the fabric of the game engine, the programming and licencing of which may be too costly.

    It just makes more sense for everyone to get a fair and consistent experience rather than the fortunate few with immaculate latency dominating the unfortunate masses with poor latency.
  9. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    I find it amusing that anyone think we'll force EU and US populations on pacific servers(because that's how the game works, in case you've yet to noticed, we don't have region locks), only because one of 5 Australian players want less lag.
  10. WEST US servers are the best and most realistic hope, like seriously. ~200ms is actually playable ... not ideal but it's playable especially in a game like this where the shooting is not particularly tight (tickrate).

    The TTK is actually quite high in EC compared to most other shooters, like BF4 most assault rifles can kill you in less than 400ms with bodyshots. Add in the 40% bonus damage on a headshot and it's even quicker.

    The biggest problem for Oceanic players is you get the best players EC has got landing all headshots for double damage and then you've got guys running around with upwards of 400ms latency. I'm really good at maths and by my calculations that's not exactly giving players in that position time to even react.

    Add in the fact it's pretty much only vet players left makes the experience kinda crappy for us Oceanic players. WEST US servers are the best and most realistic option, should have been included in the poll.

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