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Permanent Damage By Tyranid Infestation?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fireeye, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. AFAIK, the tyranid focus depends on the control of the race, not of specific guilds within it.

    However, I agree. As guilds / groups of players, there's almost always a problem with reward which encourages whack-a-keep behaviour that delivers greater benefits to the individual while contributing rock all to their wider faction. Of course, giving too much reward for staying put leads to the reverse. And giving no direct reward for either would encourage people to not bother attacking defended positions, but seek out skirmish and open field combat.

    Its a royal pain in the rear to balance, with no perfect answer, and why its useful to look at how other mass open PvP games have attempted to handle this to get a feeling for the strengths and flaws of different approaches.

  2. This seems like good idea, it would also allow low ranking players to contribute and well if infestation grows out of control it will be terminator time

    I think there will be also risk/reward motivation to do PvE as from what I read so far it seems some gear/accesories/skills will be attainable by battling nids only [Safe bet is those skills will be pure PvE only bonuses so players which like to battle bugs could so with increasing effeciency whilist pure PvP players will loose nothing by not playing PvE at all]
    Aslo more nids = probably more players doing PvE stuff so it diverts part of forces from frontline, if you are loosing ground nids starts to loose interest so in reverse it will channel some PvE folks back to PvP to bait nids back :)
  3. I really like that.
    Maybe it could be a cyclus which starts anew with the start of every Campaign, and the Tyranids slowly consume the Terrain they possess and the Factions have to fight the Tyranids to regain control of the area and undo the changes the Tyranids made over time.
    (Maybe with a higher Tyranid attack rate as long as the changes are not fully undone, no matter which Faction is winning)
  4. Crowmanic Member

    Sounds like a neat idea, Brother!
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  5. I think Tyranids should develop buffs that resist certain player attacks and if a player attacks with that type of attack, the nid gets another buff against the next different attack by that class.

    But the problem of they take our keep and we get it back is that players don't suffer for it. They don't have an investment in that keep that they lose. Allow players to invest into an area with some kind of point system that only pays out at the end of the campaign and is lost if the area is taken over. They have to choose to defend it or lose their investment.

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