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Performance tips and base knowledge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrocoFred, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Not sure anyone can help you outside of telling you to go into settings and opt out of large maps. But yes, the game is in serious need of optimization. I'm sure they have a memory leak somewhere, maybe the skybox. Ark uses the same engine and that was a problem they were having.
  2. It was pretty stable. No crashes at all even at 90% load. I sold that system omw to get 7700k and gtx 1080ti now ;)
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  3. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    I've not managed to get in a game since latest patch.

    "Video card has run out of memory" message every time I try to load in. Load of bull, it didn't run out of memory and crash before so why the fuck is the game unplayable now?

    Fix plz.
  4. What video card do you have?
  5. Cervantes Cervantes New Member

    Man I really want to like this game, the gameplay isn't even that terrible and the graphics are decent and well it's the only 40k multiplayer shooter out there since Space Marine is a graveyard now but holy shiterino what is up with the performance.

    I have a 5820k OC at 4.2ghz and a 1080ti MSI gaming X with 16 gigs of ram and it runs slower than Stephen Hawking taking a nap underwater. Seriously on some maps with ultra graphics and a lot of action I dip down to 20-30 fps or less. Granted I play in 1440p but I tried lowering graphics to minimum and even going back to my old 1080p monitor and the performances are only marginally better (but the game looks like crap).

    It's barely playable and feels super uncomfortable. Like a lot of fights I lose I feel like I've just dipped to 10fps and died. Meanwhile I can run any other game, even Planetside 2 at ultra settings with 200+ people fights at 60fps absolute minimum, usually 90-100+

    I see people asking for terminators dreadnoughts singing spears and whatnot, but honestly this game would be pretty fucking good if I could get a stable 60+ dps in any circumstances, and it's pretty fucking shit in its current state. Terminators can wait just I don't know optimize or shit I'm no engineer I just want a game that feels good to play.
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  6. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    If currently run:

    i7-6700 3.4 GHz
    16 GB RAM
    GeForce GTX 970 with 4GB onboard (no comments about it bottlenecking my CPU, I already know)

    So far the only issues I have are with lag, which COULD be my internet, or it could be server-side but so far its run very well, and I run the game at maxed graphics. I'm pointing this out because if it IS a problem with the game maybe its something about how it works with certain types of hardware.

    Of course another thing to remember is that this game is JUST released, and is basically paid for by micro-transactions which allowed them to release with a lot of features missing like weapon modifications for almost every weapon (aside from scopes), melee weapons, elite classes, proper balancing, etc. What we are playing is literally an early-release version so we can have something to play while they keep finishing features. While the game isn't perfect I personally like this way of doing it than delaying it for another year or two just to make sure its perfect on release.
  7. 0Castael0 Recruit

    The gameplay is quite enjoyable but I've been pretty constantly trying to get into a game for three days straight now and so far the only Eternal Crusade I've been fighting is one against server disconnects and restarting my computer because the game doesn't even disconnect reliably, trapping me in the loading screen between match and hub. I know it's not my computer or internet because other online multiplayer games run perfectly fine. Once I get into a game everything runs fine, I don't drop frames badly enough to notice and I haven't experienced much if any lag, however it seems that the Emperor himself has to intervene on my behalf just to get the game to connect up to an ongoing match without locking up so hard I can't do anything but restart my computer and try again.

    Perhaps one in three or one in four matches actually connects, and two in four get stuck in an inescapable loading/connecting loop.
  8. ok folks back with a new gaming system and not so happy about it
    thats my new pc

    getting 25-35 fps on ultra graphics.....
    wtf thats THE tier 1 pc!
    I scaled from ultra to high and now getting 70-100 fps depending on the map. I have a 144Hz screen that i wont get to use if you dont optimize the game.
    I mean ffs i am playing battlefield on ultra high with 170-180 fps wtf devs!?!?!?
  9. Belakor666 Steam Early Access

    I dont know how to run this game really...

    5930k at 4,4ghz + 1080ti and im struggling to keep 60 fps at 2k...while i can run BF1/TW3 easily at 100+...maybe if buy a toaster and try on it?
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  10. Hi. Fps is prety good... some of the time.
    But there are whole days wenn the system is lagging like hell. Unplayable, since every one is zooming around and I sometime run into a wall which happens to teleport right in front of me. Getting back the orientation is pretty useless, because moste of the time I am already dead by then.

    I play from Stuttgart and the server is in frankfurt. So the internet connectin should be no problem. Also other games dont have any lags (Overwatch; Planteside2).

    Any advice?

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