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Performance tips and base knowledge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrocoFred, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. CrocoFred Artistic Technical Director

    Here are a few tips to avoid unexpected bad performance:
    • Always try to use the latest drivers available for your graphic card. For AMD users that use oldest card, use the newest Crimson beta driver instead of the old official 2015 driver.
    • Using Full Screen mode will give more priority to eternal crusade executable. Therefore, other background process has less chance to disturb the game.
    • Be warn that using borderless mode will use your desktop native resolution! So if you have a native resolution of 1920/1200 you are pushing even more on your GPU. Therefore, resolution changes have just no effect in that mode. We will fix this soon and get resolution box grayed out, showing the actual resolution used by your screen.
    • Do some research about "core unparking" on the web, that can be helpful particularly for some AMD CPU users.
    Some users are wondering why the game still suffers drop of performance when they are using a GTX1080, it simply because the graphic card rolls his thumbs while another thing eats performances!
    You can have a set of 1080 in SLI and be bottlenecked by your CPU. When you have a GPU that is over the performance of a GTX 780TI, you'll be most likely limited by your CPU. This is especially true when you're looking at a big portion of the maps with lots of players (like in front of the Fortress Harkus). That said, lots of major drop of performance are CPU, especially when they is tons of players in your field of view. The good news is that we still have good ways to increase performance in that domain! We're working actively on it!

    Network and overloaded servers may harm performance as well. We are working on it and we are pretty confident to consistently increase the server load balancing and throughput of our networking structure.

    Soon, we will add more options in the video settings. You will be able to balance your performance in a more picky way. For instance, we are using two different type of shadows. You will be able to override and drive quality for the environment shadows and movable shadows, whatever the quality preset in use (Low, Medium, High, Ultra). Actually, if you use Low quality preset, all shadow are turned off.

    That's about it for today!
  2. core unparking... next best thing to android memory managers

    can you please preload your assets more aggressively. my 16gb are sitting here for nothing, meanwile there are clear indications of assets loading on request causing bad spikes
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  3. Crioxus Arigulius Crioxus Arkhona Vanguard

    Lag, freezes, eternal loading, lag, freezes, disconnection ...
  4. Hottabuch Hotab Arkhona Vanguard

    But what about "Even from a server perspective we're well set. It only takes us 10 minutes to spin up 128 physical servers, we don't have to order hardware and wait for it."? :c
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  5. Kinotsu Kinotsu Steam Early Access

    If Battlefield 4 can do large scale 64 player online battles at buttery smooth 60fps max settings with not a single drop in framerate or stutter in performance, then this game should be able to. I understand this game is still under development, runs on a different engine, doesn't have as big of a budget as Electronic Arts, and most optimization comes in later, but it shouldn't have been released in this state and my CPU shouldn't be the thing getting blamed. If the game was still classified as Early Access then I'd be okay with it but it's being publicized as a released game and does not feel like one in terms of performance.

    With all that being said, I still love you guys and have faith that in time all of this will be fixed, I guess I was just hoping most of these problems would have been fixed by "release".
  6. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    What I really need is the option to choose the "EffectsQuality" myself, as that one needs to be at "2" before I can see the Striking Scorpions...
  7. Servers and Network Infrastructure are two different things, but I get what you're saying. That statement might imply to a layman that everything was hunky dory, but the fact is that things are never that simple.

    Having the ability to spin up another 128 VMs in 10 minutes is all well and good, but then you have to think about whether the associated LAN and WAN capacity is present.

    Does the LAN have a 40 or 100 gig backbone?

    Do the VM hosts have multiple 10 or 40 gig NICs so that they can take advantage of that backbone?

    Are those VM hosts running at a 1:1 ratio for memory and cpu or are they running in oversubscription mode? I suspect that if network isn't the issue here, then it's contention issues on the VM hosts due to oversubscription.

    How fast are the SANs, the SAN backbone, and associated connections, all of which directly correlate to how fast the VMs can access data?

    Even if all that is there, is your WAN circuit committed rate high enough to take advantage of all that?

    Those are the questions that came up in my mind when that statement was made. If I were to guess, BHVR is looking into one or all of those things right now.

    Can't expect developers to think about such things, especially when they're outsourcing that work. Give them a little time.

    In any event, thank you @CrocoFred for the tips in the meantime.
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  8. Man, my rig gets stable 60 in Planetside 2 96+ battles on ultra settings with only shadows disabled, but struggles to maintain 30 on large map in EC on low. Looks like there are some serious problems with clipping here.
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  9. Tbh they probably should have licenced Arma engine instead of UE. It fits much better to the vision of this game.
  10. Eh, I'd say ForgeLight would fit better, even with all it's problems it deals with MMO FPS thing quite nicely. Considering the state DBG was in at the time I don't think licencing it would have been a problem. But oh well, lets hope the tech team could figure something out with what they have now.

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