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Perfect Warriors

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    Arnock called for Mortarion's sons and indeed they obeyed. Unlike himself, they spoke nothing, no taunts or grand declarations of their new allegiances. Silent as the grave, Death Guard legionaries came his way with bolters and chainswords barking. Dozens of bolt rounds crashed against his Terminator plate but Arnock was not deterred. And how could he be, when next to him stood one of the Emperor's own Sons, a wrathful angel with lighting storm at his call.

    Rulduan and Mathius were holding each Master of Rite's flank as trying to stay next to the Khan was really possible, nor did he really need protection. Forming the spearhead of the trio, with Craven still struggling to deal with the enemy armor in the back, Arnock drove into the Death Guard with all the strength he could muster and the destruction followed in his wake. Bones broke and weak flesh exploded as two lines met, Arnock claiming the first life as he parried a power mace blow and took half of the legionary's torso with a blast from his inferno pistol. Another Death Guard died, then another, now both of his Honor Guard driving into the combat and crushing skulls on their own (@matt23 Feel free to emote as many kills as you want on Assault Legionaries with your next post, both with Arnock and his squad).

    Grand melee ensued as White Scars rallied around their Primarch who was not about to be stopped. Yabuqa and his brothers laughed as they killed, their skill with the blade and fury of their spirit something even Emperor's Children would approve. "They are good, these savages," Mathius commented over squad vox as he unleashed a hail of rounds in close range, ripping two assault legionaries apart. "Aye, but I wouldn't call them that," Rulduan interjected as the former Sergeant crushed a chainsword of his attacker, right before he crushed his chest as well, flicking the body aside, "Every legion had its use and strangers or no, the Scared Ones are proving to be an ally I would never think they would be. Savages on the other hand, are the scum we are fighting today."

    While the "younger" Death Guard engaged their enemies on Ios, their more venerated member took his opponent in sights. Pholax's fire destroyed the remaining Banewolves in a mix of shells and missiles, such vehicles not really a match for one such as he. Like before, the explosion took two dozen mortal traitors alongside with them. Still, multiple projectiles came his way as the trenches were overrun by sheer amount of bodies and some of those did, in fact, caused damage. It wasn't anything serious at the moment but it could be in the long run.

    In any event, it didn't really matter as Pholax spotted the enemy Contemptor moving straight for him. Plasma cannon fired and he was hit straight in the "chest", shields overloading and the ceramite melted under the blast, ruining the front insignia on Pholax's casket. Second shot went wide as the Death Guard was peppered with projectiles from above, one of the Javelins under Forgemaster's command coming to Pholax's aid. It was short-lived however as the enemy Dreadnought caught sight of it and swiftly calculating the trajectory, unleashed a salvo of his own, anti-air missiles hitting the vehicle and blowing it out of sky.

    This momentary respite allowed Pholax to realign his assault cannon and fire of a quick burst at his opponent, armored plates falling apart as the shells hit home. But through it the Death Guard Ancient advanced without pause, soaking the damage as if it was nothing. When two such behemoths came into melee, the ground itself shook as sparks from great power weapons came into contact. Death Guard attacked first, but his fist flew wide as Pholax anticipated such strike and moved his form so that as the enemy's motorized limb passed him by, he had a perfect opening for a counter attack.

    His own power fist struck and it connected ammo feed driving missiles into shoulder racks, breaking them apart and causing a miniature explosion that ripped through the Death Guard's upper back and made his main range weapons completely inoperative. He was also close enough to see the accolades adorning his enemy's coffin. Not grand in artistic sense, rather a last written on two shields fixed to the sides of the great walker, Pholax could see "Terra", "Galaspar", "Drune", "Isstvan" as more notable engagements as well as the name: Battle-Captain Bodvarr.

    Another person was also aware of this duel as the battlefield information flooded through his senses. Like his old tutor, Vitaly commanded every aspect of the battle with utmost precision, despite him being shot at from numerous sources at once. Enemy traitor infantry was now swarming the first line, even though the Death Guard assault elements were being destroyed by the Khan, Yabuqa and Arnock's efforts, there was still plenty of firepower on the enemy side to turn the tides. His position was blanketed by both mortal and Astartes fire, although he was hit couple of times, Forgemaster's aim never wavered.

    Stormlord's array of guns once again unleashed havoc, killing dozens of Vitaly's brothers and as their bodies were torn into pieces, the Death Guard advanced, bringing their inexhaustible line closer, Vitaly even able to see the facial features of each rare unhelmeted legionary. The first line was broken now, Extrovious and Denatus doing what they could to stem the tide but the retreat towards the defensive emplacements in the buildings was inevitable. While the Rad-troopers were annihilated by a well-placed tremor round, the courtesy of Archimedes, the Ogryns proved to be a perfect bullet-sponge and kept on going, causing Emperor's Children enough damage that they even felled the remaining Destroyers, leaving their Lord the only one alive on the field.

    Archimedes was active once again, his Forgemaster's invention blowing a hole on enemy Predator's side, adding to the further damage done by the aerial Javelin unit, who alongside its compatriot managed to evade most of the enemy return fire and retreat towards the friendly lines safely. Death Guard vehicle kept on moving however, mimicking more "human" elements of the Legion and roared in turn, "Herald of Espandor" now hit from three sides and forced to weather the storm. Armor plates began falling off as Predator, Stormlord and infantry fire took its toil, Archimedes himself suffering injuries from a number of shrapnel that went through the hull however as the saying goes, flesh was weak and he was quite augmented, so the enemy was yet to cause him any serious harm.

    In the end, it was Vitaly who tipped the scales as his entropic disruptor worked to disrupt the Stormlord's sensors and superstructure. It worked, perhaps slowly, but enough to stop it from firing as the augur array went wild under its haywire effects, tank's commander surprisingly showing signs of reluctance to attempt and shoot again, possibly hitting his own troops. The momentary respite allowed for the little scarab swarm to approach the super-heavy vehicle and while some were lost in the middle of combat as casualties of hundreds of firefights, enough of the constructs arrived and began their work.

    Vitaly interfaced with them and quickly received the command of Stormlord's movement straight into his feed, the Tech Priest inside of it fighting him every way but he was outmatched and could only slow the sudden hack. It would only be a matter of time before the Forgemaster of the Third Millennial adds a new member into his vehicle pool.

    While all of this was happening, Aleph took position in hijacked vehicle's driver seat and pushed the pedal. It was hard to actually control the tank, having to drive, aim and load at the same time, but Alephoros was able to get one shell in the loading bay and prepare a perfect shot. The crew of the last remaining enemy Leman Russ had no clue what was happening as his "ally" came at him from behind. Battle cannon was lowered and only at the last second did the traitors realized their doom, but could do nothing about it as Aleph pressed the trigger.
    Large projectile hit the engine compartment resulting in a big explosion that destroyed the opposing tank immediately, its crew dying in a flame storm that engulfed the insides.

    Aleph's action didn't go unnoticed by the enemy legionaries, more specifically the crew inside one of the Predator tanks. Obviously veterans of many campaigns, the Death Guard tank crew saw the traitor Leman Russ and fired back, autocannon rounds piercing the vehicle's hide and Aleph barely had a time to jump out before it too exploded. The blast threw him out of the tank and back-first on the nearby ground. His armor was burned, the shoulder insignia cracked and for a moment, he could only look up. There, in the air above him, a dark shape appeared that soon covered his entire vision.

    Ever since they deployed, Aleph's pilot brothers held the skies firmly in Third Legion's position. This changed now as the Death Guard came in force, the greater number of flyers showing and while the friendly dots still blinked on the back of the map display, the number of red markers increased almost exponentially. The largest such enemy marker came almost right on top of Aleph in form of a great Storm Bird attack craft. It had no special markings as you would expect, only a High Gothic number "I" next to the white skull, the symbol of the Fourteenth.

    It hovered in the air, unloading a great salvo of missiles into the friendly lines in order to clear the ground and allow deployment of troops. However not just any troops as Aleph saw clearly the creature standing atop its ramp, before jumping down from it and landing nearby, thankfully not sparing the Blade Exemplar a single glance. He was tall and perhaps gaunt, face hidden behind a breather mask, although he didn't look sick, far from it. He brought the death himself, the sickness following in his wake. Giant scythe long as him was held firmly in one hand while another unholstered an ancient-looking gun. Eyes set far behind into pale face revealed pure hatred for his opponent that he saw across the battlefield and without a word, marched to face.

    As Mortarion went after the Khagan, who saw the challenge for what it was and moved to intercept his brother, more Death Guard began deploying, almost an entire company's worth coming in the first wave alongside their Primarch. However in Aleph's case, situation became a slightly more desperate as two giant figures came behind the Lord of Death, copying him in every aspect. They wore artificer Terminator Plate and carried so-called Manreapers, the unwieldy yet strangely effective power scythes. The first one followed Mortarion, intercepting any White Scar that might've been foolish enough to attack his lord personally, while the second one saw Aleph in the mud nearby and lumbered right towards him, raising the great scythe in total silence, preparing to cleave Alephoros in two and kill him in one blow.

    More and more Death Guard troops appeared and while the Khan's Golden Keshig flew in mind-dazing patterns around the battlefield trying to thin their ranks, there were simply not enough of them to do anything else but slow the attrition and prolong the battle, hopefully long enough for their Chief Librarian to do what he wanted and make their sacrifice worthy - if simply killing the traitors and avenging their fallen brothers wasn't an enough reason for it.

    Death Guard:

    Mortarion: 150, Stormbird: [20], Deathshroud: 25/25, Predator Destructors: [7] [10], Line-brothers: 142, Ancient Bodvarr: [7] Stormlord: [22], Ogryns: 10, Traitor Infantry: Infinite

    Company Extrovious and friends:

    Yabuqa’s White Scars: 24, Emperor’s Children legionaries: 60, Herald of Espandor: [12], Javelins: 6/6 DPC, Golden Keshig:21, Jaghatai Khan:150

    Aleph:17 Vitaly:22 Denatus:25 Extrovious:20 Pholax: [10] Arnock:27

    Tides of War: Minor Death Guard's advantage; 1st line broken, moving to second line [108/188]

    Conditions: Vitaly holds Stormlord's movement commands. He needs 2 more successful hacking rolls before the vehicle falls into his hands completely. Storm Eagle flyby can be used to do a high-power attack against the Stormbird with a great chance of taking it out.

    Each one can use 1d10 heal anytime during combat (by Jendon’s proxy servo skulls) while Pholax can get healed any number of times for 1d6 by Vitaly’s scarabs (Vitaly still needs to designate his own action for each heal). Traitor infantry will start with one low-powered attack (hits on 16+) that is rolled against each of the chars and they will get 1 additional attack with each passing turn representing their increasing numbers. You spending one attack against the traitor infantry will nullify the attacks made at your char for the duration of the turn. Feel free to emote kills on both the mortals and Death Guard as you wish.

    There are three defensive lines, first is the initial defenses, second line is buildings, third line is circle around the alien structure. Holding first line gives you bonus in attack and defensive rolls. Holding second line gives you bonus in defensive rolls. Third line gives you no bonus but gives the enemy bonus in attack rolls. Suffering casualties equal to 1/3 of your current HP bars (not counting PC chars) will cause a line to break. I will do raw numbers, so that rounds up to 63 (126).

    You can summon air strike twice during this fight, one is Stormbird bombardment (bonus against armor) and one is Storm Eagle flyby (bonus against infantry). These can happen in the same turn. Fight will last for either 4 or 5 turns, depending on the rolls made by Yesugei (in the other part).
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  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Death and Decay
    @Uriel1339 @Vulpas

    Creature which called itself Festus turned its tune around as Elymas brought forth his own psychic might. Sound brought into a literal crushing wave, it hit the incoming daemons and shattered their formation. Dozen of Nurglings ceased to exist while one of the nearest Plaguebearers evaporated similarly, kicked back into the Warp.

    One of the Festus' assistants tried to get in the way of Elymas' attack, the monster obviously possessing intelligence far beyond its looks, but the force of the psychic discharge kicked him off its crooked feet. As for the bigger daemon, he remained firmly standing, although his skin and robes were momentarily set on blue fire. "Hyaaaaaaaah! It burns!" he screamed as he tried to rid himself of the flames. This allowed the Chief Librarian to move in, the servos in his arms providing him with an additional strength to use in his attack. Phoenix's Resolve came down in bone-shattering force and the explosion formed on the contact with unnatural flesh, pushing the creature away.

    However the victory was short-lived, as Elymas watched the false Apothecary getting back up, the flames turning from blue to green, then disappearing into nothing. "Hoh, little one, you would have to do better than that!" Festus grinned and his own staff came up, blocking the following Elymas' attack, Phoenix's Resolve's crystals whirling at the touch. Daemon then brought his weapon around, hitting the Child of the Emperor on the side but not doing much damage as the vile energy found no purchase here. He also willed the unnatural rot but even as it tried to grip Elymas, the fire in his soul burned it away, preventing its bigger influence.

    Jendon on the other hand, fared worse. The daemonic miasma filled his nostrils, buzzing of flies increased in his ears as the skin below melted away. But through it, he found the strength and his bolter barked without error, slaying one of the Festus' assistants even before the creature had a change to recover from earlier Librarian's attack. Second assistant was upon him, the primitive flame launcher covering the Chief Apothecary but not for long.

    He knew the sensation, it was similar to the time he fell into the alien cauldron all those years ago. Now, just like then, the enemy used an unconventional weapon and what only looked as flame, was not enough to thwart him. Power chainsword roared as it bit the daemonic flesh, black blood spewing from the wound in waves. Two remaining Plaguebringers also attacked, their rusty swords grazing Jendon's artificer armor and further wounding him, but the Emperor's Children Apothecary kept on fighting, one successful parry opened the chance for him to slice back and decapitate one of the creatures, destroying it instantly.

    Still, even as they thinned the daemonic forces, the temperature in the room fell even lower. Many of the capsules were now covered in fungus, while Yesugei still strained to keep the remaining free of corruptions. From these capsules shined unnatural light, further strengthening the enemy's presence as the souls trapped within were made to "switch sides".

    All this pent up energy was released with a blast and a huge monster appeared next, smashing through the equipment as it roared itself in existence. "Behold! The late Thomas Constantine blessed by the Grandfather honors us with his putrid presence!" Festus cheered as the latest horror advanced upon the trio of Space Marines, horned creature bigger than all of them with a fanged maw and lolling tongue dripping in pus, "Spread the gifts, oh rotting one!" If this was indeed once a person, any semblance to humanity was long gone as its tiny murky eyes regarded the legionaries with nothing but hate.

    Children of Nurgle:

    Plaguebearers: 9 Nurglings: 22 Festus the Leechlord: 16 Lab Assistants:8 (Ranged), Maggoth: 20

    Psyker defenders:

    Jendon:15 Elymas:22

    Conditions: The unnatural rot is attacking you in a very real way, you will feel weaker with each passing turn and you will lose flat HP amount. First turn 1d3, then appropriately 1d6, 1d10, 1d20 and 1d100. Elymas can fortify you against the effects of it and for this he needs to pass 1 successful roll, however each turn the rot will kick back in, although the counter for the damage rolls will continue from the same turn where it was dispelled (e.g. if Elymas dispels it on turn 2 you will not suffer damage and on turn 3 the damage will once again be 1d6 HP). Next turn you take 1d10 dmg.

    If damaged by conventional weapons, each daemon of Nurgle will have a chance to regenerate itself.

    You can also call Yesugei once during the fight and he will stop the ritual to perform an AOE psychic attack against every daemon present in order to help you, otherwise he will not be a part of this combat. I will be rolling for him and depending on the rolls, the combat will end in either 4 or 5 turns.
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    Arnock dropped down his powersword from over head once more, cleaving a Death Guard warrior in two from shoulder to hip. He then unloaded another few bursts from his inferno pistol, instantly melting away armor and flesh from the swarm of bodies in front of him. The battle had now began and Arnock's sensors were being fed information at a frenzied pace. He opened up the vox channel and called out, "Craven, pull back and provide cover fire for the advance. Call out anything you see of importance." Craven quickly responded, "Understood."

    Arnock then refocused on the battle in front of him to continue the push. However, it was at that very moment that an explosion occurred that would have been ignored all together had it not been for Craven. "Master of Rites, our brother Alephoros is down near Mortarion's lap dogs." In an instant, Arnock focused on the direction of his brother and call out to his flanks, "Mathius, Rulduan, redirect the push towards Alephoros. I will die this day before I see one of the pillars of our Millennial's finest fall on this field." Mathius quickly responded, "Negative, brother. We can not pull off the front lines and risk it falling for one. You go and we shall continue you push, Master of Rites." Arnock could not argue with Mathius' logic, and perhaps he was right to an extent. However, this was a mere battle. Their Millennial would need all of its heroes to win the war to come.

    Arnock took off in the quickest pace that his suit of armor would allow him to. However long it would take, the lumbering mass of armor would launch itself into the Deathshroud that stood over their Alephoros. Arnock would then rise back to his feet and draw his power sword out, pointing it at the traitorous son of Mortarion as he spoke, "Come traitor! Taste the wrath of the Emperor's loyal sons!" He would then push the assault on the so-called honor guard, lashing out with quick and precise strikes at the neck and torso of the Deathshroud. Knowing full well whom it was he was challenging, Arnock keep his sword at the ready to repeal the strange looking scythe the enemy carried.

    OOC: - Legion's Master: Arnock can chose an enemy as his next opponent. Arnock gets a bonus attack against this enemy in addition to his regular moves and re-rolls first miss against him. If the enemy falls beneath 50% of his starting HP and Arnock scores a crit on him, he will instantly kill him and it works on bosses as well. In addition to that, once per combat phase Arnock can use the inspiration provided by the Legion's Standard to chose one of the friendly chars and give him buff for the duration of combat that makes enemies unable to score a crit on him.

    Actions - 3 attacks with power sword to Deathshroud. 1 Defense on self.
    - Crit disable buff goes to Alephoros.
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    Death & Decay
    @Colapse | @Vulpas

    Elymas roared with every blow, knowing that each aspect of his emotion now would provide strength and a wall against the relentless assaults of rot and bile. "Jendon!" He called upon his friend-brother.

    "Channel your hatred! Succumb to the primal rage of the jungle! Let your anger be the flame that cleanses this place! Lest you worry about our survival, the better! Put your grenades to use!" The Librarian demanded as his weapon came to a clashing halt with that of 'Festus' as he was cheering about the final release of a so-called Thomas Constantine.

    As the adversaries pushed each other away and built up some distance, the Chief Librarian looked at the enemies and chuckled, maintaining his composure to not break into total hysteria. In accusation he pointed Phoenix's Resolve at Festus. "I can feel Mortarion on the surface. You fight to impress him? Are you his secret weapon? Is he scared of losing without your rotting aid?" Elymas shook his head.

    "That is what makes you traitors so pathetic. The resort to weapons beyond your control. There is nothing to gain from the Immaterium but madness. You are the embodiment of such, and thus I must burn you from existence." His judgment was as clear as the Emperors word.

    With a mighty thump of his staff, more channeled energies left Elymas' body, in attempt to channel within the mighty symbol of the legion he represented in attempt to both reinvigorate allies and incinerate the demonic foes.

    Triple Cast:
    Firebird Aria (Buff\Damage; Long Range AoE; A massive Phoenix is summoned across the entire field where the psyker is fighting, damaging enemies and healing allies, d6 is rolled for both to determine the success) Casts on 16+.
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    Every Step Bought With Brothers' Blood

    Beneath his inscrutable helm, Vitaly's scowl deepens a touch further as yet another Javelin is lost, one crewman's rune turning black, the other a blinking red. Given where they went down, red is as good as black, with no friendly units within reach to effect medevac. Another imbalancing of the equation of war, another loss in manpower and materiel to make good for the figures to align.

    And, somewhere deep inside, his younger self sheds silent tears for the loss of yet more brothers, beating his fists in impotent desperation against the iron cage built by his current self to lock him away.

    That current self now appraises the latest escalation with cold, calculating malice. The enemy has deployed its strongest assets to the field - evident in the arrival of Mortarion himself, for no Legion would allows its Primarch to deploy to a pitched battle like this without comprehensive support, lest it lose its strongest and most irreplaceable commander, and the focal point of its very morale and discipline. Said enemy Primarch was already on the ground now, seeking out his opposite number in the Khan, the two demigods striding towards each other with the look of men with unfinished business between them. That duel was beyond Vitaly's reach for now, but he could certainly deliver a psychological blow to the XIVth and threaten their Primarch indirectly by cutting off his egress route.

    @Colapse [OOC: Going to assume you meant Stormbird as that was the one that would work better on heavy targets.]

    The rune for an active strike run request blinks to life on the HUDs of the Stormbird crew, accompanied by a thorough inload of target data, with a lock bracket indicating the ornate craft that delivered Mortarion to the field.

    "Forgemaster Vitaly to Stormbird-1 - immediate fire for effect on Mortarion's Stormbird. Blow it out of the sky. Now."

    Even while his harsh, acerbic tones emphatically underscore his intent to the Stormbird's crew, his multitasking mind attends to other matters on the battlefield. As the enemy Stormlord's movement subsystems fall under his control, he unhesitatingly orders it into a redline dash for friendly lines, angling it to grind its way through a long enfilade of Death Guard line troops along the way. He also makes a point to lock its turret traverse firmly away from friendly positions. All the while, he continues to monitor and guide the capture of its informatic systems, mostly allowing his infiltrating microdrones to work on their own initiative, taking an active hand only to counter the luckless engineseer's manoeuvers.

    "Forgemaster Vitaly to all points - the enemy Stormlord approaching our lines is a capture in progress. My infiltrators have succeeded in suborning its movement subsystems, but the rest will take a while. Be aware that the crew is still alive inside, so when take the initiative to assist with capture when it reaches our lines. Kill the meat, save the metal."

    Turning his attention to the enemy armoured assets, he marks the Legion Predators targeting the Millennial's own vehicular assets for death, starting with the already-damaged one. Simultaneously, he notes all the Destroyers lying dead around Denatus, with the Ogryns advancing on him, with only Extrovious anywhere near to provide support. An informatic burst flashes to Archimedes at the helm of the Herald.

    +++Unit Archimedes+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - maintain fire on enemy Predators; prioritise by kill percentage+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha Strike, all prism laser cannons, calibrate for maximum armour penetration. A+++
    +++Objective #2: Fire mission - suppress and degrade Ogryn formation+++
    +++Methodology: Fire for effect, Tremor round+++

    Another data burst signals the remaining half of Javelin Flight once more into the breach, zipping up the line to pound the enemy Predators into scrap. With the amount of grief enemy armour has caused the Millennial so far, Vitaly is taking no chances.

    +++Javelin Units #1-2+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - neutralise Predator Destructor units+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha strike, all available weapons, prioritise maximum armour penetration+++
    +++Objective #2: Evasive egress to muster zone and await further mission assignments+++
    +++Methodology: NOE flight+++

    "Acknowledged, Forgemaster. Javelin Flight en route," comes the calm, collected voice of the flight commander, still unruffled after the losses taken.

    As Vitaly's eye sweeps over Pholax's duel with the enemy Dreadnaught, he reflects for an instant on how much he would like to core out the Death Guard war machine with a laser strike, but knows that the friendly fire potential makes it unfeasible. Instead, he gives orders to his Techmarines to support the Javelin strike by suppressing AA fire.

    +++Units Perseus, Khashayar+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - Wild Weasel for Javelin Flight+++
    +++Methodology: Weapons free, engage according to situational need+++
    +++Objective #2: Evasive egress to friendly lines and await further mission assignments+++
    +++Methodology: NOE flight+++

    The entire process of observation, analysis, mission planning and assignment having taken less than five seconds, Vitaly goes on the move himself, finding his position getting too hot with enemy fire for his liking. Gunning the grav engine, he takes up a position in the cover of a pile of rubble. Deciding to focus down his tasks, he redoubles the processing power and memory assigned to his hack on the Stormlord, wanting to take no chances with the superheavy. Just then, a combat squad of Death Guard that made it past the front lines bursts from concealment and charges him, thinking the lone Techmarine easy prey.

    Their mistake.

    The acrid tang of ozone fills the air as Vitaly's anbaric capacitors discharge, the Lightning Field lashing three Death Guard, scorching and convulsing them painfully inside their armour before leaving them to drop to the ground, helpless inside dead, burnt-out suits. The V.O.T.E.C. blaster thrums, spearing a fourth Legionnaire with a lance of concentrated energy and evaporating him into a cloud of dissociated atoms. The Null Ray beam narrowly misses the squad sergeant as he jinks and swerves on the way in, peppering Vitaly with bolt pistol shots before swinging at his head with a buzzing chainsword.

    The angry rasp of the weapon abruptly changes to the tortured, dying shriek of radically deformed machinery. The sergeant looks up in surprise at the servo-arm that had unfurled over Vitaly's shoulder and snapped onto his weapon hand with the speed of a striking serpent, crushing both hand and sword. Before he can respond, Vitaly lashes out with his Mechanicum axe in a choked-up grip for close quarters. With a stroke expertly aimed for the shoulder joint seam, he neatly sections the other man's arm from his body, the limb falling into the mud with a wet thud, bolt pistol still grasped in lifeless fingers, the amputation site partially cauterised by the disruptor field. The other servo-arm whips around to grip an ankle and raise the luckless sergeant over Vitaly's head, held up by the strength of two servo-arms in mutual tension.

    "You get to live a while longer, Sergeant...Agoston," says Vitaly, his informatic systems making child's play of cracking the other man's armour encryption and reading all his personal data in an eyeblink, "I have plans that can use you."

    With a perfunctory jerk, he tears Agoston's arm and leg from his body, leaving him to crash the ground, agonised and crippled, but still very much alive. A controlled burst of the Lightning Field, expertly applied, shorts out his armour motive and life support systems, leaving him locked inside a suffocating suit of armour that will inevitably provoke a Sus-An coma. Agoston already forgotten, Vitaly returns to monitoring the battle from cover, keeping an eye out for further interlopers and targeting them with his onboard weaponry as necessary.

    Command Actions


    #1: All-out attack - Prism laser cannon strike @ Predator Destructor #1
    #2: Standard attack - Thunderfire cannon strike (Tremor) @ Ogryns
    #3: N/A

    #1:Standard Action: Suppress AA fire against Javelin Flight
    #2: Evasive retreat to friendly lines

    Javelin Flight:
    #1: Standard attack: Prism laser strike @ Predator Destructors (weaker unit first)
    #2: Evasive retreat to muster position

    Stormbird Strike Element

    Target: Mortarion's Stormbird

    Personal Actions

    1.) All-Out Action: Hack for control @ Stormlord w/ Utility Drone Swarm

    2.) All-Out Action: Hack for control @ Stormlord w/ Utility Drone Swarm

    3.) Standard Action: Opportunity Fire @ Attacking Enemies w/any onboard weaponry



    Threat Assessment Matrix:

    - All-Out Action: Hack for control @ Stormlord w/ Utility Drone Swarm (1 re-roll)

    - All-Out Action: Hack for control @ Stormlord w/ Utility Drone Swarm
    (1 re-roll)

    Null Ray charges this turn: 0

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Blast, Armour Corrosion, Haywire, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Metal Storm (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 30/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 1, Phosphex x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Clash of Titans

    Reading the places that this warrior had been, it saddened Pholax, like a stone in his stomach remembering that this wasn't some new warrior. It was a literal ancient, with a lineage that could go back as far as Rylanor from first glances. However, sadness turns to anger so quickly in this age of insanity.

    Seeing the eagerness of strike, moving around of it, punishing with his own fist. He knew he had to tear out the fallen cousin, throw the rotten carcass away.

    "You have fallen, traitor. May you find forgiveness in death." Pholax intoned as he brought up his assault cannon, trying to get a quick burst of fire onto his enemy before returning with his fist to beat the traitor down.

    Two attacks on Ancient Bodvarr, one with assault cannon and one with power fist.
    One defence on self.

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