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Perfect Warriors

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    -Stand on Ios-
    Arriving on Ios Jendon arrived with nearly a small wing of servitors all flying and scattering out as the bay of the lander opened for them, Jendon kept silent but nearly grinned as he saw the brotherhood between the white scars a reminder of old days long gone but of something even he still admired, As he and Elymas were lead down into the structure he would take readings and recordings and when he came across the capsules he began looking to its occupants. " Greetings Targutai Yesugei," Jendon said a bit of comradely in his voice but detracted as he felt the familiar feelings of something scratching at his mind.

    "So we are going attempt to save the occupants of these tubes it may take time but I shall see what I can do, I would request a group of my apothecaries though they are currently spread thin I shall do what I can with my servos skulls to help increase there chances of survival." Jendon said as he did but stopping as he heard Targutai said they would need to be awakened first and the mention of the Yaksha made the apothecary raise a brow, He wondered if he meant something similar to those entities they had encountered letting Elymas do the talking he continued examining them till the ritual began.

    -Dark halls- @Uriel1339
    As the ritual began Jendon could feel a tightening in his gut scenes playing in out in his mind from the past of the events on Laer he hand gripped his bolter as it did and his eyes scanned the chamber looking out for some sort of foe he at first believed would never come, Then he saw it from the shadows movement, The apothcary raised his bolter as the shadows itself seemed to twist and beings itself seemingly emerge from the shadows. "Anomalies." Jendon said taking aim he began to fire back hearing Elymas words he nodded silently following his old friends advice. aiming for the biggest ones he aimed to help Elymas with the tactics he had plan get the biggest out of the way and see if it would cause the smaller ones to crumble, As the beasts began getting nearer the Apothcary went for his power chainblade and activated it and began to parry and strike with one hand and fire his bolter with another.

    Two attacks on on plague bearers with bolter and power weapon
    one defensive on self
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    The cold gaze of Arnock's eyes fell upon the overlay of the system that a holo-projector displayed before him. The bridge around him was ablaze with the orders and responses of the crew that was manning it. However, Arnock was silent. A cold, unnerving chill ran up his spine and into the back of his head as his eyes further focused on one specific ship that had not entered the system of his display; Endurance. Adrenaline began to flow through his veins as his hearts began to speed up their beats. Turning away from the display, Arnock looked down at the bridge's floor briefly before opening up a vox channel directly to Sidon, "Sidon, Mortarion has arrived with his fleet. His traitorous feet soon shall touch the surface below where my brothers fight. I can not allow his presence to interfere with what we have come here for." Sidon, an astarte of few words, merely responded, "Affirmative. I shall hold the ship until you return." And without another word spoke, the channel was cut off and Arnock exited the bridge to head down to into the bowels of the ship.

    Arnock entered the teleportarium in his large suit of terminator armor with his inferno pistol in one hand and his power sword, Perfectus Mortem, in the other. Nearby the teleportarium console, an astropath with a metal plate over her eyes sat secured to a chair with many different wires that connected her to the console. Her head moved slightly towards Arnock as she spoke in a lifeless voice, "Master of Rites. Please verify the location of which you wish to be transferred to." Arnock, without even looking towards her spoke, "Find a location near the front defensive line." It was after these words that the doors to the teleportarium opened once more and three more astartes wearing terminator armor entered the room. The one in front, Rulduan, spoke, "I heard you were trying to sneak off to battle, Master of Rites. If that is the case, we shall be accompanying you." Arnock looked at Rulduan and nodded before responding with a heavy heart,"So be it. We shall be inserted into the front defensive lines to reinforce our forces and ensure that they do not buckle. And, so we are all clear, I shall no longer carry the symbol of old into battle. That standard and that which is upon it shall not be seen by others as a symbol of loyalty." The clear sadness in his voice was easy to hear and after he spoke, Rulduan walked over to Arnock, and placed his hand on his shoulder before speaking, "Arnock. Master of Rites. You are the standard now. You are the symbol that all shall rally to in the heat of battle. Your presence in the field of battle shall be that which turns the tide of battle. Not any fabric handing from a pole. You are the symbol of those loyal to the Emperor. Never forget." Arnock looked at Rulduan a moment, taking his words to heart, before nodding turning and stepping on to the teleportation pad. Rulduan with his power sword and heavy flamer, Craven with his lascannon and powerfist, and Mathius with his autocannon and chainfist stepped onto the pad behind him.

    As soon as the each stopped moving, the Astropath's voice spoke, "Beginning teleportation sequence." A low humming began to get louder and after a few seconds, the humming began to echo in the minds of each of them causing their vision to blur. Each would close their eyes and in the exact moment, everything went black as they felt their skin crawl and grow ice cold. Arnock, in that instant, immediately felt something's eyes fall upon him. He could hear the voices of millions echoing within the walls of his mind. Screaming, laughing, crying, gurgling; all combining into one strange sound that was deafening. He then felt his skin begin to pull in ever direction from within, as if millions of claws or hooks fought over his physical body. And, all at once, it stopped. The voices and the pulling stopped. His nose began to fill with the putrid smell of death, almost as if a decaying corpse was breathing in his face. In his mind he say two yellow-green eyes look at him as a tight embrace began to form around him, squeezing tighter and tighter. He could now hear the heavy, labored breathing of something an inch away from his ear. The breathing then turned into a voice, "Arnock-..."

    A humming on the front line by those close enough, could begin to be heard. A large and bright flash, like a strike of lightening, lit up the immediate area as cold air began to pull into a central location. In an instant, from the center of the flash, four large terminators appeared. Arnock's eyes opened from the darkness as his armor's systems began to feed him data from the battle unfolding around him. He quickly moved to the highest point on the front line and called out to the defenders, "Loyal sons of the Imperium! I have seen the fate of the traitors whom rise up against us. And death is their only fate! Even now, as we speak, more traitors that call themselves the Death Guard enter the system to attempt to overwhelm us. To bring such a force tells me only one thing... They are scared! Scared to face those who's loyalty still remains with the Emperor of Mankind! These spineless traitors have forgotten what loyalty means. We have not forgotten! And we shall remind them what it means to be a loyal son of Mankind! Their mistakes shall be written in blood upon the surface of this planet for the rest of time!" Arnock then turned to Rulduan, "Focus fire on the armored support and heavy infantry." Craven then aimed his lascannon at the nearest Leman Russ and opened fire while Mathius and Rulduan began to deal with the larger Ogrn advancing with their autocannon and heavy flamer. Arnock, on the other hand, focused on the advancing rad troopers, pushing directly into them using his power sword to cut them down and his inferno pistol to incinerate their flesh from body.

    OOC: Legion's Master: Part 1 - No single enemy selected. (Saving for late.)
    Part 2 - Once per combat phase, Arnock can elevate himself over the others and use the blessed standard (or his presence hopefully lol) to influence the Tide of War. During this turn every enemy targeting him must re-roll any scored hit and the Tides of War are swung one level towards the Emporer's Children side with no possibility of it being prevents. (Activated)

    Arnock Actions: All Out Attack on Rad Troops. 2 with Power Sword (s). 1 with Inferno Pistol.

    Retinue Actions: Rulduan and Mathius - Attacking Ogrn
    Craven - Attacking Leman Russ (DC)
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    Death & Decay
    @Vulpas @Uriel1339

    The monsters advanced slowly, but there was determination in their gait, death creeping up with every step of the way. First one to take a stand against such unrelenting decay was Elymas, the Chief Librarian of what remained of the loyalist Emperor's Children had the most experience when dealing with such entities and knew how to call them properly, although much of this experience remained hidden.

    Nonetheless, the power gathering in Phoenix's Resolve was true and with a practiced strike, the staff crashed into the first Plaguebearer and completely obliterated it on the spot. Daemon's essence dissolved and it disappeared, thrown back into the Warp from which it was spawned. There was no respite or pause in its fellows, for these creatures felt no fear or pain, and their rusty swords came for Elymas even before he was done. He managed to parry one blow before he was overwhelmed, the huge form of his Terminator armor working against him now. One dirty blade pierced his right side, the Librarian instantly feeling nauseous as the unnatural poison flowed through his veins.

    He pushed the monster away with a backhand strike, but another one was on him almost instantly, the daemons betraying a speed they didn't seem to possess initially. Strike cut across his shoulder guard and arm, where the blade fell Elymas saw the ceramite rotting away, as if it was aging rapidly in just couple of seconds. Psychic miasma strengthened its grip over the chamber and combined with the Plaguebringers and their attacks, the situation quickly deteriorating on all fronts.

    Elymas would perhaps suffer even more if not for his brother. Jendon, with the businesslike precision and no hesitation, opened fire with his bolter and drove one of the Plaguebringers about to attack the psyker backwards couple of steps. The miniature explosions ripped chunks of its corrupted flesh away but this didn't seem to bother it in the slightest. Matter of fact, Jendon saw with his own eyes that as soon as the bolts hit the monster, its flesh began knitting back, on places where it was torn away fresh sores appeared, by every law he knew these were obviously cancerous but here, it seemed only to enhance the creature and give it strength to attack again.

    But this was not Jendon's first combat and he knew better than to allow the monster to rejuvenate. Horde of little creatures rushed towards him but he knocked them all aside like mere children, focusing on the big one, his power chainsword revved and ready to strike. Chief Apothecary helmet's sensor systems went berserk as the unnatural sickness began gripping him as well, but its initial touch was weak, his own metabolism being able to stave of the worst for the time being and allow him to attack the Plaguebearer with full force.

    Sword came from above, the daemon never had a chance to block as its own cyclopean eye was transfixed on Elymas, allowing Jendon for the clean kill. Creature was cut in half, it too disappearing in the same way like its predecessor that was killed by the Librarian, whatever substance it had was lost and with it, any trace of it ever existing.

    For a moment there was respite as Elymas and Jendon held the monsters in check, between the bigger creatures and the smaller ones who proved to be not much of an opponent given the fact both of the Emperor's Children squashed them easily, not to mention that any attempt they made to approach Yesugei was met with the Nurglings being burned to crisp by the psychic energies whirling around the White Scar, the forces of the enemy were pushed back.

    But then gurgling laughter echoed throughout the chamber and more monsters appeared, at their head one who looked as if possessing an intelligence far superior to these drones they were fighting up until that point. "What fine morsels do we have here? Such supreme vigor, such refined physiology! We cannot wait to bless them with many putrid gifts!" The thing rasped, flies buzzing around it eating away at its robes and on the remains crammed in the big backpack on its back.

    Clanging of the myriad of vials hanging at its belt created a sound of their own, things squirming inside of them looking back outside in horror and begging for release. "You look like a promising little student?" the thing pointed its rotten wooden staff at Jendon, it manipulated by the monster's curved tail, old human bones rattling from its top, "It has been a long time since Festus had someone under him, be washed in the Gnashing Pox and be born anew!"

    Festus stood back, still cackling as two more appeared and head straight for Jendon. These looked similar like the monster he just killed, however instead of a simple rusty sword they were better equipped. First one had three arms, in each he carried an archaic surgeon's equipment, from oversized scalpel dipping with poison to big scissors and finally something that looked like pincers. The second one which came just behind him lumbered on carrying a great flame thrower, helped by three little Nurglings who immediately stopped their pestering of Yesugei and went back to assist the bigger creature. It was throwing something tho, but it was no flame as one of the Nurglings accidentally did something to activate the gun and was washed in a hail of bile that turned it into goo.

    "Beautiful, just beautiful," Festus continued with his rambling, pressing his burbling hand on one of the nearby capsules, actually managing to withstand the psychic discharge and making unnatural fungus suddenly appear to grip both the capsule and its occupant in a deathly embrace.

    "Let us build this garden together!"

    Children of Nurgle:

    Plaguebearers: 4/9/9 Nurglings: 50 Festus the Leechlord: 25 Lab Assistants: 10 (Melee) /10 (Ranged)

    Psyker defenders:

    Jendon:23 Elymas:26

    Conditions: The unnatural rot is attacking you in a very real way, you will feel weaker with each passing turn and you will lose flat HP amount. First turn 1d3, then appropriately 1d6, 1d10, 1d20 and 1d100. Elymas can fortify you against the effects of it and for this he needs to pass 1 successful roll, however each turn the rot will kick back in, although the counter for the damage rolls will continue from the same turn where it was dispelled (e.g. if Elymas dispels it on turn 2 you will not suffer damage and on turn 3 the damage will once again be 1d6 HP). Next turn you take 1d6 dmg.

    If damaged by conventional weapons, each daemon of Nurgle will have a chance to regenerate itself.

    You can also call Yesugei once during the fight and he will stop the ritual to perform an AOE psychic attack against every daemon present in order to help you, otherwise he will not be a part of this combat. I will be rolling for him and depending on the rolls, the combat will end in either 4 or 5 turns.
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    The enemy came in force and they marched with the familiar dogged advance their masters drilled into them. On one hand, this made them perfect when facing a static foe they could overwhelm with tenacity and sheer willpower, but this was no such battle. Even though the combined forces of Emperor's Children and White Scars had the task to holding a fortified position, one could argue that out of all 18 Legions, these two had the greatest tactical acumen when performing swift close-ranged warfare.

    Mobile elements came first, Perseus and Khashayar were at their head, unleashing fire on the incoming Banewolves. The APCs were decently armored and whether it was the mix of incoming fire or simple luck, but the twin jetbike riders managed to only hit one of the Banewolves and destroy its tracks before they had to circle back least they be annihilated by the return fire. Thankfully for them, it was Pholax who saw the danger of the chemical carriers for what it was and stood firm in his decision to break them open.

    He calculated over than hundred small-arms shots coming his way and hitting the outsides of his coffin, but this only came as an afterthought as the missile launchers cycled, loading the deadly payload. These enemies were hardly an adversary worthy of his might, but the Death Guard tactic was old as time - send the dregs first to tie up the enemy before the real troops arrive. Which is why they would be dealt with in the same matter like the rest.

    Hail of krak missiles was unleashed, first to get hit was the damaged Banewolf which was the easiest mark. The vehicle blew up as four missiles hit it, destroying it on the spot and killing two dozen soldiers next to it. Second Banewolf suffered same fate, its canister spilled out causing the infantry to burn as they got in touch with the volatile chemical. Last salvo hit the third Banewolf but the vehicle weathered the storm, half of its armor peeled off its crew kept on driving forward with complete disregard for their own safety. Before Pholax could reload his missiles, two marines next to him brought up lascannons and lobbed blobs of plasma, bringing the end to the ruined vehicle.

    "Ancient Pholax, we confirm tha..." Pholax was about to receive reply from the brothers besides him when his sensors screamed with alarm. Round from a battle cannon hit him directly, causing him to shudder and before he managed to raise his assault cannon and punish the trespasser, bright white light washed over his side and burned both the paint and the marines next to him, as he caught attention of another Leman Russ' crew.

    Assault cannon whirled and shells escaped the multi-barreled beast, but the true damage to the tank in front of Pholax was done by the Javelin crews flying over and straight into the center of the enemy advance. Explosion rocked the ground as the Leman Russ burned, destroyed in the flyby. Hundreds of rifles fired at the speeders, Aleph riding on top of the last one and having the perfect view of the battlefield. The smoke of the destroyed vehicles mixed with the poison chemical began turning the fog even thicker, but not before he reached his target.

    Marine at the controls gave Aleph an affirmative nod and they went straight for one of the tanks in front, the same one which fired upon their Dreadnought moments earlier, easily distinguished by its demi-culverin still cooling off. With a practiced move, the Sword Exemplar hanged on just before the drop, the landing pad cleared of any nearby mortals by a volkite blast from friendly lines, courtesy of their Forgemaster.

    He jumped down and straight on the hatch of the Leman Russ, the last vision of the Javelin speeder disappearing as the unfortunate speeder was hit by a missile round that annihilated its engine and caused it to combust in flames. For a second Aleph was undisturbed, Night's Edge carving a hole in the hatch of the tank with a single slice. The first thing that greeted the Palatine Lord was a barrel of a bolt pistol, the tank's commander's face twisting in anger as he fired his sidearm in an attempt to deal with the attacker.

    The round hit Aleph's shoulder and ricocheted off of it onto his vambrace, causing him to lose hold of the haywire grenade. For a moment he saw a thin smile appearing on the mortal's face, right before he stabbed forward and Night's Edge obliterated the commander's skull in a shower of bone and brain matter. Tossing the corpse out of his way, Alephoros pulled both of his swords and jumped down, the five remaining crewmen inside now aware of the giant killer in their midst but could do nothing to prevent the ensuing slaughter. (OOC @Jorimel if you wish, feel free to emote dealing with the crew in any way you want, but the end result is you managing to take care of the tank).

    Once he finished the grisly work, Aleph climbed out of the tank just in time to hear the mightiest of the present weapons roaring. Vulcan Mega-bolter atop of the Stormlord came to life and with the fury of the storm, the super heavy tank unleashed hell. First building was completely obliterated alongside the unfortunate legionaries inside who didn’t manage to get out in time. The same thing followed and another defensive structure was destroyed, many of the present Emperor’s Children lying in dust, their armors broken into pieces. One who stood amidst the destruction was Extrovious, bloodied and battered he roared to the skies before pointing his sword into the incoming Ogryns and the Emperor's Children obeyed.

    Above all of this mayhem the piercing eye of Vitaly saw everything. He saw the Stormlord unleashing terror, killing many loyalists and nearly single-handily murdering all of their Destroyers, who were unlucky to suffer the first salvo. He saw Archimedes angling Herald of Espandor in a position to fire off a shot with the prism laser, only for the Land Raider to be battered by a new Stormlord salvo which made the Techmarine miss the mark and only hit the side sponson on the Leman Russ, most likely killing the gunner as well but not doing enough damage to slow the tank, which afterwards fired another shot that hit the side track but thankfully didn't cause any serious malfunction.

    Moving into another position before battering the incoming infantry with thunderfire rounds, Vitaly had to dodge the fire from the ground, couple of missiles and at least three dozen bolter rounds came his way but he was way faster than that. Another ping appeared on his hud even as the Entropic Disruptor hit the super-heavy but did little than eating away some of its upper armor, his former squad mate approaching him on priority channel.

    "Brother, about the witches," Lord Destroyer grunted, Vitaly founding his location to be right next to the entrance into the alien structure. "It appears the place is sealed. It doesn't respond to any command it used to, at least by what the White Scars told me, and hitting the door with hammer didn't even make a dent. I'll try getting it but we might as well hijack the Stormlord and try to ram it into the structure...that might even solve all of our problems."

    There was a smile and a pause, before Denatus continued. "There's one more thing. Brothers holding the third line are reporting strange sense of unease and their sensors are malfunctioning. There were more important things to do now but when I came here I felt it too. Bile rose in my gut and I even heard flies buzzing, even past all the explosions and firing. I don't have to tell you twice what is coming."

    In truth, Denatus had absolutely no idea what was coming.

    Air was displaced in the middle of the incoming horde and with a loud bang, four terminators in the colors of the Emperor's Children appeared right in the midst of the attack, at their head, a figure clad in gold. Arnock shouted, his voice clearly heard over the dim of battle. Such was his display that even the Ogryns stopped in their advance for a moment, which was all the Master of Rites needed to drive into the enemy, his fury unmatched.

    As the vat-grown creatures died under mix of autocannon and heavy flamer fire by the two Honor Guard that came alongside Arnock, he himself rushing into the incoming Rad-troopers with all the might his Cataphracti plate gave him. Inferno pistol rang, killing five soldiers at once, with such numbers there was simply no way to miss. Perfectus Mortem was wet with blood in mater of seconds, bodies flying left and right (@matt23 feel free to emote as many Rad-troopers kills as you wish with your next post).

    However after the initial shock wore off, the traitors pushed back. Mortals generally feel fear and awe when met by Astartes and such experience could only be increased during battle. But these were soldiers who trained and fought alongside Death Guard on many worlds, they were completely uncaring about their own safety, simply throwing themselves at Arnock and thinking it will work was their tactics.

    First, Master of Rites was hit by three grenade explosions after which he was washed in poison, thrown by two heavy casters. Some of the Rad-troopers were armed with mix of volkite and plasma weapons, which did plenty of damage to Arnock's armor and he began feeling his flesh beneath being battered, slowly but surely. Then a Leman Russ with demi-culverin fired on him and the white flash engulfed his vision before the dampeners kicked in, Arnock feeling the head washing over him, the ground around him completely incinerated. "Careful Brother," Craven called out, his own shot missing the tank as he struggled to kick off the attacking soldiers with his cumbersome power fist.

    It was at that moment Arnock turned to face the tank itself, looking down the long barrel of its archaic weapon that finished the cooling process and was about to fire again, when a lighting bolt struck it from the heavens itself. Master of Rites caught sight of something fast bearing down from the fog, bearing down upon the field of battle and angling its approach towards them. Leman Russ was in the way and it was hit from behind, the engine compartment going critical and causing the entire tank to violently explode.

    More of the similar figures appeared behind the enemy troops, killing them in droves but their leader was something else. Jumping from his jetbike and landing nimbly next to Arnock, he gave the Emperor's Children legionary a noticeable nod while pulling off a beautifully-ornamented curved sword from his scabbard. Unmatched creation that went into his armor was obvious, making the giant both savage and refined in equal measure, "It appears you arrived just in time." His voice was rich, thick with accent but also pleasing to the ear, "That is fortunate, for us. For you, I'm not so sure," Jaghatai Khan said as his sons cheered and redoubled their efforts.

    This was surely needed, because as the last of the golden jetbikes arrived carrying more White Scars outrunners, the real enemy appeared, right on their heels. Armor the color of dirty white-and-green, the Death Guard legionaries advanced with uncustomary alacrity. It didn't take a genius mind to understand their rush, but rushed they did and even though they obviously didn't form properly, their vanguard came in sufficient strength to cause pause.

    Numerous Line-squads were first in, opening bolter fire in close range and forcing the defenders back a step. They were supported by two Predators, Destructor pattern, which fired the moment they were in range of the buildings. Above them came Assault Legionaries who used their jump packs to quickly cover the distance and land right behind the first defensive line, but the moment they landed Yabuqa and his White Scars rushed to meet them blade for blade, even there were less of them they fought twice as hard under the gaze of their Primarch.

    Center of the enemy advance was however something else. Lumbering giant appeared through the smoke, unleashing a hail or missiles into the defenders that turned the sky and earth sick with additional poison. Contemptor pattern Dreadnought came forward, his upper-mounted cyclone missile launcher almost the copy of Pholax's own. Mix of plasma cannon and power fist was there as his main armament, the former used to rip pieces of the fortifications and allow the rest of the heavy armor to get closer.

    "Warriors of Chogoris and Chemos!" but even as the destruction engulfed the battlefield, one voice was heard over all that the Death Guard brought to Ios, "It seems our former cousins think us weak, trying to heard us with big guns and execute us in close range. Hardly a case, my brother's own eyes will witness the error once he comes down to greet us. So, let us make him a worthy welcome by offering him the vitae of his sons," the Khan laughed, driving into the incoming Death Guard like a whirling tempest.

    "For Terra and the Emperor! Push them back!"

    Death Guard:

    Predator Destructors: [12] [12], Assault Legionaries: 50, Line-brothers: 50, Contemptor Dreadnought: [13] Stormlord: [28], Leman Russ tanks: [7] BC, Banewolves: [6/6], Ogryns: 22, Rad-troopers: 20, Traitor Infantry: Infinite

    Company Extrovious and friends:

    Yabuqa’s White Scars: 30, Emperor’s Children legionaries: 88, Destroyers: 4, Herald of Espandor: [17], Javelins: 6/6 DPC, 5 CML, Golden Keshig:30, Jaghatai Khan:150

    Aleph:22 Vitaly:25 Denatus:35 Extrovious:28 Pholax: [13] Arnock:28

    Tides of War: Minor Emperor's Children advantage; 1st line holding [156/188]

    Conditions: The arrival of Jaghatai Khan and Arnock invigorated each friendly character. Every PC has 1 additional action during next turn. If you wish, you can "point" Khan on one of the enemies to be the focus of his rolls which will quite positively make that enemy unit be destroyed.

    Each one can use 1d10 heal anytime during combat (by Jendon’s proxy servo skulls) while Pholax can get healed any number of times for 1d6 by Vitaly’s scarabs (Vitaly still needs to designate his own action for each heal). Traitor infantry will start with one low-powered attack (hits on 16+) that is rolled against each of the chars and they will get 1 additional attack with each passing turn representing their increasing numbers. You spending one attack against the traitor infantry will nullify the attacks made at your char for the duration of the turn. Also feel free to emote some kills on them whenever you wish.

    There are three defensive lines, first is the initial defenses, second line is buildings, third line is circle around the alien structure. Holding first line gives you bonus in attack and defensive rolls. Holding second line gives you bonus in defensive rolls. Third line gives you no bonus but gives the enemy bonus in attack rolls. Suffering casualties equal to 1/3 of your current HP bars (not counting PC chars) will cause a line to break. I will do raw numbers, so that rounds up to 63 (126).

    You can summon air strike twice during this fight, one is Stormbird bombardment (bonus against armor) and one is Storm Eagle flyby (bonus against infantry). These can happen in the same turn. Fight will last for either 4 or 5 turns, depending on the rolls made by Yesugei (in the other part).
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    Pholax was overjoyed, he was once again bringing death and fiery destruction to the traitors of Mankind. What remained of him physically couldn't help but revel in seeing the traitors burning, bleeding and bursting open. But just as one takes in the wonderful vista of his handiwork and the assistance of those marines who stood with him, some brave traitor fought it best to tempt the wrath of a Dreadnought of the Emperor's Children.

    As the shells washing over him ceased, the sensors making notice of the hull damage, the shields that held else where and all of the thing Mechanicus creatures adored to reel off, he saw the Leman Russ paying dearly for it's strike upon him, the Emperor's faithful would not be brought so low by mere mortals. Renewed by the destruction his brothers and cousins were engorging in, he raised his Assault Cannon and began spitting rounds at the last couple of Banewolves, he had his targets and wasn't going to let them reach their target. Their toxic brew would have horrific effect should it get within range of his allies.

    But as he was setting sights upon the Banewolves, he caught glimpse of him, everyone must have. Like a light in the darkness, one of the Emperor's sons, his sheer presence demanded recognition and he had it, the Primarch Jaghatai Khan, the Warhawk of Chogoris, fighting in the same field of battle as him. If the Traitors knew he was here or not, they surely had made a mistake in fighting this day.

    The Emperor's sons were said to turn the tide single handed, if the rumours of the Khan were true, he'd have this battle won in no time at all.

    Opening his vox to Arnock, Pholax felt the urge to push the lines, they had one of the Emperor's Sons of their side, the power that filled him no doubt was in the rest, they were destined to win here if they had him siding with us, not since Ullanor had he been this close to a Lord Primarch. The memory turn his mood bitter, the Arch Traitor, what happened to the man from there to here. Surely he couldn't be the same man Pholax saw. The only thought on his mind then was how he missed that axe. Stupid to throw it... Maybe he'd not have died if he didn't blow off his own arm.

    Coming back to his senses, he voxed Arnock, "Brother, should we call for the air support to press the advantage with our esteemed lord of the Fifth? I can see their super heavy is ripe for targeting and best to hit them with all our strength at once. Do tell our brothers to get clear if you find it prudent to do this."

    With that, Pholax kept the vox open as he moved into position to begin firing on the Banewolves again, raising his assault cannon and preparing more krak missiles, he was going to ensure they didn't perform their duty. Only then noticing a mirror to his form striding onto the battlefield, within that moment he marked his prey, a match for him, one he'd tear apart and stop the traitor's actions once and for all.

    Two attacks on the Banewolves

    One attack of the Death Guard Contemptor Dread

    One defence on self.
  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock's head raised and his eyes widened as he glared into the abyss that was the barrel of the traitors ancient weapon. The black, darkness glared back at him and called his name. Again, the heavy, labored breathing he could once more feel as the nails of a thousand hands clawed at his skull, fighting to get inside. An in an instant, much like emerging from the warp, a white, blinding light washed over his eyes. After a moment of refocusing, he looked up to the large, white armored figure that was the great Khan. Arnock shook off the shock from the enemies' attacks and regained his barrings, his sword cut quickly through two more Rad Troopers before a red flash of his inferno pistol incinerated three more. Arnock looked to the Khan and spoke, "So long as any of the -loyal- sons of the Emperor still draw breath, the only unfortunate are those whom dare face our ranks. We can not allow our defensive lines to break. With you, we can give the lines breathing room, Great Khan... and break the will of these traitors."

    Arnock point Craven to press the assault on the final Leman Russ that was still on the field, to which he quickly took aim and unleashed his lascannon. He then turned to Rulduan and Mathius, "Follow the Great Khan with Craven and ensure his flanks are covered." Though considerably slower, the two warriors in terminator armor pushed the assault with the Khan to ensure the defensive lines had some breathing room, if any.

    @dx144 @Draconion
    Arnock then heard the vox come to life with Pholax calling a request for fire support on the heavy target. He then turned and faced the large traitor machine and nodded to himself as he spoke back over the channel, "Agreed, Brother. We shall make that machine a burning symbol of the fate that awaits all whom would dare rise up against the loyal sons of the Imperium." Arnock then opened up the vox channel to Vitaly, "Brother Vitaly, requesting fire support on the enemy's heavy tank. Your targeting systems have the best targeting capabilities should you deem the target worthy."

    Arnock then refocused back on the enemies in front. He held out his power sword to his side as he called out, "Come, sons of Mortarion! Come and face death incarnate! See if you can bring honor to the name you call your own and make that putrid and cowardice figure you call father proud!" Arnock then move towards the Khan, Mathius, Craven, and Rulduan, plowing into the lines next to the Khan.

    OOC: All Out Attack - All three attacks on the enemies nearest the Khan with power sword. (Assuming the Assault Legionnaries)
    Extra Action - Defense on Arnock with power sword.

    Craven - Attack on final Leman Russ with lascannon.
    Rulduan and Mathius - Attack on the enemies around the Khan.
  7. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Overcast With A Chance Of Blood And Artillery

    Vitaly's cold ire washes over the battle net as one of the Javelins is brought down by return fire, felt only by adepts of the Mechanicum and those connected to the network by cortical implants, but keenly so. When the Herald botches its shots on the tank squadron, his displeasure actually causes minor glitches and stutters readouts across the battlefield.

    When Denatus gets on the horn to report on the status of the psykers, Vitaly listens in silence, grunting at the mention of the Stormlord.

    "Acknowledged, Brother. Focus on your duties above ground, then. The witches will have to fend for themselves. Funny you should mention that tank..."

    By all the ficitious gods of Mankind, what is he doing?

    Vitaly's eyes fly wide open as Arnock teleports onto the field with his small retinue of Cataphractii, and immediately weighs into the thickest press of the enemy.

    Away from the support of friendly lines. A tempting target, that the enemy are not slow to take advantage of as Arnock's position is soon saturated with both small arms and ordnance fire. Vitaly finds himself preparing to list Arnock as a casualty as the remaining Leman Russ unloads its demi-culverin upon the Cataphractii. When the smoke and flare clear, and the Master of Rites still stands, battered but unbowed, Vitaly shrugs mentally and realigns his mental calculations to include Arnock and his...forward tendencies in battle. Troop movements, fields of fire, threat probability matrices and more flood Arnock's signum uplink as Vitaly adds him to the battle net, giving him the benefit of his powerful augur array and signum unit.


    "Acknowledged, Master Arnock. Fear not - I have something even better planned for that Stormlord. The enemy owes us blood and a war machine. I intend to collect on at least the latter - with interest."

    Once upon a time, the arrival of a Primarch upon the battlefield would have caused Vitaly's heart to skip a beat. Now, however, it is merely another fact of war to be filed in its appropriate cubbyhole, factored into ever-changing equations in need of constant balancing. So it is with the arrival of Jaghatai at the head of his Golden Keshig, and so it will be when Mortarion makes his impending appearance, already anticipated and accounted for. Vitaly, meanwhile, is more concerned with the XIVth Primarch's sons as they make their first appearance upon the field, hot on the heels of the Great Khan. As the Death Guard's fabled infantry gun line forms and advances upon friendly positions, a compressed data burst fleets its way towards Archimedes at the helm of the Herald.

    +++Unit Archimedes+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - adjust target to enemy Predator Destructor #1+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha Strike, all prism laser cannons, calibrate for maximum armour penetration. Addendum/Admonishment: Recheck firing solution before execution. Substandard performance will not be tolerated.+++
    +++Objective #2: Fire mission - suppress XIVth Legion infantry gunline+++
    +++Methodology: Fire for effect, Tremor round+++

    Casting an eye towards Arnock's retinue as it engages the rad-troopers and their Ogryn escort, and further back to Extrovious leading his executioners into the same fray, Vitaly decides that particular unit of enemy is well in hand with that many heavy killers marking it for death. Key units further afield must now be dealt with.

    +++Units Perseus, Khashayar+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - neutralise remaining Banewolf units, prioritise individual kills+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha strike, all prism laser cannons, calibrate for maximum armour penetration+++
    +++Objective #2: Evasive egress to friendly lines and await further mission assignments+++
    +++Methodology: NOE flight+++

    A dense data burst designates the remaining Banewolves for the Techmarines on their jetbikes, eliciting a terse blurt of affirmation as the high-pitched howls of anti-grav engines signal their approach from the rear staging areas once again.

    +++Javelin Units #1-3+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - Units #1-2 neutralise Predator Destructor units; Unit #3 neutralise XIVth Legion Contemptor unit+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha strike, all available weapons, prioritise maximum armour penetration+++
    +++Objective #2: Evasive egress to muster zone and await further mission assignments+++
    +++Methodology: NOE flight+++

    "Acknowledged, Forgemaster. Javelin flight partitioning for multi-target engagement," comes the flight leader's voice as the Javelins once again peel away from the friendly rear for another lightning strike on key enemy assets.

    The two prism laser-armed units spear straight for the Death Guard Predators, bracketing them for a devastating dual laser cannon punch before looping around in a wide 180-degree turn to burn hot for the friendly rear. The sole remaining missile-armed unit aims for the advancing Contemptor, joining Pholax in blanketing the armoured sarcophagus in a krak missile swarm before peeling away to hopscotch over the battlefield back to the staging area.

    The greater battlefield attended to, Vitaly now focuses on his plans for himself...and the Stormlord currently blanketing the battlefield in a storm of heavy bolter fire. Taking up a fire position amidst some old structural ruins, he levels the Entropic Disruptor at the superheavy and, yet again, sends a thrumming beam of eye-watering energy tuned to flood the war machine's electronics with crippling electromagnetic dissonance, while physically shaking it down to every last nut and bolt in its superstructure.

    Simultaneously, a mental flex translated to informatic signals awakens a myriad of tiny forms stored in discrete miniature silos across his armour. A rasping buzz like unto that of a high-speed saw working through metal starts up, and streams upon streams of dull, silver forms - individually minute to the point of insectility - snake through the air and across the land, soon blending into the mud and ashes of the battlefield as they make their skittering, fluttering way towards the Stormlord. Lighting upon its hull in the immediate aftermath of Vitaly's attack, they enter by a multitude of cracks, fissures and exposed access ports, all seeking the informatic guts of the metal beast, the pulsing veins of its informatic superstructure.

    +++Directive: Commence informatic assault+++
    +++Objective: #1 - Rewrite prime directives; #2 - Reassign administrative permissions; #3 - Capture function in totality+++

    At the pulse of command from their master, they sink a host of manipulator-mandibles and data-probisces into the circuits of the Stormlord, uploading a virtual ecology's worth of malware, viruses, spoofs and masking procedures to break down the tank's informatic defences and enslave it to the will of the Forgemaster, all while hiding their presence from its security systems until it is too late.

    All the while, Vitaly is acutely aware of the Death Guard assault cadres' attack upon the first line - the very line where Vitaly has been shuttling up and down in the opening minutes of the battle. He has bigger fish to fry, but he knows full well that being ganged up upon by armed Astartes hunting their own kind will do him no good at all. Grudgingly, he partitions enough of his attentional resources to guarding himself against close-quarters attack, his anbaric capacitors building up a killing charge to unleash multiple discharges of the Lightning Field against anyone foolish enough to assault his position.

    Command Actions


    #1: All-out attack - Prism laser cannon strike @ Predator Destructor #1
    #2: Standard attack - Thunderfire cannon strike (Tremor) @ rad-troopers + Ogryns
    #3: N/A

    #1: Prism laser cannon strike @ Banewolves
    #2: Evasive retreat to friendly lines

    Javelin Flight:
    #1: Javelins 1 + 2 - Prism laser strike @ Predator Destructor #2; Javelin #3 - krak missile strike @ Contemptor
    #2: Evasive retreat to muster position

    Personal Actions

    1.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Stormlord w/ Entropic Disruptor (Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Concussive)

    2.) All-Out Action: Hack for control @ Stormlord w/ Utility Drone Swarm

    3.) Standard Action: Defensive Action @ Self w/Lightning Field (3 shots)



    Threat Assessment Matrix:

    - All-Out Action: Attack @ Stormlord w/ Entropic Disruptor (1 re-roll)

    - All-Out Action: Hack for control @ Stormlord w/ Utility Drone Swarm
    (1 re-roll)

    Null Ray charges this turn: 0

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Blast, Armour Corrosion, Haywire, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Metal Storm (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 30/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 1, Phosphex x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Death & Decay
    @Colapse | @Vulpas

    Elymas gave no noise of satisfaction to his foes, however the vox crackled occassionally with dismay in his voice. The nausea being a sense he did not have for over a decade, easily, due to the superior physiology of his. But the true dissatisfaction came from the fruits of labor of the enemy and actually landing hits with surprising velocity and agility. These beasts looked slow, big and almost lagging behind as if they were not quite here. And then in the next second they would strike like lightning. Clearly a foolish mistake on the Chief Librarian's side of combat, that luckily was quickly adjusted.

    Whatever concentration was built up once more was thrown aside when 'Festus' appeared. Although it was a guess at best considering that many of these creatures like to talk in third person about themselves, almost like it was not their actual name. It had a particular interest in Jendon, most likely it recognized his icon and heraldry of an Apothecary staff member. Something they somehow had to take advantage of.

    "Do not let it touch or grab you, Jendon!" Elymas ordered his fellow Department Chief. And it was not a warning, it indeed was a barked order. Whatever the bile, goo, fungus and other foul smelling, rot accelerating biological and yet unnatural matter was - It only would bring more complications.

    Lightning cracking in his eye sockets, Elymas prepared to unleash his powers. This fight had to end quick, now that the 'boss' showed up. Maybe these were just like Orks after all. But before unleashing his powers, he would strike twice upon Festus and then unleash his focused wrath upon this formidable foe. Other, smaller enemies would either be stomped upon, run through or otherwise ignored. Their leader had to die, and it was Elymas' personal agenda now to rid the enemy force off their acting commander.

    2 Attacks via Phoenix's Resolve vs. Festus

    Focused Destruction Talent - Once per combat phase, Elymas can use the talent which counts as one action to get off a successful cast of one regular spell in his arsenal. He can still cast multiple spells per turn but only one is affected by the talent. If the target resists spell, Elymas can use the talent again. After the talent is successful, Elymas can continue casting the same spell again during the following combat rounds. Elymas can also use the talent differently and buff his next cast in order to hit the threshold needed for the upgraded spell by receiving a +2 on his success roll.
    ↑ Talent Buff on Sonic Blast: Creates a powerful sonic wave sent forward in 180 degrees that is powerful enough to temporarily deafen victims and cause severe harm ranging from extreme headache all the way to ear bleeding and brain damages.
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  9. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Aleph leapt down onto the tank just after Vitaly, ever the thoughtful friend, cleared the way for him. It was the work of a moment to carve a way through the hatch with Night's Edge like a battlefield trephination. As soon as he was inside, he was shot at close range, but the master-crafted armour stood the blow and he brought his sword down to eviscerate the shooter.

    Inside, it was butcher-work. The closeness of the fighting left little room for grace, but Aleph was not in the mood for niceties. He focussed on swift, effective killing. Night's Edge flickered out as Daith'wyn sought the gaps in defence, armour and the cramped confines of the tank. Aleph knew that he would have to be quick and move as soon as he could. His enemies were strangely faceless, helms inches away from his, the only thing between his face and their dying breath. The visceral impact of close quarter fighting was gone. There was nothing personal in the killing. It felt no more than the putting down of rabid animals. A tiny flicker of thought compartmentalised the feeling for later analysis. Now he needed to do this and nothing more.

    Kicking aside the last body from its seat the Palatine Exemplar took the controls, quickly shifting into reverse gear, the unpleasant sound of grinding machinery just another scream on the battlefield. He had no intention of killing the Leman Russ beyond Vitaly's salvation. If he had that luxury, he would avoid its destruction - first though, however noble that thought might be to the average Martian, he had to see where the battle was going. Aleph popped up from the tank like a mongoose from a hole, seeing Extrovious' mighty presence galvanise the troops under his command. Even amidst destruction his old friend stood as a solid bulwark against the foe. Aleph remembered the first time they'd fought together, sleek jetbikes swarming into the fray. Unfortunately, he didn't have the same air transport this time, and he could hardly count on the White Scars to pick him up whenever he pleased. He ducked back down. He'd lost the haywire, but perhaps that was for the best ...

    Aleph moved quickly. Even his speed wouldn't give him much chance in the vehicular onslaught outside. But he could drive.

    Extra action: contact Vitaly if possible, inform him Aleph has captured a tank. In order first to not get shot and second to ask if there's anywhere he'd like Aleph to shoot / ram enemy vehicles. if no preference or contact then choose the nearest Leman Russ to his current position.

    Action one: Drive tank closer in order to hit enemy with sword(s)
    Action Two: Shoot tank, preference for rear armour (weakest armour) of a new Leman Russ as everyone will be throwing everything at the Stormlord. If shooting is not possible, ram the rear facing, leading to:
    Action Three: Attempt to transfer to enemy tank, if any chance of swordplay remains use Attack: Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for all of his normal actions with no penalties.
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  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    - Death and Decay-
    Jendon helmet was fludded with warnings as it began scanning the bodily contents of one of his foes, almost every posion and disease known had come up. Jendon filed it away as a Error as he heard Elymas order he nodded silently to his brother following his order as they were assailed. Changing his stance he kept his power sword in a postion to parry blows as he loaded his bolter with a clip of dragonfire rounds. and began firing as he saw one of festus assistance heading towards them. Aiming for the one with melee he took Elymas word to heart and aimed to keep the one with melee equipment off his back.

    1x dragon fire, 1 x hearth of darkness 1x mansbane
    grenades, 1 plasma, 1 Incidarity, 1 Frag,

    1 attack on lab asstiant melee with bolter and dragon fire rounds, Two Defensive actions on Jendon with power chainsword
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