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Perfect Warriors

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    Like the Wind - Planet Ios
    Elymas noted of the world they would be fighting on as much as he would've done during his youth. It was a shame to leave his librarians on-board the Sovereign, nonetheless the defense of the Librarium and aid in orbit would be necessary if the Death Guard would dare to board the vessel. He trusted them to act well in his absence.

    However once they landed and met with the White Scars there was a surprising lack of animosity between the parties, maybe he got too used on killing brothers and cousins already? Re-evaluation of his instincts and ethics would have to be performed with Arnock after this mission was completed.

    Before Yabuqa escorted him and the Chief Apothecary, Elymas turned to his brethren. "Don't you dare fall without us at your side. We shall finish our business with Yesugei as swiftly as possible to rejoin you in battle. Death to the traitors." There was a meaningful nod and a slight thump with his damaged Gorgon-crafted Staff before marching with the White Scar.

    Beneath the Ground
    There was small talk to learn more about the White Scars and inform Yabuqa about their recent exploits, treasons and other such events - including an inquiry about the Great Khan.

    However hard he tried to focus on the various topics of discussion, his eyes and mind were always pulled towards the obsidian slabs that made the surrounding walls. Whatever the material was, whoever crafted it... They must have understood the Empyrean more than even the treacherous knife-eared Xeno which the Eldar were. Temptation sparked in the air to attempt to utilize his powers and see what would come of experimentation when his powers would clash with the ominous aura of the black stone. But alas, this was time of war - not study.

    The Ancient Astartes spoke with kindness, too kind maybe. He could have forced their hand just with his own power, not to forget that the White Scars outnumbered Elymas and Jendon. Yet, he chose kindness rather than authority. The Emperor's Child who was brought up in a legion of pride and martial rank in the least was confused.

    "It is an honor to meet you, Yesugei. My mentor and late Chief Librarian of the Emperor's Children spoke highly of you and your work. I hope you can forgive my insolence on asking for more information about what your plans are and what those secrets you found are before offering my services. More importantly, who those humans in these capsules are. Clearly they are alive and twitching, yet sealed. And if it is not cryogenic freezing... Then what condition are they in?"

    Elymas placed his staff before him, standing straight, both hands on it, almost in a praying fashion as he closed his eyes and performed a mind probe on the closest capsule-dweller. Nothing good can come out of something where a powerful psyker such as Yesugei needs aid of another one, or so Elymas' instinct believed. He was not a fan of secrets after reading Hephaestus' journal and how much information within the Emperor's Children had been withheld, and Yesugei was far too convinced about everything that would happen. Then again, the White Scars were wiser in interpreting their visions and dreams compared to the other legions.
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    Orders Are Orders

    If Vitaly disapproves of Sidon's strategic reasoning in any way, he makes no sign.

    "As you order, Praetor. I will prepare our materiel for Zone Mortalis conflict," comes his dispassionate reply.

    No one needed to be told that any theatre involving the Death Guard would invariably degenerate into a Zone Mortalis.

    The Marshalling

    In the red-limned depths of the Forge Precincts, Vitaly oversees the logistics of the Iosian campaign. Approximately half the covenants are gathered around him for a briefing in person, with the rest listening in via remote presence while engaged on duty elsewhere.

    "Attend, brothers. I will personally oversee logistical and technical ops on the ground. Tyrion and Ulysses will share joint Forge command during my absence. Beta Covenant will be my personal unit on the ground, with Archimedes as my 2IC. All hands are to be on deck for the duration of this operation, lasting till official standing down, as we can more than expect void war concurrent to surface conflict. With that in mind, I want the majority of our air wing optimised for void and high-altitude combat. We will want to achieve air superiority - supremacy if possible - as soon as feasible, and maintain it throughout the operation to keep the pressure off our ground forces and on the enemy. To that end, I want the Sovereign brought to stable low orbit once a safe zone has been cleared, and the flight decks kept clear and operating at full efficiency at all times. Pull all technical and operations crew off less-essential functions if necessary. Despite the prioritisation of void and high-altitude cover, however, I also want one mixed flight of Stormbirds and Storm Eagles optimised for close support and transport under fire. We will not leave our ground forces completely without air support."

    Highly-compressed data blurts flash between the Forgemaster and his acolytes, terabytes of data instantly uploaded to enhanced cerebrums.

    "If there are no queries, your mission data has been uploaded to you. You are dismissed to your duties."

    Turning about, Vitaly places his hands on the railing before him to view the engineering decks on the level beneath the mezzanine where he had addressed his cadres. This particular section had been dedicated to the servicing of the Millennial's ground vehicles, and directly below was the Herald of Espandor, the redoubtable Land Raider that had - seemingly a lifetime ago - fallen off the back of a metaphorical Trukk on Ullanor and been picked up by the Millennial, giving solid, faultless service ever since. Its hull, once the electric blue of the XIIIth Legion, had long since been repainted the palatine purple of the IIIrd Legion.

    The old IIIrd Legion. The loyal IIIrd Legion. The true IIIrd Legion.

    The heavy-gauge plasteel railings creak and flex as Vitaly's grip tightens in response to the thoughts running through his mind, bleak, defiant pride warring with disgust, indignation, rage and the need to choke the life from a Traitor with his bare hands while looking into his eyes to see the lights go out for good.

    The moment passes, and Vitaly's attention returns to the Herald. Not all traces of the XIIIth Legion are gone - in pride of place upon its stern is the white Omega of the Ultramarines with the Palatine Eagle superimposed over it, a token of brotherhood between two then-loyal Legions, an acknowledgement of the official transfer of materiel from one to the other in good fraternal humour, and pragmatic deference to the vicissitudes of war that had led to such happenstance.

    More important, however, are the functional changes to the mighty vehicle, operational modifications born from the fertile genius of the Forgemaster, authorised and expedited from his desk. The twin Godhammer lascannons on each sponson have been upgraded with superconducting conduits, optimised light collimators and Vitaly's own special phase-shifting refracting prisms, upcycling them into full-fledged prism laser cannons - his own attempt at replicating the functionality of the much larger well as the Aeldari Fire Prism laser weapons, the long-ago study of which inspired this line of innovation, though this was something everybody pointedly did not talk about.

    Poking out of the forward hull of the vehicle, offset to the left of the central axis, the quadruple barrels of a Thunderfire cannon rotate as tech adepts put it through dry-firing tests. Inspired by the sight of VIIth Legion Achilles-pattern Land Raiders in action during the Crusade, Vitaly had decided to sacrifice much of the vehicle's transport capacity to turn it into a dedicated gunship for this operation, prioritising mobile firepower over the ability to ferry a mere squad. Sadly, he had never had the chance to fully study the ferromantic techniques that caused the remarkable synergy between the custom hull alloys and the embedded defensive energy channels that made the Achilles-pattern very nearly indestructible. He was, however, fairly confident of designing a machine-spirit that could compete with the Necris-Phobos mark for processing power and autonomy, perhaps even best it by a good margin. In any case, there would be no time for any such radical modifications in the run-up to this campaign. Packing the vehicle with guns, layering on reactive armour, and giving the existing machine-spirit a thorough defragmentation and optimisation would have to do. Its overall crew and transport capacity had been whittled down to a mere three, including crew, just enough to accommodate Vitaly and two of his retinue, but that had been the intention all along.

    And speaking of guns...

    Vitaly watches sparks fly as a Predator turret unit is attached to the Herald's roof. A large, stubby barrel with the segmented irising plates of a variable-diameter aperture and multiple heat vents is its main feature, the deadly V.O.T.E.C. cannon sporting raw output equivalent to a magna-melta, and the additional functionality of multiple modes of delivering said output besides. With such a mission load, the Herald would be ideally positioned for maximum tactical flexibility, capable of engaging almost any surface threat with its full arsenal without loss of efficiency. Its overall crew and transport capacity had been whittled down to a mere three, including crew, just enough to accommodate Vitaly and two of retinue, but that had been the intention all along.

    Air threats, on the other hand, might be a bit of a worry. Vitaly watches as a stormbolter is attached to the commander's pintle mount, almost as an afterthought, and resists the urge to shake his head.

    Well, that is what combined arms are for. Can't do everything all by yourself.

    Speaking of combined arms...Vitaly turns his gaze over to another bay dedicated to the servicing of Legion grav vehicles. A quartet of Javelin Attack Speeders - a full flight - is being fitted for the upcoming op. Two have already been fitted with dual prism laser cannons, while the other pair sports twin-linked Cyclone Missile Launchers. Vitaly had wanted to minimise ammunition reliance for this operation, knowing full well the Death Guard's preference for grinding attritional warfare and wishing to maximise the Millennial's staying power in the field to its utmost in preparation for it. Even so, he would not entirely forego the advantage of the Javelin's missile weapons, and had designated half the flight to carry the weapons, deeming it sufficiently sustainable if used in a targeted and strategic fashion. For medium-close range strafing attacks of densely-packed heavy infantry and hardened vehicles alike, all four speeders are outfitted with V.O.T.E.C. sakers - two classes down from the full-sized cannon, about the same weight and output as a standard Legion las cannon - on their pintle mounts. These would form the dedicated fast attack arm of the Millennial's ground forces, and most of what passed for air support.

    On the other hand, a pair of jetbikes was also being made ready. Outfitted with prism laser cannons in place of the standard heavy bolter, these would be the dedicated transports of two of his retinue, giving them the ability to rapidly transit the battlefield and put out fires as they appeared. Direct combat power was a secondary consideration, but even so, he would not leave them underarmed.

    Satisfied that all is proceeding apace, Vitaly turns away to head to the engineering decks that service the Legion's air power. There was much to do prior to making planetfall on Ios, and less time in which to do it than some might imagine.

    The Killing Fields of Ios, XXX.007.M30

    As the Herald rumbles off the ramp of its Stormbird under the frozen grey skies of Ios, Vitaly stands atop the roof to survey the battlefield through all his senses. His gaze lingers upon the monolithic black structure dominating the centre of the ruined conurbation, not liking how even his advanced augurs skitter off it with inconclusive readings. Filing away the information for further deliberation, he turns his attention to the battlefield, noting the liberal scattering of technological debris, a good deal of it more salvageable than naked eye analysis would seem to suggest. He notes also the sub-optimal state of the White Scars' wargear, and the overall battering they have taken so far, as evinced by untended minor wounds, energy-conservative adaptations to movement patterns, and half-full magazines. His gaze then drifts further afield, to the fortifications and obstacles built by the Scars, his IVth Legion-trained mind already optimising the traps, funnels and killzones for greater functionality than even the greatest siegemasters of the Vth could ever dream of.

    Turning to the Scars ground commander, his bionics immediately decompress a language file into his brain's language centres, enabling him to speak functional Khorchin to bypass the well-known deficiencies of the average Chogorian in standard Gothic.

    "[Yabuqa Darga,]" he says, using the abbrieviated term for a lower to mid-level commander, "[Our best hope at this point is to do both. Take your men and skirmish with the XIVth - find the focal points of their strength and delay them as best as you can. Break down their discipline and formation coherency in chasing the wind for as long you are able, and I will turn this place into a graveyard for them.]"

    He then addresses his retinue - Archimedes, Perseus, and Khashayar of Beta Covenant - via datanet for speed and comprehensiveness.

    +++Observation: Current state of fortification inadequate for significant degradation of XIVth Legion capability to facilitate defence. Optimisation required, bearing in mind significant force disparity favouring XIVth Legion.+++

    +++Orientation: Static defence unfeasible against projected opposition. False semblance of static defence desirable to play to XIVth Legion psychology and Vth Legion doctrine, drawing enemy force into traps and break up coherency chasing false leads.+++

    +++Decision + Action: Initial objectives as follow - Beta Covenant to optimise extant defences as per my plans. Archimedes to supervise, Perseus and Khashayar to execute. Prepare extant urban structures for use as firing positions, with concealed lanes for expedited egress and remote-operated boobytraps pursuant for phased fighting withdrawals. Maximise use of utility servitors, effect recovery and utilisation of observed discarded tech debris as expedient. Further directives to come following reconnaissance in-depth.+++

    With that pulse of information, Vitaly uploads a detailed set of practical directives to Beta Covenant. With the mathematical exactitude of a IVth Legion siegemaster, his instructions detail how to improve the outer defences already set up by the Scars, not to deny the enemy entry entirely, but to slow them down drastically and expose them to fire and death on every side, drawing them to seemingly safe ingress lanes with concealed enfilades for IIIrd and Vth Legion troops, bleeding them white for every inch taken. The outer layers of the ruined conurbation are likewise to be turned into the next layer of defence. Already anticipating a withdrawal from the outer perimeter, Vitaly has drafted detailed plans for an orderly fighting withdrawal through each layer of the settlement, using the remaining buildings, first as fortified firing positions, then drawing the enemy within to commit to close combat, before suddenly melting away and detonating the structures, or else sealing all but a few selected egress routes so as to force the enemy to emerge into prepared killzones.

    Leaving Archimedes to direct the engineering operations from the Herald, Vitaly takes to the air and perches upon the highest vantage point available, turning slowly in a full circle to quarter the entire combat zone with his augurs, steadily scanning from the near field to far, looking for any detail at all that might yield potential advantage, or pose a potential threat to friendly forces.
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    <Beneath the Ground>
    @Uriel1339 @Vulpas

    The moment his mind touched the capsule Elymas felt the deep and gnawing terror, almost primal in essence. These were not his thoughts of course, but of the human - undoubtedly human - person within the suspense capsule. They were held in some form of half-sleep, although if Elymas would press more he would realize this was not just any sleep, it was a nightmare.

    These people were suffering, that was certain, but with each moment he stayed there Elymas felt the connection grow. He was not facing a single mind, but an entire collective brought together for some unknown purpose and obviously left down here in the dark. The actual cause of the terror was left unanswered, but the Emperor's Children Librarian knew the stench of corruption when he saw it, seeping through the cracks at the edge of reason like some malignant ooze, creeping ever closer.

    "I admit I didn't know much about this place before we came here, there are many secret-keepers on Terra that like to play their cards close," Yesugei sighed, the bones on his staff rattling as he placed it on the side of the console and touched the metal with his hands. Closing his eyes for a moment, he continued undisturbed, "This is one of their creations. I might go as far to say that He had his hand in it, but then again, such logic might lead us to dark places where our enemy's hearts lay."

    "My brothers and I look for a...quick way to Terra. Ever since we learned of the treachery first-hand we fought on for almost a year and while the Great Khan knows this is a war of attrition, no war lasts forever and this one will be decided at the Palace's walls," old Librarian now spoke with certainty, his tone informative but not condescending in a way some of the more older and experienced teachers would talk to their students. "Our former brothers hound us at every step, so we seek an alternative. Even now they are here, in full force, trying to thwart my Khan, but they don't realize this would be as if you are trying to catch lighting. Especially, since you are here as well."

    "As for this group of unfortunates before us," he said and nodded towards the capsules, "I plan on releasing them from whatever torment they are in. To do this, I believe I must awaken them first but you can sense as well as I, that shadow on the corners of vision. You have faced yaksha before, yes? They are drawn to this place and activating the minds of these poor wretches will bring their suffering to maximum before the eventual release."

    "This might draw the flies in and for this, I need you here with me."

    <Killing fields of Ios>

    Yabuqa raised an eyebrow as he heard Vitaly speak, although the smile never left his face. [You misunderstood. My men are the ones who remained behind to protect Lord Yesugei. This is our, eh...front base. The rest are out there,] he continued speaking in Khorchin, pointing to the dense fog beyond the settlement's edge, [They are employing your tactics, yes. However, I wouldn't worry too much about it. These Death Guard are no match for Khagan with Golden Keshig at his side.]

    Laughing Vitaly's words as if they were some joke, Yabuqa turned around and directed his men nonetheless, this time in a serious manner, pointing them to the first lines of combat, just like the Forgemaster suggested. Archimedes on the other hand, immediately took the rest of the Techmarines and set out to better prepare the defenses, advancing on the somewhat poor work the White Scars did and getting the line ready in short order. Boobytraps were placed on the entrance vectors, pitfalls quickly dug to slow down the advancing legionary enough for the ranged fire to do the work.

    Settlement buildings were also better fortified by using the wasted material left by the destroyed defenders and were now manned by Emperor's Children Devastators. While the present White Scars were mostly equipped with melee weapons, the company under Captain Extrovious' lead were well-rounded, if a bit easy on the trigger, bunch and they followed their leader's orders to the letter, which were in line with what Vitaly presented. Last line of defense was placed around the black monolith in the center, strengthened by two squads who remained in reserve. The rest were holding the line.
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    Beneath the Ground
    @Colapse | @Vulpas

    "Yaksha?" Elymas murmured softly beneath his breath before nodding in agreement. "The Neverborn. The spawn of whatever the fabrics of the immaterium are made of." There was spite and anger in his voice, hands clenching around the staff made of Medusian Ironwood.

    "The only good that will come of their annihilation here is that the enemy won't be able to use these..." He looked towards one of the capsules as if attempting to make eye contact with the individual within. "... Hosts. The last time I felt the sensation this strong was no other place than Laer itself, where Hephaestus fell." It was a flash of a memory sparking bright enough to make the seasoned secret keeper speak out loud.

    "I will speak honestly to you, from Chief Librarian to de facto Chief Librarian." His gaze turned back to Yesugei. "I'm not certain of our fate once we unseal them and unleash whatever darkness this planet already attracted. For all we know, the nightmares are induced to attract the... Yaksha. Like moths to a light simply to trap them in eternity. While I do not doubt our talents, I still fear for the life of every Astartes on this world. Especially if even only one escapes."

    Elymas rubbed his chin in thought, glancing over to Jendon, life-long friend and Chief Apothecary of the loyal pockets of Emperor's Children that remained. The death of every loyalist feels these days as if a hundred died during the crusades.

    "I shall lend you my strength this one time, Yesugei. My mentor had always spoke well of you and I would not want this cesspool of nightmares grow any larger, else it might swallow the whole world one day." To signal the determination behind his words and final answer, he thumped his staff once against the floor causing a well audible clang.
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    Like The Wind
    If Pholax disagreed with the decision to assist the White Scars, he made no mention of it, the choice was made, to disagree or complain about it served no purpose other than to cause strife within the newly formed leadership. At least there was a force going to assist the Seventh, Emperor willing they'd make short work of the traitors.

    Thankfully his armoured shell made it easier to hide his emotions. He was very distrustful of the White Scars, not because of any prejudice against them, simply they were a wild card. They had been gone for years and during these interesting times do they return. Sometimes it is better to stay cautious, before you end up finding out you've just let enemies within so to speak.

    Pholax kept his optics open, and saw that if this was some kind of ruse, it was a damned elaborate one. The Death Guard were known traitors, so perhaps this time luck was on their side, if such a thing did exist. So best course of action, gather these lost warriors and take them to Terra for the final battle. Ensure the Throne World stands is the highest of priorities.

    "We shall stand together then, and hold back the traitors." Pholax boomed as he cycled his assault cannon and flexed his power fist's fingers around.
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    “Brothers, there has been a new development,” Arnock’s voice booms in the vox, the Master of Rites remaining back aboard “Sovereign” to help bolster the mighty ship’s defense with his men against a possible boarding attack. But when he spoke now, he didn’t sound too happy.

    Simultaneously, Vitaly began experiencing sensor malfunction. Whatever was happening in the black monolith at the center he couldn’t tell, but the structure started emitting a low-pitched energy sound, undetectable by most of the equipment but a Forgemaster of Vitaly’s renown, with his many gifts, was able to pinpoint the reasoning behind the fact he was now reading over a thousand drop-pods incoming one second, then nothing in the next. Dense fog acted similarly, even when he was able to circumvent the corruption caused by the alien building, the electro-magnetic radiation suddenly rising around them sealed the deal.

    Aerial support was still there but the last report that came through was that they engaged a heavy Death Guard force arriving from the orbit which protected the already-landed troops. More White Scar dots appeared on the sensors but they too were sporadic, but thankfully the close range aiming sensors from the Millennial’s armored force returned “all-clear” confirmations that the weapons were primed and ready to be utilized.

    “At least two dozen Death Guard vessels are breaking into the system,” came Arnock’s voice after the communication personnel aboard their ship bolstered his signal, “I repeat, at least two dozen Death Guard vessels are breaking into the system to support the current forces. We detected five capital ships, including “Endurance”. She is leading the way and will soon position itself to launch troops,” more static ensued which then turned into a garbled mess of screams and shouts of unknown origin.

    Arnock’s voice broke through for one last time before he too went silent. “Brothers, we will hold the orbit but I suggest you do what you need to do quickly and get back up here. Arnock out.”

    Distant flashes on the sky signaled the void battle beginning in its earnest, the fog unable to hide everything. At the same time, legionaries who stood at the furthest edges of the compound passed the word as the first enemy units were sighted. Everyone had their weapons primed, each warrior ready to do his part and drive the tide away.

    They arrived slowly, following strict marching discipline drilled into them by their Sergeants. Uniforms painted black, combat packs and ammo bandoliers hanging from each of them in abundance. Single regiment, half-moon on yellow background with twin eagles below, the exact name of the auxiliary force lost in the tornado of war, in reality completely meaningless. They came out of the fog like dead-men, las-rifles at the ready, bayonets pointed towards Emperor’s Children lines.

    They weren’t alone. Even as the first mortal soldier crossed the threshold and got blown up by one of the hidden mines, the support elements arrived, anchoring the backline and preparing to unleash fury of their own. Leman Russ tanks opened fire, combination of battle cannons and demi-culverins saw the first portion of traps destroyed, leaving room for smaller vehicles to push through and cover advancing ranks of infantry. Ogryns shock troops led the way, supported by heavier soldiers carrying compact versions of rad-launchers who angled their approach towards the settlement’s first line of buildings.

    However none of these troops were really a match for the combined might of legionaries waiting on them. That was, until the fog broke and real guns began to roar on top of a steel behemoth. Painted in camo green with a large dozer blade in shape of a simple black skull, the somewhat rarer version of the mightiest Solar Auxilia dubbed Stormlord by the soldiers who had a chance to see the storm of shells unleashed by the super-tank, began its slow advance on the loyalist lines.

    “They came prepared,” Yabuqa said over the vox, his blunt statement receiving reply from the rest of the White Scars by thirty short bolter bursts, weapon discipline quite admirable as twice that amount of traitor army troopers disappeared in a cloud of shrapnel.

    Death Guard:

    Stormlord: [30], Leman Russ tanks: [10] BC, [10] BC, [10] DC, [10] DC, Banewolves: [6/6/6/6/6], Ogryns: 35, Rad-troopers: 50, Traitor Infantry: Infinite

    Company Extrovious and friends:

    Yabuqa’s White Scars: 30, Emperor’s Children legionaries: 100, Destroyers: 10, Herald of Espandor: [20], Javelins: 7/7 DPC, 7/7 CML

    Aleph:25 Vitaly:25 Denatus:35 Extrovious:35 Pholax: [15]

    Tides of Battle: Neutral; 1st line holding [188/188]

    Conditions: Each one can use 1d10 heal anytime during combat (by Jendon’s proxy servo skulls) while Pholax can get healed any number of times for 1d6 by Vitaly’s scarabs (Vitaly still needs to designate his own action for each heal). Traitor infantry will start with one low-powered attack (hits on 16+) that is rolled against each of the chars and they will get 1 additional attack with each passing turn representing their increasing numbers. You spending one attack against the traitor infantry will nullify the attacks made at your char for the duration of the turn. Also feel free to emote some kills on them whenever you wish.

    There are three defensive lines, first is the initial defenses, second line is buildings, third line is circle around the alien structure. Holding first line gives you bonus in attack and defensive rolls. Holding second line gives you bonus in defensive rolls. Third line gives you no bonus but gives the enemy bonus in attack rolls. Suffering casualties equal to 1/3 of your current HP bars (not counting PC chars) will cause a line to break. I will do raw numbers, so that rounds up to 63.

    You can summon air strike twice during this fight, one is Stormbird bombardment (bonus against armor) and one is Storm Eagle flyby (bonus against infantry). These can happen in the same turn. Fight will last for either 4 or 5 turns, depending on the rolls made by Yesugei (in the other part).

    Death and Decay
    @Uriel1339 @Vulpas

    Darkness grew all around them, as if the malignant forces hiding behind the veil felt the moment approaching. Yesugei simply nodded and stood at the center of the chamber, his eyes closed. With the flick of his fingers, he played the console in front of him like an instrument, moving as if knowing where to touch the cold metal by simple muscle memory. Elymas felt the older Librarian’s strength for the first time, the expertly weaved lines of energy working their way from him into every single capsule, whatever horror held suspended by their inhabitants seemingly having no effect of the White Scar.

    However the effect was evident all around them. Jendon’s armor sensors began returning strange readings as the signal with the top was lost. Sharp shapes of the chamber’s walls and floor started twisting as if looked at it through some lenses. Smells that had no place here, the rotting meat and the stench of corpses filled the air, the filters each Space Marine’s helmet was equipped with could do absolutely nothing to stench the flow. Low murmur and giggling started echoing through the vox and then, right next to them.

    They appeared almost out of thin air. Elymas felt the convolution of Immaterium energies striking the alien structure, the monument turning from a somewhat anti-psyker node into its complete opposite. Warp had a strong presence here, but was it rooted in the structure itself or the minds of the sleeping humans, he couldn’t tell. But what he could tell was that Lord Yesugei stood in the center of the growing maelstrom and the moths were drawn to it, one by one.

    Jendon on the other hand, possessed more “earthly” senses and what he could see was the shadows at the edge of the chamber solidifying, the same unease passing over him like back on Laer which now probably seemed like a lifetime ago. They were tall, humanoid shapes, each creature having a single cyclopean eye and a horn attached to a sickly face. Accompanied by numberless flies, they came at them at a slow but steady face, their rotting forms seemingly undisturbed by the poxes riddling their grey flesh. Each one carried a wicked rusty sword that was oozing with obvious poison, although Jendon had absolutely no idea just what kind of a toxin that was, nor how was it even possible for the swords to retain form when faced with such abuse.

    These monsters advanced in complete silence, going straight for Yesugei who still stood in the center, eyes-closed his mind completely focused on the task at hand. The laugher Elymas and Jendon heard earlier actually came from a host of smaller somewhat similarly-looking creatures that obviously came from the same stock, but different enough to make a distinction.

    They were the size of a child but twice as wide, their horned heads reaching up to an Astartes greave while their bodies were in similar states of decomposition, just like their bigger cousins. They kept on giggling, speaking in a language Jendon never heard before, but he could well guess their intention as they swarmed towards Elymas, who could actually discern couple of words. Where he knew music, these creatures represented the repressing silence. “Death, corpse, rot, end, end, begin, end, reborn, plague, death, rot,” they kept on repeating the words which was once again childlike in a sense that they struggled to properly form sentences as if they were mere children. “All children have a father,” a voice broke through the veil and for a single moment Elymas could feel one discord note, the caress of a familiar touch on the back of his neck before his senses were overwhelmed by the buzzing of the flies.

    Children of Nurgle:

    Plaguebearers: 9/9/9/9/9 Nurglings: 60

    Psyker defenders:

    Jendon:25 Elymas:35

    Conditions: The unnatural rot is attacking you in a very real way, you will feel weaker with each passing turn and you will lose flat HP amount. First turn 1d3, then appropriately 1d6, 1d10, 1d20 and 1d100. Elymas can fortify you against the effects of it and for this he needs to pass 1 successful roll, however each turn the rot will kick back in, although the counter for the damage rolls will continue from the same turn where it was dispelled (e.g. if Elymas dispels it on turn 2 you will not suffer damage and on turn 3 the damage will once again be 1d6 HP).

    If damaged by conventional weapons, each daemon of Nurgle will have a chance to regenerate itself.

    You can also call Yesugei once during the fight and he will stop the ritual to perform an AOE psychic attack against every daemon present in order to help you, otherwise he will not be a part of this combat. I will be rolling for him and depending on the rolls, the combat will end in either 4 or 5 turns.
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    Earlier - Preparing the Ground

    Visibly, Vitaly appears unmoved by Yabuqa's mention of the presence of The Khan himself on the battlefield. However, that definitely gets filed away under the heading of, 'Tactically Relevant Information, High Priority,' and flash-forwarded to Millennium command aboard the Sovereign. The presence of a Primarch upon the field of battle was never an insignificant event, particularly now, when the loyalty of all Primarchs was to be considered suspect until proven otherwise. For now, it seemed the Khan was on the same side as the orphaned sons of the Phoenix.

    For now.

    Taking to his elevated vantage, he watches as Archimedes layers the battlefield with mines - three, in total, in accordance with IVth Legion movement disruption doctrine, with triggers that can be set to proximity or remote control at the will of the battlefield commander. Perseus and Khashayar are at work on the front lines, shoring up fortifications and adjusting the alignment of obstacles to optimise the funnelling of enemy forces into killzones.

    A blurt of binaric signals the four Javelin speeders to deploy from the forward hold of the Stormbird and nestle in their designated muster area between the outbuildings and the monolith, attended to by a cluster of technical servitors for repair and refit.

    With all in readiness, Vitaly turns his eyes to the horizons in opposite directions, waiting for the storm that is sure to roll in upon them all.

    Now: Stormbreak on Ios

    The first sign of trouble is an unexpected one, for all of Vitaly's by-now months of experience fighting this new war. The glitching augur readouts, the disorientation, the sheer sense of indefinable wrongness screams adverse Immaterial event like nothing else, as Vitaly has learned the hard way since Laer. Beneath his featureless helm, his face retains its granite impassivity, the only sign of his antipathy towards all things of the psychic realm being a tightening of the muscles about his hollow, burning eyes as he glances towards the alien monolith before turning his attention back to the battlefield.

    As reports from the void trickle in, Vitaly's well-developed tactical heuristics sum up the situation for him.

    We are alone on the surface. And an enemy Primarch has come in strength far greater than ours.

    Conclusion: Swiftly conclude mission and extract if desirous of survival.

    He attempts to raise Elymas and Jendon on the theatre vox network, but their signifers go dead just then, along with the priority channel to them. As enemy troops crest the horizon in their unnumbered ranks on either side, Vitaly makes a decision.

    "Forgemaster Vitaly to all points - someone re-establish contact with the witchbreeds at once, and by that, I mean go down there and see what is going on. In all likelihood, they are dealing with some form of extremely dangerous psychic phenomena, so do not engage with whatever it is unless absolutely necessary . More important that I know what is going on down there and can talk to them. We may have less than an hour before extraction is lost to us, so whoever is closest - move your feet, and go in twos...NOW."

    Returning his attention to the battlefield, he studies the tapestry before him, the remorseless clockwork of his mind tick-tick-ticking away to balance the bloody equations of war. Fire, metal, meat, blood, bone...all is but grist for the mill, ammunition to spend in pursuit of, not victory. Victory is too grandiose a term for the battlefields of today, too idealistic.

    No planting the flag atop a hill of the enemy dead, with celebratory libations and memorial pict captures, like in the old days. A successful mission will have to do, where the Millennium achieves what it set out to do, then squirms out of the trap by the skin of its teeth, battered, bloody, but alive to fight another day.

    A delaying action, then. As it was always going to be, but with even narrower margins than we had calculated before.

    He opens a channel to the theatre commander. @DeranVendar

    "Captain Extrovious, I am dedicating our armour and fast attack assets to taking out their armour. I myself will deal with the superheavy. Will order a Tremor round strike on those rad-troopers and their Ogryn escort - recommend you follow up on those ASAP, or they could cause some problems."

    A brief blurt of binaric sends out terabytes of information to the vehicle assets on the ground - fire mission briefs, complete with target prioritisation, attack vectors, timing, even firing cadences and target vulnerabilities.

    +++Unit Archimedes+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - neutralise closest battle cannon-equipped Leman Russ unit+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha Strike, all prism laser cannons, calibrate for maximum armour penetration+++
    +++Objective #2: Fire mission - suppress rad-troopers and Ogryn escort+++
    +++Methodology: Fire for effect, Tremor round+++
    +++Objective #3: Evasive relocation to second firing position+++
    +++Methodology: Via pre-planned transit routes+++

    +++Units Perseus, Khashayar+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - neutralise Banewolf units, prioritise individual kills+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha strike, all prism laser cannons, calibrate for maximum armour penetration+++
    +++Objective #2: Evasive egress to friendly lines and await further mission assignments+++
    +++Methodology: NOE flight+++

    +++Javelin Units #1-4+++
    +++Objective #1: Fire mission - neutralise Leman Russ units, prioritise battle cannon-equipped units+++
    +++Methodology: Alpha strike, all available weapons, prioritise maximum armour penetration+++

    +++Objective #2: Evasive egress to muster zone and await further mission assignments+++
    +++Methodology: NOE flight+++

    +++Compliance, Forgemaster,+++
    comes Archimedes' blurt in reply. The Herald's engine roars as the seasoned vehicle operator kicks it into gear, broad tracks churning the alien mud as he takes the war machine via carefully-planned routes hidden by buildings from enemy view to the first of several pre-sited firing positions. Sighting the Godhammer-IIc prism laser cannons on the closest battle cannon-armed Leman Russ, he gives fire control over to the machine-spirit so as to free himself up to plan a firing solution against the rad-troopers and their Ogryn escort. Running a lightning simulation taking into account projected seismics, ground fragmentation and the resultant unit discoherency, he lays a targeting template onto the ideal spot within the enemy formation and, leading the target, programmes the Thunderfire cannon to sight and fire the moment the prism laser cannons finish their firing cycle.

    +++Compliance, Forgemaster. Approaching on full afterburn,+++ comes Perseus' reply for the remaining Techmarine duo. The twin jetbikes shake the air with the rush of their passing and the high-pitched howl of their overpowered engines, fleeting low and fast between ground obstacles to maximally disrupt enemy targeting, only vaulting over them upon the final approach to the enemy. The axial-mounted prism laser cannons glow and then spit headache-bright lances of coherent light into the vulnerable flanks of the Banewolves, the riders preparing to peel away and sprint back to friendly lines by two different routes almost before the firing cycles are complete.

    "Acknowledged, Forgemaster. Javelin Flight turning and burning," comes the flight commander's reply over standard vox, lacking as he does the Mechanicum implants and training to reply in binaric. The speeders fleet between the buildings of the second line and then through the obstacles of the first, popping up to vault over enemy ground forces and unleash their payloads upon the Leman Russ tanks, prioritising the longer-ranged battle cannon-armed ones. Lances of armour-burning laser light and swarms of krak missiles mark the passage of the speeder flight, even as they, too, peel off to return to their muster zone via several different routes so as to avoid being taken out all at once by a single lucky shot.

    As for the Forgemaster himself...

    Vitaly, from his position at the back of the front line, pops up onto an elevated position atop a small knoll for a moment. As the jetbike and speeders make their run on the enemy armour, he feeds power to his secondary weapons. The V.O.T.E.C. blaster cycles up with a low hum that rises to a buzzing, tooth-itching whine as it settles into its deflagration setting. A broad sweep of its beam across a section of the enemy mass reduces a corridor of enemy troops to smouldering cinders, clearing the enemy guns in the path of the jetbikes as they stoop upon the Banewolves. He repeats the action once, sanitising a lane of approach to the Leman Russ tanks for the speeders.

    Almost before his AA suppression mission is complete, he turns his attention upon the distant Stormlord, already weighing his options versus its strengths and weaknesses, and calculating his best course of action. Sighting his HUD targeting reticule upon the metal beast, he zeroes in on its central cogitator. Levelling the Entropic Disruptor, he tunes its output to deliver an overwhelming cascade of electromagnetic dissonance directly into its electronics, in addition to a series of low-frequency, high-amplitude vibrations. All this with the overall goal of stopping the vehicle in its tracks, at least temporarily, not to mention severely spilling the coffee in the crew compartment, hopefully injuriously.

    In so doing, he hopes to buy time for the beleaguered loyalist troops, as well as distract the superheavy and its crew for what he has planned next.

    A squeeze of the trigger, and a thrumming beam of nameless colours and rainbow scintilla flashes across the gap between him and the tank for three seconds, and then cuts off abruptly. Vitaly's firing position is already empty by then, grav-engines gunning hard to move him between field fortifications and other obstacles to his next firing position in unpredictable, jerky bursts of motion that will hopefully wreak merry hell on enemy targeting.

    Command Actions


    #1: Prism laser cannon strike @ Leman Russ (BC)
    #2: Thunderfire cannon strike (Tremor) @ rad-troopers + Ogryns
    #3: Evasive relocation to new firing position

    #1: Prism laser cannon strike @ Banewolves
    #2: Evasive retreat to friendly lines

    Javelin Flight:
    #1: Prism laser/krak missile strike @ Leman Russ (BC)
    #2: Evasive retreat to muster position

    Personal Actions

    1.) All-Out Action: Covering fire for flyers @ Traitor Infantry w/ V.O.T.E.C. Blaster (volkite setting)

    2.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Stormlord w/ Entropic Disruptor (Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Concussive)

    3.) Standard Action: Evasive movement to relocate to next firing position w/grav-engine.



    Threat Assessment Matrix:

    - Covering fire for flyers @ Traitor Infantry w/ V.O.T.E.C. Blaster (1 re-roll)

    - Attack @ Stormlord w/ Entropic Disruptor (1 re-roll)

    Null Ray charges this turn: 0

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Blast, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Metal Storm (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 30/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 1, Phosphex x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
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    Death & Decay
    @Colapse | @Vulpas

    "Remember the goo, Jendon? Apply the same mentality..." Elymas gave a brief cough, the stench being unlike anything he ever faced. And that comes from a man of multiple centuries in age marching through literal corpse swamps, scorched corpses and worse. "... Do not apply logic. Merely know that they must be exterminated without hesitation. And dare not try to listen, make reason or in the slightest understand these... Mutants."

    There was a particular hateful tone when he uttered the last word, as an almost forgotten voice lingered yet in his head. The relationship was obvious, and yet, nothing ever was cut and dry with the immaterium. Following his own advice handed out to Jendon like a prescription, the battle-hardened veteran moved his servo-powered armor into action.

    Rather than risking the chance to distract Yesugei or his own powers to go astray, Elymas opted in for the most certain way on how to purge these pestilence-ridden creatures - the damaged Phoenix's Resolve.

    Using both of his hands around the shaft of the weapon he channeled his might into the very weapon through its every single psy-conductor which illuminated the remaining crystals like a torch inside a crypt. It would come crushing down on the bigger beasts, applying Ork logic to these monsters. If one was to slay all the bigger creatures, maybe the smaller ones would disperse, or at least lose in morale and combat efficiency.

    OOC: Balanced Attack (2 Attack, 1 Defense) vs. Plaguebearer with Phoenix's Resolve
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    Aleph surveyed the battlefield with a deep sense of disgust, but behind the natural emotion his mind was working. The front was long, concentrated on two facings and this wide spread of enemies did not suit his squad's favourite way of war. But, as always, the Emperor's Children were adaptable. He had no doubt for his fellow Astartes. The White Scars, too - thought Alephoros knew little of them as men - they were trained soldiers of the Emperor. He could appreciate the code of personal honour they held. It was enough for brotherhood in these strange days.

    That, and the keen eyes of his fellow Loyalists. Vitaly especially was the exacting judge they needed to make sure of any new allies. It simply could not be left to chance and goodwill any more; Aleph had faith in little, but he knew that the Techmarine would not let anyone slide past on mere supposition.

    He shifted his stance minutely, backhandedly taking off the head of a charging infantryman as he readied Night's Edge to follow Daith'wyn to the kill. Never still, he kicked out with his right foot, crushing another's ribcage with his boot. He could do this for some time, given no lucky shots, but it was like taking a broom to a water store spill. There had to be better uses for a Palatine Blade than static defence.

    With that he was running, printing as soon as he had a moment to close up the gap he'd leave in the defence. His hand flashed out to give Herald of Espandor a sort of affectionate pat on the way past, before he leaped a pile of readied ammunition and caught up with the last Javelin crew to make ready. There was a brief conversation, terse with immediacy rather than rudeness. A shaking head. Doubts cast on sanity, mostly as a formality. Legionary Aster could see the light of kindred spirits in the eyes of the men before him. No Astartes is lightweight, even the slender Children of Corax, but with quick calculation it was determined that they could do it. Moments later Aleph was speeding into gunfire, riding pillion like a scholam child on a landcycle.

    "There are too many tanks," he said through his helmet vox, "pick one you like the least. You can drop me off there."

    It was as he was leaping from the barely-slowing Javelin that he called out the sibilant Nostraman that brought Night's Edge fully into life: cith sha'eth, lightning massacre. A burst from his wrist-mounted flamer cleared the scatter of clinging dross from the target like fallen leaves, the noxious fumes of the updraft far from incense. His first task was to make an opening. Fortunately, he had an opener.


    1: Use Offensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus attack and -1 on all of his defensive rolls to make an All-Out attack on the hatch or other opening of the Leman Russ tank, given he gets to land on one. If not, first action goes to getting to the nearest tank or large target and then proceed as below as far as possible.

    2: Haywire grenade into innards thus revealed, hoping to stop the machine from the inside, haywire to its delicate parts.

    3: Leap down in and start attacking using All Out Attack with Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for all of his normal actions with no penalties.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Inferno
    Explosives: 2 x haywire grenade, 1 x plasma
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    Pholax surveyed the battlefield, the Death Guard making their formations, their slow advance, seeing his brothers and the White Scars react, all of them guns readied, Pholax knew his task, kill, kill and kill again. All were to be destroyed and he'd see to it. Preferably... Personally.

    The moment they rolled into his range he knew it was time to for him to personally act again.

    "The chemical carriers, they shall be nought but husks." Pholax boomed as he cycled his krak missile to be launched, be they Astartes or mortals inside. They'd be consumed by his weaponry, or their own bursting open prematurely.

    His system began targeting the Banewolves, tracking their speed, and then launched krak missiles, one after the other and then brought up his assault cannon to blaze anything that could have advanced forward.

    Two attacks with krak missiles on the Banewolves.
    One defence upon self with Assault Cannon.
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