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Perfect Warriors

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    Breaking the circle
    @Uriel1339 @matt23

    "Aye my Lord," Rulduan and the remainder of his squad obeyed, pulling back behind the two terminators and preparing to what was coming at them. The shadow grew as the still-fresh blood dripped from the giant fist. "We are Iron! From it we came, to it we shall return," Dreadnought grumbled as he advanced upon Arnock, every other word was silenced as the assault cannon started spitting shells. Master of Rites saw it and he was quick on his feet, despite wearing the heavy armor, getting himself the opening he needed to fire off a shot with the inferno pistol. Air grew denser and the blast hit the Dreadnought even as the shells went past Arnock, the melta weapon enough to burn through the plating and slow the machine down.

    He didn't seem to care though. "I COMETH FROM IRON!" Dreadnought roared and closed the distance, Arnock seeing the name "Brother Nestor" engraved upon the sarcophagus right as the fist came at him. It hit Arnock with the strength of a tank and lower part of his arm alongside his pistol shattered into dozen of smaller pieces. Flamer was activated and it engulfed the Master of Rites, but even through it the edge of Perfectus Mortem shined as it struck forward. Adamantium met adamantium, the sparks flew off but the old power field bit through, slicing past pieces of protection - but there was only time for one such blow as Arnock had to move quickly to evade getting pulverized by Nestor's bulk.

    It was then that he felt the tingling at the back of his head increase, the familiar sense of unease began creeping upon him as Elymas drew upon the powers of the Immaterium. Veil was thin here, the raw emotions which the psyker called upon echoed in the mirror realm and something spoke back. Crystals which were shattered now floated around the top of Phoenix's Resolve, the myriad of colors spreading all around to form a giant encased in silver. Something akin to a golem of ancient tale rose like a specter of vengeance, his eyes, even behind the ornate helmet, shining with fire - just like his fists. No weapons besides them were on the apparition, but it needed no other.

    Matching Dreadnought in size, Echo of Medusa charged forward straight into Brother Nestor. More on automation than anything else, the Iron Warrior twisted around and unloaded his assault cannon on full auto but the projectiles did nothing to the creature as they simply flew through him and exploded on the wall behind. Elymas could watch his creation hitting the Dreadnought in full force, the Chief Librarian feeling every second of it as if it were him who was fighting. Dreadnought versus ethereal fists, two titanic opponents began smashing each other without remorse even as the deck around them shook.

    Bridge Assault:

    Brother Nestor, Castaferrum Dreadnought: [6] (power fist + flamer, assault cannon) (LC active)

    Arnock:13, Elymas:20, Line Squad Rulduan:6 Echo of Medusa:17

    Friendly NPC squad will look to Arnock for orders but if you don’t wanna guide them and tell them who to focus on, I can do that for you. Dreadnought is considered to be a boss.

    @Draconion @Vulpas

    "Speak while you still can, Apothecary," Captain Karon growled as the chain hammer met Jendon's powered chainsword. Teeth exploded around, eating into both of the combatants even as Jendon's servo skull worked around him, trying to inject the necessary amount of vital substances into his bloodstream. It didn't do much though, Iron Warrior Commander was as relentless as they came - another swing of the hammer found the Chief Apothecary's lower stomach, turning the soft flesh into pulp. Artificer armor or not, its protective capabilities had their limits and Jendon was speeding towards them.

    However once again, for the Emperor know's how many times today, brothers of the XIX Legion came to the rescue. Two shots rang and Karon stumbled as he was hit, Jendon getting the opportunity to unload a full salvo into the Iron Warrior. Not every shot hit the mark and he registered that the poison failed to attach to his opponent, but the sheer damage of the mass reactive rounds did the work instead. Spitting blood, Captain was properly injured now but yet unbroken, just like the rest of his warriors.

    Command squad saw their leader's situation and they redoubled their efforts, both them and the still-surviving legionaries of the Line Squad unleashed hell upon the Squad Mormeh. Emperor's Children died in droves now, pinned by the remaining combat servitors they gave their lives to protect Ilyas, his Devastators and the Techmarines beyond, Sergeant Mormeh himself dying as the Iron Warrior with two power axes cleaved him apart.

    He didn't live for long though, as the black-clad Chaplain was suddenly upon him. Moving with lethal grace despite his size, the Raven Guard's claws flickered with deadly potential. It was obvious, even from the start, that the duel was severely one-sided. It lasted for only couple of seconds, the Iron Warrior attempted a faint and dodge to the side after which he would catch the Raven Guard on his neck, but the Chaplain saw the move and used the energized whip on his crozius to ensnare his opponent's arm. Twin axe came a second too late, the lightning claws came straight through the Honor Guard warrior and lifted him in the air, even as the Chaplain simultaneously retracted the whip and ripped the Iron Warrior's arm off. Integrated bolter fired and bolts exploded inside Iron Warrior, destroying his chest and spine. With an afterthought, the Raven Guard tossed the corpse aside and moved back to support the Techmarines.

    Vitaly was there of course, weathering shot after shot from the Honor Guardsmen with the bolter, the Forgemaster wasn't about to back off. Clad in iron, both in flesh and spirit, he fired his V.O.T.E.C. and the Iron Warrior disappeared, his body atomized. The only thing that remained was a hand that still gripped the melted pole of the banner, that now fell on the ground, nobody there to pick it up. A plasma shot came his way but the sting was secondary to him, armor melting and being fused was something he knew all too well. Autocannons roaring from the Ironstriders were likewise irrelevant at this point, nothing really mattered as more information flooded his vision.

    "Blackest Grip" was destroyed, its death a blazing star which once would be deemed great, however amidst such titanic clash around them it seemed hardly important. "Battleborn" on the other hand, was safely in Vitaly's hands and the mortal crew on its bridge was now completely locked out of commands. Word Bearer ships died in similar fashion, "Sovereign's" firepower combined with Admiral de Beaumont's guidance saw that this small victory was assured.

    Back in combat, the lighting field flashed but to little use as the first Ironstrider evaded the discharge, however the second Ironstrider was caught by the entropic energy and was shut down completely, its rider following same fate. At the same time, Tyron's input came through, followed by Ulysses' confirmation that he got his brother back. Second later, a new signature appeared, that one of Skitarii Alpha named 911-TAS.

    ++ "Honored servants of Omnissiah. What is your will?" ++

    Captain Ilyas kept on fighting though, his support coming through as couple of Dominators died to heavy weapons. Minteril and his terminators, devoid of any sense of logic, given how now they where threatened defeat, charged into the Iron Warriors and began butchering them in full, the tables turning in an instant. Pushed from all sides, Dominators began retreating while two remaining Honor Squadmates gathered around their wounded Captain into what was likely to be a last stand.

    Enslaving the ship:

    Dominators:13, Line Squad:8, Captain Karon:9(chain hammer), Honor Squad:8(plasma gun)/7(power sword + shield)

    Jendon:9, Vitaly:13, Minteril's HQ:13, Devastator Squad Ilyas:10, First Techmarine Covenant:10, Skitarii troops:40, Ironstriders:10, Combat Servitors:20 Raven Guard:???

    Tides of War: Minor Emperor's Children advantage

    Skitarii troops are currently standing on the defense, not attacking anyone but if attacked, they will defend themselves. Minteril will focus his effort on the enemy Dominators while Ilyas will move against enemy Honor Guard. Skitarii and remaining Ironstriders\combat servitors are now on your side.

    Due to Vitaly's actions in the last round, the "Battleborn" fell into loyalist hands.
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    Using his giant form, Pholax went straight for the source of the screeching. The creation on him tried to gain more purchase but he shook, the Anointed falling off him and eating a side of the assault cannon on the back-swing that nearly cut it half. With no time to really plan ahead, the Contemptor Dreadnought smashed into the witches and massacred them instantly. Two died as they were ran over while the third got turned into paste as he found himself between Pholax and the opposite wall. There was only one still living but before Pholax could take care of it, he suddenly registered another hit on his leg joint.

    Aleph, still under the Speaker's spell, seemed to have switched friend for foe and Night's Edge bit into the Dreadnought's form, doing enough damage to slow Pholax down a bit. However this influence lasted only for couple of more seconds as Aleph broke through these Warp chains and immediately lashed out against the sole surviving Speaker, which was in turn cut into couple of small pieces.

    With the last of the psykers dying, the grip with which the Dark Apostle commanded the denizen of the Warp weakened - and so did the creature himself. "NOOOO!" Marauder roared even as he smashed axe into Extrovious' shoulder, "NO! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!" Extro's sword found the mark and more of the wicked flesh was parted, but the true damage came from Maraunder's inability to regain his physical form for much longer. He came at the Sergeant once again but the final blow never came as both the axe and the daemon evaporated into thin air, the only thing that remained was frost that gathered around Extro's form, the otherwordly anger replaced with a real one.

    "You think you won?" Dabogar roared in anger, executioner's sword going through the shoulder and upper chest in a spray of blood. "The Primodial Truth is undeniable, you will all be slaves to it, one way or another!" Extro's second attempt found no purchase as the Dark Apostle evaded the pommel strike, hitting the Child of the Emperor at the side of his face with the crozius, breaking open his helmet.

    Turning around, he unleashed a storm with his combi bolter, this salvo aimed at Aleph who was caught on the back, the bolts exploding all around his armor and putting its artifice to test. It was a last ditch effort by the looks of it, even though the Dark Apostle was quite enraged, the numbers and the sheer skill of the combatants in the room was turned against him. The Anointed which attacked Pholax also came after the swordsman, trying to sneak up to him while he was focused on another enemy, but Aleph was no fool and Daith'wyn found the mark, slicing off one of creature's elongated claws.

    Denatus was also nearby, the strange malaise that gripped him until then let go as the Speakers died, allowing him to attack again and again, no more slowed by the warp sorcery. "We are you, but so much more!" Anointed Word Bearer in front of him stretched his jaw and the sound came out, more like a blurt but Denatus understood it perfectly - and he likewise understood the need to silence it forever.

    Serpenta fired off a beam that burned through the creature just as it came after the Destroyer, claws coming in two quick stabs. First connected with Denatus' leg, but the second failed as meteor hammer smashed it on the back, bringing it down for another hit that broke half of its ugly face. Unnatural bones and muscle in the end proved to be no match for good old swinging ball and Denatus watched the blood on it burning even as it was spilled. He had the monster on the back-foot, the only thing he needed now was the proper killing blow (@Grall_Stonefist feel free to execute the Anointed with your next post).

    At the gates of hell:

    Dark Apostle Dabogar:16, The Anointed: 9/4 (attacking Denatus)

    Aleph:15, Extrovious:21, Pholax:[10], Denatus:14 [SW:3]

    Dark Apostle Dabogar is a boss and as such, this battle will be slightly harder because the enemy packs couple of extra talents. Dabogar has couple of extra actions. Denatus and Aleph are no longer under psyker spell.
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    Jendon coughed up blood as he felt the chain hammer connect with his his chest plate once again his stomach was liquefied and warning runes blared across his hud as Internal bleeding was registered as a constant pain filled his chest. His bolter running dry and his own posion's registering misses Jendon Nearly cursed. Seeing Squad Mormeth fall only caused more irritation and rage to grow within the apothecary. A failure on his part for not being able to give constant support, caused by this captain, One Jendon would make sure he would rectify, and then Gather there brother's Dues. Registering heavy wounds from Minetrials forces, as well as Vitaily's tech conclave and Illais devastators, Jendon knew what to do feeling his armors apply more stimulants within his body and calmatives the apothecary, Jendon shoved a fresh magazine into his bolter.

    "I need not speak, I just need to kill you." Jendon responded back to the iron warrior captain a calmer tone coming over him. Already his Servo skulls began going over the others once again now seeking to turn the tide with minterials forces, scans had shown both Iron warrior and emperors children were at a where it could go for either side. Jendon would hope to tip the tide in there favor in that side of the battle. "Illias continue hitting the honor guard, Minetrial aid is on its way There trying to fall back for a last stand formation lets make sure they don't get there men in poison." Jendon said as he formed in formation besides There master of forge. Chief apothecary. Began firing back as another score of combat drugs and regenerative went through his systems to push himself to match and overcome the captain.

    OOC one heal on Jendon and Minetrials HQ, One Defensive action on Jendon with power sword. One attack with bolter at Captain Karon
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