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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Using his giant form, Pholax went straight for the source of the screeching. The creation on him tried to gain more purchase but he shook, the Anointed falling off him and eating a side of the assault cannon on the back-swing that nearly cut it half. With no time to really plan ahead, the Contemptor Dreadnought smashed into the witches and massacred them instantly. Two died as they were ran over while the third got turned into paste as he found himself between Pholax and the opposite wall. There was only one still living but before Pholax could take care of it, he suddenly registered another hit on his leg joint.

    Aleph, still under the Speaker's spell, seemed to have switched friend for foe and Night's Edge bit into the Dreadnought's form, doing enough damage to slow Pholax down a bit. However this influence lasted only for couple of more seconds as Aleph broke through these Warp chains and immediately lashed out against the sole surviving Speaker, which was in turn cut into couple of small pieces.

    With the last of the psykers dying, the grip with which the Dark Apostle commanded the denizen of the Warp weakened - and so did the creature himself. "NOOOO!" Marauder roared even as he smashed axe into Extrovious' shoulder, "NO! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!" Extro's sword found the mark and more of the wicked flesh was parted, but the true damage came from Maraunder's inability to regain his physical form for much longer. He came at the Sergeant once again but the final blow never came as both the axe and the daemon evaporated into thin air, the only thing that remained was frost that gathered around Extro's form, the otherwordly anger replaced with a real one.

    "You think you won?" Dabogar roared in anger, executioner's sword going through the shoulder and upper chest in a spray of blood. "The Primodial Truth is undeniable, you will all be slaves to it, one way or another!" Extro's second attempt found no purchase as the Dark Apostle evaded the pommel strike, hitting the Child of the Emperor at the side of his face with the crozius, breaking open his helmet.

    Turning around, he unleashed a storm with his combi bolter, this salvo aimed at Aleph who was caught on the back, the bolts exploding all around his armor and putting its artifice to test. It was a last ditch effort by the looks of it, even though the Dark Apostle was quite enraged, the numbers and the sheer skill of the combatants in the room was turned against him. The Anointed which attacked Pholax also came after the swordsman, trying to sneak up to him while he was focused on another enemy, but Aleph was no fool and Daith'wyn found the mark, slicing off one of creature's elongated claws.

    Denatus was also nearby, the strange malaise that gripped him until then let go as the Speakers died, allowing him to attack again and again, no more slowed by the warp sorcery. "We are you, but so much more!" Anointed Word Bearer in front of him stretched his jaw and the sound came out, more like a blurt but Denatus understood it perfectly - and he likewise understood the need to silence it forever.

    Serpenta fired off a beam that burned through the creature just as it came after the Destroyer, claws coming in two quick stabs. First connected with Denatus' leg, but the second failed as meteor hammer smashed it on the back, bringing it down for another hit that broke half of its ugly face. Unnatural bones and muscle in the end proved to be no match for good old swinging ball and Denatus watched the blood on it burning even as it was spilled. He had the monster on the back-foot, the only thing he needed now was the proper killing blow (@Grall_Stonefist feel free to execute the Anointed with your next post).

    At the gates of hell:

    Dark Apostle Dabogar:16, The Anointed: 9/4 (attacking Denatus)

    Aleph:15, Extrovious:21, Pholax:[10], Denatus:14 [SW:3]

    Dark Apostle Dabogar is a boss and as such, this battle will be slightly harder because the enemy packs couple of extra talents. Dabogar has couple of extra actions. Denatus and Aleph are no longer under psyker spell.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon coughed up blood as he felt the chain hammer connect with his his chest plate once again his stomach was liquefied and warning runes blared across his hud as Internal bleeding was registered as a constant pain filled his chest. His bolter running dry and his own posion's registering misses Jendon Nearly cursed. Seeing Squad Mormeth fall only caused more irritation and rage to grow within the apothecary. A failure on his part for not being able to give constant support, caused by this captain, One Jendon would make sure he would rectify, and then Gather there brother's Dues. Registering heavy wounds from Minetrials forces, as well as Vitaily's tech conclave and Illais devastators, Jendon knew what to do feeling his armors apply more stimulants within his body and calmatives the apothecary, Jendon shoved a fresh magazine into his bolter.

    "I need not speak, I just need to kill you." Jendon responded back to the iron warrior captain a calmer tone coming over him. Already his Servo skulls began going over the others once again now seeking to turn the tide with minterials forces, scans had shown both Iron warrior and emperors children were at a where it could go for either side. Jendon would hope to tip the tide in there favor in that side of the battle. "Illias continue hitting the honor guard, Minetrial aid is on its way There trying to fall back for a last stand formation lets make sure they don't get there men in poison." Jendon said as he formed in formation besides There master of forge. Chief apothecary. Began firing back as another score of combat drugs and regenerative went through his systems to push himself to match and overcome the captain.

    OOC one heal on Jendon and Minetrials HQ, One Defensive action on Jendon with power sword. One attack with bolter at Captain Karon
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    Arnock laid witness, with eyes in a brief awe, at the large specter that classed with the dreadnought before him. The moment was quickly struck from his mind as he glanced briefly at Elymas and could feel what his brother had done. A smile was quick to appear as a slight feeling of happiness came over him seeing his brother unleashed upon the treacherous foes. However, this was not the time to dwell on such things, no matter how great it was.

    Turning back to the large specter and dreadnought, and pointed his powersword as he bellowed, "Creature of the Immaterium, do not dare try to deprive me of my kill! This traitor's head is but a stepping stone on the way to his treacherous father who's head shall be cast into the burning atmosphere of Olympia before it struck from existence!" Arnock then charged forth once more with his weapon at the ready, "Do you hear that son of Iron?! Your metal shall be test and found wanting by the true sons of the Emperor!" Arnock then lashed out with Perfectus Mortem, putting all his might into every blow. Strike after strike sought to tare open the sarcophagus and dealer the traitor to his fate once more.

    OOC: All out, All out attack. All four actions are attacks to the central unit.
  4. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    +++Imperative: Attention all Mechanicum units. Secure Enginarium sector for Throne and Omnissiah-loyal forces.+++

    +++Corollary: Engage, degrade and destroy all enemy forces offering resistance as designated by IFF signature.+++

    +++Specifics: Begin with indicated Line and Terminator units. Effect kill or capture as expedient. Tactical decision-making devolved to commanding Magos Dominus. Ave Deus Mechanicus.+++

    A wave of information washes over the Loyalist datasphere as Vitaly integrates the now-Loyalist Mechanicum forces into the friendly command structure in a feat of brute-force, real-time data engineering. A wave of green washes over tactical displays as IFF signatures change, indicating the sudden, mass addition to the Loyalist force aboard the Battleborn. Targeting reticules and fire arcs glitch and stutter momentarily as the sudden flood of raw data from cognis fire control systems and blessed sensoria temporarily overwhelms Loyalist ops cogitators. Communications channels hiss and screech as a multitude of binharic voices suddenly call out and respond to one another, requesting confirmations and orders, with redeployment and fire zone specifics coming back just as quickly, the discordant moment passing quickly as Vitaly's update to the comms servers filters out the signal noise.

    Simultaneously, a stream of command directives flashes across the shipboard datasphere, bringing to life the ship's onboard defences at the bridge. A portion of Vitaly's enhanced mind directs the weapon emplacements there, raining fire on all surviving IVth Legion forces, flushing them from cover and ruining their shooting at every opportunity.

    "Commander Minteril, Captain Ilyas - the Mechanicum forces are now ours. I have sent them to reinforce your push on the Line and Dominator units. Take out any active members of the command squad when you are done, but leave the captain to me," voxes Vitaly to the two Emperor's Children commanders still in the fray.

    @Vulpas "Brother Jendon - request a field medical solution for Brother Ulysses' dismembered arm. We will need to prep for rapid redeployment - situation at the bridge is critical."

    @matt23 "Brother Arnock - hold fast. We have almost secured the Enginarium and are aware of your situation. Moving to reinforce at earliest opportunity."

    +++Directive: Unit Tyrion to prepare Battleborn teleportarium for shipboard relocation. Target - primary bridge. Achieve maximum relocational resolution, charge capacitors, and hold ready for signal.+++

    +++Directive: Unit Ulysses to fall back behind Primus. Submit to field medicae and assist Unit Tyrion.+++

    As the Mechanicum forces rush to reinforce Squads Minteril and Ilyas, and the two subordinate Techmarines blurt their compliance, Vitaly turns his attention to Karon's command squad. His weapon mechadendrites splay in an unconconscious threat display as his blank helm swings to stare straight at the IVth Legion captain, looking for all the world like an insectile alien predator closing on prey.

    "Karon. You know who I am, so let's not waste time with idle bragging. You are in my way. Either stand down your men now and surrender, or else be bludgeoned into it perforce."

    Even as he speaks, his onboard weaponry comes to life. The Entropic Disruptor levels itself at the hardest target - the Honour Guard with sword and shield. A buzzing thrum of charging capacitors presages a humming beam of indescribable colours, tuned to both bore through hardened defences and reduce anything and everything with mass to the simplest of atoms. The plasma gun-wielder, meanwhile, gets the benefit of the V.O.T.E.C. blaster, now set to incinerate anything before it in a focused stream of incandescent fury, Vitaly taking the time to properly centre the reticule before triggering the compression chamber to pump 100% of its output into the blast.

    Karon himself gets treated to the vampiric touch of the Null Ray, arcane Martian technology siphoning the Motive Force from both his armour and his enhanced body, Vitaly carefully regulating the flow so as to leave the Iron Warrior absolutely helpless, but in no danger of dying.

    "The math now favours me, so it matters little, save for the matter of your future treatment, should you irk me sufficiently in your resistance," come his accompanying words to the barrage, their blunt mercilessness and disagreeably abrasive tones an uncanny copy of Perturabo's own demeanour.

    Command Actions


    Mechanicum forces: Attack and destroy Traitor forces, beginning with Line and Dominator units.

    Squads Ilyas and Minteril: Forcus on Line and Dominator units.

    Prime Covenant: All-Out Action - Prep teleportarium for relocation to bridge.

    Ship Control Actions

    1.) 2 All-Out Actions: Target bridge defenders with onboard weapon emplacements.




    Personal Actions

    1.) Standard Action: Attack @Honour Guard (sword + shield) w/Entropic Disruptor (Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation)

    2.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Honour Guard (plasma gun) w/ V.O.T.E.C. Blaster (melta setting)

    3.) All-Out Action: Attack (Disable) @ Captain Karon w/Null Ray



    Threat Assessment Matrix:

    - Attack @Honour Guard (sword + shield) w/Entropic Disruptor (1 re-roll)

    - Attack (Disable) @ Captain Karon w/Null Ray (1 re-roll)

    Null Ray charges this turn: 0

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 25/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Pholax's tomb alerted him to the presence outside, or the excess weight as it called it, being removed. Pholax dreaded to think what'd happen if the beast was able to dig deeper and get to his remains. But the screeching had finally ceased, and it didn't stop soon enough, every second of it was like nails on a chalkboard.

    Alarms chimed as damage to the leg happened, whatever it was, Pholax clearly let a threat slip through, a dagger unseen to strike beneath his armour, perhaps that beast was fast enough to get to him or perhaps a different Word Bearer had chosen Pholax as a priority.

    It was only as he took a second to assess the damage did he see one of the iconic blades that, Aleph was known for.

    As he noticed Aleph, it seemed to twig in their mind as well and watched as he sprinted off to hit the last screecher.

    A sound of scraping metal came from Pholax's tomb, "Your reactions are slowing, Aleph... The speaker is already against the wall." As Pholax's "laughter" died down, he turned to see the raging Word Bearer apostle as it was calling itself.

    Seeing the Astarte raging and shooting wildly, Pholax knew he was more than a match for his pathetic combi-bolter.

    "Silence." Pholax spoke as his weapons began cycling up to unleash as many rounds as possible into the Astarte's form.

    All out attack on Dark Apostle Dabogar with twin assault cannons.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~
    The Chief Librarian struggled with his body. The conjured Echo of Medusa might have been successfully summoned, but the strain continued on his mind. Besides the fact of bore witness of the ultimate betrayal of a Primarch having slain another. It made the taste of blood in his iron nothing but even more bitter. Despite all the smoke and mirrors that the vile beast self-proclaimed 'Virtuoso' created, that moment felt too real. The shattering of Phoenix's Resolve was too coincidental along with the lack of Ferrus Manus' presence. It had to be true, or a far too elaborate ruse in this mayhem of war.

    Fueled by such embitterment, the Chief Librarian grabbed his unused Plasma Grenade, prepped it and tossed it into the dreadnought. "TAKE COVER!" He roared over the vox to Arnock and the other non-spectral allies just before it left his hand.

    While the grenade still flew, he re-armed himself. Wielding Phoenix's Resolve in his left now, he rose the Multi-Melta in his right hand. His feet, almost like that of an automaton, forced him forward into the thickness of battle, where his grenade already had trailed past. Be it the self-induced blood lust, the thirst for vengeance or even the desire to join the Iron Hands Primarch - the action was all the same.

    "From Iron you cometh?!" Elymas accused the dreadnought, positioning himself to unleash his Multi-Melta. "Then I shall sent you to the smelter!" He pulled the trigger, feeling the kickback of the mighty weapon as the Terminator servos were extremely worn out and the other systems badly damaged.

    OOC: Grenade Toss + All-Out-Attack via Multi-Melta vs. Dreadnought
    1 Cryo Grenade
    1 Plasma Grenade
    1 Krak Grenade
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  7. with the monster now driving on the back foot, clearly made of some stern stuff, but that mattered little now.
    "if this is an improvement, you're an even greater disgrace than before" he said with a snear as he with his good leg kicked the anointed back, giving his hammer a bit of a momentum swing before sending it flying strait into the head of the anointed once more, and with another sickening crack it obliterated the already damaged skull, spraying his hammer with with unnatural blood, that seemed to burn just by contact with reality outside of its foul host. the anointed standing in its death, for a silent second as whatever foul energies that flowed through it tried to somehow still keep its host alive after the mortal strike, though failing in the end as the possed marine fell over, finally dead.
    pulling back his hammer, as he felt vigor run through him once more, despite his wounds he almost felt mightier than normal, now that the foul magic that had poisoned him had left his body. He turned in time to see extrovius take a nasty strike to his head, luckily protected by the stout terminator helmet, witch might just have saved his life, as he was driven a step back, Denatus heard the wir of Pholax autocannons spinning up, though he still decided to add his own firepower to bring down the dark apostle. and as one hand cought the meteor hammer, the other lifted up his serpenta to fire off another shot, aiming for the apostles exposed head.

    OOC: all out attack on Dagobar as well
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    "Your reactions are slowing, Aleph... The speaker is already against the wall."

    Aleph took it as his due as, with a shake of his head, he realised the truth of it: the false visions, visions of a time that never was had had him attacking the ironclad form of his own Brother. Under his helmet, his pale cheeks reddened with shame. There was no time for indulging such a feeling, however, as there was still battle all around. Stepping up, he turned his skills to the defence of the Dreadnought as the last Anointed attacked. He had the flamer, but the loadout of the huge chassis beside him was much more suited to pulping flesh and bone, even when unholy and warped.

    "My apologies Brother, I'll pay you back in blood," he promised, setting himself against the foe and ready to keep their insidious ways from Pholax's shell so that the latter could fire and stomp unmolested. Running, darting, keeping time, he leaped clear of Pholax's line of fire, ducking and weaving his close combat aegis even as he sought his enemies' deaths.

    As he turned his attentions to the Anointed, Aleph wondered. Would that time come? Would he age, and slow, and finally feel the sting of ancient muscles wracked by arthritic pains? Sulpha men took aging hard, resenting the way it slowed their dancing and their swordplay. A half-smile soon followed. He would feel the first pains of age, and then he'd be dead. There were no slow Palatine Blades. Soon, if they did not prevail, there would be no Palatine Blades at all.

    OOC: Two Defensive actions on Pholax, using Defensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus defensive action and -2 on all of his attacking rolls
    Remaing action: Attack on Anointed, using Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for both of his normal actions with no penalties.

    Mild existential crisis: free
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Iron, Melted
    @Uriel1339 @matt23
    Blow after blow, the conjured spirit of Medusa kept on hitting the Iron Warriors Dreadnought, completely oblivious to Arnock's words. It was a creature born of hatred and pain, as such its sole purpose was to annihilate its opponent and leave nothing but destruction in its wake. Faced with such enemy, Brother Nestor did the only thing his crippled mind knew - he kept on fighting, but the adamantium coffin he was in would soon end up being his final resting place.

    Elymas was ready, despite the strain put on him by both the Virtuoso's corrupting touch and the connection his mind felt when faced with such titanic clash that happened all around them. Multi-melta beamed to life after preforming so underwhelming against the devious denizen of the Immaterium, this time around the heavy weapon ready to claim lives. Chief Librarian pressed the trigger and the beam was fired, the super-heated gas annihilating the Dreadnought's side and making the autocannon shell storage burst in flames. The explosion rocked the deck and Iron Warrior machine swayed on its mechanical legs like a drunken brawler, right before the echo of Medusa slammed ethereal fist in it and toppled it over.

    Coffin broke, the oil now mixed with life-supporting fluids, as Brother Nestor died all over again. If he had eyes to see he would notice a figure in purple and gold, with a banner made of purest silk, twin lighting bolts crashing under a golden eagle with a High Gothic letter III etched upon its holy surface. Arnock, who's own hate now eclipsed what his comrade has summoned, took a stand above the mortally wounded Iron Warrior, Perfectus Mortem blazing with blue hue. Gurgled rasp was the only response Nestor managed as Arnock drove the sword through his body, ending his miserable existence once and for all.

    With the Dreadnought's defeat, the Iron Warriors were no more. Echo of Medusa took a final glance towards Elymas, the archaic helmet blazing with fire before it too disappeared into the currents of the Warp, the power slowly but surely leaving the psyker as well. Sergeant Rulduan approached them alongside two of the surviving legionaries, nodding to both of the senior Astartes.

    "My lords, the reports are flooding in - our Forgemaster has control of the Enginarium and the defenses are turned against the traitors. The ship is ours."

    As if to further confirm the fact, new friendly markers blinked on their hud as a cadre of Millennial's Terminators under the lead of Captain Gaius, one of Sidon's men promoted to a higher position after the treachery, teleported onto the Bridge beyond. Gunshots followed with screams filled the deck and as Arnock and Elymas entered the Bridge itself through the broken doors the Dreadnought left in its wake, they would see what remained of the "Battleborn's" crew down on their knees. One third of them was executed, mostly the guards who tried to stop the Emperor's Children, while the crewhands and menials cowered in fear below the legionaries of the Third.

    A middle-aged man with heavily scarred face threw his power sabre at Arnock's feet, by the looks on his face, the gesture was hardly necessary. "Void Lieutenant Alexios Demo reporting. We surrender. I give myself over but ask of you, as honorable warriors, to spare my crew, for they were only following orders," he spoke to both of the incoming Astartes, but he avoided eye contact after attempting to raise up, only to be pushed back down by one of the Terminators.

    Captain Gaius on the other hand, sent Arnock and Elymas confirmation pings that the Bridge was secured and that the choice in front of them was their own. Beyond all of them, past the armored glass of the frontal windows, the battle above Isstvan still raged. None of them was a Techmarine or even a navigator, but they had sufficient skill to realize that the number of loyalist vessels was shrinking rapidly, especially as more and more reports came in that the friendly forces suffered a heavy blow on the surface and were in full retreat.

    Palatine Aquila Triumphant
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    Two dozen decks below, Vitaly followed everything that transpired aboard "Battleborn's" Bridge as well throughout the entirety of the ship. His eyes were everywhere, be it through various Mechanicum elements that now fell under his control, through security cameras or through video-feeds uploaded by a number of assault squads of the Third Millennial, the Forgemaster knew and saw all.

    With Tyrion's help, he unlocked the deep recesses of Magos 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi's mind, learning that while his former colleague wasn't an outright traitor, he still followed Perturabo's orders to the letter, developing and executing firing solutions for "Battleborn's" macro cannons that ripped "Blackest Grip" apart, including various Thallax and Skitarii boarding parties that were sent onto Raven Guard's ship to hunt the defenders and pick them one by one. Blood was on his hands, no doubt about it, but whether the black-clad Chaplain's verdict was justified or not was a topic for another day.

    Vitaly was also aware of the void situation in close-proximity of this ship. They were operating at half efficiency although even while they were combat-ready, the sheer number of enemies arrayed against them in the system was almost breathtaking - and certainly not something they could take on, not even to make a dent. There were some fractures though, Word Bearer ship here and there tried to break off the main fleet and strike back but they were quickly incinerated by the bigger capital ships. Number of World Eaters light frigates attempted to make the run for it only for them to be executed by Sons of Horus' long range fire. Vitaly read tags of many familiar vessels, even the one where he served upon, under command of Warsmith Odiaus, which was fighting off a combined Night Lord's and Death Guard’s boarding assault.

    He also knew with certainty that his nearest opponents were about to meet an ugly end. Entropic distruptor's advanced energy beam hit the Iron Warrior who, in his ignorance, brought up the shield to defend himself. It did nothing to prevent the slow death as piece by piece, first adamantium and then flesh of his arm, began to disintegrate. First and only scream of pain echoed in the Enginarium today as the Honor Guard realized what was happening but was unable to do anything to prevent it. It took him around 4 seconds to completely evaporate, the seconds Vitaly used to fire off second shot from other weapon into the Iron Warrior besides him.

    Plasma-wielding legionary was only grazed by the melta blast, but it was enough to make him sway on his feet, leaving Jendon plenty of room to riddle his exposed body with bolts. Explosion ripped the Iron Warrior apart, just in time for Chief Apothecary to realign his aim and watch Captain Karon wither under the touch of Vitaly's null ray. Chain hammer fell from his hands as Karon's armor lost power, now former commander of "Battleborn" suddenly alone and helpless against Emperor's Children attack. "Cowards," he growled, using his physical strength to try and reach for sidearm, only for Jendon to kick it away and place his power chainsword beneath his neck. "Cowards, all of you. Stand in front of me and die a warrior's death, not this charade!"

    Besides Jendon, Minteril and what remained of his Terminators combined with Ilyas' Devastators defeated the remaining Iron Warriors. Skitarii soldiers and other, now loyal, elements of the Mechanicum turned the tides of battle and the clash ended up swiftly. Minteril himself was waist-deep in blood and viscera, both of his swords broken but he killed the last couple of Dominators anyway, carving a bloody path with only stumps through Iron Warrior flesh.

    There were couple of survivors though, legionaries were a hard stock to kill, but as the Emperor's Children moved to execute, Minteril stopped them and turned to Jendon. "No, that would be too quick," he said and a dangerous undertone entered his voice, "Brother Jendon. You are the most skilled of us when it comes to Astartes physiology and how to best kill a traitor. Is there a way for us to prolong their suffering - they deserve nothing less?"

    While they talked, the main comms channel activated and a familiar voice spoke, addressing the officers only. "Brothers, I'm receiving number of reports that the "Battleborn" is secured," Praetor Sidon spoke, businesslike as usual. "Nearby Word Bearers and Iron Warriors are destroyed and we have earned ourselves a short respite. Gather your wits and prepare the captured ship for moving, lock on "Sovereign's" signal and provide support. We are pulling out of the system. Sidon out."

    Interestingly enough, during this the Raven Guard snipers came out of their positions, all four of them, and gathered around their Chaplain, but didn't utter a single word, choosing to remain in the background like shadows. That was, until the Chaplain himself approached Vitaly, him realizing that the reason why the Mechanicum troops shied away from attacking the skull-faced warrior was due to the fact, at close range, his armor emitted a complex logic code that prevented targeting sensors getting a lock on him and overall causing a nausea to an non-augmented brain. Vitaly of course was able to counteract this but knowledge was power and he had more of it now.

    "Hail, Lord of Forge," Chaplain spoke, his voice deep and rich, "Falsely called traitor by some, weaker minds. Tell me, is it possible to bring this ship closer to the planet? I have lost connection with my own vessel alongside some of the friendly crafts and I had no updates for some time. How fares the void battle?"

    In the end, it was Pholax who claimed the kill. Without his vile servants and the protection of the Immaterium, Dark Apostle Dabogar was just an Astartes in Terminator armor. While that alone was no small feat, he simply wasn't a match for dual kheres-pattern assault cannons. Unloading around 6000 shells per minute each, even though he had enough ammo to go for at least ten minutes, Pholax did the job in less than 6 seconds. Cut apart by large caliber shells, Dabogar's body turned into an utter mess and by the time Extrovious reached him, he could hardly point which body part was which.

    As for the last Anointed creature, Denatus realigned his firing and burned couple of holes through its hide while Aleph, with now-customary grace, decapitated the monster while simultaneously stabbed its heart. As it died, the darkness which gripped the deck evaporated as quickly as it came, leaving only an unsettling memory in the mind of every Child of the Emperor present. This was not the end however, more of the reports came in that the squads of Word Bearers are still running rampant through the ship and the 4th Squad moved out, meeting the intruders head on and hunting them down the "Sovereign's" decks until Sidon himself summoned them back on the Bridge.

    "Well done Brothers, the intruders have been dealt with," the old warrior spoke as soon as Aleph, Extrovious, Pholax and Denatus entered the large central chamber, the signs of battle present all around them. Word Bearers indeed tried to storm the Bridge by great force and at least fifty of them lied dead on the floor, with almost that many Emperor's Children. Sidon was also wounded, his armor cracked in number of places while the crested helmet he carried was cut in half, but nothing a skilled artisan couldn't repair in due time.

    Smell of cooked meat was also present as legionaries armed with flamers burned the Word Bearer bodies, leaving nothing but ash. "They tried to break us, brought something...something vile with them. But they died all the same," Sidon said, sounding somewhat annoyed, "And we have paid the price. We, and the Imperium itself." With a flick of his hand, he activated the main projector on the ceiling above where the death of Gorgon was shown from multiple angles, most of which were taken from their former brothers' feeds. There was no mistake now, Fulgrim was at the center of it, his sword still wet with the blood of his dearest Brother. Even though the chamber was full and the crew had their assignments, everyone stopped to watch the recording, the mortals showing clear signs of fear while the Astartes weren't that far behind.

    "He will be avenged, that you can be sure of. Watch," Sidon grunted as he turned the feed off, refocusing on the other matter at hand. He pointed at the great navigation board spreading in front of him and Admiral de Beaumont's command throne, "We are safe, for now." Gesturing at the wide myriad of blinks dotting the board, Praetor quickly quickly explained the situation.

    "Raven Guard and Salamanders fleets are all but destroyed. "Shadow of the Emperor" is annihilated, "Ferrum" and "Flamewrought" are about to follow its fate. Both the XIX and XVIII Legions are dying next to what remains of XX on the ground. It would seem the Gorgon launched his assault prematurely as many of Iron Hands ships are even now transitioning into system. Too late to do any real damage but enough to cause many of the traitors to turn their heads away from us and allow us to act."

    For the first time since they heard Sidon speak, a worm of doubt entered his tone, he even sounded a little bit fatalistic. "Admiral suggests we consolidate and run, but I'm not so sure if our honor would allow us to flee while loyal brothers are dying." De Beaumont knew better than to speak now, the aging shipmaster simply sighing as he continued preparing "Sovereign" for another battle.

    "I am...uncertain. The future is clouded and our place in it will be filled with sorrow. Maybe it would be better to be the lance, like we always have been, and hurl ourselves at our kinslaying Father. To, if nothing, wound his pride. Or should we trust our brain, carry our shame and live only to fight and die another day? What say you?"
  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~
    There was an audible sigh of relief and agony as the wrath of the Iron Hands incarnate left not only this plane of existence but in a way also him. The hatred and raw emotion that fueled him started to ebb away with no enemy in sight. Everything started to feel heavier, slower and in a way sloppy even. Nonetheless a smile was produced on his visage thanks to the indisputable victory.

    "I apologize for the loss of your men, Master of Rites. Rulduan." He offered both a strong nod, just then the reports of the captured bridge coming in. It was a relief and once the survivors of Arnocks strikeforce arrived there, they could witness the aftermath easily.

    "Well done, Captain Gaius. And apologies our late arrival." No excuses were made. The original plan was not as efficient as one could have hoped, but luckily the goal was achieved nonetheless and multiple meaningful individuals of the Iron Warriors had been disposed of in the engagement which would weaken them hopefully long-term.

    Elymas spat on the floor in disgust of the excuse offered by the Void Lieutenant. "We shall exterminate all of them, I say. They only followed orders they say. We could have done the same and stand against the Emperor right now. But we fought for our loyalty, unlike these traitorous swines. They will betray us on the first opportunity they get. But first... Let us find out the truth..." The Chief Librarian growled, approaching the Void Lieutenant.

    His eyes were glowing with energies of the warp, the hatred seeping through once more and granting energy where he thought it all was depleted.

    "But one might be foolish enough to have doubts..." Elymas put his oversized terminator-armored hands around the head of the void lieutenant, his thumbs pressing on the temples of the ordinary human not in force but to make a necessary physical connection before the Chief Librarian tried to brute-force his way into the feeble mind of the traitor and explore his mind, and verify his doubts about the treachery of this 'Alexios Demo' and how the events exactly transpired.

    OOC: Brute-Force Mind-Hack into Alexios Demo to see if he is lying or not and/or gather details about him as a person (i.e. if he will betray again)

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