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Perfect Warriors

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    @Draconion @Vulpas

    "I appreciate your help, Chief Apothecary," Sergeant Mormeh grunted as the medical servo skull hurried around him and his squad, Jendon saving lives with his action as this was exactly what the Assault Marines needed to keep themselves active in the combat. Tide of servitors was upon them, slowing the movement enough so the Iron Warriors could exploit it. Only one Assault brother died, getting between Mormeh and the axe-wielding Honor Guard, he received the sharp end of the twin weapons and got eviscerated.

    Jendon saw his death but couldn't worry too much about it as Captain Karon was on him and the Iron Warriors Commander wasn't about to let the Apothecary go without dishing out a proper smackdown. Jendon's power sword struck out, cutting Karon across his gauntlet and drawing a line of blood, but the Captain acted as if nothing happened. "Where do you think you're going?" just as Jendon activated his jump pack, Karon caught the Apothecary on his harness and used the sudden momentum - and his own strength - to alter the trajectory and instead in air, slammed Jendon into the ground. The strain on the engine and the damage from the crash set the jump pack on fire, burning through Chief Apothecary's back before he managed to dislodge it.

    He was slow though, raising his bolt pistol up only for it to be smashed aside by Karon, who brought his hammer around and hit Jendon's chest dead center. The only thing that saved Jendon's life there was his suit's artifice - plates first buckled and then were ripped to shreds by the adamantium chain wrapped around Karon's hammer, although the force of the blow broke the rib cage and shattered the golden Aquila, hurling him couple of feet away from his attacker. "How does defeat taste?" Captain taunted Jendon as he advanced upon his prone form, obvious smile hidden behind his Mark IV helmet, "Get used to it. Fulgrim was apparently too weak to purge all of you traitors, not surprising there, but irrelevant. We will get the job done properly."

    Karon brought his chain hammer up to seal Jendon's fate but then two shots exploded on his chest, driving him couple of steps back and preventing him from executing the Child of the Emperor. "Apothecary," once again Jendon heard the death-whisper in his ear, the Raven Guard's tone betrayed his emotions. "You are reckless. Another hit like that and you will die. Go for the throat, not for the limbs," somewhat annoyed for sure, the sniper once again fed Jendon the necessary information about the enemy movement and his own position, giving him another opening to seize and bring the Iron Warrior's Commander down.

    While the Apothecary was dealing with the enemy Captain, Vitaly turned his attention on reinforcing their core and taking over the "Battleborn's" systems. First entrance into the ship-wide security proved to be a difficult task as most of the firewalls and protective data-webs spun around it, the slow reaction of various sentry guns and bulkheads which friendly legionaries could utilize was troublesome as the advantage wasn't really there. Vitaly also saw, via multiple cameras, the attacking crew of Arnock, Elymas and Squad Rulduan dealing with the Iron Warriors beyond the Bridge when the bulkheads exploded and a Dreadnought charged straight at them.

    Quickly cycling through the network, the Forgemaster seized the communications almost without any issue. Iron Warriors and their mortal elements were kicked out of the network as the ship-wide vox fell into loyalist hands, allowing Vitaly to manipulate the events to his own accord. It was almost fated that he did this as suddenly, a powerful signal came from the rest of the enemy fleet. Doing higher triangulation at the speed of dozen terahertz he located the origin of the rogue signal, the surface of Isstvan V itself while the sender was encrypted with the classic Third Legion codes. Going through the information at the blink of an eye, Vitaly learned that he was examining a simple video recording from couple of different helmet-integrated picters, but once he opened the short clip he could see something he never saw before.

    Fulgrim was there, recorded from different angles as different legionaries looked at him, fighting Ferrus Manus. Video recorder had trouble following the speed with which these two beings fought and it was hard for Vitaly to make out the details, especially as it was mixed with the legionary recording it also fought against a shield wall consisting of Iron Hands Morlocks, but the majesty of the duel was undeniable. In similar fashion, the death of Gorgon was all that devastating. With a glorious riposte, using a silver sword unknown to the Forgemaster, Fulgrim decapitated his brother and as Ferrus died, so the cheers from the traitor side grew louder. What followed from the recording was that Iron Hands were pushed back from the body of their Primarch, while Emperor's Children hurried towards it, Vitaly losing the sight of it as the scavengers began to pluck it apart, Fulgrim similarly disappearing from view as he marched away from combat.

    This recording was sent out with the idea of it being received by every ship in the void above Isstvan, but when it came to "Battleborn", Vitaly had it firmly in his grasp and none, not even his Covenant, had seen it. He quickly moved onto next two systems and the weapons on this heavy cruiser were now targeting Word Bearers, the instant change and the fact the macro cannons perfectly complemented "Sovereign's" plasma batteries and lances sealed the fate of "Sermon of Truth" - the enemy cruiser getting blown apart from two different angles. As for "Blackest Grip", Raven Guard ship was too far gone by this point, not to mention that "Battleborn" was also damaged and its speed was not that great to begin with, it failing to do much other than prolong XIX cruiser's life for couple of more moments. Tyrion also sent a ping in the meantime, the Techmarine unable to crack Magos' engrams just yet, although he was getting to it and confirmed it to Vitaly that he will be successful soon.

    But this was simply the start of it. Vitaly's sensors screamed in danger as Electro-Priests got closer. Not about to be stopped by these traitors, the Forgemaster introduced them with a weapon of his own making. Electro-Priests never got the chance to argue or call Vitaly a heretek due to his experiments that most likely wouldn't sit well with some Mechanicum's higher-ups, as V.O.T.E.C. blaster annihilated all of them in an instant. Disappearing in flames, the bodies of these enemies were turned into nothing more than ash and dust. However a hail of shots came Vitaly's way as one of the Ironstriders got his mark, couple of autocannon shells exploding on his armor and blasting two big holes on his upper chest.

    This also prevented him from helping Ulysses who was targeted by the second walker. Ironstrider's salvo brought the Techmarine down on his knees, right into the hands of five combat servitors who attacked him without remorse. Power axes and swords fell and Ulysses screamed in pain as his left arm was ripped apart, the grav gun he held getting lost with it. He survived thought as once again Raven Guard Chaplain interfered, first by kicking the combat servitors away from the stricken Techmarine and after that, sending couple of shots into the Ironstrider and dissuading the skitarii on it from further attacking.

    Finally, this opened the chance for Vitaly to send a missile into enemy Librarian who still clung to the wall behind the fighting. It wasn't a direct hit but the superheated gas burned the area around the witch, enough to melt ceramite and also enough for the Iron Warrior to break his reverie. "Bring the prisoners to the gallows, we will have fun tonight!" he laughed like a maniac before another shot rang and he slammed against the wall. One of the Raven Guards opened fire alongside Vitaly and now the psyker was bleeding from multiple wounds, however he somehow still clung to life. "No, no, you won't bring me down, doesn't matter no, no! We will all burn in the end!" he rattled on before the final shot blasted his primary heart out, killing him on the spot.

    It came from the banner-bearing Iron Warrior, who didn't skip a beat after slaying his own deranged comrade and followed with another shot at Vitaly, the bolt exploding on Forgemaster's guard but some of the shards still managed to penetrate his neck and damage what remained of the flesh there. The rest of the Iron Warriors command squad pushed on into the Devastators, backed by the Line Squad, they wreaked havoc on the Emperor's Children. Four more legionaries died, two bisected by the swordsman, one losing his entire upper torso by a close-ranged plasma blast while the last one fell to a combined effort of multiple bolter-wielding defenders. Ilyas kept on firing though, slaying two enemies but still he was pushed back towards the central node and the Techmarine behind it.

    As for Minteril, he too had his luck turned on him as the Dominators grouped up after the initial attack and formed a cohesive center. This was nothing new as the Iron Warriors were famous for their grueling way of doing battle - even after suffering heavy casualties they always seemed to find the way to retaliate and win the day. Whereas Emperor's Children Terminators were obviously more gifted in the ways of pure martial prowess, they still remained sons of the Phoenician and each one of them was a great warrior on his own, but they fought the same way while the Iron Warriors did not. Two or three Dominators ganged up on single Child of the Emperor and gunned him down unceremoniously or clubbed him to death with power fists and maces. One on one they could never match Minteril's warriors in melee combat, but in the vicious brawl that ensued they had the upper hand. Chapter Master himself was the only one who they still couldn't bring down, his twin swords finding necks even as the rest of his men died around him.

    Enslaving the ship:

    Ironstriders:15/9, Combat Servitors:30

    Dominators:22, Line Squad:8, Captain Karon:17(chain hammer), Honor Squad:10(Banner + bolter)/8(two power axes)/10(plasma gun)/9(power sword + shield)

    Jendon:12, Vitaly:17, Minteril's HQ:18, Devastator Squad Ilyas:10, First Techmarine Covenant:10, Assault Squad Mormeh:11

    Skitarii troops:40, Raven Guard:???

    Tides of War: Minor Iron Warriors advantage

    Skitarii troops are currently standing on the defense, not attacking anyone but if attacked, they will defend themselves. Minteril will focus his effort on the enemy Dominators while Ilyas will move against enemy Honor Guard. Due to once again receiving Raven Guard's locks, Jendon has an extra attack to use on his next turn. Jendon's jump pack has been destroyed.

    Due to Vitaly's actions in the last round, the "Battleborn" is half-way through falling into loyalist hands.
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    ~~ On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~
    Elymas' rage subsided fast upon the display of the theater of war. Such was the danger as a librarian to embrace a single emotion, it made one susceptible to all of them. Despite the loss of Virtuoso, maybe the musicians greater goal was achieved by showing the ultimate treason of Fulgrim against the Imperium. But more importantly to the Chief Librarian, one of the most impressive characters upon his development died in a flash. Just. Like. That.

    The librarian fell to his knees in exhaustion, pain and regret. Ultimately breaking his oath to the dead primarch. Virtuoso had disappeared, vaporized in a flash. Elymas turned his gaze upon Phoenix's Resolve, only to see one of the crystals to have utterly shattered. Did it happen in mid-combat when he gave himself into absolute rage? Was it the breaking of his oath? Or was Ferrus Manus linked closer to the weapon than anyone might have wanted to admit? This mystery had to be resolved another day as the Iron Warriors relentlessly marched onward, attempting to annihilate the Emperor's Children.

    The Chief Librarian snarled like a vicious beast as he got back on his feet, eyes flashing and glowing with an intense purple-blue. Feeling the discord of Virtuoso gone, relishing the agony of the Iron Hands' fathers death and in a sense giving into madness, he lost any regard for care, mercy or consequence of his actions.

    The dying image of Ferrus Manus instilled into his mind wished for nothing else but vengeance. And so he focused his mind and the roots of the iron-trees within Phoenix's Resolve to call upon Iron Hands ancestors to join this battle.

    "Medusa. Through the eye of your stars, bestow upon me the sight of the most notable warriors of your past! Channel the hatred and echo of the Gorgon's death and stretch your appendages to the most worthy Iron Hands! Reward us with their presence so we might take vengeance for every perished soul!" Elymas essentially begged of the Iron Hands homeworld and the many honorable warriors that gave and still give their lives every passing minute both in orbit and on the ground.

    OOC: All 3 actions on:
    Ultimate: Echo of the Emperor’s Champion (Creates an avatar of Librarian’s wrath to crush his enemies. Psychic apparition has the same number of HP as the Librarian has at the moment of summoning and has 3 actions that can be directed by the Librarian. It lasts until the end of combat phase or until it’s destroyed.) Casts on 18+.

    Also using my talent Focused Destruction on Arnock:
    Once per combat phase, Elymas can use the talent which counts as one action to get off a successful cast of one regular spell in his arsenal. He can still cast multiple spells per turn but only one is affected by the talent. If the target resists spell, Elymas can use the talent again. After the talent is successful, Elymas can continue casting the same spell again during the following combat rounds. Elymas can also use the talent differently and buff his next cast in order to hit the threshold needed for the upgraded spell by receiving a +2 on his success roll.

    Besides using it on himself, Elymas can also use the talent once per combat phase on one of his allies to get an instant success on whatever action (except the one effected by a different talent) he’s performing. 1d20 will still be rolled to determine the exact severity of the action.
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    Cracks in the wall- @Draconion
    Jendon fell backwords getting slamemd into the deckthe hammer coming down onto his his jumps pack harness caused it to lurch backwords abadnoing the apothcary as the Chain hammer dug into his plated. Jendon was winded bits of adrenline going through him like the bones of his Rib was going through his lungs the Apothcary pushed himself back as he saw the Captain pushed back by the Raven guards shots. "Agreed!" Jendon said to the raven guard sucking in air as he pushed himself to his feet, Quckly moving with one hand he grabed his bolter a fresh mag of creeping death he loaded into it and began firing at the iron warriors captain aiming for the twin hearts and head, moving back from the iron warrior captain as he did. "It tastes of copper, Though I never knew defeat would mean taking your ship and your geneseed." Jendon barked back in defiance. As he went on the attack Jendon would Contact Vitaly through the private Vox.

    "Requesting support fire on there captain, bastard and his command squad are needing to be cracked. Uploading more movement infomration to you" Jendon said a Prick at the back of his armor would remind him of a Servo skull now adminstering Combat combat drugs and regeneratives to help push him forward in combat

    OOC 2 attacks with bolter 1 using Creeping Death 1 Defensive on Jendon using Chainsword, 1 Heal on Jendon with medical servo skull,

    1 curse of rust
    1 Creeping death Used now
    1 Luthors touch Used
    2 plasma grenade
    1 frag grenade Used
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    Arnock looked up and upon the traitor that had crashed through the doors. His words made that Master of Rites' teeth grind together slowly in anger. Far greater was this atrocity than any other he had encountered yet. For, at one point, was this traitorous scum so loyal to his Legion and the Imperium, that he was granted life anew within the iron sarcophagus. It was a spit in the face of them Imperium itself, more so than the other traitors. Arnock's head turned slightly towards Rulduan before speaking, "Fall back to cover and provide supporting fire to Brother Elymas. Far to great is the information he holds to be lost here today."

    Taking a few steps towards the dreadnought, Arnock raised his power sword and spoke, "It seems that you have come seeking death, again, traitor. Let me assure you that you have found it. Your inadequacies failed you once, and they shall once more." Arnock then opened up his arms, "Come and let death embrace you once more!" Looking back to Elymas a brief moment, Arnock could see that he was reaching into the warp. Time is what his brother needed, so time is what he would receive.

    Charging forward, Arnock went straight for the larger dreadnought with a strange yet focused feeling overcoming his body, motivating him forward. Drawing his inferno pistol, Arnock would fire off a shot at the traitor's leg joints in an attempt to detract from its mobility. Arnock would then move into the traitor's guard using Perfectus Mortem to make tight, precise attacks to the joints while keeping his guard up in anticipation for the counter.

    OOC: Legion's Master activated on Dreadnaught. Balanced Attack: 1 attack to the leg joints with inferno pistol. 2 Attacks with Perfectus Mortem (s) also the the lower joints. 1 defense on self using Perfectus Mortem (s).

    Activating Legion Standard: Since there is no tide of war, all enemy attacks that score a hit must be re-rolled this turn.
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    Blood and Fury
    Extrovious' great blade licks out once more, skimming the floor before rising like a Fire Raptor at launch. The Marauder's fury does nothing to stem the assault on the Dark Apostle. Heavy swing crosses towards the neck, blade attempting to perform its namesake.

    "None of you are worthy of the Emperor's perfect warriors. You craven sons of the Urizen must send fiends and machines to fight us, you know damn well your legion is but chaff for your betters. At least Perturabo's lot can do their work well." First swing's momentum dies, parried, dodged or struck true, it mattered not; the next blow was coming. Heaving arms upwards the Sergeant attempts another helm splitter, this one slicing down towards the Marauder no doubt inbound or already making a nuisance of himself. Those cursed axes might cleave plate in twain, but the warrior beneath was inexorable. "Brothers, carve up those beasts and the cultists. I will keep these two entertained in the interim." This was his moment to fight back in both mind and body, Extrovious' orders came out strained, clear thought nearly strangulated by the call to arms. Funnily enough the clarity to hold out is brought on by the declarations of the Marauder, helping to remind him where it stood, and where he stood. The perception demanded by his combat duties and that marked him out for ascension does not fail him here either, noting that his nearest and dearest of brothers seems to be struggling. "Aleph! Grasp your purpose and cleanse the Sovereign of those abominations!"

    "Come Word Bearer, you and your whelp of the Warp have more than enough to deal with already." Extrovious takes a hand from blade and reaches for Dabogar, more specifically his weapon. Fingers coil, attempting to wrench the weapon from the Dark Apostle's hand, all while the pommel of his executioner's blade is turned into a bludgeon, trying to stove in the Word Bearer's skull with repeated hammer blows.

    Attack - Cleave at Dabogar
    Attack - Overhead slash at Marauder
    Attack 3 - Trying to disarm and steal the Crozius from Dabogar, and break his damned head open with sword pommel.Priority to bashing skull in.

    @Grall_Stonefist @Colapse @Jorimel @dx144
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    Pholax was shocked at the sight of the once Astarte, some kind of monstrosity, of that Pholax was sure, more beast than man now, unlike how the Eaters of Worlds were in battle, they still looked human and retained their humanity while doing battle, but this was nothing more than flesh that hated and desired nothing more than to tear things apart.

    The runes blinking amber in his hud, warning of minor damage to the outer hull. The oncoming warnings of the creature still upon him was of a higher priority however and needed to be removed immediately.

    There wasn't time to stop and think, Pholax had to act and act now before something more vital than armour was ruptured and torn. The heat of his exhausts would likely do little to deter the beast that was upon him, smashing his back into a wall could possibly remove the beast, or just wound himself further.

    So with that, Pholax decided to throw his bulk side to side trying to dislodge the beast with his compartment thrown around as well, the only hope he had to remove it unless one of his brothers gained a chance to remove the beast.

    Acting like a bull in the hope to remove the unwanted hitchhiker but even with him in a dangerous situation he could attempt to assist a brother, the speakers were still releasing their constant screeching that was like nails upon a chalkboard to Pholax's mind and he wanted them silenced.


    One defence upon self trying to remove the Anointed

    Two attacks on the speakers while running/charging.
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    When the video feed of the planetary surface battle comes through to Vitaly's communications suite, he immediately isolates the signal and hides it from the rest of 3rd Millennial's network behind layers of obfuscation and encryption. No sense distracting the unit from the mission with sensitive and tactically irrelevant information. He also compartmentalises the information in a holding space within his mind through both sheer mental discipline and cybernetic augmentation, keeping it for later deliberation. No sense distracting himself, either.

    When Ulysses is worsted by the Ironstriders and drops his grav-gun, surviving only by the intervention of the black-clad Chaplain, Vitaly's pulse of impatient irritation radiates across the noosphere like the shockwave of a bomb blast.

    +++Item #1: Unit Ulysses to recover weapon.+++
    +++Item #2: Unit Ulysses to fall back on Primus and consolidate position.+++
    +++Item #3: Unit Ulysses to submit to refresher CQB training post-operation, pursuant to sub-standard combat performance.+++

    The caustic sting of Vitaly's disdain colouring his curt binharic is sufficient to make the subordinate Techmarine wince as he blurts his compliance, striving to recover his fallen grav-gun with his remaining arm before falling back to cover Vitaly's more-exposed flank. The underperforming Techmarine already beneath his notice, Vitaly turns his attention - and cold dissatisfaction - upon the erstwhile golden boy, Tyrion, who is still struggling with the command engrams locked in the Magos' skull.

    +++Imperative: Unit Tyrion to focus all attentional resources to completing decryption and assimilation of command engrams.+++
    +++Addendum: Disregard all other imperatives till completion of stated objective, up to and including self-defence. Distraction not optional.+++

    +++Compliance, Primus,+++
    comes the blurted reply without hesitation.

    His cybernetic mind compartmentalising to manage the chaotic theatre at multiple simultaneous levels, he delves into the greater ship-wide battle with a bionic time dilation. Noting that seizure of security functions has fallen behind schedule, with the IVth Legion bridge defenders having seized the advantage as a result, Vitaly redoubles his efforts to bring that subsystem to heel, dedicating twice the normal resources to the effort. Simultaneously, he turns his efforts to weaponising control of the shipboard environment against its former masters.

    Corridors populated only by Traitor Astartes and their serf crews are suddenly emergency-purged of atmosphere, or have their gravity turned off at sudden, unpredictable intervals, or are flooded with toxic substances, or are scourged by suddenly-discharging power conduits, or some combination of the above, plus a whole lot more. Lights are shut off, plunging whole sections into darkness, while reinforced blast doors trap entire Traitor contingents inside blank corridors that have now become hermetically sealed prisons.

    Meanwhile, the ship's helm and fire control systems receive directives to continue supporting the Sovereign, covering its exposed flanks with battery fire and the obscuring bulk of its armoured, void-shielded hull. The second wave of the 3rd Millennial's boarding force receives orders to hunt and destroy Traitor forces that may be looking to attack the gun and shield decks, thus securing Vitaly's gains over ship control thus far.

    His pieces deployed for the greater battle, Vitaly now turns his attention to the immediate fracas around his physical person. Unflinching even as a bolt round explodes against his gorget, partially perforating armour and flesh alike, Vitaly gets on the vox, and not a moment too soon, as Jendon gets pushed back to his position.

    "All units, fall back on my position and consolidate. You are in danger of losing coherency and being isolated. Squad Ilyas fall back first. Squads Mormeh and Minteril are next - mutually covering withdrawal, guard the flanks and create space for Squad Ilyas to focus fire. Squad Ilyas - target those Dominators and the line troops. I will take the pressure off the centre. @Vulpas Brother Jendon, disengage from hand-to-hand and consolidate on me also. We need to close ranks. Provide close-in security for my Covenant until we secure the command engrams."

    Seeing to targets in order of proximity, Vitaly lashes the first Ironstrider with the full fury of his Lightning Field, targeting the other with a carefully-tuned blast from the Entropic Disruptor that seeks to overload and disrupt its workings without permanent damage, seeking to shut down both machines and take them out of play without harming the wonderous Ironstrider engines at their hearts. Karon is targeted by a desultory Null Ray blast that seeks to suck the power out of his armour and flesh alike, leaving his weakened body trapped in a ceramite coffin. His honour squad, on the other hand, receives the undivided attention of the V.O.T.E.C. Blaster on its deflagrating setting, prognosticative fire control algorithms playing the beam across the formation for maximum enfilading.

    Command Actions


    Tyrion: All-Out Action - hack Magos command engrams.

    Ulysses: 2 Standard Actions - Recover grav-gun; Defensive posture

    2nd Wave: Seek-and-destroy actions against Traitor forces in gun and shield sectors.

    Ship Control Actions

    1.) All-Out Action - seize control of security functions

    2.) Standard Action - turn ship into death trap for enemies.

    3.) Standard Action - Continue fire support for Sovereign.


    Personal Actions

    1.) Standard Action: Attack @ Ironstrider #1 w/Lightning Field (3 shots, haywire)

    2.) Standard Action: Attack @ Ironstrider #2 w/Entropic Disruptor (Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Concussive)

    3.) Standard Action: Attack @ Captain Karon w/Null Ray

    4.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Honour Squad w/V.O.T.E.C. Blaster (Volkite setting)


    Threat Assessment Matrix: Attack @ Honour Squad w/V.O.T.E.C. Blaster (Volkite setting)

    Null Ray charges this turn: 0

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 25/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "Aleph, Alephoros, Aleph, Sulpha, Son, Alephoros, Traitor, Aleph, Savior, Sulpha, Phoenician, Alephoros, Palatine, Broken, Aleph," voices chanted over him, around him, sweeping in like some maddened choral, taking the place of the clamour of battle, part eulogy, part hexing, part benediction. Aleph did not want their blessing. The gilded cuirass on his chest turned the blow of an enemy's spear as he ran. Another skimmed the front of his left greave. He felt the high plume of his helmet crest catch the wind, streaming out like his golden hair. Alephoros. The thunderbolt. The vengeance of Astarte. He swung his sword around in an arc, taking off his opponent's head. Blood sprayed like an offering, marring the purple-edged tunic of cream linen. He lifted the weapon skyward -

    "Aleph! Grasp your purpose and cleanse the Sovereign of those abominations!"

    The scene changed abruptly and Aleph's awareness and clarity returned. He was in dire straits, no time for dreams of - what? He did not recognise the fleeting vision and yet it called to him. A huge shape barrelled past him, Pholax diving into combat with the same ferocious tenacity as before. He could hear Extrovious' words ringing in his ears. Night's Edge seemed heavy, unresponsive to the power that normally flowed along its blackened length. However, it was Nostraman-made, and still an efficient sticker of ribs made for dark alleys. Daith'wyn seemed to compensate for its bastard half-brother, seeming brighter and more fluid, cutting through the air with a sweet tone. Aleph brought the lighter blade up into an attacking stance, aiming to slice out a throat or pierce a neck seal as he used the other to block and defend. He left no holes in his guard. This was no time to dance, which was a pity. He'd have to improvise a performance despite the music.

    He concentrated on stilling the voices of the deranged men before him who had once been soldiers, but had now fallen to impossible depths just to serve - something he did not grasp. Superstition and myths told of the things he was seeing before him, and he was not sure he wanted to understand. Luckily, he only needed to know that they could bleed, and die, just like the men they rode. The impossible melange of beast and man dying at his feet still shrieked with a ragged voice of names he had never taken and titles he'd never earned. He thought, for a moment, that he glimpsed a warrior to his left clad as he had daydreamed, only beneath his helm his hair was auburn red, like a copper tide. The cultist's head rolled free, quiet at last. Aleph turned his focus to the cluster of the rest.

    The hallucination - the spell? - the nightmare? it hit him with the force of a torrent, whatever it was. Alephoros saw again the magnificent figure of his gene-Sire as he had once been, a demigod in purple plate, the heartstopping beauty of his white face split by an ugly smile as horrid laughter bubbled from his lips. Fulgrim raised his twisted blade, the glinting gem in its hilt winking as if a third eye slaved to its master's will as he brought it down upon the fallen figure at his feet. His brother. His dearest friend, Ferrus Manus, the Gorgon of Medusa. No greater image of shattered brotherhood and betrayal could there be, and for a second, Aleph almost believed it. Grief welled up within him, for his loss, for the loss of the Third, for the end of the Imperial promise of a galaxy united and healed as only Fulgrim could have healed it. And just as quickly, it was replaced by rage. The servants of the Seventeenth were masters of illusion but they went too far. Convincing him of his former liege's perfidy was hard, but sadly possible. But this - it only strengthened his contempt. Aleph roared his defiance and leapt into the dance once more.

    "Alephoros," he shouted as he span, wove, leaped, "Aster, Sulpha, Dancer, Phoenix's Son," he cut and slashed and parried, "Palatine, Aleph, Swordsman, Child of Chemos," he stabbed with Night's Edge, cut with the Charnabal sabre to the fore like a fencer. He felt his time with the Eighth return to him as he left the poetry to his motion.

    "Chant as loud as you like, bastard sons of the Priest. You'll sing no more without a tongue."

    Once per combat Aleph can tap into the hatred he has for those that wronged the Legion and fuel his own resolve. For D3 turns, every attack he successfully makes will deal double damage.

    Two actions for on the Singers using: Offensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus attack and -1 on all of his defensive rolls

    Remaining action defence on self, bonus defence on Pholax as he realises that having charged to his aid the big metal man is surrounded ... again, using: Defensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus defensive action and -1 on all of his attacking rolls
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  9. Forced back by the sudden appearance of the of the somehow mutated word bearer in front of him, unnatural energy simply radiated from his opponent, the same kind as as the poison in his veins.

    Thoough his first movement had been like being dragged through tar, having fired upon Dabogar, had returned some of his vitality, and as the anointed, attempted to impale him on its weapon limb, he just got out the way, just to have its unnaturally sharp claws racking through his reinforced pauldron, with an ease that only exacerbated its danger, clearly the melee was its field, even if its obscene look didn't show that.

    taking another quick back step, Denatus attempted to fire off a point blank shot with his Serpenta, "What manner of beast are you" he heard himself say as he willed himself to move through his leaded limbs, his free hand grapping at the meteor hammers chain at his side while he stepped back. swinging out to try at a minimal chain length, trying to drive the anointed back if his serpenta shot had not succeeded in that.

    1 attack with serpenta,
    change to meteor hammer for attack.
    1 defence on self
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  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Breaking the circle
    @Uriel1339 @matt23

    "Aye my Lord," Rulduan and the remainder of his squad obeyed, pulling back behind the two terminators and preparing to what was coming at them. The shadow grew as the still-fresh blood dripped from the giant fist. "We are Iron! From it we came, to it we shall return," Dreadnought grumbled as he advanced upon Arnock, every other word was silenced as the assault cannon started spitting shells. Master of Rites saw it and he was quick on his feet, despite wearing the heavy armor, getting himself the opening he needed to fire off a shot with the inferno pistol. Air grew denser and the blast hit the Dreadnought even as the shells went past Arnock, the melta weapon enough to burn through the plating and slow the machine down.

    He didn't seem to care though. "I COMETH FROM IRON!" Dreadnought roared and closed the distance, Arnock seeing the name "Brother Nestor" engraved upon the sarcophagus right as the fist came at him. It hit Arnock with the strength of a tank and lower part of his arm alongside his pistol shattered into dozen of smaller pieces. Flamer was activated and it engulfed the Master of Rites, but even through it the edge of Perfectus Mortem shined as it struck forward. Adamantium met adamantium, the sparks flew off but the old power field bit through, slicing past pieces of protection - but there was only time for one such blow as Arnock had to move quickly to evade getting pulverized by Nestor's bulk.

    It was then that he felt the tingling at the back of his head increase, the familiar sense of unease began creeping upon him as Elymas drew upon the powers of the Immaterium. Veil was thin here, the raw emotions which the psyker called upon echoed in the mirror realm and something spoke back. Crystals which were shattered now floated around the top of Phoenix's Resolve, the myriad of colors spreading all around to form a giant encased in silver. Something akin to a golem of ancient tale rose like a specter of vengeance, his eyes, even behind the ornate helmet, shining with fire - just like his fists. No weapons besides them were on the apparition, but it needed no other.

    Matching Dreadnought in size, Echo of Medusa charged forward straight into Brother Nestor. More on automation than anything else, the Iron Warrior twisted around and unloaded his assault cannon on full auto but the projectiles did nothing to the creature as they simply flew through him and exploded on the wall behind. Elymas could watch his creation hitting the Dreadnought in full force, the Chief Librarian feeling every second of it as if it were him who was fighting. Dreadnought versus ethereal fists, two titanic opponents began smashing each other without remorse even as the deck around them shook.

    Bridge Assault:

    Brother Nestor, Castaferrum Dreadnought: [6] (power fist + flamer, assault cannon) (LC active)

    Arnock:13, Elymas:20, Line Squad Rulduan:6 Echo of Medusa:17

    Friendly NPC squad will look to Arnock for orders but if you don’t wanna guide them and tell them who to focus on, I can do that for you. Dreadnought is considered to be a boss.

    @Draconion @Vulpas

    "Speak while you still can, Apothecary," Captain Karon growled as the chain hammer met Jendon's powered chainsword. Teeth exploded around, eating into both of the combatants even as Jendon's servo skull worked around him, trying to inject the necessary amount of vital substances into his bloodstream. It didn't do much though, Iron Warrior Commander was as relentless as they came - another swing of the hammer found the Chief Apothecary's lower stomach, turning the soft flesh into pulp. Artificer armor or not, its protective capabilities had their limits and Jendon was speeding towards them.

    However once again, for the Emperor know's how many times today, brothers of the XIX Legion came to the rescue. Two shots rang and Karon stumbled as he was hit, Jendon getting the opportunity to unload a full salvo into the Iron Warrior. Not every shot hit the mark and he registered that the poison failed to attach to his opponent, but the sheer damage of the mass reactive rounds did the work instead. Spitting blood, Captain was properly injured now but yet unbroken, just like the rest of his warriors.

    Command squad saw their leader's situation and they redoubled their efforts, both them and the still-surviving legionaries of the Line Squad unleashed hell upon the Squad Mormeh. Emperor's Children died in droves now, pinned by the remaining combat servitors they gave their lives to protect Ilyas, his Devastators and the Techmarines beyond, Sergeant Mormeh himself dying as the Iron Warrior with two power axes cleaved him apart.

    He didn't live for long though, as the black-clad Chaplain was suddenly upon him. Moving with lethal grace despite his size, the Raven Guard's claws flickered with deadly potential. It was obvious, even from the start, that the duel was severely one-sided. It lasted for only couple of seconds, the Iron Warrior attempted a faint and dodge to the side after which he would catch the Raven Guard on his neck, but the Chaplain saw the move and used the energized whip on his crozius to ensnare his opponent's arm. Twin axe came a second too late, the lightning claws came straight through the Honor Guard warrior and lifted him in the air, even as the Chaplain simultaneously retracted the whip and ripped the Iron Warrior's arm off. Integrated bolter fired and bolts exploded inside Iron Warrior, destroying his chest and spine. With an afterthought, the Raven Guard tossed the corpse aside and moved back to support the Techmarines.

    Vitaly was there of course, weathering shot after shot from the Honor Guardsmen with the bolter, the Forgemaster wasn't about to back off. Clad in iron, both in flesh and spirit, he fired his V.O.T.E.C. and the Iron Warrior disappeared, his body atomized. The only thing that remained was a hand that still gripped the melted pole of the banner, that now fell on the ground, nobody there to pick it up. A plasma shot came his way but the sting was secondary to him, armor melting and being fused was something he knew all too well. Autocannons roaring from the Ironstriders were likewise irrelevant at this point, nothing really mattered as more information flooded his vision.

    "Blackest Grip" was destroyed, its death a blazing star which once would be deemed great, however amidst such titanic clash around them it seemed hardly important. "Battleborn" on the other hand, was safely in Vitaly's hands and the mortal crew on its bridge was now completely locked out of commands. Word Bearer ships died in similar fashion, "Sovereign's" firepower combined with Admiral de Beaumont's guidance saw that this small victory was assured.

    Back in combat, the lighting field flashed but to little use as the first Ironstrider evaded the discharge, however the second Ironstrider was caught by the entropic energy and was shut down completely, its rider following same fate. At the same time, Tyron's input came through, followed by Ulysses' confirmation that he got his brother back. Second later, a new signature appeared, that one of Skitarii Alpha named 911-TAS.

    ++ "Honored servants of Omnissiah. What is your will?" ++

    Captain Ilyas kept on fighting though, his support coming through as couple of Dominators died to heavy weapons. Minteril and his terminators, devoid of any sense of logic, given how now they where threatened defeat, charged into the Iron Warriors and began butchering them in full, the tables turning in an instant. Pushed from all sides, Dominators began retreating while two remaining Honor Squadmates gathered around their wounded Captain into what was likely to be a last stand.

    Enslaving the ship:

    Dominators:13, Line Squad:8, Captain Karon:9(chain hammer), Honor Squad:8(plasma gun)/7(power sword + shield)

    Jendon:9, Vitaly:13, Minteril's HQ:13, Devastator Squad Ilyas:10, First Techmarine Covenant:10, Skitarii troops:40, Ironstriders:10, Combat Servitors:20 Raven Guard:???

    Tides of War: Minor Emperor's Children advantage

    Skitarii troops are currently standing on the defense, not attacking anyone but if attacked, they will defend themselves. Minteril will focus his effort on the enemy Dominators while Ilyas will move against enemy Honor Guard. Skitarii and remaining Ironstriders\combat servitors are now on your side.

    Due to Vitaly's actions in the last round, the "Battleborn" fell into loyalist hands.

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