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Perfect Warriors

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    Sounding like the Pholax of old, the Contemptor Dreadnought turned around and ran straight for the stricken Predator. Astartes inside of it managed to fire three more shots at the walker, each of these round easily soaked by the adamantium shell and doing little to stop the murderous machine. Pholax hit the tank with his entire strength, power of the blow managing to bring the Predator up on one side before the Dreadnought pushed it and with a stomp, ended the life of the Word Bearer inside of it. The speakers that spat the heretical messages went dead as well, the fires licking the outside of Pholax's coffin doing nothing to prevent what came next.

    With missiles loaded and fired, hell was unleashed. Denatus saw the destruction and was faster than his enemies, the explosions rocking the deck and hot shrapnel flying through the air. Most of the Breachers were wounded by this point and the Destroyer could operate freely with his meteor hammer, the ball and the chain claiming lives with newfound ease. Other Emperor's Children rallied in similar fashion, encouraged by the presence of their veterans, they doubled the efforts and the hold Word Bearers had was broken. Extrovious found his footing and with a proper swing, cut through the chest of first Terminator. Second one died as his entire squad opened fire and avenged fallen Kaiser by turning the enemy legionary into paste. Devastators from the Squad Pestin dealt with what remained of the Breachers while Aleph claimed the final blow as his opponent finally gave in, with a quick strike the swordmaster decapitated the enemy Techmarine and cleared the floor of opposing elements.

    This was but a small skirmish, there were plenty of intruders to repel and from what Sidon said, Armory was the next location. "Sergeant Extrovious," came Praetor's voice, there was plenty of firing in the background, "They are pushing hard to take the place from us, they even brought Army regiments with them. I'll need as many of your men as you can give me," there was a pause where Extro lost Sidon for a moment, the loud explosion breaking the line before the old warrior came back, his voice strained as he was hurting now. "There's another issue...Captain Flavius reported a saboteur party moving away from the main routes and trying to push through the crew quarters in order to reach the Reactor dome. I lost contact with him but you are close, so make a stop there and investigate what happened." Flavius was one of Sidon's peers, although not as old as him he was also Terran-born and serving under Apox earned him some exposure, especially during initial campaigns against Dark Eldar. Losing him, especially in such dire time, would be a terrible blow to the Millennial and that was undoubtedly one of the reasons Sidon was concerned.


    With most of the troops safely under Sergeant Pestin's command, the parts of the old 4th Squad moved with all due haste towards the last known sight of Captain Flavius and his warriors. It didn't take them long, couple of decks up and they were in the middle of primary dormitories for "Sovereign's" mortal crew, currently empty due to security demands or otherwise clear in order to evade unnecessary casualties so close to the boarding party entrances. Locator beacon on Flavius' armor was also located deeper into the maze but what was even more interesting was the fact their comms activated, none other than the Captain himself addressing them as they got closer.

    "Brothers...the Word Bearers broke through and came in number...we cannot hold them...request immediate assistance..."

    He repeated the words couple of more times before the link died. For Pholax, it wasn't that easy to navigate the corridors but the speed was of the essence so many rooms were broken as he waded through, small price to pay when the Astartes lives were on the stake.

    However as they moved deeper into the ship, darkness gathered around them and that good old sense of unease began creeping in. Extrovious was first one to notice the differences, the twitches at the edge of the sight, the silent growls, the smell of sulfur - something wicked was waiting for them and they were heading straight for it now. Flavius' locator finally screamed as the group came around the corner into what used to be a great mess hall with great many tables in it and a kitchen in the back big enough to supply a small army.

    "Brothers...the Word Bearers broke through and came in number...we cannot hold them...request immediate assistance..." once again the voice of Emperor's Children Captain called to them but no more speaking in their ear. The dead Captain's head was mounted on an altar made of other heads, legionaries of the Third placed on the top while smaller skulls of human crew formed the base. Blood was everywhere - alongside body parts - but to one who would look closer he would see that the red vitae formed a specific form on the floor, one of eight-pointed star.

    "Brothers..." voice which was not really Flavius didn't come from the altar in the center of the star, but from the towering figure besides it. Decked in black plates covered in script that hurt the eye to look at and chains wet with blood stood a monster with a smile of gold. "Brothers," he spoke and his clean shaved face spread into a smile, the voice soothing and melodic, a resemblance of his Father no doubt. It was also the same voice who spoke through Predator's speakers during their initial combat.

    "I thank you for answering my summons," the spiked mace, crozius arcanum corrupted just like its wielder hung at the side, next to a large combi gun, but neither these sidearms nor the Cataphracti Terminator Armor were the real weapons of this Word Bearer.

    "I am Dabogar and I bring message to you all." Behind him, five hooded figures appeared. They were smaller in stature, humans no doubt, but there was definitely something wrong with them. Their faces and hands were hidden beneath the robes and they all moved at the same time, as if they were but simple clockwork mechanisms given life. Unnatural energies swirled beneath their feet, each move they made created ripples on the ground which now looked like surface of a great dark ocean.

    "Denatus," Word Bearer spoke and the hooded figures turned towards the Destroyer, whispering his name again and again. "You are already dead, it is the curse of your craft," and truly, no matter how much the radiation took away from him until that moment, Denatus suddenly became tired. His limbs were heavy, the affliction taking over him threatened to completely drive him to a halt. Word Bearer's voice didn't help either. "But we can take it all away. The Decayed One commands such ills and it is under his order that I came to offer you his blessing. All you have to do is ask."

    While the Word Bearer spoke, Extrovious felt cold breeze on his face and the momentary detachment. Frost gathered around the grip of his executioner's sword, the cry of a thunder in the distance catching his attention. Beyond the Word Bearer, his acolytes and the mark on the floor lied a mighty mountain, its top flat as if some vengeful god cut it off with the swing of his axe. Dark clouds gathered around it, the storm brewing in the distance a small interlude to what was coming. He knew this place of course, like the shade of the Crimson King promised, the wards in Extro's mind buckled and gave him the necessary knowledge of blood, ruin and death. He fought and killed here, who exactly he wasn't sure, but the cracking of bones beneath his feet heralded the destruction of worlds.

    "She calls to you Extrovious, can you hear it?" a lone figure stood opposing him, the elements seemingly having no effect on it. Slightly shorter than the Sergeant and dressed in furs like some tribal chieftain, his features were covered by a horned, skull-faced, helmet but what Extro could see his opponent's skin was in fact, crimson. Black veins bulged, the skin looking more like an armor than flesh, metallic attribute further brought in front by the snow than melted whenever it touched it, leaving the warrior undisturbed. "You thought you could run, didn't you?", twin axes in each hand, while crude-looking, had the brutal edge to them that promised nothing but violence. "Cowards flee their fate, only the strong embrace it," taking a step forward, the wind blew but instead of coldness, the fire of a forge and the smell of charred flesh greeted Extrovious, "What are you?"

    To Pholax, Aleph and Denatus, the apparition which taunted their Sergeant was nothing more than a blurry figure in the distance, there was no snowy mountain although the smell of brimstone was all too real. For Pholax though, such senses were simply registered by the sensors on the front of his coffin, however the pair of eyes in the dark above him and the sudden warnings weren't part of Word Bearer's miasma. Large shapes clung to the ceiling, poised to strike at the moment's notice.

    "You deemed my words heresy," Dabogar continued, a certain edge entering his tone, "It is fitting though, that when faced with truth, weak souls crawl back into the confines of their own minds for the knowledge sounds too terrible to behold. My Brothers, the Anointed, were among the first to destroy the shackles and embrace the Primodial Truth. They will also be the last ones you will see before they break into your prison and devour your flesh." Pholax couldn't really see the exact shape of the ones the Word Bearer spoke about, but the spines, elongated claws and bulking armor made them something much different than what he fought before.

    "Which finally brings me to you. Aleph," the Word Bearer turned his golden eyes on the swordsman and the voices around Alephoros intensified, the hooded figures whispering his name but each syllable was twisted as if spoken through some broken apparatus. "Without even knowing, you carry the knowledge of the Old Night. Names of your forefathers, your tribesmen and the skills they passed to you weren't only theirs to give. Such knowledge is precious and doesn't come without a cost, which can either be salvation or damnation."

    Unhooking his crozius, the corrupted Chaplain pointed it towards Aleph, the challenge clear. "You play on Trickster's strings, each step of your dance leads you further into his grasp. Resisting is futile but I already know what would your answer be should I ask you to chose," firing mechanism clicked as two bolts were loaded in his combi bolter. "So do your best, Alephoros of the Sulpha tribe, last of your kind. Do your best and I shall do so too for the Gods are watching!"

    At the gates of hell:

    Dark Apostle Dabogar:30, Speakers: [5], The Anointed: 18/18, The Marauder:25

    Aleph:25, Extrovious:30, Pholax:[14], Denatus:20

    Dak Apostle Dabogar is a boss and as such, this battle will be slightly harder because the enemy packs couple of extra talents. As long as the Speakers are alive, Denatus will lose d3 HP each turn. During the opening turn, everyone but Extrovious will have trouble attacking Marauder himself. You can consider the Anointed to be Possessed Marines with extra oomph. Your talents are reset and you can use them again in this fight.
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    Heresy Upon Heresy
    Extrovious' mouth goes dry long before they reach the altar. Thirst had claimed him before the last Word Bearer died in their previous engagement, and now his throat ached with want for bloodshed. Whatever dark force washed across these halls now, Extro settled into it with a feverish desire to go deeper. Soon they encounter Captain's severed head, and whatever may have once passed for pity in his hearts is quashed by disgust. World turns red, the mountain looms, the bones below, and now the Marauder before him. Extrovious could of suddenly been stripped of all armor, clad in primitive garb like the fiend before him, he could be a red skinned giant himself, this thing could merely be him in another life; it made no difference for all he need know was that there was a blade in hand. As the snow drift turns red and the sky splits asunder by the hand of thunder, he begins his march. Left hand raises shield, then drives it into the ground, splitting mess hall floor and casting up the illusionary snows between himself and the savage chieftain.

    "I am beyond you."
    Next step carries the whole weight of both body and venerable armor set. The bronze tinted executioners blade clasped in both hands arcs around in a broad swing meant to cleave the Marauder in twain or drive him back a few paces nearer towards a snow dune separating them from the other combatants; in reality an overturned mess table positioned nearby. Blade drops and left shoulder rises, the tasseled wall of purple ceramite swiftly growing in the Marauder's field of vision as hulking trooper heaves to and tramples towards him.

    "Go now, join the whelp of the Word! Pile yourselves up now, it will make this quick."
    Here with an avatar for everything he had been feeling, every thirst, every throbbing artery, every alien voice in his head, Extrovious feels the call to arms swell in a purer light than he had since Ulanor. Here he would prove the witches wrong, here he would prove himself and the Emperor right. Should his charge connect, Extro will look to carry or send crashing, aiming the Marauder at the Dark Apostle. If dodged, then the ultimate plan remains the same, carry the charge towards the Word Bearer, trusting full well that the axe wielder wants him above all others, and begin delivering heavy overhead helmsplitters to both the preacher and his pet.

    "Your blood for the Emperor! Your skulls are mine!"​

    OOC: Attack 1: Slashing at Marauder.
    Attack 2: Charge at Marauder and Dark Apostle
    Attack 3 + 4: Overhead slashes at Dark Apostle and Marauder.
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    As the commotion ended, Pholax looked over the sensors. Armour intact, no breaches, minor damage to the casing. Perhaps the Mechanicus adepts would enjoy restoring it, maybe they'd hate Pholax for damaging their precious machine. Who knew for sure with them, strange people who do strange things. Whatever the case they were loyal to the Imperium, more than can be said for the Bearers of the Word...

    Although if the Astartes can fall... Who's to say they can't... Or haven't...

    Pholax turned his mind from such thoughts, if the Mechanicus has or will turn to the traitors was a question for another day, the actual foe was here and needs dealing with now.

    The rooms were rather delicate and surprisingly easy to break through, then again he was now a war machine of several tonnes. The walls could probably take several marines smashing into it, but his form was far beyond that now.

    Pholax's mind was locked on retrieving Falvius for Sidon, Pholax couldn't remember a Flavius, maybe they'd never met, maybe it was memory lose, being dead Pholax assumed would do that. Out of a fear of loss, Pholax thought of Chemos, if he'd forgotten that as well, but like turning on a switch, images of grey skies, ships filling them and the fortress of Callax. Instantly Pholax's mind was eased of the burden knowing he hadn't forgotten his homeworld.

    Seeing the dead Emperor's Child that was no doubt this Flavius they were sent to look for, it made Pholax know he was still alive, anger burned within him, whatever remained of him urged to deal with the one who had defiled a once proud Astarte and then he saw it... Another Bearer of the Word...

    As the Word Bearer began to speak, that same hatred from before returned, it demanded to be silenced. Hatred and anger were going to guide Pholax this day to correct the blight upon the once proud term, Astarte.

    The words that were said to Pholax seemed to fade out, as a different voice, maybe his own, maybe someone else's... It just repeated the same thing, kill the traitor, kill the heretic, kill the betrayer, kill...

    "Kill..." Pholax echoed from the voice as he went into a charge straight for this so called, Dabogar.

    "KILL...." Pholax shouted again as his form charged across the once mess hall. He'd drank here before... Victory wine above... Where was it... Pholax snapped out of it as he realised he was still screaming as he charged and prepared himself for whatever was going to come...


    Charge on Dabogar
    Two defences on self.
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    ~~ On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~
    Elymas had to muster all of his might and willpower, especially as the vile dimension walker dared instill his will and vision upon the Chief Librarian. "You are a bigger liar than Fulgrim ever had been to us!" He spat towards Virtuoso, snarling - maybe a page he ripped right out of the non-existent diary of Pholax.

    "I never opened all my secrets and mind to you, because you were trouble from the time I gazed upon your mask! I was to blind to see, but all your actions, your words, it all reeks of the same toxin as that of all former loyalists to the wing of the Phoenix we wield with pride and honor!" Elymas accused the creature.

    "If this, today, is going to be the crescendo, then you already have lost. It matters little if we Emperor's Children loyal to the throne shall die today! That is what you do not understand of us! We will slaughter as many of you traitorous misguided fools as we can. And you might turn us into ash. But we shall rise once more. Superior to anything you can even imagine. You believe to be a puppeteer? Then it is time to cut your strings!" Knowing that further thought would only distract from combat, he gave into a primitive rage that he once witnessed. Something that has become to be known as 'the bloodburn' to those who have studied the effects of the survivors on the jungle moon all those centuries ago and various occasions afterwards.

    Feeding off the oldest memories he has, including the young visages of the now-traitor Camille and his bloodthirsty comrades against the blood priest of the dark eldar, he tried to invoke that very emotion and power in himself. Reason and willpower would give in at some point, much like a dam could only handle a certain treshhold before breaking open and flooding. So instead of trying to hold the tide at bay he would crush it. Ironically, just how an Ork wielding the essence of the Waaagh would fight.

    OOC: All-Out Phoenix's Resolve attack vs. Virtuoso
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    Vitaly does not flinch when struck in the torso by Thallax laser fire, already accepting and dismissing the battle damage as anticipated and acceptable attrition while his Null Ray drains a pair of Electro-Priests to blackened husks, funnelling the stolen energy into storage capacitors. As the bionic shock troops are taken off the board by his stasis missile, he turns his attention to the other enemy forces, his Threat Assessment Matrix organising enemy forces into a threat hierarchy based on complex predictions of their interactions with other units - friendly and enemy - as well as with the battlespace itself.

    By order of proximity, the Mechanicus forces still have pride of place relative to himself and the Forge cadre - if left unattended, they could severely disrupt or outright thwart their efforts to seize control of the ship, which could in turn jeopardise the entire boarding operation if brought to such a pass. With that in mind, Vitaly brackets the Electro-Priest formation - more a howling mob, really, if one limned in crackling energy brought to heel by esoteric technology - with an area-of-effect target lock. The mechadendrite-mounted V.O.T.E.C. Blaster swivels to track, the hum of its powerup cycle rising rapidly to a tooth-aching scream as its capacitors are overcharged with stolen energy from the Null Ray.

    +++Setting: Deflagrative+++
    +++Output: 1.72 TW+++
    +++Beam Duration: 1.75s+++
    +++Sweep Coverage: 30m^2+++

    With a discordant, electric scream, the thermal ray crackles to life, flickering streams of exotic radiation leaping forth from the emitter diode to burn a path of destruction through the Electro-Priests. Vitaly's sophisticated fire control software guides the weapon's swivel, tracking the beam such that it will cover the largest mass of enemy unit in the formation. The energetic signature of the beam heats non-biological material red-hot, but its greatest utility is in the way it dumps the majority of its energy directly into living tissue, causing it to deflagrate instantly into jets of flame and hot cinders.


    Ulysses' strangled snarl of frustration draws Vitaly's attention. His two apprentices are battling not far from each other. Tyrion is fully absorbed in his work of informatic warfare, having dived for the mainframe access port in the wake of the Raven Guard Chaplain's intervention. Linked to the ship by data mechadendrites, with mind surfing deep within the local datasphere, he is a sitting duck, fully dependent upon the protection of his hard-pressed cadremate, who is fighting a losing battle to prevent the combat servitors from burying the two of them in bodies. As Vitaly watches, Ulysses downs a cluster of three servitors with a shot from his grav gun, pinning them to the deck and crushing them slowly with the gravitic anomaly. He follows up by tearing the head off a fourth with his servo-arm, braining a fifth with a buttstroke from his grav gun before the numbers tell against him and he begins to be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of clutching, bludgeoning and cutting appendages.

    Without hesitation, Vitaly plays an extended blast from the Null Ray over the servitors massing against Ulysses, sucking the Motive Force from them to buy his apprentice time and space to rally.

    +++Unit Ulysses: Widen tactical buffer and provide close support to Unit Tyrion.+++

    +++Compliance, Primus,+++
    comes Ulysses' reply, his mental and physical strain managing to bleed over even into that domain of supposedly pure, undiluted logic.

    Just then, a flood of data come over his noospheric connection to Tyrion, and he realises his apprentice has just cracked administrator access to ship control. Wasting no time, he sends compressed data spurts to all the boarding force commanders indicating success in taking over the ship's systems. With a bionically-assisted time dilation, he dives into the ship's datasphere to enact the most pressing of multiple changes...

    ...seizing immediate control of the ship's security systems. Automated weaponry abruptly changes targets to anything not bearing the boarding force's IFF signifiers as its target recognition criteria are reversed. Doors and bulkheads fly open for IIIrd and XIXth Legion forces on the move, while slamming shut and locking in the faces of IVth Legion response forces. In particular, the bridge defences turn on its IVth Legion defenders, the reinforced doors flying open and refusing all commands to close.

    ...ground-level reformatting of informatic security on the ship's communication network. IVth Legion forces will find themselves locked out the ship's net, with active jamming of their frequencies severely degrading the range and fidelity of their own portable comms systems. Meanwhile, friendly forces will find they have full access to the ship's network as would the ship's crew and security details under normal circumstances.

    ...reassigning IFF values for the ship's principle warfare control. Immediately, Sovereign and her sister vessels register and are registered by Battleborn as friendlies, whereas previous allies of the IVth, XIIth and XVIIth Legions now read as enemies. The ship's batteries immediately cease fire on Sovereign and Blackest Grip, and instead track on Sermon of Truth as the closest enemy target, unleashing a storm of macro rounds, energy bolts, and torpedoes into a now-unguarded flank.

    ...feeding course corrections to the ship's primary helm cogitators, the human officers now completely locked out of their station. With a growl of primary impulse thrusters, accompanied by brief, precise kicks from vector thrusters, the Battleborn shifts course to take up close support station on Blackest Grip's most vulnerable flank, there to absorb fire meant for the stricken XIXth Legion and discourage further attacks with the menace of its guns.

    With the critical mission objective fulfilled, Vitaly now feels free to focus on the concerns of the broader battle for the Enginarium itself. Terse orders are barked out to Tyrion over the noosphere.

    +++Unit Tyrion: Devote all resources to cracking Mechanicus command engrams. Designate mission-critical objective.+++

    +++Compliance, Primus,+++
    comes the reply as Tyrion falls still, devoting the entirety of his attention to defeating the fallen Magos' encryption, trusting entirely to his battle-brothers for protection.

    Turning his attention further afield, it doesn't take the arcane mathematics of battle prognostication to determine that the greatest overall enemy threat is the IVth Legion forces arrayed against them. Painting the Iron Warriors' rear line for an area attack, Vitaly brackets the stunned Librarian as the nexus of his attack, aiming to take out their procribed mind-witch and sow chaos in their rear in one fell swoop. The nano-foundry in his launcher whirs ferociously, asssembling a thermobaric round, which is sent zig-zagging towards the luckless psyker to explode at neck height, burning and battering the enemy Astartes in their armour with shockwaves of superheated gas.

    Command Actions


    Tyrion: Recover & access command engrams in head of Magos Reductor

    Ulysses: Close support for Tyrion.

    Ship Control Actions

    1.) Seize control of ship-wide security to target enemy units with defensive weaponry and deny them access to critical areas while granting covering fire and unlimited access to friendly units.

    2.) Disrupt enemy ship-wide communications and information network.

    3.) Reassign IFF codes and target traitor vessels with ship-to-ship weaponry, starting with Sermon of Truth.

    4.) Change course to guard Blackest Grip's weakest flank from enemy fire and buy time for evacuation/repelling boarders.

    Personal Actions

    1.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Electro-Priests w/V.O.T.E.C. Blaster (Volkite setting, 2 Null Ray charges used)

    2.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Librarian + Surrounding Iron Warriors w/Micro-Missile Launcher (Thermobaric)

    3.) Standard Action: Attack @ Combat Servitors attacking Ulysses w/Null Ray



    Threat Assessment Matrix: Attack @ Combat Servitors attacking Ulysses w/Null Ray

    Null Ray charges this turn: 2 used, 0 remaining

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 25/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Meeting the Tide- @Draconion
    Jendon watched through his servo skull librarian fall to the wall catching himself before being pushed aside by his brothers as they rushed to meet his brothers in combat. Starting a recording he recorded its effects. "Subjects shows sign of disorientation, possible nausea or business as he is using nearby bulkhead to steady himself," Jendon said As he spun from the iron warriors attack. Letting out a sound of pain as he felt his shoulder go numb an attempt to feed his opponent's ego as they moved in on the apothecary.

    Jendon felt a cocktail of stimulants and simple pain relievers shoot into his system his chem injector working as intended as the apothecary moved back dodging a strike that came at him and leaving a hole in the hull and an opening for an attack.

    Hearing the raven guard in his ear and seeing a sight of himself with a cross hair on his head the Apothecary replied. "Agreed. Cutting off the heads of these bastards should break them down, I'll Tie up the captain, and will aid on helping keep his rear open." Jendon replied to the Raven guard. Patching into Vitaly, Ilyas, and Mormeth he shared his vision of the additional angles to his brothers to aid in combating the iron warriors and out maneuvering them. Seeing squad Mormeths in the worst condition he sent a medical servo skull to help aid the assault marines as they weather the storm from the admech. Seeing an opening Jendon Struck forward at the Iron warrior captain mustering his speed and going for the iron warriors arms aiming to sever them from the body.

    "Mormeth Sending aid to you Continue supporting Vitaily and his techmarines, Illyas found several vulnerabilities in the iron warriors honor guard line patching them to you and your squad Lets take out the head of these iron warriors. Vitaily I am sending you feed of additional information on the iron warrior movements to aid in taking these bastards out." Jendon said voxing the three as his power sword came down in one hand and with the other, he unhooked the pin of his grenade and dropped it at the captain's feet. powering his jump pack and moving back the apothecary quickly jumped back from the captain and fired his bolt pistol as he did attempt to do as much damage as he could on the iron warrior captain.

    1 curse of rust
    1 Creeping death
    1 Luthors touch Used
    2 plasma grenade
    1 frag grenade Used

    Orders Mormeth and Illyas Basically keep doing what there doing Sharing sights with Illyas to hopefully help him get an upper hand on the iron warrior honor guard

    Action 1 medical servo skull heal on Squad mormeth 3 attacks on Captain Karon one with Power sword, Frag grenade and either bolt pistol or support fire from raven guard snipers if available
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  7. As Denatus was forced to his knees by the unatural powers of the wordbearers chaplain, feeling all of a sudden Like the poisen of his weapons ran a hundredfold in his blood, he almost gasped for air as his strength drained. Hearing words of freedom, that his poisens would never get to him, did in this very moment sound alot more appealing, he normally took a more stoic aproach to that truth of his Way of war. But while he was struggling to stand and the others where given each their own offer, and rebuked with strength, it inspirered him just that bit more to hold his will more for now, forcing himself to stand tall, changing his grip to hold his launcher in one hand so he could draw his volkite serpenta, læring to let his actions talk louder than words as he shot at Dabogar
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  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    En route to the battle, Aleph made good use of the stealth tactics he'd picked up long ago, utilising the shadows when they were in motion, cover when they were not. In the field he might be a shining example of an obvious target, but in getting from place to place there was only the need of swift arrival. Style did not matter. It would not be missed from a corpse. As they travelled, Alephoros felt a sense of growing unease as they closed in on the target zone. The shadows were fickle things, flickering with a sense of glowering life that spoke of more than natural caution in the air. He thought back to his time with the Eighth, but this was not the feeling that came with shadows haunted by superhuman predators. Rather, it felt unnatural. As reluctant as the Chemos-born Marine was to accede to such notions.

    The field when they joined it at last was a blasphemous quagmire of false propaganda and insidious, hammering repetition. But no matter how often the traitorous words blasted out from Lorgar's bastard sons they were still weak, drained of power by the sheer weight of iniquity. He summed up the battle with a quick glance, knowing what his Brothers would likely do by long practice. Sparing a brief moment for those not so long acquainted he spoke to his strange witch-trained escort.

    "Counter them if you can. Stay clear of Extrovious but run interference to intercept those who would attack him from the sides. Keep your distance if possible, keep me appraised of the overview if it changes."

    Aleph paused, nodding to Brona. "We work together, two wings of the Phoenix."

    Leaping forward and using the full manoeuvrability of his new armour, Alephoros took the way he knew best: he sprinted to one side of Extrovious, aiming to take on his attackers along one flank so that he could both protect his old Sergeant and reduce the enemy. As he felt the familiar rhythms of the dance take hold, he struck out at the first Speaker in range., Daith'wyn high, Night's Edge low.

    "Last Son of the Sulpha? How many lasts must I have now? So many and yet I want one more: to be the last sight ever witnessed by your suffering face as the Imperial Truth scours your enfeebled mind clean."

    Aleph's actions will be to Attack Speaker(s) and Defence on Brona. Brona to Attack Speaker(s) and Defence on Aleph. Using: Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for all of his normal actions with no penalties. The aim is to keep Extro's flank clear and find a way around the main fight to the Dark Apostle as a further aim. Friendly Witch to counter enemy Chaplainry if he can. No witching on Extro.
  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Using the brief moment his power sword had awarded him, Arnock rose back to his feet. The momentary struggle he had felt facing the traitor Sergeant had reminded him of just how treacherous the battle before them was. Death could be felt lingering and waiting in the shadows for any false step. Its lips wet with anticipation for the meal to come. It's cold fingers sent a all to familiar chill down Arnock's spine. However, it was not fear of death that overcame the Master of Rites, it was fear to leave those around him in the hands of another.

    Gripping his powersword tightly, Arnock raised it above his head as he called out to coming reinforcements, "The time has come for this ship to come under new ownership, brothers. Let the wrath of the Emperor's faithful flow forth freely! Crush these traitorous dogs under foot! For the Emperor!" Arnock locked onto the Sergeant once more. He knew the leader had to be cut down to help quicken the overall plan of taking the ship. Every moment they were slowed was a victory for the traitors, and this was something Arnock would not allow. The hulking mass of armor picked up a lumbering stride towards the Sergeant and attempted to break his defense with with Perfectus Mortem. After attempting to break his guard, Arnock would then try to land a finishing blow to the traitor's neck.

    OOC: All the Way All Out Attack. All three actions attack on Traitor Sergeant. Standing Orders: Push Foward. All out attacks to break the enemy lines and push to bridge.
  10. Suddenly a plague marine bursts out an unnoticed grox meat burger shop.
    The plague marine pulls down his power plants and proceeds to release a fetid green torrent of blistering faecal matter. The stench is so horrid all those in the party hallucinate with visions of the horus heresy and their progenitors, endless streams of horrid putrid chunky liquid still blast out the plague marine increasing in intensity melting the floor beneath.
    Like a thunderhawk's jet engine the Plague marine begins to take flight and with one final cataclysmic discharge the plague marine blasts off high into the sky only to explode like an overloading plasma reactor powered by faeces.
    Horrid faecal rain now bears down melting spreading the infected matter far and wide.

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