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Perfect Warriors

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    Daith'wyn was a blade of heritage and history, some known to Aleph, some known only to the blade itself. Of course Legionary Aster did not subscribe to superstition, he was raised to the Imperial Truth, and yet ... it did sometimes seem to him that there was more to existence than the merely material. His Astartes mind ascribed it to science not yet fully understood. And as the mind willed, the body followed, Alephoros' movements swift and sure as he wove around the enemy, striking, darting, ducking, stabbing. The short economy of a thrust balanced by the return swing of a backhand strike. Stepping in high where Brona fought low. Leaping up as an attack sought his knees, kicking with armoured feet even as he brought Night's Edge in to taste Traitor blood. Even as he tried to remain grounded in the realm of solid, observable facts, Aleph sought to defy that with his movements, flowing like smoke, always in motion.

    From his friendship with Vitaly he knew the kind of defences such a Marine might have, if not specifics, and he used that knowledge. Mechadendrites might look slender but they could carry all manner of harm, and Aleph knew well the miseries the serpentine could cause. He didn't take time to watch Brona but the younger Blade was always at the edge of his awareness, the two Astartes fighting in tandem. It confirmed the rightness of his decision. Brona was a loyal Child of the Emperor. Not only this, but he learned everything Alephoros could teach him with the same thirst to better himself that he had felt at his - age. How strange it was to be aware of the time passed since his induction; years passed, but somehow Aleph had never gathered that feeling of gravitas that comes with age. He still looked up to Sidon as his elder as well as his teacher, to Minteril and those few like him remaining as well. He was a teacher now, he was the older swordsman whose lead men followed. It didn't make sense to him. It was as if his younger squad still waited in the wings to join him once this was all over.

    He couldn't allow himself to daydream, and indeed he chanelled this strange sense of unaging wrath into a pure alloy, a blade aimed at the heart of the one who would defile that dream. As one day he would - given the chance, given the opportunity to come that close - strike even at the heart of his gene-Sire. Of Fulgrim himself, who had given him everything he ever aspired to, who had saved his very world, and now had spat in the face of every promise he ever made. Let Fulgrim rot. He was a traitor, he was a cancer like the fabled Blight and like it he must be purged. The way to that confrontation lay through warriors such as these. Aleph shouted, a wordless cry of rage, as he brought Night's Edge around in a lethal arc, Daith'wyn working to cover any gaps in his defence and flicking out to aid in keeping his fellow swordsman safe.

    He was here for a reason. That reason was to take out the enemy threat and move swiftly onwards to the next objective. The time for poetry, save if it be in motion, was gone.

    OOC: Aleph is going to continue working with Brona in the same way but he is mindful of the need for a speedy resolution to this one, so:

    Two actions as attacks using Offensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus attack and -1 on all of his defensive rolls on Techmarine and also using Once per combat Aleph can tap into the hatred he has for those that wronged the Legion and fuel his own resolve. For D3 turns, every attack he successfully makes will deal double damage.

    One defensive action using Defensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus defensive action and -1 on all of his attacking rolls concentrating defence on Brona - not just sentimentality but to continue working as a pair.

    Librarian minder in the back to provide additional defence if possible.
  2. Entering the Battlezone fresh from just a another repelling, Denatus had just had time to reload his rad missile launcher, though a quick scan of the combat zone and it had already devolved into a harsh melee where the rad missile might hurt as many pressed allies as foes, luckily that Denatus was not a man of single destructive capabilities.
    Utilizing the flexibility allowed to him by the modefied launcher he quickly changed weapons to pull out his Volkite serpenta, aiming to hit the terminators still alive, taking a few quick shots while advancing advancing, then with his practiced versatility holstering the serpenta while *unbelting* the meteor hammer he had won back on the Conqueror before the Galaxy had decided to catch fire. getting it into good swing before he would aim to crush one of the skulls of the breacher squad as soon as he got close enough.

    OCC: ak un ve, i want to get back into writing, this post feels so damn rusty.

    Actions: weapon change to Serpenta and firering 2 shots at the terminators,
    then weapon change again and use the meteor hammer against the breacher squad.
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    Cracking the Bridge open, one miscast at a time
    @Uriel1339 @matt23

    Elymas tapped into the currents of the Warp, intent on utilizing the powers at his disposal in a way that would prove the rest that he and his Librarium indeed had a place among the Millennial. The aura formed around him, swirling energies and multitude of voices, all of which belonged to the psyker, converged into a symphony of destruction. He could see it in front of him, feel it in his every fiber, the melody of the universe was at his disposal and he only had to unleash it.

    "Just like the rest of the rats, you dance like a marionette, swaying to my symphony, oh my sweet, sweet Symphonist..."

    Lost for breath as invisible hands began to strangle him, Elymas saw the masked man leaned on the Bridge's door playing the pipe, just like the rat-catcher of ancient Terran legend, he manifested in the Chief Librarian's time of need and shattered any hope he might've had of a positive outcome. He felt the psyker's emotion, his sympathy for his fellow comrade, his will to help him and the rest of the squad - and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Elymas could only watch as the energy fueling the spell was diverted away from his intended targets and was blown both inwards, onto Master of Rites and the rest of the Emperor's Children.

    Arnock, who until then managed to slay two more Iron Warriors suddenly felt a terrible pain in his head, blocking his vision. A high-pitched noise followed it, the sensors in his helmet going wild as his ears began to bleed. "My Lord, what is..." he only managed to hear the start of Sergeant Rulduan's sentence before the sonic scream smashed any sense of sound, momentarily stunning both him and other friendly legionaries. Enemy warriors didn't seem to be troubled by this ethereal voice - which could only come from one source - and hacked into him. Terminator armor was breached in multiple pieces but the worst hit came from Sergeant Grah, who hit him directly in the chest and broke open the guard, the armor buckling inwards as the power mace pulped bones beneath it. Even though he was wounded, Master of Rites managed to take a step back and lash out with his sword, catching the Iron Warrior beneath his shoulder and more importantly, managing to push him back to prevent another attack, giving time for his senses to realign.

    Enemy Devastators on the other hand, were given a free reign to shoot as the effects of Elymas' spell still lingered about. The one with the heavy bolter opened fire, catching the Chief Librarian in the open and riddling him with a number of bolts that made his suit's generators work overtime to prevent total destruction. Adding to it was a frag missile which hit Elymas directly in the shoulder, hot shrapnel edging itself in his arm and cheek, drawing plenty of blood before the Larraman's cells could cloth the wounds. Further injuries were prevented by the Squad Rulduan which seemed to shake off the psychic effect and return fire into the Devastators - both the one with the missile launcher and the one with the plasma cannon were hit, but not before another blob of plasma struck the lines and melted two Emperor's Children alive.

    Bridge Assault:

    Sergeant Grah:11, Shield Brethren:7, Devastators: 7(PC)/10(HB)/7(ML), Virtuoso:???

    Arnock:20, Elymas:23, Line Squad Rulduan:14

    Shield wall is down. Friendly NPC squad will look to Arnock for orders but if you don’t wanna guide them and tell them who to focus on, I can do that for you. Due to Elymas' miscast, Arnock can only use one action during next turn. Virtuoso is invisible to everyone but Elymas and as long as he's present, Elymas will have a greater chance at getting miscasts as his casting results.

    Aggressive negotiations
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    Instead of a direct reply, Magos 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi went silent, his mechanical legs allowing him to move the weight around from one side to the other, an almost human reaction. This gave Vitaly plenty of chance to scan the room and while the auspex returned nothing when it came to an enemy from within, it returned plenty about the enemy from without. Multiple signals were converging on their position and he only had a moment to utter a warning when the doors on the other side of the chamber blew open, revealing familiar form of Cataphractii Terminators to enter the fray.

    Dozen of them, they formed the biggest bulk of the traitors, half of them carrying heavy weapons and even cyclone missile launchers they were capable of gunning down most of lightly-armored Emperor's Children with the exception of Minteril's Honor Squad. Speaking of leaders, behind the Dominators came a slightly different group of Iron Warriors, six of them in total led by what could only be a Captain and carrying banner of this particular company - if anyone cared they were 11th Company from the 150th Grand Battalion with the symbol of tusked grey Mark IV helm on brown background - followed by yet another squad of Astartes, these ones the more standard Line squad.

    "Magos, commence the attack and repel the boarders, NOW!" Vitaly's sensors intercepted the message intended for his old colleague right before the shooting started. Minteril roared and both him and Ilyas immediately reacted to the new threat, facing the Iron Warriors head on. Sergeant Mormeh as well as both Ulysses and Tyrion stood at Vitaly's and Jendon's side, awaiting orders.

    2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi and the rest of his forces didn't move. Magos himself was still processing the information and his men were "on hold", the disciplined Skitarii troopers still aiming down the sights but not firing a single shot. The sudden mayhem didn't seem to bother the Magos on the outside, but whatever the case was, he was also unable to spot the thing behind his back which Jendon spotted first.

    Shadows twisted and from their nether grasp came a figure clad in black. Modified Terminator armor encased the massive legionary who, despite his size, made as if no sound as he walked towards the Magos. Great cloak that soaked the light followed in his footsteps, the darkness around him shielding him from the sight. Helmet made to resemble a skull of an avian creature of old stood out, as well as a more compact version of a crozius arcanum, the symbol of the office not shining like it was custom in the other Legions. Add to it a lighting claw with inbuilt combi-bolter and white raven plus a High Gothic letter XIX painted on the warrior's shoulders, his allegiance made bare for the world.

    Magos 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi never got the chance to offer Vitaly his final reply as a lightning claw cut through his spine, the Raven Guard expertly severing the neuro-emitters and ending the move only when he pulled off the head, clinging to it with three outstretched digits. Praetorian servitors received the necessary impulse little bit too late and they turned around, facing their master's killer - right as they were both destroyed by two short bursts from the Raven Guard's combi bolter.

    As the link died, chaos followed. Thallaxi units as well as the rest of the combat servitors immediately opened fire on the Emperor's Children, following the last known protocol. Electro-Priests roared in anger but they were dissuaded from going after the Raven Guard killer directly as he seemed to radiate a dreadful aura, tossing the Magos' skull through the air which fell in the middle between Vitaly and the priests, which then screamed again and charged the Forgemaster. Skitarii leader on the other hand, ordered a defensive perimeter but didn't gave the signal for attack while two Ironstriders disobeyed it and shot two lascannon shots into one of the Emperor's Children assault marines, killing him on the spot.

    Jendon, watchful as ever, even as the chamber exploded in violence, heard couple of sniper shots and saw the result almost instantly. One of the Iron Warriors Terminators died first, sniper round going straight through his eye lense. He was followed by the enemy standard bearer, him dying as his chest was blown open by the round. Flag was quickly caught by another legionary but before further shots could take out the members of the Honor Squad, the last of them rose his staff and an energy field flickered to life, blocking few more of the rounds intended for the Captain himself. They had a psyker in their ranks who seemed to gesture towards the far end of the chamber where the Machine Spirit's housing was located, Jendon spotting a moving shadow there before Iron Warriors opened fire and obliterated the spot, narrowly missing the housing itself.

    Enslaving the ship:

    Electro-Priests:10, Thallax:10/10, Ironstriders:15/15, Combat Servitors:70,

    Dominators:40, Line Squad:15, Captain Karon:20(chain hammer), Honor Squad:12(Banner + bolter)/12(two power axes)/12(plasma gun)/12(power sword + shield), Librarian:18 (force staff + bolt pistol)

    Jendon:25, Vitaly:25, Minteril's HQ:30, Devastator Squad Ilyas:25, First Techmarine Covenant:15, Assault Squad Mormeh:15

    Skitarii troops:40, Raven Guard:???

    Tides of War: Neutral

    Skitarii troops are currently standing on the defense, not attacking anyone but if attacked, they will defend themselves. Minteril will focus his effort on the enemy Dominators while Ilyas will move against enemy mechanicum elements, although you can try to give them orders. I know there's slightly bit more enemies present but I hope the fight will be fun nonetheless :)

    Aleph kept on attacking, but his opponent simply wouldn't die. Switching stances in a way only he knew, the swordsman punished the Techmarine for any error he made as he tried to parry the attacks, Daith'wyn going past the guard and slicing off a piece of traitor's helmet away. Bloodshot eyes regarded Aleph from there, the depths of hatred watching him helped fuel his own resolve as the Night's Edge went low and cut half of Techmarine's arm away alongside his flamer.

    Pain didn't bother the Word Bearer and he struck back in kind, the mechadendrites blocking Brona's counterattack and allowing him to catch Aleph beneath the waist, power axe breaking the artificer armor and drawing blood. With a return slice, he went after the younger legionary but Alephoros was ready for it, his own injury not stopping him from catching the power axe in mid-flight, allowing Brona to evade the hit and lash out in return, stabbing the Techmarine through the chest with his own sabre. He pulled it out just as the Word Bearer's weapon mount opened fire and the plasma shot hit Brona on the shoulder, burning through the ceramite and soft flesh beneath.

    For all his augments, their enemy was fighting a losing battle but he didn't seem to care about the defeat - instead he took a step back and once again went after Aleph, power axe now coming from above in a move that would split his head in two while the snake-like bionics curled towards Brona, trying to latch onto him and slow him to a halt.

    Pholax on the other hand took upon himself to burn through the chaff and annihilate the mortal element of the Word Bearers force. Those who were once a shining example of Imperial might were now reduced to nothing more than an angry mob, their roars registered by the Dreadnought’s input sensors. They looked completely brainwashed, not only standing their ground as Pholax charged into them but even running straight towards him, firing various small-arms at his giant bulk. Las-rounds, stubber bullets, all of it impacted on the tomb and did little to slow him down, the massacre which ensued as he was among them was perhaps not worthy of any legends as it ended up being simple pest control.

    Human soldiers died in droves, some swept away by two assault-cannons which Pholax whirled around, others simply crushed underneath his adamantium boots. Cries echoed around the killing field, but these were no cries of pain, but of joy. These men and women welcomed, embraced death, meeting their end with a smile on their face.

    “See how the faithful give their life in the service of something greater!” the familiar sound once again came from the direction of which Pholax thought he’d be done with. Incendiary missile hit the Predator but even as the vehicle burned, the Word Bearer inside of it kept on fighting, at this point driven by nothing but his zeal. “You were lied to brothers, the Emperor is the greatest deceiver of all. Bring down the false idols and see the truth! You were but marionettes, playing on the strings of a tyrant. But no more! Horus is rising to set things right and together, we shall break the shackles holding the Mankind in slavery!”

    By this point it became obvious that the gunner wasn’t the one spitting this blasphemy, but nonetheless, he too proved to be a problem as auto-cannon roared again and couple of more shots went through, these ones Pholax registered as warnings and alarms appeared on his hud, multiple breaches on the back of his tomb were getting larger with each passing shell. As for the two Librarians close to him, not one of them managed to deflect the shot neither by their powers nor by their gear for they were not really adequately equipped for such maneuver. Thankfully, Pholax’s form proved to be a perfect shield against bolt rounds coming their way from couple of nearby Word Bearers, not a single one of them receiving any further wounds this time around (OOC @Uriel1339 , you can emote some zealot flavor kills with your psykers in your next post).

    Beyond the massacre of mere mortals, Extrovious turned his intention of continuing the ruination he caused against the enemy Astartes. However, this time around, they were well-prepared for him. Even before he managed to set up his shield, Sergeant felt pain in the back as multiple bolts hit him, surviving Word Bearers from the squad he nearly obliterated himself were joined by other tactical marines and together, in classic Astartes precision, fired on him. Sheer amount of rounds was enough to push through the defenses and shielding provided by the Terminator suit, although Extrovious had enough time to bring his storm shield about and protect both himself and the Devastators behind from further casualties.

    But this was only the beginning. Due to this, he was too slow to stop the advance of the first Word Bearer Terminator who simply barreled through the gap and caught Kaiser just as he was getting in line, lightning claw going through the helmet and removing half of his skull on the exit. He died on the spot, creating the gap which more of the Breachers used to push through and attack from all sides. They went with chainswords now and one of them managed to squeeze an attack through, the teeth raking Gracus' chest. He fell down but before the killing blow came, Tyrus interfered and decapitated the enemy. Kordus was still alive, albeit barely, however the words of his Sergeant inspired the marine to keep on fighting, so he pulled out his pistol and joined Gideon in killing three more of the incoming Word Bearers. Squad Pestin alongside Takior finally opened fire and another six or so enemy line brothers died, lost in the hail of heavy bolter fire and energy-based weapon-made destruction.

    Extrovious finally reached the Terminator he was after but his Executioner sword sliced only a piece of Word Bearer's shoulder, who in return brought his claws around and took a piece of Extro's left leg and hip. Shield never got up and another attack found the purchase in his chest, Extro never getting the opportunity to properly wield the big sword in such close range - worse yet, the second Terminator came from behind and power fist found its way through the damaged plate, grazing his spine.

    But then Denatus interfered, perhaps saving his comrade's life by a well-placed shot. This was no surprise of course as he did start off as a Devastator in the Third Legion, so the marksmanship skills the current Destroyer possessed were enough to score a hit on Word Bearer's elbow. Searing heat wouldn't be enough to discourage the Terminator from backing off but the followup shot hit the same spot and armor melted, resulting in the Word Bearer's lower arm combusting in flame, the power fist he carried fell, half-burned, on the ground. "You'll pay for this, the blood from your sacrifice will fuel the change within," the enemy roared and unleashed a storm of bolts from his combi bolter, but Denatus was already moving.

    Swinging his meteor hammer around, the Destroyer found the head of one of the Breachers and smashed it to pieces. He was right next to Tyrus, who deflected a blow aimed for Denatus' lower abdomen but was unable to stop a rush from another Word Bearer who caught the meteor hammer on his shield and lashed out, slicing Denatus across his arm. Just as he attempted to swing his hammer once again, third Breacher marine closed the distance, making the Child of the Emperor lose the necessary momentum by bashing him with his shield which was followed by an overhead chainsword strike that split open the side of Denatus' helmet, the teeth claiming a part of his cheek and ear.

    "Sergeant Extrovious," in the middle of all this, Extro heard Sidon's voice speaking in his vox, "Give me status report and your estimation on when will you finish off the intruders. I'm currently holding the Enginarium but I've received reports that a massive enemy force is moving towards our main vehicle pool so we'll need to move your men to support Sergeant Senia and the rest of the defenders there." (@DeranVendar )

    Clash on deck seventeen:

    Predator Destructor: [3], Line Squad:9, Techmarine:3 (power axe, plasma gun), Breacher Squad:8, Terminators:15/8

    Aleph:20 (1T), Extrovious:25 (+1), Pholax:[11], Denatus:16 (1st SW), Brona:11, Librarian Conclave:12, Devastator Squad Pestin:12, Squad Extrovious:9

    Tides of War: Minor Emperor's Children advantage

    Enemy Techmarine is currently engaged in melee and he can't attempt to subvert "Sovereign's" systems. Voice coming from Predator's horns boosts Word Bearers morale and they have a re-roll for one failed action each turn while the zealots will never break. Kaiser from Squad Extrovious is dead.
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    The armour of Pholax was slick from the gore of the dead mortals, his armour literally drenched in their blood.

    As they died, it unnerved Pholax to a degree how they didn't scream in pain or terror as they faced an overwhelming foe. But for them to scream in ecstasy... It was horrifying... They were clearly mad, it was the answer for what was currently happening to the Imperium, a madness has taken hold of the very Legions created to protect it.

    There was only one cure for madness like this, and it was death.

    Pholax's musings were cut short by the blazing inferno that was the Predator still active and whoever it was calling out about some nonsense of how the Imperium was lying to us and how the Emperor beloved by all was a deceiver. These words were... were heretical and demanded to be silenced.

    "CEASE YOUR HERESY!" Pholax raged as another charged at the Predator, wanting to tear the Astarte from inside and personally cease his words. He knew he'd crush anyone still alive in there to a paste and then turn on the rest of these traitors.

    As Pholax was done with the Predator, he launched another salvo of missiles into the Terminators and then another wanting to take down all of those he could till none were left standing, all of them needed to die, all of their madness needed to be stopped.

    Charge on the Predator

    Two uses of Frag Missiles on the Terminators.
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    ~~ On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~
    Elymas roared in agony, not as much physical as it was the mental strain as the strings of mystical music escaped his grasp. Frustration took hold of him until at last, terror set in when he heard the too only familiar voice. No wonder he had disappeared! He had already drained enough of Elymas' existing life force along with the thousands upon thousands of deaths here to become manifest himself.

    The death of his comrades, those that Arnock trusted. More blood on the Chief Librarians hands.

    "If Extrovious just would have allowed me to banish you..." The Terminators voice has become a whisper, clearly audibly filled with sadness, his fists clenching around his weaponry. His hurt pride was visible in the open holes of his armor and the smoke emitting from it. Suddenly he felt no longer like Elymas, slayer of corrupted kings but rather he felt as if he was a mere child strapped into a too big suit of armor.

    A flashback hit him, processing in real life within a single second, yet it would seem like minutes if not even an hour to him. The eventful night that turned his life. It passed fast, but slow, rewinded, jumped forward. It was as if the definition of time became meaningless.

    And then it stopped, in the final moments of Tristan Velodonus' final moments. When Elymas the Child was bringing him to death unleashing his power for the first time. He was performing the action and nothing moved, yet he could turn his head about. From the pale-turning Tristan screaming in still silence, his other brothers hiding and running in fear. And his sister beginning her melody that would calm him. Yet. There was something about it. That song.

    Elymas squinted his eyes at her, focusing on her, as if wishing to force time to continue on to hear the sweet soothing melody that he forgot more and more each year of. Suddenly the light in the room was extinguished and it was pitch black, before the light suddenly coming back to life, the masked man just about an inch away from Elymas. The Chief Librarian wished to scream, yet time was stuck again and he could not even blink.

    But what pushed this vision away were hands upon his shoulders and everything turned into a neutral white, pushing off any memory and imagery that his mind could produce in such time of turmoil. Upon turning he saw a late Hephaestus along with younger versions of his squadmates. A scarless Alephorous, a junior Apothecary Jendon, a normal Pholax holding his heavy weapon and in the far distance Arnock wrestling with chainsword and bolt against a horde of Eldar at the side of Rylanor. Vitaly was prototyping in a corner. Extrovious stuck in some secret meeting within a tent. Denatus watching out for a possible ambush.

    "Astartes know fear." A wise Hephaestus stated. "You, anyway." It was as if he directly spoke to Elymas, but the librarian knew it was a memory. One of the first lessons he ever received. "You killed your own kin. Yet, you are not a traitor. You are afraid of not being able to control your powers. You are afraid of leashing them out at the people you wish to protect. You are weak."

    Elymas was about to protest but found his voice gone, swallowed by a spell that Hephaestus cast over him. "Actions speak louder than any word, poem or song. Remember this, and you will find your voice once more."

    Elymas the Chief Librarian was not sure if it was indeed a memory, or the spirit of Hephaestus, considering how thin the barrier between the Immaterium and Realspace was here. Or the machine spirit of his armor somehow having a hand in this or a force hood malfunction, the mind is a fickle thing.

    Nonetheless there was a cracked smile as determination was rekindled. "I apologize for my shortcomings. I shall repent. But not until I have rectified my past." The Emperor's Child Librarian stated over the vox to Arnock, Rulduan and his men. Before turning to a private vox ( @matt23 ). "The creature I told you and Extrovious before about is present. I shall smite it once and for all, else it might cause not only our deaths, but the destruction of our entire millenial. Again, I apologize for my shortcomings and I hope one day you find it in your heart to forgive me."

    With those words stated, he rushed off past the entire defense line straight for Virtuoso, locking his eyes upon the unreal creature, eyes squinting below the helmet, multi-melta and Phoenix's Resolve raised.

    2 attacks vs. Virtuoso with Phoenix's Resolve
    1 attack vs. Virtuoso with Multi-Melta

    If out of range, All-Out-Attack with Multi-Melta

    ~~ On the Sovereign - Prodah & Halicos ~~
    "Did you ..." Prodah started. "Felt it? Yes." Halicos replied straight. It did not take an experienced librarian to feel a nearby and powerful disturbance.

    They only had enough time to converse because the crazed zealots were swarming to them as if they were a light in the middle of darkness. Each bolt shot, each strike, found adversary flesh. It was almost as if you could not miss a target. You could blindly shoot about and be certain to wound an enemy. It was not even worth any longer to target limbs such as arms as the zealots were ready to toss their mere bodies at them and try to headbutt through the power armor if one would give them the opportunity.

    "Are they too foolish, or on stimulants to lack the ability to realize they cannot win?!" Prodah complained whilst striking down yet another Zealot.

    "I wish not to know, to be honest..." Halicos raised his bolt pistol and shot a leaping zealot into the chest that tore his stomach open and made him drop to the ground. Flak armor indeed was inadequate against bolter armaments. His voice gave away that his thoughts were elsewhere.

    After the zealots were taken care of, Prodah naturally take control of Halicos and pointed towards the compromised Destroyer squad of Denatus. "10-4." Halicos simply replied as the ping came through and the Librarian Conclave detached from Pholax the Indomitable, truly believing he can handle himself.

    1 attack vs. breacher squad
    1 defense on Denatus
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Between two waves-

    Jendon's eyes widened as he saw the shadow behind the magos appeared. "Impossible," he said the terminator moved silently something that should have been impossible and as he killed the magos the Apothecary nearly spit realizing the possibility of getting out of this with less bloodshed and more allies was gone. As the battle began going all around them Jendon flipped behind towards the iron warriors forces spotting a sniper in the shadows he watched a terminator fall and another in the iron warrior ranks fell the banner bearer before the assassin that had done it be gun down in the back his body covered by shadows Jendon already had a good guess on who the body belonged to. "Raven guard Allied forces in the area watch for friendly forces," Jendon said alerting his brothers to the raven guards forces presence.

    As he looked across the room he knew their forces were now surrounded. @Draconion "condolences brother for your friend, But it seems The ravens have chosen ours and their path." Jendon said looking to the iron warriors he fired off several shots spotting both a psyker and a banner being raised he had wished at that moment that both arnock and elymas were there to combat them. "Enemy Psyker spotted. Vitially we need to make a path the objective I do not believe we have the resources to hold out. Squad MormethYour with me, Vitaily Where do we need to go?" Jendon asked his Bolter barked at the enemy as he waited for a response from Vitaily, They needed a plan quick to break through the mechincus line and begin subverting the ship's control. "Vitaily As grim and disrepsectfull to your friend as it sounds The head of the magos. Would it contain codes that would access the heart of the ship or possibly those mechincus forces on the field now?" Jendon asked as several rounds went out. The apothcary begining to hatch a plan.
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    The Price of Loyalty

    As 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi falls to silent death manifesting in the form of night-black Terminator plate, Vitaly's mouth tastes of dust and ashes. Another potentially-loyal soul, felled by the uncaring hand of ruthless necessity without having had the opportunity to prove his worth. Another sliver of his own soul flayed away by the corroding winds of civil war.


    "We will have words when this is over, Chaplain," he says over the vox to the Coraxian, "You may have just cost us dearly in time and blood."

    Without paying further heed to their XIXth Legion minders, Vitaly reassesses the suddenly-changed battlefield. When Jendon @Vulpas voxes him, he feels an ugly knot twist in his gut...and nods in agreement. Needs must, on this most desperate of battlefields, and the squeamish would not live long, nor see triumph.

    "Agreed, Brother Jendon. Take Squad Mormeh and cover us. We're going for that head, and then the central cogitator."

    Swinging into action, he targets the closest Electro-Priest with thrumming blasts from the Entropic Disruptor, attuned to deal stunning impact and disrupt machine function. The other, he subjects to the energy-draining beam of the Null Ray, while the Thallaxi are treated to an Stasis warhead from his micro-missile launcher, the pre-fabricated warhead primed and fired faster than an eyeblink. The hope being to take them out of the fight long enough for command engrams to take effect when the stasis lifts. As he acts, he engages in lightning-fast binharic communications with his two Prime Covenant Acolytes.

    +++Forge Primus to Units Tyron and Ulysses: Tactical directives are as follow.+++
    +++Objective: Recover head of recently-deceased Magos Reductor.+++
    +++Rationale: Memory bankss will likely include command engrams for Mechanicum forces present.+++
    +++Execution: Unit Tyron to press forward and enact physical recovery and hardline interface. Forge Primus and Unit Ulysses to provide covering fire and close-in defence. Forge Primus to provide data recovery assistance via wireless uplink.+++

    The choice of executing party is no accident, either. Of the two, Tyrion had proven himself a specialist in informatics for some time, facilitating his rise to de facto chief logistician under Vitaly, with his facility for organisation, data processing and program design, not to mention a capacity for lateral thinking that rivalled the Forgemaster's own. Ulysses, on the other hand, was more of a traditional Astrotechnicus, a solidly reliable macrotechnologist who had taken charge of most of the day-to-day running of Forge business with his methodical approach and conscientious attention to detail and protocol.

    +++Compliance,+++ comes the simultaneous blurt of reply from both subordinate Techmarines.

    Tyrion makes a flat-out sprint for the severed head of the Magos, already extruding mechadendrites to interface with the gory remnant. Even as he acts, an icon blinks to life on his internal HUD, indicating handshake from Vitaly's dedicated, quintuply-encrypted short-range wireless link for the imminent informatic operation. An MIU twitch accepts the handshake, and Tyrion's mindscape comes alive as Vitaly's powerful secondary cogitators open to his direct access with power user privileges. Vitaly follows close on his heels, aiming to press in shoulder to shoulder with his acolyte and defend him with fire and the physical barrier of his combat shield, while Ulysses brings up the rear, laying down gravitic anomalies with his grav-gun to disrupt and delay any foes attempting to close with the group.

    Over the strike force vox, Vitaly sends the following:

    "Vitaly to all units - engage at will, but leave the Skitarii alone unless they attack or I say otherwise. For the Emperor - death to His foes."


    Tyrion: Recover & access command engrams in head of Magos Reductor
    Ulysses: Covering fire for Tyrion.


    1.) Standard Action: Attack @ Electro-Priest #1 w/Entropic Disruptor (Concussive, Haywire)

    2.) Standard Action: Attack @ Electro-Priest #2 w/Null Ray

    3.) Standard Action: Attack @ Thallaxi w/Micro-Missile Launcher (Stasis)

    4.) Standard Action: Assist data recovery @ Tyrion

    5.) Defensive Action @ Tyrion w/Combat Shield

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Assist data recovery @ Tyrion

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 30/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 1, Cryo x 1, EMP x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Between two waves-
    "Affirmative," Jendon said over the private vox looking to Mormeth and Illyas Jendon began letting out orders. "Illyas get that covering fire out, Those Iron warriors are going to attempt to stop us at all cost make them pay for every inch, every shot or and every attempt to stop us!, Mormeth Defensive formation shield and spear, Act as interception As Vitaily and his Tech conclave begin moving out. Watch incase the mechincus begin firing on " Jendon said as his bolter rang dry, The Chief apothecary went to his instinctually knowing what rounds to grab he slid in Luthors touch and slid it home.

    As His Servo skulls hovered over the field a going from marine to marine over the emporer's children's side Jendon spotted something a kink or small flaw in the iron warriors lines as they were heading to meet material and his terminators they were moving towards cover to get fire line and for there terminators, It was then Jendon saw opportunity spotting the honor guard squad moving out in the open towards the line of terminators and towards cover to meet mineterial, Jendon spotted his target the Librarian from early that had managed to shield there captain, If Jendon was right and this psyker was Elymas he would need all his concentration to use his powers and if he broke his concentration it could be bad for them... Or the Iron warriors force opportunity for this did not knock twice and as a desperate situation as they are Jendon knew he had to be fast.

    Taking aim he voxed Illyas squad."Squad Illyas, have brothers Adon, Daemos adjust fire patterns to these positions before returning to covering fire, I have spotted a way to expose one of the heads of the traitors or at least put a crack in there shield for others to be the blade that ends the Captains life." Jendon said sending coordinates for shots as his diagnoster triangulated spots in the iron warriors honor guards armor as well a trajectory that the psyker at least couldn't shield all of the rounds coming to him at least not every round from an auto cannon and frag missle. Taking aim Jendon fired with the two marines till the apothecaries toxic rounds made its way straight for the iron warrior psyker.

    Moving back words Jendon left Illyas to be lead by there sergeant activating his jump pack to give him a boost in catching up with squad moremeth. Short bursts gave his strides an extra burst towards Sergeant Mormeth. The chief apothecary now by the sergeant side and with his men. "Ready Mormeth I'll take the center-right you the center-left let's keep them off of Vitaily and the others," Jendon said Mormeth Nodding to him as they both moved the sergeant's Power maul and Combat shield ready and raised. "I'll make sure to knock some sense into any one of these mortals that get near any of us sir," Mormeth said striding with the chief apothecary two at the ready as they reached Tyrion.

    Using his helmet Jendon attempted to reach out to the Raven guards in an attempt to give, and get visuals from there own troops as well as status from them with a simple vox ping towards there communications to help identify friendly and hostile forces.

    Actions Activating plans within plans One on Jendon with attack on Librarian with Luthors touch contaminated rounds Giving secound plans within plans to Squad Illias to use on honor guard units if possible.
    One defensive on Vitaily
    One defensive on Tyrion/techmarine encalve

    Illyas order to put on the heat on iron warriors forces uses supprseive/ plans within plan attack from jendon.
    Mormeth, Defensive Shield and spear interception defensive on Techmarine covenant/ Vitaily as they move towards objective

    1 curse of rust
    1 Creeping death
    1 Luthors touch Used
    2 plasma grenade
    1 frag grenade
  9. Denatus cursed as his helmet was split open, luckily for him just an inch from actually wreaking his skull like that of the breacher. Quickly backing up and shortening the chain to the meteor hammer, Denatus then heard the familier sound of rockets firering, since his helmet info was currently non existent, he could still hear the rockets closing in fast, and before he had even formulated those thoughts he was already in motion, trying to quickly back off while swinging his hammer sideways, in a hope to get the hammer around breachers shield, though not the best offensive, it would hopefully keep the breacher ocupied, while he did a shifted to a one handed grap on the chain of the metoer hammer so he could draw his serpenta and fire a shot at his oponent.

    one defence on self
    and one attack with meteor hammer, then one with volkite serpenta on the breacher.
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  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Winds of Magic
    @Uriel1339 @matt23

    Oblivious to Virtuoso's presence, Arnock and the rest of the Emperor's Children kept on fighting. Iron Warrior wielding the plasma cannon fell as Sergeant Rulduan shot him in the head, the bolt going straight through his eye lense and pulping his brain. Half of the squad kept on firing, forcing the other two Devastators to take cover, but not before another Child of the Emperor died to enemy's missile explosion. The rest of the legionaries took out their melee weapons and rushed to Arnock's aid, chainswords in hands they surrounded the Master of Rites and pushed the attackers away. Arnock himself regained his senses and that was enough to nearly decapitate Sergeant Grah who overstayed his welcome by trying to pulverize Arnock's chest - bad idea as the more experienced legionary countered the attack and took off a part of Grah's face with his power sword.

    "You couldn't have done that even if you tried, little morsel," Virtuoso's voice coiled around Elymas' mind, the sound of it like thousands screaming in unison, threatening to drown the psyker in their deathly embrace. He fought it of course, the crystals on his force staff shining with power but even as he closed the distance and fired the multi-melta, he saw that the effort was in vain. Virtuoso stood on the threshold of realities, simple super-heated air did nothing to the creature as it merely disappeared before it even reached him. In this form, the neverborn appeared physically shorter than Elymas but he felt that this was nothing more than a charade, the strings he pulled dancing on the tune and touching the hearts of every Astartes present, even brushing against those of squad Rulduan. Worse yet, one string was also attached to his own being, forming a bond between the singer and the pianist.

    As Phoenix's Resolve came closer the flute Virtuoso had straightened, the sound coalescing around the shaft, the bladed tip shining with the power of destruction. Once the two weapons clashed, the energy sent a ripple through the air and time slowed for Elymas. "You resistance is only speeding your doom," the creature spoke, matching Elymas strike for strike. "I told you before - you belong to me and nothing that you do will change it. Watch," he stated and allowed the Symphonist a glimpse beyond the current fight - even as the Emperor's Children and Iron Warriors fought to take the Bridge, others fought all across the ship, mortals and super-humans alike. Each of these clashes resonated and each resonance led back to the Virtuoso, fueling his already-substantial power.

    Deaths happened in every moment, the cries of lives extinguished reaching Elymas' ears. Even beyond the "Battleborn" in the void surrounding the traitor ships, the Materium was in turmoil. Unnatural storms gripped the Isstvan system and everything burned, the flames threatening to spread and engulf the entire galaxy. There was even a specific soul which Elymas sensed in his proximity, another Librarian no doubt, although one of the Iron Warriors. He too was being overwhelmed, his mind shattering right before Chief Librarian’s eyes.

    "Now you understand," Virtuoso spoke again, Elymas' senses realigning to the place where he fought with the monster, "Symphony of destruction is mine to wield, you are but a temporary singer in an opera of death. Ready yourself Elymas, soon we will reach crescendo and I want you to be here with me when that happens, so we can enjoy the fruits together."

    Bridge Assault:

    Sergeant Grah:6, Shield Brethren:4, Devastators 5(HB)/5(ML), Virtuoso:???

    Arnock:18, Elymas:23, Line Squad Rulduan:10

    Shield wall is down. Friendly NPC squad will look to Arnock for orders but if you don’t wanna guide them and tell them who to focus on, I can do that for you. Virtuoso is invisible to everyone but Elymas and as long as he's present, Elymas will have a greater chance at getting miscasts as his casting results.

    Madness and shadow
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    There was a loud bang as Emperor’s Children Terminators met with the Dominators of the IV Legion. “We will cleanse you like poison from the wound, one traitor at a time,” Minteril growled as he pushed to the front of his warriors, half-taunting, half-simply hating the enemies arrayed in front of his blades. For their part, the Iron Warriors remained silent, the “footsloggers” of the Legions up against the vaunted Third, the outcome of such verbal sparring match could never be put into question. In simple martial power however, lines could be drawn but even though the first Terminator to fall was Brother Caliter from Minteril’s own squad, who got hit by two melta blasts before toppling to the side, the fight suddenly became uneven.

    Number of missiles exploded all around Minteril, courtesy of cyclone launchers of the Iron Warriors elite, but the sheer fury with which the Emperor’s Children came was the stuff of nightmares. Every single warrior wanted not to kill, but to utterly annihilate his opponent and it showed – lines closed, swords and glaives sang with the blood of Perturabo’s sons. One by one Dominators fell, either speared through or decapitated, they were suddenly caught on the back foot when faced with such vengeful disdain.

    While the Chapter Master led his men into, arguably, madness, a different kind of hate brew in the back. “Brother Apothecary,” a voice crept into Jendon’s ear even as he lined his shot, a somber voice filled with all the happiness of the grave. “Patching you in,” second later Jendon received the necessary feed and new trajectories opened up, multiple pathways on how and when to attack, when to move back. Information was given free, which was interesting but not unwelcoming, the way he read the trajectories would allow Jendon to pinpoint no more than four Raven Guard snipers located throughout the room – two of them were targeting Iron Warriors directly, one was tracking the Chaplain in order to provide support while the last one was actually having his sights on Jendon.

    “Suggest we combine our efforts and take care of their command cadre,” no more no less, but the Apothecary was given new insight into the movement of the Iron Warriors which he just might exploit given the fact his plan came to fruition.

    Multiple bolts exploded all around the enemy Librarian but the powers he commanded rendered him immune to such trivial weapons. Of course as the old saying goes, overconfidence was ever a slow and insidious killer, much like the toxin with which Jendon coated his own ammo. Named after a famous, albeit mad, Pirate King - or so the legends told - Luthor's Touch paved the way for the turning of the tides. A lapse of concentration was all the Child of the Emperor needed to send a bolt into Iron Warrior's embrace. It exploded beyond his guard, the poisoned shards embedded in the flesh quickly began working through the bloodstream, the enhanced metabolism the Astartes possessed now working against him.

    He pulled back, clinging to the entrance the enemy psyker slumped against the wall and his body language became slightly erratic. Pushed aside by the rest of the Honor Guard, his body was soon lost amidst the iron as Captain Karon, and perhaps the most dangerous opponent here, drove forward with his squad. Shield-Brother in front, Banner-bearer in the back and the two other at his sides, the defenders of "Battleborn" were a sight to behold, even as Ilyas and his Devastators lighted them up. A battle that was perhaps never meant to be saw the orchestrated attack of the Emperor's Children attempt to blunt the battering ram of the Iron Warriors. Unlike with Minteril and him allowing for the anger to sweep the senses, Captain Ilyas was a level-headed marksman and his opening salvos were concentrated shots after shots. However, this was no contest were logic would prevail as the Iron Warriors weathered the storm and pushed it back.

    Shield that ate a missile blast suddenly went sideways and the plasma-wielding legionary kicked a shot that killed Devastator right next to Ilyas. The one with the banner was equally skillful and another Emperor's Children warrior fell, his skull bursting apart. Then came the Line Squad and two more Devastators died before Ilyas roared and sent another few rounds that forced the Iron Warriors to duck - not all of them managed it in time and three of them died in the hail of heavy shells.

    This however left Jendon somewhat exposed as he was the first one in Captain Karon's way. Adamantium chains whirled around the blunt side of his double-handed hammer, perhaps a bit of an overkill as the weapon was more akin to something a Greenskin would wield, although the killing potential couldn't be denied. Jendon managed to roll under the first swing but the warrior under Sergeant Mormeh's command wasn't so fortunate - the moment the chain hammer hit him, his chest was turned into a pulp. Mormeh himself tried to bring his own power maul into equation but the Honor Guard with dual axes was right behind the Captain and he intercepted the strike before kicking the Sergeant backwards, rewarding him with a nasty gash on his chin where the power axe nearly cut his face in two.

    Jendon wasn't out of the woods yet as the Captain Karon turned on him once again, his own sword lashing out but the powered teeth bit only through Iron Warrior's greave, sparks running off right as the senior legionary brought his weapon around. It smashed Jendon on his left pauldron, annihilating the plate and momentarily numbing his arm. Breach warnings flashed all over Apothecary's vision and while the damage was there, he was still fast enough to move aside and evade the next blow - hammer swung past him and hit the ground, creating a substantial hole in it.

    The rest of the Squad Mormeh followed orders, the assault marines attempted to form a cordon around the Techmarines but their progress was halted by the tide of bionic limbs. Combat servitors, while on their own posed no threat to Adeptus Astartes, a huge number of bodies enhanced by Warsmiths of the Fourth Legion weren't to be trifled with, especially when it became obvious that the Iron Warriors prepared for this exact occasion. Conversion beamers, power weapons instead of simple chained ones, upgraded limbs and custom generators for better mobility gave away information to Vitaly, his own brain registering these modifications in a blink of an eye. They were ready for them, even his old colleague, the Magos 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi, was onto it - further proof given once Tyrion got the severed head and interfaced with it.

    Calculations were done in order to multiply the chances for Iron Warriors' win, the crew of the "Battleborne" and her escort ships only a tear in the ocean by this point, but a tear brought to a razor sharp effectiveness by none other than Lord of Iron himself. Vitaly knew the man himself, the vast intelligence behind those cold eyes something he was familiar working with, but never against. Times change but the logic remains the same. Utterly crushing the enemy and leaving no chance for respite was the paradigm that ran through much of the subroutines left aboard the heavy cruiser's mainframe, that and the multitude of variations. Perturabo was wise not to leave much of the workings on the vessels in case something like what Vitaly did happens, but even to the Forgemaster it was obvious that the Fourth Legion - and most likely all of the Traitor Legions - had been preparing for this exact moment for a long time.

    Further dwelling on the matter was interrupted by the lock-on warnings. Thallax units were operational, but if Vitaly could help it, not for long. These automatons weren't the nimblest of the stock but they were fast enough to bring their lightning guns to bear, just in time for the Forgemaster to unload his stasis missile. It went off moments later but not before one of the Thallaxi opened fire, the ionized las-beam burning a hole on the right side of Vitaly's ribcage. There was no chance for another shot as the time stopped in the small circle around two walkers, their movement suddenly hindered. Whatever went through their circuits right after became irrelevant as their armor burst apart, both of them rendered into heaps of metal by two more salvos of bolter fire.

    Chaplain said nothing to Vitaly, the Raven Guard as elusive as they came, the only sound coming from him was the clicking of the auto-reloading units on his claw. But then the tide of servitors came and he was momentarily lost out of sight, the Forgemaster suddenly under similar exposure as the Electro-Priest were on him. First one died as the blast from Entropic Distruptor removed him from existence, the second and third one ground to a halt and into broken husks as Null Ray nullified their bodies, but they were fanatics and as such, they weren't about to be deterred by casualties.

    Given cover by the fusillade from two Ironstriders and their roaring autocannons, the Emperor's Children line buckled and the Priests swooped in. Two more Assault Marines died before Vitaly came under attack, three priests attacking him at the same time, the strikes of their electroleech staves enough to even damage one such as he. Conductor rods blazed with lightning, not unlike the energy the Forgemaster commanded himself, its ashen touch blazing through his armor and what remained of skin alike (OOC @Draconion you can kill 2-3 electro-priests with your next post and emote some combat servitor killings with your NPCs if you like). It burned, but so did the hatred and Vitaly saw Ulysses struggling to clear himself from combat servitors who tried to pin him to the ground. Tyrion was close to him, the ship's mainframe just couple of yards away, but the tide of flesh pushed them back, servants of the Iron Warriors ever ready to be bloodied but not give in. However that was before the darkness consumed them once again.

    A powered chain, whip if you'd prefer, came flashing around and the herd pinning two Techmarines was driven away, at its top the symbol of the Imperium, the Aquila, rendered in silver now smeared in mix of oil and blood. Retracting his whip-crozius, the Raven Guard Chaplain charged forward, the bulk of his Terminator plate combined with deadly edge of his lighting claw enough to massacre the closest defenders and pave the way for Tyrion to finally interface with the "Battleborn's" systems.

    Now the real battle could finally begin.

    Enslaving the ship:

    Electro-Priests:7, Ironstriders:15/15, Combat Servitors:50

    Dominators:28, Line Squad:12, Captain Karon:19(chain hammer), Honor Squad:10(Banner + bolter)/8(two power axes)/12(plasma gun)/10(power sword + shield), Librarian:11 (force staff + bolt pistol) [Luthor's Touch]

    Jendon:20, Vitaly:21, Minteril's HQ:28, Devastator Squad Ilyas:18, First Techmarine Covenant:15, Assault Squad Mormeh:9

    Skitarii troops:40, Raven Guard:???

    Tides of War: Neutral

    Skitarii troops are currently standing on the defense, not attacking anyone but if attacked, they will defend themselves. Minteril will focus his effort on the enemy Dominators while Ilyas will move against enemy Honor Guard. Librarian lost his actions on this turn (before I write next post I will roll to see if he managed to resist the poison, if not I will once again go for the random action). Due to receiving Raven Guard's locks, Jendon has an extra attack to use on his next turn.

    Vitaly can now interface with the "Battleborn". Systems he can gain access to are: Navigation, Ship-to-ship Weapons, Scanners, Inner-ship Security, Life Support, Engines, Communication, Something Drac comes up with. I remind you that you have 4 actions to spend per turn, each of these systems require one to interface with. You have freedom to write what you wish to perform, you can never fail but the severity of the result will be decided by my dice roll (I'll also count Vitaly being the one in charge of this).
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