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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Aleph had trained for this point, honing his skills night and day, but it didn't give him any joy to finally reach it. Instead he nodded grimly, taking a second to narrow his eyes as he took in his target. Daith'wyn and Night's Edge in hand, he found that he was pacing as the orders came, stalking to and fro like a restless shaft-cat. For a moment he remembered the warm fur that had kept him cosy on wintry desert nights, but he forced the memory back. There was no time for anything but focus.

    "As you command, Sergeant," he said, softly, nodding now to Brona and beyond him, the young Librarian tasked by Elymas to fight beside him. The psyker he must trust to know where to deploy his skills. The younger Palatine he voxed to come with him, the better to use their unique skills with a blade. Sparring with Brona had given them both an insight into how their styles worked together. It wasn't a perfect alliance, not yet, but whether as his shadow or the tail of a comet he would join Aleph in the attack. And this agreed, Alephoros sprinted.

    His new Artificer Armour was a joy to fight in, moving with the swift ease only such exquisite craftsmanship could bestow. In the back of his mind, he marvelled at it, but he was already powering forward in a jinking run, never staying too long in one vector, using shadow and light alike to mask his approach. Not in a straight line, but straight for the Techmarine, Legionary Aster wanted to move like lightning and hit like the bolt. Night's Edge crackled with dark power, the electrified weapon serving this time as the distraction for the killing edge of the charnabal sabre.

    "Attack and defend," he murmured into the squad vox, still saving the battlecry for the instant his blow fell, "we kill together. If he has automated defences, switch to defence against them until he is dead."

    OOC: Aleph to make two attacks on the Techmarine using:
    - Offensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus attack and -1 on all of his defensive rolls
    One defence on Brona using:
    - Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for all of his normal actions with no penalties.
    Aleph will make full use of any weaker points such as armour joints.

    Brona to attack the Techmarine and defend Aleph.

    Let us become an interlocking web of steel and death. Or at least, be able to defend each other's weak points opened up by attacks.
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    Jendon nodded to Sidion following his command he had began organizing his apothcairies into squads readying the waves sent by vitialy towards the battle-born as well as those who would be on defence, sending them to vital areas as well as aiding those squad that would be weaving around in defence and attack around the sovereign as well as those who would be holding the apothcarion with security teams at major points. Looking to those who would be sent to the battle born Jendon assigned several to the assault each one to be in waves to help stem the blood that would be shed from there own. Heading in with Vitaily in the Third wave Jendon grabbed several vials that had been made up. Time for field testing. Jendon though to himself, he would have to gather the results from the other apothcaries of there analysis of these connections after the battle to grade there effectiveness.

    "Chief apothecary, Question before you leave we have had questions about harvesting genesead." Jendon felt an eyebrow raised he knew the recruits were a bit green but not this. "you know what to do we have taught each of our brothers in recovering genesead from our fallen." Jendon said before another return vox came. "Not our own sir the traitors." Bertolds voice flat as he spoke the sound of fortifications in the apothcarion being raised. Jendon for a moment thought before answering.

    "Do not risk your lives for the enemy geneseed if objectives are endangered or our own brother's lives or their own are in danger of enemy contacts. If chances are available for safely recovery of hostile astartes geneseed, as well as bodies and, are permitted for examination." Jendon said authorizing something that he wondered if this policy or permits he had just put in place was something being put in for other legions, Jendon began to push those thoughts away as he focused and gathered his gear looking into his helmets eye lens before putting it on. "Even if there traitor, there geneseed as well as bodies could be put to use, whether it was developing concoctions against there brethern or to be used for the future." Jendon though as Jendon began moving into the boarding tube. putting a harness over himself.

    Boarding action -
    Jendon came out silent from the boarding tube flanking him were two others moving silently behind Vitaily as they linked up with minty's forces and made for the heart of the ship as they encountered there first barrier taking a defensive position out of sight Jendon readied his bolter looking at battle ahead of them taking sights on major targets that would be trouble for them as well as giving Vitialy his chance he wanted taking targets on the preatorians and the electropriests Jendon began readying himself to thin the heard and then go for some of the biggest threats that would hinder them.

    OOC Overwatch on Preatorians x1 overwatch on electropriests x2

    1 curse of rust
    1 Creeping death
    1 Luthors touch
    2 plasma grenade
    1 frag grenade
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    Pholax was feeling a bit on edge about fighting Astartes again, the feeling that they were now enemies of the Emperor when just a few years ago, he'd have been sent on missions to assist or serve with and now his intention was to blow them limb from limb.

    However all his anxiety about fighting once brothers and cousins changed when he heard the... For lack of a better word, blasphemy against the Emperor. The machine as if sensing his anger responded in kind through his vox.

    "CHILDREN OF THE EMPEROR! DEATH TO HIS FOES!" Bellowed Pholax, not even waiting for orders, he just wanted to make the biggest explosion to silence the traitor and the biggest thing to blow up was that damned Predator.

    Without hesitation Pholax unleashed his shoulder mounted missiles at the Predator in the hopes it'd break it apart but also wanted to tear a bloody path through the mortals they'd brought along, they were the chaff and his weaponry was meant to carve meat apart.

    With that said to himself, he began spinning up the Assault Cannons for the first time in a combat situation and let them bear all against their once allies.


    Two actions of firing missiles at the Predator (No idea if it'd take more than one action of missiles but hey, overkill best kill).

    And one action of Assault Cannons on the Zealots.
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    Cracking the Bridge open
    @matt23 @Uriel1339

    Obeying his friend's orders to the letter, Elymas lumbered forward bringing his multi-melta to the front. He was used to such weapons although he never carried a heavier version of it into battle - one of many facts that changed today. Auto-slaved servitors inside the defensive turrets immediately got a lock on him but the hail of bolts did little to stop the Chief Librarian. Vitaly did good work with the Terminator Armor and it held perfectly, the rounds harmlessly bouncing off the heavy plate, just in time for him to line up his first shot.

    Super-heated air struck the weak construct and it melted in an instant, Elymas turning the first turret into a slag of metal. Much more efficient than his pistol, the multi-melta was perfect for the job but as he turned it around to target the second turret, bolt went through his leg armor and shrapnel went off, biting into his calf. Iron Warrior Devastator who stood in the back was much more proficient combatant than some stationary target and Elymas' next shot was off, the blast burning a hole through the ceiling. Not about to let the enemies distract him, the psyker lined another one and this time, the last turret followed the fate of its comrade, its current form would only be possible to use by some crazed Ork Mek as Elymas turned into a pile of scrap.

    Just in time however as the Symphonist's surroundings suddenly exploded, a krak missile blowing up a meter away from him but the blast was enough to halt his advance. His suit registered multiple breaches now as the opposing anti-armor weapon specialist began the slow task of bringing the Chief Librarian down.

    Once the turrets were down, Arnock and the rest of the Squad Rulduan moved into position, the Emperor's Children Line Brothers keeping close to the sides of the corridor and popping shots from there while the Master of Rites went straight forward. Sergeant Rulduan would have to properly discipline his warriors as they failed to hit anything other than the shields in front of them, their shots exploding harmlessly against the Iron Warriors line and ultimately not able to prevent the Devastators from firing. Blob of plasma came next and struck Arnock on his shoulder plate, burning through the armor as if it was nothing. However, the momentum carried him forward and thankfully, second shot from the Devastator went past him and ended up among the squad in the back, although none of the legionaries died as couple of closest ones managed to roll to the side and escape with only slight burns.

    Arnock kept on pushing and he got into melee range in no time. The shield wall buckled as he slammed into it, the Iron Warrior who was hit first dropped his shield as the Terminator's hit broke his arm - easy for Arnock to exploit as Perfectus Mortem went forward and gutted the traitor. But even as he fell, the rest of the defenders closed in, firing bolters in point blank range while some of them pulled out their chainswords and started hacking at the Child of the Emperor.

    First one unloaded entire clip into Arnock's front, the rounds having no immediate effect while in turn, he swung his power sword around and decapitated the Iron Warrior. Another one slammed him with the shield while simultaneously attempting to pin a krak grenade at him. Foolish attempt as Arnock saw the move and sliced his enemy's arm off, just for the grenade to go off and end his life instead. He managed to kill yet another Iron Warrior who attempted to stab him in the neck, although given the fact he was pretty much alone in the middle of traitor legionaries, Master of Rites felt the pain of his back being injured by couple of chainsword-wielding Iron Warriors, not to mention the fact his advance caught the sight of enemy Sergeant.

    "IRON WITHIN!" he shouted and swung a pointed mace, the shape which ancient Terran knights used - or so the Astartes learned during their indoctrination - straight at Arnock's head. Perfectus Mortem was raised just in time to deflect the attack, however the following shot by Sergeant's plasma pistol ate through couple of plates on Emperor's Child's chest and made his skin burn (OOC @matt23 feel free to kill 2-3 more Shield Brethren with your next post).

    Bridge Assault:

    Sergeant Grah:15, Shield Brethren:12, Devastators: 10(PC)/10(HB)/10(ML)

    Arnock:29, Elymas:29, Line Squad Rulduan:18

    Shield wall holds. As long as that’s the case, you can’t reach Devastators with melee weapons. Besides that, shield wall gives Shield Brethren a bonus to their defensive rolls. Turrets are fixed to the ceiling and can’t be targeted by melee weapons. Friendly NPC squad will look to Arnock for orders but if you don’t wanna guide them and tell them who to focus on, I can do that for you.

    A parley
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    Silence that followed Vitaly's message was deafening. After the skitarii troops and their battle automata allies took position, they remained with their weapons facing outward and on Emperor's Children, but not a single shot was fired. In turn, both of the Techmarines, Sergeant Mormeh and Captain Ilyas sent confirmation clicks, notifying their current force commander that they'll follow his orders. As expected, only one person had issues with such course of actions.

    "Forgemaster," came Minteril's low growl over the vox, "We can't allow ourselves to tarry, each second spent trying to get some sense in these traitors means more Emperor's Children dead. Forget the diplomacy, let us kill them all already and rejoin the rest." Chapter Master was in his new Terminator suit of armor but even from the distance, he looked restless - his men having the same energy, they seemed poised to attack at any second. Thankfully, Mineril wasn't some crazed maniac to order such move, but it was clear his patience was running thin.

    In any event, the proverbial ball was in Magos' court, tho he didn't let them wait too long on his reply. Still clinging to his domain of half a dozen cogitators, many of which he still interfaced with while also being surrounded with his Praetorians and Electro-Priest supplicants, the bulky frame of 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi threatened to punish any form of disobedience by utilizing every big weapon at his disposal. This time however, he chose a different method.

    ++Reply: 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi accepts greetings and felicitations of Unit Vitaly but does not offer the same in turn. Machine God orders watchfulness and Unit Vitaly fails to accommodate necessary parameters.

    ++Statement: By observing codes, heraldry and markings, without need of further scans we can confirm Unit Vitaly and his mortal companions are members of III Legiones Astartes, Emperor's Children, scions of Fulgrim the Phoenician.

    ++Mission parameters: III, XII, XIV and XVI Legiones Astartes, as per Omnissiah's blessed command, are to be punished, every member of it processed or exterminated. Acting executioners and enforcers of His will are: IV, VIII, X, XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX Legiones Astartes, including supporting personnel.

    ++Updated parameters: XIX vessel "Blackest Grip" harbors traitor supporters and other perfidious elements as well as a known deviant of Raven Lord's and Omnissiah's teachings. Ship and the crew are also added into the general mission parameters, put into primary spot due to void combat escalation.

    ++Conclusion: Unit Vitaly has fallen from the path and is in need of repair\reconfiguration. Premises provided by Unit Vitaly are, while interesting, not to be taken into consideration and attributed to its attempt to survive the inevitable.++

    There was a moment of pause in the communication, 2.55 seconds to be precise. Nobody fired, even though the accusation stood, the Magos seemingly holding the tight leash around the necks of his troops. Then, another pulse of data.

    ++Past statement: Unit Vitaly was a known member of IV Covenant. Unit Vitaly was also present during earlier Mechanicum undertakings and was privy to some secrets and teachings. Lord Perturabo also gave passing marks to Unit Vitaly and allowed him to learn important IV doctrines.

    ++Query: What made Unit Vitaly betray his oath and forgo the teachings of the Omnissiah?

    ++Additional query: 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi notices strange weapon designs on Unit Vitaly, possibly alien in nature but definitely not of Cult's database. Does venerated Thales knows of Vitaly's deviancy and\or has the others of the III suffered same faults?++

    While the code was blurted Jendon stood by, his senses sharp and ready for anything. While Vitaly's training allowed him to converse with the Magos on equal terms, not to mention traverse the ship and anticipate Iron Warriors tactics, Chief Apothecary had a different skillset at hand. He knew where to look, how to move hidden in plain sight and while he was by no means an expert like some of his friends from the Alpha Legion, he possessed enough knowledge to spot the differences, or at least inconsistencies.

    Shadows darkened around the chamber, while everyone's focus was on the army regiments about to kill each other, there was a presence in the back, subtly changing the landscape and manipulating the situation into something completely different. No one was attacked of course, neither a skitarii nor a Space Marine, but Jendon knew that if an attack came from a third unseen vector, they would be hard-pressed to successfully repel it.

    Enslaving the ship:

    Magos Reductor:20 (Power mace, volkite caliver, irrad-cleanser, photon gauntlet), Praetorians 12/12 (power axe, heavy flamer, combat shield), Electro-Priests:10, Skitarii:40, Thallax:10/10, Ironstriders:15/15, Combat Servitors:70

    Jendon:25, Vitaly:25, Minteril's HQ:30, Devastator Squad Ilyas:25, First Techmarine Covenant:15, Assault Squad Mormeh:15

    Tides of War: Neutral

    Battle is currently on hold - no bonuses to either side if the situation escalates.

    Defensive measures
    @Jorimel @DeranVendar @dx144 + @Grall_Stonefist

    Moving swift as a wind, Aleph went straight for the enemy Techmarine, Brona running right behind him. Word Bearer specialist saw them coming at the last second, bringing up the flamer and unleashing a stream of promethium into the incoming Palatine Blades. Little did he know that Aleph was quite familiar with such tactics, matter of fact long time ago the legionary Aster was a Line Brother and flamers were his go-to weapons, the intricate workings, the spreading pattern of fire and the heat accompanying it something the Blade knew and could use to his advantage. Flames licked past both him and Brona - following his mentor's steps, the second swordsman passed through the inferno without sparing a glance.

    Power axe came about but Daith'wyn would not be denied, the White Flame slicing into Techmarine's chest and taking a piece of it on its exit. Wound that would kill any lesser creature made the Word Bearer only grunt in pain as his array of mechadendrites turned into a web of steel, however he only accomplished to remove some paint from Aleph's armor. Again the Palatine Blade attacked, now backed by Brona, but the enemy Astartes deflected each of the strikes, such was the speed of combat that he couldn't even get his plasma gun weapon mount to properly line a shot and fire into the melee.

    Word Bearers reacted to this and the first Line Squad moved into position away from the boarding ram, opening fire on two Palatine Blades seemingly without any care for their comrade. It didn't work due to two reasons: firstly, both Aleph and Brona were well aware of the shooters and they moved in a way it prevented the enemy getting a clear shot on them, instead the bolts flew all around but failed to hit anything outside wall plating. This firing lasted only couple of seconds because the second issue arose in form of an angry Terminator Marine. Slower than his brothers but not an ounce less determined, Extrovious barreled into the Word Bearers and painted the floor red.

    First time using the Executioner's sword he could only be glad with the choice as the large blade smashed into the first Word Bearer and cleaved him in half, the power armor offering no protection against such attack. Weapon came around and two more legionaries died, one was cut in half while the other was caught on his side with the edge of the sword, enough for it to burst open black carapace and annihilate organs inside. They came at him, few of them dropping their bolters and going for the mix of grenades and chainswords. Extrovious was not about to be denied and instead on his body, krak grenade was attached to his shield - the following explosion staggering the Word Bearer in front of him, giving Extro enough time to hit him with a haymaker that caved the helmet in. On and on he went, with each kill he claimed a familiar call of blood rang around him, begging him to let go (OOC @DeranVendar feel free to emote killing 4-5 Word Bearers Line Squad guys with your next post, throw a Sergeant in it if you wish as well).

    While their leader went to work, the new Squad Extrovious ran to support the Devastator specialists and get few kills in-between. Five Devastators and Sergeant Pestin carried a mix of plasma cannons and heavy bolters, perfect setup for dealing with both the armored infantry and simple chaff. Crazed former Army troopers charged straight at their guns, half of them cut initially but some got through - which is where the shield wall got to act. Gracus and Tyrus turned the mortals into shreds while Gideon and Takior employed the energy-based weapons, plasma gun being the traditional one did its job admirably while the heavy pulse laser confirmed its usage by spearing through half a dozen zealots, burning them to crisp.

    Of course, these mortals were simply meatshields, the real threat coming behind them. Second Line Squad opened fire and one of the Devastators went down, his helmet burst apart before the shield wall could be formed. Return fire caught two Word Bearers and dropped them, however then the Terminators advanced and things got messy. Sergeant Pestin hit the first one directly in the center mass, staggering the monstrous legionary and giving chance for Kaiser to fire off a shot from his multi melta and erase upper half of Word Bearer's chest in an instant.

    This victory was short-lived as another Terminator advanced, but before he could kill Kaiser, Kordus brought his shield up and soaked the bolts from the combi bolter. Grenades were thrown and this Word Bearer was slowed, but the third and final one wasn't. He hefted twin lightning claws which found their way to Kordus, his storm shield ripped away from his hand followed by a claw eviscerating his chest. He was still alive as he was picked off the floor, the Word Bearer not sparing him another glance as he shook the lighting claw and tossed the broken body aside, ready to kill some more.

    "Your resistance is futile! There is no escape from the Primordial Truth! Embrace it and be reborn or be cast aside and serve as fuel for the powers behind the veil!" horns kept on blaring, the voice wasn't muffled even as the Predator's crew opened fire on Pholax. Auto-cannon nor the heavy bolters on the sponson mounts weren't the best choice to deal with the Contemptor Dreadnought but they didn't have any other choice. Auto-cannon began firing, the round after round impacting on former Devastator's new body. At first, the integrated atomantic shielding activated and the rounds were absorbed by the energy field, however the intensity with which the tank's crew acted and fired the gun forced the shield to recharge, or at least that's what it looked like as couple of shots passed through and destroyed parts of Dreadnought's chest armor. Heavy bolters followed suit in an attempt to exploit the holes created, but if it did any good Pholax couldn't tell.

    The information flooding his visor told him all systems were operational, the Contemptor shell truly a masterpiece of war - missiles were already loaded into the shoulder mounts and with a thought, Pholax sent them flying into the Predator. Explosions ripped through the ground as the payload landed, the smoke momentarily hiding the tank and allowing Pholax to fire off a burst at the mortal soldiers that just came out of one boarding ram. Suffice to say, the large-caliber shells simply ate through the weak creatures and two entire squads were dead in less than few seconds, the human bodies turned into unrecognizable mess (OOC @dx144 if you wish, you can emote some flavor kills on zealots with your next post).

    Smoke cleared away and Pholax spotted that the Predator tank was still operational, albeit barely. His tracks were ruined, both heavy bolters destroyed, while its left side was completely opened, Dreadnought spotting one of the legionaries, the driver, shredded by shrapnel. However the gunner was still pretty much alive and instead of backing off, he showed the Word Bearers zealotry by simply staying in his seat and allowing the main autocannon to cycle through what was left of its ammo in order to take another go at Pholax.

    Close to the Dreadnought, two Librarians got themselves ready to repel an attack from the shield-wielding Breacher squad. Prodah's attack did nothing as all of his shots were soaked by the large combat shields while in turn, his armor was riddled with new holes as the Word Bearers advanced on him. He might've even died there if not for his friend Halicos, who focused psychic might into his force weapon and drove into the enemy, breaking two shields and killing their wielders without prejudice.

    While all of this happened another familiar figure arrived on the gun decks, fresh from combat. Denatus was at the ready, coming from behind where Squads Pestin and Extrovious were engaged with the enemy - leaving his own squad behind to deal with another boarding crew, the Destroyer now brought his rad weapons into new combat zone in order to promptly kick these Word Bearers off his ship for good.

    Clash on deck seventeen:

    Zealots:31, Predator Destructor: [3], Line Squad:3/13, Techmarine:10 (power axe, plasma gun, flamer), Breacher Squad:12, Terminators:15/15

    Aleph:24, Extrovious:35, Pholax:[13], Denatus:20, Brona:15, Librarian Conclave:12, Devastator Squad Pestin:12, Squad Extrovious:11

    Tides of War: Neutral

    Enemy Techmarine is currently engaged in melee and he can't attempt to subvert "Sovereign's" systems. Voice coming from Predator's horns boosts Word Bearers morale and they have a re-roll for one failed action each turn while the zealots will never break. Also, Denatus just arrived - @Grall_Stonefist welcome back :)
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    ~~ On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~

    "You hide behind Iron! Because your flesh is weak! Your mind is weak! I shall shatter you and show you the true power of the Emperor!" Elymas roared into the Iron Warrior horde before him as his channeled powers were being materialized.

    His Multi-Melta stayed leveled at the enemies, although it would remain idle and ready to fire in the near future, instead the Chief Librarian would not dare come harm to his brethren and focus all of his attention into his magicks. Arnock and his squad under Sergeant Rulduan had to be proven that there was merit in the Librarium and more importantly that the Master of Rites did not misplace his trust in the successor of Hephaestus.

    A lot of sympathy came from decades of crusading shoulder-by-shoulder, and even more by saving one anothers lives both on Ullanor and in the fight for liberation against the arch-traitor Apox and his serpents.

    Elymas deep voice heightened in frequency, humming on a different wavelength than his vox-caster ever could produce. It was both natural and supernatural as dimensions merged on a micro-scale, temporarily just for this very moment. An ethereal aura, something that should not be, surrounding the Symphonist. Voices that were his and yet sounded like they should not fell into the chorus of his spell.

    Phoenix's Resolve glowed in a vibrant deep purple as it was held high, quickly switching through the entire ultraviolet spectrum into infrared before the gem crashed upon the floor, intending to release the sonic explosion it channeled from the Chief Librarian.

    OOC: Triple Cast (all 3 actions) - Sonic Smash vs. all enemeies
    Spell description: Medium range, Cone in front of the caster; Librarian creates a powerful sonic wave to crush the opponents in front of him, deafen them and cause 1d10 damage to each enemy hit. On 9 and 10 it also stuns the victim. Casts on 17+.

    ~~ On the Sovereign - Prodah & Halicos ~~
    "You must be more aware, spread your attention, not single-focus! This is not a meditation lesson!" Halicos barked at Prodah who he just rescued from his demise.

    "Do not lose yourself in your wrath, Halicos!" Prodah replied calmly, taking a deep breath as the two ended up fighting shoulder-by-shoulder.

    "Come let us aid the Palatine Blades against the Techmarine." Halicos prompted, but Prodah growled a denial at that. "They are too far on the battlefield, we shall stay back and maintain position, feel out the powers of the immaterium and deny them as they occur."

    "I feel no presence of a witch besides the two of us." Halicos complained at Prodah's passiveness, maybe even cowardice.

    "I shall stand by the Indomitable Pholax, you do as you wish." It was an end-of-conversation type of voice that filled Prodah's vox. Halicos was ready to run off, but words of Elymas reminded him that the librarium had to stick together. Being wiser, or less stubborn, he sighed and remained at the side of his librarian-brother.

    "Fine. Then let us aid our entombed kin to bring destruction upon the foul swines of Lorgar." Halicos surrendered and took position between the dreadnought and Prodah.

    Halicos - 1 defense on Pholax
    Prodah - 1 defense on Pholax
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    The Trap Of Hope

    Processing 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi's replies in real-time, Vitaly feels his eyes burn and his innards twist as he feels his...soul come alive for the first time in a long while, only to convulse in torment. In all the time following the betrayal over Laer, he had - knowingly or unknowingly - taken every possible action to deaden himself to human impulses. Psychologists might perhaps have termed it a coping mechanism, the only adaptation he could find in response to a mental injury inconceivable to the supposedly unbreakable psyche of a Legionary, something so utterly beyond his conditioning and indoctrination that only by excising his capacity for emotion was he able to continue meaningful function in any sense of the term.

    The Magos Reductor's apparent admission to having been played like a pawn by the puppetmasters behind this grand treason has resurrected Vitaly's capacity for emotion - particularly empathy, hope, and dread - to a shambling, pain-wracked parody of life, and the new Forgemaster feels his flesh scream in pain as it overflows from an overtaxed psyche, ill-equipped for processing upheaval at such a fundamental level.

    There's no more time...but I must try!


    "Please hold a moment longer, Chapter Master," replies Vitaly to Minteril in a terse whisper, "The Magos has been deceived by the machinations of the Traitors. If I can only convince him of the truth of the matter, we can complete our mission with less expenditure of blood and materiel, and preserve loyal lives."

    +++Item #1: Assertion by Unit 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi is correct as to Unit Vitaly's allegiances. Unit Vitaly and associates - henceforth referred to as 3rd Millennial in collective - are sole remaining Throne-loyal members of IIIrd Legion to current best knowledge.+++

    +++Item #2: 3rd Millennial experienced internal mutiny and betrayal upon return of 25th Company from temporal distortion on Laer. Throne-loyal elements purged treasonous malcontents and made for Isstvan to investigate truth of matter.+++

    +++Item #3: 3rd Millennial encountered Lord Corax en route to Isstvan. Following thorough review and vetting, have been provisionally accepted as loyal elements of duly-appointed punishment force.+++

    +++Item #4: Have received no word from Lord Corax whatsoever of deviancy and treason aboard
    Blackest Grip. Urgently request cessation of hostile action until truth can be ascertained. However, in-theatre snap deduction - taking into account overall hostile stance of IVth Legion ships towards other ships of punishment force - strongly indicates covert sympathies with Traitor elements.+++

    +++Item #5: Senior Techmarine Thales@!#!!@#@astaafsudsafk001001110110100111010011-+++

    Vitaly's binharic flash-sending fails momentarily as he feels a spike of emotion so intense it yet again causes him physical pain, this time in the form of a blinding migraine that it glitches his cognitive implants. Wrenching his psyche and his implants back under control through sheer force of will, he tries again.

    +++Item #5: Senior Techmarine Thales was found guilty of treason against the Omnissiah and gross tech-heresy. Said individual was terminated resisting apprehension during purge of Traitor elements within 3rd Millennial.+++

    +++Item #6: Honoured Magos, there is no further time. This unit begs you accept flash-exload of all extant core memory pertaining to above-mentioned history. You know as well as I there is no falsifying such base data. See all that has transpired through my eyes, and know I speak the truth.+++

    +++ATTACHMENT: 997.999.M30-012.001.M31.gmf; ACCEPT EXLOAD Y/N?+++

    +++Item #7: Unit Vitaly will answer to charges of innovation and apparent tech-heresy at later, expedient time. Immediate issues require addressing.+++

    Please don't make me do this, Vitaly silently adds in his head as he grips the handles of the Entropic Disruptor, staring straight at the Magos Reductor.
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  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "All who falter in their duty are brother to my enemy!" Great blade carves into pauldron, splitting ceramite then flesh. Weapon halts against opposite hip, advanced wrested away and sword withdrawn so Extrovious may lash it into a second overhead swing. Next Word Bearer strafes aside, trying to circle around. Extrovious turns helmet veiled gaze on the traitor and thrashes him to the ground with blackened shield face. Boot, not blade, brings the finishing blow, Extrovious marches on top of the warrior and pulps chest cavity than helmet while advancing upon another of the Word Bearers. This one meets him, helmet a headache inducing canvas of script and ravening scrawls that no sane mind would dare recreate. Perhaps the warriors previously had been recruits, indeed the massive terminator had carved through them at a rate comparable to one of the 'lesser' Primarchs, like Lorgar, for the presumed Sergeant dared to put on a better showing.

    "Do you hear the voices too? Like hammers in the forge of war they call to you and ring in your mind!" Extrovious responds with only a roar, yelling as much with effort as to repulse those very same hammers and voices in his mind. _My mind is my own, no witch or xeno shall change that!_ Words thought come out as unintended hisses when the Sergeant steps out of the reach of his titanic weapon, then dives in while arm is still crossed and in the way of his shield. Head brashly leans into the swipe meant for the crease of his neck, taking the weapon on the brow, rest of his body quickly follows repulsing the traitor. Return swipe of his own blade goes wide again, a bit too diagonal and the foe too fast, slipping underneath and around the side unguarded by shield, trying to get at his legs with double-hand grip swings of chain weapon. Twisting opposite Extrovious can feel the vibrations of teeth against his shield, this one's zeal and strength so strong that under different circumstances the Emperor's Child might of felt some respect. "The Eight Fold path extends before us all, recognized or not, son of the Third." Extrovious' eyes bulge, not the first time he had heard of it, if not in reality than certainly in his dreams.

    "Your cursed road has no place in the galaxy of mankind and the Emperor." Extrovious powers forward, bucking shield like a bull's horns. Once again the clang of ceramite power pack striking ship floor pounds in time with the pangs of blood thirst in his head. It is no longer a question of whether or not Extrovious will dance to the tune, only how long he can continue to shout back at the voices urging him on. Before another sermon might leave this ones helm he rakes blades edge along the floor, parting head from shoulders. Just in time for Kordus' rune to go amber. "Up! Up damn you! The enemy has not yet bled to extinction! The scales are uneven and judgement is not yet delivered!" What remains of the Line Squad have fallen in on the brawl around Squad Pestin and his guardians. One is drug back from the fray and cast down, base edge of towering storm shield punching a deep crease through helmet, skull and brain. "Sons of the Perfect Third! Loyal to the Emperor! Death, Death to his foes!" Extrovious bowls through the fight, making a bee line for his own boys and the elite of the Word Bearers.

    Their Sergeant's arrival and bellowing calls to arms drive the new squad to renewed feats of violence: Tyrus and Gracus put their heads together to outwit the not-quite-so-heavily-armored Breacher Squad, looking to help where they most realistically can in a storm of chainblade swings, overlapping the recoil of one another to make sure any lost efficiency in the shield wall was made up for in sheer potential for death. Kaiser, seeing the closing of sides and madness of melee as an excellent excuse to not use his multi-melta, and instead reclaim the damaged storm shield and draw his chainsword. Gideon disengages, firing his plasma gun sporadically as he moves to secure the fallen Kordus. Takior withdraws into line with the other Devastators, turning Vitaly's mechanical know-wotz on the Terminators without so much as flinching at Kordus' K.O or the sizable force piling in on them.

    OOC: Actions-
    Extrovious: One Defense on Squad Pestin, Bonus Defense on Squad Extrovious, Two Attacks on the Terminators
    Squad Extrovious: One Attack on Terminators, One Attack on Breacher Squad
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    I have got a bad feeling about this- @Draconion
    Jendon was silent as the Iron breaking had begun on different parts of the ship the chief apothecary focusing in on the information that had begun flowing through his helmet and the situation at hand a standoff and no shots had been fired yet. Possibly loyalists Vitaly knew? Jendon would give his brother his chance as he did the Apothecary would be beside sone of his brothers posed as just another apothecary linemen till he noticed something creeping from the edge of his eyes, As if a creeping darkness was affecting the dark around him, Jendon only tilted his head a bit towards several skitari his line of sight moving slightly towards mintrieal and the rearmost of their forces, It was there to a darkening of there surrounding. slight changes to the surrounding rear.

    Jendon felt it like the paranoia, and his gut and training telling him something was wrong. Jendon tilted his head back looking back towards the Praetorians and the Electro-priests Ever so slowly and carefully looking as if he had both his focus on the mechincus.

    Thinking fast Jendon wondered if they were being listened in on if so the Vox could be compromised though if he attempted to use combat signals if it was an astartes force observing them they could crack that, Deciding to Go with Vox Jendon activated his helmets vox on there secure channels and then would begin to speak once more in Chemosian. If they were being manipulated and the Magos was a loyalist they all might be in one big kill zone.

    "Brothers Vitialy, Minitrial, Illyas, Mormeth, I believe A group of Camile's silent step brothers is coming to reinforce us from the shadows, We must be careful that the Unexpected coming of troops does not spook the This magos, As well as be ready to 'Slide' into position," Jendon said he saw Sergeant Mormeth look to him as he did the apothecary use one hand and kept it close to his bolt gun making the sign for rear. Jendon then spoke again to Vitaily. "Vitaly be ready and watch our Vox systems, If your friend there is trully a loyalist I sense we might have a situation similar to the bridge with and Kenjiro," Jendon said trying to alert Vitaily at the possiblity both forces may come underattack. Jendon hoped that his brothers would understand the warning he gave them Using Camiles and Kenjiro, to represnt that a ambush was coming, And if the enemy was listening would mean they themsleves may have to send forces to look out for a squad that would never come. As Jendon did he kept himself calm and ready to make a defenseive maneuver towards Vitialy and minetrial.

    OOC One defensive action on Vitaily, One Defensive action on Minty, One defensive action on Jendon.
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  9. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    @Vulpas @Colapse

    When Jendon's warning comes through the vox, it very nearly startles Vitaly into a visible twitch, so tense are negotiations with the Magos Reductor. It takes all of the Forgemaster's self-control to maintain composure while partitioning a segment of his consciousness to triple-check all vox security against intercept and decryption. Reaching out to Jendon's backpack, away from line-of-sight to the front, he taps a message in IIIrd Legion tap-code, just hard enough for the Apothecary to feel through his armour.

    Commencing augur probe. Can confirm IIIrd Legion recon assets present - affirmative/negative?

    A second before he deploys his Augur Array for a comprehensive deep scan of the Prime Cogitarium space, he sends another binharic blurt to the Magos Reductor.

    +++Status Alert: Unit Vitaly informs 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi that deep augur probe will commence shortly. No hostile action is intended.+++

    +++Elaboration: Unit Vitaly has received warning that hostile IIIrd Legion assets may be present in concealment, with intention of dealing with any Imperial Loyalists present. General positioning of alleged assets suited to bracketing all other sides present within attack vectors.+++

    +++Conclusion: Unit Vitaly will provide real-time sensorium data feed as gesture of good faith. Should concealed IIIrd Legion assets be detected, rest assured they are NOT ours, and may be assumed hostile.+++

    Action Summary

    Action Summary


    All Units: Overwatch opposing enemy and fire upon confirmed first hostile detected.


    1.) All-Out Action: Deep Probe of surroundings for concealed hostiles w/ Augur Array

    2.) All-Out Action: Overwatch @ first confirmed hostile w/Entropic Disruptor (Concussion, Structural Degradation)

    3.) Action: Overwatch @ first confirmed hostile w/Micro-Missile Launcher (Thermobaric)

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Overwatch @ first confirmed hostile w/Entropic Disruptor (Concussion, Structural Degradation)

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 30/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 1, EMP x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield

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  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The heavy bolter rounds smashing into his carapace barely registered to Pholax, if it wasn't for his tomb alerting him of the rounds hitting him, he'd have ignored whatever it was.

    Damage received was minimal and he knew he'd be able to throw out much more than the others.

    The assault cannons did not stop their spinning and spurting of rounds, the mostly unarmoured humans who sided with their traitorous kin were turned to pulp, as one round shattered a ribcage apart, another quickly followed into their stomach, as they fell their heads would then be struck by another and so on, dozens of these zealots were being chewed apart by the seemingly endless tide of assault cannon fire.

    A few with shields or makeshift ones it should be said tried to block the rounds to no avail, strangely some embraced the oncoming rounds in a way to try and shield their masters with a devotion rarely seen. A few tried to cower behind others in the hopes their corpses would stop the rounds, again there was no hiding from the Emperor's retribution.

    Pholax may be a dead man, but he could at least still serve the Emperor and the Phoenician in this time of need. Behind the tomb, Pholax hoped he could still smile as he heard the traitors scream.

    The silence washed over him for a second when his assault cannons stopped their spinning, the cannons cooling with heat washing off them he surveyed the battlefield for priority threats and took stock of his ammo counters, the sounds of battle around with the sounds of Astarte on Astarte combat reaching him once more.

    "Throne, won't they just let the dead rest..." Pholax moaned as he sighted the Predator still active and unleashed another hail of missiles at the motionless hull, there were cracks in it's form and where there was an opening, the light of the Phoenix would find them, his glorious flame would snuff them out of existence. Pholax hoped to see their ammunition store be unable withstand the flames and explode into a fireball that all of the battlefield would see as the Phoenician's flames smiling down upon them this day.

    However Pholax couldn't stand idle to watch his handiwork for too long and began a charge into the remaining Zealots to let them join their masters in death, he might not be equipped with a melee weapon, but his very form was enough to crush an Astarte in full plate, his weapons would crush mortals with ease and if he wanted to get very creative he could likely deafen them firing weapons next to them to then burn them with the heat of his assault cannons.

    If Pholax could no longer make art with his hands, he'd do so with the deaths of his enemies. One could say it was ghoulish in what went through his mind, but when you've brought a man back from the dead to operate a suit of awesome destruction, he has the right to be a bit ghoulish.


    1 Action of firing Incendiary missiles at the Predator

    1 Action of that charge ability Pholax has into the horde of Zealots

    And 1 Action of defence on self.

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