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Perfect Warriors

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    Beneath his faceless helm, Vitaly's face creases faintly into a frown at Arnock's words, and suggestion of indiscipline in the ranks it raises. He speaks again to Arnock via private vox.

    "Brother Arnock, you of all people should know better than anyone else that we are no barbarian horde, enslaved to childish whims and fickle moods. The Emperor made us to be the perfect soldiers - perfect not only in skill, but in discipline, in obedience to rightful authority also. Now, moreso than ever, is that discipline the only thing that sets us apart from the accursed traitors that share our name and colours. We cannot allow ourselves to do things just because we want to. We must always act because we have to, however unpalatable we may find it. Discipline and self-indulgence - laxity - are both habits, and we must enforce the proper ones at all times, for laxity is the path to treason."

    A harsh exhalation punctuates Vitaly's speech.

    "But you know the men better than I. I leave the command decision in the field to you, Brother, though I hope you mark my words. Fortune guide your blade and shield your flank."

    With a Unity-style salute, Vitaly turns to commence boarding, Tyrion and Ulysses of Prime Covenant in tow.


    EDIT: Made it clear Vitaly was speaking via private vox. No one else should have heard what he said.
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    With the time between being found by the Raven Guard and his implementation into his new form, Pholax refused to go offline, for and I quote, Not wanting to miss a thing. In truth the idea of going offline made him feel like he might not come back online, if this was just another dream state just a more realistic one. A dream within a dream, however this would be dream was to shortly become a nightmare even the maddest of men wouldn't have dared to dream of.

    He also got a chance to get more to grips with the noosphere and his own form as Sidon wanted him to.

    "Anything, designated as hostile to the Third Legion, I will destroy, Sidon." Pholax voxed as he checked over his weaponry systems and tomb's vitals. The scale of betrayal shocked him, learning that it was a rot in his own Legion, now four Legions and no doubt their Primarchs, now another four revealed their true colours.

    Whatever was once considered true of the Imperium was utterly smashed this day, what was up is now down, down is up, when it was one legion having a small group break away, that was something you could put down to a bad batch, but to have what, 500,000 Astartes become traitors? Eight Primarchs? No, that was more than just a bad batch, this was something much much worse, even when it was just four Legions it was never going to be the same again, now it's a totally different issue, this was a force that dare he say, beat the Imperium's forces, the sheer number of Astartes is incomprehensible in a warzone, in the face of such odds, it was an incredibly one sided fight.

    Pholax turned his bulk to one of Elymas' warlocks, "One of Dream-Weaver's flock, be sure to not be stood where my fire goes, you might find yourself burnt with the traitors." Pholax rasped a little as what can only be assumed was a chuckle. "Three priority targets. Bridge. Engines. Power. Either of these will cause our downfall. We need to ensure they do not fall in their hands. Where do you wish me to slay them, Sidon?" Pholax turns his bulk back to the new leader of the Millennial. "I'm afraid speed is not one of my qualities." Another rasp comes from Pholax's tomb.
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    "Only fools will stand before you, and I shall not be one of them. Worry not about your speed, for you are worth a thousand astartes. It is my honor to fight at your side, Indomitable Pholax. By my name Halicus the Fiery Flame I shall guard your flanks wherever you march." Halicus proclaimed, wielding his Bolter with both hands ready to unleash havoc, while bolt pistol was on his waist and force staff on his back.
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    Aleph had spent much time in the past months training, and still more in the honing of his own craft. Every fight was a challenge to see if he might better himself. Every subtle nuance he could apply, every advantage he might extract from knowing the ways others fought, he took. Everyone, as someone once told him, has something to teach. This was true of everyone from the rawest recruit upwards, and Aleph took it to heart, even as he had the barest memory of bare feet on bark as he did so.

    He did not spend all his time with Brona, but often the younger swordsman moved as his shadow. In coming to accept that while he had forgiven him, Brona had yet to forgive himself, Alephoros made a pact: that he would himself fully initiate the other as a Palatine Blade only once he had reached that state. Until then, of course, it was in truth a formality. So far as the Shattered Millennial knew, there were two of the elite swordsmen among their ranks.

    So few, so few from a cadre of the best, chosen by one whom he had respected and loved above all else. He had buried the others. With them had gone the last fragments of his love for his gene-Sire, replaced by a cold hatred. But Aleph, the painter, did not destroy the works he had made of Fulgrim and the others he had once looked up to. For him, they were a reminder of the fact that nothing was safe from corruption. It was a powerful lesson, one that made him guard himself ceaselessly against signs of weakness, of petty ambition, of unrighteous pride. He retired them all from view. All save one. It watched him from the dark wings of its stage at night, and who could say if the moon-tanned figure blighted his dreams? In his waking hours he attempted as best he knew how to be a figure of inspiration, of instruction, even of a listening ear who might not be as harsh as some of his Brothers. Crucially, this was never done as a criticism of their ways, and certainly not to undermine them. But if you spoke to the Lord Champion he was as much a sympathetic listener as a gene-forged warrior could be. That, and he would always, always insist that you take your troubles to the sparring ring once words were done. Excise, strengthen, renew.

    Lord Corvus Corax, Shadow-Raven and Lord of Passing Unseen, the Deliverer, the Chooser of the Slain had many more titles, none of which, so Aleph had heard, he cared at all for, save perhaps the one that marked him as the Saviour of Deliverance. Black eyes of judgement scrutinised the bridge of the Sovereign. But Alephoros had been judged, and weighed, and winnowed, and though he felt awe, he was not overwhelmed by terror. That was the purview of a different being. He did know, with a certainty that brought him a tiny flicker of hope, that he himself was loyal to his core and if the Raven-Lord cared to look, that is what he would see. The same for Sidon, and the others who would represent the lost Children of the Emperor - the only ones truly deserving of the name - so long as he sought truth rather than simple vengeance. Aleph had heard that Corax was a fair man, raised among poets and politicians with the insight of both. He could only wait. This Primarch was not to be blamed for testing them or for the many tests to come.

    The results were not long in coming, though they seemed that way. They had been accepted, though warily, and would find a place in the rearguard. Though privately Aleph wondered if he'd have placed men under suspicion in the back ranks, he took it as their due and held his tongue. Tense with waiting, restless with desire to get to vengeance of his own, he nevertheless endured and kept himself and those with him ready, having them rest in shifts, making sure they could not be found wanting.

    When the time did come, Sidon's genius once again saved them from a swift death in the void. Aleph took his orders with a curt nod and a salute, the Aquila nearly a diving bird as his hands went instantly to his swords.

    "Wherever they may fall, Praetor, we will end them." He straightened, taking up a stance next to the massive bulk of Pholax. He spared him a glance for a moment before he attended to his new escort.

    "Speed I can make up for, Brother, but you win in ferocious mass." He nodded as Pholax spoke on. "We will go where we are needed most, Praetor, as you command."

    Turning finally to Prodah, Aleph looked, for just a moment, surprised. "I asked for no such escort," he said, slight puzzlement in his tone. "But a blade is a blade, whether wielded by the hand or the mind. Bring death to His foes, Librarian."

    "It would, however, be best if you give me more space than you might think you need. I can move quite quickly, I am told."
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    "I am no escort or bodyguard to you, Legion Champion Alephoros Aster." Prodah spoke with awe to actually be trusted to keep up with him. "My duty is more to ward against the unpredictable ways of witchcraft should we encounter them, and of course to fulfill my duty as Librarian and observe your grand feats so I may write them down in detail. They will inspire the rest of our troops in the days, weeks, months and years to come to aspire to your achievements." There was a strong nod and Prodah never removed his eyes from Aleph.

    "I shall keep up and deliver justice where it belongs. For we are the hammer of the Imperium. We are thunder, wind and rain. To bring them all destruction, suffering and pain. We are the Emperor's Children, death to his foes!"

    Prodah and the nearby Halicus nodded towards one another, if Aleph and Pholax would stick together, so coincidentally would the librarians. Maybe they would be graced with Kallian's presence, too.
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    @Vulpas "Raven Guard might be masters of stealth, but they aren't omnipotent," Sidon told Jendon as he nodded with grim finality towards the viewing screen, where "Blackest Grip" was being ravaged by enemy macro guns as the cruisers got in close. "Your objective is dismantling Iron Warriors attack vessels but the fate of the XIX will be their own. If they manage to launch some escape pods, we'll pick them up, but we won't mount any search and rescue effort. Their ship is doomed," with a glance towards the great void battle beyond, the Praetor grunted and added, "As is their entire Legion. We'll make sure they're avenged, one traitor at a time."

    @dx144 "As for you brother," he turned and faced the giant form of Contemptor Dreadnought, "You'll spearhead the mobile defensive force and be where you are needed the most. Word Bearers have two ships and will come in force once they realize they're outgunned in void, meaning that most of "Sovereign's" decks will be compromised eventually. You and the remaining of the squad will move together to plug the gaps while I'll mount the static defense effort and hold the line."

    Once there were no more questions, Sidon dismissed them all and allowed them to make it to the armory where the extra ammunition and explosives were being prepared. Battle ahead of them was of monumental importance but the Emperor's Children remained completely focused, the razor-sharp edge about to slice through the lies and deceit.

    Attack on "Battleborn" - First Wave
    @matt23 @Uriel1339

    It was as Vitaly ordered. In quick succession, multiple waves were organized and the boarding torpedoes were launched once the explosive ones met the enemy ships. One of the light cruisers was actually taken out by "Sovereign's" lances, the haywire warheads hitting the reactor area and frying more than just ship's auspex arrays. This action bought "Blackest Grip" more time and it fired what guns remained operational, forcing two other Iron Warriors cruisers to back off, however the bigger ship, "Battleborn", ate the ordinance directed at it without much issues and in return, fired entire salvo at the Raven Guard vessel, effectively crippling its engines and allowing the rest of its kin to feast at will.

    Another thing that was interesting is that its captain had no interest in attacking "Sovereign", leaving the honor of it to the warriors of XVII Legion. Being cocky or simply doing what was prudent and making sure that one enemy is dead before moving after the other one was irrelevant, the action, or rather, inaction, allowed Forgemaster's plan to proceed without issues. Of course, the void in Isstvan system was being increasingly filled with more and more ships as a number of loyalist vessels arrived, many of the Iron Hands which the Gorgon simply didn't want to wait slowly broke into Realspace and while the numbers were still favoring the traitors, perhaps the battle wouldn't be a total rout.

    In any event, it was obvious to whoever was paying attention at this soon-to-be titanic clash that even if the members of the Third Millennial manage to pull off what they planned on doing, the window for their escape will be quite a small one.

    For Elymas, it only meant more pressure on his mind. The mounting destruction on the scale he never witnessed before was taking its toll, the deaths around him and even on the planet's surface beyond were reverberating within him. There was a song he knew from before, the masked man seemingly hiding just around a corner, but never really manifesting for his song was overlapped by another, one of carnage, blood and skulls, the one which suddenly crashed through everything. But then there was a third one, of slow passage of time and rotting of the world from within, closely followed by the fourth which pulled at every string possible, the notes mutating into patterns unknown to the psyker. The mix of these emotions created perhaps the most powerful tune he had ever heard, the tune that signaled the galaxy ending.

    For Arnock, it meant that he had a task to do. He was at the front of the boarding torpedo, his Librarian comrade right behind him, followed by ten-strong tactical squad led by Sergeant Rulduan. He was one of the men Arnock trained personally and even though many desired to be in person with the Master of Rites on this attack, Rulduan got the honor by draw and he and his men sent confirmation clicks through the vox, their bolters locked and ready.

    They both followed the reports coming from the other boarding rams as the first wave made contact with “Battleborn”. Only 14% of the Emperor’s Children force died to defensive batteries while the others made it in and started causing chaos. For the Master of Rites and his Symphonist friend, the time for preparation was likewise over. Their boarding ram impacted on the ship’s surface and after multi-meltas cut the hole in, the green light flared and the ramp was down.

    Ram got them close to the Bridge, just like Arnock wanted. Initially, they met no resistance outside couple of menial crews that they dispatched with ease, but once they reached the target things changed significantly. Entrance into the Bridge was actually a huge double doors with the High Gothic number IV painted across it. Doors were plain yet sturdy, lacking any unnecessary embellishments the likes the group was used to back on “Sovereign”. To each their own of course, but the force arrayed in front of the portal was nothing to be ashamed of.

    Iron Warriors hefting large combat shields form the bulwark behind which couple of devastators took cover, having the line to fire undisputed by any enemy. They were supported with two heavy bolter turrets fixed on the ceiling which began moving as soon as the first Emperor’s Children loomed his head in the corridor. Thankfully, both Arnock and Elymas had Terminator Armor so crossing the distance and getting into melee range wouldn’t be an impossible task, although the same couldn’t be said for regularly-armored legionaries of Squad Rulduan.

    They waited on Arnock’s command and he was also quick to spot an officer among the defenders, two service studs on his helmet made him a Sergeant or something similar. He pointed at the gaps in the line, quickly organizing his men to meet the onslaught. Whatever the case was before, Master of Rites would get what he wanted – a proper bloodletting and a chance to start avenging fallen brothers.

    Bridge Assault:

    Sergeant Grah:15, Shield Brethren:20, Turrets:5/5, Devastators: 10(PC)/10(HB)/10(ML)

    Arnock:35, Elymas:35, Line Squad Rulduan:20

    Shield wall holds. As long as that’s the case, you can’t reach Devastators with melee weapons. Besides that, shield wall gives Shield Brethren a bonus to their defensive rolls. Turrets are fixed to the ceiling and can’t be targeted by melee weapons. Friendly NPC squad will look to Arnock for orders but if you don’t wanna guide them and tell them who to focus on, I can do that for you.

    Attack on “Battleborn” – Third Wave
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    OOC for the sake of consistency, we’ll say that while Arnock and Elymas landed first, it took them a while to get to their destination meaning that the point in time when both fights are happening is more or less the same.

    Jendon stood next to Vitaly as the boarding ram sped towards the Iron Warriors ship. He was plugged into the force’s network, the information about health status of the entire wave at his disposal. His superhuman brain quickly processed it, leaving no room for error or failure due to a clogged HUD. Thankfully, the readings in front of Chief Apothecary’s eyes were quite positive. Less than twenty warriors were lost in the final launch and while the battle was brewing aboard “Battleborn”, current estimates were that no more than a hundred legionaries died so far. Iron Warriors were throwing bodies at them and while the resistance was significant, it was nothing the Emperor’s Children couldn’t overcome, especially if what Vitaly’s plan comes to fruition.

    Forgemaster was well aware of the situation and the status of the boarding force, his Techmarines reporting back in brisk fashion. Master of Rites and his men were currently attacking the Bridge while the rest of the first wave managed to provide cover for him by engaging Iron Warriors wherever they met them. Second wave was also successful in causing chaos, even though the generator proved to be off-limits due to a significant amount of enemies located there, secondary gun batteries were soon to be taken out by the invaders, leaving the third and final wave with perhaps the most important task. Of course, “Battleborn” was a big ship and it would take time and effort to claim it, brute force would probably not really work, but what Vitaly had in mind definitely could.

    Machine Spirit’s “lair” was hidden deep within its hold, but it wasn’t a place which the Iron Warriors could hide from a legionary who spent many years among them. Forgemaster knew the schematics of Perturabo’s ships and he could calculate in the possible variations or adjustments without compromising the end result. If “Battleborn” was perhaps a more important vessel in Iron Tyrant’s fleet the situation could’ve been different, but this wasn’t the case here, meaning that the trajectory through which the ram carried them ended up being the correct one.

    They entered the ship on one of its lower decks and made their way forward through here. Ulysses and Tyrion were behind both Vitaly and Jendon, closely followed by legionaries of Squad Mormeh who acted as sort of honor guard. There were others who also converged on the objective and they soon met in person – Terminators under Chapter Master Minteril’s lead were the first in while Captain Ilyas brought his Devastators as well for the ride.

    Place was quite similar to the data storages where Vitaly, Jendon and Extrovious fought corrupted Thales. However there was no corruption here, at least none on the outside. Great cogitator dominated the main floor of the Machine Spirit’s housing with couple of dozen tubes filled with precious info flowing into every other ship’s system, making its commander one with this tame piece of AI, as some would call it. Such behemoth was bound to have supplicants around it and indeed, a small army of Skitarii guarded the vast chamber, the Mechanicum troops similar to many the legionaries encountered over the course of the Great Crusade.

    Besides the cohorts, main body of the defenders was formed out of battle automata, Thallax warriors ready to purge the invaders without a second thought. All of them were however led by a higher-ranked Magos, by the looks of his gear and symbols, representing Ordo Reductor. Moving on four set of limbs, the augmented member 0f the Mechanicum had plenty of weapons to annihilate entire squad of Space Marines and when you add a fact that he even had bodyguards in form of two obvious Ogryns made into Praetorian Servitors and a group of fanatical Electro- Priests, things just got way more serious.

    Even as the Mechanicum force began moving to meet the intruders, Minteril grunted and ordered his men forward. “We’ll keep them occupied, you just do what you have come here for,” he told Vitaly and strode towards the assembled Skitarii, twin swords in each hand. “Come brothers, there’s plenty of them for all of us!”

    Enslaving the ship:

    Magos Reductor:20 (Power mace, volkite caliver, irrad-cleanser, photon gauntlet), Praetorians 12/12 (power axe, heavy flamer, combat shield), Electro-Priests:10

    Jendon:25, Vitaly:25

    Tides of War: Neutral

    Mechanicum Division: Skitarii vanguard: 3/3, Skitarii Rangers: 3/3, Thallax: 3/3 Ironstriders (ranged specialist): 4/4, Combat Servitors (horde): 4/4

    Emperor’s Children: Minteril’s HQ: 6/6, Devastator Squad Ilyas: 5/5, First Techmarine Covenant: 3/3, Assault Squad Mormeh: 3/3

    “Sovereign’s” Defense
    @Jorimel @DeranVendar @dx144

    Back aboard the Millennial’s flagship, things quickly escalated. Even though Admiral de Beaumont managed to punish one of the Word Bearer’s ships for getting too close, annihilating its starboard shields and using the opening to unleash a mass salvo of macro plasma cannons which cut “Sermon of Truth” in half and consigned it to a fiery death, the other ship, “Final Judgement”, pressed on and boarding parties were launched, heading straight for the venerable battle barge.

    “Reporting multiple breaches, from decks 14 to 25,” came Sidon’s voice in former 4th Squad’s vox, both Aleph and Extrovious joining Pholax in the defense of the ship. They were flanked by legionaries of newly remade Squad Extrovious as well as young Palatine Blade aspirant Brona, not to mention two Librarians, Prodah and Halicus, from Elymas’ conclave. “The biggest one is on deck 17, luck would have it that you’re the closest ones. Move in and drive these traitors off our ship. We’re currently holding the Enginarium, will report if things change. Good hunting, Sidon out.”

    “I’ll try to reach you as soon as possible,” Denatus spoke in the vox, sharing the channel the new Destroyer Prime sounded anxious as ever, even though his voice was momentarily lost as gunfire roared all around him, “Just have to deal with something else first. But try to leave some of them for me and my boys.”

    Moving via the main elevator, the group felt the ship shaking as it was pounded from the outside. Just like when they fought the traitors, the encroaching doom was omnipresent, the seeping dread not something Adeptus Astartes were accustomed for, but it was there, just beneath the surface. Out of them all, Extrovious knew the feeling all too well and while no new images came to him, the smell of sorcery was overpowering to his senses.

    As for the Word Bearers, their big boarding party landed close to the main gun decks and were even now trying to get there and stop “Sovereign” from firing. Arriving into the large open area beyond which the big gun mechanisms were being loaded and operated by thousands of menials, the defenders met with the ashen-clad warriors of the XVII and crossed swords against former brothers now-turned traitors.

    “Reject the lies you were taught and embrace the truth! Emperor lied to you all, he had forsaken humanity in order to reach divinity. His teachings are false, the Imperial Truth is nothing more than a charade! Break your chains brothers and allow yourself to be illuminated!” horns atop Predator Destructor blared, the orator sounding quite zealous as he kept on spewing lies. It made no effect on Sergeant Pestin or his men, but the mortal crew which toiled below was raising their heads from the work and staring in confusion. Devastator Squad was the first to reach the site of the breach, meeting the occupants of three boarding rams with perfect focus even though they were badly outnumbered.

    Besides the Predator tank, Word Bearers unleashed two Line Squads as well as a breacher unit and a squad of Terminators to get the job done. Besides them, one boarding ram held a horde of mortal soldiers dressed in rags, torn uniforms of the Imperial Army replaced by strange marks carved into their flesh, any sense of discipline long forgotten as they madly charged straight into Emperor’s Children guns. Behind all of them came a red-armored Techmarine, the specialist already trying to reach a nearby mainframe and start with subjugation of ship’s systems.

    “Well met brothers!” came Sergeant Pestin’s brisk reply as he lobbed a gout of plasma into the incoming Word Bearers, burning two of them alive even as they tried to get to cover, “What are your orders?”

    Clash on deck seventeen:

    Zealots:30, Predator Destructor: [8], Line Squad:15, Techmarine:15 (power axe, plasma gun, flamer)

    Aleph:25, Extrovious:35, Pholax: [15]

    Tides of War: Neutral

    Word Bearers: Zealots (horde): 4/4, Terminator Squad: 5/5, Breacher squad: 3/3, Line Squad: 3/3

    Emperor’s Children: Squad Extrovious 3/3, Librarian Conclave (Prodah & Halicus): 3/3, Palatine Blade Brona: 3/3, Devastator Squad Pestin: 3/3
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    Cousins Removed
    Heavy blade crashes down into the fore plate of the Predator, metal splitting, torturous parting causing it the chassis to wail louder than the pilot within. Shield sinks into the wound, peeling it aside with a feat of strength appropriate to a Primarch. Extrovious' hand pours into the ruined glacis plate and returns with the beating heart of the voice espousing treachery. Tank's cannon pours off smoke from a round fired with deafening force that pounds at his ear drums even through helmet's dampeners, and suddenly the warrior is back at the entrance to the batteries, marching in step with the rest of the reinforcements; tank and its accursed preacher still very much intact. He would have to make the tempting visions of a warrior supreme reality, without the aid of whatever had put the images there to begin with. One particularly unfortunate loading menial turns his head and Extrovious catches it.

    "Reject the sirens call of traitors! Every hand and head that strays from their work will be presented to the Forge Master!" That ought to do it, for marine and menial alike, none went without some awareness of Vitaly's draconian rule since ascension. With vox amp turned up to max, massive suit of armor and equally over-compensatory blade it was almost like Apox still headed things. Granted, an influx of servitors would serve them better and empty out the medical chambers overburdened with overworked mortals.

    "No promises brother, do not worry about saving scraps for us either." Extrovious taps into vox long enough to acknowledge Denatus before ordering his squad into the fray. "Consolidate on Sergeant Pestin, keep their guns firing unobstructed. Any breach in cohesion will receive the same treatment as the mortals." Blood was up, the huntsman and slayer in Extrovious at the fore since the first void maneuvers confirmed the Iron Warriors' and Word Bearers' intents. Senses toyed with him, witches on both sides were near, and he swore he tasted blood since the elevator; entirely unaware teeth had subconsciously chunked part of nearby tongue to sate the urge for violence. Perhaps those wards were best left in place.

    "Pestin, you have the big guns, and we have the Dreadnought: take care of the enemy Astartes, my squad shall provide cover from the chaff." Sergeant need not see his newest brothers' expressions to know the order already rankled. Six of the original fifteen or so Extrovious had in mind marched to war with him: Of them four were the initiates suggested by Arnock, two the only veterans willing or allowed to leave their squads. Kaiser, and his readily demonstrated fondness for heavy weapons, carried a multi-melta for their defense of the Sovereign, that and a spared chainsword from the Armory. Perhaps Pholax might inspire someone else to keep the tradition alive. Boarding shields, bolters and chainswords for Gracus and Tyrus, pair easily identified by shared cohesion in a squad that knew only the most mechanical form of it. Even under Extrovious' harsh training regime, they marched and functioned more like Iron Warriors than the brotherhood he had commanded before. Bite your tongues you two, restrain the fire, nurture your frustrations and make them as a blade to cleave through the enemy. Do not fail me. Gideon, quietest and last of the youths, marched with a plasma gun, similarly outfitted for the mission at hand like Kaiser. I have looked for warriors in need of discipline and purpose, show me you are not merely broken.

    Then there were the pair of seniors in the midst of the estranged younglings. Brother Kordus, formerly of Squad Akellion, had joined without a second thought, shared time during the purges ensuring themselves a fast friendship. Like Extrovious he commanded a storm shield and power weapon, favoring a more traditionally designed sword. Kordus anchored the far left flank of juvenile shield wall, while further back Keiser was joined by Devastator Takior, one of Menteril's men no less, and experienced enough to be entrusted with the use of one of Vitaly's new creations: a Heavy Pulse Laser. Extrovious had initially argued for dispensation of a Prism Laser Cannon, but the as-of-yet undetermined nature of his squad and the questionable mentality of those within had made the more intensive and costly of the two heavy guns unavailable, wisdom Extrovious accepted without grudge once explained. Not for a moment would he doubt the killing power of either gun regardless.

    "Aleph, you have greater speed over myself, intercept that Techmarine before he can reach an interface, I shall ensure your advances goes unmolested." With none there to immediately command the group, and all parties either under his charge, formerly or currently, and the other Sergeant requesting orders, Extrovious grips the reins of command with familiar firmness and descends into the heart of the Word Bearers assault. "I want these bastards scrapped and loaded into the next firing cycle of the Sovereign!" Like a bully, bloated sense of power and daddy issues included, Extro lumbers towards the enemy Astartes. Much as he wished to carve open a tank, that privilege was better left in Pholax's gauntlets. "And Pholax, shut up whoever is in that Predator."

    OOC: Two Defense Actions: One on self, bonus on Alephoros, Two Attack Actions aimed directly at the Word Bearers Line Squad.

    Squad Action - Defense on Squad Pestin.
    Pholax - The tank
    Alephoros - The Techmarine
    Squad Pestin - The enemy Astartes

    @Colapse @Jorimel @dx144
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    Poison To The Heart

    As the third wave of boarding rams stealthily delivers its payload of Legionaries to the brain centre of the Battleborn, Vitaly reflects on the smooth progress of the op thus far, and how it can only mean that real difficulties lie ahead of them. Even as the final knife-thrust makes its way to the heart without opposition, Vitaly's grip tightens on the handles of his Entropic Disruptor, his Threat Assessment Matrix responding to his by-now chronically elevated paranoia to spin one scenario of doom and disaster after another, producing for each a myriad tactical solutions, ranging from victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, to spiteful mutually-assured destruction.

    Sure enough, when the strike force clears the threshhold of the Informatic Cortex, Vitaly surveys the forces arrayed against them. In the cold, dry void in the centre of his chest, he nevertheless feels a lurch as he beholds the leader of said forces - an old comrade he had never expected to meet again, much less in this fashion.

    The Szygany Compliance

    Valcora Drift

    40 Standard Years Ago

    +++Observation: Revanchist force concentration at present redoubt currently stands at estimated 94.762%, 90.251% confidence. Significant degrees of complexity and forethought evident in fortification design and terrain preparation.

    Analysis: Direct assault upon said position by available surface forces will result in >87.543% casualties, according to simulations. Void assets approaching within support range of target zone subject to 84.512% chance of destruction or catastrophic damage. Risk reduction from coordinated group action statistically negligible.

    Postulation: Direct attack at this time - unviable due to projected losses. Recommend prolonged siege tactics to reduce and degrade defence through supply attrition.+++

    The binharic exchange - including terabytes of appended data detailing fortification plans, tactical flowcharts, and combat statistical working - flashed in less than a second between the two towering figures of metal standing upon the bridge of the Iron Blood. The one that had just spoken, a Legion Astrotechnicus in plate of imperial purple with rust-red trim, spidery servo-limbs folded up against the power pack of his heavily-modified armour. The one being addressed, yet more inhuman, spidery and bloated with innumerable decades - perhaps centuries - of modification, swathed in the red robes of the Martian priesthood. A replying blurt of binharic sends the Techmarine's submission back to him, its metrics and analyses subtlely yet profoundly corrected. The effect is akin to a subtle shift in perspective, causing a profusion of chaotic, seemingly-unrelated elements resolve into a stunning three-dimensional diorama.

    +++Submission: For consideration of Unit Vitaly. Modelling of new surface and void combined arms approach via indirect methods reduces net casualty estimate to ~30.445%, 98.765% confidence. Furthermore, indicated use of special operations in initial 48 hours of operation indicates further reduction in projected casualties to average of 12.453%.

    Reflection: Through the Machine-God's gift of lateral cogitation, there is always a way around the seemingly-insurmountable.

    Query: Proceed with revised operational plan - affirmative/negative?+++

    The Betrayal At Isstvan V

    Voidspace, Isstvan System


    As the Magos Reductor scuttles towards the 3rd Millennial strike force on spidery limbs, Vitaly feels the ghosts of dying, conflicted emotions - hope and dread - well up within him once more. 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi, a key member of Perturabo's principal staff from back in the days of the Great Crusade. An ever-present fixture throughout both of Vitaly's tenures with the Iron IVth, 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi had been many things - a tutor, a colleague, a brother-at-arms. Together, they had reduced fortresses, built escalades, and planned the movement of millions of troops and countless hecatons of materiel in warzones across the galaxy. They had calculated, modelled, and debated the Omnissian mysteries, pushing the boundaries of the known and the permitted in epic discussions lasting days without cease. They had stood back to back in brutal mortalis warzones, saving each other's lives on more than one occasion. Now, as they stand across from each other, on opposite sides of the most bitter conflict in human history, Vitaly feels his commitment to merciless persecution of the traitor and the oathbreaker slip, if only by a little. Motivated by the example of the Sovereign's own loyal Enginseer, he sends a rune across the third wave's vox net, indicating to all forces to hold fire, but maintain high alert.

    @Vulpas @Colapse

    "Brothers," he says over the vox, "Cover the opposing forces, but hold fire until hostile action is taken, or I give the word. I...will give this one chance at non-violent resolution."

    His harsh rasp breaking over those last words, he sounds more like his old self than he has in months. Moving to the front of the force, he addresses 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi in binharic.

    +++Initiation: Unit Vitaly offers 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi greetings and felicitations. Unit Vitaly expresses hope for 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi's continued wellbeing in the grace of the Machine God.

    Statement: Unit Vitaly is present as part of duly-appointed Imperial expedition to conduct punitive action against units that have broken their oath-encoding to the Omnissiah, viz. VIth and other Legion forces currently engaged in hostile action against duly-appointed punitive force.

    Statement: 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi is known loyal servant of the Omnissiah. Unit Vitaly presumes current hostile resistance to be misunderstanding based upon false/erroneous data, acting in ignorance of IVth Legion perfidy. Unit Vitaly officially informs 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi of said error in judgement, and urges immediate remedial action, viz. change of allegiance to legitimate Imperial authority, and cooperation with this punitive force forthwith.

    Statement: Should 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi prove to persist in willing cooperation with known traitors following this information, Unit Vitaly must regretfully take efforts to terminate 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi.

    Query: Switch allegiance and cooperate - affirmative/negative?+++

    In the split-second it take for the binharic blurt to reach 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi's receptors, Vitaly swings his Entropic Disruptor forward into a high-alert position, indicating his absolute commitment to the mission, and to strike first, if necessary. The combat data streaming into his cortical implants blossoms into flowers of mathematical perfection as his Threat Assessment Matrix calculates responses and counter-responses, plotting out evasion and intercept vectors, damage estimates and tactical flows. On his helmet HUD, a sub-menu opens up as he selects a combination of wavelengths, oscillation frequencies and spin angles for the Entropic Disruptor, making it particularly devastating to machines and the machine-enhanced. Even as the focusing rings within the cannon's wide barrel glow, hairs prickle and mouths taste of ozone as a killing charge builds up in Vitaly's attack capacitors.

    There is no mistaking that he means business.

    There are no old friends anymore in this conflict - only present allies and enemies, as the battle for the Sovereign had so brutally proven. Vitaly has sworn to not be caught out a second time.

    Action Summary


    All Units: Overwatch opposing enemy and fire upon first hostile action or admission of treason.


    1.) All-Out Action: Overwatch @ 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi w/Entropic Disruptor (Haywire, Armour Corrosion)

    2.) All-Out Action: Overwatch @ 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi w/Lightning Field (3 shots)

    3.) Action: Overwatch @ Mechanicum Division w/Micro-Missile Launcher (EMP)

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Overwatch @ 2165543-Mu-Epsilon-Chi w/Entropic Disruptor (Haywire, Armour Corrosion)

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Entropic Disruptor Tunings: Shield Overload, Warp Destabilisation, Haywire, Armour Corrosion, Structural Degradation, Concussive.


    Special ammo: 2 x Kraken, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 2 x plasma grenades, 1 x haywire grenade

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 30/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 1, EMP x 2

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    The calm before the storm had ended in an instant, with a loud crashing noise and a sudden stop. The door opened a vengeance was unleashed upon the enemy. Minor squads and crew members were torn to bits by the gangs that had longed for this day. Arnock, though happy to taste the blood of traitors once more, had to tread carefully so as to not lose himself completely to hatred. He was after all, the symbol to rally to, and if he fell into the chaos, his brethren would surely follow without question or hesitation. This was something he would never allow. Besides, though these were still treacherous enemies, they were but the appetizer. For the true course to come was to slay the traitors within their Legion and to plant Perfectus Mortem deep into Fulgrim's chest.

    After a short time of slaying meaningless foes, the true test came. Arnock haulted the detachment and looked over the defensive force. Turning to Elymas Arnock smiled beneath his helm as he spoke, "The time has finally come to test our taste for vengeance on a worthy opponent. I could use your expertise in dealings with the warp to open this up and deal with those turrets. I may hold the standard brother, but you hold the tide of this battle within your mind. I know we can do this together." There were so many words left unsaid, but Arnock knew that Elymas could sense all he needed to. Turning to the line squad behind him, Arnock spoke with absolute confidence, "Sergeant, you and your men shall be our support. We need you to focus your fire on the heavy squads behind that wall of shields. Keep their heads down while Elymas and I close in to break their defences. Once those turrets our down, you and your men are clear to move up. I do not want needless casualties. This is but a small bump in the road. Our true objective is behind that door. Now take up positions and fire at will. We are vengeance, brothers, and we know no mercy!" Arnock of course would wait for Elymas to strike first before charging in in an attempt to break the shield wall. He was no fool however, these were Iron Warriors after all and he would keep a slight defense at all times.

    OOC: 2 attacks on the shield wall with Perfectus Mortem and 1 defense on self.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Earlier - Flight to the Battleborn ~~
    Elymas hummed softly, trying to not fall to the songs he heard or become a drop in the tides of death that surrounded him. Cacophonies of death hailed from all sides. Each second new voices joined. The Great Crusade saw much death, alien and human alike. But this... This was something of unseen proportions. The grand legions of the Imperium clashing upon one another in full assembly.

    The powers of the Primarchs stood out almost as clear as the hidden presence of the damned pianist and those that held his strings. Too late he realized that he too had started to get entangled in the same strings, but he yet was to become a mindless puppet.

    The familiar presence of both Ferrus Manus and Fulgrim inspired and scared him. He felt the good and evil intentions and he could not quite pinpoint what belonged to who. And now that it indeed was happening, a glimmer of hope ignited within his heart and mind, one that yelled at him that Fulgrim could be returned to the Imperium on the right side. Yet, he could not tell if those were thoughts of his own or a result of the songs playing in his mind.

    Then there was the hand of Arnock on his shoulders, and Elymas opened his eyes to face his brother with a smile. No words were exchanged then during the boarding torpedo flight. But the foreign sounds faded into the background as the mantras from the last six months that the Master of Rites instilled took over once more. And his sight became more clear. Who was on whose side was a puzzle left to solve later. For now, there were Iron Warriors to purge.

    ~~ Now - On the Battleborn - Elymas - @matt23 ~~

    "We are thunder, wind and rain. Only death awaits them by facing us! Fight with vigilance, let wrath be your ammunition and fall not for their provocations. Remember. We are the Emperor's Children, and we shall bring death to all of his foes!" Elymas responded to Arnocks order, giving it a firm positive before rushing into the assault with the Master of Rites and long-time brother.

    The Chief Librarian surged with power, but he would not manifest it. Not yet. These were here just to slow down, he has heard much about the Iron Warriors from Vitaly and one of their favorite strategies were to slow down the foe and grind them down through multiple perimeters.

    But with Hephaestus' old armor and the new Multi-Melta mounted, only death would await them.

    OOC - Action:
    Action 1 - Multi-Melta vs. Turret 1
    Action 2 - Multi-Melta vs. Turret 1 (if Turret 1 broke in 1st attack, vs. Turret 2)
    Action 3 - Multi-Melta vs. Turret 1 (if Turret 1 broke, vs. Turret 2. If both turrets dead, defense on Line Squad Rulduan)

    OOC - Equipment:
    Phoenix's Resolve
    Multi-Melta Terminator Edition
    1 Cryo Grenade
    1 Plasma Grenade
    1 Krak Grenade

    ~~ On the Sovereign - Prodah - @Jorimel ~~
    "I will cover your advance." Prodah simply stated as Extrovious ordered Alephoros to intercept the techmarine. He shouldered his bolter and braised for covering fire.

    OOC: attack breacher squad

    ~~ On the Sovereign - Halicos - @dx144 ~~
    "No harm shall come to you, indomitable Pholax!" Halicos chimed in, force weapon at the ready he was ready to strike down anyone who dared come close or call out enemies daring to target the Dreadnought.

    OOC: attack breacher squad
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