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Perfect Warriors

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    A Path of Blood, Bone and Fire
    As Magnus professes the true purpose of the enchantment meant to shield him, rather than themselves, from the truth of the Warp and its denizens, Extrovious' face hardens. Every word passes from the Crimson King without even an audible breath from the man. Try as he might, there was no keeping gaze from the skies and the wraith like figure dancing around the shade spire beyond the balcony. In the dying rays of sun light, a thin lumen on the distant horizon, his brothers were there fighting it, and just as quickly they were gone and the apparition of the Neverborn pirouetted into the shadows and did not reemerge. When at last Magnus confession, diagnosis, whatever it may be, comes to an end Extrovious' voice sounds like a pillar toppling flatly onto its side.

    "Remove yourself from my mind. The craft of you and your sons damns all that it touches, and my thoughts and actions shall be my own wholly once more. The crimson plains bleed over the reality I walk, whatever great hound dwells there brays and howls from over the infernal mountains, and I deny them as I do you. Release me and leave me to my duties. Do so and take my sympathies for Iskander and all those sons you lead to the fangs of Russ and his wolves." There were traitors to hunt, hands to gather, blades to sharpen; duties to fulfill. Not even Magnus' Primarch worthy glow up humbles him in the face of having his mind toyed with.
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    Putting To The Question @Colapse @Vulpas

    Vitaly turns to glance at Jendon as Apox - or his severed head - spills its secrets. Evidently, Sidon had been marked for removal long before their recovery from Laer and subsequent incarceration. Playing to the situation, Vitaly injects a sharp tone of defiant pride and latent threat into his voice.

    "Not so fast, Apox. First, you can stow your threats - you know where. That may work with the rank and file, but not with me. 6th Company has been playing along with you and Antivia this whole year now, and you've told us little enough, but bossed us around more than enough.

    We've taken you at your word so far that all this comes from Father himself without assurances, but this treatment of an honoured member of The Two Hundred without adequate justification is unacceptable. A loyal son of the Phoenician would fall in line behind any true change of direction from Father - that you would give Sidon no chance at all to get onboard with the programme smacks of a political purge originating with you.

    Enough of your damned secrecy - either tell me exactly what is going on, or 6th Company is leaving to find the Legion. My men are combat-ready with double load and have orders to depart in exactly fifteen minutes without word from me - by force, if necessary - so if you think you can bear the cost of a hundred battle-armed Legionaries rampaging through the ship, be my guest."

    Interlude: Anvil of Vengeance - Two Swords And A Thousand Spears

    Lowering the glowing barrel of the Entropic Disruptor, Vitaly peers through the void ahead of him. Nothing remains of a sizeable iron-nickel asteroid save for a rapidly-expanding cloud of fine dust - a menacing chunk of solid matter capable of holing the side of an unshielded destroyer, reduced to its component atoms, and smaller. Rather than risk the internals of the Sovereign, Vitaly had taken his latest projects out to the sizeable Laeran asteroid belt for live-fire testing a safe distance away from the Millennial's currently-irreplaceable transport.

    Now, perched upon an iron-nickel asteroid similar to the one he had just obliterated, he selects another - final - target for testing the Entropic Disruptor. Finding a suitable candidate, he brackets the asteroid - about five times the size of a Land Raider - for his fire control systems, and triggers the weapon via MIU. A deep bass thrum builds rapidly to a grinding screech as the weapon's gravitic generator spools up, spawning exotic particles which are then compressed and accelerated within the weapon's internal cyclotron. Chief of these is the newly-discovered Thanaton - the quantum of entropy itself, and the lynchpin of the weapon's core function.

    With a sawing thrum, the barrel glows with corposant, discharging a stream of exotic energetic quanta towards the target at close to the speed of light itself. Invisible to the naked eye, augmented senses would perceive it as a riot of indescribable, ever-changing colour as the passage of naked, high-energy Thanatons shake the fabric of space-time itself, spawning in turn other exotic, short-lived particles that exhibit all manner of random - oft deleterious - effects upon their surroundings. To the unaugmented, these would manifest as ionisation rings of unnameable colour surrounding the passage of the invisible energy bolt on its way downrange. Impacting upon the asteroid, an immense detonation immediately ensues, blowing clear chunks of asteroid as a deep, wide hole is rapidly bored into the celestial object.

    Glowing cracks spread from the impact site as Vitaly maintains the stream, multiplying exponentially as the second law of thermodynamics is brought to bear with focused ferocity upon the celestial body. With a weary death shudder, the asteroid disappears into a whispering cloud of dust that rapidly dissipates on the solar wind. Vitaly glances at the chrono he started at trigger pull and terminated at the moment of total dissolution - four-point-seven-six seconds.

    Satisfied with the performance of the Entropic Disruptor, Vitaly detaches the bulky power pack and hands the weapon over to a nearby grav-drone. Another drone deposits an object upon the asteroid where Vitaly stands, about a hundred metres from himself. A high-capacity Astartes-grade field energy bank, meant for supplying the power needs of an entire Astartes company and its attendant machinery for forty-eight hours at full charge. A weapon mechadendrite deploys from Vitaly's servo-harness - the Null Ray, the fruit of some ten years' study into the secrets of the Electro-Priesthood, brought to its final form by the same studies into Commorrite space-time manipulation that also gave rise to the Entropic Disruptor itself.

    As the drone pulls back, the Null Ray triggers. At first, nothing happens, beyond a faint electrostatic glow around the discharge terminals of the Null Ray, and around the target itself. Then, the discharge aurorae expand and intensify, stretching and warping till the Null Ray and target are linked by a crackling stream of anbaric energy. A few more seconds, and the light show dies away without ceremony. Vitaly checks the overflow capacitors of the Null Ray - now brimming with energy where they were completely empty before - and compares it to the known amount of energy that had been in the power bank.

    +++Energy transfer ratio: 98.99715%.+++

    Deploying his V.O.T.E.C. Blaster, he trains it upon a rocky prominence extending from the surface of the asteroid. A mental flex shunts energy from the Null Ray's capacitors to the thermal weapon, which then discharges a shimmering blue-white beam that rapidly turns invisible as its energetic output causes it to scintillate in wavelengths above the range of unaided sight. The small hillock glows red, then white-hot, before it flash-evaporates in a cloud of metallic steam.

    +++Maximum safe supercharge margins determined at 300% power output, sustained fire.+++

    Packing up to return to the Thunderhawk by which he had arrived, a ping on his internal display announces the completion of one of his shipboard projects. Blink-clicking an attached file, screeds of data stream directly into his cortical implants, updating him on the successful optimisation of mass-manufacture protocols for a new range of laser-based Astartes-grade weaponry - bolt weapon analogues meant to replace the logistically-expensive projectile weapons. Intuiting the needs of the Millennial's likely future, Vitaly had put significant amounts of thought into maintaining their combat viability through prolonged periods of material poverty. With the state of the Legion and, indeed, the greater Imperium, unclear, there was absolutely no guarantee of friendly ports of call to put in at, to say nothing of the vast support networks required to keep a traditional Astartes Legion in fighting shape.

    Bolt weapons were a symptom of this vulnerability - powerful, effective, and versatile, they were also exceedingly materiel and man-hour hungry, requiring vast amounts of skilled labour and raw material to manufacture, maintain, and supply. An Astartes fighting unit absolutely required the massive support networks of the Munitorum - or at least the factory fleets of the Mechanicum, which could chew up entire star systems for raw materials - simply to keep the basic guns of its fighting men firing. For desperate men, isolated and on the run, this was an unacceptable flaw in their logistical structure.

    So it was the Vitaly decided to fall back in that ancient technology, well-researched and understood - a rarity in this benighted age - that had helped mankind fend off its foes in its diaspora to the stars for thousands of years. After exhaustive theorising, testing, and refining, he had finally developed laser analogues for Astartes bolt weapons across the weight classes that functioned roughly analogous to equivalent bolt weapons - extensive tweaking of wavelength mixes and focal ranges had created laser beams that would penetrate partway into a target before causing a thermokinetic explosion, similar in effect to a bolt round. Compared to bolt weapons, these new laser weapons were somewhat less powerful, with slightly shorter effective range under equivalent atmospheric conditions due to blooming. However, they had faster firing rates, lower recoil, and significantly higher accuracy. In the void and other clear environments, they truly came into their own, with significantly longer range and heavier punch. In the final analysis, they measured up as one hundred percent equivalent to bolt weapons, performance-wise.

    Logistically, the new weapons were powered by high-efficiency versions of the tried-and-tested Imperial power pack that could come either as ejectable magazines for maximum tactical flexibility, or large belt-worn or backpack units for expanded ammunition supply. A pleasant bonus meant that power supply could be tweaked for increased bandwidth - 'hotshotted,' to use the colloquial term - resulting in greater output per shot, but burning through available ammunition faster.

    As he prepares the Thunderhawk for flight, Vitaly begins compiling a report to present to Sidon at their next meeting, along with schematics of the range of Astartes laser weapons and the revised tactical formations best suited to their deployment. Come what may in the dark days ahead, the Millennial would not be short on arms and armour while he has something to say about it.
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    Putting to the Question
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    "You think you can threaten me, you little piece of grox shit?? Without me, you would've never moved up from the Devastator companies," Apox's neural readings started spiking, the Magos Biologis present sending the unnecessary warnings to both of the living Astartes present. The dial on the cogitators in front of them began to speed up, the moment slipping out faster than they originally anticipated. There was some static as they fought to remain connected but they got it, just in time to decipher what the late Chapter Master was saying next.

    "....that I command two thousand warriors and don't be so sure everyone in your company answers to you. If you try to run, your transport will blow up, courtesy of my Forgemaster. If you attempt to blow our cover, Cautorious will turn you into his next plaything. Remember your place Alexios, because if you say another word like this to me again, you won't be there when we meet the Primarch again," if he was still alive, Apox would be properly fuming with rage, even what remained of him twitched a bit, making the cables rattle. "Lord Kaesoron speaks with the Phoenician's authority so rest assured, there had been no mistake when it comes to Sidon and everyone else who stands in our way. But if you..."

    There were no more results coming from Apox as his line went flat, the readings grounding to a halt. Magos attempted another activation protocol but he didn't get far. Traitor's head twitched couple of more times and then finally stopped moving altogether, the brain reaching the end of its unlife.​

    A Path of Blood, Bone and Fire

    Magnus watched Extrovious for couple of moments before he offered him a slight nod. "As you wish, your mind and your path is your own." Tizca, City of Light and everything beneath Extro began to fade away, turning into dust. The tower they stood upon was the last bastion and even as this place hurried towards its doom, the Primarch's shade gave the legionary one last glance.

    "Remember what I told you Extrovious. If you don't want us to help you, then find someone who you trust that will do this for you. You're fighting a mountain, no matter how strong you are its weight will eventually press down upon you and you will be crushed. There are fates far worse than death and once you realize this, it'll be far too late."

    Crimson King sat there and met his end in front of Extro's eyes, the son of the Emperor disappearing from his mind as if he was nothing more than a piece of dirt carried by an unseen wind. Tower was exchanged for a familiar corridor deep within "Sovereign's" belly - and couple of familiar faces.

    "Brother Extrovious, are you alright?" came Sergeant Mormeh's question, the Assault specialist flanked with two more legionaries seemed to have arrived from the other corridor and was now looking at Extro quizzically. "Who were you talking to?"

    Bad news travel fast

    Days became weeks, weeks became months. “Sovereign” was bloodied but not beaten, although Vitaly and his Techmarines alongside Mechanicum allies could only do so much on their own with limited amount of resources. This changed a little bit once they got the engines going and managed to reach an outlying world of Dimmamar, an agri-world of medium size but with big enough stash of various materials that the Third Millennial commandeered for their own use. Repairs sped up and in six months, the vaunted ship was back to 90% of operational capability, which spoke volumes to the work which was put getting it back into shape.

    During this “downtime”, Praetor Sidon didn’t risk sending out Astropathic messages nor applying any other sort of communication suspecting that, given the fact a number of traitors escaped the purging, more of them could be found lurking around and giving away “Sovereign’s” position was not in Millennial’s best interest. Therefore, the loyalist legionaries spent almost half a year healing, training and biding their time for the struggle ahead that none of them suspected it would actually happen.

    However once the preparations were over and with the knowledge of what was supposed to be a traitor’s last known meeting place, a world at the edge of the Segmentum called Isstvan, Sidon gave the orders and they were off to meet their enemies and find some answers at last.

    But almost as soon as the journey started, they ran into what they never even dreamed about. As the chief officer and commander of the remaining fleet, Admiral de Beaumont was at the helm when the ship’s Navigator cried out a warning. They weren’t alone in the depths, far from it. Praetor received the news and after the “Sovereign” prematurely dropped out of warp, he called every higher ranking officer to join him on the ship’s bridge.

    What they saw before them was unlike anything else. A fleet of titanic proportions passed them by, the cogitator and the servitor which received signal results broke and had to be replaced. Vessels of three Legions could be counted among the forerunners with even more of them bringing up the rear. Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard were largely present but only the parts of XIX Legion stopped to address “Sovereign” and her crew. Eyes black as night regarded the Bridge from the hololit, before what everyone suspected, even feared, was given confirmation.

    “Traitors from the Third Legion. Prepare to be boarded.”

    Corax never set foot on ”Sovereign” himself, such move was simply too dangerous, but when Sidon gave Admiral and the rest of the officer cadre the orders to stand down while also lowering ship’s shields, plenty of Raven Guard came instead. They arrived, weapons at the ready, swiftly seizing strategical locations across the Millennial’s flagship. At the same time, Sidon and his honor guard went onto “Shadow of the Emperor”, using one of Raven Guard Stormbirds they were brought more like prisoners than anything else.

    Praetor was away for couple of long hours, the tension running high as a foreign army pretty much occupied “Sovereign” without giving any additional information or reason than what their Primarch told before. Eventually though, Sidon returned and with a haunted look on his face, once again summoned his officers to join him on the Bridge.

    “Horus has betrayed the Emperor and declared war on the Imperium. Mortarion and Angron sided with him…as well as our father,” he let the words sink in before continuing. Composed as he was, even Sidon wasn’t able to keep emotion from his voice. ”They took the majority of their Legions and are making a stand on Isstvan. That is why the traitors had that place marked on the navigation cogitator we recovered. After they murdered us, Apox and Cautorious planned on rejoining the rest of the Legion there and if we haven’t been intercepted by the 19th, we would’ve probably walked into a trap and end up being massacred.”

    “Good news is, Lord Corax believes our side of the story and is willing to offer us a chance for revenge…however due to the Emperor’s Children openly joining the revolt, our position in the upcoming battle will be holding the rear. I agreed to this for I understand the reasoning, although he didn’t give us much choice, it was either that or destruction. But I’m sure you all share my sentiment - if the opportunity arises, I’d love to be reunited with the rest of our brothers, especially introducing them to the sharp end of my spear.”

    They arrived in the system uncontested. As per Sidon’s orders, every member of the Millennial was ready for battle even though “Sovereign” was quite far away from the fifth planet of the system where the traitors were located. Salamanders were already there and they joined Raven Guard in reconnaissance, finishing it just as the bulk of the Iron Hands arrived. Loyal Emperor’s Children could only watch as the plans for the battle ahead unfolded without them, three loyalist Primarchs unleashing their forces upon the black sands of Isstvan V.

    “Sovereign” was holding the back alongside another Raven Guard ship, an old strike cruiser called “Blackest Grip” which, bolstered by a dozen escorts from the XIX fleet, kept the rearguard safe, both from traitors without and within. Weapons were primed and lance batteries targeted “Sovereign’s” reactor in case the Emperor’s Children aboard decide to switch sides like the rest of their Legion.

    Three hours later the remaining four Legions broke through the Immaterium. Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion and Night Lords were all present, their combined might completely eclipsing everything the traitors on the ground had to offer. The enemy fleet was yet to show its face but soon, it wouldn’t matter. On “Sovereign’s” bridge, everyone watched how the battle on the planet progressed via multitude of both vox and visual feeds, Minteril’s ire rising as the purple and gold was spotted among the enemies. Even though the sheer size of the battlefield was unlike anything they experienced before, the battle even dwarfing the one on Ullanor, the flow of it was undeniably going into loyalist favor, especially as the fresh reinforcements arrived.

    In the later years, many would contribute Sidon’s next decision as some divine providence, however the old warrior would shrug those rumors aside. In truth, they went through the betrayal once and were fooled for trusting their peers so when the signs appeared once again, the Third Millennial and every member of it, both transhuman and mortal, haven’t been found wanting.

    Even as the newcomer Legions began positioning themselves over Isstvan V, subtle moves didn’t escape neither Sidon, nor their Admiral. Giles de Beaumont was an old sailor and from their position at the rear, it was slightly easier to spot the signs. He immediately alerted the rest and while Millennial’s officers listened, whoever was in command of nearby Raven Guard ship didn’t. Three light cruisers and one larger, bulky heavy cruiser named “Battleborn” from the IV Legion began to turn towards them while two strike cruisers, “Sermon of Truth” and “Final Judgement” of the XVII Legion flanked them, moving to reach the other side and effectively cut their retreat.

    Sidon wasn’t about to let that happen. Orders were given and “Sovereign’s” backup generators flared to life, Vitaly’s Techmarines ready for such occasion. Power was fed into the vaunted ship’s systems much faster than it was possible, although first it went to engines and shields. Moving like a rapier, “Sovereign” distanced itself from “Blackest Grip” and thus creating necessary chance for possible engagement while also throwing Word Bearers ship off their course. Raven Guard captain seemed to hesitate for no shots were fired although that ultimately doomed him as his attention was on the Emperor’s Children ship, not expecting dagger, or rather in this case, a siege hammer - in the back.

    Weapons were charged and Iron Warriors ships fired, obliterating half of Raven Guard escorts as well as burning through the strike cruiser’s shields. Both of the Word Bearers vessels attempted the same but “Sovereign” offered the front side at them where its shielding was thickest, preventing most of the damage. In return, the macro cannons boomed and “Sermon of Truth” suffered multiple breaches on at least two dozen decks.

    Around them, the orbital battle began in its earnest, although it could hardly be called a battle. Once the full extent of the betrayal was revealed, Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard ships had no chance of surviving through the storm, especially as the fleets of the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Emperor’s Children and Death Guard revealed themselves as well by dropping into system from the far side, cutting any chance of fleeing that way. Of course, this didn’t mean that the three trapped fleets weren’t about to defend themselves, but they would only be able to prolong their fate slightly longer. Vox exploded with traffic and the signal from the surface of Isstvan V was cut off, scrambling used by various enemies made it almost impossible to track any longer, especially this far out.

    “Vitaly,” comes Sidon’s orders as he donned his phoenix helmet on, “I’m handing over our assault assets to you. Get into the boarding rams and head for the Iron Warriors leading ship. The righting of the wrongs starts today,” he grunted and nodded to the tactical display where “Blackest Grip” was being hammered by the Iron Warriors fleet. “Raven Guard’s vessel is doomed, but it is within our power to avenge them. Seize “Battleborn” and leave it operational for us to use. But once this is done, we move out to the system's edge and try to open a gap. The word must reach Terra of what happened here today and if nobody else survives, we will and we will do our duty.”

    “I’m coming as well,” Minteril states as a matter-of-fact, picking up his twin swords from a nearby serf, “And don’t you try to stop me.”

    Once Sidon said nothing, the former Chapter Master left the Bridge and headed for the landing decks. Praetor on the other hand, turned to the giant statue behind them. “Pholax, you’ll remain here and protect the flagship in case the Word Bearers try what I expect they’ll try once they realize they won’t be able to outgun us.”

    “As for the rest of you,” he then turns, pulling out the short curved sword he held on his hip as a backup weapon, “You’ve seen what I’ve seen. You know everything. I have only one thing to say. Kill them all and make the Emperor proud.”
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    Putting him to the question- @Draconion
    "Thank... thank you for the aid Magos," Jendon said. Jendon attempted to smile as if they completed some objective but he found himself. In a mix of Horror and sorrow plastered across his face. Jendon had been preparing himself mentally in case what he heard what he thought was true but even then it hit like a thunder hammer to his chest. "Good work brother Vitaly, Your plan worked to let us get this to Sidion.." Jendon said looking to him.

    -Apothcarion Diplomat-

    "Indeed," Kallian said as he did he went over to a drawer and began searching before finding some ointment for burns. You say also to record our brother's death, Indeed we usually due that upon there spot for when they are pronounced dead usually details come later. That reminds me. I could use your help with a task the Chief apothcary has tasked me with how do you feel about... Recording and documenting the creations of our traitor Kin? We currently have found a crate of creations that I have been ordered for the moment for there destruction and could use a hand documenting them before there destruction. As Jendon had requested them to be recorded and sent to the Librium before destruction." Kallian said looking to the Initiate of the librarian

    -Rosing speeches for the recruits
    Jendon looked to those gathered there Initaites and Juniors into the apothcarion those that were selected to join them to address them as they were in a noncritical hour. Looking to them all the Chief apothcarion meant there gaze as he once did when he was a senior or even a junior himself. "Brothers, I will not sugarcoat the situation, I have called you all here becuse the Apothcarion due to the betrayal that has hit us, and becuse the future is uncertain. All of you have been called here due to your skill noted skills and apptitudes from combat and training scenarios. We are in need of hands in the apothcarion." Jendon spoke looking to them all.

    "While you will be trained on duty on treating our brothers, We must prepare ourselves for a new warfare that is likely to come upon us all, As I doubt this will likely be the last time we will face our traitor kin, We must prepare for astartes on astartes combat damage, to train and become more efficent in treating the wounds inflicted upon us by our traitor kin, But we must not stop there to win this coming conflict, we must not only be able to heal our brothers and make minor improvements to there phisology but dispatch our traitorish kin, but not only dispatch hostile Astartes in increasingly efficent ways, whether it be by bolter, or now by Poisons specially Synthesized for astartes biology, We must aid our brothers in combat and in health and be ready for the upcoming campaigns and be ready for a dark time. Brothers inititaties and juniors welcome to the apothcarion. You all begin your work today, and shall be paired up with seniors to aid them and help them to learn from them and be taught, May we all save our brothers blood in the coming conflicts." Jendon said looking to them all. Jendon himself had not prepared and had little time to address the Initiates one by one and he knew he had little times to just forge a speach so he went with what he in his head that he hoped to raise there spirits and prepare them for the coming battles.

    Two Betrayals -
    Jendon over the past several weeks took in the fact that he heard from Sidion when he returned from the raven guard. All the color had drained from his face and when he heard of other primarchs being involved he had become ghost white, Brother vs brother, This was no longer just the Third legion but one of several and of civil war, Never in Jendons dreams or nightmares had he imagined such horrors. For several days he spent his time in the apothcarion preparing for the coming war, Making posions and batches of biolgoical weapons to aid there destroyers in battle against there Traitors making strans of posions and toxins keyed to specific geneseed strands and a group of Toxins that he and several others worked on that Jendon hoped to help tip the tides.

    As Jendon watched the battle of Istavaan V from afar he was blind sided by what happened next, Brother falling on brother once again, The word bearers, The Iron warriors, The night lords and the alpha legion, Jendon nearly found his blood flaring when he saw what happened once on the sovereign now happening to other legions. Brother falling upon brother. "Sigma. I hope your not out there as well." Jendon spoke to himself hoping another brother he met from another legion either died loyal or he would never meet once more as his his oringal servo skull and a new one floated over him. Jendons hand fell into fists as he saw the Raven guard battle barge would find it self speared by lance fire. Jendon began trying to find ways or possible routes if there were any surviving raven gaurd astartes. "The Blackest Grip, Will be avenged sir, Though of its surviving crew would it be worth it for a attempted recuscue? " Jendon suggested as he moved out with Sidion. As Jendon readied his bolter he took out several viles and a clip of bolter rounds.
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    Intimations of Treason @Vulpas

    A long silence falls upon Vitaly after Apox goes to a second, final death. His last words hang heavy in the air, confirming beyond all but the most optimistic hopes foulest treason with its origins in an unimaginable source, at the very heart of the Legion itself. Behind his faceless helm, his already-pale face turns almost corpse-white, appearing to grow even more gaunt than its already-deathly aspect. In the distance, as though through deep water, he hears Jendon's words to him. The shrivelled vestiges of his psyche that yet comprehend such things read the shock and disbelief in his brother's tone, and realise that, at some profoundly fundamental level, he feels exactly the same way, with only his growing disconnection from humanity to cushion him from the blow.

    "Thank you, Brother Jendon, but this is an unsatisfactory outcome. We - I - should have pumped him more directly for detailed information. The time left to us was insufficient for a deception-based approach. I should have used more direct and forceful methods."

    As he speaks, he breaks his statue-like stillness with such abruptness his smooth, deliberate movements appear violent. With practiced ease, he disconnects the severed head from the leads and begins to tidy away the assorted machinery.

    "I can tidy up around here, Brother. Custody of the head is yours, according to protocol. I am already compiling my report to Sidon, and will copy you in on the final submission."

    Interlude: Anvil Of Vengeance - Of Logistics, Fire Ships, And Locust Swarms

    Floating in the void of high planetary orbit over Dimmamar, Vitaly looks out upon the hull of the Sovereign, now crawling with repair crews and thousands of technical servitors, the flare and spark of their tools like countless fireflies in the darkness of space. The additional materials from the planet - mercifully, a friendly port of call - have proven a much-needed relief. The drydock facilities have also proven useful - basic, perhaps, but better by far than plugging leaks with chewing gum and desperate hope in the emptiness of interstellar space.

    Spotting a gaggle of mortal workers struggling with a hull plate threatening to spin out of control, he guns his grav-engine and swoops in to assist. Latching onto the hull with his mag-boots, he firmly clamps the runaway replacement plate in his servo-arms and manhandles it into place - a relatively mundane feat, as most were after his experience on the volcano fields of Nikaea. As the mortal workers scramble over it to weld it into place, he returns to his vantage at a distance to monitor the undertaking.

    For all that the additional materiel and facilities had improved their situation, the number of hands available for work had not increased by much, and there was a great deal to be done still. Thus far, the work was preceding satisfactorily, but only at the cost of driving the crews - mortal and Legion alike - at a punishing pace. The needs of the undertaking had forced a close collaboration with the new Apothecarium under Jendon's charge. Mortal crews were working at clockwork intervals of six hours on, six hours off, subsisting on hynotically enforced sleep, during which intravenous nutrients and regenerative serums were administered, pulling out all stops to prevent their performance from spiralling irrevocably below acceptable standards and precipitating critical errors. His Forge cadres could last longer, but even their genhanced physiologies required enhanced recovery during their rest hours, with enhanced ultra-deep rest states akin to medical comas, and a cocktail of bespoke serums straight from Jendon's research bench to expedite their recovery to unheard-of margins. He himself was subsisting on all the above, plus multiple bespoke stimulants, ergogenics, and nootropics, courtesy of the Chief Apothecary himself, due to his keeping ungodly work hours by even Astartes standards.

    Sacrifices had to be made all around, and those who held higher responsibility had to give more than others - that was the ironclad ethic of Vitaly's leadership, and he enforced it as ruthlessly on himself as he drove his subordinates to meet his standards.

    Satisfying himself that the exterior repairs are going according to schedule, he propels himself back into the Sovereign, entering through the hubbub of the main hangar bay, now a hive of transport shuttles ferrying crew and supplies round the clock. Making for the bulkhead that leads to the main spinal way, he pauses for a moment to confer with Tyrion - currently filling the post of chief logistician - as the latter organises the chaos of personnel and supplies flowing in and out of the ship. With a few curt directives to improve his subordinate's time-motion management, Vitaly continues on his way, headed for the main magazines to supervise the modifications he recently mandated for extant torpedoes, increasing their modularity for on-the-fly payload adjustments to adapt to changing battlefield conditions. Via remote presence, he checks in on the Forge precincts, first of his his latest personal project involving accelerated development of weaponised nanorobotics, followed by the reconfiguration of the munitions manufactoria to prioritise special-effect munitions to attack the technological assets of Legion threats. As he walks, he finishes compiling his latest logistics report to Sidon.

    My Lord Praetor,

    Please find attached schematics and performance statistics for the new line of laser-based weaponry for the Millennial. As mentioned in our discussions on this matter, these have been designed specifically to maximise survivability and combat viability over long periods of logistical paucity, such as the extended guerrilla war scenarios envisioned in command planning sessions. At present, we are well-stocked for bolt and other physical ammunition thanks to resupply from Dimmamar, but you know as well as I that a single extended engagement may be all it takes to deplete our supplies. As such, I have ordered the expedited production of the new laser weapons in anticipation of this scenario, as well as reconfiguring munitions manufacture to prioritise special ammunition, according to the recommended adjustments to tactical doctrine discussed in our prior consultations.

    Please find below summary descriptions of each weapon. Consult the attached files for detailed information.

    Legion Laser Pistol

    Legion bolt pistol replacement. Size and unloaded mass equal to bolt pistol. Ammunition available in both interchangeable magazines and cable feeds to belt or back-mounted packs with expanded ammunition capacity. Range, penetration and damage approximately 10-15% lower than bolt equivalent in Terran-standard atmosphere due to blooming, and up to 20% higher in clear vacuum. Rate of fire and accuracy remain consistently 30-35% higher under all conditions.

    Mass: X kg Range: Ym (Terra-standard atmosphere)/ Zm (vacuum conditions, clear) ROF: Xrpm Striking Energy: X MJ Armour Penetration: Xmm (atmosphere)/Zmm (vacuum, clear) (vs standard Legion heavy infantry target) Ammunition capacity: XX shots (standard) XY shots (overcharge) Overcharge Safety Margin: 300%

    Legion Laser Carbine

    Legion bolter replacement. Size and unloaded mass equal to bolter. Ammunition available in both interchangeable magazines and cable feeds to belt or back-mounted packs with expanded ammunition capacity. Range, penetration and damage approximately 10-15% lower than bolt equivalent in Terran-standard atmosphere due to blooming, and up to 20% higher in clear vacuum. Rate of fire and accuracy remain consistently 30-35% higher under all conditions. Constructed with increased modularity to accommodate wide range of field-expedient add-ons and modifications for multiple specialist roles, eg. squad automatic weapon (heavy barrel, bipod, enhanced cooling, buttstock), sharpshooter's weapon (additional focusing prisms, recoil stabilisation, floating barrel, sniper's scope, buffered buttstock, hair-trigger).

    Mass: X kg Range: Ym (Terra-standard atmosphere)/ Zm (vacuum conditions, clear) ROF: Xrpm Striking Energy: X MJ Armour Penetration: Xmm (atmosphere)/Zmm (vacuum, clear) (vs standard Legion heavy infantry target) Ammunition capacity: XX shots (standard) XY shots (overcharge) Overcharge Safety Margin: 300%

    Legion Heavy Pulse Laser

    Legion heavy bolter replacement. Size and unloaded mass equal to heavy bolter. Ammunition available in both interchangeable magazines and cable feeds to belt or back-mounted packs with expanded ammunition capacity. Range, penetration and damage approximately 10-15% lower than bolt equivalent in Terran-standard atmosphere due to blooming, and up to 20% higher in clear vacuum. Rate of fire and accuracy remain consistently 30-35% higher under all conditions. Accepts all standard Legion heavy weapon add-ons - suspensors, fire predictors, recoil bafflers, auto-stabilisers, bi/tripods.

    Mass: X kg Range: Ym (Terra-standard atmosphere)/ Zm (vacuum conditions, clear) ROF: Xrpm Striking Energy: X MJ Armour Penetration: Xmm (atmosphere)/Zmm (vacuum, clear) (vs standard Legion heavy infantry target) Ammunition capacity: XX shots (standard) XY shots (overcharge) Overcharge Safety Margin: 300%

    Legion Prism Laser Cannon

    Novel heavy weapon model, based on extant turbolaser technology, miniaturised to man-portable scale through observations of similar Eldar weaponry. Production extremely labour and materiel-intensive - very limited number available. Ammunition storage strictly by backpack units only due to power consumption. Capable of both area-effect and focused fire through molecular state changes to primary focusing prism. Range, penetration and damage consistent in both atmosphere and vacuum, exceeding standard Legion-grade lascannon by factor of >100% on focused mode. Rate of fire and accuracy comparable to standard Legion-grade lascannon otherwise. Accepts all standard Legion heavy weapon add-ons - suspensors, targeters, recoil bafflers, auto-stabilisers, bi/tripods.

    Mass: X kg Range: Ym (area-effect)/Zm (focused) ROF: Xrpm Striking Energy: X MJ (area-effect)/Z MJ (focused) Armour Penetration: Xmm (area-effect)/Zmm (focused) (vs standard Legion heavy armour target) Ammunition capacity: XX shots (standard) XY shots (overcharge) Overcharge Safety Margin: 300%

    The Stormcrow's Judgement

    When the abyssal visage of Corax fills the Sovereign's main viewscreen, and his ashen tones names its crew traitors, it merely confirms what Vitaly has been preparing himself to face all this time. Though he has never given the philosophy a name, it will be summed up nearly ten millennia later by one of the great intellects of the late Imperium in the following words:

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

    As the XIXth Legion boarding teams enter the Enginarium decks to secure the ship during the Praetor's private conference with their primarch, Vitaly orders all his Forge cadres to gather in the central Forge precinct, laying down their arms voluntarily and standing passive under the guns of their wardens. He will do everything in his power to support Sidon's mission to convince Corax of their good faith. When the Praetor returns with confirmation of the Legion Father's treason, Vitaly cannot help but feel a bitter vindication of his weaponised paranoia. As the silent sentinels of the XIXth withdraw to their own ship, Vitaly addresses his cadres.

    "You have all heard the Lord Praetor. As of this day, he who was once our father is now a worthless traitor, good as dead, and soon to be dead in truth to our guns and blades if we are diligent in pursuit of our duty. From this day forth, we are Emperor's Children in truth, for we serve none but Him on Earth. Remember this, all of you, for only through service beyond reproach can we erase this stain on the Legion's name. Now, to your duties, brothers. We go to war with our bastard brothers and bastard father. Our preparations must be perfect. Dismissed."

    As the Forge cadres disperse to their assigned tasks, Vitaly allows himself the briefest moment of relief that Perturabo is joining this punitive expedition on the loyalist side. Surely, if anyone could set things to rights, it would be the Lord of Iron. With his ruthlessly measured and exacting approach to warfare, he would find a counter to each of the traitor Legions - the XVIth's purposeful murderousness, the IIIrd's flamboyant grandstanding, the XIVth's stubborn masochism, the XIIth's maddened aggression - and grind them down with tenacious discipline and mathematical precision.

    Surely, his resolve is as iron as his faith and honour. He will be the bulwark that holds where all others fail, and see us through to victory over the traitor.

    Betrayal Most Foul

    Through the eldritch mathematics of his Threat Assessment Matrix, Vitaly sees the treason of the disguised Traitors seeded within the Loyalist forces with a clarity bordering on prescience. His grip tightens on his Omnissian Axe till the adamantium haft creaks, though his face remains as mask-like as the inhuman visage of his battle helm. When Sidon gives his orders, he has already processed multiple prognosticative scenarios in his mind and plotted various paths to victory, and several more to survival in the face of catastrophic failure or overwhelming odds.


    "Acknowledged, Lord Praetor. Death to His foes," comes Vitaly's dispassionate reply as he turns to head for the boarding torpedo bays.

    "Prime Cadre, to me," he voxes to Tyrion and Ulysses.

    As he levitates to speed-hover to the torpedo bays, he pulls up a list of the Forge cadres and sends the majority of available ones to the attack torpedo bays with directives to outfit multiple clusters of torpedoes in the first three waves with haywire warheads to burn out enemy sensors and auspex spoofs to persistently mimic the sensor feedback of boarding torpedoes, both in transit and when buried in the hulls of enemy ships. Furthermore, the auspex spoof torpedoes are boobytrapped with explosive charges set to go off upon physical discovery by the enemy. He then sends instructions to the Sovereign's Master of Ordnance to launch the lot, along with standard warheads, in three successive waves at all four Iron Warriors ships. Right on the tail of the third wave would come the true boarding torpedoes, all targeted at the Battleborn. The sons of Perturabo may have a reputation as corpse-grinders, but fools, they were not, and they would be prepared for pretty much any standard boarding tactics, to say nothing of many nonstandard ones. He would have to shake the iron of their defence through speed, unpredictability, and escalating chaos to stand a chance at seizing victory.

    Directing the remaining available Forge cadres [OOC: Up to you how many, bossman @Colapse] to join him on the boarding torpedo decks upon arming, along with the assault companies, he conducts a briefing in his by-now expected style - terse and exactingly detailed.

    "The IVth will be expecting us at the standard locations - Bridge, Enginarium, and secondary bridge, along with main security stations as secondary targets - according to doctrine. So we will show them what they expect to see. We will deploy in three waves.

    First wave will have one Forge Covenant supporting every six assault squads and make for the expected primary targets. Your task is not to take the objectives outright, but to tie up enemy forces and direct attention from the other two waves. Each of your boarding torpedoes will be paired with a boobytrapped auspex spoof to make your numbers appear double what they are on sensors, increasing your threat status in enemy estimations, so be prepared for extreme levels of enemy response. Adjust your mission loadouts accordingly.

    Second wave will deploy to the primary shield generators and weapon magazines. You will have one Forge Covenant supporting every three squads. Your task is to stay on the move and cause as much damage and disruption as possible while avoiding pitched battle with enemy forces. If evasion of concentrated enemy response takes you away from your original objectives, so be it - damage and disrupt where you find yourselves, and stay mobile to reinforce one another, or the other waves.

    Third wave will deploy with me, along with all remaining Forge Covenants, prioritising data warfare specialists. We will deploy along with auspex spoofs configured to obscure our breach from enemy sensors for as long as possible, using those and data warfare tactics to buy time to penetrate to the primary data servers undetected. Our objective is to seize control of the ship's machine-intelligence and datasphere, or at least critically disrupt both, facilitating the isolation and neutralisation of all enemy assets aboard.

    Any questions? If not, make any last-minute modifications to mission loadout now and organise for boarding according to the ORBAT already circulated to you. For the Emperor."
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  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock sat in the darkness of his room as he felt the rumblings and heard the sirens in the halls of the ship. But even before those signs, Arnock knew what was to come. The forewarnings of the dead called out to him. The screams and cries of untold thousands echoed within the walls of his mind. Their thirst for vengeance weighed heavy upon him. The intercom in his room came to life as the humble voice knew whom was being addressed, "Master Arnock, your presence is urgently request to report to the armory for armament." Arnock's head raised as he looked off into the darkness and his voice softly spoke, "I am vengeance." The Master of Rites then stood from his bed and made his way to the armory without another word.

    Once he made it to the armory, silence seemed to overtake the area. Arnock had spent countless hours training and rebuilding what was broken with each recruit and veteran. Now, all eyes fell upon him for the Master of Rites to uphold what he had preached upon. To uphold the promises of vengeance and justice. The weight upon Arnock's shoulders was greater than ever before, but he did not look to the others as he walked through the armory. He intently walked directly towards a group of idle servitors whom hovered around two places to brace one's feet into place. Without hesitation, Arnock's feet stepped directly into the braces causing a servitors to speak, "Subject: Arnock… Rank: Master of Rites… Priority: Urgent… Authorization Level: Omega… Retrieving Armor code name Aeterna Murum." In an instant, panels began to retract and pieces of large armor began to appear held by servo arms. The servitors immediately began to apply the armor to Arnock's frame. Arnock said nothing as the rite of dawning the armor was completed, he merely looked straight ahead. Lastly, but by no means the least, two servitors applied the standard to the back of his armor. The servos and hydraulic systems began to hum to life as Arnock did his finally system checks before have the final piece of armor, his helm, placed on his head. Looking around and seeing green signals across all the system checks, Arnock knew the final hour for vengeance was upon him.

    Waving off the servitors, the Master of Rites made his way to the deployment bays for by now the word had already come down that direction was to come from Brother Vitaly. So, heading to the bridge for a briefing felt like a waste of time when the troops were standing by, anxiously waiting for battle. The thunderous footsteps of Arnock's armor could be heard echoing through the halls and up to the doors that led into the staging area. After they opened, the hundreds of battle brothers turned to look upon the Master of Rites and the standard above his head. As Arnock walked forward, the brothers of the Millennial parted and slammed their fists to chests. Reaching the center of the room, and the center of the gathered forces, Arnock paced in a circle a moment looking at a great many of his young brethren in the eyes. Silence overtook the room as Arnock continued to look at them. Finally, after a few silent moments, Arnock stopped and spoke, "Brothers… long have I known this exact moment to come. I have heard about it in the echoes in the dark. The dead have called out to me from beyond, crying for vengeance. They have cast upon me a thirst no amount of water can satisfy. A hunger that no food can fill. A restlessness that no amount of sleep can stop." Arnock began to walk through the gathered brothers as he continued to speak, "Do you hear it, brothers? Do you sense it in the air around us? I can smell the fear of the traitor. I can hear his heart rate beating fast knowing that we draw near!" All at once, the entire force in the room slammed their fists to their chests, letting out a thunderous thump that echoed through the halls of the ship. "They tried once more to catch us off guard and failed. Do you know why the traitor strikes from the shadows? Because he fears to look into the eyes of a loyal child of the Emperor and face him in battle!" Another thunderous thump from the chests' of the brothers gathered echoed through the ship. "Today, brothers...Today we put to sword the plight that has come over the Imperium. Today we put fire to the diseased fields. Today we annihilate all those whom would dare raise up against us!" Another thunderous thump from the chests' of the brothers gathered echoed through the ship. "I am a child of the Emperor! I am justice, I know no sleep. I am vengeance, I know no mercy! No longer will the traitor be able to hide. No longer will the traitor be able to run." Another thunderous thump from the chests' of the brothers gathered echoed through the ship. Arnock then raised his sword, Perfectus Mortis, over his head and yelled, "I am the manifestation of annihilation! I am vengeance incarnate!" A final thunderous thump from the chests' and roars of the brothers gathered echoed through the ship, vibrating the walls.

    After hearing Vitaly's plan disseminate down to him through their vox channel, Arnock knew where he would be. Arnock opened up the vox to his brother Vitaly and spoke, "Brother, I have received word of your plan and find no fault in any of the strategies. Our brethren are ready to unless their vengeance upon the heads of these traitors. However, I would like to make a single request of you. I would like for my boarding torpedo to be directed as close as possible to the bridge. Our brethren have waited long for a moment at revenge, as have I, and I want to overtake the commanding force of this ship. I wish to make an example out of these traitors and set the standard for our vengeance. That and it shall disrupt the chain of command and give you a great deal of distraction. I hope you would grant me this one thing, Brother."
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  7. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    Vitaly listens in silence to Arnock's pre-battle speech. Though, as always, he gives no outward response either way, he in truth approves of the man's command of leadership theatre. Though he himself can do a passable job when necessary, his speech lacks the passion - the bone-deep conviction - of the righteous crusader that Arnock is. However history may advance, and humanity may change, so long as humans remain humans, there will always remain a place for men like Arnock in every battle line. Quite aside from anything, the man's proven reputation for unrelenting fury alone could help steady a wavering front, and turn the tide of a close-fought contest.

    When Arnock's request comes via private Vox, the last part of Vitaly's plan - the one that he didn't even know had existed until now - clicks into place. To some, it would seem cold-blooded - placing a squad-brother so visible in the front line of a unit designated to draw the main ire of the enemy, to be seen and heard by all and inspire ever fiercer and more committed fighting on both sides. Yet, it is exactly what the operations needs, and what the man himself would want. This is a pair of hands not only willing, but eager to fill the role. There are less ethical decisions than this waiting to be made.

    "Gladly do I grant it, Master of Rites. Make them bleed," comes his reply to Arnock before he addresses the entire strike force via vox, adding his own modest talent for rhetoric to Arnock's rousing speech, "First wave is under command of the Master of Rites. Hold the bastards of the IVth and beat them at their own game. Break their iron on your bulwark. Open their veins and spill it on the ground. Show them the weakness of their small minds and rotten hearts. Show them that, for all their pretensions of invulnerability and inexorability, they are nothing more than tin soldiers to be bent, broken and cast aside by their heartless master when their usefulness is done. Show them that you will be the ones to do the bending and the breaking."

    The haft of Vitaly's axe crashes into the deck plating without warning, the echoes reverberating across the hangar.


    Turning once more to Arnock, he addresses him privately.

    "Brother, if I may ask a favour - should it not be so much of a stretch as to compromise the mission, I ask that you take a prisoner or two, preferably of some status. A captain, centurion, or equivalent. I have...plans."
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    ~~ Earlier - Lexicanium Errands - Halicos the Apothecary Ambassador ~~

    "It would be my duty and I should see it complete. To know and understand what they have done unto themselves will allow us to find a weakness in their new physiology. Many say the line between genius and insanity is quite fine and I fear that former genius Bile has overstepped that line." There was sadness in his voice, but also disgust.

    "Thank you for the supplies, I will catalog them here in a quarantine cell, it will be safer than to move these abominable... Things across the Sovereign." Halicos explained giving Kallian a stern nod before marching off to complete his duties.

    ~~ Few weeks ago - Corax' Hunt ~~
    Corvus Corax' presence was undeniable. Even with him being so far in terms of physical distance, it was as if his entire presence weighed down on his shoulders, making the Chief Librarian feel like Atrus of old tales. Since he felt the presence of the Emperor as well as that of Fulgrim and of course Ferrus Manus, Horus and that of Lorgar Aurelius, he could easily tell the difference of a simple Psyker and that of a descendant of the Imperiums master.

    It was not just more powerful, but more clear. A weak psyker could barely be picked out in a crowd. But someone of this magnitude, it made it easy and in such way also terrifying. The fact that they were not only skilled warriors as well as generals but possessed the powers of the gifted, or cursed, depending on whom one asked. It made him often wonder if there was in fact a chance to slay a Primarch.

    Eventually he shook the feeling off, or at least took his own emotions of fear and stored them far away in a locker within his mind. His entire energy focused in an attempt to sniff out corruption within the present Raven Guard with no avail. They did appear to be loyalist, although who could tell these days?

    And once Sidon returned to give the news, the true frustration and anger was not at the clarity of Fulgrims' treachery, because he knew that for a long time now. But the fact that Horus was at the heart of the corruption. The hero of Ullanor, the liberator and ultimately indirect savior of the 4th squad when they fought the impersonators of Ultramarines which was not only a trial of competency for the Emperor's Children, but also rewarded them the gift of the Herald of Espandor. Not to forget the special bond Arnock shared with Ezekyle by beating Guilliman's men in a fair competition in the celebrations.

    Then there was the fact that Indomitable Pholax was as well betrayed by his secondments' lord, Angron. The biggest influence in the most raging bull of an Emperor's Child that anyone had ever seen. Where would the treachery end? The Chief Librarian clenched his fists as tight as possible, keeping his emotions in check and speaking to himself in his mind that rational, honor and diligence will triumph.

    ~~ Earlier - Duty of the Librarium ~~
    The Chief Librarian with the aid of his three librarian students was donned into the Terminator armor for the first time since he was granted it. It was an important moment and an intimate one between the young covenant.

    "Prodah the Bladed Book. Halicos the Fiery Flame. Remus the Hunting Hawk. You three used to be warriors of exemplars within your units with dreams much different than now. However, you must let go of them forever and be reforged under the heat of battle. I do not believe any longer in death and rebirth of the Phoenix, but rather in the mentality of changing ones form into the mold we are required to become. Much like you crafted your own force weapons, you must become a weapon that I did mold you in. You received unique training to unleash your utmost potential." The hulking giant of a Terminator took a step forward, lowering Phoenix's Resolve against the shoulder of Prodah as if he was a king to knight an honorable warrior of ancient times.

    "Prodah. You once were a Sergeant, a leader. But you have been hurled into an uncomfortable situation akin to a Neophyte. That is why I reminded you everyday that the battlefield is still the same. Yet you still needed guidance and obtained it from the Master of Rites, I applaud you for seeking wisdom. And even more so I applaud your desire to annihilate the enemy. As such, you shall accompany me, but in reality your duty will be to watch over Alephorous and ensure his survival. For he will be the slayer of Fulgrim. The legend of Daith'wyn, the kingslayer blade will have it so." He lifted the staff and moved over, laying the primary gem now against the shoulder of Halicos.

    "Halicos. You were an Aspirant to the crafts of healing, having always looked up to your Apothecary brothers and their wondrous work of bringing the near-dead back to full capacity. It is admirable to wish to help those that are less fortunate out. And as such, you shall see to a cornerstone of our brothers' survival. I neglected his survival once before and I shall not fail him again. You will accompany Indomitable Pholax and protect him wherever he wishes to unleash his wrath. Be his spiritual guide if he becomes lost in his past. The mind of a Dreadnought is a fickle thing, but you always were the most stable when it came to telepathy." Elymas gave him a stern nod and moved over to Remus.

    "Remus. Somedays it feels like I clipped your wings as you were one of the most honored pilots our millenial has ever seen. I apologize for pulling you away from the weight you pulled in aerial combat. But you are destined for greater. And as such you will do no less than protect the bridge. The Navigator and the Admirals lifes are in your hands. We will lose many Astartes today. But without one to look through the myriads of the Immaterium and without leadership for our mortal allies on this vessel we will not survive the aftermath. You understand void combat better than any of us and you will be able to not only assist the Admiral but relay his orders as needed."

    "Aye, aye!" Was a united response from the three. It brought a smile to Elymas' face and yet huge worry, too. It was their first true fight as a united librarium and yet, just as Hephaestus did in the past, they were better utilized as a separate force. It showed trust and allowed growth, not to forget would allow for the non-librarians to grow fond of their witch-brothers by realizing by the dawn of victory, they all were Astartes.

    ~~ Now - Wrath of the Third ~~

    The Librarium was fully assembled behind their master on the bridge. The unfolding of the events were horrific. Not only were there expected traitors, but new ones resurfaced. Instead of unleashing the ultimate vengeance upon them, new ones were earned. Elymas shuddered when the lives of the Raven Guard were simply annihilated. The ones that have provided the Third Millenial with mercy, gone so swiftly without a chance for battle. But their lives would not go wasted, the Emperor's true children would not allow peace until every foe was annihilated.

    "Many stand against us, but they will never win. We said we would bring death to his foes, and here we are again! To bring them all destruction. Suffering, and pain. We are the hammer of the Imperium! We are thunder, wind, and rain! We are Warriors of the Third!" Elymas invoked the song he wrote almost a century ago, his librarians well aware of it by now to raise their battle spirits.

    And as planned, they would disperse into their positions.

    Prodah found Aleph soon enough and fell in line with the Palatine Blade. "Master Elymas wishes me to accompany you into the flames of battle. As such I shall slay the traitors along your side, just like you used to with him." There was an eager grin on Prodah's face who chose to go without helmet into battle, a bad habit he picked up during his time as Sergeant.

    "Indomitable Pholax!" Halicos exclaimed in slight excitement, impressed by the design of the Dreadnought and the massive weaponry he wielded. "I shall join you in battle and assist wherever you unleash your weaponry. Courtesy of Master Elymas."

    Only Remus stayed behind on the bridge, taking position somewhere where he would be not in the way but near the primary entrance of the most critical part of the vessel. "Admiral. Feel free to command me wherever I can ensure the most safety for the navigator and yourself." The librarian and former squadron pilot made not only the symbol of the Aquila, but a variation of the Imperial Navy.

    @matt23 | @Draconion | @Vulpas
    "Arnock. Jendon. Vitaly. I am moving towards the boarding torpedoes. I shall accompany you. My librarians remain on the Sovereign to aid the others with the defense and ensure the librarium will continue to live one way or another. I will push the fight into our favor at Arnocks side. This should allow your hidden operation higher chances of success, Forgemaster." The Chief Librarian informed the other leaders of the assault. One could argue that Elymas was indeed inseparable from Arnock, after all without one another they would have died in the last engagement against Apox and all of his scum.
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock listen to the request that came from Vitaly. A audible sigh came from his lips as he looked out to the gathered battle brothers that they had separated from to speak privately. The Master of Rites looked to the Master of the Forge and spoke with a heavy heart, "These brothers of ours have waited long for this, Vitaly. To ask them to give up the first prized kill, is to ask the starving beast not to feed on the first prey it catches. I can not ask them to give up the captain of that ship, however; I will stay their fangs on any other person of note we come across. But the tide we are about to unleash on that ship will not be one of reason and sanity. This is our first battle since the treacherous encounter with our brethren. This will be a trying battle, to say the least as all of them are enraged. So I will do my best to keep them on track and get you what it is you seek. But do not ask of them to give up their prize, for prying it from their mouths will be no easy task."

    Arnock looked to Elymas and smiled beneath his helm, nodding to him. There was much he wished to say in that moment, perhaps even embrace his closest brother, but the figure he had become before battle could not be see in such a manner. However, Arnock looked to Elymas and spoke, "Glad to have your company once more with me, Elymas. I hope I shall not need you to save me this time." It was a joke and perhaps a halfhearted attempt at such, but there was a foreboding tone in what he said. The banner could not fall in this battle. For the sake of all here and their fighting spirit, Arnock could not fail.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "We all will need each other in this dark hour to protect one another." Elymas replied with a soft smile, he would gladly give his life if it would come to it. But after having seen Pholax come back from the dead, he also knew that his willpower had grown a multitude beyond normal means and although he was yet restricted to use his powers, he would fight with Phoenix's Resolve and grant no life to the tainted souls of their foes.

    The de-facto Chief Librarian turned for a brief moment to look at the assembled force under Arnock and gave them a judging look. He wished to say something, but he knew that Arnock has already said all they needed to know. Today one would think the enemy would be the ultimate judge of the skills of these fine warriors. But in reality, whoever survived had to face the judgment and critique of Arnock. And if he still knows his friend and brother well, then Elymas was indeed right assuming that no matter what skills would be displayed today, they simply would not suffice.

    His head turned back to the front and Elymas mounted the last piece of his armor on, the Terminator helmet. "They say Iron Within. Iron Without. That is merely a lie, for they are still flesh and blood beneath their petty defenses and armors. And as I learned from Ferrus Manus. The Flesh is Weak. So let us peel their beloved iron back like the skin of an orange. And strike where it hurts the most."
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