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Perfect Warriors

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    -Raising the dead
    Jendon Nodded to the magos thanking him once more for his aid and his machine. The apothcary was amazed by what he was seeing as well as a bit disturbed. As Vitailys message came over his helmet he nodded. Changing his own vox vocabulator to similiar settings of Antiva. looking to Apox Jendon waited to see his response to Vitaily before asking making his own attempt at Information gathering.

    -Apothcarion bloopers
    " I feared it would go something like that." Jendon said looking to Extro. "Knots you say, I could suggest a calamtive to help calm down the nerves and ease the muscles if you would like." Jendon suggested as he began moving a stretcher with extro. "Extro have you heard from Vitaily? I have heard rumors from the serfs about his demanor changing a bit becoming more cold, I can imagine a change happening after all we have experienced and made me wonder if and when we had down time after the sovergin is repaired to check up on him and see how he is dealing with all of this." Jendon asked looking to extro as they went.

    "Thank you Praetor for this and thank you Vitaily for these upgrades i have requested." Jendon said to Vitaily and Sidion as he looked to new armor. Looking at the clean plates he was suprised to see this gift from his mentor. It was bitter sweet as he realized it may have been his last gift to give him before the change came to them all. As His armor plates would come off and his new armor be put on Jendon would find the systems to be apart of the newer Mark 4 armor, his new diagnoster having new settings in it as well as even a new system that would aid in giving and reciveing commands, as well as working with his Servo skulls. Noticing a new replacement servo skull with it he smiled once more. "Whatever comes next I know I will have us ready for it." Jendon said

    Chief Apothcarion Office-
    Jendon looked at each data slate, Mortalility rates were down low and with only one astartes Good but it they still needed to continue striving forward to improve it though even they had there limits and with the little breaks they had they maybe nearing a breaking point for themselves. Jendon felt fatigue as he looked over the last report and heard Kallian speak the break in his voice making him wonder what he saw back there.

    They still needed more organs, and limbs and the supplies could. Jendon felt a voice at the back of his head and see the other brothers like Eoh on his slab flash fourth. "Better you die here then let your taint spread like Fabius." Jendon could still hear thales voice causing him to grit his teeth a bit. "Good work Kallian and good call." Jendon said his voice changing back to a normally brotherly town to him before he suddenly rembered. "Have the creates contents be recorded before being destroyed If I rembere right Elyams needs some evidence of there doing recorded down that he is gathering his case for when we eventually reach Terra."I shall meet the aspiratnts right away and begin there training. Since we are in the condition it may prove usefull to bring them in now and begin live training and learn from us as we work and have them begin helping us as well as aiding in treatment of the wounded and ensuring all of our healths stay in order.." Jendon said looking to Kallian and exiting the office with him towards the entrance of the apothcarion.

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    "Should have given it sooner, spent too long idle. I hate to dawdle, but I assume it is something I will have to make peace with. No one has heard of an active dreadnought taking part in writing, painting or sculpting." Pholax turned to look at the newcomer, Sidon. As the chains restraining Pholax were removed, he tipped his head slightly in a show of respect and moved his form fully for the first time, feeling a shudder through his frame as his took his first steps.

    "I am well, trapped in a box but well. How about yourself? I am glad to see you whole again, I assumed a glaive could cut power armour in half." Pholax's vox amplified voice boomed as he swung his form left and right slowly.

    As Vitaly came he was glad to see that the squad seemingly was alive, the would be Elymas must have been real for all the truth they spoke, damned witch did enter his mind for sure. Still the sentiment was nice, just got to hope they didn't put anything out of place.

    As he tries to move the fingers and toes of his tomb, they are unresponsive and wonders how likely it was his legs would have caused him to fall if they misplaced ever so slightly.

    "Solid like a rock." Pholax boomed.

    Thinking into moving his own legs, only to remember he doesn't have legs anymore. Imagine himself walking, imaging the thought of moving his toes or fingers.

    "For how long must I do this?" Pholax questioned as he continued trying to move his fingers.

    Turning back to Extrovious Pholax had a slight purr from the servos as his weight shifted. "Awakening requires no congratulations, it is something children can do. It seems they know walk." Pholax paused for a moment, "How I longed to be one again." Another rasping laugh came from the Dreadnought's hull. "If you're granting miracles, take me back to Chemos." Pholax continued laughing as he attempted to move his fingers more. "Or, move these damn things." Pholax stopped his laughter as he kept trying to move his fingers.

    After a few moment of silence Pholax turned to a Mechanicus priest, "Do you know the artisan who gave me armour after it was damaged against the a foul strain of Eldar. I would like them to stylise this... Honourable frame, I've been granted." He knew it was a long shot, but the armour his was given early in life did save his life on occasion, it'd be nice to get some reminder of his life earlier on his armour, someone might point it out and give him a nice memory of gutting Xenos.
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    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Remus the Wandering Soul ~~

    Remus listened with great attention, maybe too little as he almost bumped another Astartes over, trying to keep his eyes focused on Alephoros the Millenial Champion. A living legend much like Lucius and others of the legion that hopefully yet remained pure to the cause and not tainted by whatever got a hold of Cautorious and his serpents.

    "That is all very interesting. And I would not know what was written or not about Chemos and their tribes, I was too focused on killing the enemy. And since you told your story, I shall share mine. Fairness, and such. But mine is nowhere near as interesting as yours, just as a warning." There was an awkward smile and attempt of a chuckle that was far too forced. The few-decade old Astartes was clearly overwhelmed by the hero's aura.

    "I kind of was... Well.. Picked up, so to speak. The Emperor's Children were in the final stages of liberating an imperial world. I kind of sneaked into a fighter jet with the age of 10. Needless to say I somehow managed to get it off the landing platform and even took down a few Xeno ships. My landing... Not so impressive. But I survived. I was taken in and turned into a Space Marine. From what I remember of my parents, they settled on this world from Terra. Which is why I am technically Terran by birthright, genealogy and such." Remus realized the tangent he was going down and cleared his throat.

    "So anyway. I became an Emperor's Child, became part of aerial squadrons and somehow no matter how many crash landings I had, always survived and found a way back to our troops." There was a big shrug. "Now I know why, the psyker gene provides unintentional luck and other boons. Even if unlearned, it still affects one life." There was a frown as he pushed a single pea around, looking at it for a while and observing its apparent random move whether it would roll right or left next, before looking back up to Alpehoros.

    "And I wish not to be such a downer, but try to look at everything with reason, logic and rational. You know, the way of Imperial Truth. Master Elymas demands it more than ever. And that is why I asked about your past. You are the only Sulpha I know, that even Master Elymas knows. If... When you die, all that history will be lost. We will be looking at your memorial, your greatest deeds and the legacy you left behind without understanding how you came to be. That is what we of the Librarium are worried about. It is also not a matter of if people now are interested. But if it goes unrecorded." Remus shook his head and sighed softly.

    "Then people will forget. And when people forget. The same mistakes will be repeated... So if you ever wish to have me record some sort of... Manifesto of yours. It would be a pleasure." He smiled softly, a hopeful one that was. But maybe it would be also a good way to not only write monotone battle reports but do actual creative work as well.
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    Kallian and Libraium vistor- @Uriel1339
    Kallian had been transporting a heavy flamer towards the a quartine area when Haicos approached him, The apothcary looking to him brought up his name on his helmet "Halicos was it? An inccident occured within the libraium involing burns?" Kallian asked him. "What exactly happened? Kallian asked putting the heavy flamer down and now fulling looking at Halicos."I will likely need a report sent in for this and know exatlywhat happened so I can requstion up some from our supplies." Kallian said looking to Halicos
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    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Halicos the Apothecary Ambassador ~~

    "Well. We were doing meditation under Elymas' watch, let's just say one of us had a bad trip of sorts and started unleashing some unintentional electrical discharge that might have scorched a fellow brother." Halicos said straight-on with a slight frown.

    "And the other rations were taken while training the usage of healing powers. Quite the irony, eh?" This time the Lexicanium in training shrugged slightly.

    "Other than that training is going well, how is the Apothecarium doing? Don't forget to forward copies of death certificates and such to us, so we can keep the tally for the battle report as straight as possible, including the recovered weapons and such that Forgemaster Vitaly can keep proper count on our equipment. Also it is save to say that many relics have been lost in this betrayal and we would like to catalog as many recoveries as possible so they can be handed to the appropriate hands as Praetor Sidon and the others see fit." Halicos smiled softly, one hand would wash the other. And of course this errand was more than just a simple 'go fetch', it was also necessary to keep the bond between the departments alive, even beyond the leaders. The survivors of the Sovereign had to work together, or fall divided.
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    Arnock scuffed at Prodah's remark about the champion, "Place your bets where ever you wish, Prodah. When the time comes, we shall see who's words align with actions. This sword shall taste vengeance for thousands of dead cry out for it to be so."

    After a nod, Arnock embraced Prodah's forearm in his hand and pulled him close, "I shall do as you request, but only that in return you do what I ask of you. Watch over Elymas and care for him as you would your previous squad mates. Your strength, light, and resilience is needed more than you shall ever understand."

    -Echoes in the Dark-
    Arnock, in this rare moment, found himself within the confines of his own personal chamber. It was, of course, nothing fancy as per the Master of Rites' own request. He kept the room bare, only a simple bed with a table and chair next to it. There was a single candle lit on the table, which strangely Arnock preferred instead of traditional lighting. The way the light dance with its orange glow seemed to allow the mind to open up and think outside the normal means.

    Arnock sat in the chair, head cupped in his right hand as he looked over papers that he had put together. His own writings which documented all the things he had witness and thought on. He lifted a single page of paper up to the lit...

    My mind has begun to grow weary out here, adrift and lost in the void. Our brethren have turned against us and drawn blood. And yet, the bond of loyalty has not bred unity. No. It has bred suspicion and distrust. I find myself correcting these recruits on their rumors and rumblings more and more instead of focusing on what is to come...
    Arnock tossed that paper aside before leaning back in his chair and staring into the darkness in the corner of the room. His hands ran over his face a moment before he took a blank page before him and began to write once more.

    My brothers... What does that even mean any more? I have seen very little of them, if at all. True it may be that their new positions take up much of their time, but what I hear at times is unsettling...

    Elymas, brother, I worry about you more than any other. The burden you place on yourself is such that none could ever hope to bear. I fear of this thing of the warp you mentioned that follows you now. Not that I fear it, in and of itself, but that I fear to lose you to it. A mind can be weakened by a whisper, and it scares me to know that whatever it is, it could control you. Infinite is the warp, and infinite is the traps it holds..

    Alphoros, brother, the burden you now carry is great upon the soul. You walk the path where once did the traitor in our midst. How can you exemplify what we are when the last who held the title took the path of betrayal? I hope your mind does not cave under the paradox that is before you. You are the champion of the Emperor. Cast aside the father you knew and accept what is...

    Jendon, brother, heavy is the burden of death. A thousand loyal sons have died within your arms and a thousand more are to come. How can sanity be excepted for the one whom watches his brethren die? I hope that, in all the work you undertake, your remember that death is not your fault. Your work is unlike any other and none shall know but you the burden you carry...

    Pholax, brother, death could not stop you from service. But now your mind shall only know war. I have heard the tails of the entombed brothers. Their mind fades into the darkness as the slumber only to be awaken in madness. I hope that your iron will holds onto every memory that made you who you are. Do not let war become your identity or let the horrors of the mind overtake you...

    Extrovious, brother, far from who you once were have you become. The burden of leadership is one few shall know. Responsibility lingers far after the blood stops being shed. Fault should be placed on fate, not you brother. Your leadership has seen the Fourth to glory. Your anger though, I feel even now as I sit hear. Something you hide weighs heavy on your mind. They way you speak of those who know the warp worries me. For it is as if you have looked into the abyss and lost a piece of yourself in the process...

    Vitaly, brother, your work is that of the upmost importance. You service the machines that shall carry us to vengeance. The list of tasks before you is unlike anything I have ever known. Hours, days, and weeks have you spent without sleeping or eating to ensure these tasks. Do not lose yourself within this duty. Stay grounded to those around you and rebuild more than the machines. Rebuild those around you, for your logic and sound judgement will be looked to soon in these dark times...

    As for me, I hope to place all these things upon myself. I hope to carry the burden of duty, knowledge, leadership, death, service, and memories upon my shoulders. Bury me under such heavy weights, that my brothers may walk without the anchor of these things. Let them run freely into battle knowing that under this standard, they may rest all there problems. I shall cast aside whom I am for them. I shall become hollow that all their troubles be locked away. I shall become an avatar of vengeance and lose myself within that they may carry on...
    Arnock sat back in his chair a moment and thought a loud, "I'd give my life to ensure these wishes..." Reality, however; seemed to set in as Arnock knew what he wished for was impossible. Anger grew on his face, and in a split second, the papers on his desk flew about the room and both his fists put dents into the table. "I shall make it so. I swear to you," Arnock said with his head lowered and his hands bleeding.
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    Interlude: Anvil of Vengeance

    In the sullen red glow of a sub-deck in the Forge precincts, Vitaly stands before a nano-lathe as it nears completion of his latest weapon design - a large cannon, almost inhuman in its sleek, futuristic lines and minimalistic design, in stark contrast to the bulk of human design philosophy in its gothic over-ornamentation and industrial brutalism.

    As the rotating, concentric rings of matter projectors print the weapon into shape, atom by atom, he reviews the weapon's projected statistics on the display streamed directly into his visual cortex.

    +++MASS: XXkg+++
    +++RANGE: YYm+++
    +++NET OUTPUT: ZZMW+++
    +++RESIDUAL EXOTIC QUANTA CONTAMINATION AT BLAST SITE: 2.0 x 10^9 Bq/m^2 @ t1⁄2 10μs+++

    Glancing over at a monitor, he inspects for a moment the mass-production fabricatory. At this point, it is stamping out mass-production versions of the new thermal energy weapon that now adorns his upgraded servo-harness. Termed V.O.T.E.C. - an acronym for Variable Output Thermo-Energetic Cascade - it integrates the functions of both a volkite and a melta weapon, switching from one to another with the simple flick of a switch. He recalls testing the original on captured traitors - both unenhanced serfs and Astartes - sandwiched between piles of metal scrap to quantify the penetrative capabilities of the weapon. In the next series of tests, the living targets were spaced out at varying intervals to determine the maximum radius of the deflagrating effects of the weapon's anti-personnel setting. In both cases, its performance had been deemed sufficiently satisfactory, not only to use as a personal, bespoke weapon, but to adapt for mass production as an upgrade to the Millennial's armoury.

    As had been remarked on before, they stood on the brink of a new kind of war, and that would require new weapons. Weapons that he was ready and able to supply.

    Duty Beyond Death @dx144 @Vulpas @DeranVendar

    Location: Forge Precincts, the Main Dreadnought Service Bay

    Date and Time: Pholax's Awakening

    "That will do, Brother Pholax," replies Vitaly, recording the patterns of Pholax's motor impulses, filtering out the signal noise before forwarding the biodata to Jendon.

    "Brother Jendon - your motor calibration data," he prompts the Apothecary, "The Contemptor chassis is ready to begin active synch whenever you are ready. Pholax is ready to walk."
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    A Path of Blood, Bone and Fire

    There was a moment of silence as the Sergeant finished, Magnus regarding him with an empty look. The fires of the City below coming to a halt, the rays of the moon from above pausing in that second. Nothing moved anymore, except he and the shadow of the Primarch. He remembered then, this exact moment, the image slipping into his mind but with it, came the familiar feeling of pain.

    "This is the night when Iskander called you to his chambers," the Cyclops' words gave unneeded explanation to Extrovious, "It was the night when your thoughts were altered. Khayon tried but he wasn't up for it, so I came and did what was necessary to save you." Pain continued and on the sky above, images appeared of the table below the pyramid where the event took place. Images were still, fractions of a larger picture with only couple of emotions present to tie them up altogether. Much was missing, the void creating a pressure in Extro's skull.

    "What you see before you is a safeguard, a piece I left to prevent the barrier breaking and destroying your mind," situations given form, the words gave Magnus, or whatever this was, power. He straightened, the familiar sense of awe when in presence of such creatures briefly brushing past Extrovious. "But a mind is a complex thing. If it's not repeated, such procedure tends to fail and the mind begins to unravel, although in your case it was apparently an unfortunate event." Once again, the images on the sky shifted and Extro saw the neverborn that attacked him and his squad below the Laer waves. Interestingly enough, he didn't see any other similar creature in his mind, no matter how hard he tried.

    "You were...changed," Magnus sighed, spreading his hands as if trying to grasp something just out of his sight, "You came to us carrying it in your heart. While traversing through your memories I traced the source to be of the alien origin, but as it was the damage was minimal. However, you opened yourself to other influences and once we waged war against some of the denizens of the Warp, they latched onto you, feeling what they thought was your weakness," he spoke, but no images came outside the ones Extrovious remembered clearly from his first deployment.

    "After too many exposures your condition began to deteriorate which made many of my sons and your new brothers come to me with growing concern. So I decided to act and alter your mind in a way that was best for you. You were made to forget and through it, the further damage was prevented. There were plans for us meeting again or me sending someone to continue with the procedure once the time was right, however if your words are true, then it means nothing of that will happen in the foreseeable future."

    Self-righteous cause or a genuine concern, this apparition lacked the ability to show the emotions in the right way. It simply remained there like a block of concrete in Extrovious' mind, unmovable like the earth itself. "For now, the barrier holds. From time to time, you will experience flashes, memories of another life - I'll do my best to slow them down but I'm not omnipotent, the power I was given doesn't allow me to do much else then prevent the complete overwhelming of your mind."

    "But...if it's not treated, your condition will eventually lead to complete shutdown. Perhaps it's too late for it, but I beg you, find me or one of my sons with enough knowledge on this matter so they could revert the procedure or make you transition back without any issues. The alternative is...unfavorable."

    Duty Beyond Death
    @dx144 @Draconion @Vulpas @DeranVendar

    "He tried to cut me in half, aye," Sidon replied with a smile of his own, "But nothing beats experience. Nor a good old chainsword to the gut. But I'm glad that you feel good. Third Millennial still needs you Brother, many of the traitors were caught and executed, but a number of them escaped...including the one who is responsible for your current state. So in my mind, retribution and a proper beating is due. Once we reach the rest of the Legion, I hope that we'll get the answers which are even now eluding us."

    As for the artisan in Pholax' question, local Tech Priest obeyed and seconds later, a new stream of data was uploaded to his hud, the name, rank and position in the Millennial of one Cybersmith Butler came into view. He was a member of Vitaly's main Forge group, personnel directly in charge of repairing the damaged gear and doing the artisan work where needed. He was listed as a loyalist - amid many files with names marked red - and alive, currently located on the deck 43 busy with repairing former Lord Commander's personal Stormbird.

    Palatine Blades Quarters

    Brona listened to everything Aleph said with patience, at first his gaze was cast downwards but as the older legionary continued and explained the background of the betrayal through Cautorious' actions and his own view on it, Brona's eyes flashed with fervor and his gaze was back up.

    "It was our former Senior Apothecary Reedian who did most of the groundwork for whatever Vasil ended up being. He brought some kind of a potion, made by the Chief Apothecary himself, telling us to start using it as it would help us become faster and stronger," Brona said and spat on the ground, the acidic saliva burning away a piece of sand. "Not everyone - including me - took it, at first it didn't seem it was mandatory but as the time went on and Cautorious made his intentions towards me known, I ran out of choices. Thankfully I took it only once where Vasil and couple of other brothers have been injecting it for over six months. You saw the result, whatever he became he wasn't an Astartes anymore and that future is not something I wanted to be a part of."

    "As for the other things," the younger swordsman stood up and approached the weapons rack where he found his own sword, a gold-covered thing of beauty with a large ruby in the center of the guard. "I understand what you're trying to do and I thank you for it. I'm not sure that every warrior on this ship would do the same in your spot - to spare the life of a possible traitor is something I admit I don't know if I could do. Then again, you did it and so, I will follow your example."

    "I told you before, my shame is my own and I only hope that after enough blood has been spilled, I too could look up in the mirror and appreciate what was there."

    "Now," he offered Aleph a weak smile and drew the sabre, taking up a duelist stance, "I would take your earlier offer and spar. Hopefully, this time around I might even be able to land a hit on you."

    Putting to the Question
    @Draconion @Vulpas

    "What? How is it possible?!" comes Apox's reply after more than twenty seconds of silence. His nerves were still adjusting to this, his brain completely fooled by the machinery but reliving past had certain problems coming with it, like the mind easily loosing itself in it. Thankfully, Vitaly and his Magos friend kept this in check, for now.

    "Don't tell me, Sidon is with them? It's too much to hope that the old bastard is dead," anger flared and Apox's readings became somewhat unstable, although still within parameters. "No matter, I'll deal with him later, we're still on schedule. Alexios, listen to me very carefully now. Once you extract them, you take Sidon and throw him in the brig after which you send the rest into the Apothecarion. I'll inform Antivia to take it from there. Under no circumstances are you or your men to have any close contact with the survivors, or Emperor-forbid, tell them anything more than they need to know. If you fail me at this, I will break you in half and let our Apothecary play with what's left of you, you hear me?"

    "Now stop pestering me, I have other things to do."
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    -Echoes in the Dark-
    Word had spread that Arnock had now placed himself in isolation within his room. The days he spent in his room would not be strange for other Astartes within the Millenial, but by Arnock's standard, this mind as well have been a year. The pile of papers on his table had now become stacks. Now, many burnt down candle sticks adorned every open surface space around the room, while a few others flickered. His bed still lay made with stacks of his writings all over it. Many times did people come to check on him, and many times did Arnock rebuke them. His eyes did not rest nor did his hand as what he needed to be wrote was scribbled fast as he could.

    Brothers. Dear brothers. The echoes of the darkness scratch at the walls within the room around me. Madness cries out to me from the corners just out of sight. The mind wanders in loneliness as the days pass us by drifting through the void. I see now that it is not just myself whom suffers from this sickness. While our minds are strong, time is relentless. With every second that goes by and we are not in battle, our minds tred the dangerous path of idleness. While one may hope that a righteous ideal may keep the mind focused, we all know and understand the travesties that have befallen us do not allow the mind to focus for long. The mind is a paradox that battles itself. It can be the greatest warrior's weapon or it can be the dent in the armor. It can solve a situation in a time of need or cast you into darkness in a moment of weakness. It is for this reason I write down my thoughts and views, that others may use them to be on guard for the dangers of the mind...

    Brothers, though we are the angels of death, we are still human. Just like the humans we fight alongside, we must guard our minds from the foe within. I have seen this foe within every single son of the Imperium I have come across. Their past lingers in their eyes and weighs down their souls. The mind guards closely the memories of the past, both good and bad. And strangely enough, as illogical as it may seem, a horrific memory is the strongest adhesive while good memories are always quick to fade. It is as if our minds refuse to let go of pain so they we do not forget our humanity. While our humanity makes us unique, we must be mindful of what we allow ourselves to dwell on. Our minds are tools of war, to be sharpened and used constantly. Not to lay idly by, growing rust and withering away.

    The burden of leadership is perhaps the greatest of examples in this. The past can not be changed, this is a know fact by all. And yet, all leaders spend time within the past wondering what could have been done differently to save a life. This is something one must be on guard for, for to dwell within the past makes one lose focus on the present. Do not focus on what could have been done to save the ghosts and spirits of the dead. This is a steep path that one shall have a challenge to climb out from. As leaders, our jobs are cast aside the emotions and make decisions based on logical and rational reactions. One whom dwells within the past will hesitate due to prior mistakes and, in so doing, further jeopardize the lives of his brothers around him. It is for this reason, I believe, that all brothers whom undergo review for a position of leadership be strenuously examined by myself, the chief apothecary, and a senior ranking official for any signs of mental weakness. In these dark times, we have all witnessed first hand what a weak-minded leader is capable of. They can cast fear and doubt among the ranks and cause irrational decisions to be made. I shall not allow such weakness to infiltrate our ranks again.

    My hope, for all within our Millenial, is that their minds can rest within the simple task of revenge. This may sound strange to some, but upon further thought, eyes can be opened. In these times many of our brethren focus on the dead, the dying, the past, and the traitors. Their minds race constantly, without rest, on all such topics throughout everyday. This distracts them from their training and focus. However, I have begun to mold the younger minds to the simple task of vengeance. The purity and simplicity of justice through vengeance grants the mind release from the confines of itself. It allows all to keep the mind focusing forward while using the past simply as motivation instead of a hindrance. Through vengeance they shall know rest. Through justice they shall know peace...
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    With the knowledge Pholax can walk, he takes slow steps, a mimic of pacing, getting used to the feeling of it all.

    "Well if I happen to see Deroh, I'll make sure to cut him half. Eye for an eye, bisection for a bisection." Another wheezing laugh came from the armoured shell, still walking back and forth before stopping at the information given by the tech priest.

    "Ah, the noosphere... So this is what you Machines lovers use. It is interesting and seemingly overwhelming..." Pholax drifted through the information he was given, "Nice to see the artisan still lives. I am sure that Stormbird will look good as new." Turning to the Tech Priest, "My thanks."

    After a long pause, Pholax speaks up again, "We're returning to the Legion? I would caution against this. Jendon said that the corrupt may run deeper. We don't want to go from one trap into another blindly." Pholax turned to look at Sidon as his shell spoke.
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