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Perfect Warriors

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    The Lost Boys
    There, there! The intent, the arc, the determination. Extrovious reads the weapon's path as if in slow motion, a million times at the hand of dozens of different creatures he had seen it before. Hand swipes from Tyrus' head, palm parrying the blade, its teeth voraciously peeling back plate. Other arm opens, freeing the trapped warrior before he's scooped up by a shield swing and slung straight into Gracus.

    "Oh so you do understand the depths of duty, or is it rage, not purpose, that drives you Gracus? Do not think I am ignorant of your intent. Were it only either of you had the will to manifest your goals as anything other than attempts at disappointing everyone." The prose begins to wear, let us push this into the end game. "Your best, your worst, I care not what you call it. Show me it." Shield is lobbed off towards a cage wall, crashing against it and bottom skidding askew so it stood up diagonally. Both hands wrench executioner's blade from the floor, unfolding steel and scraping tortuously, such quality was the weapon it did not even scratch. With a grim look he makes the next run on both warriors with weapon held out to his right.

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    ~~ Ghost in the Shell ~~

    "You have grown much in your absence from reality. I wonder if your near-death experience triggered this, or if we could grow our Astartes faster in terms of maturity with sus-an comas that animate their past experiences and allow them to explore themselves." Elymas spoke in scientific awe, a revelation before him that was natural, yet new. The fact that a non-librarian managed that deep of self-exploration. But the other possibility had to be considered for potential taint at the hands of the traitors or actual psychic resonance of... Potential uninvited guests.

    It gave him a shudder, the fact of his absence was worrisome. But Elymas moved on mentally. "As for my exploration possibilities. You are both correct and wrong. The mind as you could say is a fickle thing. If I was to simply break into your memories, I would have to hurt you in the process. The more you fight me with your mind, the harder I would have to go. Unless you were unaware, or I trick you into opening the memory for me. An empty mind is much like a fortress with open gates." He nodded, approving of the analogy he just came up with.

    "However, our minds right now are connected, which means..." He pointed at a wall that turned into a door and opened up. "... That guests also can open their own doors, and one must be worry of such. This state we are in, is not like reality at all. You could wander into a memory of mine which would have you enter my mind, and then I could even attempt to trap you within, leaving your body a soulless husk. Basically even if your body was in prime condition, you would never awaken. Or worse, I could force it to do my bidding. Our enemies might resort to such means, so do not only keep your blades sharp, but also your mind."

    Elymas then brought the conversation back to Pholax' points. "But to not spook you with potential problems that might never happen, I simply doubt myself lately very much, since I killed Hephaestus nothing is... clear anymore. The lines are blurry. And how can I ask anyone to trust me with anything, if I very much could have been the first traitor by killing our Chief Librarian? Choice after choice, it appears I only make the bad ones. Maybe that is why I came here, as selfish as could be, to either hear your forgiveness or for you to punch some sense into me." The librarian shrugged and smiled softly before putting a hand on the shoulder of Pholax.

    "As kill-focused as you might have acted in the past. Not even Extrovious acts with the certainty you always shined with. Never a doubt, always going forward. You might now ponder more on your past. But like you said, do not let it cloud your future. Act with the certainty as you always have, that is your strength and that is also what we will need. A man risen from the dead who will not relent. You are wiser, you will be stronger and most importantly, you are our brother. Pholax the Indomitable of the 3rd Millenial, 4th Squad."

    ~~ No Library Pass Needed ~~

    Each would not simply be quietly judged but instead provide a fair response in the order they were spoken to, after all these were not mere neophytes or children that needed their father to talk for them.

    Prodah smirked. "Now don't forget we are of the same rank, technically." He chuckled softly. "Just be glad Master Elymas here did not find the gift within you, too. Else you would be competing with the best of the best." Prodah pounded his chest once with a strong fist, not intimidated by the Terminator.

    Halicos was a strong contrast to the seasoned Prodah. He gulped when the Terminator looked him up and down. "Yes, sir! Although I hoped to learn one day to become an Apothecary, I shall take my duty as Librarian serious and fulfill it to my utmost best, sir!" He certainly had the fire of a young phoenix. Extrovious might notice a smile on the commentary on Elymas' face.

    "It isn't as bad as everyone makes it sound." Remus shrugged, arms crossed, trying his best not to be intimidated by the Terminator. But Extrovious certainly could feel the eyes of envy upon him from this one. "Besides, someone has to do the job. Elymas here might as well pick the best to do so, eh? After all, we can't even deploy our powers until good ol' Praetor Sidon changes his mind." There was another shrug. Bitterness hidden from the voice showed in the body language. Something that Extrovious might remember from first warning Elymas about the potential of the edict.

    "Come by any time, maybe you could help us complete our records and encourage others of the millenium to return here. To read, to write, to explore history and sciences. We might be in war against our kin, but we are still a legion and have the responsibility to spread more than the blood of our foes. And that responsibility consists of laying the foundation of the future generations to come. Do not forget that, Sergeant. We live and die so that the Imperium can flourish." Elymas said with a stern nod and smile. The fact that Extrovious came to inspect will have others talk about the Librarium and maybe come for themselves to see.

    It was after all sad already that none of these three former comrades yet have come by to see them. Prodah was the most affected, having led and trained his warriors for so long only to have them abandon him. Halicus basically lost his entire squad in the treachery and hides his pain behind a smile. And Remus? Elymas could not read him one bit, the mix of sarcasm and cold, harsh reality was too frequent to make sense of him. All that the Chief of this trio could figure is that Remus is maybe a bit too eager to unleash his powers.
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    The news that there were still traitors at large did nothing to encourage Alephoros' mood to positive thoughts as his Brother left him to pursue his grim duty. But it did spur him on, and as soon as the reluctant medicae personnel let him - or could no longer appeal to sufficient of his reason to keep him confined - Aleph was up, and making ready to assist in the purge. Memories of Camille in particular stirred him to anger. But he forced himself to focus: his was, after all, only the most personal of the treacheries they'd endured, not the most grievous. Ha. Even in this, perfection eludes you, once-Brother. The thought wasn't his usual style, but he let it come and go.

    Presentation of the suit brought him once again to ponder on their losses and how much more it would have taken for him to earn such magnificent war-gear, were he truly competing with a Millennial's worth of Astartes. But - as he examined the elegant plate, seeing just how tailored it was for his speed, his need to keep moving, his melancholia began to relent. Self-reflection, he considered, carried to excess, became only self-indulgence. And he had no right to lose himself to such easy snares of imperfection. A smile crept over his face as he realised that it matched his old Legion-suit in silence. I wonder what old Leucoryphus would think of this? Probably slightly more than being called old, at that, he thought, reaching out to touch the armour on the chestplate. The double eagle's eye glinted.

    "I will wear it with honour, Se- Praetor," he said, catching himself just in time, with a bow of his head. Old habits, brought on by fatigue and present company. He would need to watch himself, concentrate harder. He must be better. Must be worthy of this honour and of becoming the Champion. This was, he knew, no longer a matter of Fourth Squad. He saluted, hand over hearts, as he first learned how to do.

    Me and my Brother

    Somewhere in all this - when he was released to serve, after the honour given to him was done, Aleph stole a moment for himself. He felt strangely clandestine as he did so. It wasn't the duty of the Champion to visit his Squad-mate, but it was the act of a Brother and he wanted to see how Pholax fared. Passing by byways and less-watched corridors he made his way to the chambers of resurrection, telling himself that he did so in order to patrol them. And the chance of catching a traitor made his hearts quicken. But Aleph found nothing, save a startled Tech-Priest as he entered Pholax's new domain, who issued a blurt of binharic. He must have been quieter than he thought.

    "My apologies, honoured Son of Mars," he said, hoping he'd got that right. The Tech-Priest did not seem further offended. "I have come to see my Brother." A gesture from a mechadendrite directed him to the right part of the bay.

    A shiver ran through Alephoros even as he chided himself for reacting so. What did he expect? A bisected corpse upon a table? Pholax was not gone, but he was changed, and Aleph knew this. Coming to talk to him was likely fruitless, but it needed to be done. Some things do not change, no matter the circumstances. Pholax was a Brother of Fourth Squad and that would always be his origin. A Brother is a Brother. He approached the sarcophagus, cradled in wires and devices, the strangest resting place. It looked like a nest. A highly technical one, to be sure, but it was a nest nonetheless. He seated himself on a nearby workbench - which creaked a little - and looked up at the shiny egg inside.

    "I suppose this might be a one-sided affair," he said, by way of preamble, "but I wanted to see you, Pholax, and see how you fare. I do not know if they keep you up to date with our news, or if they can as yet, but I thought I should try to do so."

    "We have been given many new honours, the old Squad is a very highly decorated one now, yourself not least," he said, attempting to restraining himself from peering at the sarcophagus itself too closely. He knew, hazily, that Ancient Rylanor still advised the new recruits now and then, still spoke with his battle-kin. "Sidon is our new Praetor. We are lead by the one of the Two Hundred again. In fact, Minteril would hear of no-one else." He paused. "I believe you know that bastard Apox is gone, and the traitors took Leonis down as they fled the field."

    "It's strange - I never really knew Kenjiro, but I never trusted him. Not quite. I told myself I was being foolish." He tilted his head to look at the sarcophagus once more, unaware that he'd looked down. "Nor Cautorious, but I don't think any of us could have seen where his ambition would lead. So when you're done resting, Brother, we will have work to do in plenty."

    "When we find them, Brother, I don't expect you to leave him for me. He dies. That is what matters. Bloody your claws with his lifeblood if you get the chance, I shall not try to use my rank to claim the rights to that kill. In truth, I am not exactly sure how it compares to anyone's, at that. Concerning which ... I have been made Champion, Brother. Of the Millennial." Aleph took a moment to let that sink in, really a moment to let that sink in for himself.

    "It isn't what I expected, but it is a signal honour and I wanted to share it with you as you couldn't be there. Let's hope I don't make a crag-cat's arse of it, eh?"

    "I'm sorry for the lack of flowers, Brother, I suppose I could have painted you some but we must take the thought for the deed."

    After this, Aleph would leave the newly-made Dreadnought in peace and go to the Palatine chambers.

    My Brother and I Against the World

    In the time that followed his appointment Aleph had taken his new suit of armour to his quarters and worked upon it very slightly more, not dishonouring the memories it carried nor the superb workmanship that had gone into its making, but to add something of himself to the plate. Next to the decoration, along the pauldron's rim, he added his own name, Alephoros Aster, into the gilding, in perfect Chemosian script as a sign that he was the armour's even as it was his. An old tradition, one borne by those he considered the best as well as others. He had also taken a more personal time, between work and rest, to paint a small portrait of the Phoenix bird upon a blank space, though it seemed few of those remained and he had to work hard not to ruin the overall design of the suit. Even so, dressed as only a warrior and a swordsman can be, he entered the place where he had trained with his second Brotherhood with some slight flutter of trepidation.

    "Hail brother," the younger legionary waved, outside his armor he looked quite diminished, his pale body still recovering from wounds his suffered during the fighting. "Or should I say, Lord Champion?" there was no mockery in Brona's tone, although he didn't look like he was cracking a joke either. "Word travels fast, even faster than before. So...I take it congratulations are in order?"

    Aleph nodded, then took off his helmet, letting the clean air of the newly-cleansed chamber wash over him. He had not been quite sure what he would do, how he would speak to the younger Palatine. Brona's cheerful yet still sober greeting proved to be the perfect choice to settle his mood. He looked around the quarters - everything that had marred them was gone.

    "Hail," he replied, with a smile, something in his hearts lurching at how the other resembled a more youthful version of himself in his fatigues, right down to the choice of colours. "My thanks Brother, it still seems new to me but I will bear it with duty and honour fitting to the rank." He paused. Now was a moment in which a choice was made. Distant and formal Champion, or Brother Palatine? Alephoros paused. He looked around, at the walls, the cleanly-scrubbed floor, the spectacular mural with its depiction of their Legion-Father and the Father of All Mankind. There was solemnity in that meeting, there was honour and form, but there was also a moment of intimacy, of family. Even there, in flat paint, the majesty that was the Emperor shone as an inspiration. He did not need to speak to guide.

    "You've made an excellent job of this," he said, taking in the reborn chambers with sweep of one gauntleted hand. "You have been the fire, Brother. Cleansing so that we may be reborn anew." He took a seat, choosing one at random. "Ah, it was getting cluttered in here, anyway," he said with a small amount of humour. "So many braziers, so many warriors' personal choices of scents. I missed the clear air of Chemos." He glanced down, for but a moment, the memory of sandalwood and roses flaring in his mind. He locked it away, a glass encased treasure of a time still pure.

    "Well, we are the Palatine Blades of the Millennial, you and I, no others, and so we get to choose. Let me be Alephoros here among our company and Champion when ceremony demands. We have to set the standard and I would have a sense of brotherhood among our bladesmen once more." Aleph was coming to realise just who had to set the new customs, and it wasn't sitting as well as it might, but he would step up. "I say we begin as we mean to go on. There will always be a place for rite and form but there must also be a place for reflection and honest talk."

    "Speaking of that, Vitaly - that is, now, Master of the Forge, he has made us somewhere we call our own sanctuary and given that he allows, I'd like to invite you to join us there if you should wish when you have time to rest. A Brother needs to keep himself rested even as he must keep his blades sharp." Something I may need to impress upon Extro before he falls over. "As for other matters, I want to train here as often as I may when I'm not in the field."

    "I doubt you have heard of the Sulpha? My mother's people, back on Chemos. I was taught their ways of swordsmanship and dance and I will teach them to you. They serve me well and only a fool trains with but one sword." He didn't mean the use of a single blade over two, but rather the need to diversify and learn.

    "You are like Akurduana, or even Rylanor. Your views on how to reach perfection are born from trying to live up to the ideals set by those two men and they prevent you from reaching the next step. Rylanor is entombed and Akurduana is dead, and what they represent within the Legion is soon to follow." The words came to Aleph with perfect clarity, but he parried aside the attempted barb with ease. If he was like unto such men, then it was a source of pride and a signal honour. His jaw straightened a little and he looked Brona square in the eye.

    "You move with grace and attention; that will serve you well. The Sulpha believed that a man has only two occupations worth pursuing: dance, and war. You have found purpose, and I honour you for your focus and drive. Now let us hone the blade." He lifted the arm of his wondrous new battle-plate, marvelling at the ease with which it moved, but it still wasn't the right wear for the lesson.

    "Let me shed this glorious shell and we'll begin."
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    Elymas knew very well from personal experience that becoming a witch is an isolating experience, so he issues plenty of tasks upon his students that take place outside of the Librarium, to force them to be part of the Millenium one way or another. After all, the Chief to be strongly believes that this isolation allowed Apox and others to pick librarians that joined them and eliminate those that realized it was treachery of the highest degrees.

    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Halicos the Apothecary Ambassador ~~

    Halicos the self-proclaimed wish-Apothecary had a natural pull towards them, a strength and weakness that Elymas wished to profit on. It was no secret that the head of the Librarium was friends, and brother, with the Chief Apothecary. However, Elymas had other duties to take care of and so Halicos was sent instead.

    The Lexicanium came for once dressed outside of armor an smiled softly when greeted by one of Jendon's Apothecaries. "Kalian, I believe?" Halicos asked and offered his arm in a warriors embrace to the Apothecary.

    "I am Halicos, you may or may not remember me. I am not sure who of you put the dozen adamantium bolts into my left leg to keep it together." He said with a soft smile and slight shrug. "Any way. I have come on command from the Librarium to request some ointments against flame-wounds. It appears we just used the last few mixtures we had up when a .... Uhhh... Incident happened." There was a blush of embarrassment on the young warriors face and a nervous ruffling of his hair.

    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Prodah the Lost Warrior-Witch ~~

    Prodah had waited for the last of the sparrings of the day to be wrapped up, having watched the last two or three fights from a distance. Now there was a rare moment of the Master of Rites to be alone, polishing his gear or performing other maintenance.

    "Legacy of Rylanor." Prodah approached the man, cocky smirk on his face as if he knew some sort of secret name of the living legend before seating next to him, not even asking for permission.

    "Sergeant Prodah, reporting for duty." He made a mockery of a salute, not to annoy Arnock, the Master of Rites would know better, it was pride forbidding the fellow veteran to speak plainly. There was a heavy sigh before the man continued, hands clenched and resting on his knees. Was it not for the power armor, his finger nails might have drawn blood on his palms such iron tight grip he had.

    "Apologies... I mean no disrespect... But." Prodah looked from his hands over to Arnock. "I am losing the light. I am a leader, not a serf. How can I succumb to the life of a Librarian if I am meant to be with them." He gestured with his head towards the fresh recruits that took their leave towards the mess.

    "I am a warrior who wishes to draw blood from my enemies, not study books, be exiled by my own kin and discarded into a life of witchcraft. My own squad that I led through many campaigns before, during and after Laer turned their back on me. And they were not traitors, Master. Instead they glare at me as if I was one." He shook his head.

    "All this time to think that I was Prodah the Lucky. Pah! In reality it was my cursed genetics. I wonder if Leonis would have survived with the psyker gene running through his veins." He frowned at Arnock.

    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Remus the Wandering Soul ~~

    Remus stood in the hallway near the hangars where a big window provided sight into it. A Techmarine, maybe even the Forgemaster himself, along with a squadron of pilots and servitors performing check-ups, tune-ups and other duties on an array of vessels. Transporters, fighters, bombers. Giving each and all of them the works. Remus simply watched in silence, but with a smile. They would be fine without him. He gave them a nod of approval and turned, still lost in thought that he bumped into a passing Astartes.

    "Oh apologies!" Remus was quick to respond and help his brother to regain balance, only to notice that instead the other helped Remus to stay balanced. "Huh...?" He was confused for a moment only to look up and realize who he bumped into.

    "C-c-champion! Aster, Aleph, Alephorous Aster!" He gulped and padded Aleph clean of dust where he had bumped into him. "Lexicanium Remus, I so deeply apologize, I was lost in thought and uhm..." Remus gulped again but smiled, giving the champion some time to respond before the librarian would trip more over his own words.
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    Tyrus' feet hit the ground allowing him to roll away a moment and gather himself after nearly having his head crushed. Gracus shuttered back from the impact Extrovious unloaded on him. This split second gave Tyrus what he believed to be an opening. In anger, Tyrus rushed in with his chainsword raised aiming it for the back of Extrovious' exposed head and bringing the veteran down. After seeing this, Gravus quickly charged back in with hatred in his eyes as he also went straight for Extrovious' exposed head with his chainsword. However, where Tyrus had aimed for the back, Gracus went straight at the veteran's face.

    Arnock seemed a little caught off guard by the sudden appearance and talking of this Prodah. However, instead of cutting off this new Librarian, Arnock allowed him to get off his chest all that was weighing on his mind. After the warrior had finished, Arnock sigh and then spoke, "First off, let me start by saying that we are first warriors. Regardless of your position in the ranks, you are a warrior. Your calling is no curse, but one that is not understood by those whom are not touched by it. How would one explain the vastness of space to one whom has never been?" Arnock then set down next to the warrior, "Warrior about what if's do you no good. Your brothers will understand when they see you in action. Elymas for example, has proved himself in combat many times over. So, though some may fear what they do not understand, they do respect him which is why he now leads and teaches you. As for the books, everyone knows a sharp mind is as deadly as a sharpened blade."
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    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Remus the Wandering Soul ~~

    When Warriors Collide

    Aleph - who had been on his way to the refectory after training with his twin blades, and was dressed in his plain off-duty clothes of a simple cream tunic and loose trousers, his hair slightly damp from a shower and tied in a warrior's braid - had seen the fellow soldier, and had noted his distracted demeanour, but just as he stepped out of the man's way he turned, and the collision happened.

    "C-c-champion! Aster, Aleph, Alephorous Aster!" He gulped and padded Aleph clean of dust where he had bumped into him. "Lexicanium Remus, I so deeply apologize, I was lost in thought and uhm..." Remus gulped again but smiled, giving the champion some time to respond before the librarian would trip more over his own words.

    Aleph wasn't quite sure how to respond. He watched as the youthful Astartes attempted to pat him free of any dust with a slightly bemused expression. Gently, he disengaged the other's hands and positioned them by his sides. He took a step back to restore his personal space and give himself a moment to gather his own thoughts. Old gods of Chemos, I hope I didn't look like this to Lord Akurduana.

    "No harm done, Brother," he said, a warm if slightly confused smile on his face. "Lexicanum? You must then be a pupil of my Squad-mate Brother Elymas." He paused again.

    "Champion I may be, but I am also a Brother off duty so I suppose that Brother Aster will suffice, Brother-Champion might be the correct form ..." he looked thoughtful. "I must ask Arnock. He will know."

    "Well. Alephoros will do, at any rate, for now. How does the training suit you?" No doubt the new and ill-reputed office was a matter of some debate, possibly difficulty for the young Marine before him, but as Aleph understood it, you were a psyker whether you wished it or not. His own feelings on the matter were complex and that was at one or two removes. Just being a 'witch' could see you shunned. Or shot.

    What the Millennial needed now was unity, and direction. He thought for a moment more.

    "I was just on my way to eat. Would you care to join me? Study of any kind is hungry work."

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    Lost Boys
    I can make a lesson out of this...granted I can hear the Techmarines grating already. Thought brings a surprisingly light hearted smirk to Extro's features, momentarily contrasting with the staged gravity of the duel. Now how rough do I want to play with them is the question? Decision made in a mere fraction of a second, Extrovious heaves his blade in a wide arc just as the pair get into range and begin falling into their respective blows. Even with power field off the sword remains an exceptionally deadly weapon, all the more so with the giant astarte's might and the venerable suit's servos amplifying it. Aiming high he cores through one chainsword, shaving it in two and turning to allow the forward half to spank off the curve of his right pauldron. Killing edge continues on into the second such weapon, hacking apart Tychus' chainblade, this time though, Extrovious holds in a feigned moment of triumph. Freed half rakes down his exposed face, drawing a line of crimson down parallel to the wound crossing over white eye. Executioners blade swings up in both hands, then quickly descends to plant flattened tip against the floor. Extrovious locks eye to eyes with Tychus, then just as quickly breaks to regard Gracus.

    "Fifty laps around the whole of this deck, starboard, port, everything. I still see the crimson fields ablaze in your eyes, run it out of your systems then report to the armory and get yourselves fitted for assault harnesses and jump packs. Report to Deck Twenty for squad practice once you are done." Extrovious waits for no affirmative from either of the pair, instead barking orders to the rest of Arnock's sponsored recruits. "Kaiser, spare the rounds and report to Deck Twenty as well, see to it the field is set for void breach protocols, have the difficult set for Sanguine Extremis. You three are with me till I or the turrets and servitors deem you unfit." Gauntlet closes around the grip of slanted shield, standing it back up before hefting the impressive barrier off the ground. "Gideon, to me, Arnock has pawned you off on me, and that means you get to help me finish recruitment before training begins." Broaching no argument on any end he begins the march out of the training cages. "Arnock, Master of the Rites, I think you have done myself and the Millennial a great service. I shall stop by another day to observe the rest of the recruits." Flipped blade in hand he slams clenched fist to his breastplate in salute.


    No Library Pass Needed
    "Believe you and me Lexicanum, I am deeply grateful my genes remain pure, my mind requires reinforcement as is." Extrovious leaves Elymas with one last parting shot. "Gladly brother, I think we can all benefit from keeping a closer eye on each other in these times. The record keeping bit sounds pleasant as well, best we remember the damned and loyal alike." Tone was not so acidic as the words themselves, it was hard to read if it was all entirely directed at the witch-kin or merely the influence of the recent betrayal. "Perhaps I shall bring my own recruits around sometime soon, enjoy ourselves a little war game, some mutual training." At least this thought seemed a genuinely pleasing one to the Sergeant.


    Pholax Reborn
    "Brother Pholax." Extrovious regards the Dreadnought looming over him with mouth set flat and eyes reflecting a deep self-consciousness. "It is good to see you awake, still among us, even in this new form. You have my apologies for the transformation, my not being there at the bridge." He lets the thought hang, awaiting the towering golem's input on the incident.

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    ~~ No Library Pass Needed ~~

    "A training match? Aye that would be a fine thing! Just make sure to get a fair judge. Someone like Sidon, Minteril, or Arnock. But we shall be ready to face off. As long as we keep it fair, a four versus four." Elymas smiled widely. It would be a grand chance to defeat Extrovious and whomever he chooses, or if anything only grant him a Pyrrhic victory. It would reignite the trust into the librarium as well as show that librarians do not rely on their powers in forms of witchcraft.

    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Prodah the Lost Warrior-Witch ~~

    Prodah laughed softly and leaned back, crossing his arms and legs. "So you say, so you say. I understand the words, I see merit in your words. Yet, I cannot believe them. Do you not know the word, Master of Rites? Elymas only earned his Terminator armor because he saved you from Apox. Others have seen it. It does not help that old man Sidon is emotionally biased." He shook his head.

    "But we shall see what the future holds. We librarians are definitely stuck with each other and will continue to become our best. If anything might as well make our... normal brethren jealous in our superior skill while being outcasts. And all the while we write their amazing feats of combat into our history books." The cynic warrior looked over to Arnock, smirking.

    "Let me ask you one last thing so you don't think I discard everything you said with sarcasm. You saw Elymas in action, using his powers and such. What is your opinion of an Astartes wielding Primarch-esque powers and the edict itself, that by the way Sidon made very clear is still in effect until we hear otherwise from the Imperium." The Sergeant was genuinely interested.

    ~~ Lexicanium Errands - Remus the Wandering Soul ~~

    Remus blinked in slight confusion being this casually invited to have lunch, dinner, whatever time it might be, with the fabled Millenial Champion. "I. You. Wouldn't you... I mean yes! Of course." Remus beamed from cheek to cheek.

    "As for the training, it is amazing, confusing, stressful and everything in between. The slightest things you have to pay attention to and details that eluded me being trained as a warrior. You see, the dating system is very precise in the reports or even the difference of writing a battle report compared to historical facts. The entire style must change as well as source collection. Anything from written statements over audio and sometimes even pict-records or drawing accurate technical drawings with measurement system and everything. Not to forget that ink and paper need both of a certain quality, else you risk loss of information over the centuries and millenniums to come. Ohhhh that reminds me! Rumor has it that you were raised among the Sulpha. Sadly with the burning of the Librarium a lot of the knowledge, well... All of the knowledge about them has been eradicated from the Sovereign. So uhhh... Well... Maybe sometimes we could organize some sort of interview or collaboration on making an in-depth report? After all, it is unlikely we will ever put foot on Chemos again..."

    Remus did basically not stop talking as the two started to make their way to the cantina, rambling on basically non-stop until he came against the boulder of Aleph's past which brought forth again Remus' more shy personality considering the inquiry he made combined with the weight of Aleph and on top of that the melancholy of never seeing the homeworld of their legion again, considering that the traitors might have either burned it to the ground or turned it into a fortress by now.
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    "Spending what could be centuries with nothing but inward reflection should, I hope, make me at least a bit wiser about myself. As for training new recruits in this way... This isn't so much as a science. Could have been several things that set me off into this state and we're unknown about my future. For all we know, when one emotion grows too strong I could revert into Anger, becoming nothing but a raging beast, or seeing a close brother die turning me into Sorrow, inconsolable as I break down." Pholax spoke laying down his chainaxe as he was feeling more at ease with the possible Elymas. "I'd also not recommend putting new recruits into a near death state near the start of their life as an Astarte, not even the Eaters of Worlds are that barbaric." Pholax chuckled.

    "So you could come in like a raging bull but would get the owner of the mind's attention and is an ill advised move, but you can for lack of a better word sneak into someone's mind and explore it for secrets and knowledge without the owner becoming any wiser that they're not alone in their mind. That is pretty remarkable. And terrifying. This is my sanctum in many ways, and the idea someone could be skulking around and I have no real defence is pretty alarming, even if you have noble intentions, say another does not. My or any other non-witch's only hope is to block them out by thinking 'NO' really hard." Pholax scratched his chin "Last fortress I saw had it's walls smashed by orbital bombardment. No idea if it is symbolism, but it was what happened before I met Anger, Sorrow, Joy and the others. Reason was there before. The mind is a silly place from what I've discovered.".

    "This seems... odd. How does one tell reality from a false reality if one like you could create a false reality in my mind and then I could say act out an entire life being none the wiser? It some ways I guess that could be a blessing to a man on his death bed, one could even say I could live a life on Chemos without being part of the Legion and see how I would react. Staying as a miner in the grand city of Callax and then becoming a part of Chemosian society or whatever else could happen with countless possibilities. It seems there are some good things, witchcraft, can do." Pholax smiled at the idea of being able to live several lives in one's own mind. "They'd all be false and nothing more than dreams however so how kind would that be...." His smile fading as he realised it'd be selling fake gold to someone.

    "You may have been the first to kill one of us, but it's not like you did it out of anger, spite, hatred or fear. You did it because he'd broken the Emperor's law and for whatever reason, betrayed the Emperor. Your purpose is to serve the Legion and ensure it's and the Imperium's survival, as well as making it thrive. Hephaestus while once loyal and true, turned. We could debate the reasons why until you die of old age and I go senile, but the point is he did." Pholax picked up the chainaxe, inspecting various parts of it. "Inspecting ones self is like inspecting a weapon, you pick out the flaws, faults and issues with it. Like this weapon is primed and ready, you're like a bolter. Your sights are off, adjust them to see your target." Pholax pulled out a bolt pistol from his side looking down the sights.

    "You focus them so you see clearly, once you have your goal, everything else falls into place. You always have choices. If they are good or bad, it is circumstantial. Do you wish you could change your actions? I imagine yes. But considering you're talking to someone's in a near death state, I don't think you're the only one." Pholax smirked as he took the bolt pistol apart. "If you killing the Chief Librarian made you a traitor, then all of us are traitors for killing those who attacked us. You came here as you've stated for more than just wanting to be forgiven or beaten for your self perceived failings to protect me. Men die in war, it has been like this since we can remember and it will be like that long, long after our bones have turned to dust. Do you not think that the Phoenician wished he could have saved lives in battles? Do you think that the Emperor didn't mourn when we and the Custodes died to protect him as he was wounded? We all suffer in wars, some just get to live with that suffering." Pholax looked up at Elymas as his hand was place upon him. "However if you are this self pitying when I awaken, I may take you up on the offer of beating some sense into you." Pholax chuckled.

    "In the past, I wasn't kill focused, I was target focused like we all must be. To keep looking at the past, you miss your future. It is fine to glance back and enjoy the path you've walked but keep walking before some block appears. Death is the best teacher I've found, I just happen to have been spared by the reaper for some purpose. I will make the most of a second life, even if it is to be a glorified statue most of the time." Pholax put the bolt pistol back together again.

    "I think something new is happening. I must be off." Pholax stared into the sky at a bright light. "Remember what I have told you, and I keep my promises, Elymas. I will beat sense into you if you keep up with the self pity. You did what was needed when needed." Pholax was stern this time as he walked into a light. "I will keep this meeting a secret for your safety however....."

    As Pholax walked into the light, he noticed the sound of beeping and and rebreathers, the occasional burst of binary. Perhaps Elymas was telling the truth. Vision was still lacking however.

    It could have been minutes or hours or days as a display appeared, Initialising.

    Whatever was happening it seemed to be mechanical in nature.

    With a flash vision appeared, it was clearly the domain of the tech priests and their ilk.

    Instinct leading him as he had planned to overlord whatever power source he had, stopping only when he remembered Elymas told him that they'd won.

    Hearing the grinding of gears and metal scraping, did Pholax turn to look upon Extrovious.

    "Brother." The vox amplified voice boomed. "You won it seems, with acceptable loses. The Phoenician will no doubt smile upon your victory."

    Holding his voice for a time, "I heard Aleph when I came online. I hope they did survive and it wasn't just my subconscious playing tricks on me."

    "Would you like a system report, Extrovious or is there another reason you have come to awaken me? Usually the Tech Priests do that, not things of the flesh." Pholax continued to boom. "I am now a personification of man and machine now, I imagine. I best get used to the Omnissiah this and the Omnissiah that..." Pholax laughed as there was a horrific rattling noise from his tomb.
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    A Path of Blood, Bone and Fire

    As Extrovious moved through the "Sovereign's" dark corridors, passing by multiple maintenance crews working to fix the damage caused by enemy's void guns on his way towards the training cages, the Sergeant would find his view shifting. At first, it was a subtle change, no more than a slight feeling of displacement. Then, he would sense a different smell as a dusty wind grazed his exposed face - even though he wore his helmet. And just as he brushed this aside and took a step forward...he found himself nearly stepping over into an abyss.

    He stood on the edge of a great tower overlooking the City of Light beneath him. The night was approaching quickly but its darkness had no hold over the people below as they were out, the sound of their celebration reaching him even up here. City was illuminated properly by myriad of light sources, both manufactured and achieved by the Art, making sure that the name was aptly given. Top of the tower where Extro was standing now was turned into some noble's rest, with a couch, small bookshelf, couple of plants and a pool which reflected the soon-to-be star-filled sky above. There was a narrow bridge of cobblestone connecting it to another similar tower two dozen feet away, below which rose a great pyramid made of something resembling glass.

    "Can you sense it? The ringing of fate?" a shadow that loomed over Extrovious ever since Laer stood next to him, overlooking the city below. Giant hands held the railing, the crimson robes worthy of a king covered a frame second to none. Child of the Emperor remembered the feeling when in presence of this person and it shaped the encounter, making it all too real.

    "The slow passage of time touched by a child's hand, twisting the essence into things that might never be." Magnus the Red spoke, his voice no more than a whisper. "Or is it merely a trick of the light?"

    Pholax Reborn
    @dx144 @DeranVendar
    "I've given the order to initiate the awakening sequence," another warrior walked in the Dreadnought's holding bay, his silver armor still shining, even in this gloom. "Brother Extrovious, I apologize for the interruption," Sidon spoke and nodded in Sergeant's direction, holding his winged helmet in the crook of his arm. His beard was trimmed, his hair shortened a bit and combed properly, no more was he a rugged veteran but a true representative of his noble Legion. Just like Pholax joked about, his surroundings were indeed filled with Tech Priests and their servitors of all kinds and purposes, although they all remained in the background, removing the chains holding the Contemptor Dreadnought and allowing him to step down and move.

    "How do you feel brother? I was told that you'd need couple of days to adjust to your new armor and given the facts surrounding our new reality, I had to make sure you start practicing as soon as possible." Just like before, Praetor's voice betrayed nothing in terms of his emotions. His eyes were set firm on Pholax's casing as if he was trying to find gaps in both the adamantium and the flesh beneath it.

    My Brother and I Against the World

    "Thank you...Alephoros," Brona offered Aleph a smile as he paused with the cleaning to sit down with him. "I felt it was only right and proper to completely wash this place and get the foul stench out of it. was more than just stench," the younger warrior held back for a moment, but then continued on more freely, as if just now understanding what Aleph meant with his words.

    "I found eleven Astartes bodies in the back, every one of them was killed by dozen or so stabs. Each of them is now put in burial coffins, if you wish you can give them last rites before I call for the servitors to send them to the tombs below," Brona spoke, the sadness of in his eyes reaching his voice. "I admit, I don't know if we even have a ceremony for this, so if I was wrong I apologize. Truth is, I never even properly joined the Palatine Blades, Cautorious selected me and couple of others from my company, he gave us charnabal sabres but the actual initiation was supposed to happen after...after we do his bidding and claim a worthy kill. For me and Vasil, he saved you but you know how that turned out to be."

    Aleph could see cracks in Brona, in the silence of the Palatine Blades quarters the younger legionary looked even weaker than before, like a man who was completely out of life energy. "I don't understand Aleph," his voice never really faltered but it wasn't firm either, "When I was on the knees in front of you, you stayed your hand. Why brother? Why did I deserve to live when not a single other traitor was given such pardon?"

    It was clear that much of this troubled Brona to the fact he completely ignored Aleph's offers on training and his encouragement. He either didn't even register it or he simply found the other matter more pressing.
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