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Perfect Warriors

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    A Path of Blood, Bone and Fire
    The world seemed as much detached from him as he did from it. Every step muffled like thunder beneath the sea, each swing of limb ponderous and unstoppable. Through helmet lenses Extrovious regarded the Sovereign's interior, peripheral limited and claustrophobic even by his lonesome. Through so much armor, Extrovious felt vulnerable and alone, it was appropriate for his new role. New job deprived him of his wings, but in truth, after so many years with them on, they had lost their luster. As Sidon had made very clear, his job was now to keep boots on the ground in the thick grunge of war at all times, not terribly different from the old role, just a fair deal slower. Slow truly summed up his impressions of the armor so far, not yet having a chance to channel his true fury into any of his limbs and press the suit to its limits. Instead for two days since it was first revealed to him, the warmly colored almost-violet suit had been on the move with him inside, wearing it like a second skin and intent on doing so till even he felt as much. All the more pertinent seeing as he had several trips to make today in particular....

    The Lost Boys
    "Master of the Rites." Extrovious steps into the training cages, looking all the worlds like a properly shrunk down version of the suit's namesake. Twin exhausts on the back poke their stubby spouts from between the reinforced ceramite and adamantine plating, and each limb thick as some Orks torsos thanks to the obscene reinforcement and Extro's own not so unsubstantial size. "Arnock." Seeing his brother bereft of the company of young recruits he falls back on laxer titles, marching up to the other warrior. Goliath hand reaches out to clasp the other and drag him into a warrior's grip. "I have come to collect, the Praetor said you would have a list of names for me. Those you believe may require a different path to their place in our millennial." Extrovious steps back, another hand rising to retrieve his helmet. Face feels freshly recycled ship board air for the first time in days. In spite of an all white eye and the hulking suit of armor, some of the old warrior's good looks remain, seemingly cultured as if in odds of his new role. Giving head a light toss he runs a single nubby terminator finger across chestnut colored hair.

    "I would request a line up of the rest when convenient as well. Put my own scythe to the crop, so to speak."

    No Library Pass Needed
    "Elymas." Extrovious lets himself into the Librarium, towering shield in one hand, and great blade in the other. One proudly displays both the aquilla and the numeric heraldry of the IIIrd, the other a plain instrument of whatever its wielder intended it for; considering the current locale, he would not make a welcoming sight. "Elymas, brother, I have come to see the cream of your crop, inspect your order for myself."

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    ~~ No Library Pass Needed ~~

    "Sergeant Extrovious." Elymas said with surprise in his voice, raising an eyebrow, but nonetheless standing up from his chair.

    "The last time I saw an Astartes that heavily armored in the librarium, he was sent to kill me and burn everything down." He grimaced, meaning it as a semi-joke, but the moment he said it, he realized that the words spoken combined with Extrovious past was maybe not a good combination. "Apologies, I am just a little bit tired and maybe... Lonely. The Lexicaniums still have not quite settled into a single schedule, requiring me to keep tabs on them at all times across the entirety of Sovereign. At least Jendons servo skulls aid with remote supervision." Clearly Elymas was more talkative than usual which might be related to the lack of individuals coming here. The Librarium had nothing for the wrath-fueled band of warriors that the Third Millenial has become, and all sorts of literature and history was gone either way. Some treated Elymas with care as well, for all that he was.

    "But to finally come to your request. So far I only have three librarians in training, they are combat ready, but not in terms of projecting their powers. Not to forget that Praetor Sidon has not exactly giving the green light on that yet either. They are making progress in controlling their powers and have each a specific power assigned to master over the months to come." The Chief Librarian to be informed his brother and fellow of the 4th squad, before activating the vox-bead in his ear and summoned his librarians.

    Within five minutes the three appeared. Elymas gestured them closer and they lined up, he went behind each one, introducing them to Extrovious.

    "This is Lexicanium Prodah. Former Sergeant of the 29th company. A Terran who is a man of the force axe and bolt pistol and prefers close up combat, his current power he is mastering is that of the Soul Scream. Combat wise, he reminds me much of you, always looking for the biggest enemy to fell." This one was the tallest of the three, having short white hair combed back and to the side.

    "This one is Lexicanium Halicus. A Chemosian that joined just after the Laer campaign and yet remained loyal to the Emperor. He has a thirst of perfection in a way that I can compare to Alephorous Aster, Champion of our Millenial. His spell is the Firebird Ballad, a power to heal our warriors. In combination with that supportive role, he favors the Bolter and pick his targets from the distance. But in close combat, he is ready to lay the rule of the land to the foe by force staff." Halicus had long curled hair that seemed to be naturally like that, his face almost feminine, traits of Fulgrim clearly seen that only was supported by the lack of severe scars on his face.

    "Last but not least is Lexicanium Remus. He is not only a Terran, but belonged to our first Fire Raptor squadron. He was a grand pilot and can still serve as such when needed. Inspired by my experiences on Medusa, he has mastered The Flesh is Weak, a power that allows to drain his foes' strength and make them sluggish, weak and easier to kill. Remus favors speed over strength and thus wields a force sword in combination with a bolt pistol." Remus looked almost like a young Elymas. Shaved bald, the purple eyes and even almost a matching scar of that to the future Chief Librarian that he got on the jungle world.

    While these three were clad in their power armors, force hood and equipped with their weapons, Elymas looked tiny compared with wearing only his librarian robes and being unarmed. Although Extrovious would be able to see the Terminator armor safely contained behind the 'Chief Librarians' desk.
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    Arnock grasped Extrovious' forearm without hesitation and spoke, "Extrovious. It is good to see you, brother." Arnock did not have his helm on, which allowed any to see the imperfection that his face now was. After his run in with Apox, the Master of Rites' face was litter with scars, both from battle and from the extensive surgery it took to reconstruct the shape of his face. However, Arnock showed his face, without a second thought, knowing it would show the recruits and the Millenial as a whole, what a traitor is capable of.

    Looking out to the cages once more, Arnock listened to Extrovious explain the reason for his visit. Truthfully, visits from senior members of the battle force were becoming more and more frequent as they inspected and requested new recruits. Arnock nodded before replying to Extrovious, "Of course. Sidon had mentioned this to me a while back. And ever since I have been keeping a keen eye out for those whom would fit your needs perfectly. A few specific individuals sprung to mind immediately..." Arnock pointed over to the shooting range where a recruit was lining up with heavy bolter. The recruit readied the weapon and began to engage the targets normally as they popped up. Arnock smiled ever so slightly, "Keep watching." At first the change was hard to notice, but with each target it was clear that the recruit was firing more and more rounds at each target. Finally, the second to last target popped up and the recruit unloaded the last of his rounds into it. A split second later, the finally target popped up and without hesitation, the recruit threw a combat knife at the target, impaling it in the chest. Arnock looked to Extrovious, "That is Kaiser. He always carries a heavy weapon, but something always seems to tell me he is an assault marine at heart."

    Pointing over to the training cage closest to them, Arnock would sigh, "Then there is Gracus and Tyrus. They are easily in the top tier among the recruits... but they are also at the top tier of those whom are unstable. They work extremely well together, but at times they are extremely reckless and quick to target what they perceive to be the strongest foe before them. They could stand to use a little refinement." When Extrovious looked to the cage, he would see two recruits sparring with melee weapons against one of the veterans of the Millenial. The two recruits complimented each other in battle well, at first, but as the match continued, it became clear that there was a slight bit of battle between them as the cohesion turned to competition. Each one seemed to allow the other to take blows and the chance to score a 'winning' blow. After a few more moments, the veteran used the disfunction to his advantage, putting both of them on their backs. The two recruits then began to yell at each other before breaking out into a fight, only to be pulled apart by some of the others around the cage.

    Arnock then seemed to look around a moment, clearly looking intently for someone. After a moment of searching, Arnock's head paused and he pointed over to one of the benches next to a weapons rack, "There. That recruit sitting by himself. That is Gideon. And to be honest with you, Extrovious, I struggle with him. He is a good fighter in close combat, but his mind is tattered by what has happened. I try to teach him purpose, but this betrayal has hit him hard as a recruit that he was close to defected. He is loyal, make no mistake about it, brother. Gideon just needs something new to snap that mind back into focus. And if there is anyone to be able to do that, it is you."

    Arnock then reached down, grabbing a data slate, before handing it to Extrovious and continuing, "Those three I pointed out were the perfect fits that sprung to mind. Here is a list of other recruits that have a great many of the aspects you desire. I made this list myself." Arnock then crossed his arms looking over all the recruits out training, "As for your inspection, feel free to do whenever you wish. I always welcome a second set of eyes to help me gauge these recruits for weakness or strengths. And, truth be told, there are few eyes I would trust more than yours, Extrovious."
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    Pholax listened to the possible Elymas, if he was real, then maybe it'd be better for him, wishing for a better reality is always good, but can disappoint you when it's not.

    "I'll choose not to believe that I was the one who died for a time, and the rest of you lived. Of that was the case, how would I ever live it down being the first to fall?" Pholax laughed. "But I suppose it could be true, the Pholax who fought there was different, too blinded by rage to do much, a single comment cause him, me to lose all sense of reason and logic." Pholax continued to laugh about his former self. "Could you imagine him having command of even a squad, it'd go on suicide missions if there was a rumour the enemy force insulted him."

    "And the thanks, is for damning yourself for talking with me, even if it is using a horrific banned form of communication. I imagine this place is as open to you as the sea, if you wanted to, you could search through everything to the darkest and deepest secret that I, or the Legion may have hidden." Pholax smirked, "How does such power not corrupt..."

    The other avatars of Pholax were quiet, seemingly gone from the area as if something focused them out, perhaps this was simply focusing on something other than himself. Pholax wondered if now he'd see this Elymas' avatars. It was a ridiculous notion, but arguing you can see your own personification of rage, sorrow and reason would probably sound rather insane.

    Hearing that Elymas' life was now at his mercy, Pholax roared with laughter again, "A near dead man having a dead man's life in his hands, why do witches always have such odd notions. I do not really care you broke your edict to talk to me, better than anyone else has done. Tell me, has anyone tapped on the box and shouted hello loudly? I swear I heard the voice of Jendon once but I put it down to some battlefield I was watching, likely our squad was there and someone needed Jendon's attention." Pholax mused as he noticed the wooden box and the idol had disappeared.

    "As for owing me, Elymas, if you owed me anything I'd have come to collect it. You chose to save a brother in your story, while saving me would have been nice, he was closer and not blinded by rage. Also, I would have likely been bragging about how I took down a Terminator, an elite of the Legion on my own." A grin wide enough to cover Pholax's face appeared, "I think the Legion would thank you for that."

    "I thank you for the offer of trying to clear my mind or whatever it is you psykers can do, but I actually feel closer to myself since... Well ever. Talking to one's self was always considered a taboo, here I see it as, enlightening, I can reason with myself, calm myself, reflect on situations without needing a stranger there to reveal stuff to. You really are your own best friend." Pholax seemed to be calmer now, not caring much if it was the real Elymas or not. "You did come to speak with me after all, and hearing a different voice than my own, did break the monotony, So I thank you for that, and if you really care for the life debt, consider that payment, I'm fine, I'm not insane, I'll wake up at some point, but since you say we won, I'll wait before trying to kill everyone around me. The plan was to use whatever weapons they installed, and if they didn't work try and overload some generators or something, I always did excel at breaking things." Pholax smirked, "as for the secrets and past, I've likely forgotten them because they needed to or I want to forget them. The past is an iffy thing, it blinds you to the future if you look back too much and if you look too far forward you forget the present, got to have a healthy balance. It is likely the secret to life, stick that on some book and use it as your own if you wish." Pholax spoke remembering the past was meant to stay hidden at times.

    "Do they know how long until the Tech Priests can do their superstitious rights to awaken me? I would like to see the mess I get to clean up or rather, watch get cleaned up now that I cannot really do menial work. Small mercies I guess." Pholax's mind was wandering about random things. "I assume the avatars will stay with me, I'm not entirely sure, maybe they've become one with me, I don't understand much about biology and other sciences. I would like to do something more constructive than gathering dust however." Pholax shrugged as he was wondering what he could even do in a Dreadnought's frame other than be pestered by menials, serfs and other mortals curious about this or that.

    "If there is anything you wish to talk about, feel free to talk, other than that enjoy your stay and Meditation. And, as a word of warning, I'd stray from the use of psychic powers in the open, it is still banned and for good reason, even titles of witches will arouse serious suspicion, I imagine... Unless we've also gone against the Emperor's laws." Pholax mused as he looked around the room curious about how he'd never managed to get here before.
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    The Lost Boys
    As if having laid eyes upon traitors, Extrovious brushes past Arnock with determined stride and shield at one side, and blade being drawn from its somewhat awkward angle off his back. Armor clips the sides of training cage entrance, rattling the links and thumping the walls like a firm punch.

    "What is this squabble? Look at how you two crack already, I see the makings of traitors." Momentum was building as he approached Tyrus and Gracus. None could miss the heaving terminator forcing his way into the midst of things. "Release them brothers." Heavy blade rakes through the air in a concise sweep of blunt side, sending the veterans prying the pair of youths apart to the sides and leaving only the pair to face down his charge. "Blades out whelps, bolters too, first one to draw my blood ascends; loser is voided before he becomes an issue, or becomes a trophy, whatever strikes me as most appropriate." Extrovious inflects his tone with the timbre of battle, scowl exposed and the only reasonable target for Tyrus and Gracus. Lets us see if I cannot refine some of Apox's charm for a greater cause. Nostrils flared, even thinking the name stoked his ire and the long blade in hand echoed the sentiment with a snapping revival of its power field in response to a terse squeeze of its handle. This would be a fine first trial.

    Not sure if you actually wanted to control these guys or not, makes no difference to me, just wanted to give Arnock a chance to react.

    No Library Pass Needed
    There was no erasing the menace of having a newly minted terminator and commander of a non-standard and ill defined unit wander into a recently sacked Librarium, and Extrovious only made the mildest form of an attempt to reconcile this with a professional smile.

    "I am not here for blood shed or destruction today. Just to evaluate your crop for myself, perhaps put my mind at ease. A group of psykers under your tutelage worry me less than under the scrutiny of others." Backhanded, but genuine, Extrovious marches after the smaller Librarian, features hawkishly locking onto the assembling Lexicanum as they muster. In spite of the burden of full armor, Extro matches Elymas step for step, mirroring his position in the front of each of the wizard-warriors. "Prodah." Fellow Sergeant is greeted with a polite nod, smile bleeding away to disappointment: a fine warrior among the ranks of the mutant, a loss in his eye. He considers a joke, something about a Nob, a hammer and latent insanity, but decides better of it. "Glad to see some proper grit and mettle in this line up."

    "I admire your loyalty Halicus. Born straight into a pit of serpents and remaining untouched-" Extrovious looks him over, top to bottom, considers his choice of ability. "Be as sound in will and mind, and your brothers will not need fear your support. Remember well you take their lives into your hands with the same delicacy as an enemy, even when trying to help. I expect that Elymas will ask much of you, strive to succeed." Exhaling slowly through his nose, Extro's next thudding steps place him before Remus.

    "How long did you and Prodah stew on this I wonder? At least it has come to light in the company of a more experienced... background." Witch, mutant, these words were close at tongue and the warrior felt the guilty pins of realization that had he not met these men in the Librarium, he would only have kind words to describe them. "It is a cruel reality to have thrust upon you, but if you acquit yourself with Elymas as you have in past service, then perhaps this Librarium might not need be a place of complete dread." Another sting of guilt, one that does not reach his face, but hits nonetheless as he addresses a warrior senior in experience and battle honors to himself. Perfection's pursuit preserve me, this genetic deviancy takes good men from their brotherhoods. At least Elymas shall take good care of them.

    "Much rests on you four." Extrovious takes a step back, blade hanging low enough in hand the flat tip's under edge nearly scrapes the floor. Turning he begins to pace towards the exit. "Thank you for your time, return to your training. Rest little, Librarians, it is in your hands whether judgement will be kind or not when the time comes." On that note, unless stopped, he will leave, feeling both better and worse than when he walked in.

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    The crowd around the cage would do far more than just part, as each of the members Extrovious passed would lower their head to give respect to one of the Millenial's mightiest warriors. Arnock would follow closely behind and enter the training cage as well. He fell strangely silent though as Extrovious bellowed out his demand of the two recruits. Arnock simply looked at the two recruits as if waiting to see what they do.

    Gracus was first to stand to his feet with his fists clinched tightly as he bowed his head, forcing himself to show respect after Extrovious' comments. Tyrus, however; stood up and raised his voice, "I am no damn traitor!" Tyrus then grabbed up his sword and looked to Gracus whom then spoke to Tyrus, "Together." Tyrus nodded to his brother before looking to Arnock.

    Arnock stepped forward and began to pace along the cage as he spoke, "What a treat we have been graced with this day. Extrovious, venerated leader among our ranks has come to test the merit of two. His judgement is absolute! Are there any whom would object?" In one, loud response, the entire group around the cage slammed their fist to their chest. "No greater honor can be found than to be able to cross weapons with a warrior of this standard. A standard you all would do well to strive for! So, now all will lay witness to the trial of brothers Gracus and Tyrus." Again, in one loud response, all around the cage slammed their fist to their chest. Arnock then pointed to Gracus and Tyrus, "Brother Extrovious has found you wanting. Your judgement begins!"

    Tyrus and Gracus would nod to Arnock before dropping into their combat stances with their chainswords at the ready. Tyrus would move out to Extrovious' left flank, while Gracus would go for his right. It was a standard tactic that any recruit would know to use with the numbers advantage was held. However, whatever advantages they believed they had, would soon be found to be false as this was no mere line brother.

    OOC: I can play them if you wish. Obviously, Extrovious would easily handle them so feel free to take the reins and I shall react accordingly.
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    The Lost Boys
    "Only one of you gets to win." Extrovious maneuvers left to meet Tyrus head on, barreling towards him with shield raised. Bulwark proves a double edged blade, keeping Tyrus hidden from Extro, Sergeant needing to intuit where the smaller fighter goes. Already he hears Gracus in pursuit, pouncing upon the opportunity provided by an exposed back. Considering these were training swords the only vulnerable spot on Extro's body remains his un-helmed head. Turning his shield's exterior further along his outer arm he opens his field of view enough to spy Tyrus continuing to strafe around as a distraction. Snorting Extrovious heaves his weight around with one step, great blade cleaving the air in twain to bring Gracus' charge to sudden halt. While he recovers Extro piles on with both momentum and raw strength, heaving shield overhead to slam him into the ground. "If you somehow win, you're still not staying. I'll send you to the Corpse Grinders where you can stay in the dirt and keep your head down." Wrenching blade hand back he uses the pommel to smash aside Tyrus' blade and hand with one violent motion. "As for you, I cannot tell if you need to go spend time with the White Scars to work on your agility, or if I ought to dump you into the sumps with some Death Guard." He spits after Tyrus, a grievous insult compared to his usual style of dueling with the others. Come now, let me see the cracks, or shore them up and impress me.

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  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Gracus came to a sudden halt as his back collided into the cage forcing the air from his lungs. The recruit pushed himself back to his feet and charged back into the fight and he yelled, "We are children of the Emperor!" Tyrus then yelled, "I am vengeance, and know no mercy!" These words caused another loud, united thump on every recruits' chest. Tyrus felt the strength of Extrovious, but seemed unshaken as he attempted to get into the Bulwark's guard. It was a bold move, especially given the age and experience of the recruit. Gracus saw this and attempted to drive his weapon right into the back of Extrovious' leg. Extrovious would notice the differences in their reactions to adversities in combat. Where Gracus seemed to boil at a steady, focused rage, Tyrus seemed to grow more angry and bold with every step of the battle.
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    The Lost Boys
    Extrovious regards Tyrus with a murderous look and opens shield arm wide to welcome him into his guard. Shield limb snaps like a vice and binds the smaller body against Sergeant's chest, limbs pinned by a single one of his arms. Before another insult might be hurled, Gracus is nipping at his heels. Extro squats down, pinching the blade as it worms into a joint, armor inviolate for now, and weapon caught. Raising his blade he activates the sundering field of energy and slams it back down, burying it in the floor of the cage.

    "Should of joined the auxillia Tyrus, those words might of impressed there." Freed hand reaches back for Gracus, finding him nowhere in reach, instead already falling back to find a new angle of attack. "Brother Pholax at least made good on his word when the World Eater in him came out." Giant hand clamps onto Tyrus' head, beginning to constrict with palm and plated fingers. Extrovious rounds towards Gracus. "I declare this one a failure, you have till his head pops before I put you down as well Gracus. The chrono is ticking and my patience is through."

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    Tyrus struggled as much as he could, not giving up the fight for a single second. The recruits hands would punch and pry at Extrovious' hands as he spoke in anger, "I am retribution, and I know no sleep!" Gracus' focus did not seem shaken, but there was a look of anger in his eyes that any could see was growing. The recruit then charged in with his weapon low and tried to fake out Extrovious by at the last second going high. This was clearly a killing blow that anyone could see from watching as the chainsword went straight for Extrovious' neck. "I am a child of the Emperor," Gracus yelled as he attempted the rage filled attack.
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