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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Pholax couldn't help but smile seeing his work saving his brothers from the flying scourge, although that smile as short lived for him, he still kept it as they failed to hit him, there was probably a less in here about getting ahead of one's self. As this would have killed a lesser man thrice.

    The helmet seemed to be still of use, provided nothing hit the same spot as it was breached in.

    He felt his system instantly pumping stims into his system, he'd never seen his own bones before and by the Emperor, this was a more intense pain than he thought it'd have been.

    Opening the Vox, "Pholax here, damage sustained. Preparing to strike the skies again." Said through gritted teeth, "By the Emperor." Pholax added through the Vox unintentionally before closing it.

    If they wanted to play rough, he'd play rough. Rising back to feet, fighting through the pain of his leg, placing his left knee down and placing his weight upon it, he began preparing his heavy bolter to firing more at the skies to suppress them as much as he could. If he could keep the Scourges on him, the rest of the squad could strike the prize. One must fulfil their duty, even if the price is death.


    All out attack on the Scourges with Heavy Bolter fire.
  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "They have only clipped this angel's wings, not slain him. That was not their first mistake, the mere act of existing marked the beginning of their foibles in the galaxy of man, but we shall see it is their last. Excellent work with the grenades Jendon, such success is worth every drop of blood." Extrovious rises, shakily a moment as his senses betray him and at last he acknowledges the power of their foe's weaponry. The ceramite melted and long cooled in a mire of his own burnt skin was nothing to what sung through his veins now; or more accurately the lack of veins. Even trans-human mind, capable of keeping him conscious through pain that would of slain a lesser man outright, could not banish the phantom pain occupying the empty space where his arm occupied mere seconds ago. It could keep him on task though.

    Even with his tenuous place in this world quaking and burning, Extrovious registers that their Librarian is in some danger, and more importantly that the Sergeant was ordering him to unleash his powers. "Lets us aid the-- Elymas, to Elymas' side Jendon." A test of his damaged jump pack reveals its damage to be so severe that it will neither cough nor shudder, absolutely no energy reaching or lingering in the machine. Were it not for the sake of their mission, Extrovious would not be terribly concerned with the mechanical hamstring, the mutant was in a sore spot, but such was the burden of his existence. Alas, Extrovious felt a professional sense of duty to aid the Psyker, for even he was a thousand times better than the whole collective of these degenerates. Chainsword in hand and Jendon at his side the Emperor's Child returns to war.

    "Elymas." Spoken without the pause this time, Extrovious able to keep anything derogatory from his lips and a coolness to his tone. "Avoid stripping the flesh from our bones with your talents, and we shall keep their talons from you."

    @Uriel1339 @Vulpas

    OOC: One Defense on Elymas, One Chainsword Attack on Grotesque #1.
  3. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    A thrill of adrenaline courses through Vitaly as he narrowly escapes a haircut via exotic high-energy particles. Surveying the battlefield, he sees Sidon battered to his knees by Splinter fire. His first instinct is to run to help, but Legion training and discipline restrain him. As a Devastator, his role is to anchor the line with heavy supporting fire. Besides, he is also poorly equipped for a rescue. Looking over at the Haemonculus, he sees his brothers weigh into the alien leader at close quarters - a poor target for missile fire. Making a snap decision, he switches aim to the Scourges, blink-clicking a Frag missile into the tube. Best to focus down one enemy formation at a time and whittle down their strength that way. Taking aim at the centre of the flapping, squalling flock, he looses the missile.


    Action Summary

    - All-out Attack on centre of Scourge formation w/ Frag missile
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  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Though he was grateful for Alephoro's support, Martyn grunted as he saw the platform tilt, but not collapse. Retreating, he played right into the hands of the xenos, and given the vox communications, no one was free to help him. The young line brother didn't know which angered him more, his armor being marred by the enemy fire or his body being caught and dragged from the ground. The very visage of the perfect primarch, soiled by such primitively crude aliens! Still, he had gotten himself into this mess, and he would have to get himself out.

    Having lost the bolter, Martyn grabbed the chain wrapped around his neck and curled his free arm around it, in order to stablize his position somewhat. His free hand grabbed his combat knife before he began dragging himself up towards the reaver with his other arm. The young line brother angled his body so that he may deflect any hard surface the bikers tried to swing him into, even as he slowly moved closer and closer to the alien scum. The low speed served two purpose, to both lull the alien into complacency and to steady himself in his climb.

    As soon as he reached grabbing range though, Martyn would strike with the decisiveness of an apex predator, stabbing his knife into whatever closest part of the alien was near him. The other arm would tossed the chain over the main portion of the xenos, trapping it within the chains used to drag the Emperor's child, so that the young astartes may finish it by turning the blade to its throat and either freeing himself to jump off or taking the bike for himself.

    OOC: One defense on self, one attack on reaver dragging Martyn.
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  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Aleph's injuries were as nothing to those of his brothers. wasp stings against his armour and scratches on his pride. He swore colourfully under his breath as he aimed and saw the platform wobble, but it didn't fall down. He had no time to dwell upon it. Both the urgent words of Sidon in his ears and the sights before him spurred him into further action. The damned alien was still free, still moving. Martyn had been carried off like some nestling to the eyrie of a harpy of legend. Pholax - stoic, hardy Pholax was roaring his defiance despite his hurts and Extrovious - a quick glance showed him wanting an arm, the stump cauterised by the xenos weaponry. Alephoros' instincts were to assist his brothers but he knew that sentiment had no place on the battlefield. And he had a direct order.

    Others were tasked with protecting the Apothecary and the Psyker. He knew that his flamer didn't have the reach, but he had a bolt-pistol. Taking aim, steadying himself and using the wreckage as cover, Aleph lead the shot slightly to account for the xenos-thing's slithering progress. Two shots, aiming for the clear target of its shining bald head.

    OOC: Aim and 2 shots on the Haemie, all out attack.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @DeranVendar | @Vulpas | @Colapse

    Elymas growled when he was almost removed from existence. Not at the fact of death, he had his peace with the Emperor. But the fact that he relied on the others to help him, the lack of being able to help one-self was horrid. Yet the simple cold truth was that they were a squad, part of a legion. The entire point of their co-existence in such tight unit was to work together. He would have to remember better for the future, while not forgetting he was a psyker and less trusted. His sergeant did not only save him, but ordered him to unleash his powers. A dangerous - but maybe necessary demand. His sacred, or cursed - depending on one's view - powers began to escalate. His senses heightened as the powers crackled within his mind.

    Just as he got back on his feet, suddenly the platform shook from explosions. He had heard the warning from the grenadiers, he used his staff as support, but failed, dropping right back to a knee. But it did not stop the potency within him. There was a brief glance towards Extrovius. "No promises, brother. Except that it will die." He said swift and serious, before focusing on the force within him building up.

    Earlier it was merely letting his emotion get a hold of him and Elymas attempted to recall that very moment he struck down the alien made beast earlier. "It killed our mortal supporters. It tortured them. It turned them against us." Elymas started to say out loud, his voice growing.

    "It killed our brethren!" His voice started to build up to a yell. He could tell that the build-up was going to reach it's climax soon, his irises changing color to a mystified lightning-white with shades of sky blue and an amethyst epicenter. "I shall become their avatar of vengeance! I shall be your doom, monstrosity! Do not suffer the alien to live!" He started to yell, thumping his staff into the broken platform beneath with his left hand, while the right extended index and middle finger pressed tightly together unto the Haemonculus - completely ignoring the monster of a former human or alien, trusting his brothers to defend him.

    Elymas projected in his inner mind all the horrid images of his brothers dying, lowering his mental guard to let their dead and wrathful spirits enter his soul's domain, so that their anger might fuel him and allow him the strength to usher a terrible deed unto the alien alchemist.

    OOC: Casting Loyalist Doombolt vs. Haemonculus
    (Bolts made of raw warp energy are launched by the psyker against his enemies. Made from warp energy of the coalesced spite and loathing of the psyker.)
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  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Grotesque roared in delight as it saw Elymas getting back on his feet and turning away from it. Primal insticts bred into the mutated creature flared as what registered as an easy prey entered its vision, promise of tasty morsel suffering in agony was something it couldn't ignore. It took a step towards Librarian and instantly regretted it. Coming from behind, Jendon unleashed full burst from his pistol into the monster, exploiting the wounds previously caused by their Sergeant and blasting chunks of flesh from its form. Both him and Extrovious once again fought together, working to both protect one another and their Librarian comrade as he moved to deal with the alien leader.

    Mutated monster on the other hand, turned to face them instead of defending its master, the simple commands that remained after one too many surgeries were overlapped with ecstasy born form pain and it needed more. Lumbering towards the Assault Legionaries, it swung its barbed fist into Extrovious, smelling the rich blood it understood that this one was weaker and would be easier to bring down. Bit it didn't count on Jendon moving so fast that he intercepted the strike, swinging his own chainsword around and sliced open Grotesque's hand, severing couple of digits in the process before cutting another part of its leg away.

    Roaring in pain but looking anything like defeated, Grotesque came around and this time Jendon wasn't able to dodge. It grabbed him with its one good hand and brought him up close, the young Legionary looking straight into the metal mask that covered most of the thing's face and two green orbs shining wildly behind it. There was more sentience in the gaze than it looked like from outside which was perhaps even more terrifying, this alien surgeon indeed had some great skill if, after all those experiments on this creature, he was able to make it dance the thin line between madness and sanity with quite some result. Jendon however would have to think about these things a bit later as the Grotesque head-butted him, the sheer impact breaking his helmet apart and making dozen of plated shards implode, covering his head in blood and ceramite.

    Jendon was however still alive and it made the monster even angrier. It reared back for another similar move but then a shower of blood covered the Assault Legionary, blood which wasn't his own. The limb holding him suddenly went slack and he dropped to the ground just in time to see Extrovious's chainsword hacking through the arm, the other Legionary getting a bit of revenge for his own lost limb. Another slash and Grotesque's lower abdomen was open, the tough hide that protected it from more damage from the bolter fire not so tough after getting familiar with proper adamantium teeth. Creature staggered and tried to barrel into Extorvious but he dived to the side, slashing half of the monster's hip as he passed around and got behind its unprotected back (@DeranVendar you can execute Grotesque#1).

    Both Assault brothers got around just in time to see Elymas using his powers for the first time today. The strings on his staff moved, following some unnatural tune that soon became a dirge. Ball the color of blackest night formed around Librarian's fingers, the air getting thicker and thicker. Haemonculus seemed to understand the danger and in true devious alien fashion, decided to sacrifice one of his own to save his hide. As Elymas unleashed the bolt towards him, Haemonculus grabbed his Wrack assisstant and using the strength of his mechanical limbs, threw it straight in the path of the darkness. There was so little time for the unfortunate thing to even be surprised as Elymas's energy literally blew it up in thousand pieces, its body turned into red dust in mere moments.

    But Emperor's Children Librarian wouldn't be denied so easily. His bolt still had some power in it and it hit Haemonculus dead in center. Surgeon was for a second enveloped in a shroud of darkness before the energy dissipated, revealing burned robes and broken machinery. Haemonculus was breathing heavily, half of his metallic limbs fried to a crisp while his clothing was present only in patches, revealing horribly disfigured skin below. Skin and dark green box that the alien leader brought up, Elymas catching a crooked smile before his world turned into hell. Scream of a hundred tortured souls assaulted his senses and he was immediately thrown to his knees, the armor around him buckling and bending, while his brain went into overdrive. It was hard to explain the feeling, but it was close to literally feeling your inwards about to explode while simultaneously being crushed by a thunder hammer.

    Stricken as he was, he didn't even see Haemonculus raising a wicked-looking pistol, aiming squarely at his head. "Perhaps I should harvest your soul, little morsel, and replenish my stock. You crudely enhanced Mon'Keigh witches fetch a good price with Commorragh's Slavemasters," the thing began to speak in butchered Low Gothic as it moved towards Elymas, as if feeding on his pain. "Or perhaps I should play with you myself and see if you could scream a bit longer than your friends?"

    Whatever he was about to say next was turned into a scream of his own as his hand holding the artifact blew up, Aleph appearing as if out of nowhere and hitting the Haemonculus in his supposed moment of triumph. Line Brother followed Sidon's orders and kept his composure, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and like a true Child of the Emperor, he did this exemplary. Aim was true and the alien leader thrown back, his cries of pain joining the battle's cacophony. He also saw that the second Grotesque was also nearby, but it seemed to suffer the same fate of their Librarian and just stood there dumbfounded, not moving and looking at its injured master with empty eyes. Two Reavers from before however didn't seem to mind and they once again came around, moving into a strafing run that saw Aleph's cover blown to smithereens, riddling his arms in sharp shards. But they didn't do much more than that as Sidon recovered and took aim with his bolter, firing two short bursts that caught both riders in their chests, stopping their mad dash for good.

    Speaking of Reaver Jetbikes, Martyn was in trouble of his own but nothing too serioues that an Emperor's Children Legionary couldn't deal with. Dark Eldar on the bike didn't seem to care finishing him off quickly, instead he simply drove his vehicle past thick trees in circles, laughing as he felt Martyn hitting all of the "roadblocks". But then again, besides suffering lots of blunt trauma, the power armor was there to protect the Legionary and while it was slightly damaged, it was still more-less intact where it mattered, providing Martyn with needed sturdiness that allowed him to drag himself forward and into striking distance. Knife flashed and Reaver screamed as Martyn drove it into his leg before hurling the chain holding him above alien's head, managing to snap his thin neck in one swift motion. He managed to get cleared of the hook holding him, just in time to see the other biker moving in behind, opening fire on Legionary's ride and destroying its plates. Not really important that much as the Child of the Emperor couldn't really get behind the controls, the handles simply too small for his armored hands but even as the jetbike spiralled down, he still had enough time to properly disengage and perhaps even steer the thing in desired direction (@WanderingJester you can kill the Reaver Jetbike chasing you).

    Back on the ground, Camille, Pholax and Vitaly stood together against the remaining Scourges, intent on bringing these bird-creatures down and for good. Vitaly was first, firing with his frag missile once the Scourges gathered a bit - sound plan and it worked. Explosive payload went off, covering the creatures in deadly shrapnel but not only that, one of those which just moments before almost slayed Camille ceased to exist, its broken body dropping on the ground as its armor was turned into paste. Another one had one too many holes in its wings but instead of falling down, the alien angled its descent straight onto young Devastator, firing as he flew down. Vitaly tried to move but the xenos aimed for his legs, the hail of shards combined with previous injuries slowing him down significantly, just in time for the Scourge to land on him and stab through his chest with the monomolecular bayonet fixed to its splinter carabine. It stuck on Vitaly, simultaneously slamming into both of his shoulder pads with its crooked talons and pinning him to the ground, trying to eviscerate him as much as possible and kill him that way. (@Draconion you can kill this Scourge with your next post).

    Pholax on the other hand once again proved his superior aiming skills and also a bit of endurance as he stood through the shower of shards and unleashed a storm of his own. Despite the commotion created by the frag missile the one alien that wounded Pholax before still kept on firing, nonstoppingly squeezing the trigger and trying to overwhelm the Devastator with sheer firepower. While punching through the exposed parts of armor the sharp discs failed to do much more than strip a bit more flesh from Legionary's bones but not prevent him from retaliating. Concentrated salvo caught the Scourge straight in the helmet, blasting it clear off alongside better part of the alien's head. Pholax killed the creature just in time to see another blast of dark energy spearing towards them, but thankfully this time around missing Camille who stood nearby by couple of inches, only scratching the pain from his armor. Even though he still had a huge hole in his chest, Camille fought on like a true Child of the Emperor, shooting the Scourge and scoring a hit that ripped apart its armor and drove him down on the earth, bleeding but still somehow alive.


    Camp defenders:

    Scourges: 3(DL)/2 Haemonculus: 6 (Boss) Doctor's staff: 3 (Grotesque#1)/14 (Grotesque#2)

    Camille:7 Martyn:7 Jendon:6 Pholax:6 Vitaly:6 Elymas:6 Aleph:9 Extrovious:6 Sidon:12

    Dark lances (DL) and Disintegrator cannon (DC) have automatic crits if they hit you, while Disintegrator cannon will do aoe crit instead. Splinter cannon (SC) has an additional attack. Elymas will suffer -3 to all of his actions during the next round as he suffered under the assault of Crucible of Malediction. Grotesque#2 will suffer +2 on all attacks made against it during the next round.

    @Jorimel @WanderingJester @dx144 @DeranVendar @Draconion @Vulpas @Kalle @Uriel1339
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas had a victorious grin on his face after obliterating the first foe and more than hurting the second one, the intentional target. However, the hellspawn of an alien had an ugly surprise for him. He couldn't glimpse what artifact he even revealed as the only thing he remembers and lives through this very moment is naught but pure agony. Immediately he dropped to his knees, the staff having been dropped next to him. Hands digging into the sides of his head, as he shook it, trying to throw all of it out.

    It felt little less than if a Rhino would have parked on top of his head. The Librarian thrashed about on the floor, akin to a man suffering seizures, banging his head against the broken deck of the platform, maybe in attempt to knock himself out. Alas it only increased the pain. It was a different pain, a physical pain. It relieved him somewhat of the mental agony caused by the thousand mocking torturous voices thrumming inside his head.

    "You will pay for this! All of you will pay for this! Wish that I dddiiiieee!" He roared, digging his fingers now deep enough into the sides of his head to draw blood, eyes flickering with the manifested power coursing through him, trying to purge it out. But even so, it seemed nothing could scare the invader out.

    His screams continued, albeit feeling like he couldn't breathe and was about to lose his consciousness, yet neither would come. His multi-lungs too efficient to let him die from lack of oxygen, his bones and flesh too strong for him to kill himself during the episode. There was a brief glimpse of clarity when his eyes shot towards the skies. "Master Hephestus!" He pleaded and begged, like a man of faith asking for his saviour to come and relief him.

    "M-m-master Hephestus!" Elymas whimpered again, trying to pierce the veil of pain and reach out to the Epistolary-ranked Librarian in orbit. But the attempt itself doubled the pain, causing him to arch his back in agony. Figuring that the attempts of telepathy would be all futile, he turned his mind inward - trying to confront the plague that was attacking his very life essence, his soul. Even as his body convulsed involuntarily he had to attempt to save his own soul. It was nigh impossible, pain stretching every second into apparent years, because no pain in the world was comparable to this crucible of malediction he had to endure.

    Attempt #1 - Trying to reach Hephestus in orbit via Telepathy so he might assist via Astro-planing or something.
    Attempt #2 - Fighting whatever plagues Elymas from the inside with magick mind power.
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  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    @DeranVendar @Uriel1339 @Jorimel
    Jendon looked deep into the green eyes of the grotesque if he were a mere mortal he might be afraid, It was only until it reared its head back and slammed into Jendon's helmet, The helmet caving under the weight as the beasts own metal mask actually managed to cause the helmet to splinter cave in to Jendon's face.

    Jendon felt as the helmet began to fracture the back buckling off as locks were breached and severed, The front part of his helmet has caved a part of it sliding of taking flesh and tearing into his skin. On eye looked back frustrated and angry as he struggled against the grotesques grip, It suddenly turned to surprise as he felt the grip loosen and turn to a grin as he saw what was behind it his brother Extraovious free him. Dropping to the ground the last part of his helmet came off as he crashed to the ground his hand. Causing blood to flow from his face. Yep There local tech marine would likely have would throttle his neck for this.

    "You have sullied my face," Jendon said at the creature before suddenly before turning as he heard there Psykers scream. "Brother thanks for the aid, finish the creature I will attempt to support our brother," Jendon said to Extrovious as he turned his attention to Elymas. Slamming a fresh mag into his bolt pistol he looked to the Homunculus his bolt pistol raised. Jendon could monitor Elymas vitals nor see his status but the fact he was on the ground Screaming did not bode well. "Xeno! what did you do to him?!" Jendon his bolt pistol raised as he now aimed to see what this creature did to there psyker whether it be poison, a type of toxin or something else. Spotting the object in the xenos severed hand. Jendon made a mental note to recover it and give it to an apothecaries for analysis when they were patched up, knowing the apothecaries of his legion if it is something of a poison or toxin that will affect there brother long term they will be able to analyse the device and make an antidote if needed for there Elymas.

    "Aleph let us take the rest of this creatues limbs" Jendon said as he took aim and fired his bolt pistol at the homunculus and fired aiming for the limbs aiming to damage the creature and throw him off making it easier for his other brother to finish him in case he aimed to dodge.

    OOC One defence on Elymas, one bolt pistol attack on Homonculus
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Two sweeps of the Chainsword ends the Grotesque: with only a single arm Extrovious is able to de-limb the beast, and fueled by the exhilaration of success he weaves the cleaving blow into a slice that carves the twisted cage covering its head in half. Second blow splits the exposed face, an angry pucker of ruined scar tissue and manipulated sensory organs, then hacks brain in twain. When the Grotesque has finished its own muffled screaming he hears Elymas... and is conflicted.

    "Sergeant, our Psyker seems to be under some form of duress. Requesting guidance." Jendon's outright concern for the witch was touching in a way, yet Extrovious internally 'tsk'ed none the less. This may be a sign of something far darker, some inner failure or weakness on his part as much as the work of their vile foe. Eyes dart between Haemonculous and the Grotesque, the Scourge beyond his notice without his jump pack and only a bolt pistol to peck at it with. He decides to split his attention, racing in to lash at the remaining Grotesque's legs in an attempt to cripple it before withdrawing out of reach, ears and mind still keeping a watch on the tortured Psyker.

    OOC: Defense on Elymas, Chainsword Attack on Grotesque #2
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