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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Deroh was on his death bed, so close to being finished, Pholax would have removed one of the snakes corrupting his Legion, however it would seem that the snakes are numerous and willing to strike. Noticing the new hole in his chest, concentration lost and then the traitors working in unison were able to set back so much of Pholax's assault.

    It was either through his gene-altered reactions or sheer luck he was able to stop what Deroh would have had as a killing blow and get a blow onto the traitor's helm. It stunned him for a split second, hammering the knowledge into him that this was no Xeno foe he'd been fighting for what seems most of his life, but a brother, to see it though, it shook Pholax again as he was so similar to him, if one of the Third can turn, what was to stop him or any other....

    The unknown and questioning turned to rage again, the idea that Pholax could turn, inconceivable, he was a warrior of the Phoenician and was loyal. The question burnt his rage up, mixed with the pain of wounds and resistance of his foe. Pholax continued the assault, death or glory as they say.

    The shield's loss had change Deroh from defensive to more offensive and mobile, it was foolish to not adapt, he could tell that now as Deroh was able to counter Pholax's move with ease. The axe, literally lodged into him, there was not way to use the hammer this close...

    Choke out Deroh? No, it'd do nothing to really stop the Terminator.

    Punch him? No, it'd not be fast enough...

    Think, Pholax, think....

    The knife, by the Phoenician, a knife to the throat, a stab there deep enough might not save him but it'd damn well put down Deroh as well, even if another sniper round hit him. The blood can only clot so fast and if he sliced deep enough he could cause a bleed out and from the look of it, no apothecaries nearby would even with Pholax bisected, he'd get to watch Deroh bleed to death, he'd watch the life fade from his eyes or die trying to see that.

    With that, Pholax bashed his head at Deroh's head attempting to stun the Terminator for a second, while reaching for the knife at his hip and then to strike at the throat. It'd have to be a downward thrust to get over the armour but with that, he'd put an end to Deroh.

    All out attack on Deroh with a combat knife and a headbutt.
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    Kenjiro ... Aleph had never really got to know the Terran. It crossed his mind with the strange detachment of a dream as he noted, but barely recognised, each other Palatine's place in the melee as his consciousness sought to seep away with his lifeblood. Alephoros was not ready to concede. Let him not yet find Lethe, let him keep from the shores of the last river or whatever secular dissolution replaced the afterworld of the ancients in the Emperor's enlightened realm. For a moment he fancied he could hear the old rhythms of a Sulpha drumbeat as he moved, and twisted, and ducked, and danced. That sound had always made him restless unless he was leaping or moving to the beat. "Is that boy never still?" he heard the old man ask, his grandfather marked by the simple tattooed lines on his face that his halfbreed grandson would never bear. But his mother just shook her head, smiling, saying nothing.

    "... I'll take that as a no," he heard, and Aleph's attention snapped back into focus as Cautorious switched to the defensive. No telling strikes on the Centurion even as he wore away at Aleph, taking him apart piece by piece. Still it felt as if he was called to dance and duel, rather than merely to slog away. As if Cautorious wanted to match him blade for blade. Or as if he needed Aleph to know that he was the better swordsman, still the master. And - deep within himself - Aleph knew that he was right. He wasn't as strong, as experienced. Perhaps he was faster. Maybe he could still strike. It didn't matter - Legionary Aster would not stop trying to excise the corruption welling within his former Brotherhood and mentor - but it lent the normally positive swordsman a fatalistic edge, like the Bearer of the Black Sword from tales long past. But as Cautorious kept talking, kept moving, so did Aleph. The words served as a point of focus, a reminder that he still breathed, that he wasn't some automaton endowed with programming for life.

    "What did this lowly excuse for a commander ever do to you to so happily throw yourself at me to try and save him? If you're that limited that you would chose following Minteril over me, then I think that you are truly beyond hope."

    Aleph tilted his head just a little while he brought Daith'wyn around to counter Cautorious' blow. Night's Edge was thirsty for its share, the electricity on the blade crackling with drops of evaporating blood. It stank like an offering to old gods, the dark cults that it was whispered still flourished deep in the abandoned mines and forgotten pits of Chemos.

    "Did you ever consider that it was not what he did, but what you didn't do?" In truth Minteril was just the better man. He wasn't powered solely by ambition over perfection, nor was he consumed by vanity. But Cautorious was still seeking to know why he wasn't Aleph's favoured icon. The younger duellist considered that, somehow, it stung. He wasn't inclined to sympathy.

    "You offered me a path to perfection but never showed me any of its steps. You didn't bring me into your confidence. Why would I follow you? Did you expect me to merely be honoured to bask in your presence?"

    "You are no Tesserius, Centurion Estades."

    Aleph was weakening, and he knew it. If not for Jendon's foresight he'd be dead. But, since he was still breathing, he was still fighting. He switched back to a more defensive tactic and parried, no idle wordplay this but an intended distraction, keeping Cautorious focussed on him and his blades so that Minteril could strike. So long as one of them killed the bastard ...

    OOC: Full defensive actions, everything on defensive using Defensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus defensive action and -2 on all of his attacking rolls. Bonus defensive action on Minteril and the rest on Aleph unless Cautorious suddenly stops attacking Aleph for which I will not hold my breath! The idea being to keep Cautorious occupied / away from Minteril so Minty can attack as he's less wounded.
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    "Lord Admiral, the enemy ship is keeping their distance," came tactical officer's reply as "Patroclus" remained determined to evade the fury of "Sovereign's" macro guns by forever moving out of their firing arc. As the engines were pretty much out, Admiral de Beaumont's plan on trying to ram his ship into the enemy ended up being no more than a failed idea as whoever commanded the opponent cruiser read through it completely. It fired couple of times and after crippling "Sovereign's" shields, captain of the "Patroclus" seemed more focused on staying alive - and close - rather than getting into perfect position to open fire and gut the bigger vessel. Giles knew what this meant, but he was unable to do anything about it as majority of the short range batteries were out of commission due to enemy sabotage and getting them back online was a fool's hope now. Instead, his eyes were now mostly fixed on a screen transmitting the fighting outside the Bridge where the Emperor's Children still remained locked in with one another.

    Giles de Beaumont wasn't a man of faith despite his calling, the Imperial Truth seeing to this. But he nearly offered a silent prayer as the Chief Enginseer sent him an urgent ping. "My Lord, there has been a change. The hostile presence is being subverted and I'm detecting another node activating..."


    Vitaly was in the system now, after quite a lot of trouble. Thales pulled off every possible trick that he had when he created the hacking algorithm which spread like a virus through "Sovereign's" informational network, nearly managing to subjugate the venerable Machine Spirit to his will. Through it, he managed to blow up the main engine compartments, cripple shields and nearly cause a reactor overload. Perhaps the only thing that prevented this from happening, besides them arriving here to stop the corrupted Techmarine, was a presence on the main Bridge. Vitaly knew this Enginseer that went by the code M2-552G4S, the Priest of the Omnissiah was assigned to the ship shortly after he became a Techmarine himself, who's duties consisted of managing day to day work of the small army of servitors and other Mechanicum personnel aboard the ship during those times Thales was indisposed.

    He was also the one who stood in Thales' way now, but it was evident he was fighting a loosing battle. However as Vitaly seized control from this node and the Chief Enginseer had the other in his grasp, the final purging of the malicious code could begin.

    ++"New user identified as Adeptus Astartes, Third Legion, 25th Company, 4th Squad, Techno-warfare specialist, mark 3051, Chemos Recruit, Techmarine Vitaly Vladimirovich Sokolovsky. Status report?"++

    As the Techmarine fully embraced his new task, the fate of his old mentor was decided by both Extrovious and Jendon. Thunder roared in agreement with Extro's claws, the circle of black-and-brass clad warrior kings nodding from the shadows of his own mind formed by a one-eyed giant. Dam in Extrovious' mind was broken on Laer, but while a single river flooded his consciousness, a sea remained behind. He knew that he knew more, but he couldn't reach out to claim what was rightfully his as a barrier remained between his current and former self, the reflection in the mirror a distorted one.

    This didn't mean he lost his mind or that it threatened his motor functions, quite the contrary. He was perhaps even bit stronger and faster than before, the thunderstorm that followed in his wake crashing down on his current opponent. Chain claw bit in the stomach of the corrupted Techmarine and punched through, although "cleanly" couldn't be used here as the teeth below the energized digits ripped and teared through bionics beneath.

    As a reply, the old warrior utilized his grav weapon to form a powerful field around his fist which he brought down and dislodged Extro's claw from his stomach, but the respite was only temporary. Even as he destroyed one of the claws the other came about and cut half of the mechadendrites apart. Thales lashed out with the remaining array and couple of them locked on the Sergeant, stabbing through the open gaps in his armor intent on finishing the job from earlier.

    A waste of time, nothing else. Even as Extrovious fought, Jendon arrived on the wings of fury and smashed into Thales, pushing all of them towards the server room's walls. Ruined cogitators greeted Thales and he was pierced from behind with two large pieces of machinery, limiting his movement significantly. Omnissiah's axe came around and lodged itself in Jendon's shoulder, but the Apothecary was relentless. Upgraded armor cracked and augmented protection offered by it no more, Thales was unable to escape his fate.

    He tried to speak but earlier wounds saw to that, he only managing to spit blood at Jendon as his old chainsword came crashing down, cutting down from the side of the neck and into Techmarine's chest. Black carapace shattered followed by both hearts bursting apart, the chainsword going lower and lower until it exited on Thales' hip, separating his body into two pieces. The upper part still remained stuck on the machinery, the blood escaping the Techmarine quickly as he finally met his end.


    As soon as the servo skull injected Arnock with the fresh dose of medicament, he attacked. The sudden burst of speed allowed him to turn sideways, the combi bolter that was aimed at his forehead spitting death but the bolts went past him, showering Arnock's left side of the face with hot shrapnel. The banner's pole, even through ordinary-looking, was the same one Prefect Soter made for the Third Legion under the supervision of Master of Mankind Himself, the material blessed with auramite edge. It was strong enough to punch straight through Arnock, it was also strong enough to pierce right past Apox's neck guard and into weak flesh beyond.

    Roar of pain escaped Apox's lips as he dropped his combi bolter and took hold of the pole sticking out of his throat. Arnock let go of it and tried to reach his sword, but Apox brought his mace around and the Master of Rites was back on the floor, everything that Jendon's servo skull did was unmade at that moment. He was out of options, waiting for the final judgement at the hands of this traitor. It never came.

    There was a burst of super-heated air and traitor Chapter Master's chest exploded outward, covering Arnock in blood like all those years back when he had slain the Squiggoth on the bridge above Urlak Urruk's palace on Ullanor. Nothing remained of Apox's upper torso and he looked dumbly at it for a moment, before he toppled down next to Arnock, still clinging to the end of the pole. Behind him stood Elymas, his inferno pistol smoking as the psyker finally got his revenge on the man that nearly caused the death of his entire coven in the Third Millennial. He looked around but there were no more obvious threats as Camille disappeared, using the commotion the former member of the 4th Squad slipped back into the shadows, his men above following suit. Sidon was nearby though, the member of the Two Hundred finally managing to end the life of his opponent with a precise swing of his chainsword that went through the guard and decapitated Raulon.

    But as the traitor's head dropped and rolled on the floor, he looked pass the stricken Master of Rites and his Librarian friend, over to where Pholax fought. In the end, the strength failed the Devastator, the fury behind every one of his attacks over these past two centuries finally extinguished. He smashed his head into the ruined helmet of his opponent but it did more damage to him than to Deroh. Bones cracked in his forehead and the hand grabbing the knife was too slow, the sharp edge catching the Terminator Veteran across his left eye. Blood vessels popped but it wasn't enough to stop what came next.

    Using the leverage he had, Deroh pushed the axe through Pholax's side and the body gave in. Hips and spine were sliced through and the weapon exited on the other end, cutting the Devastator in two. Pholax fell on the ground, still grasping his knife before Deroh stomped on it, crushing both the weapon and better part of his arm in the process. Stricken and on death's bed, Pholax could only wait for Deroh's axe to fall down but instead of the proper execution, after witnessing the entire scene the Terminator stepped away from his broken body and began moving towards the exit, leaving him there to bleed out from the multitude of wounds he suffered.

    Aleph and Minteril kept with their duel against Cautorious, although neither would be able to land another blow on the traitor Centurion. Both Night's Edge and Daith'wyn remained hungry for more of the corrupted blood as Cautorious evaded every counter Aleph had for him, instead he even managed to wound the swordmaster once again as the glaive cut away another piece of his chest. Minteril ended up in a worse spot as Cautorious seemed intent on killing him, no matter how much his old student tried to prevent this. However ultimately the death blow never landed as the two loyalists managed to work in unison and prevent the worse from happening. Chapter Master's bionics were damaged beyond repair, he lost his ability to talk, one of his swords was broken in half, but the man still stood, albeit barely.

    If the battle lasted for a bit longer neither Aleph nor Minteril would've lived, not to mention Brona who went through a gauntlet of blows himself, Viatine ending up being the better fighter overall. But nothing of it mattered as Chapter Master Apox fell on the field, resulting in a change of plans.

    Aleph was the one who, once again, saw it first. Swinging his glaive widely, Cautorious pushed his opponents away and created plenty of space for himself. Instead of proceeding with the onslaught, the Centurion uttered the words into his vox, words Aleph heard as clear as a day.

    "It's over. Execute him and extract."

    Tracing Cautorious' gaze, Alephoros turned his head and saw that his former teacher was looking at the entrance to the Bridge and the line held by Lord Commander Leonis. He was surrounded by his Terminator Honor Guard, half of them dead but it didn't matter as the enemy was prevented entrance to the Bridge itself. Leonis was a beacon of hope, rallying the loyalists around him and forcing the traitors back, his greatsword still flashing with inner light. He was in the thick of it, but it didn't seem like the enemies would be able to topple him down or break the line of ceramite around him, no matter the casualties.

    But what Leonis didn't expect and Aleph saw was Kenjiro's slight nod. Not a hard thing to notice when you were trained the way he was trained and when he knew where to look, but still, this passed as completely unknown fact by everyone else around the Lord Commander. Kenjiro, so-called Serpent's Son, the champion of the Millennial, who by then stood next to Leonis and carved the traitors apart, took a step back and instead of the legionary in front of him, he drove his lighting claws to his side.

    Energized blades pierced through Leonis' exposed flank and the Lord Commander stumbled, his brain still trying to process what just happened. Kenjiro didn't wait and with a practiced swing, he stabbed Leonis through the back, severing the spine in one expert motion. Couple of Terminators around him saw what happened as the Lord Commander's rune went black but before they could react, they were killed in similar fashion as the majority of the remaining Honor Guard slayed them from behind. It was the ultimate betrayal and as Leonis' body joined the hundreds of others, Kenjiro and the rest of the traitors activated their teleporters and fled the "Sovereign's" Command Deck in a blast of ozone.

    This was also the signal the traitors needed. Deciding that the battle was done and not intent on suffering any more casualties, Cautorious ordered the retreat. Palatine Blades surrounded their master and they began their trek towards the exit and hangars beyond, while the remaining bulk of the traitors did the same. Fighting retreat was in order and while there was less of them alive than the loyalists, the shock of just what happened and so many injured prevented them from mounting a proper chase. Minteril finally dropped on his knees, exhausted, so Sidon organized what little remained of the combat-capable legionaries to try and slow the traitors down.

    As for the 4th Squad, or what remained of it, they were left alone to process what just happen and act upon it.

    Final HP results:

    Vitaly:10 Jendon:6 Extrovious:5 Arnock:2 Elymas:4 Sidon:5 Aleph:4 Brona:5 Chapter Master Minteril:8 Pholax:0
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    Jendon chainsword struck in showering him with gore as he finished to traitor his face could only turn into horror at what he next saw. Jendon not only saw pholaxs life rune go black, and the little life in him start to drain out @dx144 "PHOLAX! HOLD ON!" Jendon yelled through the vox trying to call out to his squad brother. But what Jendon saw next would cause him go into a rage as he gripped the omnissiah axe in his shoulder and ripped it out and threw it to the ground.

    "SNAKES!" Jendon watched as Leonis died his servo skull dropping down towards pholax's broken body saw as brother turned upon brother decapitating there command. Jendons servo skull did all it could to try to stabilize pholax as Jendon began moving to the server rooms exit.

    "DENATUS, Sergeant, prepare the apothcarion for mass causalities," Jendon tried to get a vox hail through to denatus finally getting a response that cause him to have some hope for his brothers on the bridge. @Draconion Vitaily! What the status on our empty Sacrhophgi, As well as locations of probable Loyalist Apothcaries I am going to organize them to try and save whats left of our command crew and pholax?!" Jendon asked a rushed tone of it with desperation heard upon it.

    Attempting once more to contact the bridge Jendon was able to get through voxing himself to Elymas @Uriel1339 "Brother Elymas are you alright! and can you attempt to stabilized the wounded and the dying on the bridge?! Jendon asked desperation in his voice was clear as he moved.

    @DeranVendar "Extro want to join me in pushing through to the bridge theirs likely a few of those bastards left on the ship organizing a retreat and where likely going to come across a few of the bastards!" Jendon said putting a fresh clip of kraken rounds into his bolter and gripping the chainsword he took to the server rooms exit, knowing that likely outside laid the tech adepts that Thale's had himself surrounded with Going to his grenade he unpinned it. Ready to go on the offensive and start giving out orders. "I am coming brothers just hold on a little longer." Jendon said to himself as he readied to push himself further.
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    Elymas breathed heavily and uneven, still not being able to believe that Apox actually died at his hands, his hands shook as he looked across the battlefield. This was nothing like Laer. No alien to annihilate, no mutants to purge. These were their own brothers. But what made him drop his pistols in absolute shock was when Leonis was stabbed by Kenjiro. How, why? Nothing of this made sense, it was madness. And the Codicer was certain that nobody, not even the Emperor would've seen any of this coming.

    He looked around, aimless, assessing the situation somewhat, scanning for his squadmates but not acting, until Jendons voice interrupted him and made him realize that Pholax' rune went black. He was so focused on his revenge and protecting Arnock that he forgot about the others. He even neglected Sidon. Self-doubt would haunt him the following days, nights and weeks. There was no question about it, and there would be many others which made his next decision easy.

    "Brother Jendon. I am glad to hear you yet breathe. I am nowhere of your talent, but I shall keep Arnock alive. I failed Pholax, but the Master of Rites shall survive to mend the souls, as you mend the bodies." The Codicer replied before doing as he said he would. He trusted Sidon and the others in better shape to round up the traitors and chase them off, while he himself went on both his knees next to Arnock and started to perform first aid.

    "Arnock..." Elymas said sadly, yet with a small smile on his lips, helmet having been discarded at some point that he doesn't even remember anymore, picking away at shards filling the master of rites and preventing his Larraman cells from doing their job.

    "... I apologize. About Pholax. About Hephaestus. About everyone and everything." The librarian fought the vortex of emotions tugging at his existence with every bit of sanity he had left, while treating to his friend.

    "I failed you, the Emperor and I'm even kneeling here, breaking my promise to Primarch Ferrus Manus... I cannot even promise you to make it right next time, to further improve, to rectify my mistakes... But I hope that throughout whatever comes. I still can count you as friend on my side." Elymas put a hand on the shoulder of Arnock, looking him deeply in the eyes.

    "I lost too many brothers, I cannot lose you too." The smile grew a little bit, a glint of hope. The sole survivor of the Emperor's Children Librarium knew that as long as Arnock would live, so would the spirit of the legion. Elymas found comfort in that thought and the fact that the possibility of rebuilding them was in their grasp. It would be a long and difficult road ahead. But not impossible.
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    Extrovious felt hot, hot in the veins, the arteries, the heart, the head, the skin and in Thale's blood. Clarity came to him amidst the steam. Using blood slaked talons Extro peels the ruined gauntlet off his left hand and forearm, letting it slough to the floor after a few flicks of the hissing power blades. Properly dexterous in the digits once again, he detaches the other claw and lets it slam unceremoniously into the floor. Thale's axe replaces the weapons, taken firmly in both hands as the warrior begins marching out the way they came, at Jendon's side.

    "Vitaly, put out whatever fires immediately threaten our continued existence. After that, make sure the Apothecary is in running order, and that any and all means of escaping the Sovereign are shut down. Isolate any retreating traitors, give them ignoble deaths, or pen them in for our blades, it matters not; just do not suffer their escape." He yelled it back for the Techmarine, mind broiling from the heat utterly perfusing him from within and without. Extro need not tell Jendon to head for their brothers first, and that was good. What was less good was the accursed somberness and silence plaguing their comms. Leonis was dead, that much he could pick up on, the traitors were in retreat, those that had not simply warped off to whatever nest would take them. The sterility of Sidon's command did not sit well with him, bless the old bastard he was in control, but the hulking Sergeant needed more, and he felt certain that there were others just like him too. So it must be, first he shall rally his brothers.

    "Vitaly, patch me through to any and every vox channel running on this ship, I will sift through them for traitors and brothers in arms. Jendon, give me one last jab before I go." At last he opens up their squad channel, that sole line of communication meant to keep them insular, for no one was beyond suspicion yet. "Brothers, I cannot say that stirring speeches and prose are my strong suit, much to my chagrin. Yet I can speak to all of you as brothers, and right now, I can speak to your hatred. Embrace it. Grasp that flame, let it burn you, and make of it an instrument of retribution. The enemy still prowls our ship, mad men who think so low of us they would make the mistake of turning tail while we draw breath. They kill us or leave us for dead, and have the audacity to not finish the job. Make them bleed for it, every insult, every traitorous breath. And Pholax, wake up, we need you and your hammer."

    Embrace the hatred he would, until Vitaly had contacts for him he would settle for keeping to Jendon's side, first and foremost duty would be seeing him safely to their brothers. After that? The crusade would be upon them. Whatever hands, hail and hearty or barely hanging on, join him will be in for a war path to make even the most grizzled Ork take pause.
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    01010110 01100101 01101110 01100111 01100101 01100001 01101110 01100011 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001111 01101101 01101110 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100001 01101000 00100111 01110011

    +++Astrotechnicus Sokolovsky to M2-552G4S, update: Enginarium secured from tech-heretics. Commencing deep system scrub of shipwide datasphere. Request focus of joint efforts on restoring control of internal security stations, emphasis on zone: primary bridge. Deny the traitor and the heretek. Ave Deus Mechanicus.+++

    Dimly aware of Thales' ignominous evisceration at Extrovious' hands in the background, Vitaly simply cannot find it in himself to care anymore. Just another miserable traitor getting his just desserts, a now-insignificant footnote amidst a much wider struggle that Vitaly suspects is even bigger than any of them can see right now. There are far more important things to attend to now - brothers to save, and traitors to kill. He hears Extrovious' roared orders as though deep underwater, but he is already well ahead of the curve - he had already intended to do everything he'd been ordered to, and more.

    With a mental lurch, Vitaly breaks through the last of Thales' pernicious attack code disrupting the functions of the ship's security at the bridge subsection. Handing over control of the greater informatic struggle to M2-552G4S for a few minutes, he devotes his full mental resources to managing intervention at the battle for the bridge. Seeing through the myriad sensor eyes at the bridge and its surroundings, he perceives at once that the fight teeters on the edge of a knife, with more than one of his brothers a hair's breadth from death. A cognitive shift causes subjective time to slow to a crawl, the blinding speed of Astartes combat now seeming to struggle through molasses, giving Vitaly a chance to juggle the hair's-breadth tactical micromanagement necessary to turn the tide.

    In the blink of an eye, Vitaly parses the informatic signatures of all the combatants and assigns IFF signifiers. No traitor can hide now from his electronic senses unless they possess the know-how to change the intricate and heavily-encrypted IFF cyphers in their armour informatic suites. Security turrets come online and deploy from wall and ceiling niches - heavy stubbers, multi-lasers, and heavy flamers scour the traitor ranks in a storm of shot, coherent light and burning promethium. Guided by Vitaly's pinpoint fire control, turrets pick off individual traitors in the act of finishing off wounded loyalists, or treacherously ambushing them from behind. One traitor Palatine Blade is battered with high-calibre solid rounds that find his gorget seals, punching through the softer material to punch out his neck in a spray of rich Astartes blood. Even as he staggers back, clutching at his neck, his would-be victim rallies to surge up from the floor, first disarming the traitor by cutting off his sword hand, then beheading him with the roaring edge of a chainsword.

    Finding a set of heavy bolter and meltagun turrets, Vitaly stops a charge of traitor Terminators in their tracks, lashing their eye lenses with mass-reactive fire and threatening even their heavy plate with short-ranged thermal rays, allowing the loyalists they were flanking to rally, then deploy plasma guns and krak grenades to finish off the flailing Cataphracts. His original plan being to whittle down the traitor numbers and isolate them in pockets from one another to break their cohesion, he senses the buildup of Empyreal energies too late to intervene in any meaningful way. As such, he can only watch in cold, impotent fury as the treacherous Kenjiro teleports out with his fellow turncoat praetorians. Turret fire chases Cautorious and his cohort as they evacuate towards the starboard hangars. A few more traitors are gunned down, killed outright or maimed for capture, but then, the traitors cross the boundary of security systems control and gain a vital few seconds to make it to their waiting Thunderhawks. By the time the informatic veil is lifted on the rest of the ship's security systems, they are already spooling up the engines for liftoff.

    Vitaly grinds his teeth in cold, impotent fury as the key traitors blast off for the ships waiting for them across a short stretch of void, Camille and his backstabbing scout cadres leaping up the boarding ramps at the very last second. Taking pict captures of each and every one of their faces and committing them to a red list stored in heavily encrypted, triply backed-up memory, Vitaly marks them out for vengeance, eternal and unrelenting. Turning his icy rage on the traitors unlucky enough to be left behind, he employs every last functioning system of the ship - now fully under his control - in hunting them down, either harrowing them to miserable, ignominous deaths, or else corralling them to be slain or taken by the victorious loyalists. Reinforced bulkheads slam shut, sealing retreating traitors in featureless corridors that are then either saturated with turret fire, or else blanketed with anbaric discharge rerouted from the ship's power mains. Armour systems are infiltrated with attack code, slipped in via supposedly-secure comms channels, causing their servos to lock up and life support to fail, driving the occupants into Sus-An comas, leaving them sitting ducks to be picked up by loyalist sweep teams. Small groups of traitors skulking in the maintenance crawlspaces and bilge sub-decks are mobbed by servitors that weigh them down, pinning them in place while alerts are sent out to loyalists on the hunt.

    Through it all, Vitaly takes care to avoid wasting wargear to wanton destruction or void evacuation - there is no telling how far this treason has spread, or when the Millennial will next put in at a friendly port for resupply. Every little bit of conservation will count for a lot from this point on.

    Before too long, the hunt for routed traitors is well in hand, and Vitaly partitions a small portion of his consciousness to oversee the mop-up efforts by coordinating the loyalists and monitoring the ship's internal senses to ensure no traitor goes undetected. The majority of his consciousness is now turned to bringing the Apothecarion to a full war footing, optimising the function of every cogitator and medical servitor, while repurposing the grotesque combat servitors to crude menial tasks, such as heavy lifting. As and when Jendon and his loyal compatriots get to work therein, they will find the entire place ship-shape and ready for their ministrations.
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    Disorientation took hold of Arnock as his mind struggled to maintain consciousness. His vision was blurry and filled with red streaks as the blood filled his eyes from other wounds. A dark figure leaned over him as he still lied on his back. Pure reaction took over as Arnock grabbed hold of Elymas to defend himself. But in an instant, Arnock could feel it was no enemy, it was Elymas leaning over him.

    Arnock coughed up blood that ran down his tattered jaw and cheek, as he listened to Elymas. A smile from his now disfigured face appeared as he reached up and placed a hand on Elymas' chest. Arnock coughed one more time before he struggled to speak, "Be still, Elymas... Hephaestus' sacrifice shall not be called your failure... What he did caused us all to question ourselves and access, inwardly, our own beliefs. For that, I shall always remember him for."

    Arnock struggled in pain a moment as his other hand gripped the hole in his chest that was fighting to heal. He then looked to Elymas once more as he spoke, "You have failed at nothing, Elymas. We have all stood in the face of temptation and remained loyal to the Emperor. The cowards struck at our backs and paid for it. We shall hunt them all to the ends of the galaxy. Until the last breath leaves, shall I remain loyal."

    Arnock lifted his head slightly looking around at the room before grabbing hold of Elymas, "You are wrong, Elymas. Your are not my friend..." Arnock coughed up more blood before continuing, "You are my brother. You shall always have my trust. Together we shall right what was wronged and confront those traitors for what they did. Together we shall see fear in their eyes and show them the rage of the sons of Terra." Arnock then pointed at Apox's dead body as he attempted to left himself up, "Help me to my feet and bring me the symbol of Terra, brother. We must carry it as a symbol of loyalty to Terra, the Imperium, and the Emperor."
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  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The headbutt was an ill thought move, Pholax realised it immediately as he stunned himself and his reactions were slowed, the knife he connected, it was working, Deroh was going to die by his hand, Pholax knew his death was assured but he was getting his retribution against this traitor, he was dying with his enemy as it is supposed to be.

    As Pholax was making progress with the knife, he then felt the axe slide deeper, something gave out within, as if his body has suddenly stopped responding. Then noticed he was moving, he couldn't feel anything, all was numb as he fell onto the floor with a wet slap. Moving his eyes he noticed his legs still standing before falling backwards in front of him.

    Pholax was staring in disbelief at what he was seeing, it was surreal to see his own body but in half. Then came the stomp of a terminator, the armour of his arm buckled under the weight of the terminator plate. Then pain and reality shot back into Pholax with the force of a battleship lance.

    The pain was immense, instantly came to life all over his body, or what was left of it. He managed to hold back screaming, never give an enemy the satisfaction of your pain. He couldn't hold back a deep groan as his arm was crushed and the knife was broken.

    He knew the end was nigh, either he or his body slowed his breathing, and knew this must be an Astarte's body shutting down into the self preservation state. The sus-an membrane was coming into effect to try and preserve the brain and the marine from death's embrace.

    It wasn't what Pholax wanted, he still had a foe to kill. To die with your foe still standing was the greatest dishonour. With his bionic arm, trying to pull himself towards the now stepped away Terminator, Pholax thinks he got a couple of meters before everything went black.

    Pholax was left there arm reaching out on the ground, fingers of the bionic arm tore into the floor leaving an imprint where he'd been able to drag himself.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    On the honest reply from Arnock and the fury of his righteousness despite all sorts of wounds that should have taken his life, the indomitable spirit proved far more stubborn. And from such inspiration and meaningful words was a single tear sourced out of Elymas' unhurt eye, considering the half of his other face was almost blown off from a previous hit. The librarian offered the Master of Rites a nod before gently lifting his brother and walking him over to Apox to retrieve the damaged, but not fallen, banner.

    "I am glad, that I at least can... Believe the idea of having saved your life... Your life has touched many and will continue to do so... You have that natural beacon that makes us warriors flock to you and seek for wisdom and inspiration, Arnock. It is when we look in your eyes and see flames of righteousness. It is when you speak and we hear the voice of reason. It is when you swing and we see no hesitation... That is what makes you necessary for us to survive... In times of uncertainty, despair and helplessness like now... Many will look towards you. And luckily we will gaze upon a living champion, not that of a corpse-martyr."

    Elymas explained as he dusted Arnocks armor somewhat off, trying to make him appear as glorious as he just described him. The blood stains and wounds were also just the touch needed to make it look authentic. But when the librarian looked around, an idea hit him, or rather a memory of his duties and there was self-disappointment for realizing it just now. He put a finger on the vox-bead on his ear to tap into a private channel within their squad.

    "Vitaly. This is Elymas. I must ask of you that as soon as your security-duties are taken care of to retrieve all and every single audio and, or video recording from every single database you can. Now that we survived, it is the Librariums... My duty to gather evidence and create the historic records. I wish of no censorship and I hope that whatever encrypted files we may come across can be decrypted."

    The Codicer figured that Apox and as he stated ultimately Fulgrim, had ordered the annihilation of the Librarium so they could forge their own history, their own lies and truths. But as long as only one Wyrm of Knowledge would yet breathe, the truth would come forth one day. Subconsciously he spat at the corpse of Apox that laid at his feet, not minding that the acid from his bletchers gland ate away at some of flesh.
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