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Perfect Warriors

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    Arnock, clearly taken by surprise, felt the strange tingle of death creep up his spine as he was forced to the ground by the unknown figure. However, after a moment of gathering himself, and that same figure demanding an explanation, a sigh of relief exited his lungs. Just as he was about to explain, Elymas caught up and called out to Sidon.

    Arnock laughed a moment just before speaking, "I think it is safe to say he freed himself from the imprisonment considering the current situation..." After a moment, Arnock then looked up to Sidon and extended a hand in hopes he would help him up. After, Arnock would then address the overall situation, "It is as brother Elymas says, Sidon. The only brothers whom have not tried to kill us are those that still serve under Minteril's command. You are one of the oldest of our Legion, and a symbol of the Imperium. We need you to hopefully sway more of the confused or lost of our brothers back to the side of reason. Treachery is a fast spreading disease and we need to cut the head off this infection quickly and efficiently."
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    "From what I have learned experimatnions of this Started one year ago, at the end of the Laer campaign, If Antiva was telling the truth, By Chief Apothecary Fabius Bile beginning with experiments on our dead" Jendon said. Jendon frowned as Pholax ask how far it Spread. "If Antiva has told me the full truth and it is not a subversion or possible cover-up or lie from the chief apothecary, He had told me Lord Fulgrim had learned of this.... and gave his blessings" Jendon said a bitterness and sorrow were combined in his words the apothecaries unease was blatant especially now, A part of himself disbelieving the idea of his priamrch even ordering such a thing. "If ithis cover-up by the apothecaries and has been going on for a year, It means many other apothecaries could are in on this, Infecting our brothers with these foul parasites change taking hold of the legion. With subtle means, it means it could be quite far, but if done more ruthless other commanders could have picked it out, maybe we arent the only ones fighting it Though if its like the ones in here I have no doubt others may have learned of this.." Jendon said a bit of hope in his voice as he theorized how far the impact could be his eye wandering over to the gene vaults.

    "The gene vaults they were filled with Laer samples, and tissue samples and organs, along with our gene-seed. If we survive this, The vault's must be looked through for further contamination as well as each astartes on the ship including the dead." Jendon said as he looked over to the slabs of experiments, Dead and living. Going over a cogitataier he began attempting to activate a status field over those on the slabs to ensure that decay, or death due to lack of hands will not take them, before returning to Pholax "The Legion I fear for as well. For if its infected the apothecaries, It has access to our genestocks poisoning our future, and leading to censure and extinciton, Becoming something even worst then the blight." Jendon said. Looking to Pholax Jendon wondered for a moment. "Pholax have you seen any others of our squad? Elymas, Aelph or Arnock?" Jendon asked wondering once more back onto those he believed were most likely uninfected.
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    @dx144 @DeranVendar
    Vitaly nods when Pholax makes his request, holding out a hand to Extrovious as his multi-tool mechadendrites move into position, the trusty servo-harness leaping to action in response to its master's desires.

    "Pass that helmet over, and I'll pull their ciphers to patch us in. Make sure you all mute yourselves on that channel, though. Don't want them realising we are clued in. But to broadcast freely on our own channels over this interference, I still have to attack the problem at its physical source - the main server vaults."

    Casting an eye over his gathered squad-brothers - possibly the only men alive in the Galaxy he can now trust - he says, "Brothers, I know much must be done to secure this ship, not to mention our own survival long enough to make sense of...all this. I, for one, know what I have to do - I have to take control of the main server vaults to break the traitors' hold over the ship's machinery, and turn it to our advantage. I will go alone if I must, but I'll be honest - my chances of survival, let alone success, will be abysmally low if I do and...the threat I anticipate is indeed present in that location."
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    @Draconion @DeranVendar
    Jendon looked to Vitaily, as Jendon heard to succsess of his tech brother going alone into the server vaults dwindle if he went alone. "You wont be going alone Vitaily, We wont loose another company brother and not find out of existence till after the battle. I'll go with you to back you up." Jendon said Volunteering to go with vitaily." Looking to several shelves Jendon began restocking his narticanum, and his own Medical and drug supply, "Brothers if we are splitting up again, I suggest taking some of these, These should aid if you are injured simple medkits, Along with one of my Servo Skulls." Jendon Said looking to pholaxand Extro." Jendon began packing his servo skull with extra medical supplies and making sure his own connection with it was secured before going to Vitaily's side.
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    Aleph fought hard, darting and weaving. With the occasional glance to see if Brona was picking his moment to strike, he kept up the pressure, moving fast and striking both high and low, but something was wrong. Vasil was a novice. He was trained, he was a Palatine Blade, but still with all that he should not have been this fast. Indeed, there was something snakelike in his movements. Something familiar.

    As he leaped back from the monster that revealed itself before him - the flexing, swelling muscles, the scaled skin, the serpentine swaying to the deadly blows - Alephoros felt a numb horror fill him. He couldn't accept the evidence of his eyes. He wanted to blink, to rub away what must surely be a hallucination from some kind of aerosolised poison or an envenomed blade. But it wasn't a vision. It wasn't a ruse. One of his own Legion Brothers had fallen to the vile experiments of the Laer and - he ducked down, Daith'wyn parrying on instinct alone - and, with a sick dread, he realised that he was not going to make the defence. Aleph felt a sense of calm descend amid the horror. There was something more to this than his own dying - all the ideals he strove for, the beliefs that had sustained him amid violence and bloodshed, the brotherhood he held as close to his hearts as his beloved Primarch - all these were ending. And he could not even save himself.

    Whatever false temptation the peace of death held out for him in its bony hand, it was shattered with a single, perfect thrust. Green ichor showered Aleph, viscous and stinking like sin. Brona met his eyes through Aleph's crossed sword blades, braced against the deathblow that never came.

    "I'm at your mercy brother. I was wrong. I trusted Cautorious for he spoke with the weight of our Primarch behind him. Whether that was true or not, decision that was made was not a right one. But hear me, we're not the only ones to have chosen wrong. Both Cautorious and Apox are staging a mutiny and they are after all those who they think will usurp their position, including members of your squad and your old Captain Sidon as well as Lord Commander himself."

    "I will not beg for forgiveness," Brona finished, looking Alephoros Aster straight in the eyes, "My shame is too great for it. However I will ask of you only one thing. Whatever you chose here, make sure to avenge all of those who died by claiming enough traitor lives for the entire world to drown in their blood."

    For a moment, Aleph looked down at the younger Palatine. his green eyes unreadable as too many emotions warred through him. Then he laid Night's Edge gently down for a moment on the grisly corpse, reaching his free hand down to help his Brother rise.

    "If he claimed that he spoke with the weight of the Phoenician then who is to blame you for believing?" He shook his head, momentarily clasping forearms with his former opponent as Brothers once more, if the other would allow it. "You redeemed yourself in my eyes when you saved my life." He believed it, he wanted to believe it, but still a tiny voice in the back of his mind said, Watch him, he will kill you when he has a chance at your back and go to Cautorious alone. But the stricken look in Brona's eyes told Alephoros that he was right to believe in what he said, rather than in suspicion. Here was a man who knew loss. They were brothers in that, at least, even if the Palatine brotherhood was dying. Stepping back, he picked up Night's Edge again, bleak words coming to his mind even as he did so.

    "My brother is a sly creature. He has a dark heart but he hides it very well with his charades. Compassion to hide selfishness. Quest for perfection to hide arrogance and vanity. He will fail you Aleph and when he does so, you will remember this moment, this room and my words ..."

    Aleph shook his head, as if to deny the memory, and forced himself to focus. He had to get to his squad. They needed to band together. They might be the only ones he could rely on - and Sidon. The old warrior had to be a rock in all of this. Surely, Sidon would know more. He picked up Night's Edge once more and looked back to Brona.

    "I am going to find Sidon. Come with me, Brother. We can avenge the dead together."

    OOC: Going to find Sidon and making his way stealthily to the prison, with Brona if he'll come along. Need all the loyal men we can find.
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    "My thanks, brother. We literally wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. You are as steadfast as they come," says Vitaly, quietly but with feeling as he places a hand on Jendon's shoulder.

    Observing Jendon's servo-skulls, Vitaly's mind turns to the ship-wide disruption of vox and information networks.

    We're blind, deaf and mute here. We can't go charging into two big fights without some way to circumvent that. But how...?

    His eyes click over to the three servitors, now idling in a corner of the surgery, executing a command to hold indefinitely.

    Well, we definitely don't need them anymore, and I could use the parts...

    Signalling the three to approach him with a blurt of binary - now thankfully delivered through his armour's external vox systems - he deploys a nasty-looking array of tools of dismemberment and disassembly, looking for all the world like a predatory anemone waiting for its prey to blunder into its embrace...

    ..."Almost...there," exclaims Vitaly thirty minutes later as he snaps the last power conduit into place. There is a rising hum of electronics powering up, and the conjoined spinal segments on the surgical slab before him begin twitching, motor impulses firing chaotically at first as its control algorithms recalibrate. Clusters of red dots glow in the wedge-shaped head - a scavenged sacrum - as optics and other sensors come online. Within seconds, the random glitches cease, and the segments now slither with a sinuous, coordinated rhythm that appears far more animal than machine, the head rising off the slab to waver slowly as it turns a full circle, taking in its surroundings as it delivers data direct to Vitaly's helmet display as he trials its remote observation capabilities.

    "Excellent! It works! We can send this through ventilation and other ducts to scout locations ahead of us. I've managed to build basic auspex and auto-senses in, so we can see and hear in addition to basic radiolocation and passive energy sensing."

    Stepping back, Vitaly peruses his work thoughtfully as it coils into a languid heap and takes in the room through dispassionate machine eyes.

    "Hmm...looks a bit bare. I don't like the look of all those exposed hard surfaces - it could scrape and make noise."

    Heading out of the surgical suite into the rest of the Apothecarion, he returns almost immediately with two spare pairs of medical orderly trousers. Within a few minutes, he has stitched together a long tube of the hard-wearing fabric with which to sheathe most of the serpentine construct's length. The head now peeks out, half-obscured beneath a short hood of wrinkled fabric.

    "I call it the Perceptual Enhancement, Navigation and Infiltration System," says Vitaly, quite proud in spite of his misery at current circumstances.

    The smile on his face falls like a lead balloon as one of the two largest sensor lights on the construct's head abruptly goes dark. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to bring it back online.

    "No time to find spares, so we're going to have to rely on monoscopic vision, " he mutters discontentedly, "This trouser snake will have to get by on one eye."
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    It was a longer journey than it should have been, Aleph stalking through corridors he should be proudly striding down, a hero among his own, the chosen Palatine Blade amid aspiring soldiers. Though he'd always dreamed of being ascended to the ranks of the Astartes, Alephoros was never the kind to put himself before his Brothers. But there was a difference between humility and being unable to show his face.

    He passed many menials as a simple battle-brother, but when he had the chance to encounter his Brothers, he hid, skulking in the shadows like a common criminal. His time with the Eighth served Aleph well, slipping between shadowed pillar and concealed alcove and even, on one occasion, hiding in plain sight amid a row of heroic statues of fabulously gilded and purple-enamelled marble. He used his guile and stealth to keep his companion safe as well as himself. He could almost hear Lucoryphus mocking him for his sentimentality. Aleph shook his head in grim humour. Even among the Eighth there had been brotherhood, and he knew well that Luc had his friends among the Night Lords. One Legion might mock camaraderie, the other celebrate it but at heart both were Legiones Astartes.

    Memories of other times sustained him, but Aleph did not allow himself to become distracted. Time and skill - or luck, he wasn't too proud to be lucky even in an enlightened age - brought Aleph to his Brothers, and the discussion at hand. He held up his arm, gesturing to Brona to keep back for a moment, until he had been noticed by his vigilant squad-mates.

    "Brothers, I am glad to see you alive. By your faces, you already have the same news," he said, his own face grave.

    OOC: Bringing Aleph up to his Brothers for the next post / discussion!
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    Ferrum Aeternum
    @Draconion @Vulpas @DeranVendar

    The lines have been drawn and the decision was made. Vitaly cracked into the secured network the traitors were using and the command to kill Pholax came from none other than Apox himself, the Chapter Master and soon-to-be Lord Commander of the Millennial, if he had it his way, organized the forces which were about to storm the command decks. Around the same time Minteril responded on their own comms and announced that he and the majority of his men are moving to intercept Centurion Cautorious who seemed to be looking to link up with Apox and deliver the final blow. Things were moving fast but for Vitaly, Jendon and Extrovious, they will have less time to worry about the greater ploy at hand as their journey led them elsewhere, into the occupied core of the Millennial's great flagship.

    The construct their Techmarine brother created served its purpose as the little guy navigated the vents perfectly, moving ahead of the trio and keeping them informed about threat ahead. Interestingly enough, there haven't been many legionaries patrolling the area around the main server room. Instead, most of the security detail consisted of Tech Adepts and their thralls, the majority of the Astartes pulled to fight elsewhere and leaving the place in the hands of its old master.

    If Vitaly had any suspicions beforehand, they were proved right as the more they traveled towards their destination more and more signs of Senior Techmarine's hand were shown. Modified protective systems, array of sentry guns carrying alien weapons, even the combat servitors were changed to better fit the "new standards" of the Legion. However while the scout drone did its job admirably, it was evident that the old Techmarine placed no direct obstacles in their route as most of the sentry turrets never came online nor have the primary bulkheads been sealed. The path into the center of the web was open and one had simply to follow it to reach the end.

    If the "Sovereign's" reactor core was considered the ship's heart, than this was its brain. While Vitaly has already been here before, for Jendon and Extrovious it was completely a new thing to witness. Stacks upon stacks of top of the notch cogitators placed around the central hub, surrounding what was perhaps the most powerful Machine Spirit outside the one aboard Fulgrim's Gloriana warship, or at least that's what "Sovereign's" Admiral de Beaumont was fond of saying. Each and every system, from engine controls to crew shower dispensers, could be manipulated from the console in the center of the vast chamber, although with some limitations. There was a twin console to this one on the Bridge which was used by the one at the helm to manually adjust major systems and while it had priority over this one, a person having sufficient skill and knowledge about how ship this vast operated, with enough time and effort could seize the full control for his own ends.

    Plugged into it was Thales.

    The old Techmarine wore his full suit of armor which was even further upgraded than the last time they saw him. Vitaly noticed a number of additions which, before today, were a highly guarded secret of theirs - advanced grav weapon developed from the shards of Ork tech recovered above Ullanor, a compact dark matter generator made from the stolen Dark Eldar weaponry as well as a multi-barreled cannon of obvious Laer origin mounted on Thales' big mechadendrite. His power armor was covered in additional alloys of unknown quality which gave the Techmarine the looks of the Ork Avatar they all fought all those years ago, only smaller in size.

    Besides him, there was a number of servitors and other Mechanicum personnel spread all over the server chambers, all of which turned towards the entrance with their weapons charged. However they powered them down almost as fast as Thales uttered a single command, making all of them leave the chamber with only him opposing the members of the 4th Squad.

    "Brothers Extrovious, Jendon, young Vitaly," Thales spoke, unplugging himself from the console and turning around towards the newcomers and showing them his full augmented form. His voice was thankfully the same like before, as well as the large Omnissiah Axe that he held in two-handed grip, the symbol of the Cult undergoing no change. But as he moved Vitaly was the only one who could register an advanced code surrounding his former mentor, the type of which he never encountered before, that made everyone have a hard time locking on the figure in front of them.

    "I have watched your progress ever since your unfortunate meeting with deluded Antivia and vengeful Minteril. You were always the ones who were the most gifted out of that entire stock, fitting that you're also the ones who came down here seeking me," he stood facing them now, dozen feet away, his weapons powering up. "Would it be too much to expect you to drop your guns and surrender?"

    Lords of the Enginarium:
    Forgemaster Thales:30

    Vitaly:15 Jendon:15 Extrovious:15

    OOC Thales has plenty of nasty tricks up his sleeve that will make this boss fight an interesting one. Currently, he has activated an "aura" that forces every successful hit against him to be rerolled. I'll update this part as we go forward.

    "It has been a long time coming," after a moment of hesitation, Sidon removed knife from Arnock's throat and helped him up. "Whatever Fabius might tell you, the degradation of our Legion began when we started accepting recruits from Chemos. I don't mean this as an insult, but there were far better places to pick warriors from and the initial fear that we had for our future after the Proximan Betrayal turned out to be our undoing." It was a grim view for a grim time, the old warrior picking up gear from the fallen assassins and letting the loyal brothers help him arm himself. Aleph arrived as Sidon finished his quick preparations, loading his bolt pistol and cleaning a chainsword smeared with blood. Brona was there as well, after the older swordsman spared his life the novice Palatine Blade kept up with Aleph, the fires of vengeance burning brightly in his eyes.

    They linked with Pholax outside the brig, the Devastator bringing confirmation of what happened elsewhere. Group was given links to the same coded channel everyone else used as well as the one traitors used which they infiltrated earlier, allowing everyone to hear how the battle for the Millennial progressed. Since Vitaly, Jendon and Extrovious took upon themselves to secure the brain of the ship, it was up to Sidon, Aleph, Arnock, Elymas and Pholax (and Brona) to deal with its poison and remove it from the Millennial's bloodstream before it was too late. According to the vox, majority of the traitors were converging on the main command deck and that was where they will find the ones they seek.
    The signs of combat were even more evident the higher they went, not to mention the fact "Sovereign" shuddered as her shields struggled under constant barrage from the outside. Not only did the crew and legionaries fought among each other, it would seem that the fleet turned upon itself as well. However the worst picture awaited them once they reached the command deck itself.

    This chamber aboard the ship was one of the biggest ones alongside main landing deck and Enginarium down below. Once, it was used to welcome dignitaries from other Legions or to greet Phoenician himself when he came to witness the might of the Third Millennial. It could fit at least a thousand legionaries alongside a number of their vehicles and mortal auxiliary force on a parade rest. Currently, around that number of warriors was fighting in a chaotic close-quarters combat; Emperor's Children against Emperor's Children, only on a larger scale than what the members of the 4th squad saw before alongside "Sovereign's" corridors.

    It was hard to draw lines as fighting engulfed the entire deck, brothers who until then held each other's backs were now cutting their former comrades apart. On one side they could see a Predator tank rolling in, firing an autocannon shell that killed entire squad of Emperor's Children only for it to blow apart seconds later as a lascannon shot caught its munition reserve. On the other side, two Contemptor Dreadnoughts dueled, going at one another with the mix of power fists and other heavy weapons.

    The thickest fighting however was on the far side of the deck in front of the large golden portal that led into the Bridge itself. It was covered in mural depicting Emperor's first meeting with Fulgrim on Chemos, the glorious moment in the history of the Third Legion now witnessing ultimate betrayal. Line of Terminator Elite held the door, in their center Lord Commander Leonis fought alongside Millennial's Champion Kenjiro against three times their number of attackers. Interlocking storm shields in front and heavy glaives in the back held the traitors in check, while Kenjiro organized the effort, ripping apart his opponents with twin lighting claws. Leonis on the other hand was resplendent in his artificer golden armor and while it lacked the protection offered by Tactical Dreadnought suit, it gave him ample of speed to counter the mix of attacking Terminators and regularly armed legionaries with thrusts and quick cuts using his curved greatsword.

    If he ordered anything no words came to this side of the chamber as they were drowned in the sound of clashing swords and dying warriors. More and more traitors tried to push towards Leonis and his bodyguard but they were attacked from both sides by Minteril's men, holding their advance in a tight grip. Chapter Master was there with his soldiers and he met the newest threat head on in form of Palatine Blades led by none other than Centurion Cautorious himself. There were less than thirty of the swordsmen around Cautorious but their skill was out of this world. Loyal lord threw his men at them and they died, cut into small pieces by never-stopping cycle of charnabal sabres. It was then that Minteril stormed into melee himself, but after killing two swordsmen he nearly lost his head as Cautorious swooped in with his own master-crafted glaive, starting the duel that was in the making ever since the two Chemosians met. Brona saw this as well and he hurried towards embattled lords of the Legion, intent on exacting his own revenge against those that nearly cost him his honor.

    Sidon saw the carnage and grunted, one of the Two Hundred looking even older now as his green eyes took all of this in. "So much hate...what can an honorable man do against such reckless hate?"

    "He can accept his fate. Honor is a dead thing and you're about to join it." Lumbering from the mayhem of combat came a towering figure in purple and gold. Even flanked by two of his Terminator squad mates, he still looked like a proper monster, bulkier than both of them. In one hand he carried a gilded storm bolter that fired couple of seconds earlier and killed three legionaries that stood in his way, in the other he hefted a familiar eagle-headed mace, only modified for Terminator use.

    "You're tough to kill," Chapter Master Apox said, his tone mocking as he squared off against 4th Squad (its one half at least) and their former leader. "All of you. But you can't flee forever and your time's up." It was a clear show of superiority, Apox intent to smite down one of the last vestiges of the old Millennial's spirit almost on his own. His two Terminator brethren protected his sides, one on the left carrying a two handed glaive like the ones used by the Phoenix Guard while the one on the right carried the more classic loadout consisting of storm shield and a power axe.

    However as the duelists formed two shots ranged across both Arnock's and Aleph's armor, former getting hit on the shoulder pad while the latter felt the round ricocheting against his right greave. Moments later a figure dropped from the ceiling, covered in camo paint and armored in lighter, recon version of power armor. He had sniper rifle in his hands which he threw away, pulling out a short sword and a knife. "It has been some time brothers," Camille spoke, his lips twisting into a snarl, "I longed to cross my blades with the rest of you once again. Come, entertain me!"

    Besides the leader of the Silent Step and their former squad mate, a number of recon marines from his brotherhood remained on the railings high above the battle, setting up a proper shop and preparing to take out figures of interest by afar, starting with the 4th Squad. Things looked quite grim but at that moment Sidon stepped in front, revving his chainsword in spite the trio of Terminators in front of him. "Finally, I'm at peace," and indeed, after the initial shock his features returning back to normal, the ancient warrior resolute in the face of death. "Finally, I get to clean these hallowed halls of your traitorous stench and restore order to my Legion. Bring everything you got Apox, you'll need it."

    Brother's Keeper:

    Chapter Master Apox:25, Brother Raulon:20 (phoenix glaive), Brother Deroh:20 (storm shield + power axe), Camille:12, Recon Squad: [8]

    Arnock:15 Aleph:15 Pholax:15 Elymas:15 Sidon:15

    OOC Recon Squad is high up, it can only be targeted by ranged weapons and long range spells. As long as they're up in the railings they'll hit two random chars with buffed attacks. To bring them down you need two ranged rolls of 10+ or one roll of 15+. Camille will attack either Arnock or Aleph but if engaged, he'll fight in a duel.

    Each of you has one 1d6 heal due to Jendon sending a servo skull with you. You need to spend an action to use it and there's no limit how many of you can use it during a single turn (we'll say that the skull is flying left and right really fast), so consider it to be sort of a healing potion when things get rough. @Vulpas if you wish, Jendon can follow what's going on through servo skull's integrated camera feed but he won't be able to interfere.
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    Elymas was stern during the entirety of the march. Silent, much like his old master. Driven into thought and planning. But without much information, he was unsure of what to anticipate or even calculate. Not to forget that unlike him, he had no voice of authority yet. After the dust settled, maybe the secrets of Hephaestus might enlighten him to put him into an advisory role. But it was not such ambition that drove his survival. It was the fact that Terra had to learn of the situation out here in the middle of nowhere.

    Once they arrived at the command deck, the veteran was not shocked at all. The reality of treason prepared him since he struck Alleo down. And the theater of war was nothing compared to what only recently occurred on Laer. This was a mere encore to a grandiose play that already has finished. Or was it an interlude that would lead to something greater? Time would tell soon enough.

    After Apox spoke to Sidon, Elymas turned to Alephoros Aster. "He is right. Honor will lead to death. So please do not feel insulted if any of us jumps in a duel you might fight in. This is survival now and we shall cast all traditions aside in order to live tomorrow." Of course Elymas was referencing the magnificent duels that their Palatine blade had many times before throughout his career and how everyone including Arnock respected such duels and not interfere. Today, Elymas would heed no such thing and simply do as required. That was the final lesson to be learned.

    A smirk built under Elymas face as he focused his attention to Brother Raulon, eyes glowing deep purple, right hand extended towards the towering giant, while Phoenix's Resolve was glowing like a prism, incapable of deciding on a single color to resonate with.

    "Raulon! Cast aside the treachery that Apox put you under! Gaze into the eye of the Aquila and redeem yourself by fighting alongside the true Emperor's Children! Go and annihilate the treacherous plague carrying rat that Apox is!" Elymas commanded the older and stronger Veteran, his voice becoming that of pure authority, physically and meta-physically.

    But his magic would not stop there as Raulon would move into action to fight the primary opposition leader here, Elymas would attempt once more to hail former Emperor's Children to their aid. But not just anyone.

    "Camille Devaloy! Arch-Traitor of the 4th Squad!" He bellowed in anger and accusation, his right hand now pointing towards the infiltrator specialist. "Come out and face death at the hands of your own victims! Their wrath and desire for vengeance against you is not only audible but is manifesting! I've warned Leonis and everyone else all those decades back on that Dark Eldar infested jungle world, and now you shall see what I meant!"

    The Audiomancer took Phoenix's Resolve in the playing stance, playing a similar melody to that back then, a faint memory of two mortals echoing in his mind. The lyrics much changed due to the most recent events, Elymas improvising, filled with raw emotions.

    "Tonight we judge those standing against Terra.
    Vow tonight to deliver justice.
    Refuse to rest easily until all traitors lay dead.
    For rest cannot even be granted to the dead.
    Until the Imperium is cleansed once more.
    Loyal serfs to the Throne.
    By our honor. As our duty.
    Eternally Terras', We vow tonight.
    We are the Emperor's Children!
    Death to his Foes!"

    And with those words and the magic-infused sound waves emitting from Phoenix's Resolve he targeted to resurrect nobody else but those very Emperor's Children that Camille claimed during his treason. As many as would heed the call of the Audiomancer. Although Elymas was aware he was stressing his psychic powers to a new level, it would have to be this way to push his fate and see if he deserved to be a Codicer.

    Focused Casting via Siren's Song: Once per combat phase, Elymas can use the talent which counts as one action to get off a successful cast of one spell in his arsenal (he can still cast two spells per turn but only one is affected by the talent). However after the spell is cast, he won't be able to use it again until the end of the combat phase. In addition to that, his heightened senses make every ranged attack made against him suffer a -2 penalty.

    Ultimate: Siren's Song (Medium Range, Single Target; Embracing the perfection of the Phoenician, the Librarian appeals to his victim to charm him or her, making the victim temporarily do as told; lasts 2 turns)
    → Raulon go attack Apox

    Second Action - Regular Cast - Echo of the Emperor's Finest - Creates 1d6 individuals that the Caster knows to fight enemies. They appear like true specters but are bound to laws of physics (gravity, cannot move through objects, can be hit, etc.), each has 5 wounds and lasts 3 turns. They dissipate individually whenever they reach either 0 wounds or 0 turns left - whichever comes first.
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious' mouth hung open at the display of arrogance before them. Underlings scurried away like rats in the shadows, vacating the true heart and soul of the Sovereign and leaving a single marine to face three others. How long had Thales known? When did the plotting begin in earnest? Questions upon questions, as had been the case since their release, and in his heart Extrovious knew they were not worth asking; the situation was too far gone, brother had slain brother, and they were all bastards for it now. All that remained was to ensure it was their side of this tale that would make it out to their Father, and his above him and beyond them all.

    "Vitaly." Word of mouth would suffice, Thales would hear them wherever they be, for all Extro's faith in Vitaly, he could not countenance the student overcoming his master, not alone, or at least, not so soon. "Take the reigns, I will hold him down." Extrovious weighs forward and charges, leaving his jump pack silent lest he rocket straight into a trap. Claws out he surrenders to the inevitability of more violence, choosing to fight Thales than fight the failure of diplomacy.

    "Jendon, do what you do best: cover the gaps." The axe, the mechandrites, the armor, all of it was bound to be a hornet's nest of danger worthy of any Ork's mad dreams: woe betide them that the mind of a legionnaire guides it all. It was good their Apothecary was there, a selfish grace, but a vital one. The urge to further descend into battle trance and blood greed simmers beneath the surface, whatever enchantment the Thousand Sons had woven into his psyche was supposedly excised during interrogation, yet like a scar it still needled the back of every thought, egging him to scratch it. Not yet, not till they had an opening. For now his claws would hold the line, fending off whatever the traitor threw at them.

    OOC: Full Defense - All four against Thale's actions, prioritizing defense of the others over self.
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