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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    Vitaly listens to Sidon's pep talk/bringing-down-to-earth (depending on perspective), feeling some measure of relief that their veteran leader has a level head, capable of weighing fine nuances and finding the best compromise for a difficult situation. Following the sergeant through the jungle in his usual position of almost-tail-end-Charlie, he curses under his breath when the alarm goes up prematurely and the squad is forced to take a stand and fight.

    Bounding forward to the bole of a huge tree, he shoulders his rocket launcher - left hand leading, as always - and presses his left shoulder and knee into the tree, placing the larger part of his bulk behind hard cover. Bracketing the Ravager with his sights, he selects Krak warheads and lets fly.

    "Children of the Emperor, death to His foes!" he echoes after the sergeant.


    Action Summary

    - All-Out Attack w/Krak missiles @ Ravager
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "You got it, brother, I see the xenos have their engines exposed let's make sure their hunk of chunk never fly again!." Jendon said taking his brothers krak along with his Own and already plotting a course straight for the reavers engines. "Strike from the skies!" Jendon said as he lifted off with comrade both Kraks he would activate as he got near the engines before attempting to throw them directly inside the engines the exposed engines of the ravager.

    OOC ALL out attack on the ravager One krak krenade on left side and one krak grenade for the right side.
  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Strike from the skies!" Extrovious rose alongside Jendon, cleaving close to his self-proclaimed charge's side. Chainsword and bolt pistol would only account for so much as a deterrent against fire, he expected the enemy would not be dissuaded from shooting at them, even at the cost of their own lives; these aliens were frail cowards, but chain of command forced even the weakest to acknowledge that self-preservation was not always an option. That in mind Extrovious quietly sets his mind to protecting Jendon with his own body from the enemy fire if it must be so.

    "If that vehicle is still active after our squad's first salvo then we will have to board. I entrust the slaughter of any surviving crew to you Jendon, I will tie down the target and his guard for as long as possible brothers." Extrovious' voices his extension for Plan A to both wing brother and those left back on the ground.

    OOC: Two defensive actions on Jendon as he makes his run on the Ravager.
  4. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Go For the Throat

    Camille stayed close to Sidon during their jungle trek, keeping low and walking softly behind the Sergeant. His boltgun was clutched tightly in his grip, slotted in the corner of his shoulder while he spied ahead, attempting to anticipate a possible Xeno counter-ambush.

    Then, all Hell broke lose, but the 4th were proving resilient and resourceful. The young marksman fetches his krak grenade from his belt and hurls it with all his might toward the Ravager, before raising his boltgun's muzzle to the Haemonculus. He squeezes the trigger, unloading a burst of bolter fire upon the mad doctor.

    All-Out Attack:
    - Krak grenade upon the Ravager
    - Bolter fire upon the Haemonculus
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Listening to the Sargent's but as he began musing upon it, following the squad as they moved closer to go for the kill they needed. Everything required sacrifice, to get better at something you needed time, to kill you needed to sacrifice manpower, to do anything you needed sacrifice and in this case to succeed with needed to sacrifice blood. It wasn't kind but this isn't a kind galaxy.

    His musing was stop as the bird like creature began to screech. Someone needed to shut it up but it had already alerting the rest no doubt.

    Hearing their battle cry, almost as if by instinct,"For the Phoenician!" Pholax roared aiming his heavy bolter high, he had the best weapon to try and clear the skies of those devils. If there was just one or two, no doubt our marksman would have been delighted at the target practice, but there were quite a few, sometimes instead of a well trained shot, you just need a really big gun and a lot of ammo to get a job done.

    An artist might need to chip away piece by piece of his marble slab, but sometimes you need to rip off chunks at a time. Having the composure to do both was needed at times and Pholax excelled at ripping off chunks.

    "I will cast them down from the heavens, hopefully it'll keep them off us a bit."


    Full attack on the scourges with heavy bolter fire.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas was relieved to have heard that Sidon supported his opinion. Everyone was out of blood, not giving the singlest care about their brethren. Talking about necessary sacrifice and acting like the aliens on this world were their only kin. It was potentially as false as thinking that the Emperor's Children invasion force here was the only part of humanity seeking in despair for a new world to settle after their old was ruined. Alas, the philosophical exchange would have to wait for peace times. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud screech from some feral beast that alerted the present aliens. Seven cursed hell he wished upon them.

    The moment of surprise might have been lost, but not the courage or skill of the third. Elymas grabbed his staff in the left hand and his pistol in the right, making a straight sprint for the Haemonculus. The group wanted the beast-creature dead. And so it shall be done. In the name of the 4th squad. In the name of the 3rd legion. In the name of Fulgrim. As he ran, he provided sporadic fire in bursts at the alien leader.

    Without a proper ranged weapon, nor the capability of channeling his powers in a meaningful way, there was little option in the pragmatic mind of Elymas. Others might think of it as hypocrisy, after criticizing the search of glory over the protection of their brethren, but in his mind - what else should he possibly have done in this moment? With silence and swift feet, he moved through the hail of fire to destroy the head of the snake.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack via Bolt Pistol vs. Haemonculus while charging it under the protective fire of the rest of the squad.
  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Martyn thinned his lips, but said nothing. He would never understand the shortsightedness of their sergeant, though he would also never question him openly. Sidon knew that they were here to destroy all remnants of the Old Night, but they were two things eternally. One: above and beyond even the most capable of humans, with the few rare exceptions like Malcador the Sigillite, and thus worth countless of the mortals. Second: they would only ever be destroyers, no protectors, no statesmen, and no scholars.

    Even after the Great Crusade, there will always be the alien threat and those from within. Rebels too blinded to see that their lives are infinitely better under the rule of Terra and the Emperor, that can only be enlightened by the muzzle flash between their eyes. Quietly, he responded, "aye Sarge, I remember exactly why I'm here." Ending the conversation, he would follow behind the others, not too far away as to be the last one, but not immediately behind Sidon either.

    When they had been discovered, Martyn's first instinct threw him behind one of the larger trees for cover. Seeing his brothers engaging in various actions while coordinating on the fly, the line brother scanned the battlefield, anything to make up for the loss of the element of surprise. Seeing the slightly elevated platform, somewhere between 9-12 feet off the ground, gave him an idea. Air and void crafts often require a completely flat surface to take off of; they were tricky like that.

    Grabbing his krak grenade, Martyn opened a channel to all either heading towards, or already on, the platform and the vehicles aboard. "Brothers, targeting support structure. I would highly suggest holding on to something." With that, he tossed the krak grenade at the nearest main support on the far end of the platform before leaping back behind cover once again. The idea would be to take it out and cause the whole thing to tilt dangerously to one side, delaying takeoff and, if the transport wasn't secured enough, have it slide entirely off of the thing.

    Might even throw a few of the xenos off of their feet or break their necks. At least, that was plan, and one knew what they say about plans and enemy contact.


    OOC: Krak grenade to support structure in order to make the landing platform collapse to one side, defence on self.
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  8. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    I Love the Smell of Burning Feathers in the Morning

    Brothers Extrovious, Jendon and Vitaly were focussing on the vehicle, which was a first priority. Aleph knew that they would need support to make sure that no enemy took advantage of this to undermine their goal. His primary weapon was shorter in range, but it carried the cleansing flame of which the young Astartes was becoming fond. And the sky was full of feathery targets.

    Sidon, he reflected as he aimed his first shot, was showing exactly why he had been chosen as Sergeant. He listened to his men, he allowed them to express themselves for he wasn't too proud to take note of someone else's ideas. But he also knew how to quell conflicts and potential divisions. Alephoros wasn't given to battlefield soliloquies, so he just nodded to himself as he sighted. It didn't mean that he had no love for talking.

    Or listening. He was about to fire when the words of Martyn caught his sharp hearing. Bringing the platform down would cripple the takeoff of any of the annoying little birds - both real and metaphorical - that nested up on the tall structure. He snatched a krak grenade from his belt and aimed a precise throw at the support leg Martyn indicated. Then he drew a bead with his flamer on the rising scatter of feathered opponents.

    OOC: Krak grenade to platform, flamer to Scourge. All-out attack.
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Aliens were quick to react to ambush, given that they were the creatures which were always ready for combat sneaking upon them was nigh impossible, but while their reflexes were borderline supernatural, they've never met Emperor's Children before.

    Running under the cover of bigger guns, Elymas charged up the steps and onto the landing platform, firing as he went forward. His advance didn't go unseen however, the hail of bolts flying over Haemonculus' bald head before the alien leader turned around and pointed his thin long finger at the Librarian. One of the Grotesques dropped the crates and immediately back-pedalled, going straight for the young Legionary, moving way more faster than a huge creature like that should. Elymas had time to reload and fire once again but all of the bolts impacted on the gene-enhanced monstrosity, who didn't seem at all disturbed by chunks of flesh falling off its form. Swinging around a meaty fist covered in metal spikes, Grotesque caught Elymas in his midriff and propelled him upwards and above its head, the shower of blood and ceramite that fell all over the monster seemingly invigorating it. Grotesque roared as the Librarian fell on the ground, his lower front armor a mess, but before the thing could step on him and turn him into a pulp another salvo of bolts hit its back, blowing away pieces of flesh and cable-like machinery and forcing the thing to back away.

    "Employ your powers Librarian! Don't hold back any longer!" Elymas could hear Sidon's words over squad vox, Sergeant stepping in with his firing and saving Librarian for the time being. Next thing he said was a mumbled curse as his position suffered a strafing run from two Reavers, riddling the Sergeant in poisonous shards and forcing him on his knees, him bleeding all over the place.

    Dark Eldar crew aboard the Ravager saw the danger as well and given how the vessel had the greatest number of heavy weapons out of all present forces, each turret was manned in couple of moments and the energy weapons came to life. Dark lance activated and speared straight towards Vitaly, who at the same time primed and fired his own krak missile. For a split second both parties squared off against each other, but the Emperor's Children legionary ended up winning the short duel. Lance strike went bit left, cutting cleanly through the tree young tinker used as cover and toppling it over somewhere behind him while his missile hit dead center, blowing up both this turret and one more besides it where another xenos was about to prime the big cannon.

    At the same time both of the Assault brothers took to the air, Jendon heading for the rear engines while Extrovious following his comrade, trying to put his bulk between him and incoming fire. A salvo of splinter fire came their way, those Kabalites that survived Vitaly's attack regained their footing with exemplary speed, showering two jump-packing Legionaries in deadly shards. Due to Extrovious's intefering Jendon suffered only couple of scratches and he was about to get in perfect position to throw the krak grenades when the last turret aboard Ravager turned towards him, the gunner smiling as he took him in his crosshairs.

    Extrovious however wasn't about to let the stray shot foil their plan and he activated his boosters the second the beam of dark energy crossed the distance, planting himself in the way and if not for his quick reactions, he would've suffered a direct hit. Although the dark matter nearly grazed him, the second it hit him he felt searing pain engulfing his left side, heading somewhere past his body and blowing up half of his jump pack in the process. He crashed onto the platform, his left shoulder armor completely gone as well as better part of his arm, leaving only a bloody stump. One satisfaction that he had as the helmet's visor refocused and tried to get the artificial senses back up after the blast of darkness of the strange weapon consumed Extrovious's sight was the sound of explosion. Jendon, using the chance given to him by his brother, took out the engine compartment on the Ravager and most likely sealed the fate of the Haemonculus.

    Alien Surgeon didn't seem to like this turn of events and as Extrovious's senses returned, he could see one of Haemonculus's minions pointing a long-barreled rifle at him from a dozen feet distance. Easy shot to make, especially against downed Legionary, but just as the Wrack pulled the trigger, Martyn's and Aleph's plan came to fruition. Or at least partially. Blowing up part of the landing pad's structure didn't collapse the thing entirely, however it made it shake and tilt slightly, enough for the Wrack to trip and miss executing their Assault brother. Haemonculus on the other hand, used his extra set of mechanical limbs to gain balance as he fixed them into ground, his other Grothesque however not having the same upgrades - the monster dropped all of the crates it was carrying and stumbled forward.

    But the most important thing was that the Ravager indeed started "slipping" towards the edge, with the lack of its primary engines getting blown up by Jendon the Dark Eldar crew had their hands full trying to restore lower grav suspensors to at least allign the craft straight. Nobody would ever know if they'd achieve this goal as Camille took out his own krak grenade and lobbed it with all of his might at the stricken skimmer. The resulting explosion sealed the fate of the crew as the chain reaction obliterated the Ravager in a beautiful show of Imperial supremacy.

    If the Dark Eldar showed any sign of backing away now that their vehicle was gone, they most likely kept it to themselves as the vile aliens seemingly redoubled their efforts in an attempt to exact some kind of a vengeance upon the upstart Mon'Keigh. Camille was the first one to suffer as one of the Scourges hefting a dark lance took aim and fired at him, the flying alien matching Legionary's aiming skills and perhaps even toping them as the blast hit Line Brother dead in chest, completely annihilating his armor and burning his secondary heart to a crisp. Camille fell on the ground and could see a huge gaping hole where his Golden Aquila was, his enhanced matabolism trying to help him but the damage was too high for him to only rely on his body.

    More of the Reavers came down, following Martyn as he ran back towards the rest of his ranged brothers and while he was indeed quick on his feet as every son of Fulgrim should be, the alien jetbikes were quicker. He heard the inbuilt splinter rifles roaring and felt the stings on his back, but other than couple of pinpricks that got stuck on his armor, he was fine, managing to zigzag as he ran in order to evade more of the deadly fire. But as he ran Martyn realized something was amiss and felt the looming danger behind him. An error that could be attributed to his inexperience, but he was too late to understand what went wrong. Only one Reaver fired on him but where was the second?

    Working beautifully in pair, first Reaver herded Martyn with his fire, getting him exactly where his twin rider wanted him. Jetbike flew low and Line Brother didn't even have time to turn as hooked chains below the vehicle caught him between the shoulder and neck, impaling his armor and launching him off his feet. Bolter was lost on somewhere on the ground as Martyn took flight, dangling behind the laughing Dark Eldar like some oversized can, tightly held by the wicked chains, the world around flashing before his eyes as the helmet's optics tried to compensate for the breaknecking speed.

    Nearby, Aleph tried to ease the pressure a little bit, forcing the Scourges to scatter and thus stop them from causing more problem for the 4th squad. Like he understood himself, flamer was indeed a bad choice for a weapon when facing these kind of opponents and the only thing he could do was scare them a bit, pushing them further away from the rest of the Legionaries but in the end this didn't really seem to bother these avian aliens in the slightest. Instead, two of them took aim and began firing on the Line Brother, their rifles having higher rate of fire than those "normal" aliens they fought earlier carried but even despite it, Aleph's armor held, the Golden Eagle on his chest unblemished as the poisonous shards failed to find purchase. "Aleph, forget about these birds, go after the head and burn that damned bald scum from the face of this earth!" the young Legionary could hear his Sergeant's pained voice over the squad vox, Sidon managing to get up and fight through the wounds. Firing his bolter, Terran-born veteran had slightly better luck than Aleph as he managed to clip haff of the wing from one of the flying creatures but not much more.

    Thankfully for him, Pholax was there and he wasn't about to stop with his killing spree. Bringing his heavy bolter up and towards the skies, the Devastator unleashed his fury and the reward was almost instant. One of the Scourges ceased to exist as its body was ripped apart by heavy bolts, its avian features brought down to a simple bloodied husk. Seeing that the Legionary got a bead on them, the remaining Scourges scattered, firing as they flew around, trying to flank the Devastator. Dark lance speared towards him but Pholax jumped out of the way, the dark matter weaponry seeming not liking him at all as one more time he managed to evade suffering the same fate like Extrovious and Camille, the only thing the Scourge managed to hit was dirt. But the one carrying the big cannon turned out to be more precise - or simply had that kind of a weapon with which you didn't need to aim that much. Unloading four dozen splinters in less than five seconds, Pholax was thrown off his feet by the sheer amount of fire. Visor blinked red as multiple armor breaches were detected: right leg was devoid of armor and Pholax could see bone where the muscle tissue was cut to pieces, the purple paint on his entire left side of his body was scratched down to dull grey, his helmet was breached on top and his temple was now devoid of any hair he might've possessed, leaving only stumps of it where skin once existed.


    Camp defenders:

    Scourges: 5(SC)/5(DL)/5(DL)/4 Haemonculus: 12 (Boss) Doctor's staff: 4 (Wrack)/11 (Grotesque#1)/14 (Grotesque#2) Reaver Jetbikes:4

    Camille:7 Martyn:9 Jendon:9 Pholax:8 Vitaly:10 Elymas:9 Aleph:11 Extrovious:6 Sidon:13

    Dark lances (DL) and Disintegrator cannon (DC) have automatic crits if they hit you, while Disintegrator cannon will do aoe crit instead. Splinter cannon (SC) has an additional attack. Martyn is currently hooked by one of the Reavers and is airborne, dangling behind the jetbike. Grotesque#1 is the one attacking Elymas.

    @Jorimel @WanderingJester @dx144 @DeranVendar @Draconion @Vulpas @Kalle @Uriel1339
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon had a grin under his helmet as he scored on the attack fully hitting and disabling the ravagers, engines that grin faded when he saw Extrovious rues turn to green to yellow, a limb from his brother damaged in the red for only a moment before flickering. As Jendon landed he turned back his thrusters activating heading towards his brother's position to aid him. He would have his brothers back as he had his to return the favor and to make sure they survived, they already had enough dead for this mission. Their squad would not be joining them if he had anything to say about it.

    Arriving at Extrovious side he raised his bolt pistol at the first enemy he saw and fired. "I have your back brother, We shall purge these ruffians and make them pay for everything they take." @DeranVendar

    OOC one defense on Extrovious one attack on closest enemy

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