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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    <Säuberung> @Uriel1339

    "Hephestus was loyal to the Legion, he just happened to have disloyal students," Alleo laughed, but there was no happiness in his voice. "As for your own personal view on the matter philosophical, stick to your beliefs if that helps you sleep at night."

    Flamer was activated and another row of books went out, the flames dancing and giving the entire Librarius an eerie glow. One of the legionaries brought a broken container from the gloom and Elymas recognized the familiar seal shattered. Apparently, nothing was saint for these destroyers.

    "While I was a Librarian, I always envied you because of the gift the Gorgon gave to you," Alleo said as he took hold of "Phoenix's Resolve", the crystal matrix on its top dim, no art used to activate it and harness the power. "I thought it was undeserving - a lowly psyker given such honor, preposterous! But I realize now that just like everything, that action also served its purpose." Turning the staff around to further inspect it, former Librarian eyed it for couple of moments longer before his mocking gaze returned to Elymas.

    "If I told you Lord Fulgrim ordered this, would you believe me? Chapter Master Apox agreed and he ordered another thing as well, as a punishment for killing your own superior," at those words all legionaries present turned to face Elymas, their hands on their weapons. Flames danced faster and the shadows loomed in, Alleo's armor adopting a darker hue.

    "If you make it easy, I promise to give you an honest trial, just like you gave Hephestus."

    <Membership expired> @DeranVendar @matt23

    Moving into darkness of the "Sovereign's" bowels gave both Extro and Arnock a chance to see the other part of the ship, the one warriors of the Third Legion rarely visited. Down here in the dark the glory and the fanfare of the Imperial Truth and the Emperor's Children as its bearers looked completely different. Families of ratings, crew members that had never seen the sun spent their miserable existence to serve the needs of the Battle Barge, never mentioned and always forgotten.

    In such humorless place the eyes behind Astartes helmets could even see deviance, something that could be, dangerously, called mutation on some of these poor people. It was there, present like a stain creeping from within. This corruption spread not only to people, but to the material as well. Bulkheads were rotten, there was strange mold hanging from the vents, almost like a living thing it exhaled and inhaled as the air went through. Some corridors were completely overrun by fungi, others were host to evolved vermin that made their burrows in the lower spine of the deck. Indeed, "Sovereign" was a mighty ship, made in ages long past in the great shipyards of the Throneworld, but as it stood, its soul was blackened by whatever happened to it in the time the 4th Squad was away.

    And in such place a familiar figure appeared.

    At one of the intersections where maintenance tunnels ran up towards the main cooling tank, Minteril waited for them. "Hail brothers, glad that you could make it at such short notice." Chapter Master was alone, but he had both his twin swords and his plasma pistol on him. Interestingly enough, his artificer armor betrayed no sound nor locator ping, obviously modified to keep the veteran legionary hidden from prying eyes.

    "Were you followed?" at least his helmet was mag-locked to his belt, once-handsome face ruined beyond recognition after he fell in the Cauldron of the Blood Priest, the collected scar-tissue moving on its own accord and giving away nothing in a shape of an emotion, although his eyes shined with a dangerous spark.

    "What I'm about to tell you might challenge your very beliefs, so I must know if you told anyone of our meeting today? Anyone like...Brother Aleph perhaps?"
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    "Not a soul knows of my own volition Chapter Master." Extrovious chaffed at the secrecy, eyes flitting to and fro in an attempt to spy out anything wrong with the situation; more wrong than the mutants already lingering in the depths of their own vessel. "Why have you called us down here? Do our brothers seek to exile us here, away from their eyes and minds?"
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    Arnock shook his head and replied, "I told no one except the one whom stands here beside me." The Master of Rights then listened as Extrovious pressed the questioning on to Minteril. The suspicion in the sergeant's voice was shared by Arnock. This location was out of the ordinary for an important meeting. Arnock then spoke with a great deal of interest in his voice, "My beliefs have already been shaken by what has happen as of late. But the suspicion in your voice is foreboding and unsettling. So please, do tell us what it is that you have summoned us here for."
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    The Rope Thickens

    Firing a couple of booming rounds from the autocannon towards a few targets, shots were sloppy, the weapon might need to be serviced or maybe it was just the events that had unfolded had changed his ability with a firearm.

    The new comers were unknown, probably new recruits, least they were trying to hone their skills, probably playing some game of who's the better shot. The silence however was unsettling. No jests, no gloating, nothing but silence. Maybe they were some strange new ones, there always was some strange recruits, usually washouts who'll end up dying somewhere while trying to do something stupid.

    They didn't seem to even know how to use a heavy bolter... Surely they wouldn't have been brought into the Third Legion without basic understanding of how to wield a heavy bolter.

    The silence then broken by the words of the Legionary, in all honesty, it took one back. To hear them of an unknown legionary was one thing, but to hear them from a brother was all the more shocking.

    Lowering his autocannon to look upon this legionary, "I don't think I heard you, brother, it sounded like a whelp mewling about their inadequacies." Pholax spoke loudly and clearly, picking up his hammer and twirled it in his hands. "Are your gal pals here to watch you flail like a fool with that weapon, or are they going to join in being fools with you, I've had enough of fools to last me for the rest of the crusade." Pholax eyed them all intently, noticing the bolters were primed and the air had taste of tension in the air.
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    <Säuberung> @Colapse

    "I would believe you, since we have no reason to lie to one another, do we?" Elymas asked, raising an eyebrow as everyone got ready to become an execution squad.

    "Also for the record, Hephaestus was not my superior during the Laer campaign. The only present actual superiors in charge of me were Sergeant Extrovious as well as Captain Sidon. And Hephaestus had no right of brotherhood or human treatment as he broke the Emperor's edict, which by default made him an enemy of mankind. But if any of these things mattered, then you would not accuse me of such thing." And with that, Elymas waved the previous statement away, acting as relaxed as a dead man walking could.

    "Either way, what does this punishment entail? A gauntlet? A martial duel as of the old days? Or are you just going to shoot me down like yellow-bellied curs?" The fellow former librarian in the worst case scenario would look gritty and tough to the last moment. While in the best case scenario he would lure Alleo to a duel for not only his honor, but also life. Definitely a higher chance of survival than fighting an entire squad.

    His gauntlet-armored hand tapped semi-nervously a familiar tune against his power armor on his waist near his bolt pistol. The tune that the masked man introduced to him, the very same that was sung by the abomination struck down by Alephorous. What shame it would be, to die without finding out the truth and unlocking the secrets of all those mysteries.
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    Alephoros did not hesitate to accept Vitaly's aid in getting out of quarantine a little sooner and was grateful for it. The inaction chafed at him, as his nerves wore away due to both the stillness and the lack of information. He did not like to be kept even more in the dark than he had become accustomed to; and the shock of that realisation itself was not helpful. And so when he went to answer the summons from his former sponsor, he did so armed and armoured, as if he might duel as he had once done, but he carried his helm. Daith'wyn and Night's Edge were the only familiar comforts about his situation.

    The once delicate scent of lilac assailed his nostrils, the overpowering smell usually evoking gardens and pleasant arbours but here smelling more like what Vitaly described as a tart's boudoir. At least it came from the braziers and not the Captain. Aleph took in the state of the chamber - messy, things scattered about like toys, everything in casual disarray as if it were the playground of spoiled children. He looked at Cautorious as he spoke. He'd never exactly trusted the older man, but the brotherhood of the Palatine Blades had transcended that. He had always been aware of the need to keep a poker face around him, but he'd never liked it. There was something he'd always felt he had missed. Not from the initial meeting - he'd long ago come to believe that the six burly Orks were there in case an 'accident' had needed to be arranged should he have refused the signal honour - but since he was never in any shadow of a doubt over accepting the one thing he'd always dreamed of since childhood as the pinnacle of his ambition, he had wondered why they had deemed it necessary. Legionary Aster knew that unravelling deception was not his strong suit - that was more the unravelling of enemy lives. Nonetheless, as he glanced up again from his introspection as his commanding officer spoke, his melancholia had come to the fore.

    "I am ready to hear your words, as ever, Centurion," he said, with proper care to the respectful inflection of his tone. "I did not hear much news while quarantined, so I am keen to catch up on what I must know."

    He paused, looking around, looking at the hostile faces. Not Brothers he knew well, but Sword-Brethren nonetheless. Or so it should have been. There was a touch of sadness in his green eyes, not his usual manner at all. Perhaps quarantine had been more wearing than he had thought. He wished that the inspirational words of Lord Akurduana might hearten him, or the glory of his beloved gene-Sire, but Cautorious was who he had to work with.

    "Perfection is the goal of all of us, is it not? I seek it still, you may be sure of that. I do not presume upon your mentorship, Lord, but I had thought that you aimed to see me rise to my fullest potential within the Legion, and with the Palatine Blades. Is that no longer the case?"

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    <Doctor knows best - Apothecarion> @Vulpas @Draconion + @Grall_Stonefist

    "Brother Jendon..." Antivia spoke with a bit of hesitation, after turning around, "It's better if I show it to you."

    He led Jendon away from the vaults and into one of the medical wards where those horribly wounded legionaries would be suspended in sedative-induced sleep in order to recover faster. However instead of injured warriors, Jendon saw beds with couple of Emperor's Children that looked anything but Emperor's Children. One had additional pair of arms, two were twice the size of regular legionary and close to a Primarch-size although horribly disproportional, one had extensive bladed protrusions over his arms and legs while the last one had his lower jaw completely removed and a strange contraption fixed to it that did Emperor knows what.

    "Before you say anything, let me explain. When we deployed on Laer we all saw how genetically advanced the aliens were and Lord Fabius saw the opportunity to advance our cause in similar fashion. He took me and couple of other Apothecaries and we began experimenting, first on dead brothers and afterwards on voluntary subjects. Once Lord Fulgrim learned about this he gave us open hands to pursue this quest and pursue we did!" Antivia spoke with such elation and zeal that it was almost overbearing. Jendon clearly registered his colleague's adrenaline spike and his nervous system going into overdrive.

    "I tell you brother, we made some of our brothers three times stronger and as fast as the Laer flyers. We integrated sound amplifiers in their throats that could be used as weapons. We made skin as durable as ceramite. We did this and so much more!"

    "We're on a brink of new age of science and Chief Apothecary Fabius instructed me to continue with the work and once you were found, to bring you in as well. Can you imagine, we're unlocking secrets even the Emperor isn't privy of! Brother Jendon, just think of the possibilities!"


    Couple of chambers away from Jendon, Vitaly attempted to find out some of the answers. "Hell brother, I'm done sitting on my ass as well. Whatever caused this lost time for all of us definitely won't be found here in this Apothecarion," Sergeant Ilyas replied, getting on his feet as well. "I never thought I'd say this, but this place gives me the creeps."

    However once the Techmarine approached the doors he was suddenly intercepted by a trio of serfs who approached from the nearby servo-tubes. While they were undoubtedly medically-purposed machines, Vitaly knew enough to spot additional augmentations that made them evolve from the role of simple hospital helpers into proper doctor-bullies. Each was armed with a chansword and had a plasma mechadendrite as well as a series of "stabby" tools that went alongside their inbuilt narthecium. They were lightly armored and while they would prove no match for a power armored Child of the Emperor in his full gear, Vitaly had none of his tools of war at his disposal.

    ++"Attention. You are not authorized to step beyond this point. Please, return to your bed and await designated member of the staff. Thank you for your obedience. Attention..."++

    All three of them droned this couple of more times, effectively blocking Vitaly's entrance into this part of the Apothecarion.

    OOC imagine this Apothecarion to be quite big, it can accommodate for 500+ wounded legionaries at a time and has extensive support areas as well as a big vault for all the geneseed. That's why Vitaly has a bit of trouble finding Jendon around it.

    <Membership expired> @DeranVendar @matt23

    "Cautorious and Apox are planning a coup."

    And just like that, the word was out.

    "I never minced words so I'm not about to start now. I'm not completely certain from where the poison first began to cloud our Legion's bloodline, but if I could guess I would say it came from the top," Minteril continued, unfazed by the gravity of accusations he just made. "Warp take Laer and all of their kind, but there was something rotten on the planet and I'm afraid whatever it was, it lived on even as we burned the world and all of the aliens with it."

    "The Diasporex campaign is over and I've heard disturbing rumors from the brothers participating in it, rumors that I could never confirm as I was cast out of our Millennial's lodge. Long story short, I got word that both the Chapter Master and the Centurion, backed by someone powerful in the Third Legion, are about to take control of the Millennial by disposing its current leader and anyone else who they believe will cause them problems, beginning with you."

    "Sidon has been torn in Apox's side for too long, the old warrior a symbol of a time about to be put to the torch. Apox wants him and everyone connected to him dead, meaning that none of you are safe. I already learned of assassins being sent to silence your squad brothers Pholax and the former Librarian Elymas, the rest soon to follow. I know this for they attempted to do the same to me but I survived," Minteril said and pulled out a curved thin dagger from his belt, clearly alien in origin, both Extrovious and Arnock could guess where it came from. "Laer blade to end a life of a loyal Child of the Emperor. That is how low they've fallen. My men have managed to apprehend the attacker and after proper interrogation, I've learned that the gears are set in motion and that the coup will happen today."

    "Which is why I summoned you. Extrovious, you fought under Sidon and he groomed you for the position of a Sergeant, the old man always had good opinion of you and so do I," with a nod to the Sergeant of the 4th, Chapter Master turned and did the same to Master of Rites. "Arnock, you fought alongside revered Rylanor and if he chose you to be the next bearer of the standard, then who am I to dispute this. Both of you have necessary integrity which is why I must ask you this."

    "Go to the brig and rescue Sidon. Stuck in there, he's an easy target and I'm sure they'll move after him next for if he dies, the morale of the Millennial will shatter and all hell will break loose, which is what they want in order to seize the command more effectively. I on the other hand, will take my men and move to intercept Cautorious himself in order to deal with his Palatine Blades."

    "I'm sure you have many questions," Minteril sighed, "But if you don't believe me, reach Sidon and see what happens next. Also, check your long range vox comm - it's been down since you got down here and that's not because "Sovereign's" Communications Station lacks range. It has already began."

    <Säuberung> @Uriel1339

    "Lord Apox had the idea of dragging you in chains to the Bridge where he could execute you in front of the entire crew, but I say, why bother," Alleo replied and tossed "Phoenix's Resolve" into the pyre before pulling out his bolt pistol to add in the mix. Six more legionaries brought their guns at Elymas now, all of them positioned in a semi-circle around him with enough distance to prevent him fleeing or getting into melee range.

    "You're a dog Elymas, you always have been and now, you'll end up like one," his former Librarian brother said and his finger was about to squeeze the trigger when the time stopped.

    Elymas' tapping continued, the melody richer and more familiar. The gush of hot spring's breeze washed over his body and he heard humming, the same melody only slightly more extravagant. Flames flickered to a halt in the Librarium, the only thing different was the crystal matrix on Elymas' old staff, the psy-attuned minerals glowing with their myriad of lights.

    "The trigger on a loaded weapon, it whispers for us to act," familiar voice spoke and Elymas turned to see the masked pianist standing next to him, his long finger tapping the melody over his white porcelain mask. "Your former friend is set on ending you Elymas, why is it so that you cause so much chaos wherever you go mmmmm? Is it due to your gift or perhaps, you prefer it this way?"

    "I can help you, you know? I can deal with them and set the tune for another performance. It won't cost you much, just a tiny bit of your own inspiration."

    <Brotherhood no more> @Jorimel

    "Oh, I did once, but no more. You see Alephoros," Cautorious spoke and for a moment the lilac faltered, allowing Aleph to register another scent, one he was much more familiar with. The scent of dried blood and body decomposing, the scent of death itself. "You are like Akurduana, or even Rylanor. Your views on how to reach perfection are born from trying to live up to the ideals set by those two men and they prevent you from reaching the next step. Rylanor is entombed and Akurduana is dead, and what they represent within the Legion is soon to follow."

    "New age is upon us Aleph of Chemos, age of which you and the likes of you will not be a part of. Die well, brother of the blade," Centurion Cautorious finished and turned around, bidding the rest of the Palatine Blades to follow until no more but two of them remained facing Aleph.

    Both of them were new brothers, legionaries he didn't know from before. Both of them had long charnabal sabres in their hands, the artificer quality that went in their making absolute. And both of them were bare-headed, their disdain for Aleph evident. They took couple of steps and positioned on both sides of him, their swords pulled out but facing downwards.

    "I'm Vasil and this is Brona," the one on the left spoke, his long blond hair falling way past his shoulders. "Lord Cautorious promised us place at his side if we bring him your head."

    "It is true," Brona spoke next, his voice low and menacing, as he took one more step towards Aleph and raised his sword a fraction. "If you don't fight back I promise to give you a quick death worthy of a Blade."

    <The Rope Thickens> @dx144

    For a moment nobody moved. Legionary using the heavy bolter stopped firing and his eyes were turned on Pholax, two warriors near the entrance silencing their conversation and turning their helmets towards the Devastator as well.

    The one who taunted Pholax acted similarly, his chainsword deactivated as the tension filled the air. The sight of the veteran legionary wielding a thunder hammer was something to behold and this hesitation ultimately saved Pholax's life as he got the part of a second more to react than his assassins originally wanted to give him.

    "KILL HIM!" the one with the chainsword screamed and two legionaries at the entrance brought their bolters up firing, however Pholax managed to jump over the edge of the shooting range so the bolt rounds impacted on thick concrete and exploded there where they did no harm to him.

    But this was not the end of his troubles. Heavy bolter-wielding legionary stepped away from the range and Pholax heard familiar sound of large rounds being fed into the chamber. The cover he was behind now could stop regular rounds but it would hardly stop a heavy bolter, not to mention that he also heard the sound of the chain engine getting closer and the legionary who so seemed to be eager to take him out charging towards his cover as well.

    Not the perfectly executed ambush but his opponents obviously felt their numerical advantage will win them the day anyway.
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    <Säuberung> @Colapse

    "I knew I would die the moment I saw his ugly face." Elymas replied with a chuckle. "Or maybe I was testing you. Either way, I am damned to die. And they spilled the beans, as an Imperial Guardsman I once knew would say. Apox is behind this all, that is all I needed to know." The librarian said to the masked man. "I might die as an enemy of the Emperor by doing what we are about to do. But at least I will deliver the Imperial Truth. And if I'm lucky... Leonis, Sidon, Extrovious and Arnock will grant me the mercy that I have not given to Hephaestus."

    The Codicer extended his hand towards Phoenix's Resolve, pulling it towards him with sheer will, and the very moment it connected with his hand, the time would flow back to normal and he blocked the incoming bolt shells with a single swing which created a sonic wave. Without much further ado, he began to sing. Channeling every fabric of power he could muster, not minding the lack of a force hood as he used the masked entity and the weapon crafted by Ferrus Manus to channel his powers.

    "Leave the sleep and let the blades talk.
    In tongues from the time before man.
    Listen to a rust blade tell its tale.
    Let the enemy in, rush out, be the first to greet the spark."

    An aura built up around him, eyes glowing with bright, yet deep purple, a thump of his staff creating a small energy dome in front of him.

    "Riding hard every shooting star.
    Come to life, open mind, have a laugh at the orthodox.
    Come, drink deep let the dam of mind seep.
    Fight with great elan, dance a jig on the battlefield, come!"

    Elymas' mouth started to stretch, deeper and higher tones than possible by even the most talented Remembrancer Vocalists coming out of his mouth.

    "Children of the Emperor. Death to his foes!"

    He screeched and then he took a step forward, swinging not just the staff but with his whole body forward, jumping through the static sound barrier and bringing his staff down with a mighty clash so that the stone at the tip of Phoenix's Resolve would clang against the ground, resulting not in a shockwave, but instead in something far more deadly.

    A group of ghastly Emperor's Children appeared and rushed forth, wielding power swords that were as transparent as themselves, yet they moved with great elan and agility, running about almost as if they were Eldar. There were the exact amount of opponents that Elymas faced before him, one for each of them. However due to the nature of such new spell and the power required, he was down on a knee, both hands clenching around his staff to keep the spells momentum going.

    OOC: All-Out Casting new spell 'Echo of the Emperor's Finest', channeling Masked Man to augment it.

    Echo of the Emperor spell description:
    Advanced Version of 'The Avenger' which is as per Lexicanum 'A destructive avatar of roiling flame is summoned that leaves immense destruction in its wake.'

    Creates 1d6 individuals that the Caster knows to fight enemies. They appear like true specters but are bound to laws of physics (gravity, cannot move through objects, can be hit, etc.), each has 5 wounds and lasts 3 turns. They dissipate individually whenever they reach either 0 wounds or 0 turns left - whichever comes first.
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    Chapter Master Minterel had earned himself as reputation as something of a jinx, to coin a more superstitious phrase from ages past. The most notable deployments Extrovious had shared with the warrior were rife with catastrophe and loss of life, and followed by the tales of heroism necessary to wrestle victory from such conditions. In the face of the unthinkable reality being presented to himself and Arnock, it only made things more foreboding.

    "If this is true then I must muster my brothers. Vitaly and Denatus are still in the Apothecarion, unarmed and wounded." Extrovious' face molds into steel, something painful pangs in each heart. "I have no idea where Aleph is, nor Elymas in this exact moment." Already the legionnaire was shifting his weight, ready to turn and begin the dash back to the upper decks. Gaze falls to alien blade, then to Arnock. There was an uncertainty visible in his eye, even with an expression cast in stone: what if they were being played here? It was too cruel and wild an idea to be brought up in jest, and the Millennials' behavior too alien since their return. But what if Minterel was not on their side either?

    "We need Sidon. To get him, we need my brothers. The Master of the Rites and I shall rally them and any... loyal to..." He trails off, staring at Minterel. "anyone not loyal to Apox and Cautorious." Head turns toward Arnock once more. "Brother, can you go and get Elymas? I shall find Pholax, we converge on the Apothecarion and then make for the brig." A side long glance is cast to the Chapter Master, checking for his approval on the plan.
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  10. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock took a half step forward in anger. Not at Minteril, but finally having words put to the air of change that he felt all around him in the days of late, "I knew something like this was coming. That Edict has done nothing but divide us since it was put into effect. And now traitors among us seek to use it to inact uncertainty and sow discord through our numbers." Both Arnock's robotic hand and flesh hand clinched in anger as the thought settled deeper into his mind of what was transpiring on this very ship.

    The Master of Rites then looked to Extrovious and listened to his plan. Arnock thought a moment before responding, "I shall locate him and meet you back at the apothecarion. However, if we can not make it back there, we need a secondary plan. In which case, I shall move to the find the youngest of our Millennial and ensure their minds are not enslaved by traitorous words. If this division happens, we will need numbers and I believe I can get us just that. So, let us waste no more time here and ensure the snake's head is severed quickly." Just as Extrovious did, Arnock looked to Minteril awaiting him to unleash them upon those that would attempt a coup.
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