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Perfect Warriors

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    <Part two>
    Standing slightly in the back of the landing bay, Arnock had plenty of space to get in desired position to oversee everything that went on there. Hundred new legionaries stood at attention at the center of it, unloaded by a trio of Thunderhawks freshly arrived from the Martian Forges, made to help the Warmaster's war effort. This was only one of the many reinforcement waves that came during last two cycles, this one slightly smaller than the earlier ones, but promising nonetheless. Every single one of these Sons of Horus was a new recruit hailing both from Cthonia and Terra as the membership in XVI Legion was a highly-sought affair as it provided the chance at seizing greatest glory due to former Luna Wolves being considered by many to be the best Legiones Astartes had to offer. There was of course no distinction between the recruits physically-wise as their conditioning prior to coming aboard "Vengeful Spirit" made them quite alike both in looks and (probably) in the manner as well.

    "So what do you think? You see anything you like?" Arnock's rank as Master of Rites was something Sons of Horus were familiar with, while they lacked similar positions at least when you look at the Legion from the outside, they still cared about getting only the best recruits possible, so having one of the officers from the Third Legion which prided itself on its martial prowess inspecting these new legionaries wasn't something leaders of the Sixteenth would pass. After all, they were famous for seeking every opportunity to win and turning every possible option to their advantage.

    "I have my eyes on couple of em but I want to hear your opinion first, as you are the professional here," Ekkadon smiled, the Reaver Captain becoming a familiar sight by now as Arnock generally deployed with him and his gangers. However they weren't the only officers around. There was a third Son of Horus standing besides Kalus, this one the Captain of the 7th Company and one of the more famous tacticians in the Legion, called Serghar Targost. He said nothing, satisfied with simply observing the troops in front of them for the time being.

    Arnock stood with his hands behind his back as he looked over the fresh recruits. He noticed the uniformity of the overall group and that distinctions seemed to be few and far between. Without hesitation, Arnock walked closer to the passing recruits, looking them over even more thoroughly. After a moment of doing so, he heard Ekaddon ask his opinion on the overall rating of the recruits. After looking around a moment more, Arnock finally spoke, "You have a problem. One that is very good to have."

    He walked back over to the group of officers and continued, "The key to any group of recruits is the standard to which they are trained to. The problem, if you want to call it that, is the same I try to cause within my own Legion. Making it so that it is hard to tell which recruits are best. When leaders have a hard time finding whom is best within recruiting class, then that is a problem that every Legion desires. And I must commend whoever has overlooked their training as the uniformity is impeccable."

    "Training on Cthonia was done by Captain Garas I believe. While the Terran recruits were overseen by whoever is in charge of the overall recruitment process on the Throneworld. They indeed look like they mean business, but they are yet to go through actual training regime and everything that comes with it." Up until then the new legionaries stood at attention despite obvious scrutinizing by trio of Captains, not one of them made a move or ushered a word. However once the Warmaster arrived and spoke to Arnock, each one of them dropped to their knees, this was perhaps the first time they've seen their Father in flesh. Horus on the other hand, laughed as he waved them to get back up on their feet.

    "Rise my sons, such supplication is beneath you, even when its about me. I don't need worshipers, I need soldiers who will show their worth through actions on the battlefield. But there'll be more chance to talk about this, for now - follow Captain Ekkadon, he has your orders." With a nod towards Kalus, the Reaver Captain saluted and led the recruits away from the embarking deck which now turned to be slightly less crowded. "Master Arnock, I'm glad that you find my new reinforcements serviceable and up to your standards!" Primarch smiled and clapped Arnock on his shoulder pad, "I know we didn't have much chance to talk and I'm willing to rectify that error. Tell me, since you were vocal on the subject of recruits, what do you think about the rest of my men?" And while Horus talked, Targost remained silent and observing as ever.

    Arnock was not the quickest to bow among any Astartes in the galaxy and this had been shown before when Arnock did not bow to Horus upon Guilliman's ship after their victory in the cages. He was one whom viewed himself as a symbol of the Legion as as such, it took a great deal for him to feel compelled to bow. However, this time Horus seemed much different and laid back. Almost human, one might say. This invoked a slight bow of the head from Arnock towards the Warmaster and Arnock then respectfully acknowledged his title, "Warmaster."

    After listening to the Warmaster speak, Arnock looked off at Ekkadon as he lead the new recruits off. He then looked back to Horus and spoke, "Really, my only experience comes from worker with your Reavers under Captain Ekkadon. Now, as per their duties and standards they are held to and trained for, they are quite good. From my experience, and per the standards I train to, I find their wild actions and quick decisions quite difficult to find use for in calculated wars. How can one calculate what way the wind will blow and how strongly it will effect an object? However, I do understand their purpose and what you use them for."

    "Despite what my brother Roboute might tell you, wars are rarely a calculated affair. Kalus indeed has a purpose, but don't we all?" Horus asked, more rhetorically, but his eyes lingered on Arnock a second longer. There was something in his voice that made you follow his ever word, the sheer conviction seeping out of every syllable. Even though he was silent, Captain Targost soaked every word, his attention on his liege absolute. "And I have one such purpose in store for you Arnock, if you would entertain my wishes because after all, you're not really under my command," Lupercal joked, apparently the Primarch didn't look like he cared about his new title that much.

    "What do you say about taking those hundred new legionaries and training them yourself? I know that you of the Third Legion boasts yourself to be one of the best out there and rightfully so, but then again some of my sons take offense at such words. Ezekyle for instance told me you fought well on Macragge's Honor but that you still have ways to go." "So perhaps if the rest sees first-hand what you can do, you might put these kinds of talks to rest. We could even do a small competition afterwards!"

    Arnock nodded as he spoke, "Perfection is indeed not achieved over night, nor is the art of war. Ezekyle is by far one of the most revered warriors in the galaxy, so I welcome his input in any manner and was happy to receive so pointers from him." Arnock seemed somewhat taken back by the Warmaster's request. It was not every day that a legendary warrior such as Horus offered his warriors up for training in another's ways. "That would be an honor beyond deserved, Warmaster. However, I will accept such an offer only on the condition that you could do the same honor for me, Warmaster. And if you would allow me to be so bold, I would request that Captain Loken of your 10th company train them. I heard that he has a calm demeanor that even Lord Dorn appreciates. This is something I have found some of my recruits lacking in. Their eagerness at times leads them to make hasty mistakes."

    Looking off into the distance, "Regardless, it would be my pleasure to train them. They shall learn the art of perfection in battle, and returned to you as deadly as the tip of a sword. Ready to unleash precise attacks and deliver efficient death." There was a pride in Arnock's voice that showed how much he to heart in Horus putting such trust in him.

    "True son of the Third, already making demands, even out of me. I'm sure Garviel would be swelled to hear he got additional tasks to complete, now that he became the member of the Mournival," Horus laughed wholeheartedly before offering Arnock hand in the way like the warriors of old would greet each other. "I'm sure you'll make all of us proud Arnock, my brother chose well when he made you the Master of Rites." Horus left them soon enough, his new duties as the Warmaster of the Crusade taking him elsewhere. With the present batch of recruits gone and new ones yet to arrive, this hangar of the "Vengeful Spirit" now felt somewhat emptier, although that might've been perhaps due to the fact the Primarch wasn't with them anymore.

    Captain Targost was still here though, his dark eyes turning on Arnock. "My father is fond of you, Brother Arnock, it is an honor well deserved. Other Sons of Horus speak the same and I would like to strengthen these bonds even further." Serghar reached for his belt and a small coin appeared in his hand, the color of ocean's green, the same hue which the XVI Legion used to paint their armor, and offered it to Arnock. "I invite you to join our gatherings brother, perhaps you've heard of them already. We tend to spend a lot of time campaigning and every warrior needs a time to wind down between battle and what better way to do it if not with your friends. Now that you are one of us, at least in spirit, me and the rest of the members would like to spend more time with you and get to know you better. It would mean a lot if you came to our next meeting."

    Arnock laughed slightly as he grasped Horus' forearm, "You honor me far beyond that which I deserve. But know this, I find it a greatest honor to serve you, Warmaster. I shall enjoy serving you in the coming battles and bring glory to Mankind and the Emperor." After meeting Serghar in the hanger, Arnock was happy to hear that he had found favor within the Sons of Horus. "Truly, your father and you honor me," Arnock said with a humble nod. He then listened to the invitation given to him as he took the coin in hand, "I have not heard of this group. However, I would be foolish to pass up such an offer of brotherhood. When will the time be that they gather next?"

    "It has no name really nor is it an official group, it's simply a gathering of brothers, sharing stories over a drink or two," Serghar explained, "It's one of the ways how the Warmaster promotes unity even further because rank doesn't matter there, every voice is equal. But if you really want to give it a name, I guess you can call it a lodge." "As for the next meeting, matter of fact I was just about to head there. Do you want to go together?"
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    ~~@ Everyone~~

    Elymas shrugged the accusations off. "So be it. Just as a reminder, there is nobody capable left to do any such analysis that all of you demand. Nobody but Fulgrim. Before the edict there were less than a dozen of us Librarians left. Recruitment stopped before even Jendon made his first new recruit. And then as Aleph glad-as-ever pointed out, the rest of us, including myself are simple Line Brothers now."

    The Gunslinger crossed his arms, not too concerned about this whole 'we are still on a battlefield' nonsense. They were missing the true danger spitting right into their faces, fools. As always. As Leonis was when he complained at Hephaestus for Elymas having performed the proper rites to put the dead to rest. Shenanigans they called them and charged the Librarium about.

    "You are upset I killed Hephaestus not because I did my duty as a true child of the Emperor. You are upset because he might have had answers before you would have put him down yourselves. But some things one wishes to never hear, since one cannot unsee. Just look at our beloved Sergeant, remembering from that tune that unlocked a myriad of forbidden memories locked away by the Thousand Sons. And how it strikes more than fear into his twin hearts. Terror of knowing that his worst nightmare has emerged into reality." There was a soft chuckle.

    "You fought so hard to make me abandon my powers, Extrovious. And you too, Master of Rites. Both of you did. Day in, day out. Always encouraging me to look at myself beyond my witchcraft, pick up my blade and gun and fight like a line brother. And I did. I did. And it still is not good enough to any of you. I will never appease any of you, will I? Even after gaining Fulgrims approval on my play! Becoming a codicer only to be shutdown and yet create and become something new. A class of Astartes never observed before, a dual-wielding gun martial artist. A warrior wishing to have half the talent of most of you!" His voice turned from annoyance to frustration but then took a deep breath and shook his head.

    "But. I comply with your decision over Hephaestus body. And nobody of our legion will find a speck of corruption on my body or soul. And even if I need to survive a gauntlet. For the time being I suppose we will go about killing any Laer that might jump out to maybe take our edge off a little, mh?"

    His hands went to his twin pistols, inspecting them quickly before holding them at the ready to shoot any octopus-esque humanoid abominations. He moved not particularly close to anybody, but also not straying off. He couldn't wait to hear judgment from the supposed Psykana agents, especially considering that if they were simple Chaplains that they had no true way of measuring. Indeed, Elymas was with ninety-nine percent certainty that Fulgrim himself would either judge every single deployed legionnaire, or would reinstate the surviving librarians to aid in the investigation. Either scenario would be purely ironic to the former librarian.

    As for the body of his former master. All he really had to do was convince Fabius Bile to allow an autopsy, and with Jendon as close as he was... It should not be too difficult. A grin formed on the librarians face once more. A setback in the plans, not a stop. And ever so, with each step, the teasing tune continued to hammer away on an imaginative piano hidden in his mind. Not leading his tact and move, but following as a theme.
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    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas

    Sweep of the underwater base was much more uneventful than Sidon thought, the alien facility offering no more enemies to kill and yielding little in the form of an answer. After closer inspection, the strange contraptions down here in the dark served as a breeding area for Laer warrior forms, all of the xenos Third Legion faced here served as guardians of the place. They found more evidence of creatures in different stages of evolution, from those made to act as crew to the battleships above to more subtle aquatic monsters of all shapes and sizes. However the nature of the strange feminine monster evaded reasoning as the legionaries found nothing to shed additional light on the matter, the creature appearing and disappearing into thin air matter for someone else to resolve.

    Despite the dead aliens, the place still reeked of their presence and the unnerving feeling they experienced during the descent and following clash never really left the Emperor's Children. It remained like a faint stain in the background, invisible but present nonetheless.

    Eventually, the elevator came back but with it, even more questions.

    The Cleansing, finished
    None could really answer it, but the truth was there. While for the men under Sidon's command who went down in the dark, time went normally and the battle with the aliens alongside following securing of the base lasted no more than an hour, the rest of the surface had different experience. Over a year has passed and the majority of the Emperor's Children fleet have since moved on, the planet mostly conquered and the dealing with the Laer pocket resistance spread across the great oceans and hidden bases in the outer reaches of the star system nearly done.

    It was by Fulgrim's decree that Third Millennial stayed behind and be in charge of this while the bulk of the Legion goes to assist the Iron Tenth and wage war against the Diasporex. Main reason for this is that the Primarch still considered members of the Two Hundred irreplaceable and given how Sidon and the rest of his part of the force was considered MIA due to the entire harbor being overtaken by the Laer soon after the Captain and his warriors went to the oceans floor with only a broken message left for Leonis, the Phoenician decided it would be them who would search for the vaunted veteran and while doing so, crush any resistance left. Suffice to say, many members of the Millennial took these orders grudgingly, their hate directed at who they thought was responsible for leaving them stuck with such worthless duties better fit for the Imperial Army regiments.

    While the planet was eventually pacified, Chapter Master Apox took his time at ordering the rescue of the 4th Squad and their old leader. Whatever temporal displacement made his effort futile caused enough of a reason for the Squad and everyone else who fought in the underwater battle to be directly transported back on "Sovereign" and put into immediate quarantine.

    Weeks went by and ultimately the fleet left Laer system, however Sidon's troubles didn't end there. Under Lord Commander's orders, he was put in brig due to Hephestus' actions and his breaking of the Edict, awaiting trial. As for the members of the 4th Squad, they went through extensive medical testings but since the Librarians were banned and terribly undermanned, not to mention Millennial's lack of proper Chaplain recruits, prolonged their stay in the quarantine of the flagship's Apothecarion.

    Eventually, some of the legionaries were discharged, given allowance to be returned to the force's mainstay and await further orders...

    <Membership expired> @DeranVendar @matt23

    Once they were out of the quarantine, both Extrovious and Arnock would find themselves shunned by most of their peers. Even those brothers they knew from the lodge meetings gave them a wide berth, some acting as if they didn't know them at all, others offering curt nods but that was it. A whole year has passed and apparently, things have changed a lot. Both Leonis and Apox remained out of reach, the Lord Commander too busy with the logistics and refusing any possible communication while the Chapter Master simply ignored them.

    One thing was sure, getting back into line with the rest of the Millennial will take additional time and effort.

    However, the things went a bit more troubling from that point onward. Half a cycle after both of them were discharged, the duo received a message from Chapter Master Minteril, which was the first actual attempt at communicating with the senior officers of the squads under Millennial's scrutiny. Both of them got it at the same time and on the same encrypted frequency Minteril used long time ago when they fought in Dark Eldar temple all those years ago (which Arnock became aware as well after he joined the 4th squad).

    "Sergeant Extrovious. Master Arnock. There has been a new development in the time you were away. There are things we must discuss, things that might put whole Millennial in danger. Meet me on the deck 46, east quadrant, sector gamma-seven. Hurry, time is of the essence."

    The place in question was a lower deck where the cooling systems for "Sovereign's" secondary engines were located. Quite isolated and out of sight, it definitely wasn't a place for three officers of the Third to meet at but the coordinates didn't lie.

    OOC I leave up to you how you want to handle this, but you can assume both of you heard the message on the same frequency and that both of you know each other heard it.

    <Brotherhood, strained> @Jorimel

    "Ah, the wayward blade returns. Once, I might've enjoyed your comeback, but much has changed in your absence Aleph."

    Braziers were lit all around the grounds Palatine Blades used for relaxation and sparring. Aleph knew this place intimately for he spent a lot of time here in transit after he joined the Legion's vaunted swordsmen ranks. However now, the words of Centurion Cautorious, de facto leader of the Blades in Third Millennial cut to the core of it. Instead of usual orange, the braziers now burned with faint purple glow, the smell of lilac overbearing even to Aleph's senses.

    Shadows cast around were long, even to an honorary member of the Eight they seemed unwelcoming, slightly placed out of sync, moving even as if possessing a will of their own. Usual pearl-white sands where legionaries dueled were stained with crimson, the blood spilled old and never cleansed away. Couple of tables were overturned, furniture discarded like unwanted toys lied broken on the ground amid empty wine bottles.

    "Such irony. But I guess that's the price we all must pay to reach perfection."

    Cautorious stood alongside two dozen Palatine Blades, all of them in their war trappings. It was less than a half of the original number Alephoros knew from when he joined their ranks, some of the legionaries were even brand new members, but they all had one thing in common. They all looked at him with open hostility. Their leader, Aleph's old mentor, looked at his favorite two-handed glaive with almost a longing look, tracing a thin line of blood from one side of the blade to the other.

    "I've thought long and hard about you Aleph. Do you wish to learn what I decided?"

    <Säuberung> @Uriel1339

    Elymas was also discharged from the Apothecarion, like he guessed the medical staff didn't have much to go on and the lack of proper personnel was evident. Whether the mental wounds have healed or not was another matter but in the end, the resolving of this situation would have to take a backseat because the things were moving onward and taking a different turn.

    Smell of burned papyrus reached Elymas even before he entered Librarius. The place he called his home for the past century was being invaded by none other than his own brothers. Two of them carried flamers and they were busying themselves burning a pile of books while four more legionaries moved around, picking up scrolls, breaking sealed containers with precious artifacts and throwing them all on the pyre. What was even worse is that Elymas knew the man leading them, the final figure pointing at the book shelves that were about to be destroyed next.

    "Take it all down, I want this entire section purged next," Alleo ordered, the former Librarian now armored in regular purple and gold although Elymas saw that he had markings of a Sergeant on him now, as well as a fine looking short sword on his belt, the one he didn't have before.

    At Elymas' approach he turned to face him and a crooked smile appeared on his lips. "Elymas, you're just in time. Join us and witness this lair of liars burn at last!"

    <The rope thickens> @dx144

    Pholax's arm, just like Arnock's hand, was fixed quickly and he was sent on his way after the tiresome charade the Millennial's officers pulled out for him and the rest of his squad mates. Back aboard the ships corridors, the Devastator was among the first to spot subtle differences. Even though the "Sovereign" didn't look like it suffered extensive damage, he remembered the ship being much more alive than this. He hadn't seen many brothers on his way to the training cages and those he'd seen have given him a wide berth. Corridors were badly lit, darkness deeper and every now and then he could've sworn he heard a scream somewhere in the distance. Overall, it seemed as if their flagship was wounded in the same way the others of his squad suggested, more in spirit than in flesh, if that thing was even possible.

    Once he reached the shooting range and began his firing drills, at first he was all alone, the place completely deserted. However fifteen minutes later another group of legionaries arrived. There were four of them in total - one approached the shooting range and took position couple of boots away from Pholax, picking up a heavy bolter and starting his own routine. That was when the first strange thing happened.

    Being an expert in handling heavy weapons, heavy bolter especially, Pholax heard that this legionary was somewhat conserving ammo. Where it was normal to fire bursts of three or more, he fired only one with longer pauses, as if not wanting to overheat the barrel.

    "Hey you, Pholax is it? I've heard you're big on talk, using that hammer of yours to compensate the lack of real skill. Why don't you come over here so I can stick this sword up your ass and tear you a new one," the legionary who shouted at the Devastator was nearby, standing in the middle of a fighting pit, his weapon activated. He looked quite angry but for a split-second his eyes darted to a side, towards final two Emperor's Children who stood near the entrance to the shooting ranges. They both looked like they were engaged in a silent conversation but their hands were on their bolters and their safeties were off.

    <Doctor knows best> @Vulpas @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist

    While the rest of the squad were discharged from the Apothecarion, Jendon, Vitaly and Denatus were left there last. Vitaly, lacking entire arm and suffering extensive body injuries required additional care while Denatus, while not loosing any limbs, lost couple of important organs and had to receive transplants, both were ordered to stay here and properly heal. As for Jendon, he was among the first to be deemed healed but mostly due to the fact his experience was needed for treating the wounded. His old teacher, Senior Apothecary Reedian, was not on the ship, having left the Millennial and reassigned to "Pride of the Emperor", all of the work fell on Antivia's shoulders, the same Apothecary who couple of years ago went with Jendon to Chemos to study under Bile's leadership. He recruited two additional Apothecaries but they were inexperienced and Jendon's presence was sorely needed.

    Vitaly was still in his simple robes, getting used to his new bionic arm when another bed passed by him. Another wounded legionary, this one from the 1st squad, was ferried away in the other part of the Apothecarion where more serious surgeries were being conducted. Vitaly, alongside Denatus and Ilyas, the Sergeant from the 15th squad, where the only ones left in this part of the office, the number dwindling down in the last twelve hours. What was even worse, none of them returned from the surgeries.

    "That was Eoh, I saw him eat two Laer blades straight through his stomach but he was in a good shape when we got back to the surface, at least from what I could tell, given how those aliens fight." Ilyas spoke in hushed tone, the Sergeant only lightly wounded but for whatever reason, he was still unfit to serve properly. "Now, he's drugged and shipped for an extensive cavity check. Perhaps I hurt my head more than I thought and we're aboard a Space Wolf ship, not the old "Sovereign"."


    Jendon was busy restocking the collected geneseed when Antivia approached him. The vault for genetic material was cold, the frost covering most of the equipment as well as his armor. Place was slightly different than the last time he was here, additional containers were pulled up, samples taken from the dead Laer were being stored here under, as Jendon would learn, direct orders from the Chief Apothecary.

    "Brother Jendon, do you have a moment?" Antivia asked, offering his hand in greeting. The other Apothecary was also in his armor, cleaned and cleansed properly after latest surgery it looked pristine, almost otherworldly as the hoarfrost started gathering on the sides of it.

    "Much has happened while you were gone and both Lord Fabius and Reedian thought you were dead, but not me. I have to get you up to speed but before we do so, tell me - how are you feeling? Do you have any migraines? Increased sweating? Occulobe organ experiencing any random after-images?"
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    <Säuberung> @Colapse

    Elymas chuckled as he saw Alleo perform the cleansing of the Librarium. "Lies? Ah that is why I always pitied you." The fellow former librarian stood at attention, hands floating above his weapons but not quite drawing them or looking like he was going to draw them. But he, almost better than anyone else, knew of Sergeant Alleos' behavior.

    "Truth and lies are mere interpretations of reality. Take our late master Hephaestus for example. In his own view, he was a true loyalist. Having unleashed the powers given to him by Fulgrim, thus the Emperor, in attempt to protect his brethren and fellow kin. Yet. To me, it was treason. So who was right? Who was wrong? We both know that winners write the history, for we have been Lexicaniums for a very long time." Elymas sighed and shook his head, acting unfazed about the fact that the librarium was burning down. After all there were archived transcripts, if anything, copies even stored on Terra just like their gene-seed stocks. Certainly some artifacts to be seen destroyed was more than a shame, but the Gunslinger could not act without knowing beforehand what this all was about.

    "Although I thoroughly enjoy philosophy around a cozy bonfire. I must ask, what is the intention with burning down the Librarium? Orders of the Phoenician? Or feeling the need to get in touch with your old Pyromancy and have developed a psychosis and become a Pyromaniac in my absence?" It definitely sounded like a passive-aggressive mockery, but there was genuine curiosity. Especially of whether or not Ferrus Manus' famed weapon was still locked in somewhere here in the Librarium or if it had been transferred elsewhere. Because a sixth sense within Elymas told him that his pistols would not be good enough to annihilate this one former librarian and his lackey if it would come down to it.

    Where are the Wyrms of Knowledge when you need them? Did they even still exist? And frankly, any of his closer brethren of the fourth would be appreciated now, too. Even Vitaly.
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    Time had moved by Arnock slowly in the days that came to pass. Where the Master of Rites had used to wander about checking on recruits and training, he now had become reclusive. Often times locking himself within a room and meditating on and processing all that had come to pass. Those whom would pass by his room would often here faint voices from behind the door as if in deep conversation. With whom though, was a question none sought to answer.

    Arnock, in anger, cleared all the papers off of the table before him onto the ground. He then slammed his fist into the table causing a large dent as he yelled, "There are no damn answers any where. Nothing but lies and misdirection!"

    Out of the shadow of the corner of the room emerged a purple, armored figure that spoke, "You still seek answers to what you already know..."

    Arnock's head dropped as a sigh came from his lips, "Do you insist on haunting me? Do the dead find no rest in the next life?" Arnock then shook his head as he walked over to a chair and sat down, "There has to be something I am missing. Something right there in front of me that eludes my grasp."

    The figure circled around the room, just outside the shadows as it continued, "The answer is simpler than you are making it. You focus in to close to one stroke of the brush instead of taking a step back and looking at the painting as a whole. Every moment you do not realize this, more will die. And those deaths will be on your head."

    Arnock grabbed a cup of water that had been sitting on a table near the chair, and threw it at the figure, causing it to vanish. He then yelled, "Their deaths will not be on my head! Others have grown to scared to ask why, not me! The Emperor has placed blindfolds on us, placing us in the dark and you dare threaten the deaths of others on me!" Arnock stood up in anger as he continued, "I am not afraid of the answers they believe us to weak to handle!"

    Just as Arnock was about to continue, his vox went off with a message from Minteril...

    "Sergeant Extrovious. Master Arnock. There has been a new development in the time you were away. There are things we must discuss, things that might put whole Millennial in danger. Meet me on the deck 46, east quadrant, sector gamma-seven. Hurry, time is of the essence."

    In all actuality, Arnock had expected a call like this for some time now. A call that would lure him to his death at the hands of his brothers because of how outspoken he was in opposition to the Edict. However, upon further inspection, Arnock noticed that Extrovious had been hailed in the same message.

    <Let's start our own club> @DeranVendar

    Without hesitation, Arnock privately voxed Extrovious to discuss as to what should be done, "Sergeant Extrovious, sorry for the time it has been since we have talked. I believe we need to talk privately before we just walk into whatever this is... Meet me on Deck 46, just outside the eastern quadrant."

    Arnock quickly made his way down to the deck 46 and would wait for Extrovious. He would avoid being seen by others by ensuring that when others were near, he would fade into the shadows.
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    Arnock finds Extrovious precisely where requested, a brief signaling pattern allowing the Master of the Rites to track him down, looming in a section of dingy maintenance hallway where the pipes bleed steam and walls neglected for perhaps years are carpeted in rust, corrosion and the resilient growths that linger in the confines of a ship's bowels. Sergeant stands at attention, weapons invariably drawn thanks to their inability to ever be properly sheathed. Quarantine, much as he knew he needed it, had been a nightmare. The sudden shift in character among his fellows, and the revelations down below, compounded every uncertainty. Only the constant presence of his brothers, there from day one for the most part, keeps him grounded. Somehow the pit of lead in his stomach has only grown since encountering the Warp xeno. Upon seeing Arnock, Extrovious offers a nod in greeting and steps forward to clasp arms.
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    <Paging Doktor Mengele>

    Vitaly has been chafing at the enforced inactivity ever since the return from Laer. Haunted by his experiences during the campaign, the realisation of significant time lost, the separation from the Legion, and now his extended incarceration within the Apothecarion have done nothing to improve his say nothing of the invasively thorough probing by the Departmento Psykana.

    Over the past twenty-four hours, he has taken to stalking back and forth across the ward like a caged animal, staring at the doors as though his gaze alone might melt holes in them. Whenever they open, he perks up as though his discharge orders have finally come through, only to retreat into sullen simmering as his hopes are dashed yet again. The constant, one-way trickle of wounded comrades from Laer out of the ward - with no news of their fate - causes a pit of irrational dread to open up in his stomach. An all too-familiar feeling from Laer, that faith and loyalty in his Legion refuses to name or even countenance...until Ilyas finally mentions it first.


    "A...what? A cavity search?"

    Vitaly can barely believe his ears.

    "Why in the world would someone with stab wounds be wheeled away for a surgical cavity search? I'm no medicus, but that clearly makes no sense at all. And we all know enough medical procedure to know that this is also the post-op recovery ward - where are all the others? They can't have been returned to duty right off the table - that's not procedure, especially at a low-security posting like this. Surely they can't all have died on the table, either."

    Vitaly pauses as the full weight of his last sentence strikes him, and he shakes his head with a snarl. Surely this is just post-battle trauma, exacerbated by the unnatural environment he had recently been fighting in...but what with the isolation, the quiet, upended procedure, the lack of transparency...everything just feels so wrong!

    The Legion was never like this before!

    Pacing further, Vitaly flexes his new bionics, appraising their performance with an expert's eye and feel.

    Feels as good as it ever will. Good enough to go to work with.

    @Grall_Stonefist @Colapse

    Coming to a decision, he crouches by his comrades' bedsides to speak in a low burglar's murmur, acutely aware of hostile eyes and ears all around, even if none can be perceived at this time.

    "Brothers, I don't know about you, but I've been feeling well enough to get back to work since over a day ago. At the least, I want out of this place of blank walls and closed doors with no windows, no news, and brothers who disappear without a trace. I want answers. If they turn out to be mundane, I want to go back to work. Stewing over Laer is driving me up the wall."

    He pointedly doesn't mention his deepest, darkers fears - if said answers turn out to be otherwise than mundane.

    "I have an idea on how to short-circuit our discharge process some. I'm going to look for Jendon - he has the authority to discharge us, and it shouldn't take much to talk him into it. I suggest you come with me so we can all get our marching orders together."

    With that, he approaches the ward doors in an attempt to pass through and go seek out the squad's Apothecary.
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    Of Dr.Jendon and Mr.Hydra
    For the extent of the quartine, Jendon had found himself alone with his thoughts and his brothers, That time he spent doing something he had found he had been missing for a while. Thinking the news of the loss of the pier and the other brothers on topside had put jendon thinking on the losses they suffered as well as the nature of this corruption they faced. Jendon began drawing up in his mind ways to possibly reduce losses, plans on studies of the psychological to aid a apothecary in helping diagnosing and treating mental trauma, as well as a mental note if recruits had ever come again to make sure to raise a concern for more chaplains in the study of the mind to help aid detection and aid and treatment from these events, As well as making a Mental note of Visiting Sidion in the brig if permitted.

    After Jendon had been released the apothecary would notice oddities, of the ship and his brothers from the legion, Increased aggression, more injuries, as well as a what felt like a lack of care to the ship almost like a change that had affected its soul, It caused Jendon to wonder, If their company was not the only ones to encounter a type of xeno that affected the mind and if possibly there entire millennial had come under its effects. Keeping much of this to himself, Jendon decided it would be better to act as if he had noticed none of this instead acting if everything was normal while in public but while in private decided to make an act of investigating what had happened in the time they were missing as well as looking into what could be causing this change within his brothers.

    As Jendon finished the final inspections for Vitality's arm Jendon would hand Take off his belt his Servo-skull, Its twin hovering beside him while the other had been on Jendons belt, It no longer flying due to a recently "Damaged" Thrusters that had been during a restocking of its onboard medical supplies,

    @Draconion "I'll need ya to watch over skull for me brother, possibly when ya get back to the forge to look over its thrusters, think during the battle on Laer they may have been a bit overstressed, Though I have ta tell ya brother its sometimes skull has a habit of turning on accidentally due to my helmet sending orders to them both at once and due to them working on the same frequency have a problem of mixing up orders, If skull comes on just try to vox me as I might be in a "Critical" surgery try to find where I am if ya don't have yer helmet and I can turn him off for ya, Though If skull turns on while your in a "Critical" situation while working on her you can manually turn Skull on and off through its power generator, near the back base of the thruster. Jendon said giving Vitialy the medical servo skull.

    "Hopefully brother it shouldn't require much work to bring skull back to full operational status, and we will all get back to work as we used to, I am going to take a restock of the geneseed, It seems they might need me in operations brother. Stay well brother, also Dentatus, I got ya on schedule for operations soon body is gonna need a bit of work. " Jendon said looking to Dentaus before he would soon leave to restock and take a file of there gene-seed stock. If there was one thing Jendon was glad he learned from the Alpha legion it was how to put on a mask and act normal when things were quite off.


    As Jendon took stock the marines helmet eyes and helmet would pick out shapes and sizes he recognized from laer. Samples of the xenos creatures, The apothecary was surprised to see so many samples located inside the geneseed repository, Seemed like after the conquering of the Laer system the cheif apothecary wanted the laer studied. Something Jendon could agree with just in case the laer still existed somewhere within the universe and they might requiring purging again at least if they ever encountered them again they would have more tools and toxins laced and made just for them. Though what Jendon could not understand was why they were stored so close to there geneseed, Maybe it was his paranoia from his time against the laer, Jendon puts the thoughts aside as he heard a familiar voice.

    "Brother Antiva!, It is good to hear from you brother." Jendon taking his hand in greetings, "Indeed a moment, I have yet to get up to speed, I am surprised to still at how so much time has passed from the battle of Laer, I have been trying to learn of what happened ever since I have gotten back. I thank you for believing in my survival and that of the others of our company. " Jendon said he smiled under his helmet at seeing the other apothecary, but something was off his armor seemed clean, almost factory new, as if it had been finished yesterday and was finally polished. "Currently I am feeling fine, No headaches, or migraines since I have gotten off Laer," Jendon said looking to the apothecary. "I thank you for checking in on me, Might I ask you a few question brother? It seems our apothcarion has become quite a busier as of late anything major happen while I was out of commission?" Jendon asked looking to Antiva. Jendon hearing that the chief apothecary and even Redian thought him dead, Jendon wondered a bit if Redian had wished or wanted him dead, Remembering that glare from all those months ago the apothecary wondered how to approach him when he met him again.
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    Arnock saw Extrovious and immediately made his way to him. The Master of Rites extended his hand for a greeting of one of his closest brothers and sergeant. He then spoke, in a lowered tone with a slight smile, "It is good to see you again, brother. I wish it were on a better occasion, but I suppose this is better than nothing." There was a short laugh that seemed to trail away quickly before he continued with a much more serious demeanor, "So, what do you make of this call from Mintirel? Truthfully, I had originally thought it to be some sort of plot to lure me into some trial... or execution. However, once I saw that you had been hailed as well, it gave me a slightly more optimistic mindset on the purpose. Not to say the latter is still not a possibility..."
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Nothing good is about to happen Arnock. We have become pariahs in recent days... in the year the witches kept us away. There is a bitterness in the air and about our brothers that goes beyond the loss of following Fulgrim to the next campaign. Even our lodge brothers do not acknowledge us." He draws out the silver medal emblazoned with eight skulls and holds it up for the other to see. Own eyes linger on the design, one a milky white orb that had yet to receive a proper replacement. Slowly he lowers it to his side, hanging it off the grip of his bolt pistol. "Mintirel knows something we do not. Or he has not summoned us at all and someone else with those codes wants to meet us. To say our own brothers would try and strike us down though, that is extreme Arnock. I cannot imagine such a madness outside of the World Eaters or Russ' wolves." Frowning at the other he considers for a moment. "Either way, something is wrong and I wish to get to the bottom of it. Lets be on our way."

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