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Perfect Warriors

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    These creatures are incredibly annoying... Slipping and sliding just out of reach every time. He knew he'd be happy when this race was removed from the Galaxy with their disgusting world nothing more than a footnote in the history of the Imperium.

    And their dagger like blades... They were the stinging of bees, but they were adding up, his armour was flagging error here, puncture there but the feeling of this was, sensational. The wounds clearly painful, but it was more of a fuel to his. However as another and another punctured, he was feeling more filled with a sense of resting, as if his gene enhanced physic which in theory could fight for days and days was weakening.. It was how an old man must feel, needing to rest and have a breather.

    Whatever it was doing this Pholax couldn't tell but he wanted it gone, he was not some decrepit weakling who would falter under some strain, he'd hold and he'd smash that strain apart.

    Then with some unknown force he flew... One second he was enraged trying to smash some vile xeno and was being stung by it's weapon arm and now he was devoid of anything except bewilderment of what had just happened. He felt like he was awakening from a dream state to see the battle was over, the foes he was fighting down on the floor.

    "What the... What just happened?!" Pholax shouted as he looked around to see other legionaries getting to their feet.

    As Pholax looked over his armour he noticed the eight pointed star that had been stabbed into his armour.

    "It seems they wanted to use me for artwork. Shame their artwork is nothing more than crude drawings of cavemen." Pholax muttered to himself.

    Reporting to Sidon's side he gave his report, "I'm still alive, wounds seem to be sorting themselves out and the foes I was fighting are all dead. And I need to get another helmet, some work done of these eyes," Pholax picked a piece of glass from his face. "I have no idea what just happened but everything is dead. So that's good right?"
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    Arnock shook his head as he spoke, "I just witnessed you kill Hephaestus. You then passed out for a duration of this battle due to unknown circumstances. Extrovious, perhaps the bulwark of this squad was clearly shaken by some thing that I have never seen. And Pholax has been branded with some foriegn make that clearly means more than just scratches. Half of those we came down here with are dead. I would say I am pretty damn calm, Elymas."

    Arnock reached down and picked back up his powersword, placing it back to his hip. The Master of Rites then pointed at Elymas, "He dead saving your life, and was repaid unjustly. You are not like most of this Legion. You are Terra born and you remember the War of Unification. Now tell me, does this seem unified? You and all of the Librarius are being punished for the actions of one primarch and his Legion who can not control themselves." Arnock then sighed as he let out a quick laugh, "And now we have to kill our brothers and cut apart their remains to figure out what is happening... Is this what we have come to... Was this the true purpose of the Edict? To keep us blind and confused..."
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    As the final hit came on the hydra and beast went up a in an explosion Jendon was unprepared for the shower that came on him. Bits and pieces rained of the beast rain down onto jendon covering his armor and changing it from its once battle-scarred white and purple to a dark green. Covered in the blood and guts of the creature forcing Jendon into a wall, hands would go to his helmets lens attempting to clear them so he could see as his interior hud suddenly lit up several of status ruins of his brother's squad turned orange then suddenly reported unconscious. Putting aelph's flamer onto his back and his bolter onto thigh his belt he took cycled through his narthicanum, Already preparing himself to begin treating his brothers.

    As he noticed several icons on his hud report unconscious of his brothers, as well as another on pholax that reported something abnormal. Clearing his narthicanum of the gunk and flesh jendon took a test with the narthicanum, cutting through the hydra and itself sucking a sample into another vial, before being shifted back into storage. Cycling a cleaning Vial Jendon moved forward.

    As Sidion began giving out orders. "It shall be done Captain." Jendon said before getting a vox from Elymas. Jendon was about to say something before Arnock came up still wielding his blade for a moment Jendon thought Arnock would use his blade on him. Jendon looked to his brother for the moment about to raise an argument about not collecting the geneseed of his other brothers, when he suddenly herd extrovious speak of the unknown xeno they fought. Jendon sent out a signal to his servo skulls to aid the wounded and stabilize those that were near death for him to further aid when he got to them.

    @Deranvander "You have seen this xeno before brother? Even my database diagnoster was unable to get any scan from the xenos makeup. I have been getting linger signatures of the being since its destruction is there anything important I need to know about this xeno before treating the wounded or their wounds?" Jendon asked looking over to Extro, as he did his eye would run over pholax the scar on his chest catching it, and an almost feeling of nausea came over the apothecary, something he noticed and put a note of in his mind before he looked to Arnock again, Realizing slowly there may be some truth to his words, This place and the enemy psykers may have affected them more then Jendon initially thought, A wound that an apothecary would have harder time assessing and remedying though there was another that the apothecary knew they could bring that could help.

    Remembering back to the words of Nikea Jendon remembered the new officers that had been brought in to the emporers children and the rest of the other legions at the idea brought from the word bearers, a Officer similar to the Military police of the space wolves and world eaters but instead of policing actions aided in moral actions and helped the legions psykers return to there roles as linemen, as well as help with the so-called spiritual help that they like to use instead of the psychological. Jendon looked to Sidion and wondered if the companies chaplain still lived.

    @matt23 "Brother Arnock I believe to a degree that you are right of your assessment in one degree, We do need to have ourselves report to our superiors, and There is something wrong here, But I cannot allow our brothers legacy to rot or be endangered by this xenos environment, here like you have said this area, Maybe clear for now, But the dangers risked to leaving it exposed to the environmental risk losses to our brothers legacies who have already died. I must retrieve them to prevent them from any physical or biological threats." Jendon said looking to Arnock as Jendon saw Arnock unleashed his emotions Jendon began realizing how tense things were becoming.

    "I believe I know of someone else that might be able to help us if they are down here, If not we will need to report to him as soon as we leave this place our companies Brother Chaplain. If this Xeno has affected our minds he will likely be able to find out and remedy it, But for now I must deal with what is here and what is physically afflicting us and with the case of several our brothers are major wounds." Jendon said. looking to Arnock before moving to aid a wounded marines that were in critical condtion.

    As he did this Jendon would send a affirmitive signal to Elymas privaitely answering him for his conversation and question he brought up. Jendon's memory of the lake and Minetreals men put the apothecary's face to one of concern, and the thought of it happening to the rest of his brothers down here concerned him.
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    @Jorimel @matt23 @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas

    Overhearing the troubled, heated discussion between his squad-brothers, Vitaly decides to break his silence once more, deeming it appropriate as his task is now nearing its end, his diagnostic equipment mostly running automated algorithms by this point.

    "Brothers - we need to report for Psykana quarantine and evaluation. All of us."

    His helmed gaze sweeps each member of the squad in turn.

    "It is beyond my expertise to say exactly what, but we have most certainly been exposed to some form of xenos mind-contamination here. Any of us could be silently compromised, and the only way to even begin to be sure is with a thorough screening. I volunteer to go first - I know how this exposure made me feel, and I cannot rest easy until I know what effect, if any, it has had on me."

    His face hardens beneath his helm.

    "As for the matter of Brother Hephaestus, the treatment of his case and remains are beyond my remit, but as we are all veterans here, accustomed to freely giving and taking counsel, these are my personal thoughts - his life was forfeit the moment he broke the Edict, but one offence - even a killing one - does not erase a lifetime of meritorious service. Few here have given as much as - let alone more than - he had in the Emperor's cause. Even the mistake that cost his life was made in service to his brothers, rather than to any selfish end. Until the order comes from someone with medical or operational command..."

    Here, he glances at Elymas for a moment before turning to the rest.

    "To whit, Captain Sidon or an Apothecary, we should treat his remains with honour. As for the tale of his life, let it be told truly - the good with the bad."

    With that, he turns back to his final inspection of the damaged submarine dome, running his auspex over the cracks one more time.

    "Make of my words what you will. I have spoken."
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    There was an impossible moment when the dead xenos seemed to hang, bisected, in midair. Aleph's senses shrieked at him to cut the beast again, to strike it from the field but his wish was granted in the most unnatural way as it vanished not only from the fight, but from existence.

    "I do not know what it was," Aleph's voice seemed to come from far away to his own ears, "but it's dead. Or at least it is gone," he said, gathering himself and turning to see if Extrovious still stood. Those were the only two choices, alive or dead, there was nothing more. He'd seen some strange things, felt some most peculiar effects in his time but in the end it all came down to the Imperial Truth. Turning, he offered Extrovious what aid he might take to stand, if his Sergeant would accept it. He turned still further after he'd made his assessment, as he heard Elymas laughing. But before he could demonstrate more than an unseen frown beneath his helmet the former Librarian slumped, staring at the body of his former mentor.

    This, too, was cause for unease. Surely the older man had broken his restrictions, but would such action not bring censure and punishment, not death? Especially for a first offence, and one motiated by an instinctive desire to protect his Brothers? Yes, Hephaestus had been in the wrong, but the Third were not barbarians. Was instant death really the Emperor's own decree? It was troubling to Alephoros but he had so many more concerns taking his immediate attention. Arnock - and he was truly glad to see that the Standard-Bearer still lived - was with them and he made a point that the Palatine Blade had to concede: they might all be tainted by their contact with the strange xenos. There had been something undoubtedly unnatural about them. He inspected Daith'wyn carefully, both checking the charnabal sabre over and using the distraction to focus his mind. He didn't feel different. Certainly not tainted. But what would such a thing even feel like, anyway? Could he be sure?

    Not too far away - in distance, at any rate - Elymas was now demanding the right to dissect Hephaestus' still-warm body right here, in the field. Aleph took a step closer, though he didn't act yet. That was ... not normal behaviour. Especially since it was Brother Jendon's remit to perform any such procedures. "I do not see why you should be involved in such a thing, line-Brother," he said, a slight note of warning and confusion in his voice. The title as much a restatement of Elymas' place as one of brotherhood. "Captain, I am well enough," he responds to Sidon as he completes his circuit of his Brothers, moving from Elymas - was he humming some kind of tune?- to his other squadmates and performing his own assessment. "I have fought in darkness, I stand ready to act as perimeter guard while we regroup." They all had, but everyone close to him knew that Aleph referred to his time with the Eighth. As he finished counting off his Brothers among the living, he caught Vitaly's eye and understood. The barest of nods confirmed it.

    "They know. They knew." Extrovious looks to Aleph and expression softens, weakens. "Take me to the interrogators after this. You and Vitaly both. My mind has not been entirely my own, today and many before it."

    "If that is your wish then of course I will, Brother," Aleph said, "we both will, I am sure, but I am equally sure that won't be necessary. You are not compromised. We should all make sure that we report as much of this intelligence as we can, the better to counter any further outbreaks." It's clear that the inner nuance of Extrovious' words is escaping Aleph, but his Sergeant - and friend - 's distress is not. He gave his Brother a squeeze on an unhurt part of his arm and wished that he could take off his helmet, to truly speak with him, but they were still in the field and still potentially embattled. He needed to be ready to fight to defend them all.

    "! Ryl...Hephaestus will not be desecrated without cause. The only reason we survived this ambush is because of his sacrifice. I adhere to the judgement of the Edict, but I do not agree with it. He knew what was worth dying for, and you were part of that. And this Edict has pitted us against each other, driven a wedge between brothers, and has weakened us. Tell me I am not the only one who sees this now. Or maybe strike me down next, because I am no longer sure I can adhere to that which I do not believe." It was Arnock's voice that caused him to turn next, the raw emotion in his voice making the swordsman still more on edge. He followed his gaze to the body.

    "I do not know what to say of the Edict other than that it is the Emperor's Will. But I do not believe that a shot in the back was his first and best remedy, no. Who did this?" Aleph's words were carefully neutral but they hinted at depths beyond the simple dancer of blades. But then - as so often - Elymas was at it again.

    "Calm yourself Arnock. You are as frantic as one of your fresh recruits." Elymas complained, speaking with an exhausted and tired voice. "It is not desecration if it's in the name of science and figuring out what really happened. After all like my Ultramarine colleagues would say 'Know your Enemy'.

    "As for what you see and feel." He did not only address Arnock, but also Extrovious. "Is simply an echo of the aftereffect from both Hephaestus as well as the Laer. The Immaterium is converging in a chaotic vortex which affects all of us in one way or another. Or at least that is what I would say from my past training. Without my powers I cannot tell how severe it might be. Which I again must reiterate, that Hephaestus' body should be inspected. When he decided to unleash his powers, he must have felt something. Known something. I would not even need my powers to understand his comprehension of the situation. I merely need allowance to perform the memory extraction with the help of my Omophagea." And as he finished these words, Arnock replied with the missing piece of Aleph's question.

    "You. Are not. Eating our dead." This time the words were forceful, and he took a straighter stance as he spoke. "If he knew something from his forbidden witchery then what he knew is clearly not something we are allowed - are meant - to access. Calm yourself Brother and centre, we are still on a battlefield footing."

    It was fortunate that Jendon spoke up then with his own practical and level words - there were wounded to aid, and there would be time for advice once the fighting was over. The Chaplain was the one to advise them and this - as much of a grasped straw as it seemed to the suspicious corners of Aleph's own mind even as he took it - was surely the better course of action than division here in the field. He nodded to Jendon. Collecting the gene-seed was the Apothecary's role and that much was right.

    "Brothers - we need to report for Psykana quarantine and evaluation. All of us." Vitaly did not usually have too much to say at times like these, so it made what he did say all the more arresting. Aleph was always inclined to heed his mechanically-minded Brother for his common sense, if not his slightly youthful sense of humour. There was none of the latter now and he found himself agreeing with his sober words.

    "I will gladly submit to any checks and screens necessary. For the sake of Squad unity what one goes through, let us all. We have all witnessed something ... unusual ... today, and we need that assurance." He nods to Extrovious and adds, "I am with you, Brother, Sergeant or no I have your back."

    As he looked around the perimeter, scouring the ground for bodies whose names he knew, he caught sight of Pholax's eightfold scarring. "Get yourself to the armouries when you can, Brother, for that is no phoenix nor eagle and it is not fiting for us to bear another's sign." He took it for some kind of alien gang-marking, he'd seen enough of them among the Nostramans and even on the Luna Wolves, but whatever mark that was was not even Human. It needed to be cleansed away.
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    Listening to his squad fall apart and upon each other behind him, Extrovious turns away from their Captain before he can respond to the initial approach by the Sergeant himself. Gaze first falls upon Jendon.

    "Brother Apothecary, preserve the body with the others, broken edict or no Hephaestus shall be treated with the same respect as the rest of our fallen." The certainty in Extrovious' voice does not reach his face, but at least the order of battle can restore some form of decorum, provide a real and dangerous anchor to find his footing once more. Color begins to return as he continues. "The former Librarian acted with the best intent, however even the most well meaning use of such powers can spell damnation for the whole of us. Jendon, I cannot rightfully tell you what to expect from these wounds; my last possible engagement with such a xeno was in the company of the sorcerers of the XVth, and I believe my memories have been tampered with regarding the engagement." Nostrils flare, the loss of self and the mental trauma of facing the Primadonna dampened by the indignity of such a thought.

    "Vitaly is correct in his assessment, and we will comply with quarantine and investigation procedures following this deployment. In the mean time, the enemy may still be about. Elymas, maintain over watch and observation of the perimeter till we're ready to move. Arnock, stand guard over our Techmarine as he works. Aleph, Pholax, at my side and ready to engage should the enemy rear their head again. There are more dead witches on this field, and we cannot be certain more such creatures will not manifest from their corpses as well." Extrovious eyes each of them wearily, both his squad mates and the dead mages.
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    Patching up his bionic arm to stop the leaking of fluids and looking over the emblem the Xenos had left him.

    "It's Xeno artwork or something. If I truly cared for Xenos then I'd have some interest in them using me as a canvas, it is nothing. Either they purposely decided to use me as a canvas or it coincidentally made a pattern. Not like we're above using patterns, I fight in a pattern, my legs will do this, my arms like this, the hammer dropped like that, we do things in patterns. If I was here painting a landscape, I'd start like this and then do this. You're drawing too much about this Xeno marking. If you care so much about the one they gave me, go look at the walls and try to find corresponding marks. Maybe I was going to become part of a wall of markings." Pholax spoke as he checked himself and his weapons over. "Personally I don't care for these Xenos, their markings or anything else. I just care about where they are so I can kill them and tear them apart."

    "I also have to agree with, Aleph, eating our own is ghoulish beyond belief. Let us try to have some decorum about us, we see one unexplained event and we're already wishing to be crawling in the mud like some degenerates." He chuckled at the mere thought that the great legion of the Third would be so debased. "And yes I will remove the Xeno artwork, I just prefer to have my armour on now rather than go gallivanting around exposed on a hostile world."

    Pholax moved to Extro's left flank upon hearing the orders to move in.

    "If the ex-Librarian turned against us willingly or some Xeno parasite took hold of him, I don't think we'll ever know. He was however, trying to hold that barrier. He betrayed the Emperor's word and of course there is only one punishment for that. I'll still give thanks to a damned brother who tries to defend his Legion, even with his life forfeit he still tried to save us." Pholax mused as he was eager to leave a place that could do such a thing to an Astarte. "Or everything he had done was to ruin our chances of survival. I guess it comes down to if you believe an Astarte of the Third would betray his own. I don't think many of us even thought that'd be comprehended, brother turning on brother..."
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    "Brother Pholax - if you come stand over here, I can remove that disfiguration from your armour. Brother Jendon will have to take care of any markings on your flesh, however."
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    Sidon stood besides the members of his old squad, the old veteran silent as the darkness around them all spread ever so gently. "I see," a short reply once Extrovious gave his orders, the Captain nodding slightly. There was a moment of hesitance, his face hidden by the helmet gave away nothing but his body language betrayed what he felt within in the end.

    "I've heard stories but I can't say anything else. It was before my time and there are none in the Millennial who can confirm it, but when we get to the surface I'll speak to Rylanor. He would know...and so would Soter," uncertainty crept into Sidon's voice, as if even he was finally succumbing to the straining experience they all went through just now. But it fled as soon as it came, the warrior of the Two Hundred going back to what he knew best in order to retain his focus.

    "I concur with Sergeant Extrovious. There will be no desecration of any of the corpses for whatever reason. Our Apothecary Jendon will collect the geneseed for safekeeping and that's it. Further examination, if ordered by Lord Fulgrim, will be done, but not without his consent. Hephestus was an honest Legion's brother as any of the ones who died - and those who live even now," his helmet turned to Elymas, "No matter with what gifts or flaws they were bestowed upon their inception. Emperor's Children are taught to overcome these issues and become better for this experience, not dial back to a time best left forgotten when words "honor" and "brotherhood" meant nothing."

    "Sergeant Ilyas," Sidon called to the only other surviving squad leader, the plasma cannon wielding legionary saluting in brisk fashion, "Help with the brothers guarding the Techmarine. Rest of you, converge on me and Extrovious. We're going to swipe this facility and make sure no more hostiles are present until the elevator comes down and help arrives. Stick to your brothers and stay sharp, I doubt that whatever caused this chaos is gone for good."

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
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    <Arnock - Sons of Horus Secondment - First part>

    "Brother Arnock, we all know you carry the banner back in your Legion so I'm curious - do you wash the fabric every time before you go to sleep or do you do it only when Fulgrim demands so?" harsh laughter broke as Captain Ekaddon asked the question, the rest of the Reavers similarly-minded like their leader. There were ten of them in the Rhino, nine Sons of Horus and one Child of the Emperor. As Arnock learned once he just got to his new Legion, his somewhat prestigious status made him join not just any squad, but a First Company of Reaver Attack Brethren and while one would expect members of the First Company of any Legion to be vaunted veterans and exemplars of its creed, these warriors were slightly different.

    They were indeed exemplars, only that Cthonia bred criminals and gangers just like Chemos bred noble souls. Each and every legionary now sitting in the transport could be described with a single word - murderer. But Arnock came here to learn and so he would, first-hand. Mission was simple. His Rhino and four others were currently hurrying over blasted ash-desert, visibility close to zero due to extensive radiation outside. It was a dead world, in ages past someone blasted it apart with something alike nuclear weapons and now rarely anything past some weed and insects lived here. And Eldar. Whatever this place meant for them was not an information that Sons of Horus were privy of, but in the end it was irrelevant. Xenos were here and they were about to be exterminated for good.

    Their main base was located in one huge crater, protected by a powerful shield it proved to be impervious to both orbital fire and aerial assault, so the Warmaster ordered a more direct approach. While the main part of the army would slog it out on the ash dunes and act as hammer, Luna Wolves would encircle the base from all sides and get there quicker, hopefully drawing enough defenders away or even scoring a critical hit on the aliens that would cripple their defenses. As it was custom, the companies drew lots and it was decided that 1st, 4th, 5th and 18th Companies form the spearhead.

    While Abaddon held the overall command, it was down to line officers like Kalus Ekaddon and the like to enforce those orders and make the most of the situation, at least when it came to First Company. So it was also Ekaddon who went with the idea that a small number of Reavers could punch through the defenders first, find their leader and kill him before other squads do so. Once this was accepted, the chase was on. It was not only imperative for Ekaddon's men to get there first due to orders, but it would also mean that they would prove themselves to be better than the rest and that's something ever Son of Horus lived for. And now, Arnock was a part of it.

    Arnock sat quietly within the rhino in thought. How he had received such a double-edged blessing is beyond him. For while being assigned to the Sons of Horus' first legion, the Reavers were a ravenous and extreme bunch who it had taken some time to adjust to. The silence the standard bearer had sat in was short lived as the leaders of the Reavers mocking broke through. This was then quickly followed by the laughing of all the others within the transport. Looking at the captain Arnock spoke, "Of course I do it every night before sleep. Thankfully Fulgrim gave me a piece of the sixteenth legion's banner to help wipe of all the dirty and grim. Though I was admittedly hesitant as I had believed using such a thing to clean with only makes our standard dirtier." Arnock then let out his own laugh, regardless of whether anyone else laughed or not. Weakness was not acceptable in any legion, and within the Warmaster's this was even more true and having no sense of humor could make him a target of sorts.

    Laughter didn't stop as Arnock replied, the Reavers and their Captain enjoying the joke and Ekaddon placed his fist on his chest to salute the Child of the Emperor in the way of the ancient warriors. "Aye, we're not so keen at keeping ourselves clean, such things we leave to your peacock Legion and Blood Angels!" it was all said in good humor, no insult intended. "Have you ever fought Eldar before? They say this base we're attacking is one of their last strongholds in galaxy so are you prepared to watch the entire race die?" Captain said and strange fevor entered his voice now, "To grind their corpses beneath our treads and watch their failed empire burn. Don't think there's anything better in life than this."

    Arnock made a fist and brought it to his chest as he laughed a moment longer until the mention of Eldar came about. The laughter quickly faded and a sigh escaped his lips as the thought of Rylanor's death crossed his mind. Though technically it was a Dark Eldar that cut low the champion, they were all the same and viewed as such in his mind. After a few seconds more of thought, Arnock looked at Ekaddon and nodded, "I am all to familiar with the xeno scum and the deprived kin. If you are familiar with the champion of champion Rylanor, I laid witness to his demise at the hand of a combination of Eldar and Dark Eldar filth." Arnock's fist then clinched on his lap as he looked off in thought about Rylanor, "To say there is a score to settle would be an understatement. So, I would say that the anticipation of the slaughter and vengeance is almost unbearable. But the wait will no doubt be worth it."

    "Then let us wait no longer! Driver, accelerate!" Ekaddon shouted and the Rhinos pushed onward through the wasteland and towards Eldar base. They got there under twenty minutes but they were not the first to break through the outskirts. Vox grew frantic with reports of 5th Company Luna Wolves clashing with the aliens and the Reaver transports hurried past the generator layer and straight into the guns of the Eldar. Front Rhino was blown up and the deaths of ten Reavers was marked on Arnock's hud, just as the Captain signaled for the transports to stop and unload the troops.

    Getting out of the Rhino, Arnock saw lots of Eldar warriors present, holding close to their weird structures that dotted the base and while some were fighting other squads of Astartes, a group of blue-armored Dire Avengers armed with phase swords and pistols hurried to meet him and the rest of the Reavers. They weren't the only enemies that were coming their way as a trio of Fire Dragons also took position behind their frontline soldiers, readying their anti-vehicle weapons to deal with the rest of the Rhinos as well. Ekkadon didn't seem to care as he pulled out his power axe and pointed straight at the incoming Eldar melee troops. "LUPERCAL!" he screamed and the rest of his men shouted, leaving Arnock with a sight of crazed berzerkers running straight into their death.

    Where the others merely felt the call of battle pulling them into close combat with the overwhelming number of xenos, Arnock's logic seemed to remain somewhat intact. Yelling at the Ekkadon, Arnock's frustration would show, "Do not run to your death so willingly, Ekkadon. We must push upon the foe with a sound tactical mind!" However, even with this yelled, Arnock knew the crazed son of Horus was not going to listen. So, the Master of Rites had to take matters into his own hands and ensure victory was not done to ends to costly. After a moment of taking in the battle a little more closely, Arnock voxed over to Ekkadon, "Brother, I am going to ensure their heavy support's guns fall silent. Then I shall flak around to the avengers' rear." Without any further communication, Arnock began his charge at the Fire Dragons with his powersword drawn and his hand flamer at the ready.

    Captain Ekkadon offered Arnock no reply as him and his Reavers crashed into the Dire Avengers with the full strength of men possessed, blood falling on the ash-plains. Arnock on the other hand, was left to deal with the heavy support. He saw one of the Fire Dragons levelling his weapon at the Luna Wolves but before he could fire it the egionary was there, the blast of his inferno pistol annihilating alien's upper torso. Arnock then felt a heat wave washing over him as the second Fire Dragon fired, but the fusion gun's discharge missed him by couple of inches, burning the heraldry on his shoulder guard instead. Emperor's Child moved like quicksilver and his sword looped off alien's hands, the creature falling on the ground and at his mercy. Third Firr Dragon started running however, retreating back to one of the tall curved structure where couple of robed Eldar were running around, manipulating the strange fluid material to Emperor knows what end.

    Arnock quickly flicked his blade out to the side, cleaning it quickly of excess blood and fluids. Laying eyes upon the xeno structure, and the robed Eldar doing something of significance, Arnock called out to Ekaddon, "Target of significance up ahead. The Eldar are using some kind of heretical art with a strange fluid. I advise for readjustment of attack orders towards this new objective." However, regardless of what the captain said or did, Arnock knew this was important and would move to attack it.

    "Jowl, Kassos, deal with this," Captain growled in the vox, as if annoyed by Arnock and his constant remarks. Two of the closest listened however and not skipping a beat, they charged towards the Eldar. Arnock himself was slowed down by the last Fire Dragon which ultimately saved his life. Fire pike powered up and a ray of heat blasted through his upper chest, incinerating one of his lungs on the way out and creating a substantial hole in his body. Arnock's vision clouded for a moment before his metabolism was flooded by battle stims and he slashed forward, decapitating the Eldar warrior in one flawless strike. He saw that two Luna Wolves were nearly upon the other aliens when the structure shimmered, the fluid focusing inward, creating a vertical pool of sorts and from the depts of this blue energy strode a tall figure, three times the size of the Astartes. In one hand it wielded a giant blade and with a speed that defied its size, the Eldar construct swung its sword straight into Jowl.

    Unlucky legionary was sliced head to groin in one gruesome display of power, the two body pieces falling apart right in front of Arnock's eyes. Kassos roared in rage and dashed forward to try and cut the thing's leg with his power claw but he was stopped dead in his tracks as a large shuriken cannon located on its shoulder came to life and riddled the Reaver in deadly shards. Legionary was still alive after two seconds of withering the storm, however his armor was in tatters - the fact Wraithlord exploided as it brought around the flamer which was slung underneath its other arm and burned the Reaver alive. With the two closest enemies dispatched, the walker now turned its attention to the next opponent, which was in this case - Arnock, and lumbered towards him, its sword still dripping with the blood of the slain Luna Wolf.

    Arnock laughed as soon as the giant Eldar Wraithlord locked onto him, "Do you seek death, xeno? Do you willingly walk the path towards death? For if this is what you seek, I shall be the one to reap death's bounty upon your wretched head." With out hesitation from the previous deaths head had witness or his own injury, Arnock charged toward the lumbering giant. However, the standard bearer was no fool and witnessing the deaths of others offered clear insight into the large construct's tactics. And so, instead of attempting to best it right of the back with his powersword, Arnock feint an attack with his powersword, only to attempt to duck into the xeno's guard and unleash his inferno pistol directly into its groin. All the while his powersword was kept high to protect himself that deep in its guards.

    As a reply, Wraithlord opened fire with its shuriken cannon and the as the shards flew through the air, Arnock made his move. Couple of projectiles hit him but he fought through the pain, ducking under construct's guard to get the shot in. Inferno pistol blazed with life and unleashed a blast of superheated air point-blank into the alien machine, the mini-melta blast crumping wraithbone and blackening it beyond recognition. However despite it, Wraithlord was still quite operational and it swung its sword about, Emperor's Child having no move to maneuver he rode the blow as best as he could. He brought his own power sword down and it connected with the larger blade, sending Arnock flying into the ground, the blow nearly breaking his his arm. He was down but before the Wraithlord could finish what it started, its form flared as multiple bolts impacted on it, forcing it to halt its movement and face new attackers.

    Captain Ekaddon and his Reavers were murderous gangers through and through but they weren't mindless berserkers and the Captain managed to divert the killing urges for a moment, channeling them towards the big construct. "We have your back Brother Arnock! For Horus and the Emperor!" Kalus shouted and him and couple of other Reavers charged in, their axes still thick with the blood of the slain Dire Avengers. Arnock also spotted one of them, Brother Myze, heading towards the portal from where the Wraithlord appeared moments ago, packing three melta charges and trying to use the commotion and blow the structure up before more of these things join the fighting.

    Arnock laughed slightly as he called out to the Reavers, "I was wondering when you all would catch up. Show the xenos the price of raising the sword against the Imperium!" However, before Arnock could charge back in, he witnessed Myze run towards the portal with the melta bombs needed to close up portal. Though the champion wished to engage the Wraith construct once more, he knew that Myze would be left defenseless while planting the bombs. So, without a moment's hesitation, Arnock joined Myze to help buy him the time he needed to close up the portal for good.

    Following Myze, Arnock quickly moved and dispatched couple of nearby aliens who tried to interfere with the demolition. They were mostly builders or some sort of worker caste meaning that their small firearms and short knives were quite inadequate when dealing with the Emperor's Children legionary. Couple of deaths later Myze gave the signal for him to retreat and once they were at a safe distance, the melta charges went off and the portal collapsed, its structure ripped apart.

    Wraithlord eventually suffered the same fate as the Reavers circled the thing and attacked it like wolves (which they used to be just couple of months ago), one drawing its attention while another two attacked its exposed flanks. Eldar construct was brought down with many cuts and a cascade of krak grenades, its broken form lying dead at their feet. There was no time for respite as more of the aliens lived in this base so Captain Ekaddon gave the signal to move out and join up with other Legion's elements that similarly invaded the compound. By the end of the next hour, there was not a single Eldar alive on this planet. Whatever the case may be, Sons of Horus were quite expeditive in their endeavors.

    A strange wind blew across Arnock's flank a continued off into the distance. One that sent a chill down Arnock's spine and landed in his soul. While Arnock was by no means a psyker of any sort, spending time with Elymas had made him realize that all have a 'sense' of things around them. And in that moment, in that brief gust that passed him by, Arnock felt an impending darkness or doom enter his soul. Something was there, lingering in the shadows, something that could be felt but not seen. It was something worth bringing up to someone, the real question is who. And how in the hell would do you explain what he felt, even if he did find someone trustworthy? That had to be put behind him a moment, as he witnessed the wolves finishing their kill.

    It was an efficient and effective method that they used, but Arnock was not a fan of such tactics. This champion, even though xeno in nature, deserved a proper dual and a warrior's death, not to be picked at. No matter though, as Arnock knew none here would share the same sentiments. And so the order came down to move out, and without hesitation Arnock did so and assisted in the cleansing of the eldar infestation upon the world. But that cold breeze lingered in the back of his mind, still just as cold and just as disturbing.
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