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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Aleph half-slid, half-flew down the neck of the great beast as he was flung forwards, the entire body bucking beneath him as his blades severed one of its heads. It leaked a strange plasma, not of just blood but of fire. Legionary Aster's brief moment of triumph was a sweet one, but short as he landed next to the Standard-Bearer on his back. Pain flared through him. The armour in that section was gone, or as much as counted, and he'd have no more chances like that should he take another blast from the accursed xenos witches. Aleph gritted his teeth. He'd just have to make sure he didn't turn his back to the enemy.

    Just as he was straightening and getting to his feet, the dancer locking eyes with Arnock as he did so, he heard something over the vox. Extrovious, calling on their own former witch. Calling for him.

    "... Denatus, finish off the harvester xeno! Vitaly support the fall of the war beast! Aleph! I need you brother!"

    The emotion in his voice was so raw that Aleph was immediately forming his next action, about to tell Arnock to regroup even as his Brother added his own voice to the call: "Go and tend to Extrovious. I can hold this creature at bay. Now that I am missing a hand, it makes it more fair of a battle for the xeno." Arnock laughed slightly, and Aleph was glad to see that he hadn't lost his spirit along with his hand, but they should consolidate. The urgency of his action warred against leaving Arnock to fight alone but he must move.

    "We should regroup," he said, even as he turned slightly, plotting his next dance among the fallen and the dead. "Reform around the Sergeant. Use distance support." He spoke, even while knowing that Arnock would choose to fight on here, even while he knew he had to get back to Extrovious. "Good hunting Brother. Go for the throat!" Then he was sprinting, weaving his way across the field.

    "Yes Brother Apothecary, I have my flamer and a plasma grenade. Both yours if you need them," he said, ducking under a blow from a Laer as both blades swept out, one to block, one to cut. "It has some kind of internal flammable element, it may get hot when it dies." He kept running. Sergeant or not, he would reach Extrovious' side.

    As he came within sight of the pitched battle and the new alien threat, Aleph's Astartes senses took it all in quickly. He saw his Brother embattled. Behind him, Hephaestus lay dead, a single shot in his back. He took it in even as he darted to aid his comrade, his friend. No time for that now, no time to react to apparent disunity in their midst. The thing facing them was a strange amalgamation, a hybrid between the clean form of Humanity and some kind of monster; more than this, it was a meld of characteristics as if somehow combining raw musculature with feminine qualities Aleph only dimly knew. Whatever it was, it was his enemy. Swords cutting in a matrix of blows, warding off the she-xenos with lethal blades, he interposed himself between Extrovious and his tormentor.

    Stepping in from the side so as not to block his Sergeant's own attacking claws, he brought up Daith'wyn and Night's Edge, using the blades to make a cage of strikes that would keep its presence at bay, working with the Brother whose style he knew so well from a hundred campaigns. Whatever vile alien monstrosity had been created here, they would face it together.

    "I am with you, Brother!"

    OOC: Run like hell for Extro, then Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for both of his normal actions with no penalties, used as Defence on self while running to make sure he reaches his target then Defence on Extrovious. If he needs an action for the move then just Defence on Extro.
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    Laughter was roaring from Pholax as he was living up to his name sake with the devastation he was causing. As these creatures were wounded by a 7th Squad member, in came the killing blow from a hammer that sent their crushed forms flying back, the hammer's powerfield connecting and dragging it's comrades with them.

    Each swing was gifted with a hearty laugh and curse for the Xenos, this was what Pholax lived for, to destroy the enemies of his father and Emperor. One must always take pleasure in their duty to grow a longing for it. As the line began to falter beneath their advance, Pholax took the hammer into an overhead slamming motion, the field shattering the ground and catching a couple of the Assassins who were downed by 7th Squads blades and bolt pistols, they were trapped, forced to watch the hammer fall upon them, their bodies cut by debris from the masonry and the shockwave that hit them crushing their bodies.

    The battle was going just how Pholax liked it, with him in the thick of it slaughtering anything that came his way.

    However almost as soon as he got that feeling he noticed the new arrival. To suffer for one's failing was painful enough, to have their failings strike upon you, in that moment knew what it must be like for the Phoenician to suffer for having to deal with imperfection. We must all reach perfection or all dwell in perfection. He'd have words to say later but as the arm began to spray and leak it's precious fluids he had more pressing matters than berating a warrior who failed to finish his prey.

    It was still stunning to see the reaction speeds of one of these creatures, to literally slide beneath a hammer blow, if that was madness or just being cocky, Pholax didn't know but it infuriated him that they dared try it, and to take him to new levels of rage to have succeeded at such a move.

    Moving to assist the Sergeant with the claiming of such a foe, then the creature extended its mouth and used some sort of sonic weaponry that made short work of his defences, he saw the Sergeant's headless corpse falter just before his eyes erupted in pinprick of pain until everything turned red.

    Everything turned to a high pitch screeching noise, nothing else could be heard, ripping the helmet off and throwing it to the ground and rose to his feet staring down the creature and responded in kind, screaming was erupted from Pholax's mouth, pain, anger and sorrow at losing comrades all swelled within Pholax as he went into a murderous frenzy wanting to rip the beast's throat out, to smash it's face into the dirt and have it raise upon a pike and left for all to see the fate of a Xeno that dares stand before Pholax and the Third Legion.

    In such a rage, Pholax didn't even acknowledge friend from foe as he began his charge, anything that'd stop him from making his kill would be forced out of his way, that monster was Pholax's, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, if that thing had a skull, Pholax was going to break it apart and rip it limb from limb, rend it's fleshy hide into a thousand pieces and then, maybe his rage would be satisfied with it's carcass.

    All out attack on the screaming thing.
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    Despite the grim situation they were in, the Emperor's Children responded to the new development with lethal precision, the warriors of the Third never ones to be found on the back foot that easily. Denatus sent a confirmation ping to his squad leader and couple of moments later the last Harvester was no more, blown up by the concentrated fire of both the Destroyer and the heavy weapons specialists from the 15th squad. He added a little bit extra here, sending a rad missile into both of the downed machines, the radiation poisoning finishing off the half-made Laer aliens and getting rid of their genetic material for good.

    This all left Vitaly with enough room to breathe and line another shot at the giant alien fighting with his brothers. Jendon was also there, the Apothecary holding both his combi-needler and his comrade's flamer, firing both of the weapons at the same time into Hydra. Beast roared in pain and it spat fire all around the battlefield, causing further injuries and another casualty as one more brother from the 11th fell under the monster's strength. Arnock was still alive however, the Master of Rites weathering the firestorm just like earlier, his resolve not shaken despite what was going on with their Sergeant.

    As Jendon fired so did Arnock move in, swinging his power sword in cutting arcs in order to finally get through Hydra's defenses and end the creature's miserable existence. He cut whole-heartily, followed by Apothecary's support, but the thing kept on moving. It swayed, roared, tried to stomp both of them, but it wasn't dying fast enough and the wounds were mounting up. That was until Vitaly stepped in and dealt the killing blow. The exact nature of the Gamma weaponry are known only to higher echelon of Martian Priesthood and to those who were "in the known" with them. Whether the Techmarine knew this and was willing to share the sacred knowledge was secondary as the blast caught Hydra on its side and nearly ripped it in half. Melta-charge on the followup missile sealed the deal as the large monster was put down but not before whatever furnace creating the necessary chemical effect to allow three of the heads three separate discharges went overboard and exploded, sending a heat wave all over this segment of the line and somewhat clouding what happened further down.

    Pholax was raging, almost like Extrovious couple of moments ago, restraint leaving him completely. It was good old self-made anger, the emotion hurling the Devastator forward like a cannonball. But it wasn't enough. He swung his thunder hammer wildly, those few shadow assassins that came close were obliterated in an eye-blink but the real enemy he went after proved to be made out of different stuff altogether. Strange alien weaved pass his blows with almost contemptuous ease as if goading him even further, or at least that's what it looked like.

    Whenever he swung and the creature dodged to the side or went below the blow, before he could bring his hammer back it lashed out, cutting off piece by piece of Pholax's flesh. Each stab was both painful and enjoyable in equal measure, the strange mix of emotions alongside Devastator's rage a potent combination for causing further mayhem. And while Pholax was no stranger to melee combat and was considered quite brutal combatant in his own right, he couldn't even hope to match this monster and each cut of her bladed limb sapped more of his strength and stamina away until he could move no longer, his body still working to fix the damage but his thoughts telling him to stop fighting and lay down to rest.

    At that strange moment Elymas and Extrovious attacked, the former Librarian having enough time as he crossed the distance to spot yet another similarity. With each move of this androgynous creature he felt a note being struck, the note he knew as a part of a greater melody. It was difficult to describe, but it seemed as if this particular alien was, simply put, dancing on a tune. A tune Elymas had going on in his mind even now as he tried to shake off the feeling he experienced during his bizarre dream.

    He could almost anticipate what would come next but as he fired his pistols, the woman danced away from the shots, an audible discord note in the composition that arguably made it even more flawless, if that was even possible. Chaotic nature of this combat continued as the dancing lady crept closer to the psyker, her lips spreading into a mockery of human smile with too many pointed teeth to fit the intricate jaw. Creature came close but instead of her blade, she brushed Elymas with her long fingers and the moment they touched his skin he felt helpless at his inability to act, which then turned into joy at witnessing such magnificent creature, then into sorrow of his mentor's death, then into pride that he was part of this grand performance. And it went on and on in a loop of sorts, the time suddenly becoming relative in Audiomancer's mind's eye.

    But it wasn't relative for Extrovious. Sergeant turned into a shell, the anger disappearing left him hollow. He activated his claws and went after the enemy but he was slow, the creature evading the strike and slicing him instead, the long limb passing past his guard and spearing through his armored thigh. Each move he made was lacking and ineffective, crude even, this monster seem to have seen straight through him and no matter the action, Extro was always three steps behind. What was worse, there was something else, like an itch in the back of his brain. He saw flashes of red power armor, floating pyramids and a one-eyed giant leading him into battle. He saw strange things he couldn't name, horrors beyond comprehension, glories without equal, but it was inconsistent, as if he saw it with one eye and didn't with the other. Sergeant's mind reeled back as the images spilled like a flood, the duel with the alien woman suddenly shifted for a grand battle against a host of her cousins under a bleeding sun heating an endless desert of calcified bone.

    Such was the impact of this strange experience that he nearly failed to see Aleph coming to his aid. Palatine Blade took all of this in mere moments before he prepared his swords to defend his friends. Creature that caused all this havoc saw him approach and it moved straight for him, matching his dance moves for moves with its own choreography. Its bladed limb sailed forward and Aleph instinctively brought Daith'wyn up to parry, meeting the elongated blade halfway. As the charnabal sabre touched the flesh of his enemy, the hilt became hot in his grip and the length of the blade was suddenly washed in faint gold, nearly blinding him. In that very moment Fulgrim's words were proved as the creature in front of Aleph momentarily stopped as if dazed. At that same moment Night's Edge cut low and sliced the inhuman monster in half in one clean sweep.

    Instead of falling down, both halves of the monster were stuck in midair for a split-second, before it screamed again and this time more violently than before. Energy blast took every single Emperor's Children legionary off their feet, destroying the Laer equipment and breaking apart the mechanism that provided faint light alongside most of the facility.

    Suddenly, the world went dark and everyone who fought against this monster would feel its touch slowly ebbing away. Elymas was left to his dwindling sensations, Aleph's sabre once again "normal self", Extrovious still feeling the flood of suppressed images resurfacing and the realization dawning upon him finally as his memory was restored, while Pholax finally stopped bleeding and once he was back to his senses he could see that the wounds caused by the enemy were not random. In fact, his chest was pierced in a way that each stab attributed to a bloody image of an eight-pointed star.

    "Everyone, report." Sidon's voice broke the silence and restored some semblance of order as the legionaries from the other squads were similarly affected and were getting back up as well. Captain arrived from the darkness covered in blood, but standing unbowed as he cleaned his mace and mag-locked it to his belt.

    "(@Draconion )Good shot there, Brother Vitaly, although it seems we aren't out of this yet. Check the superstructure of the base for cracks in wake of that...whatever that was and see if the elevator is operational. "(@Vulpas ) Jendon - retrieve the Legion's due and tend to the wounded, but once you're done I need you at my side."

    "As for the rest, anyone have any idea what in the Emperor's name was that thing!?"

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
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    Elymas was shaken. His very existence as a human being put into question as the galaxy assailed him on levels no foe ever had. And surely no training in the Imperium could have prepared one for. As the sensations ebbed away and the fighting stopped, he just started to laugh. The librarian slumped on his butt on the ground and just laughed full heartedly in joy. Until Sidons voice cut the celebration short. He did not bother, or maybe did not possess the strength to stand on his feet.

    "I have a hunch. But you might not like it, Captain... There was a reason the Emperor has forbidden the usage of witchcraft..." The former librarian stated, his eyes looking over to Extrovious, their Sergeant.

    "Is that not what you fought before with the Thousand Sons, Sergeant?!" The joyous tones changed into notes of accusations and anger. It sounded erratic and frantic, more like Pholax, less than Elymas.

    Yet, the gunslinger smiled. It started to make sense. It started to fall together into its places. The tune. The foresight. The emperor's will.

    "It finally all makes sense... No wonder you wished for your death sentence..." He whispered to himself with a grin looking over to Hephaestus' corpse and then slumped all the way back, laying there and staring up ahead, above them, humming the uncanny tune of the masked... Creature of his lucid dream. It also was sang by the gruesome monster, but the former librarian took it as having mind reading abilities. However his humming was not quite right. It frustrated him. He was certain, especially with his superior memory and brain capacity of his superhuman body what the tune was. But... His body was unfit to create it.

    Modifications were in order, to an instrument. And while the melody was clear, the lyrics had yet to be written. The lyrics to a song only he could understand. Unless... He glanced again over to Hephaestus corpse.

    Unless that old man was hiding information... Hiding it from Fulgrim, his students and the librarium at large. Maybe that is why the touch in the elevator... And only after killing him that all was unlocked. The chief librarian knew he was going to die today. And finally set free of his control over Elymas mind, something he was long ago certain about that happened during his upbringing. The reason why the faces of his siblings faded. All but that of his sister. But why not hers? Was her song that strong that it maintained a relationship, a memory so strong that not even hypnotherapy could break it? Is that where his love for music came from? A secret way to unleash his full potential? It always had calmed him down when his powers went rampant as a child after all.

    A private vox channel to one of his brethren was opened as an idea formed in Elymas' mind.

    "Brother Apothecary. Make sure that Hephaestus brain is recovered for private examination. You and I must gather what we can from his memory cortex. I believe he has planned some of the events of today. But I wish for a proper examination and in case witchcraft is involved I do not want anyone to get hurt. This must stay confidential between you and I until results are brought forth... Remember the black goo we faced back on Ullanor with Chief Librarian Hephaestus? He never was quite the same after that. You must aid me, for the future of this legion, for the safety of our brethren it is our duty. You do not need to partake in the autopsy. But I need you to get me the brain without the Apothecarium getting suspicious." Elymas hoped with every fabric of his body that Jendon would agree. If not out of brotherhood, then at least to repay the favor of getting Jendon closer to Bile through the Psykers Gene studies.
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    Arnock looked around the room and caught his breath, taking in everything that had just occurred. The 4th had just been shaken to its core. And while all had not been touched by the same energies or had their subconscious molested to the deepest darkest corners. It was obvious and this was something Arnock had not witnessed in all his time, and the lack of presidence on such situations only bolstered his confusion.

    Arnock called out to Sidon over the radio, "Injured but still combat ready." It was short and to the point as Arnock's pride was still hurt due to his missing hand.

    @Colapse @Vulpas
    Arnock walked over and stood between Hephaestus and Sidon and Jendon with his sword still drawn, "No one shall do such think, Brother. What has happened here is unprecedented and has the marks of witchcraft. So, as much as I hate to say it, we all must be turned over to leadership for proper evaluations. There are other apothecaries that can carry out the last rights, but for any one of us to touch the gene seed of the fallen may -taint- them without us even trying to. Look around and think about what has just happened. We can not, and will not, do anything or leave this place until ordered to by someone whom has not been exposed to this dark place. I am sorry for the insubordination, but the Emperor has condemned such acts and we have all been exposed to something... unnatural."
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    "Then in order to prevent spreading the disease and indeed diagnose whether or not quarantine is required. Let Jendon and myself do the autopsy right here. Right now." Elymas said, still laying on the ground, staring straight ahead, except now he reached out with a hand towards the sky as if wanting to grasp a star itself.

    "Better having us afflicted by these corrupted Xenos perform such act, rather than endanger more untainted new recruits. After all, we have lost already plenty today, haven't we, Master of Rites?" The former librarian spoke seriously and stern, reminding himself and Arnock about the very squad that was eliminated with a single attack of the Laer.
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    When the Hydra goes up in a blast of coruscating heat and light, Vitaly barely has time to duck and cover against the incoming shockwave, which blisters the peels the paint on his armour facing the eruption. Waiting for the last of the debris to finish pattering against his armour, he risks a peek at its source, perceiving little more than a blackened crater and far-scattered biological debris. This is just in time for the rest of the strike force to conclude their respective battles. Pholax sports a garish new battle wound that hurts Vitaly's eyes and causes them to blur and tear up just to look directly at it. Meanwhile, the end of the...unnatural entity at Aleph's blades causes Vitaly's brow to furrow further beneath the featureless faceplate of his helmet, its voice tearing at his ears and the meat of his brain equally. Nevertheless, Sidon's orders focus his mind, and he is already on-task before the captain even finishes speaking, gliding faster than any Astartes can run towards the worst of the structural damage, siege auspex in hand.


    "On it, Captain. Will update you soonest, but preliminary analysis does not look good. Recommend you consolidate our numbers near the lift, just in case we need to make a speedy exit," he says, panning the instrument over the worst of the damage to the dome.

    An unearthly tune grabs ahold of Vitaly's attention, momentarily wrenching it off-task, and the Techmarine spins round, servo-limbs flaring and weapon systems charging in response to visceral members of an all too-recent threat. It takes him a moment to realise the sound is someone humming. To be precise, their former Librarian and self-styled enforcer of the Edict. No surprise there.

    ...but why does it remind me so much of that...thing?

    Vitaly stays stock still, staring expressionlessly at Elymas while he lays face-up on the ground, humming the eerie tune. In his stomach, a bottomless pit seems to open up as suspicion and dread roil formlessly within, grasping for shape and name yet beyond his ability to conceptualise. Realising he is staring and, moreover, lollygagging over what should be his main task, he turns back to his work. Before he manages to do so fully, however, he happens to catch Aleph's eye as his gaze crosses the swordsman's path. Holding his squad-brother's eye for a full, pregnant second, he turns back to his work. The unspoken communication is clear. @Jorimel

    We need to talk when this is all over.
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    A quiet scraping stretches underneath the noise of post-battle. Aleph finds weight building upon his shoulder, Extrovious' claws passing into his peripheral while chain teeth continue to nick against the ceramite cladding his right arm. Sergeant's eye linger upon the Primadonna's previous position, vision unfocused and lips trembling with an attempt at speech. Any one of them could pluck the expression from their memories. Not a once would it of been upon a fellow legionary, rather from the myriad and countless faces of shell shocked Imperial Army or citizens around the war zones, that for all their shapes and forms, were unanimously home to the trans-human warriors of the Imperium's legions.

    "They know. They knew." It takes several attempts to fully form the thought from the fog; once its out though, both life and sternness bleed back into his face. Before it might resolve into anger, Extrovious looks to Aleph and expression softens, weakens. "Take me to the interrogators after this. You and Vitaly both. My mind has not been entirely my own, today and many before it." Voice has regained some measure of strength, hoarse but full, just loud enough for only his brother to hear though. This said he forces the lead in his stomach down into each leg, taking a stiff stance and shifting own weight back upon himself. The half of his face capable of it spies Elymas and the engines responsible for chewing apart everything in his grasp briefly fire. The sound seems to startle Extrovious, caught by a habit never meant to be and the return of a familiar itch in the back of his head.

    "Elymas, assume over watch on the adjacent tunnels, hold your ground." And hold it out of my sight. Taking in a deep breath he averts his gaze towards the rest of his squad, flexing each finger as much as the confines of his bulky murder gloves allow, Extrovious steadies his breathing, trying to wrest control of the alien sensation of anxiety smothering his hazed over mind. Somewhere in his brain, the niggling of order and the chain of command breaks through and he approaches Sidon; this would be a doozy, best to stick with facts.

    "That creature rose up from the corpse of a Laer psyker. I believe I saw something.... similiar, before, during my secondment." Time for everything to come tumbling down.
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    Arnock turned and looked down at Hephaestus' body as the final memory of the warrior crossed his mind as he spoke under his voice, "What are you saying Arnock..."...Snap...An almost audible noise echoed in the corners of his mind. For a moment Arnock almost swore he saw Rylanor standing in the shadows causing Arnock to drop his sword. The fallen champion's mouth moving but all that was heard was silence. The Master of Rites shook his head a moment before he then turned to Elymas and spoke, "! Ryl...Hephaestus will not be desecrated without cause. The only reason we survived this ambush is because of his sacrifice. I adhere to the judgement of the Edict, but I do not agree with it. He knew what was worth dying for, and you were part of that. And this Edict has pitted us against each other, driven a wedge between brothers, and has weakened us. Tell me I am not the only one who sees this now. Or maybe strike me down next, because I am no longer sure I can adhere to that which I do not believe." It was at this moment Arnock did something he had not in some time, but that was let down the wall that his place of office put around him. The waves of emotions poured through, his frustration, sadness, and uncertainty... but whether or not Elymas would be open to what they used to share would be unknown.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    @DeranVendar & @matt23

    Elymas got back on his feet slowly upon order from Extrovious but was not too concerned, considering that no death was being handed out by anyone. He noticed that the others were affected by the hummed tune. Interesting for sure, that means that the manifestation was not only in the awkward dream he had, but that indeed the Laer had projected something that sang the same tune. Most interesting.

    "Calm yourself Arnock. You are as frantic as one of your fresh recruits." Elymas complained, speaking with an exhausted and tired voice. "It is not desecration if it's in the name of science and figuring out what really happened. After all like my Ultramarine colleagues would say 'Know your Enemy'.

    "As for what you see and feel." He did not only address Arnock, but also Extrovious. "Is simply an echo of the aftereffect from both Hephaestus as well as the Laer. The Immaterium is converging in a chaotic vortex which affects all of us in one way or another. Or at least that is what I would say from my past training. Without my powers I cannot tell how severe it might be. Which I again must reiterate, that Hephaestus' body should be inspected. When he decided to unleash his powers, he must have felt something. Known something. I would not even need my powers to understand his comprehension of the situation. I merely need allowance to perform the memory extraction with the help of my Omophagea."

    Elymas might be downplaying the risks a little bit, but the panic that started to spread across the squad could only be appeased with more information. But he would not be a fool like his master and break the Emperor's edict. But what troubled him more is that both Extrovious and Arnock had extreme experiences of their past. The former admitting the sight of these creatures after the former librarians accusation, the latter mentioning the champion of old almost, mistaking his name for that of Hephaestus.

    This deployment has proven more interesting than anticipated and thus, also more worrisome. He started to wonder if Fulgrim was aware of the consequences their assault on Laer would have. Maybe as one of the few librarians left in the Emperor's Children he should seek him out - maybe even under the pretense of creating a play in memory of the Laer campaign.
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