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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock's frustration showed as he quickly whipped out his blade to his side in an attempt to get off the bile and to prevent it from further damaging his weapon. This truly was treacherous and formidable creature these xenos had conjured, but what more could a warrior of perfection ask for. This indeed was a test and challenge that the Master of Rights would welcome with open arms.

    Seeing that his blade was cause wounds that only in return healed, Arnock knew he would have to try a different strategy to take down the large creature. Looking down to his blade, a plan entered his mind. A plan that he hoped would play to taking advantage of the creatures nature healing techniques. So, once more, the Master of Rites charged into the beasts guard, keeping his powersword Perfectus Mortem close to his side to defend. Once within range, Arnock would again attempt to cut a hole into the beast's chest. He would then quickly attempt to shove a frag grenade as deep as possible into the wound, hopefully watching the grenade become sealed up as the creature healed.

    OOC: Balanced. One attack on Hydras chest and defense on self. Legion Champion activated on Hydra. Extra move Attack planting frag grenade into hydra's chest. Defense buff on Aleph.
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    Aleph was too intent on his plan, and too far ahead of the tableau playing out behind him to be aware of its full impact. He heard shouting, he heard weapons fire amid weapons fire but only the scattered fragments of squad vox traffic reached him. In the darkness, he raced on past the enemy using his speed to its full advantage, the better to get to his target. Eliminate the hydra. It wasn't the first time he had gone for the largest enemy and, though he was aware that size does not always indicate ferocity or lethality, in this case he had a bloody good example of both to back up his judgement. He spared a microsecond of regret that the grenade didn't turn the watermancers to steam, but there wasn't time for that. He sped on, looking for an opening to judge the best time to attack. This would take all his strength as well as his gymnastic ability. Drawing Daith'wyn as well as Night's Edge he followed the lashing tail of the hydra as it whipped past, jumping up, using the two blades to stabilise his position as he vaulted up to try to land on the back of the beast. Failing that so long as he struck flesh, he would be climbing, each advance cutting and slashing a path, seeking both to gain height and to reach the creature's spine.

    If he severed the spinal column, the tail should stop. If he reached the heads, then he would try to sever each neck in turn, or stab the brain. And if the legends of the mythical hydra were lived up to by the alien monstrosity he faced now, then he had his flamer to make sure more did not grow. At the very least, a severed hamstring should give the beast pause. But he had his hearts set on bringing the hydra down.

    "Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!"

    OOC: All Out Attack plus : Offensive stance: Aleph gains a bonus attack and -2 on all of his defensive rolls
    Going for broke here, need to bring this thing down before it Ray Harryhausens us all.
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    Slippery little bastards... Pholax mused as he tried to get a shot on target.

    The hammer was a devastating weapon for sure, but these little snake things were too damn fast, they just won't hold still long enough or can see where the hammer is going to fall. This made the situation a little more tricky than Pholax was used to like back on the surface.

    As his breathing struggle for a second, a lung felt like it was collapsing... Yeah... That's a lung collapsing...

    To be with one of the most powerful weapons a legionary could hold and be left defenceless, well, that's ironic, Pholax laughed as he felt his wounds oozing with blood.

    He tried to headbutt, kick and claw at the xenos but they were just too damn slippery.

    As brothers from the 7th arrived and helped Pholax to stand, he knew it was time to pay the Xenos back in kind, grabbing the snake like tail of one of the assassins with his bionic arm and closed the arm, hearing the wet squelch of flesh tearing, placing his foot firmly down on the Xeno, holding it in place and swung down at the trapped Xeno, bloodlust written on Pholax's face behind his helm, to see the Xeno die was of great joy to the Devastator, it was retribution, it was justice and it was joyous fun to smash them apart.

    The flash from the hammer, blinding one of it's assassin brethren, the opening was all that was needed, with his bionic arm, closed into a fist, Pholax smashed it repeatedly into the Xeno's face and body, a thick wet slap made with each hit until it was left as what would best be described as paste.

    Another was close by and Pholax smashed his head into it, dazing it for a second before resting the weight of his hammer upon it then smashed the hammer down onto it, turning it into a bisected corpse.

    Pholax's voice was full of vigour and joy at the slaughter they were delivering, "Thank you brothers, together we'll slaughter through these Xenos and drink to the dead! Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!" With that said, Pholax began his charge into the Xenos, bloodlust driving him, his hammer rising and preparing to strike.

    All out attack on the Shadow Assassins.
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    Jendon went back far, not with a scream but with a a curse, Sent back past sidion and find himself in the wall of the elevator they came down in. A groan escaped his mouth as he felt himself make a firm imprent into the wall, He began to move as he saw suddenly Elymas's vitals as well as another brother from another squad go Critical, Hephestus life ruin blinked black. A grunt came out as he began to push himself out.

    The sound of structure groaning caused a ping of concern in his mind wondering how Durable was this structure, and would there purge be the cause of its desturction as well as there death from this facilties colapse. moving forward he Gritted his teath and began sprinting as he noticed Elymas's signal not moving. "I question the intergity of this city." Jendon said over the vox moving up he slammed home a new clip in his bolter putting in a mag of metal storm rounds.

    "Elymas!" Jendon yelled out trying to reach him as he spotted the dead hepsephatus and the incapacitated Elymas. "Need to get him to the line," Incoming brothers watch your fire." Jendon said moving forward he moved over cover and Grabbed Hephestus and Elymas's body One for recovering geneseed and the other to recover a brother. Moving back to Vitaily's gun line jendon pulled Elymas into cover before taking his bolter in one hand and begin once again firing while attempting to recover any remaining geneseed in hephestus corspe. Looking up he began redirecting his servo squad to Eleventh squads postion in a bit to attempt to save the marines whos life runes glowed a Amber organe in his helmet. Looking back up to the Hydra Jendon had his helmet attempt to scan the beast. taking footage and attempting to gleam any bioinfo he could with his helmets scanner. Before looking to Elymas, His diagnoster registering his bodies status in status, Thoughfinding only minor injuries to him. "Maybe the wound is not phyiscal, But one similiar to a psyker attack that triggered this, Like with the troopers of minetriels squad from ullanor." Jendon thought for a momment, Hephestus death or possibly one of the water mages could have caused this. Jendon put his mind back into the fight knowing they needed to keep the pressure up, as well as guarding his brother's body till he could get him back into combat. Looking to the Hydra he knew it was one of the main threats.

    The apothcary considered for a momment firing shots into the hydra his shrapnel could make it bleed but only injure it, Though it maybe better used somewhere else. Looking towards Pholax's postion He saw his brother being swarmed and still fight on with the determination of any of there legion. "Support fire incoming brother.Pholax." Jendon said taking aim his helmets scanners began picking out targets in the dark that where harrying first squad as well as Pholax, Jendon took aim and fired staying over Elymas to guard him.

    OOC one Heal action put on Elventh squad, Free action attempt to scan hydra, One attack action on Shadow assasins with metal storm rounds.
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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy

    Still focused on dealing with Laer constructs, Vitaly brought his gamma-cannon to bear, the advanced systems within his helmet allowed him to better target the flying vehicle despite the loss of the augur array. He followed its movement easily, even as it opened fire with its energy weapon and hit him with one of the discharges, the Techmarine remained absolutely stalwart. Neither the fact that one of the Harvesters was close by, driving into his brothers, dissuaded him from his set course. Runes of two more legionaries blinked black as the alien machine ripped them apart, its huge claws rendering power armor useless. Sergeant Ilyas shouted some orders but they were drowned as gamma cannon's ray formed, the discharge of ionized radiation silencing every other sound for a moment, before the blast sailed through the air and smashed into the far-away Harvester, cutting it nearly in half.

    Before Vitaly could claim the kill himself a missile flew from the friendly lines and Denatus sent an affirmative click via squad-vox as the krak payload struck home, blowing the Harvester apart. As it fell on the ground in a broken heap, some of its fleshly parts began slightly moving. Techmarine witnessed as the canisters holding Laer genetic material spilled their contents on the floor and those which didn't burn in the aftermath released stricken aliens. Babies wouldn't be a proper term for these creatures as they were almost the size of an average Laer drone they were fighting even now but they were terribly stricken, as if the creation process that gave birth to these warriors wasn't finished. Half-formed bodies and weapons in different states of evolution gave further proof on the vile nature of these monsters and Fulgrim's rightful demand to end their civilization swiftly, least it spawns even more of them. They didn't seem to be ready for combat but they seemed to possess at least a set of rudimentary instincts because they tried to move away from the wreckage and save their lives, although executing them in such condition would be quite easy for Vitaly.

    On the other side of the battlefield, banner of the Legion flew proudly, even in the deepest depths of the dark ocean filled with dangerous xenos. Arnock was ever the paragon of Third's virtue, striking without fear the greatest of the enemy's monsters. Hydra saw him coming and as it weathered firing from the remaining four legionaries of the 11th Squad, one of its heads yawned open and unleashed hell. Fire covered entire part of Emperor's Children line but through it all their Master of Rites pushed on. His armor was burned, the insignia of the Legion melted away, but the force of will guiding Perfectus Mortem's blow was made out of adamantium. Power sword opened a deep cut inside Hydra's body and like before, the wound began healing as soon as the blade moved away. However this time around the strike followed with another attack. Grenade was primed and safely tucked inside. Even as flesh healed, the giant monster oblivious to the threat even as it swung its claw around to try and catch Arnock.

    It was hard to prepare the grenade and get the hold of the sword back with speed when lacking a hand and it nearly cost Arnock his life as the claw came and annihilated a swathe of floor just next to him. Rolling aside, he witnessed the explosion first-hand, the fragmentation flying out of the Hydra and causing the beast to roar in pain. Grenade caused a terrible wound to the creature but still it pressed on, slower than before but way angrier. It reared up one of its heads and white-hot light appeared behind a set of razor-sharp teeth, Arnock once again the sole target of Hydra's rage. It was then that the Master of Rites spotted a shadowy figure behind monster's back, its movement betraying the warrior in question.

    Following the protocols learned with his cousins, Aleph moved silently from his cover, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Hydra's tail wiggled around but as it came close the swordmaster jumped on it, dancing the limb like a true Sulpha performer. Up he went, the monster unaware of his presence as it rocked around, Arnock's attack and his subsequent "sabotage" driving its attention away from the enemy in its midst. He struck once, the twin swords going downwards into the beast in search of its spine, however the moment blades hit the thing Aleph knew this wouldn't work as the creature's hide was too thick to be pierced properly from this position.

    This made Hydra rear up, its priorities changing swiftly but Alephoros wasn't done. Hurrying up its back in a strange deja vu moment from his fight against giant Orkoid creature on Ullanor, the swordmaster reached one of monstrous heads, the same one threatening his brother down on the ground. Daith'wyn and Night's Edge came around in a scissor-cut that, in one beautiful flourish, removed the head alongside half of the long neck holding it. Plasma mixed with dark blood started pumping out of the wound, creature's advanced metabolism not advanced enough to stem the tide and fix all the damage caused. Aleph nearly got a chance to attack again before he felt a wave of energy crashing into him that hurled him off the Hydra's back and right next to Arnock. The armor on his back was ruined and the blast nearly took out his power pack, the enemy responsible for it floating in the air nearby - the Laer Water-Mage arriving to protect its creation with a good-aimed psychic attack.

    Speaking of enemy psykers, Extrovious continued with his relentless assault against them, making sure that while one of them was able to flee from the carnage he created now, his friends won't be. Nothing came from him except the growling of his chain claws, the murderous weapons once again proving their worth as the previously wounded alien rose but before he could form words of power Extro was on him, swinging wildly the Water-Mage disappeared in a pile of blood and gore, the flesh ripped from its frail body as if it was nothing. There was no stopping the Sergeant, not even could the other alien come to his peer's defense as the energy blast struck the legionary - and was promptly ignored just like before.

    Then the strangest thing happened. Extrovious was stopped dead in his track as a melody entered his thoughts, reeling him back from the carnage as if his mind was hit by a power fist. He couldn't exactly understand it, but he heard where it was coming from - close to where he killed the last Water-Mage a spill in the blood appeared, thick and dark like ink. He was sure this wasn't there before and he was made certain the second later as he blinked and instead of a dead Laer stood a tall figure, wrapped in purple mist, to Extro it looked as if this new thing arrived from a far away.

    But as it took a step, the mist faltered and the legionary saw the lithe body standing on two feet, humanoid in shape but completely alien when you paid more attention - face was remotely female although long twin horns on its head were not, the hair in form of interlocking braids reaching waist and an attire that revealed way more than it hid. One of the creature's arms ended in a thin blade while the other had a "normal" hand with five fingers and that many nails, each colored with a different shade of madness. It hurt to look at it but what was even worse was the smile it gave to Extrovious - just before it came for him.

    Covering the distance way faster than it was possible, the new enemy was right in front of Extrovious. He barely had time to register it move, its strange smile sucking away all of the rage that drove him onward just moments ago, leaving an empty shell need of filling with something, something that was the thin blade spearing through his stomach and past his spine. Armor and bone exploded, the organs turned into mesh and the Sergeant suddenly felt tired like never before. Bladed limb came free and he fell on his knees, his arms sagging next to him. The woman, if it could even be called that, placed her hand on his cheek in a mockery of lover's sweet embrace, her eyes offering sadness and joy in equal measure right as she ripped the helmet apart alongside half of Extro's face.

    He was bloodied proper but in this moment of weakness the woman moved away from him, leaving him for one of the Laer Water-Mages to finish off, and heading straight towards the battle line where Pholax and the 7th Squad fought to stem the tide. Devastator was causing proper destruction now, wielding his hammer expertly and backed up with the brothers of the other squad they drove into the shadow assassins with increased effort. Swinging the thunder hammer in powerful arcs, the heavy weapon smashed puny aliens apart, Pholax killing two or three of them with each strike. They were on the back foot alright, like insects they tried to escape the Emperor's Children but the sons of Fulgrim weren't about to let that happen, Pholax and Sergeant of the 7th Squad being at the vanguard of it (@dx144 you critted again so you can kill couple of more shadows assassins once again if you want :) ).

    It is at that moment that Pholax sensed rather than saw the strange presence. Coming from the flank they just cleared, the thing that injured Extrovious attacked with unnatural subtlety. One of the legionaries was cut cleanly in half and another lost his head before they even knew what happened. Pholax saw movement in his peripheral vision and he instinctively ducked, the move saving his life as a bladed limb missed him by less than an inch. He brought his thunder hammer around but the thing actually slid beneath it and he finally caught a glance of the androgynous figure attacking him before he saw that same blade cutting part of his bionic arm off, the limb damaged and leaking oil now.

    Sergeant moved to interfere but the legionary's big power axe was dodged the same way Pholax's own weapon was however instead of striking with its limb, the creature spread its mouth wide and screamed. Its voice was shattering, the tone wholesome and powerful, like ringing of death's bell. Sergeant ate the full brunt of it and his head simply exploded while Pholax was thrown off his feet, his helmet's optics broken in thousand pieces and his ears bleeding after hearing such unearthly sound, taking him some time to recover from it.

    The same sound seemed to stir Elymas back into consciousness, the former Audiomancer as if waking from a deep slumber. Jendon was right next to him, the Apothecary well aware of everything that transpired as well as of his brother's coming back to senses. Reality of battle gave no room for relaxing and he kept on fighting, popping a salvo of bolts into the remaining shadow assassins who attempted to gather as the new enemy broke back of the Emperor's Children assault against them. Metal storm rounds were loaded and they unleashed a hell of their own, the fragmentation caused by each mini explosion ripped through the lightly-armored aliens, killing bunch of them and shattering any hope they had of mounting a counter attack (@Vulpas feel free to emote killing 2-3 shadow assassins with your next post).

    Simultaneously, Jendon began scanning the Hydra which somehow still remained alive even after suffering so many grievous injuries, proof of her superior genetics and a testament of its creator's skill. Lots of data came back and the nature of the beast became known to the Apothecary. It was just another lab creation of these perfidious aliens because the Hydra shared the same geno-type with the rest of the Laer he knew from before, only that the monster followed a different evolution path, which was obviously sped up to make it into a three headed thing (two headed now) which is currently it. Any resemblance to the mythical Terran monster or the symbol of the Alpha Legion was purely coincidental although Jendon knew many of his old brothers from the XX Legion would doubt that. Scanning it further showed that its regeneration factor would easily be countered with focused explosion or a fire-based weapon, so at least he had something to work with now as his skull probe came back, accomplishing the task of healing brothers from 11th Squad and keeping them all alive for now.

    With the arrival of the new enemy the Laer seemed to push back, despite the losses suffered. They were invigorated by the woman and they showed it by doubling down on their attacks, although the Emperor's Children fought back with equal measure. Sidon suffered couple of blows from a number of assassins that came his way and in turn, slayed all of them while only one of his men fell to their dark blades. Ordering them to open fire on the mages, the 1st squad veterans began providing cover for the rest of the force, at least for a moment, wounding two remaining enemy casters and forcing them to seek cover least they get obliterated. Battle was soon reaching its climax and it took only one bad move from either of the embattled parties to spill disaster for any of them.

    Denizens of the deep:

    Three-headed Hydra:18 (LC threshold:18), Shadow Assassins:7 Harvesters:[5], Laer Water-Mages:8/7 The Primadonna:17

    Emperor's Children:

    7th Squad:3, 15th Squad:4, 11th Squad:4, 1st Squad:5, Sidon:12

    Arnock:7 Elymas:9 Extrovious:7 Vitaly:7 Aleph:11 (immune to crits 1T) Jendon:8 Denatus:8 Pholax:8

    Tides of War: Neutral.

    Elymas is back in action. Extrovious has debuff for his attacks during next round. Hydra has 2 heads and each has different attack (flame\acid) alongside its normal melee attacks. Hydra also has lowered regeneration effect for the next round and has lost its plasma head\attack. Laer "sorcerers" have AOE attacks. Augur Array link is inactive. Vitaly has lost an arm. Arnock has lost his hand.

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas was shaken in every possible way there was as he got himself back on his feet. Time seemed to slow down around him for a moment as he tried to make sense of everything that just transpired. How much time did pass? How long was Hephaestus dead? His eyes caught the figure of the firing Jendon nearby. Did his Apothecary-brother save his life when he fell unconscious? He was not even where he was before.

    Then his eyes wandered on, Arnock and Alephorous fighting a giant multi-headed beast, the same from before. Vitaly and Denatus doing what they do best with their heavy weapons. Pholax was drowning in enemies, attempting to annihilate everything in immediate range. Sidon was there fighting somewhere too, but his eyes scanned for someone else.

    At last. His eyes found the person, Extrovious. And... Whatever the thing was that had him impaled. Elymas shuddered, he could not tell if it was sadness, excitement or even fear. Or. Jealousy? He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before reaching for his weapons that somehow were mag-locked on his waist.

    Humming a newfound melody on his lips, the one of a certain grand piano, he simply charged forwards towards Extrovious. Out of instinct he wished he had Phoenix's Resolve on him, but the pistols would have to do. Raising both Bolt Pistol and Inferno Pistol, he got ready to free Extrovious from the deadly embrace and any imminent opponent. And while doing so, the question in the back of his head was. Why did that monstrosity look so much like them?

    1 Attack vs. Primadonna
    1 Defense on Sergeant Extrovious
  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious' vision cleared for the briefest of moments in the hands of the xeno fiendess, whole world bled to black leaving only the thing's face and the hand upon his helmet. Like a glitch in reality Extrovious sees Elymas for a fraction of a second, Librarian touching his face and wearing a look of realization. Extro's claw freezes mid-swing, becoming the hand upon his brother's shoulder.

    "Ohhhh Extrovious." Elymas said with the gaze of a curious child burning with intensity. "You have seen one, haven't you?" The Librarian straightened his staff with one hand, the other like that of a fathers landing that of it's own child on the cheek of his fellow Emperor's Child, concern overcoming him.
    Then the Primadonna closes her hand and scrunches up helmet and half of his face in the bargain. Nails part ceramite like wet tissue, and skin like air. A long talon streaks through his eye as if to pluck it out, but merely leaves the orb useless and shot through with blood from around the socket. Head chases the arguably feminine figure towards Pholax, all the sensations that had left him blind to battle before stolen, and in its place the pain of being literally half-blind.

    Jump pack delivers Extrovious just beneath the chamber's ceiling, flying back down the tube and landing as near to the creature as he dares. Like a kicked hound he circles, hesitant and uncertain in the face of this thing.

    "We were uplifted beyond such meek feelings like fear... But we may still know dread."
    Own voice emerges from murk of the past, doubling down on his doubts and further dousing the fires of his battle lust. Just like then, Elymas is right beside him, and just too like their meeting on the Ork space station, dread is his closest companion. Like bile, hatred bubbled within his spirit, but refused to rise to his aid; it was time to call upon his brothers, it was time to be a Sergeant, not slaughter.

    "Elymas, do you know what this creature is?" He wasn't even sure his words were forming right, face so damaged and mind so muddled that it was unclear if his mouth and tongue had been shredded in the bargain. Orders follow, trying to resume some semblance of responsibility. "Denatus, finish off the harvester xeno! Vitaly support the fall of the war beast! Aleph! I need you brother!" Eyes remain locked on the Primadonna, warrior shuffling to intervene between her and Pholax until their hammer had his footing again. The cry for aid to Aleph had not come out exactly as intended, voice raw and words desperate, the uncertainty instilled by the Warp beast, the xeno... the Daemon, robbing him of even that sturdiness. Catching this weakness like one noticing a skipped beat of the heart, he splays out his claws and revs up the screaming blades as if to tear at the haunting melody itself, and launches himself forwards.

    OOC: One Attack on the Primadonna, One Defense on Self, One Defense on Pholax
    Vitaly - Kill the Hydra
    Denatus - Kill the last Collector
    Aleph - Help
    @Jorimel @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon gritted teeth, As he fired, his diagnoster and sights within his weapon raking up another kill count the machine spirt of his bolter firing off bursts shots causing a assaisn to be cvut into two and another turned into red mist, emptying the rest of his magazine as another ones head exploded. As his scans information came up he would open his Vox to all emporer's Children.

    "Brothers With Fire and Explosive will bring the hydra down scans have revealed its regenerations is weakened to fire!" Jendon said throughout the vox trying to get his brothers attention, Seeing Elymas get up caused him to smile before "good to say you back with us bro he was interupted when he had heard and saw Extrovious losing half his face, A unkown creature appeared, Jendons helmet attempted to scan it as he reaised his bolter to it and was met with something he did not expect, Warning sigils, Data that did not make possible sense.

    "What in the name off?!" Jendon made sure to make a note of this unkown creature possibly being another xeno that was possibly allied with the Laer and made note of attempt to possibly grab samples for further analysis in case they appeared somewhere else, being cutt off he suddenly saw Seventh squads readings drop to a critical red and saw one of the sergeants heads explode. Sending out his Servo skulls once again, Jendon began having them begin treatments on Seventh squad.

    @Jorimel "Brother Aelph~ do you still have your flamer tanks and flamer with you, If you could pass them towards me, I have a bit of a idea." Jendon said Reloading his bolter once more Jendon began looking at what to do, Support brothers health, Support brothers in slaying the hydra?, Or support brotehrs in slaying the anomaly? Jendon thought to himself letting out a burst of fire towards a offending xeno party.

    OOC One heal on Seventh squad, Next action depends on Aelphs answer
  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock rolled back to give himself enough space to reassess the entire field of battle a moment. This beast had been wounded and seem to be withering, slowly but surely. The Laer seemed to creating quite the unexpected problem and keeping hands more than full. And now there was a new enemy, feminine in nature, but seemingly twice as dangerous as what they had encountered to this point. It seemed to be causing a slight panic, perhaps, in Extrovious which was unsettling to say the least. On top of that, Extrovious then called for help from Aleph which in and of itself was unusual, but perhaps that pointed out how dire of situation this battle was becoming.

    Looking the Hydra up and down, Arnock then looked to Aleph and spoke, "Go and tend to Extrovious. I can hold this creature at bay. Not that I am missing a hand, it makes it more fair of a battle for the xeno." Arnock laughed slightly, though this laugh did nothing for his overall mood. This was something -unnatural- going on that was first effecting Elymas and now seemingly affecting the bulwark of their squad, Extrovious. It was something Arnock would make a detailed note of and something that would most assuredly not be left out of the after action reports.

    With all the other issues set aside in his mind, the time had come to refocus on the enemy before him. This hydra was proving to be quite the torn in the foot with its regenerative properties. Nonetheless, it would be dealt with. Arnock charged back in one more with his powersword at the ready to defend himself. Seeing that the frag had caused a large wound in the hydra, Arnock attempted once more to attack the weakened point in the enemy. Using Perfectus Mortem, Arnock then began to attempt to carve at the exposed vital organs in the large grenade wound.

    OOC: Balanced. One attack on Hydras chest at exposed point and defense on self. Legion Champion activated on Hydra. Extra attack at exposed vital points in grenade wound.
  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Vitaly grunts loudly as the Harvester's beam gives him a close shave - an unpleasant but thoroughly-anticipated turn of events, his combat prognostications having calculated a 98.97% chance of the shot landing, and his decision-making process having accounted for and accepted the exchange of fire for a higher chance of landing a telling shot of his own. He arrests the Krak missile a fraction of a second before the kick charge fires as Denatus' own round lands home, finishing off the mortally-wounded Harvester.


    "Thanks for stealing the kill, Brother-Destroyer," he voxes jauntily over to the dour new joiner, "In all honesty, my thanks - beer on me when we get back to the Sovereign."

    Whatever slight jollity he allows himself dies when Extroviousis thrust into circumstances beyond his - or anyone else's - comprehension. The slaying of a Laer water-mage gives birth to an...entity unlike any Vitaly has ever seen, even in his limited experience with Warp manifestations. The mere sight of the bizarre androgyne provokes a slew of uncomfortable sensations long-thought excised from his posthuman psyche - like the faint echoes that arose upon entering the planet's atmosphere, but dialled up by a factor of eleven. Nausea, soporification...arousal?

    That's it. I'm submitting myself for a full medicae and Psykana review after this mission. This place is beyond filthy.

    With a snarl, Vitaly bites down on his tongue hard enough to draw blood, the pungent taste of iron and the powerful auto-feedback from his Neuroglottis and Omophagea reminding him of who and what he is - a soldier paramount of the Emperor, a son of His most perfect son, a paragon of what it means to be Astartes, a disciple of Mars, and a protege of the greatest polymath and logician the galaxy has ever seen.

    Ferrum Opera Nostra. My works are iron.

    If the effects on Vitaly at a distance were bad, they are positively catastrophic on Extrovious, who, even now, is sagging into the creature's lethal embrace like a lovesick swain in some soppy stage romance. The same Extrovious who, but a moment ago, was convulsing in the throes of blood-mad battle frenzy, is now lolling listlessly as though drugged, or worse. As the sergeant's slurring tones come over the vox, tinged with an undertone of desperation, Vitaly swings into action. He knows what is needed now is stability - not just for Extrovious, but for the entire squad. For a sergeant is not a sergeant without a squad, and a squad is not a squad without a sergeant. Each needs the other, and when one stumbles, it befalls the other to prop the whole up, that it may recover. And stability, he will provide, by being a good soldier, a good brother.

    By being iron.

    @DeranVendar @Grall_Stonefist

    "Acknowledged, Sergeant - switching targets. Brother Denatus - this last Harvester's yours," he says curtly as he cuts laterally away from the remaining Harvester engaging 1st Squad, running parallel to the battle to draw a bead on the Hydra without closing the distance.

    Though his augur array is still snowed out, he can still see plenty through his helmet's auto-senses, and he feeds that data, plus Jendon's insights and his own deductions and inductions into his Threat Assessment Matrix, which by now has locked in the Laer monstrosity as his main target.

    Observation: Hydra-analogue's regenerative abilities are dampened by cauterisation.

    Orientation: 90% of onboard ranged firepower has cauterisation effects. Am within range to deploy 100% of ranged firepower.

    Decision: Whoopty-doo.

    Action: Light that ugly sonofabitch up.

    Planting his feet and lowering his stance, Vitaly targets the Hydra's centre-mass with the gamma cannon, taking an extra second to ensure the shot lands true. Simultaneously, he directs his nano-foundry to assemble a Thermex charge, sending the warhead hissing towards the same spot on the Hydra a half-second after the gamma beam to seal the creature's fate with a redox reaction so savage it produces lethal levels of ultraviolet radiation in addition to raw heat.

    Action Summary

    1.) All-Out Action: All-Out Attack @ Hydra w/ Gamma Cannon

    2.) Standard Action: Standard Attack @ Hydra w/Micro-Missile (Thermex)


    Movement: Maintain distance

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Standard Attack @ Hydra w/Micro-Missile (Thermex)

    Augur Array: Inactive

    Special ammo: 1 x Kraken, 1 x Dragonfire, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 3 x plasma grenades

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 8/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 2, EMP x 1

    Other Gear: Combat Shield

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