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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    The Ride Down

    "It's not about the mission environment, brother. It's...about you. We - the rest of the squad - have been increasingly worried about you for some time."

    Vitaly glances about the clear elevator shaft as the environment turns increasingly bizarre and unnatural. His remaining hand tightens on the carrying handle of his gamma cannon, his jaws clenching fit to creak within his helmet. This is why he had never liked riding elevators in a combat zone - they were death traps on the best of days.

    "But let us speak later about it. It can wait. The mission is almost upon us."

    Basement One: Women's Cosmetics, Sports Gear, Warp-tainted Aliens

    Picking himself up from the debris of the structure the squad got thrown into by the alien psykers' kinetic attack - no mean feat, when down an arm - Vitaly levels his gamma cannon while swearing quietly at the sensor snow fogging his augur array. No time to clear that just now, not with a furious all-ranges ambush raging about him. As his first order of business, Vitaly tucks into the cover of a nearby ruined wall, crouching behind it and poking his head out to cast his gaze about the battlefield in quick sweeps before tucking back in. His trained mind runs the odds and crunches them yet again through his prognosticative algorithms.

    Those custodian constructs, those...'Harvesters,' for lack of a better word. They are collecting the embryonic entities in the middle of a pitched battle. Those are the pressure point - apply pressure there and put the enemy on his back foot.

    "Vitaly to all points - the embryonic entities and their Harvester attendants are mission-critical to the enemy. Targeting now."

    Levelling his gamma cannon at the closest Harvester, he squeezes off a snap shot. Simultaneously, he brackets the other in a target lock and lets fly with a krak micro-missile. Not forgetting the greater battle at large, he follows up with a thermobaric warhead targeted at the alien psyker conclave - the better to spill their recaff, at the very least.

    Just then, Hephaestus breaks out in a spectacular display of proscribed psychic power, and Vitaly feels both a sense of relief at the temporary respite offered them, as well as a sinking feeling in his gut. He had always felt sympathy for the Legion psykers - the overwhelming majority had never been anything but exemplary in their conduct and service, and Hephaestus had been the greatest of them all. To be demoted to ranks, shorn of honour and recognition, through no fault of their own, was a hard thing. Despite never having been close, he had always respected him as a senior, even after he had become a line brother in ranks. Honouring seniority - particularly meritorious seniority - was ingrained morality with him. He knows what must inevitably follow - the Emperor's edict is absolute, and whosoever challenges it will share in the fate of the guilty.

    Yet...there was never any mention of immediate enforcement in the midst of pressing and extenuating circumstances. Not in the Emperor's initial pronouncement, nor in any legal statute that followed.

    And the fate of at least an entire demi-company of Astartes hanging in the balance would certainly qualify, if any ever could.

    When Sidon gives the order for execution and Elymas responds practically before said order is given, Vitaly takes action, speaking urgently into the vox.

    @Colapse @Uriel1339

    "Captain Sidon, Brother Elymas - strongly recommend you cease fire on Brother Hephaestus! Immediate execution will severely compromise our position! It will not be too late to apply execution after this battle - the Edict makes no mention of immediacy under extenuating circumstances - but to do so now could doom us all!"

    Action Summary

    1.) Standard Action: Attack @ closest Harvester w/Gamma Cannon

    2.) Standard Action: Attack @ other Harvester w/ Micro-Missile (Krak)

    3.) Standard Action: (area) Attack @ Water Mages w/ Micro-Missile (Thermobaric)

    Movement: Tuck into closest cover

    Threat Assessment Matrix: (area) Attack @ Water Mages w/ Micro-Missile (Thermobaric)

    Augur Array: Inactive

    Special ammo: 1 x Kraken, 1 x Dragonfire, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 3 x plasma grenades

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 14/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 2, EMP x 1

    Other Gear: Combat Shield

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  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious was in flight before the shield even formed, perhaps the only grace that kept him from turning upon the old Chief then and there. With claws outstretched and the teeth beneath gnashing at the air he howls a madman's war cry and pours in after the plasma grenade.

    "By bolt and blade! No sorcery or tricks of the Warp shall best a body forged in bloodshed!" Before Extrovious can add onto the rant he is sweeping in on the Laer Water Mages. Never before had he felt the call to violence as keenly as now; there was no itching, no laughter, only the purity of his hatred and the chains of duty pulling his entire body into action. Death is our art, our calling, our existence, and our destiny. It must be perfected, elevated above all other arts. Whatever weakness lurks in my brothers' hearts and minds will be scourged from them after this: the path is clear and it is paved in blood.

    Battlefield twists as Extrovious uses his jump pack to strafe around the enemy, trying to get behind them and lay into their backs and get stuck in for good. The executioner's scowl of before replaced by a grin of savage pride, and for once, a compliment comes forth.

    "Honor to the slayer, Elymas! Reject the mutant and his so called gifts! They serve only to subvert a body that should be strong, and a mind that must be impenetrable!" Oh the irony. You've always had a mind for loyalty and brotherhood Elymas, I am glad it did not make you weak. I am glad you listened. Eyes turn to Aleph skulking forward, and just like that his mood sours. Such cowardice, how did I ever think mistake it as tactical virtue? I shall bring you to task for this when the enemy lays dead Aleph, I shall not let you wallow in such weakness. It was on his shoulders to make them all stronger it seemed, and perhaps it would be upon him as well to kill every single enemy in the accursed depths if they were found wanting. Then Vitaly opens his mouth.

    "And you claim to worry about me, Vitaly! Tolerating this treachery- Elymas, execute Hephaestus. Further use of his witch craft is more damning than any wounds." A sense of betrayal and his hatred for both xeno and psyker mingle, blurring the lines between friend and foe that much further. "Execute the traitor and resume extermination of the xeno at once. Further sympathy for the witch shall be met appropriately."

    OOC: All Out Attack on the Water Mages, starting at 1, working down the line as needed.
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Even as Elymas engaged in combat, he spat basically against Vitaly in spite. "The Emperor has proclaimed back on Nikea. 'Woe betide he who ignores my warning or breaks faith with me. He shall be my enemy, and I will visit such destruction upon him and all his followers that, until the end of all things, he shall rue the day he turned from my light.'" The ex-librarian recited the Emperors final words back on Nikea without flaw. For they have been haunting him for the first weeks, months even since the proclamation. But after true acceptance they became words of empowerment.

    And those were the same words that empowered the gunslinger to new heights. To challenge his former master and teacher without a single hesitation. Even at a disadvantage of a psyker using his powers compared to a normal line brother with two pistols.

    "No need to tell me twice, Brother-Sergeant. Exterminate the alien, the mutant, the witch. We are the Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!" Elymas reinforced and reiterated the will of Extrovious verbally.
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  4. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    "If you have time to scream, compromise our defensive line, and quote to me things I know perfectly well, fool, then take the fight to the enemy and worry about execution later! But do as you will - when the line collapses and we all die in failure, you will remember my words. I know my priorities."

    Vitaly's terse reply snaps across the squad vox as he continues to address his targets amongst the Laer order of battle.
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts


    "You are an Emperor's Child, not an Iron Warrior. We have an honor and duty to uphold to the wishes of our Father and our Father's Father. Victory means nothing if we toss our traditions aside to obtain it. Take some example from our Sergeant and the Master of Rites." Elymas scoffed towards the Techmarine. The weakest link would break the chain. And it was certainly not the gunslinger who has become such rusted piece, but much the man from Mars who lost more and more of himself. The young Vitaly has become more Perturaborian than a Fulgrumite. Disgusting. He could only think to himself. But Extrovious would correct such attitude in due time once they were done with the Laereans and their misbegotten aquatic world.

    OOC: To make it easy for our GM: All-Out-Attack vs. Hephaestus
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  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "Time seems to be slipping away." Pholax chuckled seeing his chronometer changing at a rapid rate then stalling then returning to a rapid rate with no logical explanation. "I think there is something interfering with out systems down here, or that is the slowest I've ever taken to get down a shaft before."

    As the ambush was sprung and Sidon's orders came out for plasma and incendiary grenades before his vox went silent. Almost as if he was on his first mission again under Sidon's command, almost by instinct, Pholax launched an incendiary grenade at what he saw to be some shadowy figures.

    It pained Pholax to think he may kill brothers of the Third, but if they were in the grasp of the Xenos then they were already dead. Rest now brothers... Pholax said to himself in the hopes they'd forgive the man who ended them.

    "If you lot want to stop having a chat with each other we have blasted Xenos ahead, deal with them before you start having pissing contests." Pholax spoke irritated at the distraction his brothers were showing, "We're the Emperor's finest, not a bunch of gossiping mercenaries! If you don't stop this useless chatter, I'll throw you at the Xenos myself to make you all quit bickering, now shut your mouths and get to shooting, slashing and hacking these Xenos down! I don't think I need to remind you our brothers are dying while you lot are whooping and howling over etiquette!"

    Pholax waited a few seconds before move after his grenade to beging fighting the Xeno hordes.

    "Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!" Pholax roared as he prepared his thunder hammer to strike and loaded his bolt pistol with Dragonfire rounds. "Burn the Xenos to a cinder, leave naught but ashes in our wake!"

    Incendiary grenade at the Shadow Assassins.

    Defence on self with Bolt Pistol and Thunderhammer.
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  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Time seem to slow as things began to unfold, Hephestatus, Using his power, Sidion ordering his death Elymas going to perform such orders, as well as there squad starting to tear into themselves instead of the enemy, Jendon Did what he continued to do since the battle began, He kept firing. "Pholax is right, We need to stop tearing into eachother and continue putting the pressure on the enemy!" Jendon said, Jendon could see both the worth in Elymas's and Vitaily words but to hear them slowly turning on eachtoehr was another thing.

    "Explosives away, sending some help towards 1st Squad," Jendon said moving up with covering his bolter fire he formed up with Vitaily, and pholax forming a line with them, His bolter snapping off a few shots before Jendon Tossed a plasma grenade at the hydra, Quips and jests about possibly bagging this beast and sending it to the alpha legion as a gift were long gone as he heard his brothers tearing into one another, Something that he knew that would likely be solved later by themselves or another, As Jendon finished his toss His servo skulls would dart towards the 1st squad sending aid to them in a attempt to keep them in the battle .

    OOC One plasma grenade toss at the hydra, One Servo skull attempt to heal on first squad.
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    The Sundering

    The order was given, the stage was set, the only thing lacking was the sound of pulled trigger. For two hundred years Hephestus fought in the name of the Emperor using lightning and blade alike. It was the way he was made, his purpose to, like the rest of the warriors of old, support and build the foundations of a fledgling Legion. His real name was forgotten but while the name the Librarian carried in the Third was given to him due to the fiery nature of his craft, just like the craft of the false deity of Old Earth, it was fitting that he ends his journey the same way he began it. In flames.

    Elymas was behind his old mentor in no time, the distance crossed without issue as the golden halo prevented the aliens from disturbing the reeling squads. Hephestus was too concentrated on the task at hand, already strained by the invisible tendrils trying to pull him apart which were now, at least to him, so easy to see. In that final moment as the inferno pistol was leveled he became aware of the nature of the beast they fought and he realized the folly of their actions. Opportunities wasted, fates sundered and the music of the universe disturbed forever. All of that, all of the pent up emotions of hope, betrayal, ignorance, all of those were summed in that very moment Elymas unleashed hell.

    Hephestus' soul screamed as his body was annihilated, the final moment of disbelief at what just transpired and his inability to do anything about it. But as he died and his spirit was torn asunder, he shouted and the echo of it reverberated through time and space, smashing into Elymas' mind. In an instant, the Audiomancer lost control of all of his senses and he was plummeted into the abyss, his body shutting down and dropping next to his fallen Chief Librarian.

    For everyone else, the dome evaporating was the sure sign Hephestus was no more. But the members of the Emperor's Children strike team, at least those not from the 4th Squad, absorbed this without any of it impeding their fighting nor any sort of emotion dulling their senses. At that moment Sidon reined in the command, the old warrior shouting into the vox with newfound fury. "This is what lack of control leads to. Borders were needed to be formed, not ignored and laughed upon! But whatever happens next, I'm sure as hell not going to let Hephestus' sacrifice be in vain! DEATH TO THE ENEMIES OF THE EMPEROR!" with a roar of his own, the Captain smashed into the Laer, each strike a killing blow.

    Following Sidon's example, his veterans moved in unison, funneling aliens into overlapping field of fire that broke their group and allowed them to get clear of the ruined building. What also helped them was the fact Jendon reacted admirably, sending his servo skulls to assist the stranded legionaries helped the Captain and his men to pull through and beyond. But his work wasn't finished there, it was just beginning. Unpinning his plasma grenade, the Apothecary sent it flying towards the giant monster, the blast going off in its near vicinity but the Hydra weathered the heat as if it was a mild irritation, the blisters on its skin patching up as soon as the plasma fizzled out.

    However Jendon's action slowed the creature down a bit as it came after both him and the legionaries of 11th Squad Marius. They dispersed as the monster spat fire, only one of the warriors getting caught up and ending cooked alive. Bolter fire seemed to only anger the large alien further as it kept on going, this time swinging its tail wide towards the first human who tried to wound it. Jendon saw it coming and he tried to roll to the side but he was swiped in the air nonetheless, the oversize limb smashing into him dead on and sending him all the way back to the elevator. The Apothecary slammed into the edge of the barrier separating the base from the ocean beyond and his weight even managed to damage it slightly, Jendon spotting a small crack appearing on the until then perfect smooth surface.

    Hydra still possessed significant might and it was Arnock who stepped up next, determined to see the symbol of alien depravity taken down. With the standard of the Legion flying on his back he charged in, the blue power field on his sword flashing as it sailed through the air and bit monster's flesh. Dark blood flooded from the wound and the Hydra reeled back for a second, a roar of pain escaping its many heads as the Terran-born legionary started cutting it apart. One of the heads came down, jaws open wide, monster attempting to scoop Arnock up and devour him in one bite. Hydra was definitely fast but true son of the Phoenician was way faster than that, Arnock dashing to a side and once more his blade found the mark, getting clear of the scales and reaching the soft meat beneath.

    It was at that moment that Master of Rites saw that the wounds he and the rest of the Emperor's Children caused were rapidly healing, the wound he spread twice now was shrinking with each passing second as the monster's metabolism worked even faster than what the Astartes had for themselves. At the same time Hydra came for him again, spitting the acid from one of its head wildly to cover most of the area in front of its body and force Arnock to move away, at least for a minute. Caustic bile was potent as amount which couldn't fill more than a normal-sized glass found the legionary, the second it fell on him Arnock felt the sting burning through his good arm, melting flesh and armor alike, even smearing the engravings on his sword a bit.

    Using the commotion, Alephoros swiftly moved through the holes in the line created by couple of grenades thrown on Sidon's orders, the swordsman employing a different set of skills now. The ways of the Eight were familiar to him, serving alongside some of the more dangerous brethren taught Aleph to be armored in midnight clad when the situation on the field of battle required it of him. Stalking past the embattled Hydra and the rest of his brothers, Aleph soon reached the rear side of the strange alien buildings although not completely alone.

    His grenade never reached the Water-Mages as it fell too short, however what it did was light up the area around them and draw some unwanted attention. One of the alien psyker caste turned its head towards Aleph and sent a blast of telekinetic energy towards him while couple of nearby shadow assassins instinctively moved to intercept him in order to protect the more valuable troops. However, Child of the Emperor was quick on his feet and th blast ripped through the one of the buildings just as he ran past it, shattering it and covering entire area in debris. It slowed the pursuit down as the skulking aliens lost sight of him, allowing Aleph to move into proper cover and envelop himself in shadows, just as the Bleeding Eyes taught him

    Swordsman's armor's systems were modified in a way to help his stealth operation, however Extrovious was quite aware where his brother had gone to. He sensed it rather than saw it as if the strength of his hatred drove his brain functions into an overdrive. Sergeant was aware of everything that transpired on the field of battle, every death, every blow dodged, it all came together in a flood of emotions impossible to give word to. It had to be felt and it allowed him to reach even greater heights of slaughter. Flying above the battlefield, Extro angled his descent towards the alien mutants. One of these creatures saw him and sent an energy blast towards him, which he simply ignored as it flew past him and disappeared somewhere near the ceiling of the base. There was no time for anything else as the Sergeant landed and backhanded his attacker, the alien sent crawling to the floor in a heap of ruined armor as the chain claws did what they were meant to do.

    But as he turned around Extrovious saw that the rest of the Water-Mages were now looking straight at him. Spread hands and the blast came dead center now, however than the strange thing happened. As the psychic energy connected with Extro's body he felt a shudder run through him as if his whole being was put through a massive strain. Pain was there but it was secondary as for a second, the blast enveloped his entire form, trying to crush him under its weight. It lasted for a second and it was gone, the energy dissolving like a morning's breeze. Alien cocked its head at Extrovious, a move perhaps too human given the circumstances. Sergeant on the other hand wasn't about to give him the chance to fire again and the claws were stretched, piercing the soft flesh and leaving the mage at legionary's mercy (@DeranVendar feel free to emote killing the Water-Mage with your next post - that's the one with 2 HP).

    More of these monsters were around and Extro ultimately felt some kind of retribution from these aliens as the last Water-Mage formed a psychic fist which slammed into the Sergeant and sent him sprawling on the ground, armor finally cracked. He was down but he saw a missile streaking towards him - only for the same psychic manifestation to swing around and crush the thermobaric warhead mid-flight and ruin Vitaly's attempt at assisting him. Speaking of Vitaly, the Techmarine was in trouble of his own as once the dome dropped, he was suddenly looking at the barrels of rotator energy cannons mounted on alien Harvesters. The spider-like machines became aware of the fact the Emperor's Children had no more protection and began firing, dropping two members of the 15th Squad who stood near Vitaly.

    Retaliating, the Techmarine brought his gamma cannon up but at the same time the second Harvester started firing, the energy beam piercing through the wall Vitaly was crouched behind and hit him across the chest. Snapshot went wide but the legionary wasn't done. Loading krak missiles, he unleashed hell of his own and couple of warheads found their marks, exploding all over the distant Harvester and forcing it back as the organism inside of it didn't want to risk hurting the genetic material it collected. Second Harvester however, the one closer, threw itself straight at Vitaly and the rest of the Emperor's Children but despite the injuries, the Techmarines saw this coming and was out of harms way once the twin-claws came and struck nothing but air. "We got you covered Brother Techmarine!" Sergeant of the 15th, warrior called Ilyas, called out to Vitaly as he hefted a plasma cannon and fired into the construct, the ball of plasma incinerating its side and nearly toppling it over as the rest of the legionaries added their own fire into the mix.

    Pholax stood his ground nearby, centering the main body of Third Legion's force alongside warriors of the 7th and Denatus. He never fought alongside these brothers before but they were majorly equipped with melee weapons, most of them being chainswords with the exception of their Sergeant who carried a double-handed power axe. They were also the ones who rode the biggest blow as the majority of shadowy Laerans came their way now that the psychic dome was no more, but this didn't mean they were found wanting. Opening the combat was Pholax himself who followed his Captain's orders and tossed his incendiary grenade into the advancing aliens. Just like before during Ullanor campaign, the Devastator's feeling for explosives and how to best put them to use was shown as his grenade fell right into the middle of the defenders and set half a dozen of them on fire. Darkness was no more as Pholax illuminated these creatures, taking this aspect of his Father onto himself.

    More of grenades went off but this didn't stop the Laer creatures as they seemed almost rabid in their attack. Denatus fired off his volkite serpenta into them but managed to kill only one creature before he was overwhelmed, the strange blades carving his armor up with ease. Three more legionaries fell and Pholax was right in the thick of it, popping off shot after shot of Dragonfire rounds into the melee. None of those found their mark and the assassins slithered up to him, striking from couple of different sides at once. Thunder hammer proved to be too cumbersome to use as the Devastator swung it around, but whenever it fell he saw none of the monster were beneath it while in turn, they used the openings to counterattack. Left and right, darkling swords sliced through Pholax's armor and his integrated systems sent out warnings of multiple breaches. Blood was flowing from the wounds, his stomach was open and a piece of his preomnor organ was removed. Another attack and one of his lungs gave away, the enemy sword cutting it in half. Wounds were mounting up but thankfully Pholax was quickly reinforced by two legionaries from the 7th, their chainswords beating back the attackers and giving the Devastator room to breathe (@dx144 feel free to emote killing 2-3 Shadow Assassins with your next post).

    Denizens of the deep:

    Three-headed Hydra:30 (LC threshold:18), Shadow Assassins:23 Harvesters:[6],[5], Laer Water-Mages:8/2/11/11

    Emperor's Children:

    7th Squad:7, 15th Squad:6, 11th Squad:4, 1st Squad:6, Sidon:15 (PwP active for next round)

    Arnock:9 Elymas:9 Extrovious:12 Vitaly:8 Aleph:13 (immune to crits 2T) Jendon:8 Denatus:9 Pholax:10

    Tides of War: Minor Emperor's Children Advantage.

    Due to concealment, Aleph has bonus on (all) attacks made next turn. Jendon's crit heal took care of damage on 1st Squad and Sidon & it gave them buff for the next round. For all intents and purposes, Elymas is currently out of action, his vitals critical. Field is lighted up, no buffs for shadow assassins. Hydra has 3 heads and each has different attack (flame\acid\plasma) alongside its normal melee attacks. Hydra also has regeneration attribute which can be circumvented using classic RPG logic. Laer "sorcerers" have AOE attacks. Augur Array link is inactive. Vitaly has lost an arm. Arnock has lost his hand.

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
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  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious emerges from the first blast of energy before the xeno can properly cock its head. Warrior doesn't even realize he is moving, whatever force has hold on his senses leaving him separated from reality for a brief moment. When feet at last stop his claws are buried in the sorcerer, lifting it high overhead. Words fail him, only a blood curdling scream to outpace the alien's own dying cries emerging from open mouth and the mouth piece of his helmet. Language fails him, the only tongue he knows in those moments are pain and anger. First he feels in every nerve, hears in the former Chief Librarian's execution and sees in every wound on both man and Laer. Second rings in his ears from their own Captain's voice, feels in every vessel and sees staring back at him in the pooling blood. He hears voices, he feels pain: these things are good. So too is the satisfaction of the alien held above being ripped in half.

    Next blast blinds him, surroundings shifting from the blood streaming from the torn Laer to the curved ceiling of the underwater layer. The depths beyond stare back, offering him no succor or promise of violence, so he rises and without sense for the greater battle hurls himself once more at the depraved hydromancers. Words and orders would fail him, his claws would not.

    OOC: All Out Attack on the wounded Water Mage, spill over into the others.
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  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    "My thanks for the assist, Sergeant Ilyas. I'll take care of the further one," comes Vitaly's terse thanks to 1st Squad as he reorients himself on the retreating Harvester, thankful it merely landed a grazing shot with its exceptionally efficient beam weapon. He feels his spirits buoyed up by Jendon joining the gun line by his side, his mind cast back to happier days of brotherhood unbroken. It is just enough to enable him to compartmentalise his unease at Extrovious' display of blood-mad barbarism, filing it away for later rumination.

    Bracketing the retreating Harvester with a targeting reticule, he prepares to unleash upon it every ounce of directed firepower he has to spare.

    This time, he alots a couple extra heartbeats to carefully line up his gamma cannon, planting his feet and lowering his stance to assume a stable heavy weapons firing posture. Dedicating extra processing power and RAM to calculating firing solutions, he snaps off a krak missile in the wake of the scintillating gamma blast as an insurance policy.

    Action Summary

    1.) All-Out Action: All-Out Attack @ further Harvester w/Gamma Cannon

    2.) Standard Action: Attack @ further Harvester w/ Micro-Missile (Krak)


    Movement: Stand in place

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Attack @ further Harvester w/ Micro-Missile (Krak)

    Augur Array: Inactive

    Special ammo: 1 x Kraken, 1 x Dragonfire, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 3 x plasma grenades

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 13/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 2, EMP x 1

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
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