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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    "That is our very purpose, Brother-Sergeant," Aleph said, watching as Extrovious handled his trophies with practiced ease. When had his Brother become so quick to rush in where a moment's tactical thought would reap a greater bounty of enemy dead? True, Extro had always been poised to enter the fray when war called, but for some time now he'd seemed ... keener for violence. Alephoros thought of it for only a moment. After such losses, who would not wish to take vengeance on the enemy? And every time they were thwarted in the Emperor's purpose, well, it was very much a personal affront both to their own honour, and that of their gene-father. Perhaps he was just over-stimulated by the many demands on his senses, the scent of blood, his own lesser reminder of frailty and that of his Brothers' wounds. Arnock, wanting a hand. Vitaly, an arm. It was of grave concern to him, their loss, and he chafed at having to set it aside, despite his training. Bonds of brotherhood were always strong. But - as he had been trained - duty was even stronger.

    "We'll be there soon enough, my Brother. Then their skulls shall cave to your fists." Aleph gave Extrovious a light punch to the upper arm, as drinking companions might. "I envy your tally already."
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    "It is no problem brothe." Jendon said esponding to Vitialy, He said as the fiewoks began Jendon would find himself alerady thrusted into another duty, as The smell of geneseed and tags of dead legionaires filled his hud, Numbers of the lost and reporsts of lost geneseed were all stabs at his moral. "Brothers I shall be at our rear, I have a duty to recover our brothers legacies if they are still in tact, Jendon said. As he did he stopped for a momment and took a look at the xenos had they had been fighting his narthican whirred as he took a sample.

    "If we meet again once more xeno I will be sure to make a posion, so strong we will only need to fire a missle from space to eliminate all of your kind, without even putting a boot on the ground" Jendon said looking to the corspe as he finished taking a sample, Already begining his scan he began adjusting a formula in his head to later use to refill his needler agaianst the Laer for later on. Moving to each fallen emporers, Children Jendon would begin his grim work, Hearing Pholax he was about to speak before spotting on his hud Tags of a Apothcary Tybedos Flashing, A Critical Red before going black" Near Squad Lecho We might have a solution for that problem, They are upon on our path We shall likely meet them as we move into the interior " Jendon said he finished his work he began working with prescision and speed, with the last body he was on, Leaving down the tag of recovery for weapons and armor, as well as a report on destroyed proginoids from alien weaponry.

    -- Arrival

    Coming upon Sidion, Jendon had found himself with several more reuctor Vials recovered from his former student Tybedos, many of them and others where filled with the legacies of many emporers children, Vetern and new blood, Only a few of them stood out with small markings upon them the names of the astrates written in blood of there owners. "I Will defaintly be there at your side Sidion, It maybe better though if I pass of this proginoids to someone up here to make sure they are returned to our ships in orbit, rather then risk them further and have them go with us in the dark below the waves." Jendon said looking to Sidion.
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    "Well met. I enjoy keeping a tally on saving one another ones life. But I cherish unconditional brotherhood even more." Elymas replied to the Palatine Blade with a big smile on his face, being praised by one who has literally received one of the most esteemed honors an Emperor's Child could obtain. "That is what makes us the 4th squad, Aleph. Strong Alone. Stronger Together." He mused his words, a hum on his lips. A new song has begun to be written.

    @DeranVendar & @Draconion
    The Ex-librarian hit his chest with his fist, letting it clang loudly. "I shall aid Vitaly as I would aid any other brother. I shall become his living perimeter, Sergeant!" He responded and fell in right at the side of the Techmarine, not stepping away from him henceforth.

    "I will keep anything away that dares get too close to you, Brother Techmarine Vitaly. Just make sure those fancy lightning strikes of yours don't hit me. Have been there more than once in the past - no matter your intentions. The elements can never be fully controlled. If anyone would know that, that would be me." He chuckled, being now able to laugh about mishaps of his spells in the past.

    "Stick to Aleph in my stead, eh, Master of Rites? He tends to get himself into Primarch-sized loads of problems." He jested, trying to cheer up Arnock a little bit more while also making sure that neither of them would lose sight of their brothers. Even though the expectation of all to return alive was low considering the death tally on the initial attack, Elymas figured that some risk mitigation would be appropriate.

    "Good job out there keeping our squad up and running. A shame I could not witness your combat and medical skills with my own eyes. But remember to stay alive. The Phoenician will want every recoverable Gene-seed once we are done here, then again I won't have to tell you. Mister Fabius Biles Adept." It might have been sarcasm, but one who knew Elymas as well as Jendon did knew that it was genuine commentary and concern hidden by overcompensating joy. That sort of expectation of Jendons work is also what made him stay quiet about the torn apart progenoid gland he spotted on his way to this briefing.
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    Extrovious rounds on Aleph at the touch, eyeing him from behind the helm and biting back caustic words in the face of his brother's compliment. Upper body shudders slightly and then there is a nod. Stepping over one of the slain Myrmidons and progressing towards the fallen Lightning Casters. Coming to a halt just at the perimeter of the lingering radiation from Denatus' handiwork.

    "This was only the warm up brothers, I expect graver resistance from here, and for the lot of us to enact an even greater toll on these xeno for daring to still resist. Lost limbs or no, we will be at the forefront of this. When all is said and done, we move to the next site. Perhaps there will be yet time to join the greater battle and carve through the main body of Laer."
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    @DeranVendar @Jorimel

    When Extrovious gives Vitaly the go-ahead, the Techmarine decides to proceed, having faith that Sidonus, their old commander and mentor, will likewise see the sense in the deed. As a myriad of vanes and antennae unfurl from his augur array, however, something catches his eye - Extrovious rounding on Aleph as though to strike his squad-brother like a presumptuous lesser...or worse, an enemy. Even with helmets on all round, there is no mistaking the body language, not after so many decades of fighting together as a close-knit unit. Vitaly darts a glance at Aleph, the long years of meshing thought and action in brotherhood making his quiet shock clear, even with his features obscured behind his helmet. As though roused from the grave of Ullanor by some foul sorcery, the nightmare fantasy of the Legions and the very Imperium itself torn asunder by secrets and treachery looms close over his consciousness in a suffocating miasma of surreal horror.

    Curse this xenos-tainted planet, with all its physical and mental filth. We should have simply burned it to glass from orbit.

    He proceeds to go about his work, setting up various subroutines to take as detailed a sounding of the depths as he can in the time available to them - cut-and-dried work, all told, once the algorithms start running themselves. Which leaves him with enough attentional resources to throw another glance Extrovious' way, one that should likewise be unmistakeable to a long-time squad brother.

    We need to talk.
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    "You have my ear Vitaly. Have you discovered something interesting already?" Sergeant opens a direct link to the Techmarine, helmet set to mute his voice to the outside world. Heard or not there is no denying the violence of his next breath, enough to shake the whole of his torso yet again. The ignorance of his slights against brotherhood appears absolute for the moment.
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  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Into the Abyss

    Tension in the air was palpable, you could almost slice it with a sword and Sidon seemed to notice the sudden shift in the body postures of the members of his old squad. "Focus brothers, this world is rotten, I can almost taste the vileness of the Laer as if it was a thing to touch. So save whatever frustration you have for the aliens for they are the cause of it."

    "We'll form the vanguard, six squads in the first wave because we can't fit more men on the elevator. Once we're down, we'll sent the thing back to pick the rest of us until the majority are deployed. Once we arrive, we spread out in textbook spearhead formation and secure the zone, if we get under heavy attack we hold the position until the next wave comes down. I'll also leave three squads here in case we get stuck down there and are unable to extract to cover our back. Have no fear, even if we get stranded I've already sent message ahead to Lord Commander so once his own deployment is over, in worst case scenario he'll at least come by to pick up our progenoid glands," old warrior grunted and started replaying the necessary orders to the rest of the officers leading this incursion.

    Jendon found one of the younger Apothecaries by the name of Hess and he left the most of the collected geneseed into his care in case he is lost in the enemy base. Speaking of it, Vitaly preformed the augur scan and the results were inconclusive. He got the basic layout of the place, with lots of buildings spread all over the ocean's floor but the aliens were somehow jamming his signal and outside the general info, everything else was returned as garbled mess as if pict-recordings went through a grinder, such was the intensity of the feedback that he had to shut it off least his own systems get corrupted by the backlash.

    Just like Sidon said, the 1st and the 4th Squad took the main spot in the elevator while 7th, 8th, 11th and 15th took position at their backs, the wide array of weapons was ready to bring death to the Laer lurking below. But as the platform started its descent and the last rays of sun were exchanged for the darkness of the deep ocean, so did the tension rise even further. Adeputs Astartes were the masters of their emotions and immune to weakness such as fear, but the sudden discomfort was obvious, at least when it came to how the less experienced legionaries acted. Involuntary twitches, faster heart rate, deathly silence, all of it coming back as info to both Jendon and whoever else would want to look at it via their power armor's integrated systems. Sidon on the other hand, said nothing even as the lift went further down. Member of the Two Hundred was stoic as ever, unflinching at his duty and unwavering, he looked like a statue from "Sovereign's" memorial hall, every bit like the Legion's heroes of old.

    They rode the elevator for half an hour at least, given how the deeper they went the less reliable the systems were. Chronometer was off, to Pholax and Extrovious it showed they traveled for two days, to Aleph and Arnock no more than 5 seconds. Proximity sensors and helmet displays were suffering as well, speaking of large forms just outside the protective tube when there was literally nothing in the dark waters outside, or returning a wrong number of legionaries when simple counting would tell the truth. Whatever Vitaly tried to do to fix this was ineffective as the alien technology seemed to be much more advanced than it originally showed and eventually even his augur array stopped working altogether.

    Elymas perhaps suffered the worst as the barriers he erected to detach himself from his powers seemed to be under assault. He couldn't really pinpoint the cause, especially since he couldn't use the psyker gene, but the feeling was akin to drowning, perhaps fitting the current situation. It was almost unbearable until he felt a hand on his shoulder, the legionary behind him nodding in understanding and as the pressure lessened, the Audiomancer recognized the markings on the armor of his brother, the same brother who taught him all he knew about the Art.

    Problematic or not, the trip soon ended and the elevator reached the ground floor. "Move out brothers, stay in close formation and fire at the first sight of the aliens," Emperor's Children obeyed the commands of their leader and took to their weapons. In front of them spread a view of a large facility, enveloped in shadows. There were strange buildings around, two dozen of them at least, pocketing the ocean's floor in a way it told nothing of their actual purpose. There were no factories around that would even remotely resemble big dry docks like they saw (and destroyed) above in the naval base, but there was something else.

    Ground was terraformed and littered with rows upon rows of small cocoons, each connected with another one via transparent vine that every now and then contorted, giving away a faint purple glow that looked unnerving in the dark. In fact, the glow from these things was the only light outside lumens attached to power armor of the Emperor's Children which alongside jammed visual systems meant that the Third will have to play this out by feel, rather than sight.

    Following Sidon's orders, squads spread out from the elevator which slowly began its ascent back to the surface, moving in tight formation as they approached the first buildings and crop fields. There were some strange structures around, their purpose if you could guess, were to manipulate the cocoons into something only the aliens knew, but given the fact they too were connected via long tubes between each other forming an entire network at the closer look, the purpose of the place became a bit more apparent.

    It was at that moment, when Sidon's squad approached one of these harvesting points, that the Laer sprang their ambush.

    As if forming from the shadows themselves came a host of pellucid aliens, each carrying short swords that shared the attributes of their wielders making them easy to miss. Couple of legionaries went down instantly, their armor hacked apart as if it was nothing. Return bolter fire and discharges of the power weapons lighted up the enemy and couple of it found their marks, but the Emperor's Children were suddenly on the defense. "Flamer units forward, form a circle around us," Sidon barked orders as he pulled out his eagle-headed mace, catching one of the aliens sideways and breaking its arms. "Incendiary and plasma grenades out, push them outside and watch each other's back. Sergeant Extrovious, you...." and his voice died down as the air cracked around them.

    Floating above the base, couple of aliens appeared, each of them coming as if from the darkness of the ocean and passing the barrier between the base and the crushing waves as if it was nonexistent. They spread their arms wide and the smell of burned ozone flooded the base as the full power of the aliens was made manifest. Energy formed where there was none before and with the strength of the ocean itself, slammed into the Emperor's Children. Squad Connor was broken apart as something akin to Ork grav weapons they encountered on Ullanor hit them, invisible discharge tearing legionaries to pieces.

    Squad Marius threw themselves aside as the blast hit them, straight into the path of a giant monster that arrived from the darkness of the base. Three headed creature the size of a Land Raider snapped its jaws and legionaries died, its body closely resembling the mark of the XX Legion as if the Laer knew the sons of Alpharius and gave birth to one of their hallowed symbols. In its wake came more of the shadowy aliens and the wounded legionaries were dispatched in short fashion. Sidon tried to interfere but his squad was also hit by the blast, throwing the Captain and his remaining men into the nearby building, crushing its structure under their weight although the old warrior still lived, albeit shaken and trying to clear himself of rubble while simultaneously fighting off the Laer assassins.

    For a second 4th Squad was isolated, 7th and 15th busy fighting for their lives behind them, and they were about to bear the full brunt of the energy assault when Hephestus stepped forward. Lightning appeared on his form as the aliens closed the distance and with one thought, he tore the mental chains and unleashed the fury of the Phoenix. Bright light spread from his body and the aliens burned to crisp, with their shadows gone they had nowhere to hide. Energy blasts appeared directed at him but these too were nullified as former Chief Librarian opened his palms and a white dome formed around the Emperor's Children, protecting them from further enemy attacks. Giant hydra-monster slammed its tail into it but it drew back as the dome burned both the shadows and flesh alike.

    Hephestus said nothing as his mind was strained with the effort, but even as he gave the Emperor's Children a fighting chance, the impact of his actions soon became apparent as the vox burst with chatter. Sidon couldn't see what transpired as he was still embattled inside the building, but he opened the channel to the 4th Squad as they were the closest to the Librarian. "Is it true? Did Hephestus violate the Edict?" Captain's voice was filled with both grief and anger, his business-like tone of old cracked right in the middle. "If so, you know what needs to be done."

    As the members of the 4th Squad processed new orders, they could also see two bulky aliens appearing behind the crowd, these ones a mix of machine and flesh, they hovered slightly above the air and had two large pincers alongside a myriad of other limbs made to harvest Laer organic material. Even now they tried to pick most of the cocoons from the ground as if wanting to save them from the conflict ahead and while doing it, they aimed barrels of their rotator cannons at the barrier Hephestus created, trying to blast their way through but to no avail.

    The dome held and for a moment, the Laer ambush was stalled.

    Denizens of the deep:

    Three-headed Hydra:36, Shadow Assassins:40 Harvesters:[9],[9], Laer Water-Mages:11/11/11/11

    Emperor's Children:

    7th Squad:10, 15th Squad:8, 11th Squad:5, 1st Squad:6, Sidon:15, Hephestus:[10]

    Arnock:10 Elymas:11 Extrovious:14 Vitaly:10 Aleph:13 Jendon:11 Denatus:10 Pholax:14

    Tides of War: Neutral.

    As long as Hephestus holds his barrier, each of you have invulnerability roll on +14 and Laer cannot attack you in melee. Outside damage to the barrier will reflect on his HP however he can be executed from behind with one attack. Without proper illumination, shadow assassins will have bonus on their defensive rolls. Sidon and his squad (1st Squad) are currently outside the dome and aren't influenced by the positive effect of it, meaning that most of the aliens will go after them next. Hydra has 3 heads and each has different attack (flame\acid\plasma) alongside its normal melee attacks. Laer "sorcerers" have AOE attacks. Augur Array link is inactive. Vitaly has lost an arm. Arnock has lost his hand.

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
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    Alephoros frowned under his helm, but he stepped into the formation as it prepared to enter the elevator without further conversation. He did notice Vitaly's attention, but he kept it in mind for later as the Tech-Brother seemed to be doing. There was a rising excitement in him that blurred out all other considerations, apprehension at the coming conflict not calmed by the unnatural descent. But he kept his attention focussed, checking his swords and loading the dragonfire rounds into his bolt pistol.

    "If so, you know what needs to be done." Yes, Aleph thought as around him, brave men died in an ambush even as they stood knee-deep in whatever vile garden the enemy sheltered here. The strange scenery's similarity to eggs brought to mind unnatural reproduction and if true - if they were in a nursery for the Laer's misbegotten offspring - then it was clearer than ever that the xenos would fight with the ferocity of the damned. It's quite plain, we kill every last one of these vermin and then we fire the ground. Any form of censure for the psyker must surely wait on common sense and the luxury of survival.

    Even as Hephaestus brought up his forbidden powers to save the men around him, Alephoros was darting forward, firing his flamer as he sought to make his shots count, ducking, weaving, on the move. It was dark here, but the Phoenix had hunted in the dark before. He could almost hear the Raptor's cry: Stalk, Brothers. Night's Edge was in one hand but the lightning remained caged, until the moment he should strike. Aleph sought to take full advantage of the darkness and confusion to make his way around to the rear of the beast as it thought the Phoenician's Sons coralled. He knew that he couldn't face it head on. But as Lord Curze had said, one should care not for the plans of the enemy. One must only ensure that they would never bring them to pass.

    As he sprinted he threw his plasma grenade towards the xenos sorcerers, hoping to at least hamper the alien mages and take some of the pressure from his own squad. The rest of his attention focussed on reaching his goal alive.

    OOC: Plasma grenade on water wizards, defence on self, run like hell into the dark. No dancing yet.
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  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock eyes focused as they enter the darkness. The rows and rows of pods made his mind wonder as to what foul xeno creation could be growing within. However, the air around them quickly drew his mind back into the present. Whatever was wrong with this place, Arnock knew that it would soon come to light and when it did he would be ready.

    And, as fate would have it, Arnock's initial feelings came to fruition. The trap was quickly sprang by the vile xeno scum and the initial shock overwhelmed a great many of the force. However, Arnock was not wavering in the slightest by the ambushing foes. What did take him by surprise was the fact that Hephetus broke the Edict and in so doing, doomed himself. Regardless of how helpful the act had proved to be. Arnock did not support the edict in the least and so showed no signs of objection to the act. For a brief moment, Arnock looked over to Elymas and wondered, perhaps even hoped, that he would not follow suit with his old teacher. This would be an emotion so strong that Elymas would pick up on as clear as if he were speaking.

    The time for assessment had ended and Arnock's eyes locked onto the large hydra like creature before them. Looking up to the standard over his head, the Master of Rites felt his pride flow back into his veins as he knew he had redemption for his previous failures to achieve. Out of the corner of his eye though, Arnock saw Aleph charge into the dark. Arnock called out to his brother, " Let the dance begin brother. Leave none to draw breath!" Arnock then charged at the large creature and yelled, "The Emperor's favored come for you!" With his powersword in the only hand he had, Arnock unleashed all he had upon the xeno creature's body, looking to attack its heart. However, after the initial assault, Arnock would stay on Guard for the counter attack.

    OOC: Balanced. One attack on Hydras chest and defense on self. Legion Champion activated on Hydra. Extra move Attack on hydras chest. Defense buff on Aleph
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas gritted his teeth during the elevator ride, the pressure growing inside his mind as if wanting to squeeze him like a lemon, it felt like water was coming out of nowhere inside his lungs and as if he would start any moment spewing it out like a waterfall. But then it... Dissipated. Looking over his shoulder was the helmeted face of the former Chief Librarian, now having been demoted to a line brother like everyone else. The ex-codicer nodded firmly in appreciation but then focused again towards the elevator exit.

    The Emperor's Child gunslinger had both bolt pistol and inferno pistol drawn as they followed Sidon out into the open. As sudden as the fight started and it was responded to with general overwatch fire in attempt to eliminate Laer or at worst suppress them, there was a sudden interruption in it all. His twin hearts stopped for a moment when he saw the warp manifest around himself. Hands clenching tightly around his weapons, tears building up in his eyes.

    Not out of rage.
    Not out of fear.
    Not out of desire to unleash his own powers.
    Out of sadness.

    "By the Emperor's decree!" Elymas started shouting over the vox, turning on his heel, both weapons raised as he started rushing towards his old mentor. "You are an enemy of the Imperium and shall be exterminated, witch!" Something in the back of his head screamed at him not to do it. Lightning flashes of endless, countless hours of training and shared meditation rushing through his mind. For over five decades Elymas knew this man. This man who raised him in many ways, having become alike to a father figure.

    But this very man now has become a traitor. Extrovious, Arnock and others have prepared him for this very moment. He even wondered now as he rushed in, ready to kill this man. What would Fulgrim expect? What would Ferrus Manus do? But then again. What did it matter? This was about proving his loyalty to nobody but the Emperor. The witches were to be killed, and so Elymas would comply - no matter what it would do in the greater of this fight. Even if they would all die due this interference by the former audiomancer... He would not die a traitor and he would not leave this judgment in anyone's hands but that of his own. One could have guessed since their arrival. Hephaestus had the glint in his eyes.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack vs. Hephaestus with both Inferno Pistol & Bolt Pistol rushing into melee range.
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