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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Pholax watched the hovercraft smashing into the ground, and smirked to see the pilot burning as it attempted to leave, only to see Vitaly going to get his revenge for his arm.

    With the battle conclude, seeing the hellstrike missiles stride across and burst open the Laer's ships. It was like watching a vista. To pick out this or that detail, the corpses of Legionaries strained out, easily identifiable as this or that Astarte, others, literal chunks of meat.

    It was odd, to Pholax was a laughably easy assault, he smashed through any resistance they gave to him, was he better than these Legionaries? Was luck a factor? Should he have supported them more? Pholax was unsure what the answer was but knew whatever the case was, he was alive they were dead and he was committed like the rest into sorting through this world, they had no choice.

    No matter the coast, Laeran must be taken, not just Fulgrim's pride was at stake, but the Legion on the whole was and for the Emperor's Children, their word and pride was all, to disgrace that, well, Pholax would rather bash his own head in with his Thunderhammer than disgrace the Phoenician or his Legion.

    As the report of the dead rolling in, Pholax assumed the death were mostly from just establishing the foothold, now they were going to be entrenched and ready to press on, they'd be more able to defend and attack without having to take and hold as much.

    "Looks like you have your work cut out for you, Jendon. I hope you brought space for extra recovery." Pholax mentioned in a toneless voice.

    It pleased Pholax to see that Sidon was alive and well, with him around, albeit a slight bit wrong of him to think so since they were under new leadership, that they were in safe hands.

    "Want me to take point?" Pholax grabbed his Autocannon and prepared himself to enter the elevator. "Might need me to clear the way." Pholax chuckled as he made sure the autocannon was fully loaded for a possible fight.
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Around the Piers ~~
    Elymas ripped the helmet from his head off and put it to his waist when combat came to an end. He closed his eyes and stood tall and started to relax, taking a deep breath and every sensation in. The sea breeze flying in from the water, the slightest alien salt burning in the wounds that were yet being closed by his larraman cells. The scent of iron filling his nostrils shortly after before something else and strange filled it. Gene-seed. He determined and looked towards his left where he saw one of the Emperor's Children gutted and decapitated. The progenoid gland located in the neck having been pierced and spilling the essence of the Phoenician on the world of Laer.

    It brought a smile on his face, not one of happiness but irony. "This world will be ours in more than one way. In its very veins will the blood of Fulgrim pump and bring birth to a new generation of Emperor's Children. This will not only be a world of the Imperium. But a world of the Emperor's Children." His words were directed at the passed-on battle-brother but also anyone in immediate vicinity who might be in earshot such as Alephorous and some outside of the 4th squad.

    With time for pondering over he regrouped with everyone else around Sidon.

    ~~ Regrouped ~~
    "What a trick question, Captain." Elymas stated after having checked both his pistols and their attached blades. "Everyone knows the 4th squad does not start anything unless they can finish it. Correct, Sergeant ( @DeranVendar )?" The Ex-librarian put his helmet back on and while pain still was evident in most fabrics of his body - there would be no stopping now. No rest until the Laer were completely exterminated as their Father wished. As their Father's Father would expect of them.
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  3. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock fell foward onto a knee, stopping himself with his powersword by planting it into the ground with the remaining hand he had. He then tore off his helmet as he took a deep breath and let the world around him come into focus. It was strange to give into such rage as Arnock was someone whom prided himself on his level headedness. His mind seemed fuzzy as the world around him came back into focus and he had a moment to look at where his hand used to be. It would be a lasting symbol of failure, something to show the weight of imperfection.

    Arnock finally realised how he looked on his knee and quickly pushed himself back to his feet. He picked up his helmet and put it back on as he rejoined the squad. Arnock looked to Sidon before looking back to the elevator, "We need to get moving. We have wasted to much time as it and there is much catching up to be done to get the plan back on track." Uncharacteristically, Arnock sounded emotionless and almost hollow. His mind was clearly somewhere else.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts


    "Wasted time?" Elymas asked, repeating the words of Arnock as he approached his friend and performer-in-arms, even going as far as putting a hand on the shoulder of the Master of Rites and glaring him right down into his lenses through his own.

    "You just lost a great many of recruits you helped shape and you are going to fight that hurricane of emotions with ignorance, with denial? Show your emotion, Arnock!" The ex-librarian demanded, disgust as clear as daylight in his voice.

    "That is what makes you a great inspiration, that is what allows you to wear the banner since you caught it from Rylanor. To show us what it means to be human. That it not matters how low we fall, how bad we get injured or that we get stripped of gear. But that it matters that we get up! That we carry each scar with pride of having learned yet another mistake which shall not be repeated tomorrow. But do not dare ignore the sacrifice of the many to not show a tear. Because the Arnock I know would be solemn and sorrowed about each of those brothers death. Be it of his stock, or not."

    He did not need his supernatural powers to feel the turmoil, but like many veterans, Arnock appeared to believe to store and hide them away in a vault was the right way to go about. If losing his psychic powers taught him one thing it was far more hurtful and dangerous than dealing with ones problems openly. It brought Extrovious, Jendon and Arnock all three much closer to him to simply accept his mutation of witchcraft was just that. A mutation, something he shouldn't have relied on so heavily as he did in the past. Today was just such prove. He fought side-by-side with Alephorous and it was as glorious as it was ... Educative.
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    The words of Elymas were not sounds heard by Arnock, but instead daggers that cut into his soul. Had war torn and gripped his soul so tightly that now the legacy meant nothing. Arnock felt a tingle in his knees as if they wished to give once more. He looked out across the field of battle to see all the fallen that had given their lives for a cause, a cause that Arnock had instilled within them.

    Looking back to Elymas, Arnock nodded, "I... Forgive me. I lost myself a moment there. A strange feeling of intense...I do not know the word for the feeling, but it was indeed overwhelming. I suppose battle has not tested me in this way since Ullanor, and I found myself lost in it. It will not happen again. Thank you, brother Elymas."
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas clasped each of his hands down on each shoulder of Arnock, a smile under his helmet even if it was unseen it could be heard in his cheerful voice. "Now that is the man I look up to! Whenever I feel like bucking and giving in, I always remember the oath I gave to Ferrus Manus all those decades back on Medusa, my friend." The ex-librarian said and gave him another clasp on Arnocks shoulder.

    "And that promise was not to kneel before anyone but the Emperor himself. You might want to take a note of that. Least you might put it down on my headstone for me." The gunslinger gave a playful elbow into the chestplate of the Master of Rites.

    "But seriously. You are welcome. Now let us serve this xeno scum the wrath of our fallen brethren." He extended his arm to engage in the warriors grasp.
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Aleph wasn't as fast as he hoped, nor as lethal but nonetheless his imperfect work found its mark and eventually - with help no less - the beast was dead. But pride was not something he could dwell on and, despite his chagrin at not being better at his appointed task, it was done and that was what mattered. The personal glory of Alephoros Aster was not the primary goal of his Squad or his Legion. He bowed his head briefly to Elymas as he collected his thoughts, stabbing down to end the life of a dying Laer as he stepped over its corpse.

    "You had no debt to repay, Brother. We are Squadmates, we are brothers in arms, and if my blade has saved your life then I am sure that is nothing more than any one of us would have done. Today however, I could not have prevailed without your vigilance, and I thank you for it." He smiled a little grimly, taking off his helm as the group gathered to assess their next action. It was good to see old Sidon again, the veteran warrior still close to his hearts as the mentor he had first worked under. Truly, the man was an inspiration and a reminder of his earliest days. And, when life seemed to lack focus, he was a reminder of all the progress that had been made since that time. Aleph saluted him with due reverence, raising his twin blades high. But he was there primarily to listen, so that he could find out their next move. He assessed the damage to his helmet as he did so, dimly aware at the back of his mind that he'd been bled. His tracing fingers idly found the fading cut, already sealing itself thanks to his Astartes physiology. What traces would it leave? It was nothing to the loss his Brothers faced; that and the immediacy of their situation stole away all such contemplations for now.

    "I think that we would do well in confined spaces, given our preference for close quarter fighting," the Palatine Blade said, speaking softly with a nod to Pholax and Extrovious, his Brother-Sergeant. "Let us pursue these vermin into their tunnels with speed yet not haste - swift, yet wary of ambush."

    "Let the hidden blade not take the Palatine unawares, nor his fellows."
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  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "You are correct Elymas. Which is why, Captain, we shall go the heart of the enemy and tear it out." Extrovious hoists his chain claws from the body of a Myrmidon, an angular skull sliding off the talons formerly hooked into its eye sockets. Thumb blade, more flexible than the rest, slices through elongated fangs; pair joining the other eighteen collected from the lesser Laer laying about. For the first time since the murder make ended he takes stock of his squad, gaze hidden behind the red of his helmet's lenses.

    "Arnock, get your head on straight and keep it that way. Our younger brothers will get the wrong idea, and enough of them have been found wanting as is." Perhaps easy for him to say, least wounded in the party and riding the high of slaughter. "Pholax, keep that hammer out, I want you in the cut with me from now on. Elymas, put that keen sight of yours to use supporting Vitaly however he requires." Then Aleph speaks, and the Sergeant snaps his head towards the Palantine.

    "We shall blunt whatever blades are thrust at us, and snap the wrists that dare wield them, Aleph." Thought alone triggers a clench of hands and revving of the bloodied teeth dripping vitae beneath his claws. "Jendon, get everyone patched up as best you can, we leave on the Captain's order. The chrono ticks and Fulgrim demands this world be taken sooner, if we must ride a torrent of blood down below, we shall do so."
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  9. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    @DeranVendar @Colapse

    "Brother-Captain, Brother-Sergeant - before we go in, I request a few minutes to perform a deep augur scan. We have the apparent schematics of the place, but it would help to pick up on any hidden spaces and design features. Furthermore, having at least a rough idea of lifeform numbers and types down there would help reduce the element of surprise on the enemy's part."
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Granted on my part, Brother Techmarine." Extrovious would be visibly chafing by the idea of another hold up, but with the blood on his hands cooling and limbs relaxing, the clarity of thought required to subdue the aggression that had explosively come upon him returned. "Shall allow us to advance faster in the long run." Voice quieted, sounding more like the warrior was thinking aloud than addressing anyone.
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