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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    In the center of the battle, Aleph dueled the Laer leader like some hero of old, true representative of the old traditions that created the foundations of the Third Legion. Daith'wyn flickered and went for the alien's eyes, the whip-thin sword looking much deadlier than his other weapon, at least in Whirling Dervish's thoughts. This was the mistake the alien wouldn't make again as he sidestepped it, using his wings to propel his frame to the side. Perhaps Night's Edge wasn't as flashy as the Charnabal Saber, but the Nostraman steel was made to look inconspicuous for this reason among many. Alephoros used this and found the mark expertly, the dark steel slicing off pair of Laer's wings in one quick motion, destroying one of the advantages the enemy had over him.

    Wounded or not, Whirling Dervish threw itself straight at Aleph, looking to reap the same reward. Sword came past legionary's guard and its thin blade cut straight through his helmet, slicing piece of his cheek with it. Aleph dodged the followup blow but the alien powered up its two rifle-limbs and shot him point-blank. Palatine Blade was quite fast so the energy beam didn't go straight through his chest where it could find his twin hearts, but instead it obliterated couple of his ribs on its way out.

    Duel was stopped for a second as a third party interfered. Wanting to score another hit, Whirling Dervish whirled closer to Aleph with the intention of stabbing him with his pincers - both of which were blown apart second later by a hail of mass reactive rounds. Being no Palatine Blade himself, Elymas kept eye on the fight and so both the alien and his brother wounding one another, spotting the moment when the Laer seemed to take an advantage and acted accordingly. His bolt pistol was at the ready, the modified scope serving him good this time around as he easily found his mark and fired, causing both of the weaponized limbs that this creature had to be taken out of the picture. Thing was definitely still alive, but former Audiomancer had other things to worry about now.

    Laer infantry soldiers were still nearby and ready to take him out for good. Loading a fresh clip, Elymas was ready this time around as his superhuman brain processed information quickly enough and he found the pattern with which these monsters moved. They weren't really a group of individual entities, more like a herd of animals given superlative weapons and made to fight this way in a set of predefined motions. Of course, this was anything but basic and they could wreak havoc to regular legionaries let alone humans, however Elymas wasn't just any legionary.

    Despite having put a veto on his powers, his mind was trained differently by Hephestos and it showed right now as the first alien crept close. Knowing where to strike, Elymas lashed out and the monoblade attached to his bolt pistol sliced through the thing's neck. Second alien was right behind and was already moving for a flanking attack when the melta blast hit it and literally reduced it to a set of ashen molecules. Showing no fear whatsoever the third and fourth Laerans moved, firing on the way and psyker felt his flesh burn as the energy beams speared through his legs, but he held on, repaying both of the monsters with a fresh bolt to the head (@Uriel1339 you can kill 3-4 Laer Infantry enemies with your next post).

    If only this was all of them. Two more aliens readied their guns but they disappeared in a shower of gore as Extrovious appeared behind them, ending their lives in one fell swipe of his claw. Covered in blood, some his but most of it from his enemies, Sergeant was a sight to behold. Emperor's Children were a Legion of superlative swordsmen almost to a fault, but the showing of martial dominance didn't end with a mastercrafted blade. Some, not many, but some of Fulgrim's sons were cast differently and Extrovious was among those that could be considered to be proper destroyers.

    He moved like a wrecking ball, hitting the aliens with all the rage that drove him onward. Chain claws went up and down, their screams not silenced by the amount of flesh they ripped from willing Laerans. It was hard to focus in such scenario when the rage Extrovious fought to keep under check propelled him to such great feats of slaughter. What was even more interesting was the fact the aliens seemed to cower in front of him. Of course, they didn't simply drop their weapons and ran but with every enemy that stood in front of him Extro could feel their uncertainty, their doubt, their fear as whatever force that drove them against him seemed to wither when faced with such anger. He caught all swords coming at him, breaking the thin blades with the flicks of his claws was an afterthought before obliterating their bodies. Energy beams came but they were sporadic and most missed, others were simply absorbed by his armor which seemed to have shared legionary's sentiment as it shrugged all of it and kept going, all in the name of that righteous culling.

    Away from the beatdown Extro was bringing down, Vitaly focused his actions on completing the task given to him by his Sergeant. Carrier ship was still around, filled with all kinds of threats, but not for long. Gamma cannon was charged once again and with an afterthought, fired at the still-standing AA gun. It turned out that this was all the Techmarine needed to deal with it as the ionized beam formed around the gun just before it blew apart. At the same time, his coils flared as the lightning flashes from his body towards the Hovercraft, the energy weapon engulfing the vessel in its blue grip.

    It lasted only for a second but even before the residue energy dispersed, Vitaly knew it wouldn't be enough. Slightly scorched and nothing but stopped, the aircraft hovers around, its pilot tracking Techmarine's movements seemingly without issue. Hail of missiles is unleashed once again, carpeting the pier and blowing up what wasn't blown up before. Vitaly suffers the worst brunt of it as he is caught in the blast, the explosions rocketing him left to right before he ends up on the ground once again. Familiar electric discharge follows up the blast and before he could get away, his armor is locked tight as the restart is once again underway. It took him only couple of seconds to do this but it was all the alien needed.

    Heavy energy weapons roll out beneath Hovercraft, aimed squarely at Vitaly. They fire and in that moment Techmarine understands that they were akin to Dark Lance weapons he once worked on, only instead of dark matter they worked on advanced laser technology which neither Martian Priesthood nor Dark Eldar currently possessed. Beam hits him second later and it comes with the knowledge of pain. His right arm is completely gone, sheared off at his shoulder alongside most of the guard and Legion's insignia. Body is exposed as the armor on his side is turned to ash, the flesh turning to obsidian. Gamma cannon that served him so well is lacking its grip and couple of its parts, although it would be possible to repair it, it would definitely take a while. His other systems were damaged but he could get them working quickly, but he was in definitive need of fresh augmentations after the deployment is over.

    Picking apart wounded legionaries was something airborne aliens were made to do but before the host of flyers could get down and rip Vitaly to shreds Pholax stepped in. Forgoing the use of his assault cannon, the Devastator took out his two-handed thunder hammer instead, perhaps ushering a new age of ranged specialists within the Legion of those legionaries who equally carried heavy guns and big melee weapons. Result was properly devastating - Laer flyers dropped down to try and get to Vitaly and they were promptly driven into the ground by couple of well-placed hammer blows. Not an elegant tool of war, thunder hammer did its job perfectly nonetheless, the weak chitin armor that the flying aliens had in order to be maneuverable proved to be their undoing as they died one by one the second they approached the stricken Techmarine.

    Pholax was soon covered in alien bodies as their broken forms littered the ground. They fired at him as they came low, they even tried to stab him with the elongated hooks, but his sturdy armor held and no alien weapon found purchase in it. Devastator was thinning the swarm almost single-handedly, proving that he was a well-rounded combatant, one ready for every challenge set before him. There was still the matter of Laer Hovercraft which was even now nearby, Pholax spotting most of the surviving flying aliens gathering around the vessel in the attempt at providing sort of a fleshly defense as their numbers dwindled, but this was also short-lived.

    From behind, Jendon took aim and fired. High caliber mini rockets exploded all around the flock and what was left of the Laer Flyers was no more than a mass of flesh covering Laer Hovercraft, leaving both Pholax and Vitaly to deal with the sole remaining air enemy while the Apothecary focused on more "grounded work". The strange thought that resurfaced bit earlier was nowhere to be seen, perhaps hiding in the depths of his mind or perhaps it was as fleeting as the life of the aliens he killed, but the vile trace remained, as if Jendon was somehow brushed against a great tide and the water still didn't completely wash away from the foundations of his consciousness.

    All of this was locked in another realm and perhaps lacking a spiritual guide to talk to, like a Chaplain or something like it, could be problematic in the long run but that was an issue to think about for another time. On the row from killing the flyers, Jendon directed his aim towards next target with the intent of helping yet another squad mate. Arnock was still embattled with all four of the armored monsters and he was about to suffer the full force of the Laer deviousness. Master of Rites was faster than his opponents and he demonstrated it with throwing the attack first, however his blade struck Myrmidon's gorget and it bounced off, the armor too thick for the sword to pierce through. Retribution was swift as the Laer attacked Arnock, the energy shield bashing him and opening room in his guard for the halberd to go through. Heavy blade speared through the legionary's stomach, exiting on the other side and slamming through the ground.

    Creature was about to pull the halberd out of Arnock's body and properly eviscerate him when a large needle went straight through its exposed head and turned its brain into mesh. Myrmidon was dead even before its body hit the ground, Jendon's superlative aim saving his brother from certain death. There were three more of these monsters however and they weren't about to be denied. First came and Arnock managed to get his sword in time to parry the blow, his body strained from the weapon still embedded deep into it. Astartes physiology was supreme and it allowed him to deal with one of his attackers, but the second Myrmidon came in force - It brought the halberd in an overhead strike that was aimed squarely at Arnock's head. Slowed by his wounds, Master of Rites pushed the sword up and slightly moved to the side to evade the worst, however the strength behind alien's blow was great. Halberd came and it slid down the length of the blade, breaking the sword's pommel guard and slicing off Arnock's right hand at the wrist.

    Despite the sudden loss of limb, Arnock kept his composure and before the Myrmidon could do more damage, he pressed the trigger of his inferno pistol and the gout of heat struck the alien before it could raise its shield. Alien had the best armor in its race but it was no defense against good old melta blast, the carapace twisted inwards and turned into scrap in the blink of an eye. Last Myrmidon slithered past the stricken legionary and Arnock saw the creature moving to intercept Jendon, deciding the Apothecary is the bigger threat now that the Master of Rites was almost dead. It charged the bolter-wielding warrior, its shield eating another salvo of bolts and once it was in range, halberd speared through and struck Jendon across his chest, the energized blade cutting Aquila cleanly in half alongside couple of Apothecary's fused ribs.

    Last but not least, Denatus continued with his assault on the enemy's heavy weapons specialists, focused on tying these Lightning Casters so the rest of his brothers would be safe from their attack, especially now when the wounds began to mount up. Rad missiles were loaded back into the launcher, the Destroyer about to prove that his name and calling were well deserved. Projectile was sent at the same time as another volley of blue lightning came his way. Standing strong like a true Child of the Emperor, Denatus weathered both the metaphorical and actual storm as lightning crashed all around him, setting his nerves on edge but his aim never wavered.

    Missile was sent towards the aliens and it exploded in the center of the two of them, each of them thrown to the ground by the ensuing blast. One was quick back on his tail, its lithe form and what armor it had protecting most of its body while the explosion injured exposed parts. However the second alien suffered more as the poisoned shrapnel littered its skin, the radiation spiking and slowing down its movement significantly and much more. Destroyer recognized the signs of radiation poisoning all too well for that was the thing plaguing his body as well and now he introduced its sweet embrace to the alien, spreading the suffering. Slowly withering away, Lightning Caster was still alive and could dish out more damage but his ultimate fate was definitely sealed.

    Laer Defenders:

    Laer infantry:8, Myrmidon Guard:7/6/10, Lightning Casters: 7/5, Whirling Dervish:14, Laer Hovercraft: [13]

    Emperor's Children 4th Squad:

    Arnock:6 Elymas:10 Extrovious:13 Vitaly:6 Aleph:12 Jendon:10 (PwP active) Denatus:9 [2/4] Pholax:13

    Combat advantage: Minor Emperor's Children advantage.

    OOC you as a squad can call up for Storm Eagle bombardment\attack once during this deployment, AA guns are destroyed. Presence of the carrier ship gives Laer side a bonus in advantage roll and it cannot be destroyed by conventional weapons. Augur Array link is active. Whirling Dervish has significantly lower defensive rolls. Laer infantry requires one more successful attack and they will be destroyed. Gamma cannon is damaged and Vitaly needs to spend one action to repair it. Vitaly has lost an arm. Arnock has lost his hand.

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
  2. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    This battle was rather exhilarating. Sure they weren't throwing much against Pholax that harmed him but at least they made a great show when they died.

    As the AA tower was destroyed a joyous laughter was escaping Pholax, the Xenos were going to break now, any minute Extrovious was going to call for the air support and then they'd be done for, Storm Eagles would pick upon the carcass of these Xenos and leave nothing but a stain.

    But of course, where the perception of one is a care free stroll, another see's a perilous path of death and destruction, at least it wasn't Pholax's arm that was removed this time.

    The Xenos were like paper however, connect your hit and they shatter like glass. They had clearly wounded Vitaly but it was striking out in anger as he'd taken down any chance they had at victory. At least he'd been able to stop the Xenos before they finished the job.

    "Jendon, could do with some assistance over here, I don't know what goes where." Pholax voxed as he looked at Vitaly's wounds.

    "So that's what your insides look like." Pholax laughed as he offered a hand to Vitaly to get him back into his feet. "Can you stand, brother? We're not out of this yet..." Pholax looked about seeing more of the Xenos around and knew he'd not be able to leave Vitaly like this or it's likely they'd be one less returning to the fleet.

    "AA Towers are down, Sargent, feel free to call for that air support." Pholax voxed as he prepared his hammer and bolt pistol to protect the wounded Vitaly and himself.


    Defence on Self.

    Defence on Vitaly.
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    Elymas had almost like a shock hit his head when Alephorous was facing death, instinctively turning swiftly around on the heel before delivering a bolt shell right in the middle of the enemys assault, stopping him in his tracks and giving Aleph an opening that hopefully would allow him to end this. "Brother Palatine! We are even now!"

    The voice was triumphant, almost as if saving his brothers life made him equal to a Palatine, but deep down - Elymas knew it was not so. It mattered little as this small victory of repaying his life debt made his morale triple if not quadruple. A sense of that anything is achievable, that he mattered in the tide of war, overcoming him. It was so exhilarating that it gave him chills.

    "Die! I command you to be annihilated!" Elymas roared into the enemy just before the first Laerean got a blade to his neck, cutting his life short. The second one had been eliminated with a risky move where Elymas moved his inferno pistol across in the opposite direction without moving his body, almost cutting himself with the monoblade before unleashing the superheated beam of death.

    The two follow ups that wanted to avenge their xeno-kin managed to weaken his legs. But the promise all the way back on Medusa towards Ferrus Manus held true - there would be no kneeling to anyone but the Emperor. Standing his ground, he shot them both down with his bolt pistol.

    With only a single breath allowed to take before the next assault came, Elymas would continue to unleash his wrath as if every wound inflicted to him and his brethren would be avenged sevenfold.

    "I have slain more powerful beasts than any of you!" The former librarian roared before rushing into the melee enemies, unleashing his bolt pistol until it clicked empty, having taken another two Laereans down before getting into melee range. Each had a sword, coming down on either side onto him. But he brought the small monoblades with precision up to parry the blows, locking them before managing to point the inferno pistol at one foe, incinerating his head and neck on the spot.

    The blades were still locked with his bolt pistol on the fourth Laerean, he used the inferno pistol to stab into the eyeball and drive the murderous blade deep into the skull before lodging it free and kicking the alien to the ground, relieving him of the pain with a quick stomp to the head.

    And yet, there still would be more to kill. Elymas pushed a Kraken clip into his bolt pistol and readied himself for whomever would come next. Although even now he would attempt to not lose track of Aleph, they survived as a team so far - and they would continue to both live if they were there for one another. Although he worried about the rest of the squad, he could not allow himself to get distracted.

    killed 4 Laers
    pushed 2nd kraken clip into bolt pistol
    1 defense action on self
    1 defense action on Aleph
  4. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    "Objective achieved, Brother-Sergeant," comes Vitaly's terse vox to Extrovious, masking his quiet jubilation, "The last AA gun is down."

    A second later, his rising spirits drop like a lead balloon as the Laeran hovercraft swivels about with the deliberate menace of a school bully taking his time to answer to an ineffectual sucker punch from a favourite victim.

    "Well, poop," he mutters, polite as ever, before being floored by missile barrage and fried to well-doneness by a counter-charge of electricity.

    Shaking his ringing head, he glances up just in time to see the barrels of heavy weapons deploy from the smooth hull and point straight at him.

    "Oh, come o-..."

    The exasperated exclamation never gets to complete itself before a beam of collimated EM energy slices his right arm away and chars his flank crackly. Vision fades to an agonising white, and hearing to a distant ringing as the concentrated assault momentarily overwhelms his transhuman resilience. A crashing impact reverberating through the decking of the pier brings him back to reality, along with the distinctive explosive bangs of a thunder hammer's capacitated power field. Looking up, he sees Pholax weighing into the enemy airborne infantry come to slit his throat with his thunder hammer, autocannon temporarily cast aside. In that moment, he thinks to himself that there has never been a more welcome sight.

    "My thanks, Brother," grunts Vitaly as he grasps Pholax's offered hand with his remaining one and clambers to his feet, "Yes, I can still stand and fight, and I promise to not gripe about your close combat predilections for the remainder of this mission."

    Drawing his bolt pistol, he flicks the fire selector to Tempest rounds and levels the iron sights at the hovercraft, determined now to finish swatting this particular nemesis from the sky. Letting his prognosticative algorithims handle the bulk of the targeting microadjustments, he snaps off a shot at the vessel's centre-mass. Simultaneously, his Tesla capacitors hum and buzz, building up to full charge for yet another go at the vessel, this time aiming to deliver a one-two haywire punch in tandem with his Tempest rounds for maximum effect.

    Even as he zeroes in on his target, another portion of his mind is monitoring the battlefield, and he notices something which prompts a vox to Extrovious.


    "Brother-Sergeant - that carrier is a menace. With AA suppression complete, strongly suggest you call in the rain to sink that thing before it can deploy the rest of its forces."

    Action Summary

    1.) Standard Action: Attack @ Laeran Hovercraft w/ Bolt Pistol (Tempest rounds)

    2.) All-Out Action: Attack @ Laeran Hovercraft w/ Lightning Array (3 shots)

    3.) Action: @ w/

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Attack @ Laeran Hovercraft w/ Bolt Pistol (Tempest rounds)

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Special ammo: 1 x Kraken, 1 x Dragonfire, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 3 x plasma grenades

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 20/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 2, EMP x 1

    Other Gear: Combat Shield
  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock looked up from the ground to see the xeno stab Jendon in the chest. Time froze a moment as he raised his hand to see that in fact it was no longer there. Blood poured for a moment before his system kicked in and quickly slowed the bleeding substantially, allowing Arnock to continue the fight.

    Arnock planted his powersword into the ground to push himself back up to his feet. Looking over the field of battle, Arnock heard Vitaly called for the airstrike to be carried out and, much to Arnock's displeasure, he agreed. With a sigh, Arnock called over the vox, "I agree with Brother Vitaly. We need the air support as soon as possible."

    Arnock drew in a deep breath as his eyes locked once more onto the Guards that have, up until this point, bested him to an extreme degree. This was something Arnock did not take kindly to, and his normally calm demeanor was beginning to quickly fade. With his powersword in the only hand he now had, Arnock carried in towards the guard once more with. Leading with an attack, Arnock aimed at the neck of the first Laer that he came to and then moved into a defensive position.

    OOC: Balanced. One attack on Guard. One defense on self.
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Such weakness!" Extrovious deactivates the corona of energy right hand blades are sheathed in, allowing a blade caught between his talons to guide hand down the xeno's arm and into its chest where dying screams melded with those of the chain units shredding its flesh. With a brutal cast of his arm he whips the body away and drives the left talon through another blade and carries through the wielder's helm. The Laers' attacks slowed, becoming cautious and hesitant in the face of true fury. Sergeant wheels around and finds a distinct lack of bodies in immediate reach, what few infantry remain keep their distance and fire upon him. Eyes shot through with blood lust regard the status read outs on his HUD, and hearing dampened by the thunder of more hearts than he rightfully has parse through the numerous battlefield surgeries that have just been enacted on his squad. The same quip from before is just a slip of the tongue away when he bites it back and forces orders to the fore instead of frustration.

    "Jendon, tend to Vitaly now! Elymas, quit dragging your heels and reap the chaff!" He swipes a claw towards the infantry to put them on the back foot before sprinting towards Arnock. "Master of the Rites, watch yourself." Extrovious pounces into the fray with claws outstretched, power fields chasing each sweep with contrails of electric color. Blows wheel in with Extrovious intending to overwhelm or core through the defenses of these Myrmidons and with little caution for those who might be caught too near to the savage weapons girding his fists. All this takes place while Sergeant opens the comms to their air support.

    "Enemy anti-air emplacements are silent. Bring in the guns and flense these xeno from sky and stone." What a relief it was that there would be plenty of bodies left to greet them once they had pushed beyond their beachhead. These Laer would learn how a true son of the Emperor made slaughter before this campaign was over.

    OOC: Calling in air strike, putting the works in on the Myrmidons with All Out Attack in melee.
    Elymas - Finish the infantry
    Arnock - Don't die
    Jendon - Make sure Vitaly doesn't bite it
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  7. Denatus was almost left jittering as he weathered another lightning storm, but one noticeably less effective than before. The Laer where tough creatures, that thing was certain, though he saw the clear signs of radiation poisoning in one of them, their specialized biology clearly gave them a good resistance to the organ liquefying effects.
    With trained speed Denatus once again changed weapons, his rocket launcher hefted back as he drew his volkite serpenta once more, now advancing towards the 2 lightning casters, he fired upon the *healthiest* one though he also tried to watch out for another attack, Denatus had no intention of weathering another strike from their weapons.

    2 attacks on the lightning casters with the serpenta

    Defence on self.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon felt could feel the blow come down scraping his armor and ruining his aquilia, "Oh I am going to make such a hat out of you you sun of a bi-" Jendon stopped as he heard Extros orders," Got it Extro, Cover me!" Jendon said as he raised his bolter and began to fire defsenivley on the Creature that dared damaged his aquillia activating his servo skulls they both took off from the shadows heading striaght towards Vitaily to tend to hi, and aid the first one would begin administering a pain killer, and regeneratives while the other began attempting to remove sharpnel, Then patch any blood loss cause from the shrapnel.

    OOC one defensive action on Jendon One attempt at heal on VItaily
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Death comes for the imperfect ones

    Servo skull buzzed in just as Vitaly reloaded his pistol, courtesy of his Apothecary brother, giving him the boost he needed to do what needed to be done. Hail of bolts alongside the lightning discharge from the Techmarine's field struck the Hovercraft and this time around, the alien gunship suffered for it. Its controls wrangled from the creature flying it, it hovered in the air just as this part of the base was lighted up for second time today. Coming from the south, trio of Storm Eagles appeared as if out of nowhere, the aerial battle that was even now raging above the base was seemingly of no concern to the pilots of the Third Legion who maneuvered their vessels perfectly, as you would come to expect from every son of the Phoenician. They came in low, unleashing a hail of rockets that carpeted the tier alongside a salvo from the heavy bolters aimed at the enemy flyer.

    Rocked from left to right, Laer Hovercraft was done for as it was knocked out of the sky, hitting the edge of the pier and hurling to a stop in a heap of torn metal, or whatever passed for metal in this alien society. Vitaly was close but so was Pholax and the Devastator had the presence of mind to get both of them to nearby cover where they watched both the doom of the hovercraft that went after them, its half-cooked pilot even now trying to release the harness and get out of the burning wreck, and the imminent death of the carrier ship (OOC @Draconion & @dx144 either of you can emote dispatching the alien pilot\the downed hovercraft for good).

    As the Storm Eagles passed by, a set of hellstrike missiles was sent straight into the Laer ship of the line. As if the legionaries aimed it, half of the deadly payload hit the insides of the ship as its hold was open, just about to release a squadron of hovercrafts that were supposed to wipe the Emperor's Children from the pier and possibly the entire base. Instead, the warheads struck the exposed "meat" of the carrier and the explosion caused by anti-armor missiles suddenly engulfed the ship. Its interior was blasted to smithereens and the chain reaction caused the entire side of the ship to blow up, taking its alien crew with it straight to the depths.

    Denatus was still trading shots with the Laer heavy weapon specialists when the Storm Eagles blew up the carrier. He managed to score another kill by blasting it head off its shoulders when the last kill was stolen from him by the catastrophic explosion that wiped the life from the upper deck of the ship. Destroyer was also the one to spot his Sergeant dropping from the sky in a halo of fire, straight on top of one of the large aliens embattled with their Master of Rites. Savagery was shown that moment as Extrovious metaphorically and literally ripped into the Myrmidon, the creature's energy shied pierced by the chain claw attached to legionary's arm turning two of alien's hands into bloody mess. Outstretched hand found the armored chest and Extro began working on dismantling the segmented armor piece by piece, his helmet's visor slowly getting clogged by all that gore.

    Driven by the anger of his self-perceived failure or perhaps elevated to such heights by the presence of the Sergeant, Arnock lashed out with such fury and speed that in that moment, he surpassed even his swordmaster friend's dazzling quickness. There was power in giving in and his sword struck true, if he could read facial features of these aliens Arnock would see surprise on his opponent's face as the head was looped off the body, leaving only a headless corpse to drop on the ground. Some distance behind him Jendon put down the last Myrmidon, the alien's attack ended up before it even began as the Apothecary created the distance and riddled the monster with point blank shots from his combi-needler. Creature died by being torn to shreds and what remained in the end was a ruined form and a testimony to the superiority of Emperor's angels of death.

    In the wake of Extrovious' earlier killing and his prompt disengage, Elymas was left to clean the mess. Laer foot soldiers weren't as decisive as they were at the start of this fight and the former Librarian had plenty of room to maneuver, get all the shots in that would pick the survivors piece by piece and also offer Alephoros bit of assistance in form of couple of kraken bolts punching through Whirling Dervish's guard. Creature was wounded now and it slowed down, getting to that point where its movement was no more a match for a Palatine Blade. Aleph waved Daith'wyn around in a shimmering arc that sailed through his opponent's guard and cut open his throat. Simultaneously Night's Edge found its mark and struck the Dervish dead in chest, piercing its organs and forcing it down to the ground, its form bloody and finally beaten.


    Alien corpses littered the pier as the 4th Squad dispatched last of the surviving Laer defenders, their forces broken but not without a cost. As they moved away from the pier and towards the interior of the base, they could see much more bodies but many of those belonging to the Emperor's Children. Legionaries cut in half, blown to pieces, even reduced to nothing more than a pile of flesh mixed with ceramite, the horrifying sights all proof to the deadly weaponry used by these insidious aliens. Jendon was the first one who became familiar with the exact number as the reports started filing in. Three hundred and twenty legionaries were deployed in this attack and two hundred and thirty-five remained. It was a steep price to pay just for getting a foothold in this place.

    They found Captain Sidon in one of the larger buildings in the center of the naval base. Surrounded by now-destroyed bunkers its courtyard was a charnel house. Laer resistance was strong here and members of the 4th Squad got further proof once they saw the state of their old Sergeant's armor and the fact he was down three men from his honor squad, the remaining veterans looking slightly worse than their leader.

    "Good that you got here this fast," Sidon said in a way of greeting and pointed in the center of the building where a big hole was, easily fitting three Land Raiders side by side. "Brother-Techmarine Kleon ran the diagnostics before he died but I would still like for you to look at the consoles," he told Vitaly before reloading his bolter and sending additional orders to the Sergeants of the invading force as they were hunting down remaining aliens.

    "From what I gathered, it's an elevator leading to another outpost below the waves but I want you to make sure. As for the rest of you Squad Extrovious," Sidon continued and a smile crept on his face, "Since you and my squad have the seniority here out of all the men, I reckon I invite you to join me as we lead the way down. Unless you prefer the fresh air out here?"

    **Once Vitaly got to inspecting the alien cognitor, he would confirm the findings of late Brother Kleon. Even rudimentary knowledge of the tech allowed him to understand the meaning behind the strange words. On top this was a naval base but the actual facility was below the surface, located on the ocean's floor. Two bases were connected by the advanced elevator and from what he could tell, its structure wasn't compromised and it allowed for breathable air to circulate between the two. What he couldn't tell was the purpose of the underwater base but given the circumstances, it ought to be something important to the Laer.**

    Arnock:10 Elymas:11 Extrovious:14 Vitaly:10 Aleph:13 Jendon:11 Denatus:10 Pholax:14

    OOC Gamma cannon will be considered repaired for the final fight (@Draconion you can emote getting that done if you wish). Vitaly has lost an arm. Arnock has lost his hand.

    @Jorimel @matt23 @Draconion @Grall_Stonefist @Uriel1339 @dx144 @DeranVendar @Vulpas
  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Beachhead on the Piers

    @Vulpas @dx144

    "Thanks for the assist, brothers," grunts Vitaly as he levels his pistol at the struggling hovercraft pilot, stepping closer for an easier shot as he does so.

    "As for you - this is for being a right pain in my behind, as well as for taking my arm."

    Flicking the fire selector to standard rounds, Vitaly riddles the wounded alien with mass-reactives, reducing it to a far-flung scattering of meat and bone fragments.

    "Vitaly to all points. All parties in need of equipment repair, fall in on me," goes out his call on squad vox as soon as the combat zone is declared green.

    Wasting no time, he picks up his gamma cannon, clamping it firmly in his servo-arms while he restores it to working order with his mechadendrites and remaining arm.


    Vitaly swings into the cover of the remaining wall as the squad makes rendezvous with Sidon. His gamma cannon is now stabilised by his right arm, the majority of its weight borne by way of a jury-rigged harness of cargo straps tethered to his armour at various points. The MIU trigger grants him more flexibility with firing positions, bypassing the need for ergonomic triggering postures.

    "It is as you say, Brother-Captain," he begins, plugging into the alien console and following the lead of his deceased Forge-brother, "This is an elevator which leads to the submarine facility. Thus far, structural integrity is intact, as well as the airshafts connecting here with there. No direct clues as to the nature of what's down below, but the heavy defences we've encountered might be a hint."

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