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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "We just recovered from the blight. An every life of our legion matters as that of a thousand of any other." The librarian inclined his head towards Aleph. "Fulgrim rebuilt his legion with almost no resources. Each of us was picked out of millions and millions of candidates. To lose but one of us, means greater loss to him than any of us would ever admit to care. And unlike you, I would wish to be saved - so I may continue to make our father proud tomorrow. A dead son, is only another tear shed. A moment of distraction when the greatest Primarch should be focused to look forward and carve a prime exemplar of what humanity can achieve." Elymas replied melancholic and adamant.

    He took a deep breath, keeping his emotions in check. "I would like to continue the philosophy of one's worth once we are outside of a warzone, if you wish. But for now, our harmony should continue despite my discord tune. A false note played in our well arranged orchestrate. Worry not, any of you, that my strings will be strung in time with yours. My voice but be lonely, but on the battlefield we fight as one."
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    "Do you think so ill of us, brother, that you would curse brothers who love you as uncaring and negligent? Do you think we do this for glory? Do you think no thought is spared for them? No outrage, no sorrow? The truth is this: unchecked, the Xeno will only redouble its efforts to undermine Mankind. It must stop. Now," Camille's unmoving helm was fixed in the direction of the Librarian, his lenses' glow concealing the glare beneath. "Or we are guilty of a much greater crime: tolerance. Let not a drop of blood be spilled with impunity!"
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    "Do not let your temper spill, Camille." Extrovious closes behind his squad mate. "It does not befit us to snap at each other." The only thing keeping Extrovious from using the word Witch right now was a desire not to undermine his own point. "We have reached a majority and Elymas submits to it." He placed a hand on Camille's right pauldron. "Give Jendon and I a hand in picking out targets for when battle commences, would you?" Helmet turns toward the damaged assault, hoping he was on board with the idea.
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Calm yourself, Brother." The Librarian said calmly to Camille, making a gesture with his hand as well. It was not unusual for Elymas to be so in control of his emotions when others were not, he after all received extensive training in such matter before his ascension. But the increased volume gave his brother's true emotion away with ease, despite vox-caster.

    "I understand your logic, but yet we know nothing of these Xenos. How can you say that there is not one ready to rise to it's rank? Like Sergeant Sidon here might become a Captain if one was to fall? How can you tell that it has not acolytes that learned it's techniques and are causing this much agony somewhere in another place? I have seen like yourself what this creature is capable of. But what if the head of the snake has capability to regrow like the legendary and ominous hydra? No matter our foe, by the end of the campaign, a legion needs legionnaires to act, not corpses. I ask not for tolerance to suffer the xenos to live. I ask to honor human life over xeno death. How many dead Xenos leaders equal human lives, Legionnaire or otherwise?"

    But there was one last point ot address that went unanswered of Camille's argument. "The lives saved tomorrow, do not make up for the sacrifices. The children of tomorrow don't need today, if they live in the sins of yesterday. In other words. We will be spending more time, effort and resources creating new legionnaires than saving those who are captives. More brothers held back in recruitment and training instead of fighting on the frontlines."

    Elymas disliked the shortsightedness. Then again so often was he told through letters and books of the witchsight, to glimpse into the future, whether wished or not. Maybe this was his instinct telling him of the ill that will come from ignoring those that needed their help. A shudder coursed through him. After all the pain of becoming a librarian, his brethren would throw him before alien dogs to devour him. His grip tightened around his staff. Indeed, even within the legion maybe it was solitude that would keep one alive.

    "Apologies, brothers. As Extrovious said. I submit to your plan and I shall speak no more. My voice was heard, and I appreciate you did not silence me. Let us focus on the battle at hand and not cut our own." He inclined his head in apologies and then stepped to the side of Sidon. In self-penance for iminent punishment, if he saw it fit. It was not good to cause discord. He only hoped to not hear his brethrens screams of agony in his dreams to come.
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    "If we are successful here we can end this war saving countless lives. Those brothers who die, die in the knowledge we save thousands if not tens of thousands, I can think of no greater honour than dying in the service of Mankind and no one lives forever, no mortal can, and neither can an Astarte. I do wish it was something more glorious but a service is a service." Pholax spoke then turned to look at the Librarian.

    "They know their purpose and if there is anything a Child of the Emperor knows is that our blood is a high price, just like it was spilled saving the Emperor so too will it be spent in saving this world, such is our way. For those of our brothers who fall, we fell those who caused them to fall. Blood demands blood."

    Pholax knew that the Librarian was different but he still had Fulgrim's code in him, that was all that mattered, he might be different but was still one of us.

    "And, Camille, save your spite for the Xeno, not your own blood. The Xenos deserve every drop of our spite." Pholax spoke, gritting his teeth as he looked over the camp.

    Part of Pholax hoped that when they struck, the confusion would give their brothers a chance at fighting back, holding out till reinforcements arrived but he knew that was more a fool's hope.
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    Vitaly listens in silence to the conflicting opinions...well, mostly, one opinion in severe conflict with the rest. Yet, it is the voice that speaks what he, certainly, is thinking. The voice of the conflict in his soul. It had taken all of his wilderness-bred pragmatism and Legion indoctrination to leave battle-brothers and innocent civilians behind to strike at the enemy. He had been soft-hearted as a child, idealistic as a youth. He had pursued his interests in the mechanical arts because he had been good at them, and because they offered him the best chance of helping others. Many a time, his ingenuity had bent the very rules of survival, and saved everyone when they should have all perished out in the Deep Wastes.

    But in the end, math is math.

    Yet, he cannot forget that, even more times, he and all the other Salvationers had had to bow to reality and make the hard choices...

    To leave a man behind.

    To send a combat team to hold the rear, knowing full well they would perish, just so the rest of the band could escape.

    To leave behind a crucial water filter component now, accepting a portion of the tribe would die of thirst later, just so they had capacity for sandstorm dyke reinforcements that would ensure the tribe did not get wiped out now.

    And in each case, duty meant that the sacrificed party went to their end full willing, knowing their sacrifice meant that others had a chance to live. Obligation meant that those who survived had to pull for both themselves and those who had passed to ensure that sacrifice meant something. None of that made losing kin and friends any easier, but it at least gave their deaths meaning, and a way for the living to atone.

    Listening to the duelling opinions, Vitaly reflects upon the conflicting moralities at play here. Most of his brothers, whether through upbringing or subsequent Legion indoctrination, reflect his own hardnosed survivalist values. The Terran Elymas, perhaps as a product of his aristocratic upbringing, appears to be coming from more rarified mores that, for whatever reason, Legion indoctrination had failed to eliminate or temper.

    Perhaps they train psykers differently?

    Whatever the case, the delay caused by the bickering would soon make it all a moot point. The prisoners would all be executed, and the Haemonculus would make good his escape.

    "None of us wants to leave a man behind - whether Legion brother, or civilian," he says quietly, "But the logical conclusion leaves us only one viable option. To attempt to save the prisoners directly, as we are now, would mean we would join them, at best. We can strike now and succeed at something, or try the impossible and fail at everything. This analysis does not change, regardless of which side of the bars we are on."
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  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Martyn watched as their librarian-in-training brother voiced his opinion, perhaps with less than perfect tact, and then his other brothers' response. Surprisingly, only Camille took outright offense to Elymas' comments, even as he felt the sting of pain from the accusations himself. Closing his eyes for a moment as he clutched his fist, the line brother forced his respiratory system into a resting pace, inhaling and exhaling a few times quietly before his hands relaxed on their weapons.

    Since it seemed that the others pacified the situation, Martyn thought of the words used in the conversation. Giving a light scoff, he muttered, barely loud enough for the others to hear, "they should've sent the XX legion to this place, not waste our talents on such filth. Hydra dominatus indeed." He listened to the others and those that disagreed with the librarian already voiced his own reasoning out loud. To repeat them was to waste precious time and breath.

    One thing did stand out to Martyn though. Turning to Vitaly, he said, "perhaps for you, brother. Had none of our own legion brothers count amongst those trapped and experimented on down in that pit, my choice would be easy." A legionnaire was worth a thousand humans, and thus the line brother would apply the same logic to any tactical and strategic situation.

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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon as the others argued listened in silence, hearing the disagreement from the librarian caused a mixture of thoughts to come to his mind one of them was a joy to hear someone disagreeing to the plan something else than the landslide of following that most of the squad that up, as well as some thoughts of those other brothers he saw dead in the fields, strap to the raiders, What truly was the cost of there lives, if they could be taken by these Xenos, If only they were a bit better they wouldn't be having this conversation, and not as many lives of there own would be costed.

    Jendon cleared his mind trying to put his head back on the mission, Hearing Pholax's words he had to wonder if one day he would rise up to the rank of Military police, A sergeant, with his skills with words. No matter they had to focus on the now hearing Extrovious helping him finish picking out targets for the assault.
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Sidon was silent as the squad discussed how to best approach the situation, the man unmoving as a statue in some ancient temple. Only once everyone was finished did he speak, nodding at Librarian who stood besides him. "There is no punishment for speaking your mind, despite the hierarchical structure of our Legion, the strikeforce under command of Lord Leonis enjoys a bit more freedom, you can see it for yourself as we are not really full-squad strength and we use a psyker as support when others might not be inclined to do so."

    "Martyn, remember why are you here," the Sergeant then turned to the young Line Brother, this was the second time he was acting on his own accord. "We were made by the Emperor to destroy the horrors of the Old Night and destroy them we shall, but never lose sight of those we are fighting to protect. Not so long ago you too were one of these mortals and not so different. If fate had shuffled the deck differently, Fulgrim might've been raised on this jungle world while you might've been the one in those cages down there."

    Older warrior was overall glad that the squad, while having pretty much a single member who thought slightly differently, still had the mindset of a team despite being so young and inexperienced. This bode well for the future but only if their energy was channeled in right direction. "I might be boring but I find it important to mention it once again," Sidon now spoke to everyone present, gathering them all in his gaze. "Our Primarch strives to become the best of all of his brothers and we follow his example, to become the best of all other Legions under command of the Emperor, beloved by all. However, he does not teach us to do this out of some need for competition or glory-seaking, like Lunawolves do, always first in the fight as if always trying to prove something. Nor does he teach us to emulate himself in everything, like World Eaters do and in the process lose themselves to rabid barbarism."

    "We are doing this for ourselves. We better ourselves so we move forward, progress in the direction the Emperor set before us. We are proud, but we aren't arrogant. We are noble, but we aren't disdainful. We strive to be the best but we'll achieve this only once we defeat our own weaknesses. This is the thought that drove the Legion forward even before we were rejoined with our Father and that is the thought he molded into what is now our spirit. One day, once every last of our enemies lies dead at our feet, this galaxy will be in need of not only perfect warriors, but perfect statesmen, scholars, adminsitrators. That is what we are striving for."

    "But all of this talk made me thirsty," Sidon laughed now, showing a bit more anxiousness now that this topic was over with, "I have it on good authority that Leonis has stashed a barrel of finest Chemosian wine sent by Fulgrim himself to be opened once the planet is conquered. I know that our Lord Commander plans on giving it as a reward to that squad who does the most work in the opening battle and it has been some time since I drank from those orchards, given how they are better than anything I tasted back on Terra I would love to do so again. So let's not waste any more time and get this over with."

    Moving around the camp, using the jungle foliage for cover, Sergeant Sidon led his squad around until they came into range of the landing pad where the aliens were still being engaged in discussion. As they approached, they saw another trio of creatures coming up the stairs from whatever underground facility they were hiding at just moments ago - a Wrack with a long-barreled rifle accompanied by two oversized monsters, whatever vile experiments the alien leader did which Emperor's Children had to face in combat were nothing compared to this, or perhaps these creatures were simply some sort of an error in calculation but had to be used somehow. At the moment however, they were acting as simple servants, carrying lots of crates on their backs and headed towards the docked vessel.

    It looked as if the Legionaries would have time to properly set up but one of the bird-aliens gawked something and suddenly every eye was on the part of the jungle where the 4th squad was hiding. Both Scourges and Reavers instantly took to the air while the Haemonculus began scuttling towards the transport, followed by his minions that now also served as big meat shields.

    "Damned aliens!" Sidon cursed as he brought up his bolter, aiming at the evil surgeon, "We must not let him escape. Children of the Emperor, Death to his foes!" echoing Aleph's warcry from before, the bolter barked and firefight began once again.


    Camp defenders:

    Scourges: 5(SC)/5(DL)/5(DL)/5/5 Haemonculus: 12 (Boss) Doctor's staff: 4/15/15 Reaver Jetbikes:4 Ravager:5 (DL\DL\DC\Crew)

    Camille:12 Martyn:11 Jendon:10 Pholax:11 Vitaly:10 Elymas:12 Aleph:11 Extrovious:11 Sidon:16

    Haemonculus will escape in 2 turns, firing on him might delay this. Ravager is docked and it will suffer automatic hits due to it. To be destroyed, it needs either 5 normal hits or 3 16+ hits from Devastators or explosives (hits from normal bolters will count as 0.5 hits while 16+ hits from normal bolters will count as 1 normal hit). Dark lances (DL) and Disintegrator cannon (DC) have automatic crits if they hit you, while Disintegrator cannon will do aoe crit instead. Splinter cannon (SC) has an additional attack. Haemonculus has atm hidden wargear and if attacked, he'll not retaliate in person and will send his staff to do so, as long as they are alive.

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    "Enemy flyers, and enemy escape vehicle must be priority targets. Heavy weaponry present in both forces, but that vehicle alone seems to be carrying as much an arsenal as the entirety of those winged freaks." Extrovious side steps a rain of venomous crystal shards, splintering munitions pricking his armor and failing to find flesh. "Brother Jendon, we need that skimmer out of commission now. If our target were not capable of rapid removal from the field, I'd say our talents were better set on the enemy air infantry." A krak grenade is stolen from its magnetic clamp, jump pack already warming. "Let us fly over there and deal with the vehicle before anything else. Take my krak, use yours too, bombard the craft and I shall be your shield." The densely explosive cylinder of anti-armor fury is offered out towards his assault brother.


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