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Perfect Warriors

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    A Moment Before the Storm

    Alephoros felt the weight of more than just the blade when he heard his gene-Father speak of its history. He would admit to being a dreamer, but not a visionary, yet even so he could not quite shake a strange sense of having seen the sword or heard the name before. The feeling was soon swamped in the warm fire of his Sire's praise and his proximity to his Lord in such a joyous mood. In this moment, Legionary Aster felt that he could accomplish anything! He had Fulgrim's blessing and the only tool a warrior really needed, a fine blade. He took it with careful reverence, studying the play of light on the edge and the dancing blaze that seemed to flicker even when it was still. He looked up to Fulgrim.

    "Such is its name, Lord, and I could suggest no other more suitable. It is perfect." Indeed, it was a new experience for anything to be as magnificent as to take his eyes away from his Primarch. But Daith'wyn did so. "I will strive to craft new legends in your name, for both it and I were remade for your service."

    Once he was dismissed, Aleph bowed and made his way from the chamber where such luminaries formed the brotherhood he was now part of and went to find Brothers he was more used to.

    The Best Seats in the House

    Fourth Squad, Twenty-Fifth Company, Third Milennial of the Emperor's Children stood in perfect formation. Aleph was positioned between Sergeant Exrovious and Brother Vitaly, Night's Edge and Daith'wyn by his sides. He had practiced with the two blades for as long as he could, taking time to see how they reacted to the flow and ebb of battle and each other. Purely in the sense of the balance and weight of the swords, of course, he assured himself. He held no heathen notions of spirits inhabiting the weapons, or so he assured himself. Perhaps, slightly too often. Still, on some level he was too proud to admit, he was relieved that Night's Edge did not resent Daith'wyn like an angry felid; if anything, the Nostraman blade seemed to welcome its lighter counterpart as a dancing-partner in the slaughter that was surely to come.

    He gazed up at the podium above where the Emperor, beloved by all, proclaimed his favoured son Horus as Warmaster, and watched as Fulgrim was the first to congratulate him in a brotherly embrace. Aleph felt the weight of the Lord of All Mankind's departure, of course, but looking up now - and knowing how well his own Legion had worked with the Luna Wolves - he felt that they were in safe hands.

    A Serpentine Foe

    Aleph gave a small bow of his head to Elymas in acknowledgement of his words. "I shall certainly hope to do so, Brother, but we will all forge our own legends this day," he said, smiling nonetheless. It would be his first true test of the Charnabal sabre and he longed to see its lethal dance compliment his own. He turned to Captain Sidon.

    "As always, Captain, I feel that Brother Vitaly has laid out the technical advantages and weaknesses in sound order and I have no more insight in such matters that I wish to bring for consideration. For myself, I know that we have seen two things that make the submarine base of greater concern. One, the foul Laer have altered themselves into many forms both vile and chimerical, yet, undeniably effective. We are used to threats from the sky and the land, but by sea - well, now that is something we have yet to face and I judge that we cannot rule out some new variant that could attack our main force from underneath. And two, I am reminded of an old saying from my time with the Eighth: The worst dangers are those hidden in the dark. Striking the underwater base will force an unknown to become a known and with that intel, we puncture the xenos' potential for surprise factors to adversely affect out strategy."

    Of course, the Night Lords hadn't been using the phrase in the same way he had, but Aleph considered the point made.

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  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "I figured you might like the idea of attacking the hidden base rather than joining the big assault alongside others. It's one of the reasons I enjoyed leading you in combat, now matter how many things you achieved you still epitomize the old spirit of the Legion," Sidon remarked, the sudden praise coming as if out of nowhere. Perhaps the old veteran became soft or perhaps he was simple feeling good, but whatever the case, the explanation would have to wait. Signal was given and their Thunderhawk transport's ramp lowered down to admit them in. Last they saw of Sidon was him engaged in a fierce argument with Apox down the embarking deck, the freshly-elevated Chapter Master red in face and shouting something while the other legionary remained seemingly unperturbed. In any event, the cards were dealt and the invasion was on.

    Emperor's Children engaged the Laer in every theater of war and as the Illuminator conquered the stars, better part of his sons took to the ground in a massive organized strike against major alien targets. The world itself was covered in great oceans and while there its population was significant, the xenos were generally located in and around huge floating cities that hovered above the water level and moved across the globe. While this meant that finding targets wasn't that hard, the sheer defiance of these creatures that dared to call themselves perfect wasn't something anyone suspected, but it also wasn't something that stopped the Third Legion from unleashing hell.

    As for the Third Millennial itself, they were sent in a second wave after force led by Demeter himself struck the first blow. Around ten thousand warriors were divided between attacking two floating cities while a smaller part of them remained in orbit to protect "Sovereign" in case of enemy boarders try to take out the flagship. Lenois, Cautorious, Apox, Minteril and every other senior officer was part of this deployment, each warrior striving hard to receive blessing from their Father and show that the trust which was put in this Millennial wasn't wasted.

    However, another Child of the Emperor already had this blessing and his sole focus was on completing the task at hand, which meant the Laer's asset crushed and many lives spared. Captain Sidon led small contingent of three hundred and twenty legionaries away from the glory of central deployment towards less promising target but equally important and perhaps even bit deadlier.

    They attacked in two large waves. Spearhead was made out of two dozen Storm Eagles, the gunships flying low and escorted by a squadron of Legion's jetbikers directly drawn from Minteril's old 31st Company. Followup wave was majorly Thunderhawks, Sidon deciding to eschew usage of Stormbirds as the speed was of the essence, so he went with the smaller but more agile aircraft. He also didn't bring much in terms of heavy armor, just couple of Predators and three Ancients entombed in heavily-armed Contemptor chassis. Focus, like with every attack made by the Emperor's Children, was on overwhelming the aliens with sheer martial prowess born out of pure skill with blade and gun while being backed up by heavy firepower.

    But for all their faults, the Laer didn't seem to be taken aback by this and they showed it by fighting back like nobody expected.

    Vitaly was patched into the Thunderhawk's cogitator and the data fed into his visor from both its sensor arrays as well as the rest of the force told him a different story. Aliens were waiting for them and they prepared a hell of their own. Squadrons of sleek aircraft propelled by some advanced anti-grav technology rose to meet them alongside a swarm of flying aliens that served as a blanket for fire and forced the pilots to use their own eye sight to aim due to targeting systems going wild with false positives and unable to lock on the actual threat. Couple of Storm Eagles alongside a full squad of jetbikers was brought down before they even got to the naval base, but it didn't mean the legionaries sold their life cheaply as with every Child of the Emperor dead, three more aliens joined the pile.

    Even while he carried no numbing collar or anything like it for Fulgrim wasn't about to steep down to such barbaric solutions, he trusted his sons that carried the psyker gene to restrain themselves with their own free will for disobeying his word and the word of the Master of Mankind was punishable by death, Elymas would struggle not to feel the death all around him. It was Ullanor all over again but now without the protection of his powers to hold his mind intact. However he did see at least one familiar figure. Couple of seats to the left further down the hold he saw Hephestus putting on his helmet. Chief Librarian no more, his former mentor took the role of a simple Assault brother and carried a power axe plus a large caliber bolt pistol as a sidearm. Their eyes met - he gave Elymas the slightest of nods and before the younger Librarian could see the dangerous look in his eyes Hephestus put the helmet on and the ceramite grille masked everything else.

    There was little time to think about any of it for the sirens began to scream and the light turned to orange. Deployment was nigh.


    Thunderhawk came in low, unleashing a blast from its followed by a streak of frag missiles and the landing zone was clear. It touched the ground and it took the Emperor's Children less than fifteen seconds to exit it via side and back ramps. 4th Squad led by Sergeant Extrovious was first out and they found the LZ littered with corpses of the slain aliens and pieces of shattered cover that made the most of the large pier they found themselves on.

    There were lots of smaller ships around, most of them burning after the initial strafing run, but there was one at the end of the pier that was intact and quite bigger than the rest. It was of a strange oval design with a better part of it currently underwater. While its interior was hidden from the sight, the lifters were working and up on its metallic runway couple of Laer flyers were being loaded up but not only them. Two anti-air guns of a look similar to three hydra batteries stripped together pumping out purple streaks of energy. One of these streaks hit the 4th Squad's Thunderhawk as it got back in the air and it veered off, it's left wing cut cleanly in half. It's pilot could only do so much and the craft crashed into one of the buildings in the back, going out in a blazing fireball.

    "Squad Extrovious, first priority - deal with those AA emplacements and give our flyers a breather," Sidon's voice chimes in through the squad-wide vox, the Captain himself on the other side of the harbor storming a series of bunkers and other defensive structures. Easier said than done as the only way (on foot) to reach the carrier and its guns was across a wide ramp guarded by a group of large Laer aliens, these ones armored in more segmented type of armor than the rest of their peers, forming a line by interlocking shimmering shields and hefting long-grip halberds in their two off hands. Behind them and standing near the guns was a trio of aliens which had two of their arms modified to act as energy sources for their triple-barreled weapons that spat blue lightning at the Emperor's Children, a squad of Assault legionaries led by one of the freshly appointed Sergeants was reduced to incinerated husks as they were wiped from the sky by these aliens.

    Speaking of the sky, it was clogged with Laer airborne breed, all four arms made into smaller caliber energy guns while instead of the tail, they had a long stinger which they used to swoop by and pick legionaries from where they least expect. Bunch of them, organized Emperor-knows how, turned their attention on the 4th Squad and gathered for a flyby, intent on driving them off the pier and into the dark ocean below.

    But that wasn't the end of their worries. Behind them and beyond the pier was a number of dry docks where lots of ships and submersibles were being constructed even as the battle raged around by a small army of drones, aliens of insectoid shape milling all around and trying to get the vessels up and ready to repel the attackers. From their direction came a swarm of normal Laerans, twin swords, twin rifles and simpler armor told the Emperor's Children that these were the foot soldiers of the aliens but not looking anything worse for that matter. At their head was something akin to their leader, the creature having an additional pair of arms that ended in crab-like pincers that could easily snap a legionary in two. Communication between these aliens was non verbal but their intent was obvious - if their flyers fail, they would be the ones to funnel the 4th Squad either into the water or towards their bigger kin in the back where they could be plucked apart by a mix of heavy fire and sharp melee weapons.

    Laer defenders:

    Laer infantry:30, Laer Flyers:23, Myrmidon Guard:10/10/10/10, Lightning Casters: 13/13/13 AA Guns: [5] [5], Whirling Dervish:20

    Arnock:15 Eylmas:15 Extrovious:15 Vitaly:15 Aleph:15 Jendon:15 Denatus:15 Pholax:15

    Combat advantage: Minor Laer advantage

    OOC you as a squad can call up for Storm Eagle bombardment once during this deployment however as long as the AA guns are standing, the impact of this action will be highly lowered. Presence of the carrier ship gives Laer side an advantage and it cannot be destroyed by conventional weapons.
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    ~~ Earlier ~~
    Elymas looked with concern towards Hephestus. That look. Those eyes. Something the former Codicer knew of his own aspirations and gazing in his mirror image. Maybe he was still too sour about the edict. He shook his head to fight both the feeling of his former mentor and the death all around him. The anguish was assailing him, but Elymas took a deep breath in and let it slowly out as the helmet sealed over his head. Without his powers to protect him, there was only meditation, finding ones inner center and accepting that he is merely a single fish in the wide ocean that the galaxy was made up of. He would not fight the stream any longer, but instead allow the current to propel him forwards. "We are Warriors. Warriors of the Third." He hummed softly on his lips the song he once wrote. Forgetting about the former Chief Librarians facial expression.

    ~~ Now ~~
    "Sergeant Extrovious!" Elymas exclaimed in excitement. "They are before us! Behind us! And above us! There is no escape for them!" The former librarian grinned beneath his helmet, ready to unleash death in the name of the waterbringer of Chemos, the Emperor and his own honor. Eager to prove himself like a fresh recruit but combined with the experience of many campaigns, unlike the fools that got incinerated on the spot. He turned briefly to Jendon and Arnock.

    @Vulpas & @matt23
    "I hope it did not take you too long to make those fools! Time to show them how it's done in the third millenium!" He had both pistols ready since they got out of their aircraft which sadly detonated after unloading the squads. The battle-hardened Velodonus moved close towards Extrovious, figuring he would any moment break out into an attack or provide orders, and Elymas would be there to execute them as it was a line brothers duty.

    See next post.
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    "Not one scrap of this world shall be left stainless when we are through brothers! We need to break this encirclement at once! Arnock, Elymas, to my side and through their hearts! Alpeh engage designated enemy leader! Denatus, avenge our fallen from Squad Faust and turn those lightning guns to scrap! Jendon, Pholax, keep pace with the assault and give enemy airborne units a fatal warning shot or fifty." Extrovious reflects Elymas' excitement like a well polished mirror, embracing the thrill of coming slaughter that makes his heart beat thunder so. Even the loss of an entire squad to the Xeno weapons specialist could not dim the brimming war song pounding in his ears. The crackle of power weapons became a distant dream as the screaming blades slung under his claws joined in the cacophony of war. "Forward, Sons of the Emperor! Death to your foes!" Sergeant flies on his feet this day, eager but not so much as to test his own luck against the Casters. Instead the giant among giants flies forward with his arms outstretched and aquilla presented proudly, indeed arrogantly, to the enemy. "I shall keep the chaff from your blades brother, make quick work of the xeno lest I outpace you into the next pack!" Extrovious grins viciously towards the Palantine Blade in their midst before jump pack blasts him forward in a ground skimming surge and blades cross in towards the first unfortunate alien to cross his path.

    Actions: All Out action against the Laer Infantry horde
    Denatus - Destroy the Lightning Casters
    Arnock + Elymas - Forward into melee, break through the enemy line
    Aleph - Kill the Whirling Dervish
    Jendon + Pholax - Attack the Fliers
    Vitaly - Carry the objective on your back and do the actual important parts while Extro hits the playground
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas finally received the order to unleash terror upon their foes and Extrovious gave exactly what he desired, to fight among the hero of heroes, Arnock himself. And with Sergeant Extrovious right there to witness the reborn line-brothers might. He loaded a krak clip into his bolt pistol before leaving his cover. Like back in the day as a librarian, just without his instrument he broke out into his song unassisted by the warp merely raw in notes as his feet carried him forward.

    "Brothers everywhere
    Raise your hands into the air
    We're warriors, warriors of the third.
    Like thunder from the sky
    Sworn to fight and die
    We're warriors, warriors of the third."

    We own the right, to live the fight
    We're here for all of Mankind.
    Now swear the blood upon your Aquila
    Will never dry.
    Stand and fight together
    Beneath the metal sky."

    Each approaching enemy that would be in effective range of either bolt pistol or inferno pistol would be shot at, and those who dared to engage in melee would be met with the blades attached on the front of either sidearm.

    Load Kraken Rounds into Bolt Pistol
    One Defense on Self
    One Defense on Extrovious
    ↑ Shoot with Bolt Pistol & Inferno Pistol at anything that is close enough, slice with mounted bayonets anything that gets into melee.
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    Standing in the depths of the Sovereign's forges, Vitaly oversees the depth-hardening of the squad's armour. Underwater environments are even more hostile than the depths of space, with the danger increasing exponentially with depth. One can never be too careful, and he is thankful that he managed to procure the timeslots necessary to increase safety margins for his squad-brothers. Still, something else - entirely unrelated, save for its definite origin on Laer - nags at him, something he cannot as yet name. On the planet below, something is rotten, and Vitaly is worried, in large part because it is impossible to see the unknown and unnameable coming.

    Marine LZ

    By the time he piles out the Thunderhawk's landing ramp into the midst of a blistering firefight with his brothers, Vitaly is in a decidedly foul mood. The wave of unwelcome sensations - some familiar, some not - had hit him as soon as the transport had entered the ionosphere, an impression remote and ineffable as a distant memory, and yet clear and inescapable for all of that. The feeling itself was like every strong feeling he had ever experienced or could conceive - and several that fit into neither category - mingled into crashing, ever-escalating waves that harrassed his brain and nerve endings into distraction. It had only been with an effort of will, descending into a mixture of Legion and Mechanicum nootropic meditations upon focus and duty that he had compartmentalised the disturbing waves of hedonistic sensation. Right now, nothing felt quite so head-clearing as shooting something - several somethings - deader than the last alien species he had personally helped exterminate.


    No verbal communication passes between Extrovious and Vitaly when the sergeant hands out his orders, and none are necessary, the instinctive understanding of brotherhood forged in battle more than sufficing to flesh out the silence between the speech. As Extrovious blasts forward into the fray, Vitaly hangs back. Subjective time slows as his doubly-enhanced senses patch into the bulky new equipment on his armour backpack - a baroque collection of antennae and vanes, the external manifestation of the most powerful augur array this side of a warship. Immediately, waves of electronic data wash over his senses, his bionics and genehanced brain parsing it all with incredible speed, formulating threat assessments, movement trajectories, fire zones, theatre signals data, enemy comms bleed and auspex sweeps, a million million other sources, all to balance the bloody equations of war. The end result is then further streamlined and simplified, streamed to the squad's auto-senses as real-time updated threat assessments, target prioritisations and movement predictions.

    "Signum web established. Engaging primary target, Sergeant," he says, taking a knee and levelling his gamma cannon at the closest AA gun.

    Simultaneously, he paints two locations on the platform bearing the guns for his missile systems, aiming to catch both the guns and its defenders - the Myrmidons and the Lightning Caster-wielders - in a double thermobaric blast. The nano-foundry unit whirs furiously, assembling two thermobaric charges, which are then sent corkscrewing through the air to detonate in the midst of the guns and their guardians. Likewise via MIU, he triggers a half-second blast from his gamma cannon, the invisible, ravening lance of collimated EM energy leaving a trail of ionisation rings and recombination scintilla through the air as evidence of its passage.

    "Gamma blast and thermobarics away," he voxes over the squad net, "Keep clear of primary target zone. Oh, and Pholax? @dx144 Try not to throw away your gun and charge your target with an axe this time, eh? One, they can fly - you can't. Two, I'm getting rather sick of holding the gun line on my own. Three, I'm getting even more sick of replacing your weapons whenever they get annihilated by your...improvisational tactics."

    Action Summary

    1.) Standard Action: Attack @ closest AA Gun w/Gamma Cannon

    2.) All-Out Action: Attack @ AA Gun area w/ Micro-Missiles (Thermobaric)

    3.) Action: @ w/

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Attack @ closest AA Gun w/Gamma Cannon

    Augur Array: Squad Targeting Mode Active

    Special ammo: 1 x Kraken, 1 x Dragonfire, 1 x Tempest (bolt pistol)

    Explosives: 3 x plasma grenades

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 20/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 2, EMP x 1

    Other Gear: Combat Shield (?)
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    Alephoros met his former Sergeant's words with a salute, his fist crashing against the chest plate of his armour. He knew that Extrovious was a worthy successor to the title, but he also remembered how Sidon had both mentored the squad and tempered their raw nature, moulding them into soldiers. He watched him walk away with something of a mild feeling of disconcerting nature that he had no basis for. Or so he told himself. He could not afford to become superstitious now, of all times.

    Deployment was quick and with characteristic efficiency, Fourth Squad spilled out onto the surface of Laeran with speed, instantly taking in the disposition of the enemy. Sky and sea belonged to the Laer here and that was an insult that could not be allowed to stand. The very nature of these twisted beings was disturbing to behold, but to a warrior of the Astartes, it only provoked disgust and the desire to kill. Aleph drew Night's Edge and Daith'wyn, taking a moment to centre himself around the calm core of his being. He'd been privileged to see Lord Akurduana duel with his Primarch once before the Legions had left the surface of Ullanor, a private show of skill that only the Palatine Blades had been allowed to witness. The spectacle had fired him to strive to prove himself worthy of his appointment twice over. He'd only been able to follow the pace of the two swordsmen because of his genhanced senses. If he could bring even a fraction of what he'd witnessed here to bear, then he would begin Daith'wyn's legend anew.

    He nodded to Extrovious and sent his acknowledgement across the vox. "Aye Sergeant, engaging enemy leader." Then he was running, slipping in and out of the cover and litter of corpses as he sought to gain the target, using every height advantage and turn of speed he could. Daith'wyn was the first to sing out, seeking gaps in the Laer's armoured joints. Night's Edge probed for weak points, the treacherous breaks between plates where it could slip in like a dagger in the dark.

    OOC: Attack on Laer leader, defence on self. Utility stance: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for both of his normal actions with no penalties.

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  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock could not bring himself to laugh at Elymas' joke as his duty felt like it failed with each death of one he had trained. Faces were no longer mere faces, as each one he could recall at one point speaking to or helping. It was a sorrow and pain that Arnock would have to learn how to use to propel him into battle more effectively. Nobody but Elymas would be able to sense what it was exactly that he felt as he tried to carry himself in a manner that did not convey any problems.

    Extrovious' orders seemed to snap Arnock from his trance. Something that he was truly grateful for. Drawing his power sword and inferno pistol, Arnock welcomed the call of battle once more. The Master of Rites quickly charged into battle with the standard waving overhead, a signal to all that the pride of the 3rd Millennial had entered battle. Taking aim at the wall of armored warriors, Arnock unleashed of blast of pure hell from his inferno pistol to soften the line of enemies before him. Right behind that, the champion would attempt to plunge his power sword straight through the heart of the his Laer he collided with. This would hopefully, break the initial line the xenos had formed and soften their overall defensive stamce.

    OOC: All out attack on defensive formation. One attack inferno pistol and one attack power sword.
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    "I still say charging an unknown force is a fool's move." Pholax mused. "However... I am the fool following you so who's more of a fool in this story." Pholax smiled and carried on to the Thunderhawk.

    Although, the Phoenician was a fool for even making such rash claims of what we can do, the challenge was of course incentive and a driving force to improve ourselves... But it's going to come at a cost, we need to make decisions like this and damage ourselves in the process. To charge and die was work for those footsloggers of the Fourth. The Men of the Third are meant for so much more than to die in their hundreds if not thousands to gain a scrap of land....

    The knowledge of the decision to take this world was widely known, coming from anyone other than a Primarch it'd have been a laughable statement that one should be condemned for, but even with Fulgrim leading them, they'd lose a lot of men and women doing this, not to mention materials and ships with those lives, and just to add to the recipe for disaster, time was now pressing against them.

    "Understood." Pholax voxed, finding a piece of cover towards most of the Xenos.

    Balancing his Autocannon and letting shells chase down the flyers.


    All out attack on Flyers with autocannon.

    Taking 3 Incendiary grenades
    Taking 3 Dragonfire clips
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon as they made planet fall Jendon would keep to his bolter, A new attachment had found itself upon the under barrel of it, to many of those of his legion they would recognize it as a needler, and baring his legions markings of the third. Already reports were coming in of these initital scans of them from the first boots on the ground were coming in, as they were Jendon began filling the needlers toxic supply with a mixture created to help counter the xenos with help from a formula from a fellow apothcary Theo. Jendon, knew the first batch would likely be the weakest and could be improved from more on the ground sample gathering as well as more intesive scans from his diagnoster.

    As they reached the ground, Jendons Helmet would be filled with reports of the dead and dying, Calls for aid and then suddenly green runes turning to black, , A explosion almost shook the apothcary as there thunder hawk transport slamed into the building, the pilot status winking out, As well as Squads Faust's fail charge the Assault marines destroyed entirely from armor to progenoid, caused the Apothcary to grit his teeth under his helmet.

    "These xenos will pay for every life they take, Our brothers will perform better Elymas, Worry not, Arnock trained em well, As I and the cheif apothcary assembled em. xenos tricks wont get the best of all of em." There was a sting from the joke that hit Jendon only slighty as he brushed it off, Taking to the mission. Jendon formed a line with Pholax, and Vitaily. Bolter in both hands his diagnosteralready had aim of the first flying laer as the machine spirit of the daignoster began scanning deep attempting to give him all the information it could take in,

    Taking aim Jendon began letting out burst fire upon the Flying Laer.

    All out attack on flying Laer
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