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Perfect Warriors

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    A Place to Call Home

    It was with a wandering step after the heady delights of celebration that a boundlessly cheerful Alephoros Aster, once of Chemos and now newly-minted Palatine Blade made his way from the secret chambers of initiation towards his own quarters. Not that he was ready to sleep. Aleph didn't think he would sleep for days. He considered making vox contact with some of his Brothers but in truth he didn't know what to say, how to frame the honour he had been given into words. At least clear words, ones of actual meaningful syllables. Without just beaming like a simpleton.

    Fortunately, a vox chime from the lands beyond Aleph's own private dreamworld summoned the dizzy young Palatine to friends and Brothers.

    +++Who's off-duty right now? Got something nice to show you. Drinks on me.+++

    +++ I am here, I have some news, I'll meet you in about - er, as soon as I can. I have a new sword to show you.+++
    Aleph wasn't strictly drunk as such, but he couldn't keep the grin out of his voice. +++Very, very good news,+++ he added, unnecessarily, but with the joy of the blessed.

    It didn't take long as the Astartes goes to find Vitaly in his new den. Which proved to be far too small a word, as not only had the Technical Brother found an unused and unwanted niche within the confines of the ship, he had kitted it out in the manner of the staterooms of a grand palace. Aleph met him at the door, his eyes darting everywhere as he was shown through. A library. A workshop. Sparring pits, training cages, a firing range. Somewhere to wrestle and, should the martial arts be set aside for a brief moment, quiet places of contemplation. Aleph could swear he even caught sight of some kind of vox-linked, dual-controlled battle simulator connected to a wide screen where tactical combat could be played out between a wide roster of programmed opponents. And, through a mirrored chamber of the utmost artistic elegance and after a well-stocked wine cellar complete with some kind of gently dripping and complicated glass apparatus more usually found in an Apothecary's lab, Extrovious, and a crate of beer.

    "I've got some good news," Aleph said, though it was clearly written all over his face. "You've made us a palace, Brother," he said to Vitaly, dropping without too much conscious thought into a seat. The leather was plush, clearly designed for officers over mere ratings. He looked up at Extrovious.

    "New gloves? They suit you," he said, "they'd be the envy of the Eighth, too. They like their chainblades and claws." Such was the insulation of his joy that he could brush aside the fluttering of black bat wings. "Put the two together and you'd be the talk of the Legion."

    He took the ale Vitaly handed him with a nod of thanks and studied the label. It took him three tries to comprehend the writing and the illustration.

    "I got this," he said, setting the bottle aside unopened for just a moment so that he could take up his newest sword from its place opposite Night's Edge on the other side of his purple tabard. Aleph unsheathed a gently curved blade, one of such fine craftsmanship that it needed no electricity to make its cut keen. The blade was patterned like watered silk, and the scabbard was indeed covered in such, pale green. The pommel bore a single stone in the same hue as his own eyes. Each Charnabal sabre was unique, of course, but Aleph felt that this one could have been made for him alone.

    "What do you think?" he asked, turning to each of his brothers. "You may have to excuse me, I seem to be quite overcome by the occasion. What's in this beer?"

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    "It is something i wanted to tell you, You were right about me one day serving directly under fabius bile, I have recently been promoted and will be serving under him soon, Though with this comes a mission, head apothcary fabius, Antiva and I will be on a mission to aid bringing the recruits up to full status and that means I will be leaving for a time." Jendon said a bit of sorrow on his lips that he would be leaving his brothers soon though he knew one day he would return to them.
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    "A right generous bastard, too, from the sound of it," replies Vitaly with a nod at Extrovious' new acquisitions, "Those things are said to be worth more than an entire year's output of some industrial worlds...ergo, more than any of our hairy behinds. Material reward and networking - Brother-Sergeant Extrovious is certainly moving up in the world, hobnobbing with another Legion's First Captain. I'll drink to that."

    Popping the cap on the second bottle with his thumb, he clinks bottles with Extrovious and takes a quaff, smacking his lips thoughtfully at the flavour.

    "That, and my commitment to being an absolute pain in your behind now your promotion has gone from brevet to official. I'm certain I speak for the entire squad when I say that. As for the brew, no Ork blood, I'm afraid, but now you mention it, I hear there are brewers who do interesting things with fungi...but no, this is a fairly standard grain ale - the label is simply commemorative. Thought I'd start with something conservative, and I think I've just about got it right this time around. The banana-coconut flavour was a pleasantly serendipitous effect - achieved the right combination of esters entirely by accident, but rest assured I can replicate it with one hundred percent certainty now.

    And no, I didn't learn that during my time with the IVth, though they did inspire me to go ahead with this whole project. I bet this chap in the team I served with called Seth - I think you and Pholax would both like him - that I'd be the first between us to build a working still. Haven't heard from him in a while, but I reckon I've won our bet by now. Knowing him, he'd be too busy beheading aliens and recidivists and brawling to even think about building anything technically complex."


    [OOC: Actually, Extro and Vitaly are meeting in the ratings' lounge for the ship's crew, but I can arrange things so we wind up at the clubhouse anyway...if you don't mind, that is!]

    "There goes Aleph, right on schedule. Actually, he's on a part of the ship more or less on the other side of where we want to go, so why don't we get moving and we'll meet up at a common intersection. I, ah, kind of want to keep this whole affair on the down-low, if you get me. You'll see why."

    Vitaly leads Extrovious to an intersection just off the spinal way at Deck #67, where he indicates they should wait for Aleph to catch up. When the newly-minted Palatine Blade shows up, Vitaly gives an appreciate nod and raised eyebrow at the new trappings of status, but says nothing, raising a finger to his lips and waving his brothers on to follow him, looking furtive enough to be infiltrating enemy territory. He proceeds to lead them through a confusing succession of lesser corridors, switching back throug closed-off bulkheads that open to his privileged access and the odd maintenance crawlspace. This goes on for several minutes until they at last find themselves in the neglected service corridor in Subsection #34, Section #12, Deck #69.

    "Thank you for your patience, brothers, and please excuse the secrecy. You'll see why when you look inside. Gentlemen, I give you..."

    It hits Vitaly just then that, amidst all the hustle and bustle of building the place, he never actually got down to name it. Just as quickly, inspiration for a name hits him.

    Subsection Thirty-FOUR, Section Twelve, Deck Sixty-NINE. Hmm.

    "...Four to Nine. Please make yourselves at home," he says, mentally triggering the door to open smoothly and waving them inside with all the aplomb of a butler to a grand household.

    Very nearly bowled over by Aleph's enthusiasm, he lets the two potter and poke around, content to let his workmanship speak for itself. When they all finally settle down in the plush seats of the main lounge, Vitaly listens to Aleph speak, his eyes widening as the Charnabal sabre is showed off.

    "First of all, congratulations, Brother, on making the Palatine Blades. And may I say, that is an exceedingly fine blade. I hear each one is bespoke, is it not? It seems we are all moving up in the world these days. Brother Extrovious here just got confirmed as sergeant - our sergeant, to boot, so be certain to be conscientious about contributing to his future receding hairline," remarks Vitaly deadpan as he salutes Aleph with his rapidly-dwindling beer, "As for the beer, it's a fairly standard grain ale, knocked together with whatever I could scrounge from the leavings of the ship's galleys and the oversight of Fleet Logistics. It's criminal what gets thrown away. All this..."

    He indicates the construction around them.

    "Well, most of this was put together from the castoffs of people much higher the social ladder than any of us here, Legionnaires though we may be. The rest was acquired through begging, borrowing and...shall we say, being a dab hand at logistics paperwork, all for the sole purpose of making life a little more bearable for a certain squad of IIIrd Legion troopers. Legal though everything is, I'd much rather other people didn't find out about it...higher command, in particular, since they get a bit tetchy about common troopers getting above their station. Hence me wanting to keep it in the family, so to speak. But do tell us about your elevation to high society, while I get a suitable drink to go with the tale."

    Going over to the bar, Vitaly returns with a half-century amasec in an ice bucket, and three balloon glasses.

    "Now we can have a proper toast to your and Extrovious' promotions."
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    "You have chosen well," Fulgrim told Aleph as he picked up his new Charnabal Sabre from the racks, "This particular sword has been with us since the forming of the Legion. After inspecting it, Ferrus told me that while there are no imperfections in its monoblade's crystalline matrix, it was actually constructed from the remnants of some older weapon that possibly predates the Old Night, if you would believe such things. I haven't found any solid proof of it origin but the first Emperor's Children champion who wielded it during the Unification Wars saw that the blade has an interesting attribute - it catches sun rays which dance around its length with such intensity that it can blind your enemies. So he named it Daith'wyn - the White Flame, or something like that. In any event, it is yours now so you can call it whatever you want."


    "You're not supposed to remember..." Elymas heard the words echoing in his mind as he approached the elderly woman but before he could say anything another familiar voice called out to him, this one demanding obedience with each of its honeyed word uttered. "Elymas, come over here, I must congratulate you personally!" Fulgrim shouted over the crowd and it, perhaps involuntarily, drove psyker's focus away only for a second. Next moment he looked, the woman was gone, as if she was never there in the first place.

    "Serena. My name is Serena D'Angelus, my Lord!" artist almost shouted now as the crowd piled in, separating her from Arnock as more and more humans came to ask some of their own questions, touch the Astartes or even simply bask in their glory and the radiance of their Father. Master of Rites lost sight of the woman as she was swallowed by the crowd but at least he had his gift drawing still with him.

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    Chogorian drink Hakeem was so happy to share had a proper kick to it, that came slightly later than expected. "Fight? They aren't gonna fight brother," Vyre slurred these words, given the fact he started drinking earlier he was at the end of his strength. "Although not that I know what's going on in Father's head, might as well ask Vorias about it..." he managed and then his head dropped on the table, World Eater finally passing out.

    "Good drink, no?" White Scar on the other hand laughed and poured some more of it for both him and two Emperor's Children legionaries. Whether they took it or not, the time ahead of them was spent in good mood as Hakeem told them stories of his own Legion and its accomplishments, boasting about the kills he made, worlds he conquered and trophies he collected. As for Angron and the Lion, their duel never came to be as both of the Primarch soon left the pits, each going in different directions. This fueled the rumors about how they duked it out in the lower parts of the Conqueror where no prying eyes would distract them, but these were just that, rumors, whatever transpired left for their own imagination to conjure it up.

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    Time goes by, so slowly

    Couple of weeks later the magnificent celebrations that were Triumph at Ullanor came to an end. All fourteen Legiones Astartes collected their belongings and set forth once again, the Great Crusade after a short pause well under way once more. But of course, things were slightly more different now. Emperor, beloved by all, made Horus as his Warmaster and went back to Terra to work on his own secret project, leaving precious few of his agents with the Legions, especially the Third. Before he left, Prefect Galenicus Soter came to visit the third millennial and after saying his goodbyes, left one of his Custodians called Nydus Prax behind to act as a special delegate from the Emperor himself, even further strengthening the bonds this particular force of the Emperor's Children had with the Ten Thousand.

    As for the Millennial itself, for the time ahead they became the part of the main Legion's force under Fulgrim's direct command, meaning that the "Sovereign" and the rest of their flotilla sailed alongside "Pride of the Emperor" itself and the rest of the great Legion's fleet. Besides that, promotions were in order as well. Besides Elymas, Arnock and Jendon who each rose in ranks, Extrovious held the position of 4th Squad's Sergeant while Sidon advanced into the rank of a Captain. Vitaly was perhaps the only one of them who while having a specialist rank didn't actually move from the rank of the Techmarine however as he was one of the most promising tinkers in this part of the Legion and the fact Chief Techmarine Thales wasn't getting any younger, many of the duties he once had he passed on to Vitaly who now had even less free time on his hands.

    This also meant that Apox, Minteril and Cautorious rose up in status as well, Apox and Minteril each becoming Chapter Masters in rank while Cautorious decided he would be the only Third Millennial's Centurion and relinquished a part of his soldiers in order to form a smaller but deadlier strikeforce that included many of the Palatine Blades that served in the Millennial, some even members of the other companies including Aleph, who while technically under Sidon's command did most of his training with the swordsmen from his new Brotherhood who he came to learn were an order unto its own, accepting direct orders from Fulgrim only.

    Soon after, Arnock and Jendon said their goodbyes to the squad and left for Chemos, where they spent next couple of years. During this time Jendon served under supervision of none other than Chief Apothecary Fabius and together with couple of other Apothecaries, they oversaw the introduction of new neophytes into the ranks of proper legionaries. There were so many of these recruits that Jendon had his work cut out for him as the Third Legion almost doubled in its size during those years. Arnock on the other hand, working under Lord Commander Leonis' orders was there to supervise the spirit of these new brothers but while he was told to only watch out for Third Millennial's recruits, he was free to also work with those heading for different parts of the Legion and while there were plenty of them, Master of Rites did his best to explain to each and every one of them what it meant to be a Child of the Emperor.

    Back in the fleet, what many of the psykers feared finally came to realization with the Edict of Nikea. Vitaly acted as a witness for the 4th Squad as, per Perturabo's orders, he was there to oversee final preparations to the main complex and ended up stuck there to listen to the entire trial, alongside many other esteemed guests. Finally, Emperor made his decision and the Crusade-wide ban on usage of psychic powers was enforced, the penalty to break it death. Fulgrim followed suit and no matter what he personally thought on the matter, Emperor's word was law and as such, there was no disobeying it. Emperor's Children that were psykers had no other choice but to obey and Hephestus soon asked for all of his warriors to return their force weapons and hoods back into the Librarium, which was afterwards shut down, all of them transferred to different parts of the force. As for Elymas, he remained serving in the 4th Squad, although now as a Line Brother, offering different kind of support to the rest of his brothers.

    Cleansing of Laeran

    For some brothers that spent their time away from the Legion this took more than a decade while to the others, merely couple of years, for the time spend traveling between the stars via Warp transit was never a constant. However whatever the case may be, the Phoenician eventually summoned all of his wayward sons to return for the greatest undertaking of the Third Legion was before them. The Cleansing of Laeran.

    When coming in contact with the superior alien civilization that called themselves the Laer which made home on a single ocean-covered world of a small star system, Imperial commanders told Fulgrim that it would be better to try and utilize these highly-efficient creatures to Imperium's own ends and that if the war was declared, conquering them would take many decades. Fulgrim replied his Legion would do this in a month. And so the dice was cast, the ramification of such act would echo into eternity.

    Aboard "Sovereign's" main embarking deck, thousands of Astartes were getting into their Thunderhawk and Stormbird transports, their number three times the size of the last time entire Third Millennial prepared for war, all those years back in the orbit of Ullanor Prime. It barely fit them all but the spirits were high so there were no issues - after all, it wasn't everyday that you share the same battlefield as your Primarch. It didn't matter that the reports on the aliens below pictured these Laerans to be quite advanced and possible very lethal, for what good would that do when the Illuminator walked among them. Many of these legionaries were new recruits from Chemos and for most of them, this would be their first proper combat deployment, for what better way to do it than make their Father proud.

    Sidon was one of the few veterans aboard, the age finally showing on the old legionary's face. His hair was gray and his beard a bit longer than before, the looks in the eyes of one of the last living members of the Two Hundred somewhat distant, at least before he put the hand on the pommel of his trusty eagle-headed mace and looked upon his old squad. All of them were there, each figure an experienced warrior now, each of them somewhat a famous figure in the Millennial. While there were other Sergeant's present moments ago, Sidon gave them their orders and they dispersed, leaving only Squad Extrovious and his men to share his thoughts with.

    "I suspect all of you had read the briefs, if not, then the Emperor help you," Captain Sidon spoke, his tone like all those years ago, businesslike as usual. Some things apparently never change. "We have the honor of dropping as a part of the Legion's second wave, so Leonis gave us some leeway on how to proceed. Our force will be spread between two targets, one the big floating city where their major military facilities are located and the other a smaller island where the intel suggests these aliens have a hidden base from where they launch their submersibles."

    "Chapter Master Apox has suggested that we drop alongside him and attack the floating city, however this hidden base might be trouble, so I was thinking to divert some of our forces there, possibly us included."

    "However before I chose, I want to hear your thoughts on the matter."

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    ~~ Earlier on Ullanor - Post-Performance ~~
    Elymas turned to see the visage of his father, having let go of his sister at some point, he wanted to bring her along, but only saw her to have turned into thin air. The voice scratched in his head, a pain that lasted only a moment but with a bigger intensity of any migraine. The hypnotherapy aftermath once more. It fought his memories and he knew better than to challenge it once more and let it go. He barely remembers anything but that very night he showed Arnock. The Codicer never learned if it was by design of Fabius or any of the other apothecaries that oversaw his ascension that this night would never be forgotten, or if his mind persisted on retaining it. He couldn't even be sure if Hephestus had to do anything with it. Although he wishes to know, the fear of losing even that memory once anyone of them finds out was too great.

    Those thoughts were processed within a single second, thanks to the superior genetic makeup and training of an Astartes and with purpose he approached Lord Primarch Fulgrim, the waterbringer of Chemos, Phoenix Lord of the Third and the one they all strove to be. He gulped when deciding not to fall to his knees, but bending them as he bowed in deep respect, holding it for several seconds before raising back to full height and making eye contact with Fulgrim. Elymas was lost for words for a few moments, but eventually managed to speak. "My Primarch, I cannot find nor form the right words to thank you for your and your brothers presence here. I hope our performance spoke for itself in the name of the legion and that it is just to the image you have of your legion."

    ~~ Earlier on Ullanor - Wyrms of Knowledge ~~
    "That is fantastic news, brother!" Elymas exclaimed as quietly without hiding his excitement as he could, embracing Jendon tightly before letting him go. "I knew you had the potential. Make our millenium, company and squad proud. You have the knowledge and dedication, it is only a matter of time until the Chief Apothecary unlocks your full potential." The librarian smiled brightly, genuinely happy for his brother.

    After he and Jendon had caught up and exchanged their farewells, Elymas gave a formal farewell to the other members as well. This is also where Jendon learned of how to reach other Wyrms of Knowledge. To simply address messages to the librariums with the attached priority code of 'Whiskey-Oscar-Kilo' which were the initials of the librarian lodge.

    ~~ Earlier - Council of Nikea ~~
    @Draconion | @Colapse | @DeranVendar

    Elymas like the other librarians attended as well along with their master and mentor, Hepehstus. It pained the librarian, but not as much as some of his brothers or other Wyrms of Knowledge members. While some decided to leave the lodge, others kept it intact - including former Epistolary Arkamedos. The communication stayed intact and would be still relayed to the right individuals. The just promoted Codicer attempted to soothen the pain of the former Chief Librarian, letting him know not to fester in the pain and not to hold it against the Emperor or Fulgrim and instead to simply move on for the time being.

    Without doubt, Elymas would have been furious over this decision, had it not been for the foresight of Sergeant Extrovious. And so while memory and thoughts were fresh right after the council, he wrote a letter to his superior.

    "Sergeant Extrovious,

    after hearing various opinions, the Emperor decided to ban psychic powers across the entire crusade fleets and expel their use from humanity. Primarch Fulgrim supports his father, just like we do as ordered by our gene-sire. While there are mixed feelings across all legions and even the primarchs, I must admit that I feel not surprised about the decision.

    Indeed, I owe it to your foresight. And while I am not allowed to use Phoenix's Resolve, a weapon crafted by Ferrus Manus himself. I am grateful to further serve under you, Captain Sidon and Lord Commander Leonis. I shall do my best as a Line Brother in your squad henceforth and am looking forwards to receive more advice from you.

    Without former Chief Librarian Hephestus, I have no special hierarchy anymore, thus making you my direct superior. I am looking forwards to execute your commands and follow your leadership that you demonstrated on Ullanor.


    Line Brother Elymas Velodonus, 4th Squad."

    It was sealed and handed off to a serf who would see it delivered. Maybe it was a bit old fashioned, but only his handwriting would show the significance of his emotions and importance of this sealed letter. He was not even sure if battle reports and knowledge bases would now be handed off to legion serfs or if Sergeants and Captains would be now delegated to the duty. Either way. Like he had discussed before with Arnock on the Sovereign, he is ready for conventional warfare.

    ~~ Before the Cleansing of Larean ~~
    Elymas spent his time with the third. Now without the psyker hood, without the force weapon and having his natural powers banished as far as he could into the depth of his personality, he became a true Emperor's Child. There was a lot of feedback to his new combat style, and he took it very much to heart. In fact he heard rumors that some Dark Angels adopted a similar combat style of power sword and dual pistols. Although Elymas was only granted a chainsword. Nonetheless, he managed to get blades on both his inferno and bolt pistol which would be useful in their own regard.

    He trained day in, day out. Not anymore distracted with secondary duties that came with the librarium, he fought as much as he could. Although he could never escape his passion for the guitar and crafted a new one out of ironwood that some contacts from Medusa managed to ship him to the Sovereign. He named it Lazarettus after the ancient terran myth and the same resurrection that the former librarian himself went through.

    The most played piece of his and often heard in the auditorium or observation bay was the melody of the play that was performed on Ullanor. Now more than ever he cherished the balance of combat and creativity. Not to forget, that very melody brought him the memory of the aged face of his sister that still pained him much, but also the brief conversation he had with Fulgrim. Yet, he only trusted Arnock with the fact that he saw his sister having become a general in the Imperial Military, and the fact that she disappeared before any conversation could be made.

    ~~ Cleansing of Larean ~~
    Elymas has aged as well, he decided to grow and maintain a goatee that was black along with his pitch-black hair that was maintained in a short top hair cut and typically combed to the side, the sides completely shaved off, his service studs presented themselves on the left side of his forehead, along with the one that was given to him in respect to having become a Codicer.

    His mono-bladed inferno pistol was on one hip and a customized bladed bolt pistol with scope on the other. A Chainsword was on his back where Phoenix's Resolve used to be. It appeared a little bit longer than a standard issue to be closer in terms of balance, reach and handling of his force staff, although it still was considerable shorter. Not like anything would measure up to a Primarch-crafted weapon either way around. Unless one was considering the artifact that Alephorous the Palatine Blade managed to get authorized to wield. A single blade, yet a dozen legends.

    Elymas smiled at the blademaster. "Today, yet one more legend shall be brought to Daith'wyn." He has never seen it in person, but what sort of librarian would he have been without knowing the legends among their armory?

    The gunslinger nodded towards the Master of Rites. "Our new recruits will not only attempt to impress their Primarch, but also their mentor. Your words and actions will mean plentiful to them. But I am certain you will make us proud as you always have. I am curious to see how you improved since Ullanor." Elymas nodded once more before turning to the creator of neophytes.

    "And of course Arnock would have nobody to instruct if it had not been for your assistance in the ascension." He put a hand on the Apothecary's shoulder that sat next to him. "We shall slay the Xeno where they stand and make Fulgrims proclamation true!"

    After having caught up, Captain Sidon spoke up and inquired Extrovious on how this squad was to be utilized. Where Elymas the Librarian might have offered more insight and thoughts, Elymas the Gunslinger was much of a different person. He looked straight at the Sergeant as he spoke. "I trust your judgment, Sergeant. Wherever you put us, we shall exterminate the alien, the mutant, the witch." There was an eager glimmer in the purple eyes of the new line brother, a fire that wished to engulf its enemies and burn them into smithereens.
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    The Council of Nikaea: 001.M31

    The glow of the planet's constant volcanic activity casts Vitaly's features into sinister relief, deepening the natural contrast of light and shadow as he stands to hear the Emperor's final judgement to conclude the Great Council. He has a privileged seat - at the side of his mentor, the grim and forbidding Primarch of the Iron IVth Legion, who now broods in silence as his Imperial father prepares to speak. Two days ago, he had heard Perturabo give his testimony in classically blunt and abrasive form, citing exhaustively researched facts and figures to drive home the point that psyker activity in general was a severe hazard, and not to be countenanced at all within the ranks of the Legiones Astartes. Strong arguments had been made both for and against the matter at hand, with multiple Primarchs weighing in against the matter of the Legion Librarius, but Magnus the Red making a brilliant riposte, leading an equally strong wave of counter-arguments. It was going to be close, unless the Emperor had already made up his mind beforehand. In any case, debate and deliberation were at an end, and the Master of Mankind would now make his decision known.

    "Hear now the words of my ruling.
    I am not blind to the needs of the Imperium, but nor am I blind to the realities of the hearts of men. I hear men speak of knowledge and power as though they are abstract concepts to be employed as simply as a sword or gun. They are not. Power is a living force, and the danger with power is obsession. A man who attains a measure of power will find it comes to dominate his life until all he can think of is the acquisition of more. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but few can stand the ultimate test of character, that of wielding power without succumbing to its darker temptations.
    Peering into the darkness to gain knowledge of the Warp is fraught with peril, for it is an inconstant place of shifting reality, capricious lies and untruths. The seeker after truth must have a care he is not deceived, for false knowledge is far more dangerous than ignorance. All men wish to possess knowledge, but few are willing to pay the price. Always men will seek to take the short cut, the quick route to power, and it is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that will lure him to evil ways. True knowledge is gained only after the acquisition of wisdom. Without wisdom, a powerful person does not become more powerful, he becomes reckless. His power will turn on him and eventually destroy all he has built.
    I have walked paths no man can know and faced the unnameable creatures of the Warp. I understand all too well the secrets and dangers that lurk in its hidden darkness. Such things are not for lesser minds to know; no matter how powerful or knowledgeable they believe themselves to be. The secrets I have shared serve as warnings, not enticements to explore further. Only death and damnation await those who pry too deeply into secrets not meant for mortals.
    I see now I have allowed my sons to delve too profoundly into matters I should never have permitted them to know even existed. Let it be known that no one shall suffer censure, for this conclave is to serve Unity, not discord. But no more shall the threat of sorcery be allowed to taint the warriors of the Astartes. Henceforth, it is my will that no Legion will maintain a Librarius department. All its warriors and instructors must be returned to the battle companies and never again employ any psychic powers.
    Woe betide he who ignores my warning or breaks faith with me. He shall be my enemy, and I will visit such destruction upon him and all his followers that, until the end of all things, he shall rue the day he turned from my light.
    As the Sovereign of Terra signs the death warrant of the Legion Librarius, Vitaly finds himself accepting the ruling as a matter of duty, but faintly regretful all the same. Despite his differences over the years with Elymas, he has always been capable of seeing past the one bad egg and fully recognising the good that battle psykers had done for the Legion. For certain, more transparency and oversight would have been more welcome, but this felt a little too much like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The burden now lay more than ever before on the technologically-inclined departments of the Legions to counter enemies capable of wielding the unnatural forces commonly referred to as 'sorcery'.

    "I see we of the Forge are going to have to study up on warp dynamics and empyreal energetics to counter unnatural foes in the future, Lord," he comments to Perturabo in a neutral tone.

    Mars: The Northern Rust Wastes - 002.M31

    A lone figure - bulky in all-encompassing armour and swathed in incongruous-looking robes - leans into the escalating wind. A cloud of stinging grit envelops the solo pilgrim, and the radiation warnings crackling within the armour announce the dust as radiation-tainted. Yet another one of Mars' frequent rad-storms is approaching. Even with extensive rad-hardening and lead-lined robes, Vitaly will need to find cover, and soon. Casting about with the naked eye - the heavy elements and electromagnetic energy in the flying dust making his augurs all but useless - he spots the wreckage of a heavy personnel transport almost buried in the red sand. Its heavy hull looks mostly intact to his trained eye, and should provide sufficient additional shielding to protect him from the worst of the incoming tainted dust. Moving swiftly on modified footpads to enable him to walk the shifting dust and sand without sinking in, he closes the gap and digs his way down to an access hatch using his servo-limbs and Omnissian Axe. A few minutes later, ensconsced within the pitch-black hull of the unpowered wreck, he listens to the howl and sawtooth rasp of the fallout storm outside, questioning not for the first time the sensibility and outright sanity of his latest pilgrimage to the Red Planet. Despite the encouragement of his old mentor Hieronomous Tezla - including a noospheric data-packet of introduction, signed and sealed with the magos' personal signifiers and codes - Vitaly cannot help but wonder if he will ever find the ones he seeks, or if they are even anything more than darkest Martian myth and legend...though he knows better, having personally witnessed them do their sanguinary work up close during the Compliance of Suez a few years before Ullanor.

    Even if they do exist, finding the most secretive and elusive Skitarii in their home grounds is going to be worse than seeking a needle in a rust-

    Abruptly, he finds himself aware of presences within the cramped hull, presences he had not noticed before during his entry, nor had he noticed any entry into the wrecked vessel during the several minutes he had been there. Whatever the case, they are most certainly in here with him now, making themselves known through the glow of red optics in the dark, aggressive auspex probes, and hostile noospheric indicators.

    All those, and the small matter of active transonic weapons millimetres away from his multifarious vital points, filling the air with their tooth-aching buzz.

    +++Statement: Legiones interloper is in restricted territory belonging to Ruststalker Killclades.+++
    +++Query: Legiones interloper identity and purpose.+++
    +++Caveat: Failure to comply within five seconds will result in immediate termination.+++
    +++Addendum: Unsatisfactory answers will likewise result in immediate termination. Present area is restricted at the very highest level. Only Skitarii Magoi Militant may grant permission to outsiders to access present area.+++

    Inhaling and slowly releasing a deep breath, Vitaly remains absolutely still while broadcasting noospheric indicators indicating friendly intentions and appealing for calm.

    +++Acknowledgement: This unit is in breach of restricted area.+++
    +++Statement: This unit's hostile intentions=0; high-level credentials appealing for access=1. Unit identifies as: Sokolovsky, Vitaly, Astrotechnicus, IIIrd Legio Astartes, 23rd graduating cohort of Mars.+++

    A mental flex transmits Tezla's data-packet, flagged for the most senior unit present. Once counter-credentials are presented indicating fitness to receive, it unfurls like a blossoming flower in the datascape, displaying the famous - and controversial - magos' request to the assembly of Skitarii Magoi Militant for Vitaly to pass unmolested into the Ruststalker training grounds and receive training at their hands.

    +++Request: This unit seeks extensive training in Sicaran combat methodology, the better to nullify enemies of the Omnissiah.+++
    +++Affirmation: This summary represents this unit's sincere motivation, without deceit or hidden agenda.+++

    Several long seconds pass while the senior Sicaran in charge mulls over Vitaly's presented credentials and stated intent, no doubt also conferring silently with its masters via some unknown mode of communication that can cut through the storm. Several long seconds filled with the disturbing buzz of transonic weaponry that can section his biological and mechanical parts alike faster than even his posthuman reflexes can respond to.

    +++Statement: Credentials and statement of intent have been received by assembled Magoi Militant. Unit Vitaly will be conveyed to aforementioned for review in person. Unit Vitaly will comply peacefully with all orders from this Killclade Alpha until review is completed and further instructions given. Failure to comply will result in instant termination.+++
    +++Query: Affirmative?+++

    Like I have a choice?

    +++Statement: Compliance affirmative. Hail the Omnissiah.+++

    The Cleansing of Laer: 00x.M31

    Standing about the strategium hololith, Vitaly considers Captain Sidon's briefing in intent silence, weighing the arithmetic of war in his head with all the brutal thoroughness and cold objectivity learned at the side of Perturabo. When Sidon asks for input, he already knows his answer, and the corollaries to back up his reasoning.


    "Brother-Captain - I strongly recommend striking the hidden submersible base. This will relieve pressure on the underwater front and allow the millennial to bring maximum force to bear on the floating city. Given most of the millennial is attacking the city itself, there will be sufficient redundancy of function and force that will make our squad superfluous - just another statistic in a mass assault. However, we have sufficient preponderance of force and cumulative experience to make a difference in a special action such as this one, where agility and initiative will count for more. Furthermore, if we are still combat-worthy post-mission - or capable of turnaround in sufficient time - we can launch an immediate second operation on the enemy's exposed underwater front in support of friendly forces. Say, disabling the lift engines to sink the entire city, or breaking the keels for mass structural collapse, and so forth."
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Cleansing of Larean ~~
    @Colapse | @Draconion | + Rest of Squad

    "It seems we simply cannot let go of Kasperos Telmar's tactic, eh, brother Techmarine?" Elymas grinned, remembering fondly of the epic slaughter-fest that had been done in orbit of Ullanor and where Vitaly had learned for the first time of the giant machinations the Orks had developed, a new type of God-machines. In fact it was the first time the ex-librarian fought very closely with Aleph to witness his talents and dance in person, who Elymas gave a meaningful nod to.

    "I suppose in this case, the open blade would be the primary force assaulting the city. While Captain Sidon here becomes the hidden blade. And we once more..." His eyes went over to Extrovious, as if looking for approval, before turning back to the good captain.

    "We would once more become the Maru Skara. The Killing Blow. Striking as an instrument of accuracy. Like a scalpel cutting at the artery." He gave Jendon a playful poke with his elbow and a wide grin. "I like it."
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  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious' initial assessment is to deploy with the main force where they'll be able to get right into the thick of it. Sergeant thinks it, but does not speak it, but one of the first lessons taken to heart since his ascension was learning to balance gut-mind with actual brain-mind. Vitaly thankfully speaks up before him, allowing a moment of measured silence for further consideration.

    "I believe the vanguard would sorely miss our presence." Extrovious shrugs his shoulders forward, inactive blades of his chain claws clinking against his armor. "Whatever lurks in that submersible base sounds like a fine opportunity for some of Arnock's proteges to prove themselves. However, if Vitaly believes that the enemy might prove particularly dangerous if ignored, then we shall play our part in preserving the lives of our brothers, by taking as many enemy lives as possible." Extrovious meets Elymas' gaze, eye for eye, and gives him a reassuring grin and a nod. To say the Sergeant had warmed significantly to the Librarian since the Council was an understatement, indeed when he had gone to meet with Elymas after the Edict arrived, his mood had been celebratory... never mind any role he and his new brotherhood might have had in the ordeal.
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  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    The moment word had spread of another Xeno for the chopping block, Pholax couldn't help but smile for the coming slaughter. If a Xeno decided to stay and fight the might of the Imperium, let them.

    The Laer from even the description of them was disgusting enough to make Pholax changed to be physically disgusted by them.

    "We should hit that military target. We can always hit the sub base later on, and without their major military force it'll fall with ease. Go for the head and the body falls. All we need to really do is keep an eye on that sub base and these Xenos will be under out watch and unable to assist the military force. Although if you really want to go on some obscure mission to some non essential area then feel free. I'm sure some Xenos there are in need of removal. As the Phoenician demands of course." Pholax spoke up as he was lifting and lowering his thunder hammer awaiting the orders to deploy.

    "Sometimes the direct approach is a better one than trying to do something fancy and making a fool of yourself." Pholax mused as he continued to be distracted by his hammer.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    The End of the party-
    The end of Ullanor soon would come Jendon would attempt to spend time with each of his brothers and even look out to old brothers from other legions mingling with other apothcaries if he had a chance. He would before leaving tell his brothers of his temporary leave and would wish them luck hoping to return to them once more grown with more experience as well as hoping to return to his brothers all in good health.

    --Continued Trainings and the birth of a new brothers

    Jendon would be in the thick of it pouring over notes, and theories as soon as he left, In transit to Chemos Chief apothcary had him and his brothers training around the clock learning everything they could about geneseed implantation, as well what aspirants would need daily to weekly diets, injections supplements, Everything he would need to know how to implant a human and make them into a astartes and the risks and signs of rejection, as well as how to watch and make sure all of the organs are playing right toghter to promotote coheshion amoung the organs.

    Arriving on Chemos the apothcaries would be swamped with work, begining implantation procedures preparing subjects so they could begin on there way to training and joining there brothers, Each procedure had to be carefull, but as well had to be quick to meet the legions demands. Jendon would find himself finding problems of being understaffed, a solution Jendon would attempt to amended by taking inspiration from cheif apothcary and a simple servo skull passing him one day.

    A creative solution he made and a schematic would be made during what little break time he had sending it to there brother techmarines on chemos and then being authorized for there use. Two servo skulls would appear at his side the devices kept alfoat by a small anti grav pulsor giving them a silent glide as they move, Medical tools were attached to small mechandrites, Syriniges, Saws, drills, Scalpals, and sensors all to help Jendon with minor tasks freeing him to perform more complax tasks.

    Implantations would come and go Jendon being carefull as each time he implanted the organs naviagating a patients body and placing them in sectouns where they would take route, to supplement there body and bring them to the levels of a space marine.

    Inbetween works of watching over there younger brothers and rest Jendon would find himself and a few others called upon to aid chief apothcaryin study of genetics of the emporer's children a Oppourtinity Jendon would not waste, Presenting chief apothcary a gift, A copy of the book given him by Elymas, The orignal Jendon kept within his own quarters. Sometihng he hoped the chief apothcary would find usefull in these studies and would advance the emporer's childrens knowledge of the genetics.

    It would be one day that that a message would come in telling them of the council of Nikea, Something that would trouble Jendon and make him wonder the fate of some of his brothers and the librarian's to be put back into line troopers,Jendon wondered if many of there libriaum members, how they would take to it as well as Elymas, It was sad to see there powers be deemed dangerous and to be now put out of commision, Though these were orders they all would follow. Jendon made a note and began already aiding in spreading the news of those psychic latent individuals to be put into normal line marine training.

    --Cleansing of Larean Reunions of old @Uriel1339
    Jendon would return, As the Embaring ramp of the thunder hawk to his milleniual, With Reinforcments A mustache had grown about the apothcaries face As The ramp of the Storm hit the embarking deck he and several hundred recruits would be taken aboard the milleniual returning to old or new faces. Jendon would find himself on the bridge his old mentor Sidion with them all.

    "Good to see yall again brothers." Jendon said a smile across his face Two servo skulls silenntily came to rest on his back power pack both of there eye leness seem to pear out towards differnt directions as if stairing in two differnt directions, It had been a long time since he had seen his brothers he had only had reports to go on of there statuses as well as hear say, "Good to see your with us Elymas, looks like you got a few new pairs of weapons,I am sure they shall complament ya well in battle brother." Jendon said looking to elymas. Before turning to Sidion, the cleansing of Laer was sure to be something to see. "Best I can suggest sir is the naval bases, Cutting off there reinforcments from attacking our brothers in the rear would definatly help the operation role more smootly in the later part of the deployment, that and we have no idea what may lay inside those bases besides the Xenos themselves." Jendon said. "Either way we are going to cleanse the Laer from the body of this planet." Jendon said looking to Sidion

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