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Perfect Warriors

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    An Elusive Lesson

    With a nod of respect Aleph put down the plain blade and took the other that Extrovious extended towards him. His could see that his Brother wasn't nearly ready to start fighting. He also knew that wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. Extro - like himself - was a warrior, and he wasn't good at staying inactive.

    "I see the sense in what you're saying. It's not my intention to bleed you, Brother, that's why I supposed bruises would be enough." He nodded in the direction of the many somewhat healed injuries marking most of Extrovious' skin. "Anything that lands on any of those is going to smart." As he took up the new sword, the other Astartes shed the weights. That was good, at least. He smiled back in return.

    "We start slowly not because you are unable, Brother, but because that is how such things are done," he said, running easily through a couple of circuits with the blade. No real problems, aside from a few expected twinges. "But I haven't come here to bore you, don't worry. Things will speed up soon enough."

    It didn't take long from the first blow - which Extrovious easily avoided - for Alephoros to reach proper combat speed, using his agility and reach to tax his Brother into something that would stretch his skills and his control at remaining on the spot.

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    An Elusive Lesson
    "If strikes did not hurt me, I would not much wish to evade them brother." Extrovious' face creases at the limit of each stretch. Attempts at limbering up were making him, at least briefly, tenser than before as his own body chorused the warnings of the legion medicae. Mind and heart remained obstinate on the matter. Letting his weight settle into each heel, Extro gives Aleph the nod to begin; before chin had reached full dip the opening blow was upon him and man reeled back, swiveling his body away from a slash was not so easily dodged as the other might expect.

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    ~~ Path of Celebration - Auditorium ( @matt23 ) ~~

    "An artists advice. Someone who knew him. Not just you. But someone who shared a fight or two at his side. Maybe as a sparring partner. Former commander, former student, squad member. And if they are unwilling to join... Well, then at least hopefully we can count them in as counselors to the theatrical component." He tried to calm his brother and offer advice. After all Elymas knew it would be quite difficult to fill such great boots even if it was for just five minutes.

    "Knowing him. He is still overseeing the Herald of Espandor. From my contacts in the Ultramarine Legion I gathered that no requisition of it being returned was ever made. Which either means they do not want it back after the Orks defaced it. Or that Vitaly was allowed to keep her. And if he is not at the vehicle bay. Then I would see to the Sovereign's forges. Last but not least. Ask him in the name of the legion, not me. Last time we engaged in conversation... Let us simply say Vitaly and I do not quite see eye to eye." There was a sad sigh, not exasperated. But one of guilt.

    "It would benefit us greatly. Especially with his knowledge in gravity technology. I have an idea regards the crescendo. And I doubt that anyone but him could pull it off. I say it not without good reason. He has a higher understanding of gravity technologies ever since we encountered those Dark Eldar on that forsaken moon that stripped a good captain of his better side." Elymas shrugged, face written over with great concern. This was becoming reality, and Arnock could tell that the librarian was struggling between whether being capable of pulling this off and simply throwing in the towel due to the mountains of challenges that had to be overcome in order to ensure victory.
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    Wyrms of Knowledge Lodge @Uriel1339 @Vulpas

    Arkamedos wasn't really in the mood, offering a weak greeting in reply and setting down behind one of the tables, ignoring amenities that were spread across it. For some who just became an Epistolary this was definitely a sour way of celebrating it.

    ""Herald of Espandor" you say? I think I recall it being Land Raider from 68th Company, Captain Titus is their leader so you are better off asking him about it. Or just find one of our Techmarines and ask him to access Motor Pool database if you are so keen at learning such trivial information."

    Sovereign's Librarium @Uriel1339

    Hephestus was indeed busy, looming over some reports as he filed through loads of dataslates, but he was also bit different - it was the fact he now had a bionic leg instead of his real right one. Outside of his armor the Chief Librarian sprouted an impressive figure, but now with how Ullanor Crusade went he was looking somewhat diminished, probably all those injuries catching up on him.

    "Hail Elymas," he waved the younger psyker over, putting down his dataslates and pausing the work for now. "That's a lot of questions and I don't have a lot of time. Lord Fulgrim has additional tasks for me that I must meet, so be quick. Also," he opened a drawer on his table and pulled out a set of service studs, pushing them over to Elymas' side. "You are now Codicier. Congratulations. Get yourself a psychic hood once you find time to get to the armory, you'll need it from now on."

    Armory deck @DeranVendar

    "If I were you, I wouldn't be so ready to give leadership over. It stinks of weakness and zero ambition. I don't need my Sergeants being devoid of wanting to progress and perfect themselves at this theater as well," Apox replies with a grunt, tossing the axe back and picking up a gilded eviscerator, turning the engine on to hear its sound as if it would help him gauge the nature of the weapon better.

    "Sidon is not coming back to be you squad's Sergeant. I heard from Leonis himself, we're being reinforced by loads of new recruits and I even heard rumors that Father wants to form additional millennials given how Malcador promised to make our ranks swell again. We're around ten thousand at the moment, they hope to reach five times that number in the coming years. Even more. Think of the might we'll command then!" for better or worse, Apox was quite happy with the prospect of leading thousands Astartes into battle that he almost began salivating at the idea. "This also means you're going to keep your rank while Sidon will either get Captaincy or if he starts acting all noble and denounces promotion, I'll give him mausoleum's guard duties."

    "I thought honorable Sidon was one of the Two Hundred? Saving Emperor's life is something few were capable of doing and the last time I checked, he could tear you a new one without breaking a sweat," another voice joined the conversation and Extrovious saw a legionary clad in dark white robes at the entrance, his eyes the color of deepest jungle. He was even bigger than Apox but while the Emperor's Children Captain radiated brutality like a tribal warlord would, this one had the looks of a tyrant, dark despot squeezing the life out of his followers. It was easy to tell who was the dangerous one here.

    "Extrovious, this is the man I called you here to see," Apox replied and approached the newcomer, both of them shaking hands in ancient warrior's salute. "Meet Calas Typhon, First Captain of the Death Guard, the toughest bastard this side of Terra I had honor of fighting alongside and calling my oath-brother."

    "Hail Extrovious," Calas said and offered Extro hand in greeting as well, "Tell me, is Apox still the glory-seeking mongrel I remember him to be?"

    Ullanor Central Medical Station @Vulpas

    Jendon was the only one who spoke up, others remaining silent and not looking all that happy at being scrutinized by the legendary Chief Apothecary. "Reprimand or appraisal is not something any of you should look for, having an ego to feed with emotions born out of it won't help you in the long run, no matter what some of the other members of our Legion tell you," Fabius replied, the mechanical contraption on his back whirling around. He also didn't want to waste any more time so he went straight for it.

    "As of now, Third Millennial is down to one third of its original manpower. Given how heroically all of you preformed, I was ordered to set those numbers straight and preserve your force. Some wanted to absorb you into their own companies but Fulgrim was against it, so here we are."

    "Jendon and Antivia. You two are being promoted to the rank of Senior Apothecary, acting as of now. You are also coming with me to Chemos for we have much work to do with the upcoming recruits. Reedian, these two now match your rank and from now on, all three of you will command the Apothecarion within Third Millennial, with the incoming growth it won't be possible to do it with just one Apothecary."

    "That is all. Dismissed," Fabius said and went back into the station, expecting others to follow. Reedian, up until the acting commander of the millennial's Apothecarion said nothing but his eyes betrayed pure venom and anger he had for both Jendon and Antivia at suddenly usurping his position. Antivia on the other hand, smiled and bumped Jendon on the shoulder.

    "Did you hear that brother, we are promoted and what is even better, we'll get the chance to work with Lord Fabius himself! Can you believe it!?"
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    Armory Deck
    "Sounds like regardless of what either of us thinks, duty demands I maintain the station; so it shall be." Extrovious does not rise to the insult, looking on at Apox with a blandness that might of made Sidon proud. Sergeant allows some of Apox's enthusiasm to wring a smile out of him, perhaps Arnock had a point during their conversation anyways. All such thoughts vanishes at the arrival of Typhon. "Captain Typhon, an honor." Extrovious musters up a firm shake in turn. "So I have been summoned for a meeting of Captains. Something tells me if I were in trouble there would be a crowd, or the racks here would be a few weapons lighter."

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    ~~ Path of Knowledge - Wyrms of Knowledge Lodge ( @Colapse & @Vulpas ) ~~
    Elymas frowned upon his friends and associates reaction and decided to seat himself nearby. "Very well, I shall do so. Later." The Librarian of the Emperor's Children said, tone now softer than before.

    "I assume you are plagued by the costs this victory took? Or is there something bigger amiss that I am oblivious to?" His voice was as calm as a lake that was home to swan and duck families drawing circles, awaiting elderly humans to feed them in the first shine of dawn.

    There was sincere concern. But not even the Terran could tell himself if it was his patriarch role of the lodge or from brother-to-brother. It made him gaze for a moment to the other conversational groups and wonder if it was superficial.

    ~~ Path of Ascension - Hephestus - Librarium; "Sovereign" ( @Colapse ) ~~
    Elymas blinked, finding himself dumbfound but accepted the studs with the grace of an automaton. His hand tightened around them not going to let go of them for the slightest moment.

    "Thank you, milord. And if you are so overwhelmed - is there a way I or the other members of the librarium can assist? This behemoth of work should not be carried by any one soul, but all of us."
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    The Badge and the Banner
    Arnock seemed slightly taken back by the comments of his brother. It was strange to, in a sense, hear another whom had concerns about their abilities just as Arnock did. After a moment, the standard bearer spoke in a manner that one my consider understanding, "Brother, I saw none of these qualities you speak of. I can understand wishing to refine certain aspects of one's combat, but the way you speak of yourself makes it sound like you are a liability. From what I have seen, this could not be further from the truth. You have shown a great deal of flexibility and understanding when it comes to leadership. You quickly adapted to the role and led us to a great victory. We all have flaws that we wish to work on, but do not allow what you perceive as a flaw to be unnecessarily corrected. For I believe that a World Eater, for all the violence and fury they can unleash, do so in their own view of perfection. Now, when a member of the Third Legion can unleash a fury and rage, in such a way as a son of Angron, but with our own touch of perfection, that could be an overwhelming asset in battle that could bring any enemy to its knees."

    The Dance of the Phoenix
    Arnock smiled slightly as he continued to oil Perfectus Mortem across his lap. After a moment, he raised the sword looking it over and wiping a few more spots as he spoke, "Now, now, brother. I will not allow such modesty to go on between two swordsmen whom seek a challenge in every battle. It would be a discredit to me for you to down play the kill you found, when it was the kill I failed to achieve." Arnock then looked over to the drawing Aleph had begun and continued, "Honestly, as bad as this may seem, I know very little of Chemos and its culture. Terra was my home and I only have been to Chemos to meet our father and to witness him assume our command. So to say that I am familiar with such cultural aspects, would be a lie. However, this would explain why you moves in combat seem so for foreign to me." Finished clean his powersword, Arnock stood up and faced Aleph, "I have to be forward with you, brother. I am slightly humbled by what you did on that bridge. And if there is one thing I have learned in my life it is that if every moment one is humbled, there is a lesson to better one's self. So, if you would be willing to teach me this style in which you learned from Chemos and your grandfather, you would have a thankful pupil."
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    The Dance of the Phoenix

    Aleph followed Arnock's glance to the preparatory sketches, seeming to think his words over for a moment. Then he smiled.

    "It seems that each of us is, in their own way, impressed by the other and the result is more modesty than needed. I wonder what that would do to the impressions some of our fellow Legions hold of the Third? Yet here we stand, with humility and halting tongues."

    "I would not expect you to know of the Sulpha, Brother. My grandfather's tribe no longer exist, save for a scant few of us in the Legions. As for Chemos itself, it is a beautiful world, true, but I have never seen Terra and no doubt there is much I could learn from you of it. I'll gladly teach you what I know. It was the custom of the Sulpha for the men to seek to excel at two things: warfare, principally with the sword, and dancing. The skills of one transfer very easily to the other if one has the proper mindset, which I believe you do."

    "We will need some space, but I am sure some can be found in the training cages or somewhere about. We can start tomorrow, if you wish. This evening, though, I have been requested to attend a meeting." Aleph's eyes drifted to the artwork in progress again.

    "I have other work, Brother, if you enjoy the visual arts. But it, ah, the subject is darker than this attempt to capture our triumph."

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    <Conqueror, Red Pits> @dx144 @DeranVendar
    Majority of fighting was, as expected, done aboard "Conqueror". XII Legion's Flagship was anchored above Ullanor and finding a passage to the great vessel wasn't hard, nor was finding the path towards the pits once two legionaries were aboard. Not much has changed since Pholax's last time here and he found the place they were looking for easily enough, although the "personnel" around was slightly different.

    There were at least dozen different-sized arenas erected around the main fighting area, with similarly various occupants, not to mention that there was plenty of both humans and Astartes in the crowd around these pits, some cheering while others stuck to silent observer roles. In one pit, an Imperial Fist was being pummeled into the ground by a Blood Angel, while in another two Salamanders were fighting back to back against a mixed group of Raven Guard and Word Bearers. Atmosphere was electric to say at least, trash-talking was going on between the supporters of these warriors and in some cases, it even looked as if infighting would start if not for two figures sitting on a dais slightly above general stands, the place fit for such demigods.

    One was a savagery made manifest, giant slab of muscle and scar tissue wrapped over a warlike spirit the Imperium has never seen before, nor will it ever again. Destruction emanated from his every pore, even in the way he sat down and gazed upon the arenas the Primarch of the World Eaters was a figure you wouldn't like to have pitted against you. While Pholax knew Angron from the time of his secondment and even shared the same battlefield with the Red Angel couple of times, neither he nor Extrovious knew the other figure. While Angron was bare-chested and in barbarian-style armored leggings, the other Primarch was dressed in simple, almost monk-like black robes with a hood to cover his elongated face. A huge sword hung from the back of this mercurial warrior but while it would leave lots of speculation as to who he might be, the symbol of the First Legion that emblazoned his chest revealed this secret.

    Both Lion and Angron didn't seem to share much in the way of words, looking upon the combat with only their thoughts as companions, others didn't look that daunting. There were lots of observers but Extrovious recognized one of them, it was his superior during his own secondment, a Thousand Sons legionary called Khayon. As for Pholax, he saw the World Eater who greeted him long time ago, a warrior called Vyre next to a White Scar legionary, both of them in the middle of heavy drinking.

    What was also interesting was that these two weren't the only Emperor's Children around. Denatus was here (@Grall_Stonefist ), their Destroyer being bandaged by the Bloodspitter, perhaps the most famous Apothecary aboard the ship, while next to him stood yet another Third Legion's warrior, both of them checking out the prizes they received during the recent dueling (@Casavay OOC a wild tag appears, hope I didn't bother you too much with this :) ).

    <Sovereign's Armory Deck> @DeranVendar

    "Back on Barbarus we used to get those highborn lords we caught during raids or fellow rebels who we found spying on us and tie them up on the edges of tall cliffs, right below the fog levels. At the moment the air would be thick enough to breathe however as the fog would go down during night the environment would turn into a proper hell for those not having protective gear. There were only few of those who we found alive on the morrow and Mortarion generally just kicked them off the cliff if such miracle happened. So my point being, don't expect such straightforwardness when it comes to possible punishment," Typhon explained although he ended with a smile.

    Apox on the other hand, just grunted after hearing the story. "On Terra, we just executed our traitors with a firing line, no reason to go fancy about it. It's time-consuming and futile. Death is death, however you look at it."

    Calas gave no reply but from the looks in his eyes, it was clear he wasn't convinced. Instead, he once again turned towards Extrovious. "It has come to my attention that the squad you are currently commanding has a Librarian as a member. Most interesting because usually they are a force unto their own, not to mention my surprise when I heard Emperor's Children still harbor these individuals among their ranks. Tell me Extrovious, what's your take on this?"

    Question was perhaps quite sudden and First Captain's impassive face gave away no emotions anymore, but even Apox stopped talking, turning his head away from the weapons around him at towards his soldier. Both of the veterans were now completely focused on Extrovious and not-a-small amount of tension suddenly sucked the air out of this part of the Armory.

    <Sovereign's Librarium> @Uriel1339

    "There aren't many of them still alive. We're down to just you, me, Alleo and Claudius," Hephestus answered, sadness entering his voice, "And on the other hand, this is something I need to do myself. I'm preparing a request for Lord Fulgrim, asking for more psykers to join our Librarium given how I heard rumors of many more recruits joining our Millennial, I suspect some of them will be gifted with the gene and we need all the reinforcements we can get."

    "But that's not what you came here to talk about, is it? You said you have some questions, so ask away. It's good time as any."

    <Sovereign's Command Deck, Leonis' Quarters> @matt23

    "It's good to hear that every member of the 4th Squad preforms a distinctive role with much success," Leonis answered and a smile crept on his noble face, "Different cogs in the same machinery, all parts equally important in the greater picture. It's how I always commanded my warriors, the fact Third Millennial often eschewed Legion's rigid organizational structure wasn't something my peers were happy about, but the Father always trusted in me, in us. It's one of the reasons why I summoned you here because as much as I'd like for us to continue sharing war stories, there are more pressing matters to attend to first before we can relax."

    "I won't mince words with you brother, I will be honest and tell you what I know and what I need from you. Due to our heroics on Ullanor and the fact we aided the new Warmaster in such way, Lord Fulgrim has decided to bring the strength of our Millennial on par with the first two. Rough estimate - from our current two thousand and eighty five legionaries we will reach close to ten thousand warriors by the end of next solar year."

    "Restructuring will happen and I already ordered my Captains, future Chapter Masters, Centurions, First Masters and whatnot, to start organizing their current force to be better prepared for the influx of fresh legionaries that will bolster our ranks. This also means that your old Sergeant Sidon will most likely be promoted while your current Sergeant Extrovious will retain that rank although I hope you won't tell him that you heard it from me."

    "Now, as for you Brother Arnock. After looking at your combat record, seeing you fight first-hand and hearing from your old Lord Commander, I decided you are the perfect candidate for a role that's about to be installed in our force. We were in no need of it before but as we're about to get all these new recruits, we will need warriors to oversee their transition from simple neophytes into fully fledged legionaries and that is where you come in."

    "Your ability to inspire and the fact that you were chosen by Lord Fulgrim to be the bearer of the old Aquila Standard makes you the perfect man to teach these young warriors what it means to be a warrior of the Third Legion and instill that fighting spirit into their minds. I haven't thought of the exact name for this position but if you accept, we can come up with it together. Also, keep in mind that while this new duty would take you away from the 4th for some time, you would still be its member and comes the next campaign, you will be expected to raise the banner alongside them once again."

    "So what say you?"

    <Wyrms of Knowledge Lodge> @Uriel1339 (@Vulpas )​

    "I'm a soldier, Brother Elymas. I know the cost of war and have no fear of death. The only thing I desire is to serve my Legion and my Father at the best of my abilities," Arkamedos replied, not as sourly as before but there was definitely something weighting heavily on his heart. "But I'm afraid there will come a time I won't be able to. This time, is soon upon us."

    "I spoke to Lord Prayto and he told me reckoning is coming, Lord Guilliman is sure of it. He doesn't want to voice his opinion, not yet, but the Emperor, beloved by all, is soon reaching the decision. I'm sure you heard it already as it spawns like an ugly ghost from time to time, rearing its evil head wherever there's talk about Librarians and psykers in general. I also spoke to Lord Yesugei of the White Scars and he told me, in his own way, that the Sigilite is also advocating for the ban even though he's a psyker of considerable power."

    "Lords Mortarion, Russ and Angron, while quite different on their own, are joined in this matter. All of them are for the ban and more and more Primarchs and important Imperial representatives are siding with them. And against us. I'm not sure about my Father, but what about yours? Where does Fulgrim stand?"

    <The Grand Auditorium> @Uriel1339 @matt23

    For a project this big, it would take the architects couple of months to prepare and execute it, however given just how many of the Mechanicum's adepts were present on Ullanor, this was done in a week. Both Iron Hands and Imperial Fists Techmarines replied positively to Elymas' request, first one due to the bonds shared between two Legions and honor which demanded his assistance, and the other one out of simple chance of building such, possibly of course, important structure which could be a fine reference point for future endeavors.

    They employed quite a lot of Mechanicum's personnel and whenever Audiomancer or his Standard Bearer friend would come to inspect the progress, they would see various Tech Adepts, Fabricator Priests, Terraforming Magos' and all kinds of other members of the Mechanicum working to make the dream come true, not to mention a small legion of servitors that hauled the material around the clock to fit their overseer's wishes.

    Eventually though, the place was built. It was in the shape of ancient Ionian Amphitheatre with the open top, each section built to first and foremost, relay the sound perfectly. No matter where you sat in the crowd, you would hear every word, every whisper, every shout, uttered on the main stage in the center. Of course, this wasn't the work of some venerated architect that dabbed into glorified scenes of mighty art, both the Imperial Fist and the Iron Hand were men bred out of more straightforward stock, so instead of elongated curves and beautiful arches, the Auditorium was built on dark marble base and was raised by powerful pillars that made it look like a place fitting for warrior-kings of old.

    A proper lodge was created fitting for Primarchs, the place engraved in murals of Emperor's great victories and properly located in the central part of the crowd stands, having the best view on the stage below. As for the judge seats Elymas requested, they were on the same ground level as the stage although further back. Imperial Fist architect vouched for his work but since he couldn't do actual testing because he lacked the skills in subterfuge for it, they were at least "stealth-proof" enough to prevent unaugmented humans from getting there unseen. And there were quite a lot of those.

    Once the grand act was announced and the gates opened, great number of humans hurried to get the seat in. Remembrancers, the new cast of humans that were joining the Legions by the Emperor's new decree, formed the biggest bulk of this, but not only them - soldiers from the Imperial Army, naval officers from the Navy, even Legion serfs, all of them came to watch the show. Astartes were in minority here though. Blood Angels and Emperor's Children were dominant, with couple of White Scars, Thousand Sons and Ultramarines here and there. But the main guest took a seat at the "VIP" lodge, and he brought a friend. Fulgrim as one of the more philanthropistic Primarchs, resplendent in his purple-and-gold robes came to watch the show accompanied by none other than Lorgar himself. Wearing a set of finely-wrought silk dress that was one of the main garments of Colchisian priests, Urizen's face was perhaps the one closest to Emperor's own visage, the look of both regal authority and mastery of men combined with a dangerous edge underneath gave the Primarch of the Word Bearers ability to command masses with a simple word, and the crowd around both him and Fulgrim bowed and didn't raise up.

    As for Elymas' and Arnock's possible performance in the act, one of the Martian higher ranking Magos' that went by the name Cawl supplemented them with much needed Imperial Grav-tech which would be used as they required. As for other actors, there were plenty of them to pick around from the ranks of the Remembrancers. Actually, there were over hundred of them waiting in line for two Emperor's Children legionaries to check them out, so at least they didn't have to do all of it by themselves.

    <???> @Jorimel

    Once the band was set, Aleph felt other legionary's hand on his shoulder and he nudged him forward, through what ended to be quite a maze. There was no way for Aleph to be kept in the dark, given his Astartes physiology he quickly discerned the path they were taking was leading them slightly below ground level, the exact passage already mapped in his brain in case things go sour.

    Of course, this never happened and after ten or so minutes, the other legionary told Aleph to stop and his hand was gone. For couple of moments the swordmaster stood alone in the dark, before a new voice spoke. "Before me, I see a warrior supreme," this voice was melodic but at the same time commanding, the speaker unknown to Aleph.

    "Before me, I see a novice with the blade, still young on the path," this one was sonorous and unyielding, like the very foundations of the world. Or a Legion. This one was also someone Alephoros never met before.

    "Before me, I see a brother in purple and gold, palatine-clad in mind and soon to be in flesh," voice of Captain Cautorious was well-known to Aleph, his mentor speaking third and with certainty.

    "Before me, I see Child of the Emperor, bearing the Aquila in His name as proudly as any of us," this one Aleph knew intimately, for every child knows the voice of his father, it only takes once to hear it to remember.

    "Kneel, Alephoros Aster of the Third," Fulgrim demanded, something light and hot to the touch was placed on his shoulder, the flat edge revealing some sort of metal object, "Step out of the darkness clouding your vision and be ready, for the final judgement is nigh!"
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    The Dance of the Phoenix

    Listening to the information on Aleph tribe and their culture, Arnock nodded in understanding as he spoke, "I struggle with Chemos' history as is, so I suppose a long gone culture would make even more sense as to why I have never heard of it."

    Arnock let out a small laugh at the mention of Terra and her long dead cultures, "Truth be told, the cultures of Terra are, for the most part dead, at the hands of the Emperor's warriors. I suppose there was a good reason for this as there were all types whom occupied her soils. From the power hungry to the noble, and everything in between. I, however; come from the later side. I am from the small kingdom of Komarg in Europa, and of the noble house of Loculus. I suppose in such knowledge we share another thing in common, brother. We both come from long since dead people." After Arnock looked off and let out a brief sigh, he then continued, "But I suppose of Emperor knows far better than any of us and I, of course, do not regret such things. So, as you said, we shall most certainly have to exchange such knowledge and skill between each other. At whatever time convinces you of course, brother."

    Glancing at the drawing once more before looking back up to Aleph, Arnock smiled, "I must say, as is common in our legion, I have a fancy for all arts. Not just of the sword. But if you have such dark subject matter, I would be honored to view such work. I have always found that drawings, paintings, and writings that come from dark places or darker emotions to have much deeper and full meanings."


    Sovereign's Command Deck, Leonis' Quarters
    Arnock seemed taken back a moment as he looked at the Lord Commander with a slightly surprised look in his eyes. After a moment, the standard banner gathered himself and paced in thought. As Arnock continued his pace, the standard bearer spoke out loud his thoughts, "So you wish to have me help oversee the transition of roughly eight thousand neophytes into our fold? A daunting task to say the least." He paused a moment before looking to Leonis with his arms crossed in thought, "However, even if our numbers raised to that of the other Millennials, if this process is fumbled and not strictly regulated, our numbers will count for nothing and the quality of your warriors will suffer."

    There was a brief pause in Arnock's words as a thought crossed his mind, 'What would Rylanor have said or done with such an offer presented?' It was a thought that crossed the standard bearer's mind a great deal since he began his duties. The great champion Rylanor. Truly there were few harder boots to fill, but Arnock had been trying desperately for some time to find approval from an unknown source. But in this moment of thinking if Rylanor would take on these duties, a new thought crossed his mind. Did he bring glory to Rylanor by trying to be him? For none could literally become another, but in that moment a feeling of understanding that had long since been absent, hit Arnock. Rylanor was a unique individual, both in spirit and in combat, and that is what helped him excel at what he did. Perhaps this is what Arnock had sought. The understanding that Rylanor was a champion because of who he was, and Arnock could not become a true champion trying to be one that fell to the sword.

    As if a weight had come off his shoulders, Arnock looked up and took a deep breath, "This task is not something that can be left to someone whom will allow something less than our standard of perfection to enter within our ranks. With that said, I shall accept the calling you have offered. I shall ensure that nothing less than would our gene father would allow, is raised within our Millennial. However, if I may offer up one request. I understand that many of the sergeant, captains, and other leaders within your command have their own methods of leadership and standard, however; I request that these members not interfere with this duty. It will be hard enough to oversee such a task without every manner of individual trying to implement their own methods upon the neophytes."


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