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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Glory to the Third

    Elymas's frustration was channeled into strength and his strength was channeled into the staff. It was more than just a physical feat, as his power coursed into the strings they flared and impacted on the fleeing alien. The result was both body and dark armor completely torn asunder, as if he was struck by a Dreadnought seismic hammer. "Working out some frustrations, Librarian?" Sidon told him, the Sergeant being besides him and while the Terran carried a hammer of his own, not a single kill he made was as devastating as the one he just witnessed. "Just try not to hit any one of us and we're good," a nod of approval followed by couple of hip shots that sealed the fate of another trio of running aliens.

    Skirmish lasted for couple of more minutes, most of it spent on crude butcher's work. Emperor's Children, being efficient at everything they did, were fast at dispatching the aliens, wounded were executed with a bolt to the head and chest, and those that tried to run were shot in the back. There was no need to sully the melee weapons with the blood of these lowlife creatures any more than it was necessary for there was no honor in this. As for the dregs, the Legionaries didn't waste time with them and left the grisly work to their mortal support.

    "Good work 4th squad, you all did well," Sergeant said once everyone gathered around him, standing next to one of the Rhinos as the squad replenished their supplies. "I've notified Captain Apox of our progress and he congratulated you on your success, given how most of you, counting the brothers from the 5th, 6th and 7th as well, are the fresh recruits and this is your first deployment. We're the only part of the force that managed to completely annihilate Dark Eldar defense and Lord Commander himself is leading reinforcements that will punch through the hole we created and strike the main alien base."

    "However now you will learn another important lession. Each success leads us closer to the perfection that is the goal of our lives, and each victory opens up an opportunity for even greater glory. So sayeth Fulgrim, so it shall be. What this means for us is that we've received new orders. Other squads are staying here to guard the breach while we are moving ahead, complete the mission of our dead scouts, investigate the xenos camp ourselves and interfere with whatever plans they have there. Let's move out!"

    Into the entertainment camp

    Moving through the jungle with all quickness an enhanced super-human possessed, 4th squad of the 25th Company of Emperor's Children made fast progress through the thick foliage, simple greenery a weak opponent for the sons of the Illuminator. Soon they reached a small rocky outcrop below which they could see for the first time the edifices of the Dark Eldar and why they must be destroyed by means.

    Trees gave way for a large xenos camp, stretching for a mile at least. Rows upon rows of cages filled with captives, both humans and Emperor's Children, all looking in quite miserable state but there was some fire in their eyes still, completely different than the dead look the dregs that attacked them earlier had. These ones were still sane (and were looking normal as any human would), yet to undergo whatever proceedure that turned them into monstrosities that they purged during the skirmish. That didn't mean there weren't any monsters to find - bunch of twisted-looking aliens, similar to dregs in their stature only being evidently more advanced and alien in design, were going from one cage to the other, executing prisoners without pause while a lithe scorpion-like machine floated above the ground behind them, gathering some sort of essence from the dead the jailers left in their wake.

    Further in the back past the cages was a large landing pad where a powerful Dark Eldar vessel was docked, looking like a big brother of the crafts their Devastators destroyed during the initial fighting and bristling with guns and crew. They could see couple of those Raiders as well, just as they were stocked with human slaves and rose up in the air, escaping the scene and fleeing further into the jungle.

    Besides the Ravager that took large part of the landing pad, the place was quite crowded. Couple of jetbikes of alien origin were also there, their riders lolling around, looking completely bored as they listened to what seemed to be a fiery argument between an alien that looked more like a bird, with wings, claws and beak-like helmet, than anything else, and a tall bald creature dressed in ragged robes with an aparatus on its back that was similar to what Tech Marines of the Legion might carry, only on steroids. Additional arms and injectors flailed around, the thing looking like some oversized spider. "Disgusting," Sergeant Sidon said, one emotion finally entering his tone. Pure hatred. "They are not deserving to live, their existence in this galaxy offends the Emperor, beloved by all."

    "Our target is the bald creature on the landing pad, intel says it's some kind of their mad surgeon. He's responsible for those mutated things that attacked us and he deserves to pay the price in blood. However," he pointed at the wracks below them executing prisoners with haste, "It seems that they know we're onto them and are in a hurry to clear the shop. We're sworn to protect the people of the planet and help our captured brothers, but also we are duty-bound to attempt to slay their leader for all the horrors he committed."

    "I want to hear your opinion on this dilemma? Also, since these creatures are in a hurry, I don't think we can afford to sit back and wait for the Captain to arrive with the reinforcements. We must act now or we risk to sully our honor and the honor of the Legion with inaction."

    Chapter decision time:

    1. Go for the throat: We move after the Haemonculus and try to prevent him from leaving the camp. We show that we are following orders to the letter, going after the enemy leadership as killing him would definitely strike a major blow with our enemies. Chapter focuses on surgically removing targets of importance.

    2. Guardians of the weak: We head into the camp directly and try to save as many prisoners as we can. We put the well-being of Imperials and our own comrades before other things, understanding the true purpose of the Crusade and our place in it. Chapter focuses on helping loyal population whenever they can.

    Camille:12 Martyn:11 Jendon:10 Pholax:11 Vitaly:10 Elymas:12 Aleph:11 Extrovious:11 Sidon:16

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    <Vitaly: Hard Choices>

    Studying the Dark Eldar camp before him, Vitaly's eyes harden at the degenerate brutality on display. When Sergeant Sidon mentions the choices before them, he thinks long and hard on the matter, his eyes flicking repeatedly between the cages and the landing pad, with the bizarre-looking alien leader. His natural, fiercely protective loyalty to tribe and species war with the harsh pragmatism bred by surviving the wastes. In years, he is a young man not yet thirty. In hard-nosed pragmatism, he had already been far, far older by the time the Legion picked him.

    The best choices for the greater good are oft the most painful.


    "Sergeant, Vitaly here. We are too few and too unsupported for a direct rescue attempt. I vote we get good position and then blow that entire landing pad to hell. The xenos are likely to lose all interest in executing prisoners once their leader and motor pool go up in flames. We can then take advantage of the confusion to spring a jailbreak by splitting into two teams - a manoeuvre team to free the prisoners, and a fire team to keep the pressure on the enemy and prevent them from rallying. If we move fast, we shouldn't lose too many prisoners."


    Option #1: Go for the Throat
  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious turns his head slowly, lips puckering before quietly propelling acidic saliva onto the side of a rock. Stone sizzles with the marine's anger. First thought is to agree with Vitaly, suggestion tactically sound to him, even if his second thought is to floor him for daring to suggest they abandon any number of mankind tot he whims of the capricious Eldar ;instinct and trans-human mental conditioning have become one. When Extrovious speaks he forces himself to do so without hesitation, though the self-control does not keep his uncertainty from underlying every word.

    "Hunt the Surgeon. Whatever atrocities he has committed here will only be expanded upon elsewhere, he has already soiled this world, let us not allow its defilement to be in vain." A bit more verbose than required, everything came out slower than he had wished, but the thought was out there now and he could not deny it made even more sense when put to word.

    OOC: Option One vote
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon, looked on the site with silence and discuss hearing the note of a mad doctor caused his mind to begin thinking as he looked down on the prisoners and humans. "This mad doctor, I have to wonder if he was one doing work on our brothers studying us, Trying to learn secrets of our biology, If so he has his secrets must die with him, As harsh is it sound to leave brothers and humans behind we have to make sure he doesn't leave the planet or any one of these xenos down here," Jendon said looking down on the prisoners. A part of him regretting they didn't have enough men to spare some to save these men, women, and children down there. "I am with our rothers plans."
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Looking upon the horrific display before him... Cattle.

    That is all we are to them, beasts to be herding and use them for whatever tasks they want, but looking at them, they delight in just tormenting their enemies.

    If Pholax had the power to right now, he'd storm in and slaughter them all but alas, we all have limitations and we have a choice, save those in danger, or kill their captors who would no doubt go on and do this again and again.

    Other than being a moral question, these were his orders, and no one said being a son of Fulgrim would be easy.

    "We have a duty, we can honour our brother's deaths in the knowledge the monster who did this is dead. We'll drink to their memory in the victory wine. I say we hunt down that monster and stop the disease that he is."


    Choosing Option One, going for the throat.
  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Hard Choices

    Camille stared at the scene before them. Shock was not a word that felt at home in an Astartes' mouth, but the young marksman felt a pang of revulsion beyond the ordinary hatred of Xenos that had been instilled in him from training, conditioning, and plain common sense. Gazing upon the wanton cruelty and disregard with which the Xenos treated the Humans, the young Europan felt indignated, righteous rage build in him for the first time throughout their engagement. The way they treated their prisoners reminded him of an assembly line in its efficiency. "We are the Adeptus Astartes, we are the Angels of Death, brothers! The snake's head must be cut before we can lower our weapons in good conscience and secure the territory. We cannot risk their escape!"

    He spoke words that he would stand by, but Camille felt guilt over the necessary evil he had consented to. To accept His subjects' deaths, in favor of preventing many more at the hands of His enemies. Surely He would understand. So Camille hoped.


    Option 1: Go for the Throat
  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Martyn fell in line with the rest of the 4th. Pushing forward through the foliage, the treeline opened to show a massive xenos camp. Apparently, this was where they had kept their prisoners for experimentations. Given the deception from earlier, he showed a healthy amount of caution while the others discussed their options ahead. Even without overt signals, the young astartes could tell that the sights in front of disturbed some of them. He gazed over at the captured brothers of the III legion with a frown.

    In truth, those brothers were all that kept Martyn from wholeheartedly agreeing with the surgical strike like the rest of his brothers. Still, the choice was clear: if a few of their brothers fall now, they may end the killings in the future. The other option might lead to much larger scale abductions by these xenos. Making sure there was a round in each of his firearms, the line brother turned to their sergeant and said.

    "Our mission is our target. My brothers are correct: we must see to our duty before all else."

    OOC: Option 1 please :)
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    Aleph was not without practical sense. He knew that men died in war. That women, children, non-combatants were casualties too, whether at the hands of a careless enemy or ... as in this case, at the hands of their own. It was not that the young Legionary didn't care for the lives he was trained to protect. And there were brothers there too, fellow Sons of the Phoenix. But even as he quashed the visions of his own kind dying by the weapons of the IIIrd - as unthinkable as it would be for Marine to kill Marine - he knew, with an iron certainty, that every Battle-Brother in the encampment below would choose as he would choose without hesitation. They knew their duty.

    "My Brothers, as painful as it is to do what we must, I concur. If we concentrate on rescue, we lose the cause of this vile invasion. We cannot in all conscience allow the xenos threat to continue. If their - coordinator lives, how many more will suffer this fate?"

    He nodded to Vitaly, one warrior to another. "Vitaly's plan covers the task with the greatest chance of saving the largest number of our own as well as killing the king rat. I say we follow it and swiftly."

    "We will mourn the dead, and honour the fallen once we have avenged them." He looked to Pholax with that. They all understood what it meant to follow the Phoenician, but he had put it perfectly.

    OOC: Option 1, kill the Haemounculus and then save whomever we can.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "The chained orchestra demands the head of their conductor forcing them to play the music of war without regard for the trapped choirs." Elymas Velodonus said with a solemn frown, playing a single accord across his stringed staff in thought and as a vice to keep his nerves. The last thing the librarian needed was to unleash his powers in ways he did not intend.

    "We are to be perfect, so Fulgrim and the Emperor both demand of those that wear the Aquila with pride. Yet we pursue the glory of killing a nameworthy figure, rather than look to our brethren. Were we in the cages, would we not ask our brethren to be saved? Are they truly worth a sacrifice so we can reap laurels from high command?" He shook his head, saddened by the enthusiasm of the squad and the belief to accomplish multiple things at once - they were far from such perfection. Maybe, on the other hand, he simply desired to fight against the streams, putting a target on his back and front - pushing them to enact a gauntlet upon him once this campaign is over. Although the young European could not help but be upset. All of them believe to be faster than greased lightning to decapitate the head and stop the masses from slaughtering their helpless kin.

    "We swear death upon our foe. But yet we spit into the faces of the Emperor's offspring. War truly is naught more but tragedy. My sole voice matters little as a background singer, but heed my words when we weep after our brethren. Forward we march under the song of annihilation and blood to bring death unto our foes - no matter the cost, no matter the consequence."

    The librarian inclined his head towards Sergeant Sidon in a duality of meanings, first to symbolize that he appreciated their voices to be heard and second that he shall act as ordered. It was the first time he talked since the combats begun, and it might had been he last. (@WanderingJester ) Not even a 'you are welcome' beyond a nod was earlier shared for the brother that thanked him for killing his assailant.

    Option 2.
  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    "I respect your view, and even more so your decision to speak it even as a lone voice, Brother," Aleph said, looking at the Librarian as he made his opinions known. "It is my belief that it is healthy to hear diverse opinions, for does not such a noble figure as Primarch Horus himself have his naysmith? But do not mistake our words for a lack of care. And I would not be so quick to attribute what is necessity to a desire for glory."

    "As to an answer to your question, should I be the one in the cage, I would be urging you to strike. My life is not worth more than our purpose."

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