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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Misstep upon misstep assailed Extrovious' mind as readily as the foe assaulted his body. A blow whiffed against the Nob struck like a hammer against pride. An axe returned and sunk into his rib gashed his confidence. A savage among savages was making a fool of him. Power fist clenched, Extro watches Nob pounce into a helm splitter, the damaged Aquila on his chest weighs like lead that seems too heavy for even his jump pack to raise. All that anger he felt trickles down into the deepest crevices of heart and; in the barely relevant memory of their earliest engagement with the Dark Eldar, becoming the tinder for the inferno that boils through his veins in the next moment. Drawing back to the cauldron and its masters, frustration blooms into a reckless fury and Extro activates his jump pack.

    Your skull is mine. I will wrench it from your shoulders and let the blind sockets watch your Warlord and your world die.

    Red tinged his vision and something niggled at the back of his mind. A persistent itch that told him he was doing something very right. No doubt a quirk of astartes' conditioning: satisfaction in the death of xeno and the spilling of blood. Fist rises in an uppercut to core out his opponent. All the shame in the world did nothing to hamper a growing sense that all this pain and violence was just fine.

    Their is purity in this anger. The perfect anger. No madness of the World Eaters, no perverse thrill belonging to the barbarians of Fenris. A flawless drive for the Emperor's Children.

    Never mind that the previous thought, that whole bit about the skulls, might not of been out of place among Aleph's adopted cousins from Nostramo. Whether Nob still fights him or not, Extrovious looks to return to his brothers on the middle tier. Support was overdue and punching one greenskin was not satisfying enough. With his heavy hanger-on Extro looms over the others before going to slam the Savage into the Zapper. He still owed the Witch for that earlier blow.

    OOC: All Out Attack, Power fisting Savage Nob, second attack to carry and smash the Nob, dead or alive, into Tigrikus.
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock caught the headed and tied it to his waist. The thought of collecting trophies was never something to have crossed his mind before, but the trend did help portray the feats of his Legion and squad. Regardless of what Arnock decided to do to 'decorate' the standard, this was not the time to worry about it as there was still plenty to deal with out before him.

    Seeing Leonis face change to a look of displeasure made Arnock quickly turn to witness Pholax hurl his weapon just before it exploded. This was an unusual tactic by any stretch and one Arnock was not fond of as he found far to much value in his weapons to just cast the away. Regardless, Pholax was in trouble as the large Orc tore his arm from socket with ease. Moving down after seeing Leonis strike once more, Arnock took the head of the xeno from his waist and raised it up to the large orc, calling out, "And I am sure there are lines in that worthless book of yours that say do not let your head get cut off, but as you can see, your brothers can not read so well..." Arnock was clearly trying to get the xeno to act out on what was programmed into its nature. A clear challenge to distract the xeno was the effect he was going for, though a small part of Arnock found pleasure in another challenge. Not wasting a moment more on taunting, Arnock charged forward once more with his power sword drawn. Clearly starting to show signs of battle fatigue, Arnock aimed at the large orc's legs to bring it to his knees.

    OOC: Balanced. One attack on fake primarch's legs and one defense on self.
  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Looking up as his body was awash with stims attempting to numb the wound, others had a stump or a clean wound. Looking at his wound, it was a jagged edge where the flesh tore in different places and the armour broke off.

    It was strange to look upon it, there was pain but it was more transcending as he looked at the wound, as if it wasn't his wound. Trying to move the arm as if it was there felt so strange...

    The body felt like it was trying to move but there was nothing there to move.

    The Glaive was useless to him now, least his action allowed the others to get a good few hits on that damned Ork.

    When Pholax gets back he'll need to make sure to have words with the Mechanicus about the quality of their wargear, best to get anything he needs through Vitaly now, least he could trust a brother of the Third to not screw up timings on their weaponry.

    "Jendon, when you get a moment, get over here and make sure I don't bleed to death." Pholax calmly voxed, getting back to his feet, he had two options, his wound would clot itself or he'd go into a coma and be rendered out of commission till the Apothecaries could get around to fixing him up. Being out of commission for the Emperor's great victory was not going to happen, he was a representative of the Phoenix and the Phoenix would not be found wanting.

    This was the worst wound Pholax thought he'd ever suffered and at the moment he was feeling out of himself yet still in control, it was quite hard to describe...

    The Power Glaive was left on the floor, it was useless to him and trying to use it he'd do practically nothing and snapping it in half or a quarter of it to be more of a knife or makeshift spear would deny it of its powered ability.

    As if by some miracle a chainsword of a Luna Wolf was nearby, he regretted having to take a fellow warrior's weapon but it was now a case of life and death. Maglocking it to his belt, he knew what he had to do.

    Grabbing his Bolt Pistol loaded with Inferno Rounds he was going to burn out that Ork's life, he'd watch as it burnt to death on his rounds and fire a few more for good measure.

    "Get back here, Filth." Pholax spoke clambering towards the Ork Primarch with his Bolt Pistol in hand, round after round slamming out of his bolt pistol as he approached the Ork, preparing for any retaliation.

    Picking up Chainsword from a fallen Luna Wolf.
    Balanced attack on Robork Gorkman with Bolt Pistol using Inferno Rounds and defence on self.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    There was plenty of carnage to go about, but mostly he was thankful for all the allies that actually did cover him. "Thank you Jendon." He quickly spoke through the squad vox as he figured that was the reason he did not get cut open from behind. Other than that, the Luna Wolves did a great job at reducing the firing lines of the Orks. It was somewhat surprising to see them actually aid a librarian. Maybe they were more practical like the Iron Hands - victory at any cost. Or maybe they simply had an order to shoot them down and followed it so. It did not matter as he finally reached his target who was more than ready for the Emperor's Child.

    "I may be a bird. But the fire of the Phoenix only grows stronger each time it dies!"
    Elymas roared mentally at the Weirdboy, not willing to concede in the slightest before he landed his blow - thanks to the psykers own mishap. Surely this was a more powerful psyker than any other Ork one he had met until now. He tried to utilize the rawest form of psychic abilities rather than refine it and into something more sophisticated. Yet while there was an opening moment, Elymas remembered his deployment on the Ork station and figured that this kind of powerful Waaagh energies would throw his own abilities into disarray. So instead he put all of his trust into the weapon that was held in both of his hands.

    It was impossible to ignore the pain of forceful entry into his mind. But it fueled Elymas' desire to defend himself, pushing the alien out of his mind while raising his weapon to smash it into the head of the Ork. "Return to the abyss out of which you crawled from, misbegotten beast!" The psyker roared, bringing Phoenix's Resolve down with all of his physical might that still was untapped. It glowed in spite of the abominable xeno presence. As if becoming the extended will of its wielder, it glowed in a deep purple, the color of the Emperor's Children.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack vs. Tigrikus with Two-Handed Phoenix's Resolve
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  5. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    "Yesss," hisses Vitaly, indulging in a small celebratory fist pump as he successfully reinitialises the Land Raider's machine-spirit.

    +++Initiate handshake and command handover.

    Authorisation: III-8123-9909-2516-B, Sokolovsky, Vitaly, Astrotechnicus.

    Mission: Xenos eradication.

    Current objective: Provide static fire support for Legion forces.+++

    His hands and technical mechadendrites working on feverish autopilot to repair the Herald's drive systems, Vitaly casts his electronic senses further abroad to take stock of the battle. The sheer number of duels with enemy champions and commanders pretty much preclude any direct support of his Legion brothers. So instead, he opts to wipe the chaff off the map and sway the overall tide that way.

    +++Fire Mission #1: Direct fire @ Ork heavy weapon operator. Weapon: Twin-linked Godhammer units #1 and #2. Bracket centre-mass for optimal kill-ratio.

    Fire Mission #2: Fire-for-effect @ Ork Heavy Infantry. Weapon: Twin-linked heavy bolters. Traverse and elevate for enfilading elliptical spread.+++

    Action Summary

    - All-Out Action: Repair Land Raider

    - Standard Action: Defence @ Self w/Lightning Field (3 charges)

    Threat Assessment Matrix: Attack @ Devastator Nob (see below)

    Orders to Herald

    - Standard Attack @ Devastator Nob w/twin-linked lascannons

    - Standard Attack @ Taktikul Gits w/twin-linked heavy bolters

    Special ammo: 3 clips Tempest rounds (bolt pistol)

    Micro-Missile ammo

    Standard Charges: 15/30
    Special Warheads: Stasis x 2, Cryo x 2, EMP x 1
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Jendon stood as Aelph forced the orkback with another attack, One magazine emptied another was quick to enter its champer. A thanks from Elymas and a call for help, Jendon Raised his bolter at the figure. "No problem brother," Jendon said responding to Elymas, As he did he took aim at the ork and unleash bolter rounds into Dok Jewels when he heard Pholax's voice. "I'll be on it in a minute a bit tied up at the momment." Jendon said as he looked to finish of Dok jewels.

    OOC all out attack on Dok Jewels
  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    It wasn't good enough that the vile xenos was still standing, let alone holding up their Apothecary from doing his healing work. Aleph drew back Night's Edge, scattering the last few melting droplets of glass and poison as the blade hissed through the air. The venom still coursed through his system but - in spite of the swirling maelstrom of pain-balms and poisons fighting their own battle inside his veins - he knew that he could not rest.Victory was in their grasp. He could taste it as a fine mist of blood on his tongue.

    "Yes," Alephoros hissed, as he brought the blade to bear, "we are the future. We are Humanity's champions. We are the Emperor's Will made manifest and" he swung the sword around in an arc, letting the weight and momentum add to the damage as he used the driving acceleration of his dancing bladework, "we are your death!"

    He felt light-headed, a dizzying coil of threatened unconsciousness and adrenalised violence slipping ever tighter around his armoured form as he fought, not only to kill, but to keep drawing breath.

    OOC: Aleph doesn't gain any bonus actions however he gets rerolls for both of his normal actions with no penalties. Attack on Ork, defence on Jendon. Soliloquizing on Enemy.
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Blood runs thick beneath the seat of Urrlak Urruk

    Bolt after bolt impacted on Robork's massive form but the Primork wasn't about to let go. Pholax unloaded an entire clip of dragonfire rounds into the monster but it still kept on lumbering towards him...that is until Arnock moved in and struck down low. His sword flashed with blue lightning as it bit into the Robork's knee from behind, the Standard Bearer knowing how to find the weak spot in the alien's armor and exploit to the fullest. Suddenly, the Orkstartes lost his footing and he stumbled forward, nearly falling face flat on the ground. He used his hands to balance but just as he rose his head up to scan for the enemies Leonis swung his weapon with both hands and it came around in a crescent arc, cutting cleanly through Greenskin's exposed neck. Dark blood burst forward and Robork's eyes went wide, now completely dropping to the ground he squeezed his neck in order to stop the blood from flowing as something akin to actual fear started invading his thoughts. Lord Commander on the other hand, would not allow a possible recovery and he stepped above alien's giant body, driving his odachi straight down behind his head and severing the spine in an instant. Robork gave one final twitch before Leonis pulled his sword out and stopped moving for good.

    Similar situation played out nearby as Jendon and Aleph scored another kill, both of them cooperating and using this to combat the Orks who pretty much fought in the style of "every man for himself", completely devoid of any honor or ties of brotherhood. Apothecary was quick to switch mags and another twenty or so rounds were unleashed, most of them hitting Dok Jewelz dead in center. Makeshift power armor blew apart alongside most of the Ork's flesh, leaving a bloody mess out of once proud Orkstartes. He survived it all, true testament to the tenacity of the Greenskin race, and while he was missing most of his body parts he still took a step forward towards Jendon, Dok's every move now fueled by sheer rage. Hardly something that could help him as Aleph swooped in, his wardancing definitely something the Ork would never be able to counter, especially now, but Alephoros wasn't considered to join the prestigious ranks of Palatine Blades for nothing and his newest kill went to prove that point. Night's Edge found its mark easily enough and the swordsman decapitated upstart Dok with one beautiful blow, fitting for him to bring the end to a creature that thought he could drop one of the Emperor's finest with something mundane as simple poison.

    Elymas on the other hand, didn't need anyone else to finish the alien witch off, as the Audiomancer's own intellect proved vastly superior over something the Orks could come up with. In truth, the raw force the Weirdboy had at his disposal was much greater than the one the Emperor's Children psyker commanded but such things hardly mattered when it came to usage of the warp because without proper control you were only asking for a disaster. Tigrikus definitely didn't care about this and as he summoned up his powers for one last time, he found out that they were akin to a great wave, you could be hit by it but you could never grab the water and hold it in your hands without it slipping away. He needed to erect a force shield or conjure a lightning bolt to try and zap the legionary away, but there was simply no time to do so as Elymas wasn't about to let him gather his wits. Instead, he focused his own substantial power and drove it through Phoenix's Resolve straight into Weirdboy's skull. Both the head and the body crumpled under the hit, alien's soul snuffed out in an instant and the last thing Elymas heard was his echoing scream of death as he was lost in the great Green tide that made for the most of the Greenskin subconscious warp signature.

    What little remained of Tigrikus' body was soon obliterated as ground beneath it burst apart, Elymas seeing Extrovious punching through it with a big Nob in pack. Couple of seconds before young Sergeant met with the Savage Nob's attack in the most direct way possible, igniting his jump pack and launching himself straight into the alien, power fist-first. While the descending cleaver managed to only graze his helmet, his own power fist rocketed straight through Nob's abdomen and it allowed Extrovious to bring his target on a merry flight that crashed him into the concrete that made the middle floor's walkway. By that point the creature was horribly wounded but still alive, however Extrovious saw to its end with another hit that pulverized the remainder of Savage's chest. Its misshapen head fell off, no longer attached to a central mass, and at that point the legionary felt a subtle nudging at the back of his mind to fulfill the urge and claim the alien's skull as his own trophy and proof of his combat superiority.

    All of this left Vitaly to deal with the chaff, the remaining Orkstartes now in a complete disarray as their leaders died before their eyes. It was already hard to ignore Horus and his slaughter but while their own Primork and his officers lived, there was hope, however now there was none. They started routing however Vitaly wasn't about to let them go just like that and the machine spirit of former Ultramarine Land Raider obeyed completely. Devastata Nob ceased to exist after getting struck by two lascannon shots while the Taktikul Gits were ripped apart by the combination of heavy bolters and one more rad missile from their Destroyer, Denatus claiming last couple of kills as his own.

    "Well done Brother Arnock," Leonis spoke first, cleaning his blade he put it back on his shoulder before approaching Pholax, "It was a foolish move...but one I can appreciate. Just don't make it a habit brother, you don't have enough limbs for that," a rare smile crossed Lord Commander's face and he even turned towards Elymas, giving him an approving nod.

    He was about to say more but Horus arrived, flanked by couple of surviving Luna Wolves, and every conversation stopped dead in its tracks. "Lord Commander Leonis, I hope we can scratch the debt I owed you with this intervention," as Leonis made a bow it was apparent on his face that he was somewhat confused, so Horus continued nonchalantly, putting Talon over his shoulder in a non-threatening way, perhaps him being the only one who could do such thing and it wouldn't be considered hostile.

    "You saved mine and a life of one of my captains on Boros Prime when you raided that outlying fortress and prevented the aliens from using the cannon on my Stormbird. Don't think I have forgotten it."

    "It was nothing my Lord, hardly a..." Leonis started but Horus cut him off with a wave of his powered digits and an earnest smile, "Nonsense! And I see my brother has promoted you to a Lord Commander. Couldn't have happened to a better man," Lupercal said and everyone saw Leonis standing a bit straighter after receiving praise from such individual. He was lost for words and the Primarch stepped away from him, nodding to everyone present, "I don't remember fighting alongside any of you from my earlier days when our two Legions shared the field of battle, however I'm happy to see that nothing's changed."

    There would be no more talk as additional voices betrayed approach of more armored legionaries. Force of around forty black-clad Terminators, XVI elite Justaerin, led the way and Horus and the rest of the Luna Wolves went to join them, while behind them came seven squads of Emperor's Children with Captain Apox at their front plus another group of Third's Terminators, these ones led by Kenjiro. Company's Champion and his warriors met with Leonis and new battle plans were being conducted alongside Horus and his men while Apox stopped by the 4th Squad and gave them all a stern look.

    "I thought you'd all try to link with the rest of the Company, instead you chose to fight alongside Lupercal and our Lord Commander eh? Glory for its own sake, right?" his armor was battered and the squads behind him were definitely undermanned, perhaps that was the reason of Captain's foul mood. "Squad Extrovious, report. What's up with these strangely-armored Orks and where the hell did you get that Land Raider?!"

    Extrovious:8, Vitaly:13, Pholax:7 Denatus:12, Elymas:10, Arnock:9, Aleph:8, Jendon:12, ("Herald of Espandor":[10])

    @Jorimel @Uriel1339 @DeranVendar @Draconion @Vulpas @dx144 @Grall_Stonefist @matt23
  9. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Arnock stood over the large ork's body, taking a moment to really look at its overall size and stature. Arnock had seen many orks, and many large ork leaders for that matter, but this is by far the largest he had seen to date. It was not fear that gripped his mind at that moment, however; it did make him wonder if this attack had been hurried for sheer glory, and in so doing, placing proper preparation. Arnock felt slightly inclined to point out this fact as a representative of the Third legion, but here in the heart of battle, perhaps was not the best place to challenge any authority's planning or lack there of.

    Arnock was pulled from that train of thought by the Lord Commander, Leonis, but before he could respond to their leader, Horus voice pierced through the air bringing well deserved glory to Leonis. Arnock, after Horus had finished, nodded and added his own words, "Indeed, Lord Commander. Lord Horus' words but merely scrap the surface of the honor you bring our Legion. And let it be known, it is an honor to follow you into battle." Arnock's words may have seemed a little much, but an honorable and tactically sound leader was the difference between victory and loss in a battle such as this. "I would inquire of your knowledge a moment though, Lord Commander. I have seen many of the green tide in my life and many of there larger leaders, but this," Arnock said pointing at the large ork's body before continuing. "This is by far the largest I have laid eyes upon to date. And to top that off, though their forms of intelligence differ from ours, this one seems to have been trying to organize them to a point I never have heard of before. So what exactly is going on here and why have we struck so quickly into an unknown situation," Arnock asked with a little confusion in his voice.

    Hearing the tone of their captain brought a slight amount to anger to Arnock's mind. Glory was always to the Legion, and rarely for one's own sake. It seemed clear that either Captain Apox was either on the losing end of this battle or he had wished for shared glory in taking down the larger ork champions. At any rate, Arnock cared very little for this notion as he only sought glory for, the Emperor, his Legion, and the fallen. The bickering about the politics of how battle were won were of little concern to him.
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas sighed in relief after the life of Tigrikus was ended once and for all. He collected the aliens head for study purposes, surely not as a trophy. It would seem not only inappropriate but straight-out desiring bad omens to have a psyker aliens head parading on ones armor. It was attached for now to his waist and then he had noticed Leonis' nod of approval. The Lexicanium replied it with one of his own. Death was delivered to the enemy. That is all that mattered. Or rather. Elymas did not fail on the battlefield.

    Once the squad regrouped and Apox demanded an explanation, the librarian figured it was up to Extrovious to deliver squad report. Glory was always a matter of... Interpretation with this squad. Was it the days of the jungle, indeed Elymas would have agreed all the day long with Apox - they were glory seekers then. Today? Today he strongly believes that they were doing their part. A part almost no other squad could fulfill.

    First of all, not many have a daring Assault Marine. Maybe too daring, like Pholax. Yet alone a highly... Innovative Techmarine who sees victory must be achieved at any cost as if he was a shard of Perturabo. But on the very opposite, they have the high discipline of the art of the blade in the form of Alephorous and the unquestionable dedication of Arnock. This balance is what created perfection of this squad. To have the ability to come down like a ravaging cascade and switch in a moments notice into a formidable boulder.

    And at the heart of that was Extrovious. Someone it was unsurprisingly easier to follow than Sidon. Not through seasoned leadership. But trusted brotherhood. Sidon was a different type of leader from a different time. But Extrovious was in the here and now, not worrying about what was or will be. Knowing that victory would be easier to forgive than any speckle of hurt pride. It put a smile on Elymas face under his cracked and broken helmet, blood long dried from where once his right eye was and other wounds he had forgotten about. The euphoria of victory having washed away the pain in almost entirety. He had rested his eyes on every single squad member for a moment, before simply looking nowhere specific in Apox' direction.
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