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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Watching the Raider slam down into the ground seeing it take a number of lives in its final moments, he knew it was good it went down, but it wasn't what he expected to happen.

    But as always the Emperor's Children were quick on their feet to adapt, Vitaly instantly targeted other Raiders and with stunning success.

    "Exemplar display, brother." Pholax voxed to Vitaly.

    Then rudely interrupted by the wannabe terrors that now revealed themselves. The horrors of Old Night just never seem to end.

    "Nice try, scum."

    Launching his Heavy Bolter at the Mandrake to delay him hopefully, then pulling out his knife and bolt pistol.

    "Come, meet your end, filth."


    Balanced move, defend and counter attack against the Mandrake.
  2. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    @DeranVendar @Vulpas

    Camille made good speed across the battlefield. His plated boots crushed the remaining jungle foilage underfoot as he jogged to catch up with the Assault Marines' rapid charge. The bolt rounds cracked like thunder as he pulled the trigger, downing several Xenos in his brothers' wake. He opened a private Vox channel to the two of them, hailing them. "Extrovious, Jendon. I have your backs covered," he informed them, speaking in a delicate and controlled voice which betrayed little indication of exertion. A clump of Dregs ganged up on him, but he fended them off with his boltgun, employing it as a club as he swung the rifle to hit the wretches with the magazine, knocking them down on the ground, proceeding onwards without sparing them much thought or care. The Xenos warriors were encircling his comrades. Extrovious had failed to catch the Xenos with his charge, but Jendon moved in to relieve his assailed brother --- sacrificing his own safety. The marksman followed soon, laying down bolter fire upon the remaining Xenos, attempting to clear a path ahead for his brothers as he moved to catch up with them --- replacing Extrovious at the front while the Assault Marine withdrew to clear the back rank of Xenos infiltrators.

    "4th Squad. Help cleaning up the field and then move on my position. I'm receiving orders that we are to push forward. So clean your wounds, gather your wits and join me,"
    came the order from Sidon.

    "Jendon, let us push onwards, Extrovious, link up with us again once you have relieved our brothers in the back line," Camille added in the private channel between himself and his team.

    Balanced Action:
    - Bolter fire upon the Kabalites
    - Defensive advance
  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Suggestion confirmed, Camille." Extrovious hooks his chainsword under the Mandrake's left arm, sawing upwards in hopes of severing the limb. Xeno writhes away like a serpent, marine pounces forward like a jungle cat, a curved blade scraping the flesh of his breast as if armor was made of delicate silks. Bolt pistol punches into the Mandrake's gut, or whatever passes for it, and trigger plunges back for a point blank shot. Chainsword cleaves from overhead, spinning teeth splitting open the ruined torso. "Finish this one." Vox opens and closes just as quick when the warrior addresses Vitaly, Extrovious already backpedaling before twisting around to rocket off and provide similiar relief to Pholax. "Descending on your position now Brother Pholax, keep the fiend pinned for us."

    "How liberating combat is. To speak and slay so readily. Truly we are angels."
    @Draconion @dx144
  4. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    @DeranVendar @dx144

    "Much obliged, Brother," grunts Vitaly to Extrovious as he leaps on the mortally wounded Mandrake with a predator's spring.

    Combat knife held overhead, he executes a descending centreline stab, reinforced by his gun hand positioned over the knife-hand wrist, and embeds the thick Sol-pattern blade to the hilt in the revolting alien's skull, clear to the upper cervical spine. A sickening crunch announces a brutal half-twist that disrupts all the brain tissue that matters. A shuddering sigh escapes the obsidian lips, followed by spasmodic twitching that soon falls still, the last spinal impulses guttering out.

    Kicking the xenos carcass off his blade, he turns and sprints for Pholax's position. Catching the Mandrake from behind with a spear tackle, he bears the disgusting beast to the ground with the full momentum of his careening armoured body. Hearing a satisfying snap in the creature's lower back as they hit the churned earth of the trench floor, he wastes no time in perforating the creature all up and down its posterior aspect with his combat knife, wielding the monomolecular blade in icepick grip with the staccato speed of a sewing machine needle.

    "Feel free to join in, brothers!"
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Thank you, brother, for the compliment, I Just try to do whats best for all of us," Jendon said, As he did he began to cough several times, Jendon did his best to hide the fact he was in great pain at the moment and his liver was doing its best to filter the toxins that were going through his body, The damage to his lung could be fixed, likely, But the threat of the poison rounds that were getting into his bloodstream and heart his Astartes organs would have to fix.

    looking down to the xeno under his boot he looked down to its rifle for a moment as he reloaded his bolt pistol shoving a fresh round into his bolt pistol before going to the xenos rifle and taking a look into its small ammo pouch, Several crystals like shards he could see, The same that went into him likely carried the poison that was running throughout his body, Likely something that the apothecaries would need to get there hands on to make a counter antibiotic, if the toxin became serious enough.
    throwing it down he got back up his cracked Aquila and integrity of his armor means it would need another checkup with their tech marines likely another scolding for not being careful enough with the armor.

    Hearing orders from Sidion and one of his brothers Jendon responded. "Orders heard brothers I shall begin to clean up," Eggbert said as he rose once more into the air his target was the xenos making a stand near a crashed raider coming down fast and hard Jendon pushed himself as he landed bolt pistol raised he began firing, Xenos danced around his shots and weaved towards him, as the xenos got closer His chainsword would rev and he would enter the dance of death with them.

    Slashes, Blows, Blood, the sound of war and sword fighting sounded off course with the side of pistol and xenos weapon fire went through the air, Shades of crimson, Purple, and red all colored the raider but the last one standing was Jendon his chainsword covered in blood as well as his armor. Coming upon te sene he was ready to blast off once more until seeing something that caught his eyes.

    The bodies of the several dead scouts, chianed to the raiders, One of them cut in half from the waist, another having a gaping hole trough his chest and eye, and another who was only but a lower half. all of them had there faces twisted into,anger, rage, and and hatred some even with a hint of fear. "Do not worry brothers your deaths shall be avenged." He said to himself as Jendon got closer he examined the marines chests and necks putting his hand close attempting to feel for the organ that would begin all there transformations to perfetion, the prognoids. Never one piercing the skin he began estimating the chances for there recovery from a apothary. " Low to medium chances of prognoid recovery in this state need a trained apothacary with the tools to do it."

    Marking his postion on his hud Jendon would let out a vox all. "Marking a point of interest several of our scout brothers bodies, as well as possible geneseed recovery. Jendon out." Jendon said as he began leaving the scene. Activiating his jump pack to enter the frey once more. His thoughts on the dead scouts, even a astartes bodies had its limits, though even the body can be honed to become perfet or improved just needed more work. Jendon thought to himself as he raised his chainsword and bolt pistol one more.
  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Turbines wind down for a split second, Extrovious watching as Vitaly makes impressive time reaching the Mandrake. "A savage kill. Suppose battle is not meant to be beautiful though. Only ourselves." Jump pack coughs as fire erupts from his back once more, shunting him off initial course and closer towards Camille. Landing several yards out, legionary covers the rest by foot, leaving the remaining clean up to his battle brothers and their auxiliary.

    "Standing firm still, Camille?" Extrovious falls into step with the lineman, chainsword mag-locked to ceramite girdle long enough for him to reload his bolt pistol. Jendon's report puts another damper on the mood. "I forgot them so quickly once battle was joined. Perhaps this is the wisdom Sergeant Sidon intended for me to pick up." No use denying Jendon a compliment for his compassion though. "You honor them and thus us all Jendon."

    @Kalle @Vulpas
  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Alephoros nodded grimly at their new orders. The smell of burning xenos flesh filled his nostrils even with the filters of his helm - mixed with the stench of something sweetish, corrupt like the bloom of rot on a peach on the turn. It was disgusting enough that he wrinkled his nose, but such minor discomforts were nothing. His brothers were in the line of fire and Aleph knew his duty.

    It lacked flair, but he methodically swept his cleansing fire up and down the line of writhing, leaping alien attackers until the thinning ranks bled and burned and died. His squadmates were quick to purge the taint from the smoking jungle, as he was. Even the creeping, shadowed horrors screamed and bled when one stabbed or cut them deeply enough.

    From under the lee of a downed raiding craft, a smoothly-flowing shape rose up, slender and seeming to move like smoke even as it lunged forward, a curved sickle-blade aimed for the young Marine's throat. In instant reflexive response, Aleph kicked out, catching the knife on the reinforced sole of his boot. The blade flew from the xenos' hand and he drew his own combat knife in one hand as he swung the butt of the flamer around in the other. He heard the crunch of bone and felt the knife sink into its target as if it were cold jelly. The xenos slumped forward, jet-black hands clutching towards the hilt even as ichor bled its life away. Flowers of frost bloomed briefly along the blade even as Aleph charred the body.

    He collected his knife and completed the butcher-work. It wasn't glamourous, but vermin detail never was. It was necessary.

    OOC: Attack and defence, kill xenos remnants and form up with squad.
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas growled in annoyance. They rushed straightforward like the enemy wished for their trap to jump - and now they flee? Were the aliens in fact playing a perfect song? Was there a bigger trap at hand? He could not help but analyze the situation. The choir of modified humans detonating in galore of venoms and acids, devouring Emperor's Children or if at all keeping them contained. The strings of the Kabalite warriors striking with violence, having lured the purple clad warriors to the frontlines and away from the fire support ranks. And just then when the Terran-Chemosian warband believed to take the advantage, the percussions thundered upon their heavy weapon teams.

    It seemed as if they kept reacting, being played like notes. Yet at the same time Sidon made it sound like they disrupted the symphony and turned it into their own musical piece. The enemy was fleeing, the 4th squad and other elements of the most glorious of legions moved onward into the living hell this jungle world was. But what if the aliens played only another game? The feeling of a bad omen did not leave him after the reveal of the dreg biological bombs. But what did they have up their sleeve?

    It was rare that Elymas was talkative, and even now he continued his silence. While their group was being divided, yet not conquered, he realized that he was not without a flaw either. He dared not use his witchcraft in fear of criticism from his brethren. In fact, he considered self-punishment for not listening to his premniscience and warn the others before the acid humans detonated. Others like Camille were allowed more leniency, for they were closer to Fulgrim than the music enthusiast ever could hope for. He was an abnormality, as much mutant as these acidic dregs. And those facts only frustrated him ever more. A frustration he channeled into strength.

    With a roar he charged forward unto the kabalite warriors, holding his staff-guitar with both hands to smite their foes. He was going to follow Sidon's order to the dot.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack vs. Kabalite Warriors around Sidon
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  9. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    "I could have handled it brothers, but I guess we can't spend all day watching my graceful combat skills." Pholax laughed as he saw the enemy routing. They'd lost a good number of men and armour but a victory is a victory provided we learn from this.

    Walking over to his heavy bolter and checking it out, he probably shouldn't have been throwing it around, it might be a good weapon but I don't think the Mechanicus designed them to be thrown at monsters.

    Cleaning the mud off the weapon and making sure the weapon was clean he got out of the trench, moving towards a rhino to replenish the lost rounds, he maybe fired fifty to a hundred at the Raiders but he'd rather have more ammo than needed.

    Looking over to the Xenos fleeing he knew better than to give chase, leave it to the flyers to strike the stragglers. It wasn't worth wasting Heavy Bolter rounds at and he's not exactly known for his movement with a Heavy Bolter.

    It was at this time he noticed his system was informing him of a flesh wound, the Xeno had struck him, the adrenaline and painkillers had made it unrecognisable. If it was a envenomed blade, it didn't seem to have any effect, thank the Emperor for superior gene-forging.

    Taking off the helmet, to reveal his short silver like hair, he then felt the wound.

    "A first for everything..." Pholax mused to himself as he saw the wound was already healing itself.

    Planting the helmet back in place. "Sargent Sidon, moving to your position."


    Moving to Sargent Sidon leaving the stragglers for the faster allies.
  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Martyn watched as each of the dregs began to bloat up before blowing up. Turning his pistol at the closest ones and ending each with a bolt round triggered premature detonation. Seeing one of the kabalite warriors expose themselves in the melee against the assault marines, he grinned before pulling out his boltgun and sighting it down at the target. An explosion from behind him pushed him forward slightly even as it showered him with the gore of the experimented humans.

    "For the legion's sake," Martyn said, annoyed as he missed the shot and got his power armor covered in guck. Flicking a good bit off of his arms, he turned and gave a nod to Elymas. "My thanks, brother, even if I'm covered in this sludge." Annoyed, he turned his pistol to the remaining dregs, picking a few off before they wander into the flames of Alephoros. Keeping an eye on the perimeter, the line brother took a while in his observations, but his efforts paid off.

    Another of the Kabalite warriors appeared, aiming to take advantage of the distraction in order to cause a few more casualties. Before he could level his weapon though, a bolter round went through his skull. Martyn grinned, satisfied that he could reap a kill before joining their Sergeant, making sure to swap new clips into each weapon and get as much of the dead humanoid off of him as possible.


    OOC: Joining up with Sergeant Sidon. Defense on self.
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