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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    I have ... good news," Aleph said, the good cheer deflating rapidly as he eyed the other Astartes. Had he made a mistake? He'd spent a long time reading the complex politics of the higher ranks today and he wasn't in the mood to have to work so hard reading those he had come to rely on and trust.

    "I'll talk to you as a Sergeant if I have to," he said, not yet entirely stripped of his excitement, which he suspected would bubble underground for some time like the Iluminator's spring if untapped, "but I would rather speak to you as a friend. Since we are off duty."

    "I have been offered the chance to train for the Palatine Blades, or so I believe. I wanted to tell you first. You and Vitaly. As my friends, and as men I can trust to tell me truly if I've understood the situation correctly. Men who know me from the front line, not just by reputation."

    "If the time is bad, I can go." He wasn't afraid of words, but he didn't want to damage his friendship just for the sake of talking right here, right now.

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    "I always knew you were one of the useful ones brother." There was a glimmer of life in those eyes of his. "It actually warms me to hear that you are receiving the recognition you deserve." Tenseness flows out of every muscle, emptying out of his system along with the stimulant of battle trance. "It is never a bad time for actual good news. Will they be prying you away from the squad then? Or shall I be charged now with relying on you even more heavily than Sidon did?"

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    Aleph released the breath he hadn't realised he was holding. His good humour returned somewhat, though this time it was tempered with concern for his brother. Perhaps it was fatigue.? They had all been taxed, even for Astartes. Emperor knew he would be fit to drop himself if it wasn't for the endorphins.

    "Thank you, Brother," he said, the warmth in his tone conveying how much it meant to hear that from Extrovious. "I always hoped for this, I used to dream of it as a child, but to have it happen ..." He caught himself, with a smile as he recognised himself drifting off into dreamland once more. Aleph threw a comradely arm around the broad Astartes' shoulders. The gesture felt grounding. "Come on, let's have a drink over this and I'll tell you everything I can."

    "No, I won't be leaving Fourth Squad, nor will I be able to accept any promotion. So it looks like you'll be stuck with me." He grinned, happy. Extro was right, times like this didn't come along every day. "I think the best word is extracurricular. I wouldn't think Cautorious will train me just by himself, but it sounds as if I will be under his patronage. I will have to prove my skill in the coming battle but let us be honest, isn't that true of every battle?"

    "The difference with this one, I suppose, is scale." He paused. "Immense scale."
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    "I am certain I dreamed of the same before my ascension." Extrovious returned the hold with his power fist, a level of restrain behind the gesture to keep from batting his smaller comrade around. "As for celebration, I am overdue for something lighter than the latest schedule of duties. Keep the lead brother, I will follow your taste on the matter." A smile as restrained as the back clap comes forward to punctuate the matter. "Suppose my own head hunting shall have to take a backseat all the more now anyways."
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    ~~ Overdue Conversation: Aftermath ~~

    "Claudius. Alleo." He acknowledged each one respectively, replicating the gesture of the Aquilla. "You are right I have not come to talk about my spoils of war. And it was not so much glorious as it was suicidal." The Lexicanium could not help but chuckle a little.

    Claudius, the thoughtful one, as he was referred to within the Librarium of the Emperor's Children, is a Codicer of powerful geomancy. A man who can bend any bit of soil, stone, rock or other earth related matters. Some even report him create flying rocks out of thin air. He was about to ascend to Epistolary soon, based on age, power and experience. Elymas figured that Claudius was careful as ever and would explore the situation at hand before voicing his opinion and thoughts. It was almost as if he was more Guillimans' blood than Fulgrims'. Thinking a situation over from five different angles before deciding to act.

    Alleo on the other hand. As young as Elymas. Both were recruited at the same time, except that the former came from Chemos. They were trained under the watchful eye of Hephestus and would often watch over one another or make false alibis up on the go. Well, until Elymas decided to antagonize Leonis. The Terran born still remembers how he came into the tent of the librarium to gain his punishment at the hands of his master. And how even Alleo turned his back on the fellow Lexicanium. That moment drifted them apart, but it seems five decades away from one another allowed the gap to close once more. Where Elymas got fascinated by that from beyond and music, Alleo followed in Hepehstus footsteps of the divine arts, specializing in Divination.

    "I will be fairly straightforward, brothers. One of my squad members expressed his concern regards our psychic abilities. Where is the difference with him? He has seen an Unborn. Right before his eyes. During his secondment to the Thousand Sons." Elymas let the fact sink in a little bit before continuing.

    "Due to our strong restrictions, I yet have to see one with my own eyes. But he also addressed the concern that... Well. What if we discard our powers? Join the legion as line brothers? I am not completely against it. But. Both the Emperor and all of his children share this gift. How could anyone expect us to simply seal them away? I'm quite conflicted about the idea. So here I stand, asking for your own thoughts and experiences on this matter." The frown on Elymas' face was as visible as the stars from the Chemosian wastelands.

    ~~ Tales of a Hero ~~

    @matt23 | @Colapse | @dx144

    "Apologies for the interruption." Elymas said to both Pholax and whoever the other legionnaire was when Arnock responded to the psyker. He made the sign of the Aquilla to each present before listening in-depth to what the banner bearer had to share.

    "You could quite say that the records are... Inaccurate. Compared to the way you explained it. I thank you greatly for the enlightenment, and I hope that retelling your story that some of the weight has been lifted off of you." He put a hand on Arnocks shoulder plate to express that he cared. But more importantly to reinforce that the Lexicanium meant what he said when they first met - that he would do his part to make sure the banner would stay aloft.

    "I'm certain that Rylanor is not upset with Commander Vespasian's decision. And he tends to think things through with a calmer mind, he must have seen the same fire burning within you that drove Rylanor into the anvil of war, as our Salamander cousins would say." He clasped the shoulder pad where his hand was still resting on, before stepping backwards.

    "I appreciate your insight and will append our legion chronicles accordingly." The librarian inclined his head and got ready to leave, but remained in case there was more to share, or in case the banner bearer had questions of his own.

    ~~ Sonic Weapon: The Next Phase ~~

    "You must be familiar with the tale of Fulgrim and Ferrus crafting weapons for one another? Lord Manus put me through the very same. That is where Phoenix's Resolve comes from." He tapped the weapon that loomed slightly over his head from his back.

    "And..." Elymas leaned closely in towards Vitaly and the plans, looking closer at the signature before leaning back. "... That looks like your signature, Techmarine." The librarian smiled widely and winked, hoping the fellow legionnaire would catch on.

    "It must have spawned from your feverish nights when you were working intensively on the Dark Eldar technologies during our deployment on a certain jungle world." Elymas added to make it even more clear.

    "Either way. So how do you believe these older designs of yours could be improved upon? The prototype for Ferrus Manus were alright, but I'm sure that after five decades of gathering experience that you have new ideas." The Lexicanium took a step back to let Vitaly look in detail at the blueprints.
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    Arnock seemed a little caught off guard to hear that the story of the standard falling to his hands had not been properly record until this point. Arnock had never embellished the truth on the matter, but truthfully speaking, he also did not care as to the reason it had not be properly recorded as he was sure Elymas would handle the matters. At least Arnock would hope he would, for he did not know Elymad all that well to begin with.

    Hearing the opening that Elymas gave to questions, Arnock was quick to speak as he looked at an Ork corpse on the ground before him, "As a matter of fact, I do have a question, brother Librarian. With all you have seen and laid witness to, do you sense something different about these Orks? There is something different about them, more so than their numbers and vast amounts of war machines?"
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    "I respect your opinion, but I'm not convinced. Past is irrelevant, future is where the answer lies. And I came from the Callex's undercity, I was one of the kids the mining families gave to serve the Lord of the Third. If he didn't illuminate me and made me what I am now, by now I would most likely be dead, forgotten like some toy in the darkness of the mining shafts," Kenjiro said, somewhat reluctantly. He definitely didn't like talking about the past, the fact which was even more reinforced once he saw Elymas approaching and interrupting their conversation.

    Look of sheer disgust crossed his face before he put his helmet back on, made to look like a visage of some great snake. "Whatever you end up with, know that there's always place for skilled warriors among Lord Commander's honor guard and yours truly will most likely become their leader before the next deployment is over," Kenjiro told Arnock with some satisfaction, "So if you don't think being the Standard Bearer is your calling, you can always join me and the rest of the men, only I must warn you, we don't think it through that much, we just act and Millennial's enemies die."

    With that said, he ordered his squad to move out and continue with the purges, leaving Arnock, Pholax and Elymas alone to continue with their conversation.

    @matt23 @dx144 @Uriel1339


    "I will make sure the rest of the Techmarines are onto it," Thales said, nodding in agreement with Vitaly's statement. "Knowing how the Orks are with their tech especially with the death of their Big Mek, not to mention that I won't allow for this information to spread to other Legions or Martian contingent for that matter, I'll be happy if we could get ourselves only one of these prototypes after the battle is over."

    "Also," his tone became a bit quieter now, borderline conspiratorial, "It goes without mentioning that working on this is highly classified and no one else outside our group should know about it. Some, even among our Millennial, would consider this course of action foolish at best, heretical at worst, but they simply lack the strength of will and depth of mind to see the bigger picture. I hope we understand each other."



    "So what, he was with the Thousand Sons. I'm sure they knew what they were doing," Claudius blurted out, slightly annoyed with the show Elymas put up for them. "Maybe they even fiddled with his mind, implanted pictures into it and made him think he saw something, when actually that never happened."

    "Only Chief Librarian Hephestus has seen one," Alleo continued, not agitated by Claudius' outburst, "I'm sure, when the time is right, he'll introduce us with some of those creatures as well because I hear there are some who are quite benevolent."

    "Benevolent? That's putting it mildly," Claudius grunted, his eyes never leaving Elymas, "But enough of that, our brother here is interested in something else. Do you know Elymas, that some Legions, purged their ranks of every psyker. Yes, that's right. Mortarion for instance, hates us, thinks we are a plague set upon the galaxy and he would like nothing more than to kill us all. There are even rumors about the things you mentioned coming to pass - complete sanctioning of psychic powers all across the Legiones Astartes."

    "And from what I know, more people are for it than against it. Ask around and you'll see - Luna Wolves, our friends who we share this theater of war. They call us degenerates, monsters, I heard from a friend of mine from the Fifth that they shun the use of Librarians to a point that they don't care if it would help them win a battle, they simply don't want to do anything with them. At all."

    "You always love to overreact brother," Alleo spoke after Claudius finished his rant, placing a calming hand on his shoulder, "I'm sure it's not that bad."

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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ Overdue Conversation: Aftermath ~~

    Elymas would not react like a child anymore to Claudius aggressiveness. He knew better by now. Nonetheless, it shook him within even if hopefully unnoticeable on the outside. Though the Lexicanium was worried of how Alleo spoke. It triggered an instinct within him that screamed to be careful around him. Maybe it was triggered by Claudius' words in regards to the purge of the psyker gene. Was it not for decades of meditation and controlling ones emotions, simply bodily functions would give away his bluff of being calm and collected.

    "I heard rumors." Elymas eventually killed the silence, fighting the urge to touch the icon of the Wyrms of Knowledge. "I suppose the Emperors' attempt of having a clear mind controlled by logic is being picked away year after year as many are more becoming a mirror of their primarch, rather than the Emperors intent." The Terran sighed softly, his words more towards himself than anything else. And because he saw it first hand. Even he wields now a weapon crafted from beyond his legion. His mentality and friendliness towards technology, towards bionics. But also those close to him.

    Jendons art of mending the flesh has twisted into something new. His knowledge just a little bit better kept within himself. Then there is Pholax who seems to have become a few more degrees brutal. Vitaly who has become closer to the Mechanicus through his time at Perturabos side. Alephorous who wields the blade of the Night Haunters legion with uncertainty if the Emperor's Child enjoys the terror on his enemies face a little bit more.

    "In my opinion if we have to discard the gifts of the psyker gene, then we would have to dispose of the primarchs too or forbid their usage. Like Ferrus Manus told me once. Whenever someone would accuse us of being a mutant, then so is their primarch. And certainly someone as perfect as Fulgrim could not be considered a mutant. And yet he wields the same powers we do, inherited from his own father, the Emperor. I rather believe that it is born out of jealousy. If every Astartes would be ascend with it like the Thousand Sons, then the judgment would dissipate." He placed a hand on his clean shaved chin, scratching it a little bit.

    "But to summarize my view on this. Firstly. I am ready to let go of my powers if it would ever go that far. If either Fulgrim or the Emperor order us to discard them, so be it. Secondly. I wish to never see what my squadmate has. I had more than enough with the echoes of the dead. I surely do not wish to see what truly lives beyond our mortal senses. The Netherrealm is not for us. Our powers might be linked to it. But I will fight it with every cell of my life. I know him and I have met some Thousand Sons." Elymas shook his head. "I trust his judgment and the terror in his eyes matched only survivors of a vindication campaign from the 8th." And with that, his own judgment was cast and made public to his Librarium brothers. Before, he would pick a side with either Claudius or Alleo. But no more. He would be his own person with his own judgment, with his own view. Even if he had to defy Hephestus further.

    That was the real gift he returned from Medusa, not Phoenix's Resolve. It was a mere constant reminder.

    ~~ Tales of a Hero ~~

    @matt23 | @Colapse | @dx144

    Elymas made the sign of the Aquilla when the apparent squad leader and his men left and waited until they were gone before answering Arnock, he did not mind that Pholax was present. "Just do not ask that question in front of the Captains or Commander Leonis." Elymas said with a serious face, but a creeping smile. "You know the Imperial truth about logic and science. Your question reaches well beyond that. And as banner bearer your integrity is far more important than mine. So let us just say, I presented this case and you never asked that." The Lexicanium made a strong nod towards Pholax as if to say that this should be the official story.

    "I noticed that during the first engagement when my very first spell went awry that there was indeed more. The Waaagh, the psychic resonance of the Orks, was far stronger than typically. I cannot tell if it is because their green tide is larger than ever recorded here. Or if it might have to do with the presence of the Primarchs. Orks tend to rise to the occasion. So the stronger the enemy, the stronger the Ork." He waved the train of thought away, sidelining too far.

    "To focus on your question. Their psychic connection is far more powerful than I ever have felt which can potentially throw a disarray in a multitude of things. Brother Jendon reported even fallen Custodes. It is the first time I hear of one having fallen myself and then at the hands of Orks?" The Librarian shuddered a little, only really visible on his face. "On top of that, Vitaly has discovered technology access far beyond typical crude Ork capabilities. If I understand correctly, basically they have Anti-Grav technology that is even beyond our own. Something is definitely happening here. I do not know what. But simply know that we will stop them. Because if we fail here, there will be nobody to stop them. The Orks would gain such momentum that their Waaagh to Terra would be unstoppable. That is why the crusade fleets are converging here. Why no Primarch lays claim to this crusade by himself. Because any legion, including our own, would fall alone here. United we stand, divided we fall, Brother." He put his hand on the shoulder of Arnock and looked him in the eyes, more serious than ever>

    ~~ Sonic Weapon: The Next Phase ~~

    <waiting on player>

    ~~ Silent Lake ~~
    @Colapse | @Vulpas

    <waiting on player>

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    Shadows Gather


    Vitaly nods in sombre agreement at Thales' words, already compiling a detailed brief for the other Astrotechnicus who will collaborate in the undertaking. When Thales mentions the need for secrecy, Vitaly feels, for a brief instant, a vast gulf - like unto a span of untold millennia - open up inside him, filled with gnawing doubts and a vague sense of lingering regret, as though his older self were looking back upon this moment, shaking his head at the naivete of his youth. The moment passes, and he clasps a hand to Thales' pauldron.

    "I call you brother now, but you have always been a mentor to me, and we have always been of like mind since that day in the jungles, when we tore the secrets of the Dark Eldar from their captured technology. I agree - others call us reckless heretics, whereas we know that we simply have the vision and courage to see further and dare more for the sake of Mankind's ascension. My lips are sealed on this matter to all whom we do not admit into the undertaking."

    Whispers Become Screams


    Vitaly listens to Elymas in silence, continuing to stare at the signature on bottom right corner of the plans for several pregnant seconds.

    "I am disappointed, and more, by your prevarication and evasion, if not outright deception," he says at last, his voice carefully neutral, his eyes nailed to the blueprints, "In addition to standard Astartes eidetic memory - as you well know we all have - I have multiple backups of every memory since Legion ascension, in multiple formats. This technology was pioneered by me, true - but I have never signed off on any such work, and Legion Forge records will back me up on this."

    He looks sharply up from the microfilms to stare into Elymas' eyes, his normally-kindly features hard.

    "Try again. Where did these records come from, and why do they have my signature affixed to them? The truth - now - or this conversation is not only over, but will be reported to higher authority."
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    ~~ Sonic Weapon: The Next Phase ~~

    "I'm somewhat disappointed that the adeptus mechanicus has stripped your sense for politics and brotherhood, Vitaly." Elymas said with a frown, although he was not concerned about these 'higher authorities', after all this weapon still only exists once and that is in Ferrus Manus personal armory. And if anything could be dismissed as a false entry, a simple human mistake by the archivists.

    "Clearly I have filed this in our records under your listed blueprints out of brotherhood and long term success to further the advance in this technology. This technology you brought light upon. You know I'm an audiomancer, you know that I play instruments. You know that I built a Sonic weapon for a primarch. Our agenda aligns. But this design is insufficient for grand scale warfare. And if other techmarines were to find out a witch created this design, what do you believe they would do? Exactly. Discard or ignore every single aspect about it and the associated stigma would halter it's process, especially because both of us hail from the same squad. I had hoped that you as fellow squadmate and one of the brightest minds that our legion has seen and having served as Perturabos right hand. You out of all people would simply see the potential behind the design and build upon it. But regretfully you seem to have become more limited by the Martian doctrines rather than havinghaving your mind further. We are Emperor's Children, perfect in all ways. Do not let bureaucracy become your bane, brother."

    "Nonetheless I hope you are still willing to proceed forward after this initial... Misunderstanding. We are the best legion. And now that the legions converge here on Ullanor under the watchful eyes of many primarchs, the Emperor's golden ones, Leonis and all other commanders. We have the opportunity to create a brand new technology to fight the green tide on a new scale. Imagine the fame and respect. You are not even a century old and yet could lead a complete new technology forward. Is that not what you desired? Is this not what you wanted to accomplish when you joined the red brotherhood? Not to forget that Fulgrim himself could pick you as simple comparison of why he heads the most superior legion. To bring forth true advance and enrichment to the Imperium, rather than simple improvement of past inventions."

    The librarian had become fully passionate as he revealed the true motive behind. But as it has always been with Elymas since his time on Medusa, he indeed wished the best for the ones behind him. He realized that within the Emperor's children there were not many paths for him. He envied the Thousand Sons and Iron Hands in that regard. But like the Medusians told him: do with what you have. And what he has right now is the 4th squad. To elevate them, to see just one ascend further through his assistance has become his true passion and life goal. Although this interaction with Vitaly also made him realize of why he got along so well with Jendon. Clearly it was something to keep in mind. That and maybe to give Extrovious words more credit than he initially did.

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