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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Arnock shook his head as he spoke, "I have do not feel the same about chaplains. To me they are an idea found by religion and the thought that the will of an Astarte can be broken. I have traveled this galaxy and seen no gods. And to need a moral boost or talking to to fight on seems to imply weakness, and this is not something I condone as a thought process. So, I definitely agree with Pholax's words."

    After a moment of thinking, Arnock then continued, "It would be a stretch to say that I do not understand the purpose of the standard, however; what I can not understand is how to continue to have my own persona. I feel as though I must lose my own self in order to maintain the Legion's perfect persona. For to fail to exemplify that which is our Legion, would be to fail under the honor and burden of this standard." Looking up to the standard and then back to the terminator he spoke, "Though I suppose to question this is to question the thought process of Fulgrim and the honored Ancient which is far from my intent."
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    Pholax was lost in thought as this was seemingly more a discussion than some seeking of an estranged brother, "Maybe the Phoenician sees some worth in them, he does like to improve things and it is likely a brother Legion can bring forth something worthy, I know that for all the faults of the World Eaters their warriors can surpass many of ours in the blood pits. They have some monsters of men who even an Ork pales in comparison, unsure on who smells better though." Pholax chuckled remembering the scents of the World Eaters in battle, the stench of sweat, tears of rage and blood all mixing into a crescendo of disgust, but it wasn't an awful thing but more just a displeasing thing, to see a battlefield of all scents mixing and the creation of those scents, Pholax wished he was a better painter just to capture the battlefield as he saw it, in the days when he'd been with his blood brothers of the World Eaters.

    "They could be of some use, and some marines need an extra kick up the arse now and then, I think having a dedicated unit to do so seems a bit much but no harm in making it a special title. For all we know the Phoenician will make our Chaplains enforce his views and standards and not preach some book of Lorgar. Emperor, lets hope so, I've heard some of the drivel they preach, how the Emperor allows them to make such speeches is beyond me, at least they can make artworks worthy of appreciation." Pholax realised he was doing more gossiping now.

    "Anyone enough of talking about our cousins, a standard is a symbol people unite beneath, you protect your standard as it is the embodiment of your people. Simple, I didn't even need to go to a fancy class to learn that. As I said before, Arnock, a standard is just a standard, you happen to just have an old standard held by legends, that is the only difference between yours and one I could make tonight out of a robe and some cloth. Some might disagree with me but that is all a standard is at the end of the day, some would even claim that the cheap and poorly made one is superior as it comes from a lesser background than one made of the finest silks and rope, Terra could afford." Pholax realised he might have just spoken words that were borderline, well heresy to some, but he was with his brothers, he could say anything in their company.

    "And a standard isn't what carries a Legion's spirit, it is the Legionaries, without them there is no Legion, without the Legion there is no Legionaries." As much as Pholax liked to keep quite, he was sure if he really wanted to he could talk a Rememberancer's ears off.
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    ~~ Overdue Conversation: Aftermath ~~

    Elymas at some point after the initial assault reached out to the other librarians stationed here - intentionally excluding their Chief Librarian. He did not truly expect everyone to show up, but at least one of the others. Extrovious shared his insight in the concern of psychic powers and the fact that he has seen an Unborn. At the time of the conversation, the Lexicanium did not show a sign of too much concern and confidence in his ability. But the truth was, that he simply could not fathom nor personally relate. He had to see what the others thought.

    He nonetheless was aware of that the librarians never completely forgave him or understood over fifty years ago when he told into Commander Leonis' face that the dead needed to be put to peace. A smile curved on his lips in the slightest crescent, even today he would do the exact same thing. Especially with the retrospect with the Cauldron of Hatred that the defiled Eldar were cooking within. The librarian shook his head, snapping out of his thoughts and looking towards the door, thinking to have heard footsteps.

    ~~ Tales of a Hero ~~

    To locate the spirit of a troubled legend was no hard feat. But with the presence of Apox and other characters on-board it offered a fair challenge. Nonetheless, Elymas found the standard bearer soon enough. Wherever it was and whoever was around, the librarian would open the conversation quite bluntly - figuring that Arnock was not the type of person to beat around the bush.

    "Standard Bearer." The Lexicanium started, inclining his helmeted head in respect, not submission. "As librarian it is my duty still to write battle reports, but more importantly to study our past. I know of the standard you protect and it's history. The written history. But I ask of you, as squadmate, and as chronicler of our legion, to tell me what truly occurred. Victors write history and the exaggerations despite the Imperial Truth of science and logic are always making the hindsight... Muggy. But the truth does set us free and will allow us to not repeat mistakes of the past. So please, indulge me in why you were chosen to wield this banner."

    Elymas kept his focus on the fellow man of the 4th squad, but with great care. He did not know about the extension of possible shellshock, traumas, involved hypnotherapy or other aspects of Arnocks life and past events. But he knew enough veterans, such as Sidon, to know that if you ask a question such as this that it can immediately explode into a duel where there were no exact... Rules of engagement. So he stood tall and fully extended, like a statue. While his mind was ready to draw Phoenix's Resolve if need be for 'insulting' the legionnaire.

    ~~ Sonic Weapon: The Next Phase ~~

    Deep in a makeshift workshop, from the looks a former Mek workshop, Vitaly as always was working. "Brother Techmarine. Long time no see! In private, anyway." Elymas walked up, looking over the work that was being performed. "I have formalized the blueprints of the sonic pistol I made for Ferrus Manus during my time on Medusa, including some improvements from the past five decades of access to superior technology and reflection. I however think that the medium of a sonic pistol is... How to put it... Insufficient. The battery-packs cannot hold much of a charge which means the resonators are operating sub-ideal levels. And so you either sacrifice range for power, or vice versa. Maybe you have ideas to improve upon this design?"

    Elymas would hand a scroll of the blueprint over, once Vitaly would open it he would recognize that in the bottom-right corner where the authors name belongs was in fact not Elymas Velodonus, but instead it read Vitaly Vladimirovich Sokolovsky in a relative good imitation of the techmarines signature, but not quite good enough to be a perfect fake.

    "Oh before I forget..." The Lexicanium would pull out a small storage device that has a direct audio-link built into the device. It was half the size of an Astartes palm. "The recorded soundwave to be used as base frequency. Make sure to listen to it no higher than fifty decibel and no vox-link. The last thing we want is you go deaf or suffer other injuries." His smile never faded and the glimmer of excitement in the helmetless face was clearly noticeable.
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    Purple eyes. Aleph wondered, at the back of his mind, if Cautorious had always had them or if they were a gift of the Phoenician's gene-seed. His own eyes on the silver-bright blade, he took in the words, and noted the attention of the other Legionaries around them. Not so drunk, now, nor so inattentive. How much had been a front? He knew he was in a predators' lair, but that was always the case lately. None of it was enough to outweigh the thundering of his two hearts.

    He felt a little dizzy. The sword before him was a prize indeed just by itself, it fairly hummed with suppressed power even dormant, but it represented far more. He could not help but believe that it was no mere spirit of generosity that moved Cautorious to offer it to him, but it clearly wasn't an imperfect tool of war designed to harm the wielder. That would be beneath both swordmaster and Legion honour. It didn't mean that there weren't a dozen threads waiting to bind him close into a trap he would not soon wriggle out of. But in that moment, Alephoros Aster did not care. He filed aside the information on Sidon and the slights to Night's Edge that ordinarily he might have felt inclined to protest. Not because he didn't mind them, but because in the light of the sun, a candle is hard to see.

    He knew of the Palatine Blades, the matchless swordsmen that only the Phoenician himself - or the Emperor, beloved by all - could best in combat. As a child on Chemos tales of them had filtered back from the front lines of the Great Crusade, and the populace had followed news of their adopted son hungrily, feeling a fierce pride in Fulgrim's glorious ascent to the stars and beyond. Aleph had been obsessed as only a child can be, drawing endless pictures of tall, purple warriors with golden swords. His first sight of them had stolen his breath. Was this an offer to study to ascend to their ranks?

    Well, he'd soon know. A score of warriors watched him, each surely ready to laugh long and loud at his expense were he to be wrong. But he couldn't hear any whispering, no snickers behind the hand. Only waiting. Silent, patient. The way true predators wait.

    Pale eyes as green as jade locked on Cautorious' gaze. "Captain, since I knew of the Emperor's Children I have wished for this day, worked for it, sought it out. To do otherwise would be to turn my back on perfection." He bowed his head in respect, dropping his gaze for a moment before returning it to that of the Captain.

    "I will take up your blade and your offer. Teach me everything I may learn."
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    "I agree and I thought the same. Then I started digging deeper," Thales replied, now both Techmarines pilling through the data, now matter how much the older legionary tried to sort the information it was an unforgiving task trying to catalogue Ork thoughts.

    But it was enough for what he had in mind. Sending it over to his colleague, Vitaly saw two things. First was a blueprint for a cannon of massive proportions. Ugly as the aliens who made it, it didn't look that much out of the ordinary if not for a fact it used this new technology via various capacitators that fed the grav power into it. Second thing however was way more interesting. Maw-like engine, much like the thing Thales already showed him, only way more advanced.

    "First item is pretty straightforward," comes Techmarine's reply, "Giant gun capable of causing earthquakes, or at least that's what Khawl believed. Second item on the other hand is something you might like as it follows your train of thoughts."

    "Imagine a maw sucking all in its path but instead of simply launching it back out, it loopholes the physical laws and sends it hundred miles away. Or spits it out in completely different dimension. Now imagine it, but being as big as this battlestation."

    "That's what I call a fine idea."



    "Then it is settled," Cautorious said and holstered the sword back. The entire atmosphere eased up, every legionary in the room relaxing a bit. Apparently, they weren't about to take the no as an answer or at least not without some consequences for Aleph.

    "You have taken first but most important steps. But before your initiation can be completed, there is a final test you must pass," Captain smiled and looked up through the glass roof where the planet, the center of Greenskin might, floated in the void. It radiated defiance, the collective spirit of the Orks manifesting in a palpable feeling of tenacity, as if the world itself prepared its soil for the incoming invasion.

    "The greatest battle of our time will soon be upon us, place where heroes will be forged or destroyed," there was fervor in his voice now, a weapon yearning to be unleashed. "Fight there Alephoros, fight, survive and bring such ruin that even our Father hears of your exploits. If you manage to accomplish this, then your future as one of the Legion's finest will be assured."



    Only two Librarians, Claudius and Alleo, answered Elymas' summons. Fate would have it that only two of them were present on this station at the time of the call, the rest of the conclave spread thin across the fleet. For all of the bad things Elymas thought of him, Lord Commander Leonis still extensively used Librarium and all of its assets whenever he thought it could give him an edge in combat.

    "Brother Elymas, I'm happy to see you are alive and well," Alleo spoke, making the sign of aquilla over his chest while Claudius did the same but remained silent. "We've heard that you fought some grand battle against the Orks and I'm happy to see that you made it out in one piece."

    "But I gather you didn't summon us to retell your exploits. What seems to be on your mind?"



    "For better or worse, presence of the Chaplains is a reality now. Faster we all get accustomed to that the better," Kenjiro said after hearing what both of the legionaries had to say. He didn't seem troubled by any of it, he even laughed as Pholax made his statement about the standard.

    "I agree. I wasn't really honest with you earlier, I thought I could sway you with some rehearsed words and get you off my plate so I can get back to killing Orks. For that I apologize. In truth I don't give two shits about it. Only two hundred marines saw it in the battles on Terra where it had flown first and in this year of the Great Crusade, there aren't that many of them left. From what I heard, there's no more than thirty of them now, perhaps even less."

    "My point is, we are the Emperor's Children now, not a bunch of old veterans. They are a dying breed, the old ways of the Legion died when Lord Fulgrim took over and introduced us Chemosians in it. It is as it should be and I don't mean to disrespect anyone, but this happened in every other Legion as well."

    "So as far as I'm concerned, you can throw that standard out of the nearest airlock and it won't make a single difference whatsoever."

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    @Colapse @Uriel1339 @dx144

    While Arnock did see some reason in Pholax's words, he was no entirely satisfied either. Truth be told, Arnock was not entirely sure at all as to what answer it was that he sought. How could one find answers to a question when one does not even know what the question really was. As to Kenjiro, Arnock felt his words a little to far off, "I can not agree with that entirely, brother. The ways of the old lay the foundation for the future. While each of us have to look to a new future, we can not forget that on Terra the beginning of the Great Crusade was started. This symbol is a symbol of mankind and that is for whom we fight. Champs, maybe where you were born, but Terra is the home of myself and all of mankind. No one should forget their roots."

    Out of nowhere, it seemed, a voice broke the tone of the current conversation. Turning to see the source of whom called his title, Arnock laid eyes upon Elymas. His response was quick to Elymas, "Librarian." However, after listening to the question that his squad mate asked, Arnock sighed as he looked at the ground a moment in thought. Arnock then laughed slightly while he still looked at the ground, "Chosen...that would be a poor word for it." He then looked at Elymas and continued, "A planet called X-077 was where it happened, as I am sure that is what the report states. But if your report says inward chosen, then your report would be wrong. This standard was carried by the Champion Rylanor before myself and it is on that damned planet where it -fell- into my hands. It was at the top of some kind of ancient xeno temple that my squad and I, along with Rylanor, were confronted by Eldar. Truth be told, Rylanor was bested in combat by a Eldar Exarch whom cut him down before my squads' eyes. Knowing that the only thing worse than the champion falling was the standard, which he held, falling, I lept to it and caught it before it could fall. However, with our champion downed, my squad and I were outmatched, but as fate would have it, a reinforcement from the Iron Hands saw us through to victory on that temple. After this, for reasons I yet to understand, this honored standard and the title of standard bearer was given to be by Lord Commander Vespasian. Not the best of stories, nor a glorious one worthy of this standard, but it is as I have stated, Librarian."
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    "A mass transporter that bypasses the Warp...imagine the applications of that kind of technology," says Vitaly, dedicating some processing power and memory to run simulations based on currently-available data, "We could displace enemy forces from advantageous locations, instantaneously transport our own to seize strategic chokepoints...this alone could win us the war. However, we also have to ensure that we alone have this advantage. Parallel to weaponising this, we have to nail down the energy signature of this technology and hunt down every last piece of it that isn't on our side in this war."



    "Brother Elymas," replies Vitaly, looking up from the work on his bench and listening politely to the Librarian as he mentions a bespoke sonic weapon made for a Primarch.

    "You made a weapon...for Lord Manus, no less? Well, isn't that something? A problem with power supply and the resonators, you say? Well, give the plans here and we'll take a look..."

    As Vitaly unfurls the prints, his eye lights upon the name in the bottom-right corner. His right eyebrow rises high, much, much higher than the other, his face staying perfectly neutral otherwise. As Elymas continues with his spiel about the background track for the weapon, Vitaly abruptly raises a hand, palm-out, to cut him off.

    "Before you go on about the technical details, Brother Elymas, there is an administrative matter I wish to address. Care to explain that?" he says, stabbing a finger at the forged signature, "Because I certainly can't, never having underwritten any such work."
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    Pholax was pleased that he had not offended or caused an argument with a brother, it was bad to make first meetings a mess of bad blood, although he did think that Kenjiro had gone a bit further than Pholax ever would.

    "I wouldn't go that far, brother, it is still of the Legion and worthy of our respect, honour the standards and our forebears for they were our past, without them we'd not be here. From how I hear it, without their deeds we could have been nothing more than a potential future theorised by men with more time on their hands than is acceptable. But yes, the future is Chemosian, the Phoenician isn't going to remove our past however, he knows that your past makes your future, to ignore or shun it, you weaken yourself. You must embrace who you were with who you're becoming to become one or be forced to forever be a shadow of both." Pholax wondered when he got so preachy, perhaps he was more like this before his time with the World Eaters, he must admit there was less time for philosophical debates and more tests of strength, precision and any other manly attributions one would take part in.

    "Chemos is our home, Arnock, it holds a special place for us, to the city of Callex where the Fortress Monastery stands to the mines and factories which he," Pholax pointed upwards indicted to their Father. "Himself was the only one to take back from savages, barbarians and worse. Every step of Chemos is Fulgrim's work and to be of it, is to be of Fulgrim's own hand, it is humbling to know that without him we'd have never been, to know what without him you'd be nothing and even know under his guiding hand you grow to be more than you ever thought possible, I cannot describe how it feels to be a Chemosian, one of Fulgrim's own, I understand we all came from Terra, but to be Chemosian is so much more!" Pholax felt a few tears flicker at the memories of Chemos and its land, no dawn or dusk, the grey skies of the nebulae, truly a world that was once a curse to live on was now an envy even the Primarchs themselves must weep at. Wiping the tears away, Pholax composed himself a slight bit, "I am sure you have similar feelings about Terra, you did have the Emperor of Mankind, beloved by all, guide you."

    Pholax smiled at Kenjiro, "Where on Chemos did you come from, if I may ask? All this talk of home is making me rather homesick."
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    Eyes on the Prize

    Aleph followed Cautorious' gaze as he lifted his attention to the skies above, the black void streaked with explosions and the light of distant starts. Seeing not only this conflict, but the many wars to come. His hearts still beat with a rapid urgency, flooding his system with the adrenal prompts for fighting that had surged as he was put to the test. Around him, he could aware of the atmosphere clearing. He wondered how the meeting would have ended had he said no. It hadn't been much of a possibility, but he sensed - relief? What sort of gauntlet had he just run, or was he really regarded highly enough to have his refusal be felt as an actual slight rather than an excuse to damage his fledgling reputation? He mused on it, at the back of his mind, his Astartes consciousness far more engaged by the prospect of his warlike future stretching before him.

    "I will do everything in my power to make this so," he said, fervent in his turn. The future was uncertain but now, in this moment, he felt that he could see the fiery corona of his Legion's Phoenix blazing a trail before him, beckoning him to glory. Impulsively, he raised the goblet in his hand to the Captain, and to the watching members of the Legion that surrounded them.

    "To Victory! To Glory! Children of the Emperor, Death to his Foes!"

    For a short time - sensing that overstaying his welcome would be gauche as well as looking over-eager - Alephoros made some conversation with the Captain, mostly listening to his words and giving his opinion when it was sought as he sipped at the wine. As soon as it was seemly he rose and excused himself with the proper depth of bow and left. He did turn his back upon Cautorious as he went, following the old custom as a sign of trust and proper regard for his superior's honourable conduct. Only when he was out of sight out of earshot and three levels down in a transit tube did he allow himself to smile.

    Trust your Brother to Know

    Aleph had a problem. It wasn't one that he couldn't solve, he knew a bout in the training cages would rid his body of the excess adrenal and other chemicals, but it wouldn't do anything for the sheer boyish excitement. It would be easy to calm himself in an enthusiastic bout of training, but servitors weren't known for their comradely words or sage advice. In short, he needed a friend to confide in.

    He considered Vitaly, but the Techmarine was probably up to his mechadendrites in some Orkish machine-monstrosity's corpse and Aleph didn't think he would be able to give him his full attention when the mysteries of technology called. Perhaps later. Extrovious was a steady, level warrior and - Alephoros supposed - he should probably visit him on account of his new role as locum Sergeant anyway. But as much as he knew Extrovious would make an excellent Sergeant, that was a separate issue. One deserving of congratulations in its due time. Now, he wanted to seek him out as a friend. He also knew Cautorious, so that couldn't hurt. So he looked for the recently promoted Assault Marine with a view to finding somewhere where they could talk freely. News like this was not yet for other ears.

    "Brother," he said, fairly bouncing on the balls of his feet as he stood still, "Brother-Sergeant that is, all congratulations on your promotion of course, but, well, I need to talk, Extrovious. I've got news of my own and I know I can rely on you to be a steadying influence." Aleph was managing to keep the grin off his face, but it wouldn't take much for his friend to notice his good mood. "Can we speak alone?"

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    Aleph finds Extrovious knee deep in the remains of destroyed combat servitors in the fighting cages. A corona of crackling energy encases the brutish gauntlet that encases his right hand. Accompanying the power fist and his temporary promotion is a look of deep set frustration, as if the mere act of existing were giving him a headache. A far cry from the warrior that had fought the Dark Eldar, even from the one that had returned with a broad grin come time for post-secondment reunion.

    "Brother Aleph." Eyes narrow on the other warrior for a moment, Extro regarding his friend as if he were a fresh challenger. The undisguised mirth about the other legionary dispels any notion of a spar and Extrovious pushes the door open before it can even begin sliding out the way on its own. A small chime signals the end of his bout. Regarding Aleph with the bland stare that was quickly becoming a common sight. Ignoring the congratulations Extrovious simply nods and jesters for the other to take the lead.


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