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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Elymas hefted the bolt pistol after reloading it, the clip having been emptied completely. Enough kills had been accomplished for Sergeant Sidon to propose to take the combat into melee. He never enjoyed it much, then again was war to be enjoyable? It was not the time to discuss philosophies right now. The Librarian grabbed the force staff with both hands, giving it a testing swirl as if being suspicious of it's balance.

    "I shall be your..." The psyker started his sentence before a rush of emotions assaulted him. It caused him to grit his teeth. It gave him goosebumps under his armor. That dreadful, forsaken feeling. It made him feel helpless. "...Third eye, Sergeant."

    He attempted to believe his own words, because he was certain nobody else sensed it. Nobody around him stopped in his tracks or showed any other symptoms. Without knowing what it was, he could not speak up. While running alongside Sidon, his hand brushed the strings of his guitar strings that were stretched across the shaft, making a simple but harmonious tone, allowing him to calm a little.

    The fight was before him, not in the spectral realm. As a dreg was upon him, he shoved the butt of the staff in its face to make it stumble before coming down with the Aquilla-head and crush the skull with a stronger than power weapon force field. The resistance urged another trio to approach him. Elymas was unable to tell if it was in revenge or expectation of a good fight. He grimaced. "I grant you the Emperor's mercy. For we are his hands."

    The staff came around fast, low on the first one to sweep him off of his feet. The other two leaping above the blow and jumping at him. One of the leaping dregs got a staff into his abdomen, making him fall on top of the other one on the ground. The third managed to cling onto his power armor and attempt to bite him in the neck, like a vampire in tales. But before the bite came, the Librarian used his elbow to break some teeth of the creature and then a headbutt to make him stumble.

    The first one that finally got up again, the staff came up in an uppercut swing, crushing chin and jaw. The follow up stomp obliterated the skull completely. But he moved apparently too slow as both enemies were standing again. He cursed under his breath for his shortcomings and pulled out his bolt pistol with his right hand, giving each a shot to the head before they closed in. So much for conserving ammo.

    The pistol was hefted again, barrel still smoking. The staff again in both hands, he had some ground to make up to follow Sidon and the others. There were more serious enemies to be killed, and Elymas was not a fool in attempt to impress Sidon - but simply make sure he would survive today. Perfection came not in a sudden rush, but day after day of realizing ones mistakes and fix them surgically. One such thing was his speed.

    Once he would reach the true warriors in the back rows alongside his brethren and Sidon, he would engage them with tactical care over ferocity and attempt to crush his enemy through the psychic power field at the end of his staff as it easily should go through their armor like a warm knife through butter.

    Killed 3 dregs.
    Balanced Attack vs. Kaballites when/if they are reached.
  2. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Martyn fired his bolt gun and bolt pistol indiscriminately at the charging humanoids, blasting heads off of shoulders and torsos off of limbs. That was when the aliens fired their blasted shards at them. The Emperor's Child felt the projectiles colliding with his power armour, though not the pain that came from behind wounded. Yet his temper flared for the first time since he arrived on this world; the thought of his armour, blessed by those of Mars and in the colours of the III legion, marred by these filth had hurt worse than the sight of the mutilated humans in front of him.

    "How dare you?!?" Martyn half growled, half snarled even as he glared at the cowardly xenos behind the enemy fodder.

    As their Sergeant shouted instructions out to the rest of them, Martyn pitied the fact that he had no 'proper' close range combat weapon, like his assault marine brothers. Still, he needed none; the knife was more than enough for these irreverent philistines. Pulling out his combat knife, putting away his bolt gun and popping a flesh clip into his bolt pistol, the line brother followed their Sergeant out of the trench toward the enemy. Yet, an instinct told him that Sarge was right: something was indeed not right.

    "Right behind you Sarge. You're right about something being wrong, though. Brothers, caution would be recommended here."

    Immediately after Sidon began his kills on the dregs, pushing their way forward, one of the former humans rushed towards him, two additional arms sewed onto each side, all four holding crude melee weapons. A swing of the combat knife took off its deformed head, before the weapon came back around and plunged into the two heads of the next one. The bolt pistols came around and blasted apart another three directly in front of them, before Martyn popped the nearly empty clip with one hand and slid another clip into it.


    OOC: 5 kills on the dregs. Balanced attack on the Kaballites.
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  3. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    As his missiles detonate well wide of the Dark Eldar skimmers, Vitaly already knows retribution will be swift and certain, even before the poison shards penetrate his armour and lodge in his flesh.

    Oh, poo.

    As the toxins course through his system, causing to him to writhe in a combination of uncontrollable spasms and simple agony, he learns well that retribution for mistakes made against the Eldar pirates will be painful, as well as swift and certain.

    Well, that didn't go as planned. Live and learn, I suppose. And burn and sting like hell for a while, too.

    Studying the Eldar flight patterns, he draws upon his newly-enhanced mind and senses to see the order within the chaos, the method behind the madness of the xenos' evasions. When he received the Progenoids, causing his implants to kick into full gear for the very first time, he had felt like a newly-ascended god - surely, this was the very pinnacle of biology, superior in every way to everything a hostile galaxy could throw at him. The strategium readings about the Eldar had warned him otherwise, but it was not until just now that he finally appreciated how the incredibly developed Eldar nervous system and perceptions left even Homo Astartes in the dust. He feels the beginnings of a tension headache creep in as his eyes and mind strive to keep up with the speedy vehicles, piloted by hairtrigger reflexes.

    Simply keeping up with their script is a losing game. We have to impose one of our own.


    "Vitaly to Pholax - request deflection fire on these vectors!"

    As he speaks, he opens a shared tactical outlay with Pholex and blink-clicks one of the more distant Raiders - trying to hit the closer ones was a fool's errands. Further blink-clicks bracket the Raider in a series of sequential fire zones designed to motivate the alien pilot to jink thus and swerve just so. Switching his helmet console over to Soundstrike weapon system management, he switches fire control from cogitator to optical guidance and proximity detonation. As the optical guidance reticule appears in his helmet HUD, he prepares to fire as soon as he sees the opportunity created by Pholax. So long as the target passes within the missile's effective radius, the proximity fuse should set the munition off with a speed even faster than the alien's reactions can save it...or so the hope goes.


    Action Summary

    - All-Out Attack on Raider w/Frag Missile, AFTER Pholax fires.
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  4. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Clambering to his feet, the motion he took a few seconds to realise if not for his brother assault marine, he'd have been for a better way of putting it, eradicated.

    As Pholax got to his feet, he voxed to his already moving saviour, "My thanks, brother."

    Looking around seeing a counter assault beginning and hearing the Sargent's words to keep hitting the Raiders he prepared himself to fire upon more Raiders, he thinks he took out a couple of crew members maybe more off of one but it happened pretty quickly so he wasn't too sure.

    Although if they were firing at him, his brothers stand a greater chance to survive.

    As his brother voxed to him of targeting coordinates he complies and balances the Heavy Bolter upon the trench.

    Voxing back to him, "Strike and fade, I will get their attention, you deliver the killing blow."

    With that said he closed the Vox and opened a salvo of Bolt shells upon the chosen Raider, let us make the Emperor proud.


    All out attack on a Raider.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Finally," Jendon said ready to take to the skies and give the enemy a fine purging. Moving backward first before running forward he activated his jump pack allowing him to gain air on the enemy, Feeling himself lurch forward he could already see one of his brothers in front of him taking the lead, @Darenvander "I have your back brother." Jendon said his bolt pistol firing upon the enemy as began to get closer to the ground.

    OOC Balanced attack one with bolt pistol one defensive action on self
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  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    The Sergeant had given his orders and the Third Legion's Perfect Warriors moved to comply. While the Sergeant led the charge with one half of the squad, the Assault Marines cleared a path for them by launching above the dregs, seeking out the Xenos warriors beyond. While the Sergeant's team drew attention, Camille followed behind in the Assault Marines' path, levelling his bolter on the dregs in his path to clear their backs.

    Balanced Action:
    - Bolter fire upon the Human Dregs
    - Defensive advance
  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Unity. That was what the Imperium promised and that was the strength of the IIIrd Legion. As Alephoros brought his flamer to bear he was aware of the commotion in the squad to one side of him as a shot or two found its mark. Whether by luck or xenos cunning, he didn't have time to wonder. Combat was fast and lethal. It was a whirlwind of action. All around him, death hailed down on anyone too slow to avoid its blows. But just as they were all in the same danger, they were all part of one, fluidly-moving machine of war. Aleph rose up out of the trench following his Sergeant's order like the phoenix from the flames. And he brought the fire with him.

    Lacking any melee weapon greater than a knife - though he wanted a sword - Legionary Aster knew that a flamer would be a potent force. He swept the flame up into the face of one of the rabble and seared its skull, the brain inside boiling explosively. The creature died in a haze of steam before it registered its own demise. A second was burned to the core, vital organs charring. Its companion raised a blunt, axe-edged two handed weapon to strike Aleph down, but the warrior was too slow. Aleph darted out from under its huge, mis-shapen bulk and brought the butt of his weapon back into the rear of its skull. As it crumpled, it died, another one purified by the flames of the Emperor.

    But this was easy killing. Not without risk - no war is fought without risk - but these were the mere mobile cover for the enemy soldiers skulking behind their enslaved monsters. Aleph surged towards them, keeping close to his Sergeant and Martyn. Never mind that the vain fool thought that he looked exactly like the Phoenician. They were gene-brothers, and as brothers they would fight until the last of the alien filth were cleansed from the soil of this world. Bearing in mind - always - the range and power of his flamer, he blasted the onrushing xenos with bright gouts of fire.

    "In the Fire we will end you! Through Fire we rise to the stars!"

    OOC: Balanced advance so as not to endanger own side with fire. Attack on Kaballites when possible, otherwise continue mopping up dregs.
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  8. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Descending upon the wicked aliens like a true angel of death and for the first time in his life, Extrovious was ready to wreak havoc. Alas, his arrival wasn't so subtle and the Kabalites scattered around, evading "death from above" move. Once he landed, the Assault Legionary was immediately assaulted by no less than four aliens, all of them coming in close, intent on stabbing him to death. First one tried to run Extrovious through with the barbed tip of his rifle but the Legionary dashed to a side and sent a punch into creature's face that broke its helm's optics and knocked him down for a moment. Second and third assailants came almost at the same time, both of them discarding their ranged weapons for a pair of long knives but the Child of the Emperor anticipated such move. He caught the blade and locked the teeth of his chainsword with the serrated weapon, the adamantium screaming but not as much as the Dark Eldar once Extrovious unloaded couple of bolts into him, the projectiles going straight through the stomach. Alien dropped down that instant, not being any sort of a threat any longer as he was too busy by trying to gather his intestines.

    "You made a mistake coming here, Mon'Keigh. We will catch you and play with you, just like we did with your friends," third Kabalite told Extrovious as he attacked, even while his own attack was once again parried by the Assault Brother. "We will savour your screams and you will beg for the end that will never come!" quite butchered Low-Gothic, but good enough for the Emperor's Children to understand. Everything these creatures did was thought out before, as well as this taunt - keeping Extrovious occupied with his attacks, the alien thus allowed the fourth and final of the Kabalites to dash from behind, looking for that sweet spot between the powerpack and armpit that would bring the Legionary down.

    Not if Jendon could help it. Before the stab came the Dark Eldar's chest exploded, the second Assault Brother covering back as he promised. But that wasn't the last of Jendon's kills. He alligned his descent so he landed straight on the Kabalite his brother stunned couple of seconds ago, ending his life as he trampled him under his boots, an ugly death fitting for the wicked creature. Two more aliens came at Jendon, firing as they closed the range while a third one just kept on pounding, using every bit of ammo he had in his splinter rifle to riddle the Legionary in monomolecular shards. Armor was blasted away, Aquila on his chest ruined, one of his lungs punctured, but this didn't stop him. Gritting through the pain, Jendon once again fired until his mag ran out and one of his attackers fell, its black armor completely destroyed. Another alien came but despite the injuries the Legionary was faster than him, cleaving through the rifle and the body behind with ease, the swords of the Emperor's Children were not to be denied today.

    Further back, Sergeant Sidon led the charge of the Emperor's Children as they descend upon the dregs with sword, bolt and flame at their back. Terran-born Legionary fought like before, each strike calculated and claiming another life. Perhaps he wasn't setting for a role-model these youngsters thought they'd see in a veteran of the Legion, but he was nonetheless the one showing all of the pragmatic values Fulgrim possessed but were perhaps overlooked when looking at him from a distance. However despite this, he was only second to notice the danger, much later than Elymas.

    Librarian's senses were accute, if not developed much, but he had the potential in him - the same potential that earned him the spot in this deployment. Therefore he sensed rather than saw one of the nearby human's skin buldging unnaturally, the veins turning into dark green right before his eyes, even before it actually happened. There was also some danger in the backline, the thin line of reality twisting a bit as if forced to make room for something else, but that feeling was only fleeting, the bigger worry was all around him. More and more of the humans began changing, every one in eight, and he knew what he had to do. Firing his pistol, he shot one of the dregs coming up behind Martyn which resulted in an explosion much bigger than normal. Virulent poison, mixed with blood and injected into poor soul who acted as a carrier, came out and covered the area, killing every other mortal on the spot but due to the distance he was sprayed only a little bit, but enough to ruin his aim and miss the Kabalite he was aiming for.

    "Brace yourselves Emperor's Children, they think this will slow us down but too bad, we're the Chosen of the Emperor, the bearers of his Aquila, the deaths of the slaves only mean we'll have an easier way to kill their masters!" Sidon roared as he pulled his bolter out, shooting with one hand but still managing to hit the target ahead, blowing yet another exploding dreg. The whole advance turned into a mess of detonations for a moment as the Dark Eldar sprung their trap. Reckoning that they had the Emperor's Children where they wanted them they activated whatever device controlling the poisonous substance and turning into a dangerous explosive. Only, most of the warriors of the III Legion were too quick to react. Aleph was one of them, understanding the danger the Line Brother kept on burning the incoming dregs, creating sort of a circle around the squad and creating a flaming barrier that prevented the enemy from properly engaging. Those that passed either exploded themselves or were too much burnt to actually provide any sort of real danger. Couple of Legionaries form the other squads weren't so lucky and they died to the blasts, but they were too few of them to stop the advance.

    Camille was also there, hanging slightly in the back as he took aim. His sight was perfect and he sniped couple of incoming humans before they could pose a serious threat. Horde was quite thinned by that time, allowing the young Legionary to shoot at the Kabalites behid as most of their cover was blown up, not to mention the fact the Assault brothers were keeping them quite occupied. His bolter barked and one by one, aliens fell into the tall grass, Camille showing why he was chosen to serve the Legion at behest of his noble house. He caught the enemy's attention and couple of Kabalites fired back, but at that point it was done half-heartedly and the Emperor's Children Legionary had no trouble of dodging the shots.

    Back in the trenches, couple of more humans died alongside one of the Legionaries as the crew aboard Raiders kept on firing on the Imperials, flying around the lines like pesky insects. That would come to an end as soon as Pholax took aim once again, proving his superlative marksmanship skills. Following his brother's advince, the Devastator began firing without pause, bolt after bolt hitting the Raider he already damaged earlier, this time wanting to finish the job and prevent the skimmer from flying off and killing more of his comrades. As if understanding the danger he possessed, the alien crew fired back but the dark lance blast went wide above Pholax's head before the Child of the Emperor blasted both the gunner and his turret straight to hell. Aliens lost the control of the vehicle and the Legionary could watch with satisfaction as the vessel plummeted straight down into the ground where it exploded and killed a dozen of the human dregs unfortunate to found themselves at the wrong place in the wrong time.

    Vitaly followed with the plan however as his brother destroyed the primary target, he was free to look for another one. No problem with that as there were plenty of alien vessels to find and bring down. After calculating the best trajectory possible he let loose of another missile and this time around, it was bullseye. Projectile hit the sail and took it out, the explosion killing two aliens right there. Pieces of the Raider flew all around the deck, creating enough commotion for the vessel to slow down (not to mention the damage done) but before Vitaly could could load another missile, a Devastator from 6th Squad did it for him - following the pattern of his comrade he launched the explosive payload and it took the Raider in its engine compartment, blowing it out of the sky in the blink of an eye.

    "Good work brother, these aliens cannot stand aga..." the Devastator saluted Vitaly but never finished that sentence as a dark shape suddenly appeared behind him, slicing his head off with one precise strike. More shadows appeared all around the trenches and there was no time to waste. Another came behind Vitaly but he was prepared now, jumping away as a sickle-blade cut through his left arm at biceps, parting armor and muscle with ease but failing to do anything else. Creature that attacked him revealed itself, a sickly-grey skin and a foul odor, mixed with a face that came straight from a worst nightmare. It was enough to send couple of the nearby Palatine Auxilia soldiers into panic of not for the quick actions of their officer, who shouted orders and fired first into the monster, after which everyone followed and tried to gain a lock on its shifting form.

    Pholax was similarly assaulted, him witnessing a death of a nearby Line Brother who stood close to the destroyed Predator and didn't see the alien inflitrator phasing through the ruined vehicle. Two blades bit deep, puncturing the back and exiting on the chest, spraying the Golden Eagle in crimson. Similar fate could be his but like Vitaly, he too was quick on his feet to turn around and dodge a beheding strike that only cut a piece of his helmet off, revealing a deep line of blood across his cheek and probably rewarding him with his first proper battle scar.

    However despite the sudden assault on the back of their line, the Emperor's Children didn't seem shaken. Matter of fact, those brothers that kept in the back responded in kind, leading the human infantry they surrounded the Mandrakes and riddled them with bullets, preventing any sort of breaking. Rhino crews kept on firing and another Raider went down, its crew dead to the last man. The flow of battle shifted and the remaining Dark Eldar, sensing that this skirmish didn't cause the desired effect, tried to flee but they were soon shot down by the advancing Adeptus Astartes.

    "4th Squad. Help cleaning up the field and then move on my position. I'm receiving orders that we are to push forward. So clean your wounds, gather your wits and join me," Sergeant Sidon spoke into the squad's vox, his voice once again completely devoid of any emotions, despite the man still being elbows-deep in viscera as he chased the last remains of the Dark Eldar and put them to the ground.

    OOC Emperor's Children:
    21 Legionaries, 57 Palatine Auxilia, 4 Rhinos

    Camille:12 Martyn:10 Jendon:7 Pholax:11 Vitaly:8 Elymas:12 Aleph:11 Extrovious:11 Sidon:16

    Dark Eldar vanguard:
    30 human dregs, Raiders: 5, 12 Kabalite Warriors, 8 Mandrakes in the trenches

    Combat status: Major Emperor's Children Advantage.

    @Jorimel @WanderingJester @dx144 @DeranVendar @Draconion @Vulpas @Kalle @Uriel1339
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  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "All that talk for nothing." Perhaps it might have amounted to more were it not for Jendon's intervention. The idea that he could not defend himself in close quarters was unwelcome, and the urge to stow it away was strong. Much like his concerns regarding the fates of their scouts and himself if they'd switched places, the blood of their foe struck the thoughts away. Chainsword catches another Kabalite on the upswing, leaving a ragged gash from sternum to throat before splitting the alien's elongated skull in twain up the front. Toothed weapon falls into the blade of another Eldar. Xeno steps, nay, glides away, before Extrovious' superior strength comes into play. Marine raises his arm and tracks him with the other, bolt pistol firing twice, missing once, before hammering the breast plate into pieces and spraying what had once been a deviant heart into the air- along with a not inconsiderable amount of fragmented bone.

    "Jendon, you are a true brother. Know that?" It took only a half-glance during Extrovious' next observatory whirl to reveal the extent of the damage his battle brother had taken: significantly more than he had protecting Pholax. Were it not for the brief indicators that cropped up across his helmet lenses he would not of even registered the hit, even the pains of hot slag against flesh were a faded memory to him now. Tongues of flame lap at the jungle floor, a small boost delivering Extrovious after a fleeing foe. The impact of a fully armored legionary shunting into lithe Eldar back achieves the same result as a bolt or swipe of blade. Insectoid plates thump dully to the ground, body within broken in bloodless fashion. Emperor's Child sprints across the trail of sizzling black and ember red foliage that marked his passage. The sight of enemy infiltrators in their back line disgusted him, a pang of guilt staining the next few heartbeats. "I had a bird's eye view, yet I did not see them. I must rectify this." Once more he sails to the aid of the Devastators, angling himself near the wrecked Predator.

    "Take no offense brother." Line is delivered to Vitaly, Assault Marine now advancing towards the Mandrake that had nearly scalped the heavy trooper. Bolt or blade was the question. "I should shoot it. Distract it now, then engage. I risk hitting Vitaly though." He was a son of Fulgrim, his aim should of been flawless. As should have been his reactions. All these shoulds, and little evidence of could thus far. Extrovious reaches the trench and discharges his pistol, aiming low for the Mandrake's legs, thin and swift as they were, better to risk the ruined trench soil than Vitaly. Extrovious descends into close combat, chainsword weaving a barrier of screaming teeth and whistling sweeps to part the Mandrake from both Vitaly, and the mortal coil.


    OOC: All Out Attack on Mandrake attacking Vitaly, if relevant
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  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    The smell hits Vitaly almost before the blade does. Even as the nasty, serrated edge leaves a flesh wound in his arm, the hardened survivor is already twisting away from the assault, reorienting to turn the tables on his frankly-revolting attacker. Swinging the heavy Soundstrike around to cross his own chest lengthwise, he flings the massive weapon into his attacker's own chest with a savage shove and a deafening shout.


    Buying time thereby to rip his combat knife and bolt pistol free, he is a heartbeat from getting stuck in to the alien beast when Extrovious comes roaring to the rescue on trails of flame.


    "None taken, brother. Thanks for the assist," he says, as he dances backwards to give the Assault Marine room to work, ready to intervene with aimed pistol shots or prison-style dogpile-knifing where necessary.


    Action Summary

    - Balanced: 1 defence (on self), 1 attack (in reserve, apply where feasible) @ Mandrake w/bolt pistol or combat knife
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