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Perfect Warriors

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Orders heard and acknowledge Sir." Eggbert said he felt disgusted as he saw on the raider there fellow brothers pinned to it and still alive, looking to the oncoming hordes of humans he nearly spat in disgust at what had become of these once humans, their bodies were not altered even for combat effectiveness like the astarte if only to make them suffer.

    Raising his bolt pistol Jendon fired on the oncoming horde, His other hand put his chainsword to the belt and then grabbed a frag grenade, Priming it he then aimed right for a group of the poor bastards and threw it towards the dreggs then grabbing his chainsword once more readying for the oncoming charge.

    OOC ALL OUT ATTACK one attack tossing frag at dregg horde, one attack with bolt pistol on dregg horde.
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  2. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    "Aye, Sergeant. Targeting flyers," comes Vitaly's laconic reply as he swings the Soundstrike to bracket the oncoming Raider formation.

    Having done his homework readings on their foe, he is unsurprised by their terror tactics. His eyes and jaw still tighten, however, at the brazen, beasts were almost never deliberately cruel...the degeneracy of the foe they face, their sheer disregard for the dignity of others. It is one thing to kill for survival or gain. It is another to torment a helpless foe for vanity or idle amusement. The Emperor was right in his decision to scour this species, this blight from the stars. Of that, Vitaly has no doubt.

    Letting his eyes go soft for a moment, he studies the Raiders as they circle past for another attack run. Waiting for them to commit to their final approach so he can fire enfilade with minimal deflection, he targets the Raider at the centre of the formation to maximise disruption and secondary casualties. A blink-click works the loading arm of his Soundstrike to chamber a frag missile. No sense wasting a krak charge on such light vehicles, especially when their riders were perfectly exposed to hot shrapnel. As for the Scouts...he and the others would mourn them later. A necessary sacrifice for the greater good of Humanity.

    "Back blast clear!" he shouts, giving the standard missile man's warning a moment before triggering the round, "Soundstrike away! Children of the Emperor, death to His foes!"


    Action summary

    - All-Out Attack on Centre Raider w/Frag Missile
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  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    These creatures were not human, they were disgusting degenerates that the vile Xeno had distorted. It was as if they enjoyed piling their horror upon horrors, death was too kind for this scum but it always felt good to do this out of more than service and duty but simply that it felt right these Xenos die and it warmed Pholax's hearts to know the last thing they'd see and hear is Humanity's defiant roar that we will no longer be pushed around and we had come to claim our birthright.

    Hearing the orders come in, he immediately took to looking into the skies, they looked deliberately less armoured, but they had men, he assumed dead but with Xenos you can never tell the levels of their depravity, tied to the side of their flyers, you can tell a Palatine Auxiliary from a mile away, these Xenos already had raided a force of Imperium it seemed. Retribution for the fallen.

    "Discharging rounds." Pholax braced his Heavy Bolter. feeling and hearing the Heavy Bolter barking round after round watching as they flew towards the Raider. He was unsure if his Bolt rounds would damage the thing but hopefully he could incapacitate its crew or distract it's attention to him over the Rhinos or Predator.

    All out attack, firing Heavy Bolter at left most Raider.
  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    "Aw, Sarge, you're gonna make me blush," Martyn responded, the grin behind his helmet not fading until the enemy appeared. "Guess we'll just have to improvise, huh brother?" he called out to Camille, before turning towards the deformed and experimented humanoids. Humanoids being the term; the poor sods had been worked on into such monstrosities that they could no longer be considered part of the Homosapian species. Almost like the warped version of the astartes themselves.

    Martyn frowned, though not in disgust or even sadness. He frowned at the ugliness of the sight in front of them. It felt strange, since he knew he should feel pity or sorrow or hatred that such vile beings had committed this atrocity upon those they defended, but he didn't. A memory flashed into his mind. A letter with condolences. His parents' names. The planet they had been martyred on. The young astartes had neared the end of his transformation by then, and couldn't remember feeling sadness then either, only a faint gladness that they died in the same battle together.

    Now? The biggest offence Martyn could find, was to place such scene of ugliness in front of him. Seeing the scouts strapped to their aircrafts however, begin an irritation in him that slowly grew to anger. How dare the xenos marred the image of the Emperor's Children in such a hideous manner? Half tempted to shoot at the fliers himself, he restrained himself through the knowledge that his brothers pursued their destruction and that he would essentially be wasting ammo, something Sarge had already told them not to do.

    "You got it Sarge. No spraying." Instead, Martyn flicked his bolt gun to single shot, and began picking at the dregs one by one. Drawing two lines in the terrain in his mind, whenever a dreg crossed the furthest one, he would target it, thereby prioritising targets by how close they were to the battle line. Once a dreg crossed the second line, Martyn would take out his pistol, also on single shot mode, and use that on the enemy. He almost wanted to yawn again; the real fight would start once the xeno come out to play. Until then, it was just another training session at the firing range.


    OOC: All out attack on human dregs.
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  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    A degree of self-control Extrovious was certain did not exist before his ascension exerted itself over his nervous system. Subconscious of a geneforged super soldier preventing him from lifting off and straight up towards the Raiders. Without commands directed squarely at himself, only a general firing order, his mind churned over possible ways to fly up and...accomplish a messy death. With their heavy guns already aimed skyward, and lance weapons capable of piercing clean through a legion tank's armor, Extrovious did not fancy his chances making it high enough to rescue anyone without needing saved himself. Though perhaps a mind wiser than his own would see something he did not.

    "Sergeant, do you think there any openings up there? Blind spots I might try- that I would jump through to mount the vehicles, retrieve some of our brothers, or at least take vengeance directly to their crews?" Assault Marine had already broken cover, taking wide thunderous strides to reach their own Devastators in the meantime. Side arm, while no less powerful than its larger contemporary the bolter, lacked the ammunition reserve and range to make it worth using against the Xeno drivers lurking behind the dregs. Focus would fall squarely on keeping their none-too-lightly encumbered fire support from being dragged into the coming melee.

    Setting himself a roughly even distance from Vitaly and Pholax, chainsword and side arm are brandished at the coming horde. Top soil once more molds around the lowest half inch of his boots, Extrovious allowing it to do such this time. Braced he takes a stance with one foot half-paced ahead of the other, stabilizing himself for wide sweeping strikes meant to grant merciful oblivion to multiple Wracks at once. Their fates, now twisted as the skin they wore, was lamentable, but the fact they charged them intent on joining close combat made any hesitation over how to best handle them evaporate. Eyes roamed for the heads held highest above the rest, for weapons of more exotic lethality and function, bolt pistol could do a little preemptive work to make the coming assault easier, at least if worthy targets made themselves known. Not for one moment does he take his mind from the skies and its inhabitants though, listening and visually checking every other second so that he does not abandon either Devastator to any return fire.

    OOC: A Defensive Action each on Vitaly and Pholax. If Defensive Actions are irrelevant at the moment, go ahead with All Out bolt pistol attacks on the Dregs.
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Elymas' bolt pistol would reply in the librarian's name. While the others made their grandiose comments or otherwise talked to one another, he always had been an outsider. If anything he was the opposing force that allowed his brethren to bond over their common distrust in his witch powers. And he would not dare antagonize them without order or clearance of his sergeant, unless it was going to be a do or die situation. Not that the situation warranted for the unleashing of his powers to begin with, it was good to keep the ace up his sleeve.

    Calm and collected, he held his breath and took aim on the incoming attackers. In the back of his head he wished the fallen of the Imperium to rest in peace. The pistol would only click once per target, attempting to aim straight at their hearts. Under his shots, he wished peace to the mutilated fallen individuals - hoping that their mind was inoperable and did not suffer to attack their own kind.

    He of course paid much attention to every word of their Squad sergeant and knew that once the real enemy would approach, he would have to not just use his force staff, but unleash his powers. To take a bit of criticism in order to save a legion brother was a little sacrifice. When would he ask for permission to use said powers though, that he did not know yet.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack with Bolt Pistol on Human Dregs.
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Alephoros nodded once, grimly, as he took in the horrific spectacle of the enemy racing towards them. A shambling horde of phantasmagorical creatures, flanked by swift raiding craft bearing the mutilated remains of what had been the Scouts attached to the company. The Marine's hearts hardened still further against the vile xenos menace. A less trained soldier might have felt his morale plummet at such terrible treatment of men. Aleph was disgusted, but he could not help them back to life. Only by hastening their deaths could they be assisted now. And he was not tasked to be the man to do it. Stern Vitaly, resolute Pholax - Aleph knew he could count on them to do what was needed. One finger trembled a little on the grip of his flamer in fury.

    Truly, they deserved only extermination. But, unlike these would-be devils in the flesh, the Children of the Emperor's gift of death to his foes would be delivered swiftly and without hesitation. He raised his flamer and prepared to cleanse the living cover so that he could kill their masters.

    It was a lesson given hideous practical confirmation. None of the xenos could be left alive. There was no parley with such vermin. As they were without honour, they would get no duel and no eulogy for worthy opponents. Only oblivion. Only death.

    OOC: All-out flamer attack on main mass when in range as per Sergeant's orders.
  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Camille took his Sarge's direction with outward calm, but inwardly disappointed over his failure to gain the Sergeant's approval for his plan. He agreed with the principle, though he would have argued that there was no harm in following doctrine so long as the battlefield was in its infancy. Now, however, they were adapting, and Camille was determined to show his guide and commander that he was perfectly capable of adapting to the shifting battlefield conditions.

    The Xenos Raiders swooped in overhead, but the squad's Devastators levelled their heavy weaponry on their foes. It fell to the Line to hold. Brother Trius --- Martyn --- had already started shooting into the throng of monstrosities. For all his blasé confidence, like a cat's, Martyn had the competence to back it up. Meanwhile, their Chemosian comrade had followed suit, cleansing the malformed creatures with bellowing tongues of flame. While Martyn shot into the hordes, Camille fell in on the other side of Alephoros, taking a knee and supporting him with covering fire whenever one of the dregs wandered through the flames and came too close to the trenches for comfort.

    Balanced Action:
    - Bolter fire upon the Human Dregs
    - Taking cover in the trench
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    There was no more time to talk, no more time to think about the past. Enemy was closing in and alongside it, the hour of the first blooding of the fledgling 4th squad of the 25th Company of the Emperor's Children Legion. And mighty blooding it turned out to be.

    Respecting the rigid hierarchical structure of the III Legion, every Astartes present listened to the orders Sergeant Sidon gave and went on with it. Devastators rose first, Pholax bringing his heavy bolter to the front and unleashing a salvo of heavier rounds into the skimmer, his original suspicions if his weapon would prove to be effective against the vessel were dispersed as he saw bolt after bolt impacting on the hull of the alien craft, blowing up a number of holes in it and killing four of its crewmen, their bodies thrown off the vessel and into the jungle canopy below. The skimmer slowed down visibly and smoke began escaping its bowels, however before Pholax could destroy this Raider for good, he caught attention of the second Raider's crew, one of the aliens manning a turrent in front of the vessel aimed it squarely at the Devastator.

    Dark blast escaped the long barrel, the same one which just moments ago obliterated their Predator tank, streaking straight towards the Emperor's Children legionary. Perhaps that would've been the end of his story, before it even began, if not for Extrovious. Assault brother saw the danger ahead of Pholax and barged into him, pushing both himself and the Devastator into the trench below, feeling the heat of the dark lance obliterating the position they were stand at a second ago. His backpack was a bit burned from the blast, the skin fusing somewhat with the ceramite but nothing that his new enhanced metabolism couldn't deal with. Pholax on the other hand, remained completely pristine.

    Same couldn't have been said for Vitaly. Young tinker, perhaps emboldened by the success of his comrade, similarly got up and aimed his missile launcher at another Raider, his weapon undoubtedly better suited for dealing with such threats. Only on paper as the Devastator learned first-hand the unnatural speed and skill with which these Dark Eldar did their battle. Both missiles flew wide, heading away from the skimmer and destroying bunch of trees behind it. Retaliation was swift - crew of the targeted Raider replied in kind, the squad of sinister-looking aliens unleashed their payload and riddled Vitaly in poisonous shards, throwing him back into the trench. Warning runes flashed on his visor as the crystalized projectiles found purchase in his armor, but despite the injuries, he could at least see for himself what kind of weapons these aliens employ as there were many of the crystals lying both around him and inside of him.

    Rest of the Emperor's Children Devastators from other squads had the similar orders and focused their firing on the flying ships, but outside scoring couple of kills they mostly missed, the aliens moving way too fast for the trackers to work properly and in turn, three more legionaries died, their bodies unable to survive mix of dark matter and poisonous shards, joining a dozen more dead human soldiers who shared the same fate.

    However while the Devastators still needed to elevate themselves above the mediocracy and follow in the footsteps of their Primarch, the rest of the legionaries did admirably, especially those of the 4th squad. Combination of bolter fire cut the incoming horde in twain, the human dregs unable to withstand the salvo of mass-explosive rockets annihilating their attack. While they were crazed enough to not really care about casualties, the sheer amount of death the Emperor's Children brought to them was enough to thin the advance and blunt its edge. Those that somehow managed to get near were introduced with Aleph's flamer, the Line Brother slaying ten dregs all by himself, sending them into their fiery doom and almost single-handedly clearing the area directly in front of the squad.

    It was also he who, alongside Jendon and Martyn, ended up getting shot at from the distance, the skulking Kabalites using the commotion - and the fact it was easier to aim through the now-ruined bulk of the horde - hitting all three of them but the shards didn't get through, the armor providing them with much needed protection. Elymas and Camille on the other hand, managed to duck in time and prevent the alien weaponry from sullying their own plate. All of this however, seemed to agitate Sidon as his voice rose above the sound of battle, the tone slightly annoyed.

    "We're not sitting here any longer. Emperor's Children, swords," he spoke and as one, the legionaries from the other squads pulled out their melee weapons, knowing what was coming next. "We've been hiding in the trenches like some Iron Fourth dogs for too long. Now we'll make these aliens feel what's it like to attack sons of Fulgrim!"

    Sidon stored his bolter and pulled his own weapon, a lengthy mace with its golden hitting head made to look like eagle's beak. "Vitaly, Pholax, keep on hitting those flyers and watch for any suspicious activity, this is too easy and there's something we have overlooked. Jendon, Extrovious, use your jump packs and hit those aliens skulking in the back. Camille, you cover them as much as you can but don't leave them facing all of them alone. Martyn, Aleph, Elymas, you're with me. Kill until you've reached the other side. For Fulgrim," Sergeant barked orders before jumping out of the trench himself and into the reeling dregs, swinging his mace with professional ease, pulping heads with each strike that was carefully measured, Terran legionary apparently not wanting to spend more energy than it was required. (OOC Martyn, Aleph and Elymas can do as many flavor kills on the dregs as they want).

    It was around that time that Elymas felt something was off, a sudden unease creeping onto him, the feeling of a prey being watched. He couldn't really pinpoint the source of the danger but there was definitely something off, perhaps if he was accompanied by a senior Librarian things would've been more clear, alas Lord Hephestus and the majority of the meagre conclave remained aboard "Sovereign", Lord Commander Leonis not trusting to deploy more than a few of the psykers on the ground at the same time.

    OOC Emperor's Children:
    27 Legionaries, 64 Palatine Auxilia, 4 Rhinos

    Camille:12 Martyn:11 Jendon:11 Pholax:12 Vitaly:9 Elymas:12 Aleph:11 Extrovious:11 Sidon:18

    Dark Eldar vanguard:
    100 human dregs, Raiders: 4/8/7/6 , 20 Kabalite Warriors

    As long as you are sitting in the trenches, Dark Eldar have -1 to hit you. Kabalite Warriors are all the way in the back and they have +2 on all defensive rolls against ranged attacks. Horde suffered enough damage that it didn't reach the trench and allowed us the opportunity for a counter strike.

    Combat advantage: Balanced.

    @Jorimel @WanderingJester @dx144 @DeranVendar @Draconion @Vulpas @Kalle @Uriel1339
  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Extrovious' question had gone ignored, stealing wind from the sails of a successful defense. Hearts seized a moment seeing that for one brother protected, the other had been floored. The score of runes on his HUD made it clear Vitaly was alive, yet the failure stung none the less. It was enough to stow away whatever questions he might have about his own fate if he had been the one pinned to the Raiders; gloom banished to the back of his mind for reflection later. Ceramite encased fingers wrap around Pholax's upper arm, Extrovious attempting to haul the Devastator onto his feet with a bit more grace than their hulking forms should of allowed. Without further word, regardless of accepted or denied aid, the legionary pounces back a few paces to get clear of any surrounding battle brothers before willing his jump pack into life. Bloated contraption whines as its turbines start up before bursting into a fearsome roar that heralds the warrior's ascent.

    The battle field rocked in ways that the simulations never prepared him for. Dizzying, overwhelming, terrifying all could of, and should of, described it. Alas the brick of flesh and ceramite hurled at the lurking Kabalites was no mere man, but an Astartes. Confidence swelled in his chest as readily as air filled his lungs. Whatever doubts or internal conflicts sought to undermine that did not exist above ground, things unbecoming of an Emperor's Child stayed back in muddy trenches. Extrovious smiled behind his helm, these things did not exist in the blood of his enemies either, that much he was certain. With bolt and toothed blade brandished Extrovious begins to descend, bolt pistol declaring war on any that dare raise helm or rifle in his direction. For a brief moment he focuses on his own reflection, caught in the many dark faucets of a polished helm. Moment stretches into moments...

    "Now to make sure the others like the view as much as I."
    OOC: One Defense with Bolt Pistol, One Attack with Chainsword on the Kabalites

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