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People who quit from PvE games should be banned for at least one hour from joining another one

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Hungarian_Patriot, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. No, the obvious problem is that half of the playerbase are little shits, who disconnect at the first sign of hardship, or actually do it to grief (happens in almost every PvE game with Eldar, the Fire Dragon just says BB 1 min into the game, and suddenly we can't kill Warriors). Griefers would get perma banned from PvE if it was up to me, and deserters would have to take at least a week long break from it. But as you said, it's not possible to tell these scum apart from the people who crash / have to actually go because their house is on fire / lose connection etc. So 1 hour will do the trick, I guess. Inoccent people will get banned for 1 hour occasionally? Sure. Too bad. It's not nearly as bad as the plague of unsportsmanlike conduct that is one of the main reasons why PvE is dead ATM.

    Obviously, other features, like difficulty-based MM, and the display of difficulty on the lobby / tab screen would also have to be implemented, but that's not the point of this topic. It is that people who let down their teams intentionally have to be punished.
  2. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    So your happy to be disconnected and unable to try and play a game for one hour when your connection dies/the server decides it doesn't like you? (neither of which are the actual players fault)
  3. This is an awful idea. PvE is already sparse, the hour ban will just get them to not come back. Not to mention there's legitimate reasons to quit and what if it does it for a server drop.

    No, PvE doesn't need another reason not to be played.
  4. I'm playing for some weeks now, and played more PvE than most people ever will. I've been disconnected only twice, and crashed only once mid-game, despite having a potato PC, and mediocre internet connection, if those matter. So yes, I'd be absolutely happy with being banned for an hour for these, even though I'm inoccent, if this is the cost to put an end to the shitty behaviour of certain people.

    Frankly, I think most honest PvE players would agree. I can't help but think that the naysayers here are either amongst the notorious deserters, or people who don't play PvE and have no knowlege about it.

    That's like saying that chemotherapy shouldn't be used against cancer, because it might kill the patient. I think this analogy is overly fitting.
  5. No it's more like treating it with cyanide.

    But forget analogies, it's not a good idea to drive off an already small pop.
  6. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    Of course people that disagree with you are just bad, evil and mean

    It's nice to see however that at least in theory your happy for the same restriction to be applied to yourself, I doubt many others would though so I highly doubt an hour is a reasonable expectation

    Personally i'd say the reason PvE in EC isn't very popular is due to Space Hulk - Deathwing being released as it ticks nid killing and you get to wear termi armor to boot
  7. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    It is not just that. PVE here is very unfinished and basic.

    The maps are all "corridor maps" with no outdoor maps.

    There are a grand 5 types of enemies, with 3 of them being the same type of gaunt.
    Space marine had 2 types of sluggas, 1 type of shieldy, 1 shoota, 1 rokkit, 2 type of nob, and 1 shoota nob and 1 rokkit nob plus weirdboy and killa kans. That's 10 enemy types for all games, since the Kans are an end game boss.

    The difficulty slider is also a problem. It just goes "moar gaunts" until it drops the OP as *** warrior on you. It is just bad design.

    If PVE here got open door maps, more enemies, it would be much better.

    Imagine this new enemy section:
    -Gaunts as they are.
    -Raveners as ambushers.
    -Less OP warriors as a nob equivalent, and a venom cannon one for shooting matches with Devastators.
    -Lictors , Zoantropes and such as bosses.
    -More maps! Outdoor maps, not just these underground corridors.

    But yeah, this is a horribly stupid idea. So now I would be required to carry the WHOLE NOOB team in normal mode for **** small reward instead of simply quitting and waiting until hardmode drops? Ne légy már ekkora tetü.

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