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Path to Glory [Casual Chaos RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    <Mechanicus aparatus battleus> @BuriasDempsey @Uriel1339

    Kombuse hastily removed the now dead limb that impaled him and gripped his heavy flamer with determination to do better against the Skitarii Troopers. Rushing forward, he unleashed a torrent of flames from his weapon, and the wave of heat and death rushed forward to embrace the remaining mechanicus forces. Fire wrapped themselves around the skitarii, and their processors melted before they could turn, let alone retaliate. Before long the Pact Trooper found himself standing in the midst of a bunch of charred flesh and metal corpses. Turning, he used the remaining time to turn his weapon upon the servitors as well. However, recognizing the sudden flare-up in their infrared sensors as well as the disappearance of their allied units, the servitors quickly vacated the area, avoiding the fire.

    Ausarius, already in the midst of the combat servitors, swirled his force spear around. As the whims of fate changes so did his fortune. The Thousand Son's weapon caught several servitors in one swing, decapitating one and bisecting to others. Another rushed forward, only to be impaled by the back end of the sorcerer's weapon. The servitors, without their direction from the tech-priest, quickly fell into disarray. The once highly coordinated pattern of attack and defense turned into a mess and confusion, and this led to their attacks overstretching themselves, allowing the sorcerer to remove another servitor from the equation with his weapon.

    Seeing the battle all but won, Phocron became the second to respond, directing his bolter fire at the servitors. However, in a rare moment of miscalculation by the XX legionnaire, he either overestimated himself or underestimated the enemy dramatically. His shots went wide, allowing more than few retaliatory las shots to collide with his chest plate. Valu's cover did little to thwart the counter-attack, due to both sudden poor shooting by both the shapeshifter and his clandestine master. Satharn entered next, cautiously swinging his chain glaive forward as well. Unfortunately, it seemed that even in their programming, the servitors' ferocity increased knowing their inevitable destruction at the hands of their enemies. A servo arm struck out over the slow swing and collided with the Night Lord's Helmet, cracking a visor and sending him backwards.

    Corbulus brought up the rear, his tainted power axe bristling with corrupting energy. He fared little better either as his weapon cleaved nothing but air, missing his target completely. A second swing from the Alpha Wolf did even worse, as several mechandrites shot out from the servitors and they grabbed the astartes before dogpiling him, ripping and tearing at anything that they could get their hands on. For a force standing on their last legs, the servitors were doing everything they could to make sure their enemy dies at the hands of the next force they encountered.

    Forces of Adeptus Mechanicus:

    Combat servitors:9

    Corbulus:10 Satharn:10 Ausarius:11 Valu:7 Kombuse:8 Phocron:13

    Conditions: As a reminder, Valu can heal himself and Kombuse 4 times during this mission for d3 HP, the healing move takes up one of the actions during a turn. The number of the healing cannot go over the initial number of your HP.
  2. Making more charred bodies out of the last of the Skitarii soldiers, Kombuse let the flamer rest on its sling as he pulled out his bolt pistol loaded with Kraken bolt rounds. Taking careful aim, as is something required for this does not send a wall of flame, he aimed for center mass on the combat servitors as they were busy trying to fight marines. They keep dodging his flame and to get close to them would put him at a disadvantage and just get in the way of the Marines' efforts.

    OOC: full attack on the servitors with kraken bolts. Bang Bang.
  3. Trying to keep up the momentum, and get out of the shelling zone before a lucky shell might hit him, Gorzkha kept up his charge, the large amout of casualties dident matter much to him, the herd would regrow, and be stronger, and the dark farthers would award him for his zeal and the desecration of the Imperial mega shrine.
    Though he was sure his evicerator could chew through armour, Gorzkha still mostly cared about the slaugter of human defenders.
    With another loud bray, Gorzkha lifted his evicerator pointing strait at the PDF that would soon be crushed by the herd.

    OOC: all out attack
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Assault on the Monument> @Grall_Stonefist @Vulpas @Taec @Kalle @DeranVendar

    Xaviera was taken what the group could only guess was a failed spell, a quick reap by the god she attempted to serve or even a random warp phenomenon - perhaps the enemy utilized sanctioned psykers? All that everyone could see was that a cloud of silver built up around her and that purple and pink flames devoured it, but leaving no trace of Xaviera. Instead the frenzy that everyone felt before has now quadrupled and extended not just to their own forces, but wrapped the entire battlefield in it's energy.

    The Imperials who never felt such intensity of emotions, their floodgates built upon Propaganda and lies having been lifted, did not know how to deal with it. Some it drove insane enough to shoot the comrade next to them in the head, then themselves. Others started to undress bare naked and tried to cool their bodies off by rolling in the mud. But the majority of them started slaughtering their own kin, laughing as they did so. True terror came out of the imperial camp, and Quor can put a good guess of what exactly happened.

    "Do you see this frenzy upon the enemy?! That is the work of Slaanesh! Xaviera has given the ultimate sacrifice to the Prince of Pleasure, and that is the reward! A re-enactment of how the god was born in the murderous and rapist streets of the Eldar Empire of old! So let us join them and honor our conquest of this monument with the blessing of Slaanesh! Slaughter all those that raise a weapon against you! Fell those that resist the blessing we just received! And bring me those who cherish it! Onward, in the name of Chaos!" Galleck bellowed, running at the tip of the spearhead along with Ghorzka.

    Every single combatant of Chaos, including Ghorzka, his beastmen and Fera felt once more the sensation of endless energy, being restless and only able to end that through the destruction of their imminent foes. Fera mowed down dozens of enemies and potentially corrupted imperials alike. They were so busy with their infighting that they could not heed to take cover. Her bolter fire was so focused that when she shot at a Sentinel, she hit a hydraulic in the left leg well enough to make it to topple to the side and detonate, killing another hanful in the process and wounding many more.

    As Ghorzka rushed forward, slicing away with his eviscerator - with no human being able to offer him a proper fight, he would notice a Chimera heading straight for him, It was relatively slow as it was running humans over left and right, even drove over a wrecked Sentinel. But luckily for him, Quor was at his side and with the enhanced strength of his power armor and the gifts of the dark gods he grabbed his instrument of office with both hands and gave the tank a good uppercut swing with his weapon. The weapon violently tore through it but didn't kill the engine quite, though it slowed the vehicle enough for some beastmen around to also push against it and eventually bring it to a stop, the tracks grinding in the ground beneath. This allowed their leader to climb up on the tank and immediately kill the first imperial who tried to flee through the top hatch. The ramps and entrances were forced open by his creatures of death, tearing the helpless humans apart.

    From the vantage point, the Beastman Chieftain could see the work of his army. With the frenzy going through the enemy, there was no order to hold them back. No proper killzones, no heavy weapons decimating them. There was only raw beastmen violence at it's best.

    Erelak was on the frontlines as well, but not in the thick of the beast herd, not wanting to get caught between their stampede.

    Orghast however watched the madness from his new vantage point. The artillery position was no problem to take, as sadly they also fell to the insanity of Slaanesh. However, those who had fallen to the frenzy were few and got all killed. The surviving imperials abandoned their equipment, only to get shot in the back by Orghast and his troops. This left them now with 3 Basilisks for Nurgle's Warband. Sure, they were of no use right now as friendly fire would be far too high of a risk. But in the upcoming battles they would prove more than useful. And so his troops started to secure the position by packing up the shells and doing the proper rites to the Basilisks to 'nurglify' them. Sadly the ammunition was only standard solid rounds and not chemical ones which could have been modified. But certainly their warpsmith might be able to craft something for them? But that was a concern for later. Orghast from his new position would be pointed out to that a good chunk of Imperials in the rear which were far less affected by the frenzy started to make a retreat to the closest major city. He could decide whether to pursue them, try to destroy them with his newly gained artillery, or to simply let them run and see if the seed of corruption from their witnessing of today was strong enough that they could fester a chaotic cult from behind their massive walls.

    PDF Defenders:

    PDF troops: 25 (las-rifles)
    Armored Squadron - 8 Chimeras: 32HP (4 each x 6; 2 each x 2)
    Armored Squadron - 10 Sentinels: 30HP (3 each x 10)
    Armored Squadron - 7 Hellhounds: 26HP (4 each x 5; 3 each x 2)

    PDF traitors / frenzied: ???
    Orghast: 10
    Fera: 9
    Erelak: 9
    Quor Gallek: 13

    Conditions: Artillery has been claimed by Orghast & his warband.
    Rearguard of the monument is fleeing:
    --- Can be pursued to kill and/or capture.
    --- Can be attempted to destroy them with Orghasts artillery.
    --- Or can be allowed to flee with the risk of whether the seed of corruption of their witness of today is strong enough or not (Potential corruption in the city later on).

    Tides of War (Beastmen + Traitors vs Loyal PDF defenders): Critical Beastmen & Traitor Advantage
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Generator insertion> @WanderingJester @Jorimel @BuriasDempsey @Colapse

    Valu in a spurt of inspiration, or rather need to push on and show the enemy that they are not faltering, he moved as close forwards as he could without getting into the dangers of melee. He made a roll to the side, landed on his knee and pressed the rifle's butt against his shoulder, bracing himself and the rifle as good as the alien humanly could, although he feared his stamina was fading as the battle continued and didn't get any less intense.

    "Just die already, will you, rust buckets?!" He panted under his breath, short before pulling the trigger to shoot a burst straight ahead.

    OOC: Balanced Attack vs. Servitors. Defense on Kombuse.
  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    <We're Going Spelunking!> @BuriasDempsey @Uriel1339

    Kombuse, playing his role as a faithful pact trooper, pulled out his bolt pistol and took aim at the remaining servitors. Squeezing the trigger, he directed his shots to take out as many of the bionic machines as possible before they could counter. Perhaps having his eyes over the conflict, Khorne seemed to have blessed the rounds, as even as the servitors took defense measures, they only managed to lessen the impacts of the initial volley, as three of their numbers dropped to the ground, broken and incapacitated. When Kombuse fired again however, his shots merely glanced off of the heavier armor portion of those that remained. The servitors were not without their own ranged weapons, and a wave of las shots, stubs, and other primitive projectile rounds flew at Kombuse, even as Valu failed to attract their attention or distract them. Apparently, Khorne did have his eyes on the situation, as most of them collided with the Pact Trooper's body, slamming him against the wall nearby, letting him slide down into a sitting position, and leaving multiple gaping wounds for his own precious lifeblood to flow out of.

    Valu, faced with his failure to defend his fell mortal comrade, at least as his cover, turned his own las gun upon the remaining servitor, aiming to succeed in his attack where his defenses fell short. His frustration transformed itself into a burst of las shots that immediately gunned down two more servitors, las shots burning through their central processors. A servitor attempted to turn its stub guns upon the shapeshifter, only to have the weapon explode after a well-placed las shot landed on it. The astartes made quick work of the rest of the rest of the enemies, who, lacking a leader, gave no thoughts to retreating.

    Walking over, Phocron looked unimpressed by the wounded mortal amongst them, gave a quick order to Valu. "Get him up and moving. We need those generators down." The short order given, he turned and began heading down the direction. The astartes followed, though some strode forward openly, like Corbulus, or followed in the shades of the cavern, like Satharn, leaving the mortals to catch up with them. When the mortals do catch up to the astartes after doing what quick medical patch ups they could and wanted to, they found themselves staring at a massive cavern converted into a machinery room.

    While anyone who have stepped foot within the reactor or warp drive chamber of a void craft would not be impressed by the size of the cavern, its interior was still large enough to house no less than three separate levels for the scions of Mars to attend to the massive generators within. Various catwalks made up the mid-level, while an entire flooring had been laid down on the top most level, making it almost another floor entirely. The forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus patroled all three levels, though, at the center of the third "floor" a heavily mechanized being worked tirelessly upon a central console, clearly important given its location and its displays and input.

    Watching from their perch at the side of the cavern, Valu and Kombuse could see two remains of the Mechanicus Guards lying to the side, motionless and in pieces. No doubt the work of their resident Night Lord. While Corbulus and Ausarius stood slightly behind the view of the cavern, Phocron was on one knee, observing the scene below. Satharn was nowhere to be found, though that did not give any comfort to either of the non-astartes. "The magos is initiating the rite of destruction for the generators. If he completes the process the entire place would turn into an ordinance testing chamber," the Alpha Legionnaire said, more to himself even if the other could hear him. Turning, he addressed those present. "I will shut the ritual off. Corbulus, take Valu and the Pact Trooper and secure the lower levels. Ensure that we're interrupted where we are. Satharn, Ausarius, you're with me."

    With that, Phocron slid down a nearby crevice by their perch, followed by a much more graceful, but also more noisy Thousand Son. Corbulus turned and looked for a moment at the two mortals, his expression hidden behind his MK V helmet, before turning and heading to the other side of the perch. "Let's go." Moving down a much more gentle decline, he led the other two to the bottom of the cavern. Moving from cover to cover, the Alpha Wolf, as though learning from his copatriots, was surprisingly stealthy compared to his nonchalantness before, or even his own stance at the beginning of the mission. Stopping within firing distance of the enemy, he looked around, and all three could see the various enemies around.

    On the catwalks, scores of Skitarri soldiers patrolled, their arc weapon gleaming in the light illuminating the cavern. The trio chaos force could only spot a single stairwell up to their level, and it would require one to brave the open clearing of the Skitarri fire in order to reach it. Below them, Sicarian Ruststalkers stood at ready, their various scanners swiveling side to side, scanning for targets. Interestingly enough, their Sicarian Battle Armor have strips of neon glow upon them, indicating that these were no simple Ruststalkers, though how they differ from the deadly melee units of Mars Corbulus, Valu and Kombuse would have to find out the hard way. Lastly, an Alpha Skitarri once again stood at ready to lead the forces around him, a radium carbine in his mechanical hands.

    The three, still not detected yet, will have the element of surprise on their side. If they wish it, they may pray to Tzeentch and attempt to get even better-striking positions. Still, perhaps they would be better served by striking while the iron was hot, rather than to tempt fate once more.

    Forces of Adeptus Mechanicus:

    Skitarii Troopers:15 Alpha:7 Siciarian Ruststalkers: 5/5/5

    Conditions: The Skitarii Troopers have the high ground, which gives them a +2 for every target they engage on the cavern floor. The Siciarian Ruststalkers have retained some of their previous assassination protocols, so for every attack, they make against someone that does not target them that turn, they get an extra attack. However, this can be negated by a preemptive strike upon a specific Ruststalker. The radium carbine of the Alpha, due to its nature, will cause an additional wound the turn after its attack on anyone it targets so long as the attack does not critically fail. This can be negated by the target giving up initiative during the wounding turn in order to move away from the contaminated area.

    Corbulus:12 Valu:9 Kombuse:6

    Conditions: Valu may use the down time after the last engagement to freely heal Kombuse for 2 HP (but not himself), or he may use one of his medical kits to heal himself or Kombuse for 3-6 HP (as determined by a dice roll). As a reminder, Valu can heal himself and Kombuse 4 times during this mission for d3 HP, the healing move takes up one of the actions during a turn. The number of the healing cannot go over the initial number of your HP. Due to the element of surprise, each member will have an auto +3 to their attacks next turn. However, they may also choose to take a stealth test. Successfully passing it will allow the member to either have a +6 to their next attacks or allow them to keep initiative while moving up to the catwalk level as well. Failure would negate the +3 element of surprise bonus, counting the attack as a normal roll.
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    Fera gritted her teeth as she felt a way of emotions come over her, experience and years of fighting tried to suppress it but a part of her scratched to feel these pleasures. opening her mouth she quickly bit her cheeks as she took aim, the feeling of pain, and the taste of copper filling her mouth as she fired her heavy bolter trying to concentrate more on the battle then these temporary pleasures.

    "Shed there blood, Destroy there bodys, Rend them to pieces !" she let out a yell her aim moving to now to the troopers that still barley held there ground the brave ones the ones that would attempt to fight the onces that might a have a ounce of will in them.

    OOC all out attack on PDF troopers las rifles
  8. Kombuse walked along as best he could with the others, having being on the receiving end of a lot of las bots and other forms of combat punishment, before following the gold and black marine Corbulus down to the lower ground with Valu with some grunts and curses under his breath. Seeing three more of those machine riding tin men along with another of those leader ones, the Pact trooper grumbled as he readied his flamer. "So how you want to do this?" He asked Valu, looking over to the black clad human. "You're good at sneaking, you want to go up the cat walk and deal with them while we fight the bird walkers down here?" He asked him @Uriel1339

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