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Path to Glory [Casual Chaos RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Corbulus turned towards the heavy servitor closest to him and directed a quick strike at the bionic machine. He had hoped that the calibrations he interrupted by slaying its master would allow him to make quick work of it. Unfortunately, whoever made the servitor designed it to function well even without the routine minute adjustments. The first blow merely caused it to go off-step, but the second swing of the tainted power axe managed to lodge the weapon into the strong limb of the mechanicus servant, yet the power fist came around to attack the Alpha Wolf. The purple aura of the tainted power axe met the power fist, causing the former weapon's warp energy to collide with the latter's power field, deflecting both.

    Yet even as Corbulus recovered from the recoil of the impact, several bolt shots from the servitor's heavy bolter smashed into him. Feeling the pain of the munitions as they exploded within his flesh and under his armour, he ignored it and pushed forward. The tainted power axe swung around again, aiming for either the limb of the power fist or the heavy bolter, whichever had been closer. The Alpha Wolf hoped to take out one of the two weapons, having thought that the close proximity of him to the servitor would've prevented its use of the heavy bolter. He would follow up with a swing directly into the middle of its torso, aiming to breach the already damaged armour to finish the fight.

    OOC: Balanced attack on the first heavy servitor with tainted power axe, defense on self.
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  2. after having finished off the fanatics with brutal efficiency, for what they had in zeal, he had tenfold in zealous hatred for their kind of manfilth especially, and as he impaled a head on a chain on his belt, this head not given same high end spot as the cheif zealots, so it would just be left to hang and dangle and maybe fall off, and just then, he realised that he now again was completely out in the open, as well as the tingling of one of his more animal warning senses made him allmost dive for solid cover, sparing him the wrath of the PDF's snipers.
    Though then it went alot worse as shelling began to shower the entire area to cover the pdf's retreat, giving the beastmen and other armed forces a hard time gunning them down, as a response Gorzkha reared up from his cover as he grapped the banner that was unfolded on his back, letting the flag fold out before he with a loud bray threw it like a spear, though that not being a normal beastman weapon, it still flew true, and impaled one of the PDF troopers through his chest, before planting itself in the ground close to one of the chimeras that had come to evacuate the troops.
    Braying loudly again, to inspire his herd to further violence, even as shrapnel peppered his skin and few pieces found purchase he would still see as many of these manfilth dead, so if there was any survivers they could spread the dread tale of his herds slaugher.

    OOC: banner deployed :p also balanced advance
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Generator insertion> @WanderingJester @Jorimel @BuriasDempsey @Colapse

    Valu gasped when he rolled away from the grazing hit he suffered from, panting as he was on his back, seeing the dragoon make a turn. He quickly got on his feet and took aim, but when he squeezed the trigger, it only made an empty unsatisfying clicking. "Dark gods frak it!" He cursed, throwing the Las Rifle aside and draw the his combat knife in his right hand.

    The dragoon was now making his charge and the Lost and Damned took a step forward as he threw the knife with all his might, managing it with luck to stick it right into the rider's eye. It was enough force, or perhaps pain, to cause the rider to fall off his walker-steed. He fell off nearby Valu's position as he was in the last bit of his charge before the all-or-nothing knife throw. The shapeshifter drew his Chainsword and revved it a couple of times as he approached the dragoon. The Skitarii, unarmed now, had no chance but use the knife lodged in his eye socket. Just when he pulled it out, screaming while doing so, a boot came down, pinning his wrist on the floor and opening his hand to let go of the knife.

    A faceless mask gazed down unto him, only little eyes behind the slim slits looking upon the caught prey. "It would be so much sweeter... If you were not just a mindless killing machine." Valu said, the sound of licking lips heard just before the chainsword came to full speed.

    "If you could just actually fear death. Or hope for life. I would draw your every moment of life out, that you wouldn't know whether to beg for me to stop... or to end your life. And each time to see the terror on your gaze when you realize that the torture would simply keep going on, minute after minute. hour after hour. day after day." Valu chuckled as he brought down the idle chainsword right at the skull of the Skitarii, both his boots on each of his wrists.

    "But at least you can satisfy my curiousity of what really lies beneath your skull. If you are human after all, or just a machine." Valu laughed as he turned the chainsword onto full speed, pressing the rune while moving the chainsword down his foes scalp, cutting it gruesomely open. Even as blood and oil gushed forth, covering his body, he just laughed - the mask protecting him from breathing or swallowing any of the fluids.

    Once the deed was done, he retrieved his knife and then the las rifle, chainsword sheathed once more. With his rival slain, he reloaded the las rifle and got back into a better position. Seeing that all the dragoons had been gone, he made it his personal goal to extinguish the heavy fire raining upon their deployed forces. So once more he took aim, but this time onto the static heavy combat servitors, rather than fast moving targets - hoping that his aim prevailed.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack vs. Heavy Combat Servitors (Any)
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    Fera ducked down landing on her side as she felt the familiar feeling of another las wound and the smell of burning flesh once more, Her arm was cooked. "Damned snipers."She said flipping over to her back she kept in cover her right hand reaching up to grab her heavy bolter before she began feeling and hearing the artilery shells that began raining down on them,.

    Debris began raining down As Fera slowly picked herself up raising her heavy bolter and began relocating to another area already seeing orghasts reinforcements and own plague troops she knew what to do. Taking position over near the reinforcements of Orghast she began tracking las shots and beams coming towards the Servants of nurgle and returning fire. "Lets keep pushing em back!" she yelled keeping in cover and slowly moving from place to place as she began firing and eliminating PDF troopers that stayed behind firing at them in the buildings or those retreating.

    OOC Balanced attack one defense on Fera, one attack on PDF las gun PDF troopers, possibly if the chance is possible looting the heavy bolter emplacement for more ammo.
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Assault on the Monument> @Grall_Stonefist @Vulpas @Taec @Kalle @DeranVendar

    The beastmen roared loudly, believing victory was nigh as their glorious banner was deployed by their true chieftain, having impaled a soldier which now served as a support for the crude symbol of power. The artillery strike tore the beasts away left and right, but they were too inaccurate to do true, serious damage, especially in the greater picture as the focus was on the ferocious mutants instead of Orghasts strike force.

    Under the roars of Gorzkha, the herd mobilized once more, heading on straightforward towards the banner and the location of the evacuees. Those who were too slow to reach the chimeras and Taurus defense line were hacked apart and even partially eaten alive by the beastmen rushing forth. Arms, legs and heads rolled and flew all over the place. And in fact the Chieftain through this maneuver made it even more difficult for the imperial sniper to take his head as a large mutant next to him got a las right through his eyeball, felling the giant of a beast. Not like such thing would have any moral effect on Gorzkha, for he was clever enough to know to be the target. The once mighty warrior simply got crushed under the heavy stomps of the marching army. Although the path to the vehicles was still long and the imperial shells continued to hammer into the herd, claiming many casualties.

    Orghast on the other hand had easy game with his newly gained hellhound that his troops easily got back rolling. Despite the lack of blessings within the vehicle itself, it would prove a worthy tool in his mission. The sentinel happily marched onward. The Plague Marine pinned the heavy weapons team of which the walker took easy advantage off, ripping them apart with the combined fire of the other soldiers. Soon after, the group made their advance towards the newly discovered artillery position. The hellhound easily outmaneuvered the enemy as the missile launcher teams were either retreating or being torn apart by Erelak. And conveniently it was also their true target area and not just this bridgehead.

    In fact Erelak was right in the middle of killing once more after the first artillery strikes came down and the beasts mobilized. He was like the grim reaper amidst a field of ripe souls to harvest. PDF soldiers fell at his merciless strikes. His blade was assisted by the heavy fire of Fera which came after getting to the closest heavy bolter emplacement. The fallen sisters aim was true through and through as if blessed, her heavy rounds mowing down the enemy with las-rifles which tried to focus their fire on the Raptor.

    Xaviera drove her foes mad with the sensory overload, just before a handful of them died on the spot, their neurons overloading and causing them to scream in agony while scratching at their spines as far as they could reach. Although it looked more like they were having severe seizures before eventually just stopping and dying. Those which survived would fall to the ground from just the slightest strike as it felt a hundred times more intense. Her shots just after her spell festered went into the chest of the heavy weapons soldier but didn't quite kill them. To retaliate they took their aim on her, just when they were about to pull the trigger a loud, almost daemonic roar filled the entire nearby area.

    Quor rose out of the rubble, jumping out, all the way from the bottom hole up to the top, landing right next to the Heavy Weapons team. Of course they tried to swing the weapon around but they were too slow for the holy agent of the true gods of this galaxy. His blunt weapon crushing down on a skull, bashing the human like a rag doll against his comrade, both crashing against a nearby wall. "Finish them! And off to our true target!" He yelled, rushing into the remaining troops and ripping them apart like a whirlwind of death, assisted by Xaviera, they all were annihilated before the minute ended.

    Roughly at the same time all battles concluded in the immediate area, Orghast being just slightly north-west of the Beastmen herd which took as many imperial lives as they could, destroying all three Taurus vehicles which stayed as sacrifice to allow their comrades to escape in the chimeras which headed now for the heavier fortified monument which they sought to corrupt.

    Quor, Erelak, Xaviera and Fera eventually regrouped with the beastmen herd, meeting up with Gorzkha at speartip. The artillery strikes stopped for now as they were busy reloading. Orghast could rush in to the hill and take the artillery apart, at the risk of being flanked while doing so. However if Quor, the other Lost and Damned as well as the Beastmen would attack together, there was a good chance that the enemy was too busy to fight Nurgles agents of rot.

    While on top of the hill, they could see the same they had already encountered - just in larger amounts. Thousands of poorly equipped PDF soldiers, a few armored squadrons of chimeras, sentinels and a couple more hellhounds. It seems the real deal - actual battle tanks were reserved for the city. The momentum was on the side of the Night Haunter's agents, Beastmen even after the casualties easily outnumbering the enemy. However, the tanks would prove a tough nut to crack without heavier equipment or being capable of turning them against each other.

    "Here we stand, so close to our goal. We shall take their souls and donate them to the four great powers of Chaos! Let their blood flow, turn them against one another in the madness that will ensue, bask in the glory of pride that victory will bring and let their bodies rot so corruption may root!" Quor Gallek roared, raising his giant mace to rally the troops around themselves.

    And as such, the army would move onward, to cause more havoc and this time around, Quor would actually aim at converting the fighting soldiers, having made an example of this outpost of what happens if you resist. Having faith in Orghast to tackle the artillery, once it's fire would be seized, many new bodies could be added to replenish the losses, or simply as manfood for the Beastmen - one way or another, their army would be replenished through this fight.

    PDF Defenders:

    PDF troops: 50 (las-rifles)
    Armored Squadron - Chimeras: 40HP (4 each x 10)
    Armored Squadron - Sentinels: 45HP (3 each x 15)
    Armored Squadron - Hellhounds: 40HP (4 each x 10)

    Artillery Position:
    Soldiers: 20HP (las-rifle)
    Heavy Weapons: Stubber-Teams: 9HP (3 each x 3)
    Basilisks: 15HP (5 each x 3)

    Orghast: 10
    Fera: 9
    Erelak: 9
    Quor Gallek: 14

    Conditions: Everyone suffered a wound from the enemy bombardment.
    If Orghast engages with his troops vs. Artillery the bombardment will stop until they are either beaten or Orghasts forces driven into retreat. Alternatively the artillery may be attempted to be captured and turned against the enemy.

    Tides of War (Beastmen vs PDF defenders): Major Beastmen advantage currently on hold due to Imperial Artillery Strike.
  6. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    <Mechanicus aparatus battleus> @Jorimel @BuriasDempsey @Uriel1339

    Cutting off the Alpha's head, Kombuse turned his head and attention to the tech priest still standing. Charging forward, he let loose a torrent of fire from his heavy flamer, intending on engulfing the loyalist Mechanicus scion before the enemy could react. However, the tech priest managed to catch the sudden surge of heat on one of his infrared sensors and ducked out of the way, avoiding the fire before it could reach him. The follow-up shoulder tackle did even worse, as it opened the worshipper of Khorne to a counter attack, much to the amusement of his patron. Turning around, one of the Mechadendrite on the Mechanicus priest's back came up and stabbed into the solder, while another appeared, revealing a las-pistol attachment on it. The weapon swerved around and fired a few shots at the Pact Trooper. The carapace armor served the heretic well as it merely absorbed the shots, leaving behind little more than scorch marks. At the moment, Kombuse could only watched as the link between the tech priest and the skitarii continues, as well as a new one reaching the group of combat servitors nearby.

    Corbulus moved to fight the heavy servitor, who seemed to have been touched by the Omnissiah himself. The machine moved with a quickness that surprised even the astartes, swinging the power fist around with a quickness that beat its counterpart. The power weapon collided with the other one, power field meeting tainted warp field and tossing both to the side. The Alpha Wolf came back with his own attack, firing his bolt pistol before following with another swing from his tainted power axe. The purple writhed weapon overshot its target, however, and the quickness of the heavy bolter swung around, managing to pump another shot into Corbulus, forcing the attacker back once more.

    Valu, having taken care of the enemy dragoons, turned his little xeno's attention to the remaining heavy servitors. Seeing (one of) his master(s) engaging the damaged heavy servitor, he lifted his own las rifle up before directing its fire onto the enemy. As though guided by a power outside of himself, the shot pierced straight through the visual sensor of the enemy, into the primary processing unit within its skull, and straight out the back. The target never had a chance to retaliate as it toppled backward, its large form actually cutting off the retreat of the Mechanicus forces by blocking the way to the generator. While it would not have been a problem for the loyalist forces to remove it normally, under fire, it proved difficult to both do so and complete such task.

    Satisfied with the results, Valu turned his sights down to the next heavy servitor, the one engaged by Corbulus. The las shot came, and, again, as though powered by something other than the battery within it, the shot managed to burn clean through one of the legs of the second servitor, dropping it lopsided to the ground. By Tzeentch's plan almost (or Khorne's blessing), the side happened to hold the heavy bolter, and the angle in which it dropped made any return fire towards the shapeshifter impossible. Leaking oils and sparking angrily at this point, the heavy servitor could do little but glare at Valu, somehow both angry and emotionless at the same time. [ @Uriel1339 you may emote destroying the second servitor ] As the servitor died, he would receive a nod from Corbulus before the Alpha Wolf moved to engage other targets.

    Satharn, seeing that most of the enemy leadership had been destroyed, went after the remaining head left on the Mechanicus' force's bionic shoulders. Descending from the darkness of the cave, his chain glaive swung at the tech priest nearby. The weapon proved quite deadly, and where Kombuse's flame failed, the Haunter's Son did not. Nearly bisecting the tech priest in halves, the weapon bite and torn through much of the tech priest's body even as he went straight into the arms of the Night Lord. Dropping to the ground, the loyalist merely attempted to crawl towards Satharn, dragging his mostly useless body behind him at this point, more or less totally at the mercy of the astartes. [ @Jorimel you emote Satharn finishing the tech priest off ]

    That left the Phocron and Ausarius in the fight, facing off against the remaining Skitarii and Combat Servitors, respectively. The Alpha Legionnaire popped out, firing shot after shot at the Mechanicus soldiers. Even with the assistance and direction from the tech priest, it seemed that they could not match the attack from the master of espionage and trickery. The shots found their targets, dropping more than a few enemies to the ground, lifeless. The retaliation from the Skitarii proved useless as well, as Phocron ducked behind cover at the incoming rounds fired at him, only to pop out and blast another head off of bionic shoulders with his bolter. He gave a quick vox over to Valu. "Good work cutting off their exit."

    The Thousand Son rushed the servitor horde with his force spear, swinging the deadly blade here and there in order to inflict maximum amount damage upon all the enemies nearby. Unfortunately, it seemed the master he scorn did not appreciate the lack of proper tribute. The servitors managed to weave side to side, and while the force spear did connect, it did little than to cut off useless wires off of the servitors' bodies. The horde quickly turned and engaged the Sorcerer, servo arms swinging and all matters of blunt objects aiming to collide with the Son of Magnus's body. However, fate then turned against them as well. As badly as Ausarius struck at the enemies, their attacks proved even worse. Like a dozen drunken men attempting to fight one another, neither could the servitors take advantage of the Thousand Son's clumsy movement, nor vice versa, even with the coordination of the tech priest nearby.

    Forces of Adeptus Mechanicus:

    Combat servitors:14 Skitarii Troopers:4

    Corbulus:11 Satharn:11 Ausarius:11 Valu:7 Kombuse:8 Phocron:15

    Conditions: As a reminder, Valu can heal himself and Kombuse 4 times during this mission for d3 HP, the healing move takes up one of the actions during a turn. The number of the healing cannot go over the initial number of your HP.
  7. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Assault on the Monument

    There was one terrible moment when the whole world was lit aflame all around the priestess, and Xaviera felt the earth shake under her soles, felt the tremors manifest through her body, the shockwaves thundering against her eardrums, a blinding, exhilerating moment of absolute cacophony. Somewhere within the noise, within the blur, within the rush, she heard a laughter --- whooping and cruel, some sort of demonic hyena's hysterical giggles resounding through her mind like a jolt of electricity, and she felt goosebumps and cold adrenaline flow down her form. The cold gathered at the edges of her fingertips before it sparked. A thousand pin pricks flared in her fingertips, setting her hands aflame with tingling, titillating sensations, before the wave, the rush, flowed over her again like an unbridled ecstacy. The laughter again. Is the Prince of Pleasure laughing at me? Is the Lord of Excess mocking me? Or is He laughing with me? the priestess wondered quietly in her heart, as the cackling deafened her to everything around her. There was little time allowed for deliberation, as her Warp-given powers started to crackle and hiss around her, a silvery mist oozing out of every pore in her body, purple and pink flames dancing about her limbs, and then she thrust her psychic dagger into the skies. I do not know, but the Gods call me... and I am theirs, till I expire.

    What followed, Xaviera never learned, and the sensation that flowed from this nexus of psychic energy was blinding and deafening and revolting and jubilant; a massive, hysterical frenzy flowed out from the priestess and into every unaligned warrior on the field (and possibly into the defending forces, warping their minds in the process?). Nothing remained of the psyker herself.


    Refer to Hysterical Frenzy psychic power
  8. With his charge failing rather spectacularly, it at least possibly distracted the Tech Priest long enough for the Skullfaced Marine to neatly bisect the Priest from behind and then finishing them off. With only the combat servitors and skitarii, the Pact trooper pulled out the mechanical tendril from out of his body and turned his flamer onto the remain Skitarii like he had did earlier so the marines could focus on the more dangerous combat servitor that were giving them a harder time.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Generator insertion> @WanderingJester @Jorimel @BuriasDempsey @Colapse

    Valu simply nodded back to Corbulus and Phocron respectively, before unleashing three volleys of las fire into the remaining Servitor he had left over, the super-hot beams penetrating and melting the half-machine, half-man. And as emotionless as they were, there was no cry of pain, no sign of agony. Simply death. Although was it really life at this point? Serving just by orders forced into your brain without any sentience at all? Perhaps it was rather a relief for the lobotomized soldier. Or with that thought Valu would be able to sleep better at night anyway. The Servitor eventually fell over, filled with holes and several organs and life supporting devices destroyed.

    He immediately jumped back into cover, scanning the area. As much as his aggressive tactics were successful, through blessings of the dark gods, or something else he was unaware of, he decided to not push his luck and instead act as a protector of his fellow warriors. Without words, he leaned past the boulder that served as cover for the pretend-human and took aim wherever his shots were needed, but mostly keeping an eye out for Corbulus and Satharn, considering they were most invested in close quarter combat besides Kombuse.

    OOC: All-Out-Defense; 1 on Corbulus, 1 on Satharn.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Fera marched with Orghasts troops giving heavy fire power and aid to the nurflite warriors advance as she did she felt shrapnel pierce into her thigh side of her armor taking a hit from a joint as she did. She turned her head towards the sound of artillery as they continued seeing the artillery emplacements on the hill, A Valuable target even as she saw it but assaulting it alone would be suscide but a task needing looking to orghast she Voxxed him.

    @DeranVendar "Orghast Scion of nurgle? you planning on going on assault run up that artillery hill might be a few toys even your army might love to get its hands on." Fera asked as she began setting up her own postion and began targeting the heavy stubber emplacements, "Lets show these boys and girls whats real fire power!" She said to er own weapon as she began firing.

    OOC Balanced attack on heavy stubbers One Defense on Fera

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