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Path to Glory [Casual Chaos RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Kombuse almost fell to a knee from the pain of the glowing sword slicing its way though his side, before rising back up to charge at the Alpha. "You want to go tin man?! Bring it!" The Pact trooper shouted as he pulled out his knife with one hand while the other still held the flamer. He went to slam the knife into the Alpha in the hopes of dragging the other man's face into the muzzle of the flamer.

    OOC: Full attack with flamer, going for a knife stab in either the neck or shoulder as a leverage point.
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  2. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Corbulus nodded at the Alpha Legionnaire's words before he headed off. Phocron certainly lived up to his reputation; it would do well for him to keep an eye on the Hydra spawn. "Agreed, the city must fall and be liberated. Therefore, the generators must be incapacitated." With that, the Alpha Wolf began heading off in the direction of the closest tech priest, not hearing the medic address him and with his melee weapon in hand. Tzeentch himself, or one of his scions, must have taken special attention to him at the moment, as normally it would prove impossible to hide a hulking form in power armor painted in gold, even in the dim light of the caverns they had been in. Even the warp energy, normally pouring out of the tainted power axe, ceased for the moment.

    As though the Changer of Ways shrouded his form himself, Corbulus managed to close the distance without any of the fools from Mars noticing him. Raising the weapon as a villain of a vid capture of Terra's bygone past, he struck mercilessly, swinging the axe down. The weapon powered up at once, the tainted aura of the warp immediately wrapping around its sharp biting edge, as though anticipating feeding time for the Immaterium of another soul. The tech priest lost one of its main arms before he knew it. Shocked, the Mechanicus turned only for the close proximity of the Alpha Wolf forced it to back up, tripping over himself and falling to the ground. Mechadendrites came up, as though able to block the power axe in his hand now. Still, Corbulus would not have the limbs misdirect his axe and lose the clean kill. Stomping on the metal arms, he pinned them to the side of the tech priest, even as the scion of the deluded corpse-emperor stared back at him.

    Savoring the look on the tech priest surprising comprised of emotions, let alone disbelief and fear, Corbulus raised the weapon for a deathblow. With all dedication in his heart to the dark gods with this sacrifice, he swung the weapon down, even as his lips cried out from behind his helmet. "Chaos comes for you! Feel the fangs of Lupercal!" With that, the tainted power axe smashed itself into the head and upper torso of the tech priest, splitting all it touched in half. A quick and clean death for the loyalist's meager body, though his soul would soar straight into the hands of the dark gods, a plaything for them to torture and use up for all eternity. Satisfied with his kill, the Alpha Wolf began making for cover when he spotted a quick movement to the side and turned, just in time to twist himself out of the way of a power fist. The blow glanced his pauldron, though did little damage to him.

    Corbulus faced off against the heavy servitor that the tech priest had worked on previously, now active and engaging its master's killer. Though he thought himself beyond such a lowly foe, the fact of the matter was that it needed to be destroyed for their mission to succeed, and thus someone had to kill it. With all the others engaged, as well as the reprimand he received last mission, the Alpha Wolf redirected himself to the task at hand, humbling himself and thanking the primordial powers for another kill to increase his power. Taking the tainted power axe, he first thrust his shoulder towards the servitor's torso, aiming to shoulder check his opponent before bringing the weapon to bear, swinging to take either the head or the arm with the power fist attached to it off of its body. As he made the attack, Corbulus also kept composure, should he overreach and leave himself exposed.

    OOC: Attack on heavy servitor with power fist, bonus attack on same target, defense on self. Should the first attack kill the heavy servitor, second attack goes to the remaining tech priest.
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Fera held fast as chunks of gore and flesh rained on her, " she laughed as both Gorzhka and Orghast came in leading the charge once more Orghast looking to go for the hellhound and gorzhka going for the rest of the PDF's assault team. Now she needed to keep the pressure up with the others, Hefting her heavy bolter up she began a sprint into the debris and wreckage of the buildings, Going for a gun nest she spotted she took cover before and aimed before letting loose her own heavy bolter on a heavy bolter team she spotted. "Now lets see whos a better shot!." she said with fervor as she opened fire on the heavy bolter team.

    OOC balanced attack one defence on Fera and one attack on Special weapons team Heavy bolter.
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  4. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Urban Warfare

    The missile struck against the wall behind Xaviera and she felt the blast that should've shredded through her simply throw her forwards. Yet upon regaining her footing, the psyker realized that she was capable of such, and the pain that welled up inside of her whole being was warped and confused and ultimately converted into ecstacy in the priestess' heart. Lord Gallek had commanded her to follow, and she meant to comply. She aimed her laspistol and struck down three of the gunmen --- among them the one with the missile launcher --- and followed up with a series of shots to scatter their comrades, before she launched herself into a dash to pursue Quor Gallek and catch up.


    Two Defensive Actions: Making an escape to follow Quor Gallek
    Bonus Offensive Action: Firing on the weapons team
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Generator insertion> @WanderingJester @Jorimel @BuriasDempsey @Colapse

    The Lacrymolian medic widened his eyes when the heavy fire exploded around him, especially after the boulder that protected him was destroyed. He leaped perhaps a bit too late for cover, as he noticed he was injured while hiding behind the ore cart. Not sure when he was hit. It felt so numb, compared to the pain that Quor taught him. And yet, it was good to feel it - to know he was yet alive. He grinned as he remembered of his accurate shot against the rider, having aided Satharn. Albeit it not being near enough to pay his debts.

    Considering he had been attacked, he didn't even notice that Satharn was wounded, due to his angle and all the kicked up dust. An Astartes would have a diagnostor helmet which was synced with fellow Astartes and their status, but Valu was barely more than a regular field medic.

    After the heavy fire stopped, he decided to get up on his feet and take aim again. Like before, he figured it was best to focus on Satharn, especially not to make his bond with Phocron obvious in any potential way. He took a deep breath to relax his shaking hands and rocking body, pressing the shoulder support of his lasrifle stronger against his shoulder as if to squeeze his nerves to stop moving from the adrenaline pumping through him. He could even feel his hidden wings inside his back twitching. He growled and squeezed the trigger the moment he saw the opportunity for a clear shot.

    OOC: Balanced Attack vs. Rider closest to Satharn; Attack on the Rider, Defense on Satharn.
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  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Urban Warfare> @Grall_Stonefist @Vulpas @Taec @Kalle @DeranVendar

    Few of the supporting crewmen of the heavy weapons team died to Xaviera's shots, each of them failing to score a hit in return as he dropped dead on the ground. Picking up the pace, the psyker moved into the next room where Quor Gallek was already going at it. Smashing through two defenders, their puny bodies unable to withstand the power of the giant mace, the Dark Apostle was about to continue with the slaughter when a hail of autocannon shells came his way. One of the gunners with the help of his loader saw that the Word Bearer was coming their way and they set up their weapon to face the room from where the marine would come from. Their friends who died did the necessary sacrifice to get the Chaos warrior where they needed him for maximum damage. Shells impacted on the blessed armor and torn it to shreds, punching the Dark Apostle off his feet. Another salvo and the concrete below the feet gave up, Quor Gallek falling through it on the floor below and currently fighting to get out of a pile of rubble he found himself in. Xaviera on the other hand saw what happened and she managed to jump away, just in time for all of the shots to miss her and fly past her harmlessly. However with the Dark Apostle suddenly out of picture she was the next best target but before another salvo came, the ammo went out and loader was in the middle of reloading the autocannon, giving the psyker couple of precious seconds to act.

    Down below on the streets the things were getting a bit more interesting as Orghast received support in form of two squads of his own Plague Guardsmen. Nurglites under the lead of Hestorious opened fire the moment they reached their master, a mix of lasguns and stubbers good enough to suppress the PDF troopers currently holding position around the Hellhound. That alongside the distraction created by Erelak's assault just couple of seconds ago gave the Death Guard enough time to make his move. He moved as fast as he could, ignoring the stray lasshot that impacted on his armor, heading for the Hellhound just as its commander was turning its main weapon around. Too late to stop now Orghast kept on going even as the inferno cannon spat its deadly payload, the promethium washing all over the Plague Marine, the PDF attempting to hinder his advance. However even as he burned Orghast wasn't about to stop and he jumped on the vehicle, using his chainsword to cleave the hatch off and begin spreading more of the Grandfather's love to the unbelievers (OOC @DeranVendar feel free to emote taking out the Hellhound and its crew alongside capturing it for yourself with your next post).

    More of the PDF died as Fera aligned her aim to take out the remaining heavy bolter nests in the streets, with the Beastmen pushing them there was no way they would survive, especially now that the Death Guard took out one of the central points in their defense. Trying to pack up their heavy bolters the crew manning them was ripped apart as the fallen Sister brought death to the misguided mortals. Somewhat protected by the walls of the building she killed and killed, not stopping until every heavy gunner was dead. She saw the Dark Apostle nearby, fighting to get clear of the rubble and get in touch with the enemy soldiers when with the corner of her eye she spotted a red beam from across the street falling on her chest. Jumping away the long-las shot speared through her shoulder pad and pierced the flesh beneath but the sniper was denied of an important kill. This wasn't the only sniper present, alongside quite a number of Centigors Erelak also suffered a hit, as the Raptor landed he was welcomed with two long ranged shots that went through his knee joints, nearly crippling him in the process.

    Gorzkha was one who was also shot at but the chieftan was way too cunning for a lowly sniper to kill him, cutting through the remaining fanatics he was well aware of the danger and managed to get behind some of the rubble before the long las shots found him. He was also the first to spot additional enemy reinforcements, arriving back at the entrance of the wide street where the post of the battle was being fought. Trio of Tauros assault vehicles came first and launched a screen of grenades at the incoming Beastmen, killing dozens of them in the first volley and allowing for a number of chimeras to roll out behind them, which instead of dropping more of the troopers actually began picking up those present.

    One thing was obvious, the Imperials were retreating. Majority of the PDF forces began pulling back, couple of squads remaining behind to sell their lives dearly and make the retreat possible for the majority of the defenders while the fast attack vehicles kept on pounding the attackers, covering the pulling out. Of course, there were many of the troopers that weren't able to retreat simply because they were currently right in the thick of it but their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    Reason for the retreat came quickly as the brayherd's guttural roars forewarned of the imminent attack. Familiar sound of "whistling" was all around them before a hail of mortar shells exploded all around the street and the surrounding buildings. Blood, smoke and screams followed next as the Imperial artillery kept on pounding, forcing both the Beastmen and their leaders to get out of the street and find cover so they don't share the fate of those outside who were completely annihilated by the bombardment. However while it provided cover for the forces retreating, it also gave away the position of the artillery emplacements, Orghast in particular would know it as his enhanced mind would register the trajectory of the shells and would assume that they were coming from the location of the Imperial Monument.

    PDF Defenders:

    PDF troops: 15 (las-rifles), Hellhound: 4 Special weapons teams: 4(ML)/3(AC)

    Gorzkha:9 Orghast:11 Xaviera:11 Fera:9 Erelak:10 Dreadclaw pod:4 Quor Gallek:15

    Conditions: Due to the effects of Hysterical Frenzy, Xaviera has FNP+70 roll and a bonus attack for 1 turn. Everyone suffered a wound from the enemy bombardment. Feel free to emote couple of kills if you wish alongside the stuff happening, I will push you towards the main object with my next post.

    Tides of War (Beastmen vs PDF defenders): Major Beastmen advantage currently on hold due to Imperial Artillery Strike.
  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Orghast lashed about the hold with his chainsword. Machine was too cramped for him to fit inside and properly swing, so he settled for turning his arm and held blade into a living blender. Grinning viciously the Death Guard slashes and stabs until only silence festers inside the hold. Rising up onto a knee he raises mutant chainsword, teeth spinning lazily as living being inside the engine housing picks the gristle off. Hestorious marshals forward a small squad of troopers that are not lost to the joys of preaching Nurgle's fatal word.

    "Have we any canisters prepared for conversion?" Orghast looks over the motley crew, stern faced warriors whom remind the space marine of Plaguebearers, rather than the rest of the Tenders whom fight with the glee of Nurglings. Las-bolts sizzle against Hellhound's hide, Death Guard clipping chainsword to the outside of his left thigh and drawing bolter. A few loose sprays answer of brass answer the burning red beams, cutting down a few and driving even more heads down.

    "Negative, Orghast. They were lost on the way, spilled before heavy weapons teams entrenched in the surrounding buildings." Hestorious now looks as nervous as he sounded earlier. Orghast shakes his head, grunting in frustration that easily reaches his tone.

    "A minor set back, we must not waste our gifts for the unenlightened." Hestorious opened his mouth to speak, pausing a moment to sort his words before replying.

    "Canisters were spilled near hab units at least, the contents might linger and allow the Plague God's presence to be felt later anyways."

    "If we and the Dark Apostle have our way there will be no 'later'. I appreciate the attempt none the less." Head faced away, it was easier to hear Orghast's smile. Eyes hooded as he lazily tracked the retreating PDF, thinking through a plan B. "I shall call Blitharn up, perhaps he might share some of his own fluids for the task. Hestorious, call up our most zealous brethren and form a crew for this death trap here. The advance must not be stalled." Sub-commander set about this at once, using a mixture of com-bead and sending subordinates to drag over those who deemed suitably unstable for the job. By then Orghast heard the whistling. Legionary sighed.

    "Load up and ride this thing into solid cover." Astartes pumps several bolts towards the heavy weapons teams still dug in to cover the retreat. Drooling Sentinel comes stomping over, tongue coil around partially disintegrated remains of the poor messenger sent to fetch him. "Honored Guest, come with us if you would, your digestive juices would make a fine fuel for this accursed purifier. We shall ride it into heart of their artillery battery and open the flood gates."

    OOC: Unsure if needed but All-Out Attack on Missile Launcher team, and trying to get Hellhound rolled aside for conversion (whether for fluff or as actual reinforcement).
  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Urban Warfare

    A horrified cry --- which transmitted itself as a horrific shriek through the Vox filters --- rose from Xaviera has she saw the Dark Apostle downed by the autocannon team. She dashed to his side, taking cover in his gigantic form, and raised her hand to bring down a silvery mist, hoping to subject the PDF to Sensory Overload! Following the distracting mists, she attempted once more to unload a barrage of lasfire on the guardsmen. Some of them fell to her fire, and then the priestess looked down to her patron. "Lord Gallek! You must rise, our victory is in sight!" she exclaimed, still driven by the blissful fires of Slaanesh.


    One Defensive Action: Taking cover behind Quor Gallek
    One Offensive Action: Sensory Overload on the weapons team
    Bonus Offensive Action: Firing on the weapons team
  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Mechanicus aparatus battleus> @WanderingJester @Jorimel @BuriasDempsey @Uriel1339

    Quickly getting over with the Tech Priest, Corbulus made his attack against possibly the bigger threat, at least for himself. Shoulder bashing into the Heavy servitor, the Alpha Wolf smashed some of its armor with blunt force before swinging his axe to try and separate the construct with one of its weaponized limbs. His axe bit through the flesh and metal but the limb remained in place, him cutting through the thick layer of armor proved to be a task that he needed to repeat if he was to destroy this lobotomized creature. In reply, power fist came around but Corbulus managed to block it, the explosion of power fields meeting with each other throwing both combatants out of balance. Heavy bolter came next and the servitor opened fire, tracking son of Horus and sending deadly payload towards him. His armor once again felt exposed, ceramite buckling inward as the bolts punched through Chaos Marine's chest and legs, but the warrior was still standing compared to the damaged form of his attacker, the heavy combat servitor much slower in its movement as it started automatically reloading the bolter while simultaneously trying to get near Corbulus and hit him with its fist.

    Satharn was in quite big of a predicament as the swarm of lesser servitors ganged on him, trying to exploit his current weakened state and perhaps even wound him more severely. What was worse was the fact the damned Sydonian Dragoon that initially injured him was heading for another go, charging at him with its lance raised. But that attack never came as the rider's head exploded, mix of brain matter and oil falling on the chest of the mechanized strider which abruptly stopped dead in its tracks, before another shot hit it and it toppled over on the side.

    Valu's aim was superb, him managing to score the killing blow from afar and thus protect his master was quite a feat for a mere mortal, but not for a Lacrymole alien shapeshifter. However for that to happen he had to survive this fight first and the second rider, the very same Valu initially hit, attempted to foil that plan. Turning around in its seat, the Dragoon went after the Lacrymole, aiming his charge to sail past the rock behind which Valu was hunched and put a lance through his head. However the alien saw him coming and narrowly evaded getting speared, the taser lance impacting on the rock and making it explode, some of the debris hit the Lacrymole but he managed to roll away from it, firing blindly at the big Dragoon he scored multiple hits around its legs that further wounded the machine but were still not enough to completely take it out (OOC @Uriel1339 feel free to emote destroying this Sydonian Dragoon with your next post).

    Kombuse was also in the thick of it but the Pact Trooper eventually managed to overcome his foe. Jumping away from another slash of the power sword Kombuse stabbed the Alpha in his shoulder, earning a backhand pistol swing that impacted on his chest armor but did no damage whatsoever as the carapace armor managed to safely soak everything. Oil flowed through the wound and while cocktail of combat drugs entered Skitarii's blood system it was still not enough to prevent what came next. Inferno was unleashed in point blank range and metal and flesh melted away in an instant, what was a proper servant of the Omnissiah just couple of seconds ago now turned into a cooked piece of scrap. Even his plasma pistol overheated, exploding and taking out Alpha's entire arm in the process, not that it mattered much since he was soon to be dead anyway (OOC @BuriasDempsey feel free to emote executing Alpha Skitarii with your next post).

    As for the rest of the attackers, Ausarius managed to take out the final Dragoon with another stab in the chest that finally found that sweet spot and annihilated the machine, destroying it on the spot. Phocron kept with the suppressing fire on both the Skitarii troopers and the heavy combat servitor that wasn't engaged with Corbulus, sniping couple of mechanized troopers while also suffering few wounds in return as the Skiatrii once again found their mark and slammed couple of shots in his turquoise armor. Giving what happened the Tech Priest and his cohort slowly began backing away, using bodies of both big servitors to somewhat cover their retreat as they made for the exit. They were being overwhelmed and they had to back away before they get completely annihilated.

    Forces of Adeptus Mechanicus:

    Combat servitors:14 Heavy combat servitors (HB+PF):3/3 (this one lost its HB) Tech Priests:6 Skitarii Troopers:9 Alpha:1

    Corbulus:12 Satharn:11 Ausarius:11 Valu:7 Kombuse:9 Phocron:15

    Conditions: Tech priest is buffing the Skitarii and the Alpha, giving them +2 on all defensive rolls. As a reminder, Valu can heal himself and Kombuse 4 times during this mission for d3 HP, healing move takes up one of the actions during a turn. Number of the healing cannot go over the initial number of your HP.
  10. With the Skitarii Alpha now a smoking ruin of the soldier it was, still trying to fight back with his remaining limb with the power sword, the Pact trooper slammed him into the ground onto his back using the knife as a handle as it was leveraged into the augments underneath his skin. Stepping over the now prone Alpha, Kombuse stomped on the wrist to weaken his hold on the powersword before he wretched it out of its former owner's hand. Flicking it on, his mask and eye now being lighted up by the glow of the powerfield, the Khornate soldier looked down at the Alpha. "Skulls for the Skull throne." he said in almost matter of fact like manner before swinging the blade through the Skitarri's neck in a shower of sparks and burnt blood, the charred head rolling away freely. He would have to collect the heads of his kills later, make them an offering to the war god, but now there was still the objective and the cowards running away. Pulling his ritual combat knife out of the carcess and putting it back in its sheath as he now had a new weapon for close combat, he readied his trusty heavy flamer and raced forth to the Techpriest and his machine men with a gout of flamer spearing ahead of him. His blood was up and this was the first battle he had in a long time now, and he would have that techpriest's skull as a trophy before this was over.

    OOC: All out attack on the techpriest, bonus action: shoulder tackle!

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