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Path to Glory [Casual Chaos RP]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Colapse, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. While crushing someones neck is a faster kill than normal chocking, it still wasn't enough for the enraged Bestigor, as with an iron grip around the Enforcers neck, he pulled back while simultaneously swinging his head forwards into a brutal headbutt that connected with a wet crak as Gorzkha smashed his opponents skull upon his own much harder forehead. Dropping the dead enforcer as the next attacked Gorzkha deflected the mace blow with a swing of his axe before grappling the top of the shield and pulling aside throwing the enforcers weight off making her stumble before his axe came back and carved her head off, though before he could turn around to face the last enforcer, he was hit hard by a shield bash the threw him to the side, unable to put alot of weight on his wounded leg he tumbled over landing landing on all fours pain shooting through his leg as his knee connected with the hard ground, then he looked up as the last enforcer closed in for the kill, lifting his mace high to make a definite killing stroke "You die now beastman", and though Gorzkha could feel his strength veining, he still had more to give as he bit through the pain as he pressed his cloven feet hard to the ground and jumped up at the enforcer, he might only have one horn, but it was still the horn of a beatsman chieftain, with all his strength packed behind it, it speared through the enforcers armour, and either through luck or skill also his heart, the enforcer dying allmost instantly as his heart was gored through his body, his hands dropping his weapon before he could make the swing.
    Gorzkha then fell hard to the ground again now with the weight of a man on his head, witch he pushed off as quick as his bleeding strength would allow him, he had dropped his axe in the last moments of that fight, though he could still hear the fighting around him, as he started pushing himself back up, despite his multitude of wounds, he grapped one of the large enforcer shields, to both help him up, and to be some sort of defence for now, he also took a stun mace, this would have to do until he found his axe again.

    OOC: if i still have actions. full defence on self :p
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  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Asteroid prison - lower levels> @Jorimel @Kalle @Vlayden @Vulpas @Skarboy

    Using the destruction created by the Sorcerer couple of moments earlier, Fera brought up her heavy bolter and let the heavy death speak for her. Bolts flew through the air, unable to be stopped by the broken walls and before the servitors inside registered what was going on, they were torn to shreds. Straight up fire aimed and unleashed in such small area did what the fallen Sister expected it would do. First servitor simply exploded, second servitor was ripped apart by the bolts which flew through the corpse of the first and third and final servitor met its doom as the heavy bolts hit the ammo crates inside and the entire bunker went to hell. Three out of three, perfect score for Fera who sadly once again found herself under more fire, servitors from the second remaining bunker didn't took to death of their comrades lightly (or perhaps they simply saw Fera as the most immediate threat) and sent a salvo of las-shots towards her, however this time around almost all projectiles were soaked by her power armor, only couple of them going through and damaging her arms below elbows, close to the grips of her heavy weapon.

    In front and close to the gates was Satharn, who after dispatching one of the heavy servitors went and did the same with the second one. Busy with trying to fend off Attelus by opening fire with its twin linked heavy bolters in such close range and destroying much of Scourged's chest armor, the Night Lord advanced on the construct from behind and swung his chain glaive, aiming to sever the servitor's spinal cord. Deadly like every son of the Night Haunter, Satharn's aim was true and the adamantium teeth annihilated the back of the machine before its limbs went slack, the systems inside of it attempting to override damage and get the weapons back to work. Little bit too late as the Night Lord wasn't about to let that happen, bringing his glaive around he bisected the heavy servitor, cutting it in two and finishing off the twitching by a downward slam that ended its existence.

    Xaviera watched the situation unfolding and made her move, now that the heavy support was out of the way Tech adept's life was out for the taking. Tossing the grenade at him, the cultist miscalculated and the frag grenade fell short, blowing up and killing one of the guards who was just recovering from the earlier pain. His friends saw the death and rallied up, despite the injuries sustained they still posed a threat and more las-shots came Xaviera's way, before she could once again duck behind cover she got burned across her neck, glancing wound but one enough to make her quite uncomfortable and most likely leave a nasty scar.

    She was about to retaliate when she once again felt that her shot wound be off. This was strange and she understood that her initial throw wasn't a miss due to her own miscalculation but something entirely different. Eyes turning her gaze fell on Ausarius just as the Sorcerer was about to bring a big chunk of rock and throw it on the adept. Thousand Son felt the power inside of him rising and tossing simple debris was an easy task for him, giant stone flying through the air and landing on the tech adept who was too busy with trying to close the gates. Not having time to move he was flattened against the door and the mechanism he tried so much to repair, the Sorcerer now sealing the fate of the servant of the Omnissiah and opening way for their invasion of the prison.

    However that is not the only thing he opened way for. He felt that the power within him wasn't diminishing like it should've, instead it was rising exponentially. Vile whispers assaulted his mind as the energy threatened to overwhelm him and he fought hard to prevent the backlash from incinerating him right there on the spot. Years of practice allowed him to somehow lower the damage but he knew it was not enough for what was about to happen. Manipulating the energies of the Warp carried with itself a terrible price for those unable to contain the shifting tides, the denizens from beyond the veil just waiting for the opportunity to cross over, even for an instant, and feed themselves on tasty soulfires. Helped by the screams of the dead all across the station and the fact another power was at work in the immediate area, servants of the Changer of Ways were more than eager to cross over and restore chaotic balance to this place.

    Ausarius felt as his arm burned, flesh melted and fused with armor as his power went out of control. There was a psychic blast and he was thrown backward, slamming against the wall, his hand mangled and entire armor set on residual psychic fire. Helped a bit by the presence of the Lord of Pleasure's enhancement that eased some of the pain, the Sorcerer opened his eyes and saw that in place where he was standing now stood three quite interesting creatures. Standing on their thin legs and looking almost comically disproportional were Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, their limbs burning and their huge jaws open and ready to devour whatever mortals they could before they were ultimately returned to the sea of Chaos.

    Gate Guards and couple of daemons:

    Guards:7(Dazed, T2) Combat servitors:3(AC)/3/3 Pink Horrors:5/5/5

    Ausarius:5(burning) Satharn:9 Attelus:6 Xaviera:5 Fera:4

    Conditions: Ausarius, Satharn and Xaviera have a bonus attack for 1 turn due to Hysterical Frenzy. Pink Horrors will prioritize Ausarius and Xaviera due to them being psykers. Pink Horrors have burning attacks.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Fera glinted with satisfaction as she took down the last heavy servitor from the damaged bunker only to feel and keep her head down as several shots began coming her way one of them going right past her heavy bolter and hitting her shoulder, causing her to minorly grit her teeth at the charged flesh and smell of her cooked elbow, As she was about to turn her fire on the survivors of there assault her she would grit her teeth with disdain and a bit of rage as she saw what threw Ausarius off his feet and now in his place instead of a crater which would have been more satisfying stood three pink horrors. Gritting her teeth in disdain she pulled her heavy bolter back. Putting her hand to her helmet she activated her vox.

    @Vlayden @Kalle @Jorimel @Skarboy
    "Ausarius your powers may have put us on quite a predicitment that we maybe able to use to our advantage, I suggest Disengaging and making a break for the prison doors to get us on the inside and leaving the imperial to deal with these daemons that have come from your magic. Satharn you cleaned out the heavy bunkers right? Think theres any servitors heavy bolters left you could use to help provide covering while we try to make our move into prison facility?" Fera asked a idea in mind on how to deal with this situation in mind possibly with satharn playing watch and interceptor with the heavy bolters before using one of the bunkers back exit to regroup with them as they enter the prison.
  4. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    <Black site complex> @Uriel1339 @BuriasDempsey

    And indeed, there would be darkness for the enemies of Valu the Lacrymole, future servant of Alpharius. Carried by the experience born out of living many different lives, the alien aimed and squeezed the trigger, salvo of las-shots going after the officer. She was riddled in burns and she died instantly, body toppling over the consoles and finally breaking that mug with her drink. Cry of alarm escaped guard's lips but he met the same fate as his officer, too slow to turn and aim properly he only managed one shot that hit the ceiling before Valu got him straight in his heart, killing him on the spot.

    Fighting was over before it even began and the only sound inside was the blurting of the servitor who despite being showered in blood kept on working as if nothing happened. Valu on the other hand now had access to multiple controls as well as having his eyes on the myriad of monitors arrayed on the wall in front of him, his alien eyes quickly spotting a female that had the looks of the Navigator they were after, currently in a bit of a predicament...


    Kombuse recovered quickly from the blow, he wasn't one of Blood Pact for nothing. Seeing that the girl was struggling against the crazed guard, Kombuse came from behind and kicked Gains' knee with such force that it twisted in the wrong way, momentarily dropping the guard down. Gains lost his strength as well as footing, his wounding used by the lady who managed to disarm him of his bat and with a vicious hook, send the guard on the ground. He fell badly and his skull burst open, blood and brain matter now mixing with the blood of his earlier victim. Death was all around them and after the actions of one Sorcerer outside and the fact that the Grandfather already worked his way inside this prison, so did the veil broke and another of the Neverborn arrived in this dark prison.

    Death and decay, plague and famine, sweet tools of Nurgle. Coughing guy finally stopped coughing, right before his body exploded. Clawing its way out of the remains was a lesser daemon of the Plague God, so-called Plaguebearer. Its birth cry echoed through the corridor and young officer, who was until then properly spooked, now completely lost his mind. He tried to shout but the daemon caught him before that, using a corrupted collar bone that he picked up from the corpse as a weapon and spearing the man through his stomach, rising him up in the air and closing him in with his gaping jaw.

    "THE KEYS! GET THE KEYS!" girl screamed to Kombuse and dropped the bat without even looking at the daemon, hurrying over to the most likely exit across the room and the shut door there. "WE ARE NO MATCH FOR IT, WE MUST GET OUT OF HERE!" the Plaguebearer still feasted on the officer and Kombuse had time to pick up the stuff from the dead guard and flee on the other side of the corridor, unlock the exit and hopefully flee this prison with his life and sanity intact.


    Kombuse:3 Creepy Lady:3
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Asteroid prison – Rock Bottom prison complex | Command Room | Secret Mission> @Colapse
    The Lacrymole grinned in satisfaction and made sure to steal the chainsword, as well as any spare batteries for the las rifle. "So let's see here..." He spoke to himself, looking over the monitors in curiosity. Then he spotted something very interesting and laid his hand on the monitor, tracing the shape of the VIP with his finger. "Now what do we have here? The admirals good mutant of the third eye..." He responded to himself, not enjoying the silence around himself ever since the nocturnal trip on the Night Haunters flagship.

    He put a finger on his vox-bead to connect to Phocron. "Lord Astartes. The target room is secured. What are your further orders?" Intentionally the alien left everything vague, paranoia setting in. And if indeed someone was listening to even a secure vox-channel, he was not going to be at fault for conspiracy or even treason. Instead, he would leave openings for future deception.

    As he waited for a reply, he scanned the room for anything else of interest.

    OOC: Contacting 'Totally-Not-Alpharius' + Looking Around
  6. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    As he struck the enginseer across the chest, carving into it, Erelak became more amused by this abomination and its pathetic attempt to strike him. Besting it in this fight would provide such entertainment! "Is that your best?" Erelak shouted joyfully, dodging the enginseer's attack. "You are a disgrace to whichever false god you serve!" He wondered briefly if this human could still feel fear as it's death came closer. He hoped so.

    Witnessing what it had managed to do to the other member of their party with a successful hit did however cause Erelak to remain cautious. This foe may be imperial scum, but even they could get lucky. With that, Erelak raised his chainsword, ready to strike the human machine again.

    OOC: Balanced - attack enginseer, defence on self
  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Good work Valu," Phocron's reply came moments later, his raspy voice already known to the alien. "Now, you will become privy to the real plan for this prison and the reason why we came here. I trust much with giving you this information, it is up to you to either guard it or let it lose. Depending on it will your membership in our group be decided."

    "Admiral Augustine and her lackeys are just a secondary target. Primary target is located in a prison cell 003," Valu tracing the monitors, he could see that the cell in talk was the one the Navigator and her other friend were currently trying to enter, escaping what seemed to be a daemon of Nurgle. "Its occupant knows that we are coming, all of this has been arranged already. We couldn't interfere with the final lock on his cell from the outside, therefore we needed an agent on the inside to pull the switch and open the door."

    "You'll know that the target is the right one the moment you spot him. We would like for both the primary and secondary objective to be completed, therefore use the prison's comms and inform the target of the current situation and navigate him out of the prison complex, making sure to mention our secondary targets and that we want them alive. Once he gets there make sure nothing happens to him. Contact me when you are in the clear. Phocron out."

    It would be easy for Valu to find the lock Phocron talked about, on another console there were number of buttons connected with key slots, each having a different number ranging from 001 to 007. Alien also spotted that the dead officer had a chain of keys on herself, so it wasn't hard to tie two and two together. A cakewalk really, or at least that's what it looked like at the moment.
  8. "IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW."Kombuse yelled back as he ravaged through the pockets of deadweight Gains to find the keys. He wasn't actually mad, hell he full heartedly agreed with her, the boy in green was going to either eat them too or be overly generous and give them nurgles gifts, just like what the old man got, laid out now eviscerated and hollowed out by the birth of the daemon. Finally finding the reassuring mass in one of the pockets, he pulled them out and grabbed her to get her moving again towards the locked door and the fack away from it. He flicked through the Keys and tried to figure which Khorne damned one it was. "No, no, no, fack you too, YES." The Pact trooper shouted in one of the few moments of triumph they had so far today before unlocking the door and opening it, letting her go first with intentions of locking it behind them to slow the plaguebearer down.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Asteroid prison – Rock Bottom prison complex | Command Room | Secret Mission> @Colapse
    "Affirmative." Is all that Valu responded and cut the vox channel, grabbing the keys and attaching them securely to his waist. "And use the prison communication? Yeah, if they weren't full of scrapcode..." He grumbled to himself, making sure the power cell of his weapon was fully operable. Then again, he figured to give it a chance anyway.

    He hit the controls for the speakers to Cell 001 through 007. "Prisoners, your time to leave has come. Your only requirement is to keep the navigator-mutant alive. If she dies, your safety will not be guaranteed."

    Considering it would be too obvious to only release a certain target, later investigation or questioning might put him in a... Less fortunate position. So as a smirk built on his face, he pulled all the switches. Considering also what sort of prison this was - it would cause maximum chaos. Sure, containing their own target and escaping might become more difficult, it would also give fodder to the warp monster to play with as they would make their retreat.

    After that was done, he remained at the consoles, watching how the navigator and her unknown savior would progress. He also eyed other controls he might make use of from here. Hoping for other remote doors or perhaps sentries, capability to send false alarms in other sectors or a map of the facility - so he might actually guide his target out of this hellhole via speakers.

    OOC: Releasing all prisoners from 001-007 + Seeing if there is anything else of use to me (Map, sentry controls, sending false alarms, etc.)
  10. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Losing his limb did not bother him so much as did his counterpart`s fury and zeal. Despite being a creature of steel and iron it fought with a greater passion then some of his allies and for a cause it considered synonymous to its life goals. A worm of jealously snaked across his belly as his nervous system was wracked with the fury of pain that flared from where his arm was.

    What is this creature that stands before me?

    At least not his executioner as Erelak descended upon it, taking it full attention. Sobek utilized the precious moments of relief to roll on his side, jumping onto the Enginseer`s bukly back. Thankfully he disabled the thing`s mechadenrites beforehand, otherwise the attempted manuver had the potential of being even more bloody.

    Using his whip as a rope he attempted to snake the weapon around the Techpriest`s neck, while with his other hand he grabbed the dead metal snake that hanged from his opponent`s back - the mechadendrite and slamming it into the data port that Sobek had in his neck. In this unholy joining, lay the core of his impromtu plan. To directly understand the source of his quandry and this strange being he encoutered, and to attempt to overpower it, before it proved to be his end.

    In such way, he Techpriest found find himself with a heretek of a considerable bulk upon his back, clinging to him/her in a suffocating embrace of its electrifying whip around its neck. While doing so, he would send a sample of scrapcode that Bo`Kar designed straight from its data-port on its neck, thought the Techpriest`s mechadendrites and hopefully into its system.

    Attempting to disable/confuse/deactivate the Techpriest Enginseer.
    Attempting to disable/confuse/deactivate the Techpriest Enginseer.

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