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Patch 1.4.5 Deployed June 21 - Happy Summer Slaughtering!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Repost from Steam

    Hey Crusaders!

    Today is officially the first day of Summer and a perfect day to deploy our next patch.

    The major update in 1.4.5 is the implementation of Easy Anti-Cheat which we discussed in detail during last week's Twitch show.

    Here are the patch highlights:


    • Increased damage assist and debuff assist timers to be even with the armour regeneration timer
    • Added Master Crafted and alternate look Storm Shields to Space Marine reward boxes.
    • Removed collision from faction banners in maps.

    Balance Updates

    Flickering Flame:
    • Increased damage from 10 to 30.
    • Increased penetration rating from 10 to 100.
    • Increased ablaze ailment from 6 to 10.
    • Removed damage falloff.
    • Decreased RPM from 333 to 300.
    • Reduced max range from 400 metres to 50 metres.
    • Increased mana cost of flickering flame from 4 to 10.

    • Reduced LP cost of Burny Syringe from 200 to 50.
    • Renewer (Eldar healing spell) now heals more and gives an XP assist bonus
    • Apothecary and Painboy "healing grenades" now give proper assist XP
    • Possessed hero now has grenades and a health pack
    • Skarboy Kommando gives a melee bonus to squad members when acting as squad leader

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Invisible vehicle collision present next to the titan and rhino wrecks next to the destroyed gate on Black Bolt.
    • Visage of Murder chaos helmet didn't have glowing eyes and the icon was incorrect.
    • Zedek: Fixed a barricade near capture point C that could not be vaulted over.
    • Pegasus: Added blocker volume around canisters near point A to prevent characters from getting between them and the wall.
    • Pegasus: Improved the invisible collision under capture point C to facilitate vehicle movement.
    • Pegasus: Fixed character collision with stairs in point B.
    • Medusa: Fixed character collision with stairs in point C.
    • Fixed the MKIII mask for Iron Warriors
    • Allow Relic helmet on all Chaos
    • Fixed an invisible collision on Blackbolt
    • Fixed a floating vehicle blocker on Blackbolt
    • Fixed some holes in the back of Fortress Ronan that let Swooping Hawks fall through the floor
    • Power Klaw strong attack now launches vehicles as far as Power Fists.
    • Tooltips for ranged weapons that can be reloaded now show ammunition in the same way as the in-game HUD, where the sum of the first and second values are equal to the total capacity.
    • Fixed incorrect RPM in the tooltip of Hunter's Mark.
    • Fixed incorrect RPM in the tooltip of Avenger's Duty.
    • Fixed missing fire mode icon in the HUD when using Hunter's Mark.
    • Re-enabled the gem glow on veteran Banshees with Ebon Witch shrine.
    • Agnathio: Fixed a out of bounds issue outside capture point B.
    • Torias: Improved vehicle blocking collision near capture point C.
    • Olipsis: Improved out of bounds volume at the entrance.
    • Scope toggle will no longer revert after death.

    As always if you need any game/account support, please contact Customer Support[].

    Happy Slaughtering!
  2. Doomhowler Doomhowler New Member

    Thanks for the update. However, would be nice if the metal band above the eyes on the Massage of Murder matched the trim of the armor.
  3. Zelraz Zelraz Recruit

    We need an option to get the old Visage of Murder back, the eye glow looks horrible
  4. Doomhowler Doomhowler New Member

    I don't mind the eye glow, but I can't stand the mismatched metal on my Night Lord.

    Is this what they were going for with the eye glow?
  5. Genso Genso Firebrand

    Looks like someone hate Night Lords, first useless Legs cosmetic that doesn't work, now problems with a helmet.
  6. Dragon Dracon Arkhona Vanguard

    Can anyone show a new stormshield mastercraft and alternate image?
  7. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Finally an update thank you devs for the new work. Glad to see you all are still out there.
    KatieFleming likes this.
  8. Doomhowler Doomhowler New Member

    Leg cosmetic doesn't work? Seems to work fine for me. And to be fair, the metal bit I'm referring to on the helmet doesn't match the Word Bearers or Alpha Legion armor trim either.

    I've also noticed that the metal bits on the "horns" of the Chaos Helmet and Chaos Star Horns Helmet only match the armor trim when worn on the Aspiring Sorcerer.

    I don't know why the appearance is different for the Aspiring Sorcerer than every other class but I think it looks better and should be like this for every class.
  9. USSRxGrabli USSRxGrabli Arkhona Vanguard

    PATCH! Mmm... Good.
  10. alt is black. mc is grey similar to the other mc weapons.
    Dracon likes this.

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