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Panzer's Garden

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by E-50_Panzer, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Isn't she bootiful.

    I shall name her Fluffles and together we shall bring joy and ruination to the galaxy.
  2. Rarity RarityMLP Member

    Bring joy? you mean pass out candy to the kiddies on Emperor's day morning? :D
  3. If by candy you mean torrents of warpfire.

    Crowds always scream with what I assume is delight when I pass out torrents of fresh warpfire.
  4. Rarity RarityMLP Member

  5. Zyver Zyver_Wyrdmake Steam Early Access

    Over-engineering tends to do that. And degrading quality of materials, too, naturally.
  6. Rarity RarityMLP Member

    Poor Front Wheel Drives... and Hull plates. I think summer of '44 was the best time for the Panther, crews were still good, and materials for many components were still around.
  7. Zyver Zyver_Wyrdmake Steam Early Access

    '43 and early '44, great time for a lot of vehicles.
  8. Rarity RarityMLP Member

    Yeah. Although I think the M4's got outdated in early '44 until the 76mm's started to arrive. In 1942 and '43, the Sherman was a great tank.
  9. Zyver Zyver_Wyrdmake Steam Early Access

    Agreed. I honestly consider the Sherman-tanks to be one of my favorites just due to how practical they were.
  10. Rarity RarityMLP Member

    Yeah, I love how they all came together in the end. But they had good reliability all throughout the war.

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