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Painboy Buffs

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Slamfist, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. listen ere ya grotz! I Slamfist Gitkrumpa am finkin... How doo u fink painboy buffs will work? Should da smart techy umies makin dis game add kool upgrades like cybernetic implants and kool armz? Because I git urt a lot in fightin and I want a crazy painboy to patch me up soz I kan look like dat Gazkhull Boss. Also I fink we should ave pointy needles that make us angry so wez can chop and dakka betta. What do you grotz propose?
  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    I fink we should get a damage buff and a burst heal also wite in somefink we can read ya git
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  3. A large regenerative buff would also be nice. Maybe also a buff that activates when you are downed that would give you a chance to revive automatically.
  4. mcg3e mcg3e The 63

    I think something "Orky" and something that would probably illustrate the Painboyz capacity of dealing with combat trauma is if the Painboyz buffs Boyz by hurting them. Like stabbing Boyz with a Durty Needle takes off health, but increases speed and a damage buff..
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  5. Nicodemus_I Nicodemus_I Subordinate

    I like the prior idea. Possibly dealing damage to increase damage resistance temporarily, as well.
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  6. Ryan Keokuk Active Member

    Wots dis bout squiggly bits in me brain wot make ma shoot'n betta? If you fink you can do it dok I fink I've got the teef for da job.
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  7. wraith wraith Active Member

    I'd like a form of "combat resurrection" where you can quickly bring downed players up and they cannot die for a short time ("Orks can fight on even after they're technically dead"-Orks Codex), and then after that you die, unless you get patched up again before the timer runs out.(Similar to getting out of the danger zone).

    Also interested in good ol' figh'n juice, and a suicide explosion if you kill an ork before his buff runs out. (strength of explosion given by time of buff remaining)
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  8. Redtoof Redtoof New Member

    Maybe an assortment of painboy 'potions' that can be swapped out and grant different buffs. I like the idea of one that grants the ability to fight on for a short time after death - this could take the role of a timer where you keep running around, or maybe D&D style temporary hit points. This would be very useful for rushing at a space marine gun line - sure you'll die but you'll take some of them out with you.
  9. Ryan Keokuk Active Member

    I'd like to see two different forms of buff.

    Longer term sort of campfire cooking buffs where ai doks give you gubbins, and maybe they're ai or maybe you can set up in certain locations.

    Then the short term needle in the arm kind of deals.

    Then there's the whole stitching an arm back in place kind of thing...or getting someone's head back on their shoulders and them hobbling back up and running back at the enemy.

    The difference being that campfire buffs would cost teef. I feel like people would enjoy that experience more if they actually sort of had some small gain from doing it. I feel its pretty thematic and not out of line for players to pay teef for getting the gubbins.

    Also if it had sort of like an in game mini game...god tier. Where the dok's performance actually had an effect on the buffs % bonus effect.
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